Advanced Communications for the Next Generation
Two exceptional models.
One powerful platform.
No boundaries.
he RICOH® FAX5510L and FAX5510NF are designed for
today’s demanding document communication needs.
They offer outstanding versatility and cost-efficiency.
These two powerful systems set a new standard in office
technology by providing a wide assortment of convenience
features. Make your communication task easy whether your
application needs require a high volume standalone fax
(FAX5510L) or a network configuration (FAX5510NF) that
can send color documents over the Internet. These models
can significantly reduce operation costs and expertly handle
your company’s vital document, hard copy or electronic,
Let the state-of-the-art
Ricoh FAX5510 Series
technology help you
achieve immediate
and measurable
gains in workgroup
FAX5510L—High Productivity
FAX5510NF—Network Fax/
Color Scan to Email
Standard Paper Capacity
(One 500 sheet tray)
(Three 500 sheet trays, One 100 sheet bypass tray)
Optional Paper Capacity
(Four 500 sheet trays, One 100 sheet bypass tray)
2,600 sheets
Maximum Paper Capacity
2,600 sheets
Two Standard
33.6 Kbps Modem with JBIG
One Standard, One Optional
Color Scan to Email
Internet Faxing
IP Faxing (Real-Time)
LAN Faxing
PCL 5e/6 1200 dpi Printer
1,000 sheets
(Two 500 sheet trays)
1,600 sheets
500 sheets
2,100 sheets
Send Hard Copy Color Documents to Email Addresses
Ricoh has made it simple to send documents directly to a recipient’s email address in color to anywhere in the
world and without incurring the charge of a fax transmission. Now you can send critical color documents such
as photos, brochures, maps, business charts, floor plans, or any documents you can imagine up to 11" x 17" in
size and up to 600 dpi resolution.
Color Scan to Email
Send any colorized document
directly to the recipient’s email
address. Just simply enter
the address via the FAX5510NF’s
keyboard. Press start and the
document is on its way. It's as
easy as sending a fax.
Color Document Sent
by Email at 600 DPI
Typical Fax Document
Send to Individuals
On the Go
Speed up communications to
those who travel by sending
directly to their email address
instead of a hotel fax. This
ensures confidentiality of the
information being sent.
Scan Conveniently
Send a document to your PC
for archival. This convenient
scanning capability enables
you to use the image in another
document and reduce the
number of hard copy documents.
Reduce Fax Communication Costs
The FAX5510NF provides advanced Internet Fax capabilities that allow you to send documents to both a PC and
another Internet Fax at the same time. Ricoh has now incorporated the latest T.38 Internet Fax technology that
provides real-time faxing over the Internet.
No Charge for
Internet Communication
Internet Faxing allows you to
send documents around the
world—to any email address, PC
or Internet Fax without incurring
any long distance or international
phone charges. Documents sent to
another Internet Fax will print out
upon reception.
(Real-Time Faxing Via The Internet)
IP-Faxing allows communication
between a network of FAX5510NF
or ITU compatible devices, without
the use of an Email Server. The
sender just enters the IP address
of the receiving IP-Fax System.
(Complies with ITU-T Rec. T.38)
Communication is super-fast
and a report is received back
confirming reception.
Network Efficiency
The FAX5510NF maximizes efficiency by using your network for LAN Faxing, archiving, monitoring and
programming of the system right from a desktop PC.
Send Faxes Directly
From Your PC
LAN Faxing allows multi-user
workgroups on a network to
increase productivity by easily
faxing documents from their
desktop, via the FAX5510NF,
to any G3 fax. A Transmission
Result Report is returned by
email to the sender.
Ricoh’s LAN Faxing software is standard with the FAX5510NF.
Automatically Archive All
Sent and Received Faxes
Concerned about losing
incoming paper documents?
The FAX5510NF can be
programmed to automatically
back up all incoming and
outgoing fax communication
for easy archival.
Incoming documents are printed and electronic back up files are sent
to an archival location.
Web Status Monitor
This feature allows the FAX5510NF to be
programmed and monitored from a PC.
Examples of functions that can be programmed:
■ Auto Back Up Destination ■ Save/Restore System Settings
■ Network Settings
■ Password
■ Quick Dial Keys
■ Group Dials
■ Forwarding Address
■ Sub Address
■ Multi-Step Transmission
Examples of functions that can be monitored:
■ Documents by File Name ■ Document Status
■ Memory Level
■ Memory Usage
■ Paper Supply Status
■ Toner Level
■ Transmission/Reception Journal
Web Status Monitor
Advanced Fax Features to Meet Your Needs
High Capacity
■ Super G3 33.6 Kbps modems with
■ Documents up to 75 pages,
JBIG Compression transmits up
to a fast 30 pages per minute.
and 11”x17” in size, can be
inserted into the Automatic
Document Feeder.
2 Modems Std. on FAX5510L
1 Modem Std. on FAX5510NF
■ Standard Memory is
Broadcasting utilizing Dual Modems
enables overall time to complete the broadcast job to be cut in half
by transmitting over both modems simultaneously.
■ 1.5 Second Scan Speed per page to memory.
■ Parallel (Quick) Memory Transmission allows the fax system
to dial and begin transmitting a fax as soon as the first page
has been scanned into memory.
7 MB (560 pages) and is
Automatic Document Feeder
expandable up to 3,000 pages.
■ Dialing capacity consists
of 144 Quick Dial Keys
and 100 Speed Dial codes
(expandable to 1,000), and
9 Group Dials (expandable
to 30).
■ The FAX5510 Series can
High Resolution Transmission/Reception
The FAX5510 Series are able to scan documents at the
following resolutions:
Standard . . . . . . . . . . .200 x 100 DPI
Detail . . . . . . . . . . . . . .200 x 200 DPI
Super Fine . . . . . . . . . .400 x 400 DPI
Extra Super Fine . . . . .600 x 600 DPI
be configured up to a
maximum paper supply
capacity of 2,600 sheets,
consisting of five 500 sheet
Paper Trays and a 100
sheet Bypass Tray.
2,600 Sheet Capacity
■ Rotate Sort features
automatically alternates
incoming faxes
between portrait and
landscape orientation
so documents are sorted
for easy distribution.
23 PPM PCL Printer
Standard (200 x 100 dpi)
Extra Super Fine (600 x 600 dpi)
■ Add the optional Printer Interface and get a fast 23 ppm network
printer. It comes standard with both a Parallel and NIC Interface.
The Extra Super Fine mode (600 x 600 DPI) maintains fine
details on documents such as maps, architectural drawings
and schematics where details are critical.
■ Optional Interfaces:
— USB Port
— Wireless LAN Port
— IEEE1394 Port
■ 1200 DPI Print
Memory Protection
■ All documents are stored in Standard Memory and retained
during power loss for up to 12 hours.
■ Optional 40 MB Memory is non-volatile and retained indefinitely.
Should the system be without power for more than 12 hours,
none of the documents (received or those stored for sending)
will be lost.
■ Printer Control
— PCL5e/6
— Adobe PS3 (Optional)
1200 DPI
Easy To Use Operation Panel
4 Line, 40 characters per line LCD
with back-lighting for easy reading.
10 User Function Keys:
Each key can be programmed
with a feature that you
use frequently.
Color Scan/Halftone and
Resolution Selection Keys.
Operation Panel
36 x 4 Quick Dial Keys with 3 Flip Plates which give a total of 144 Quick Dials: The Quick Dial Keys double
as alpha entry keys for programming and email addresses. They appear in familiar QWERTY fashion
(same as PC keyboard) for easy use.
All-In-One Toner Cartridge
The FAX5510 Series Fax Systems utilize an AIO (All-In-One) Toner
Cartridge that is easy to replace and also reduces maintenance.
The cartridge contains both toner and the Optical Photo Conductor
Unit (yield: 10,000 pages @ 4%2).
All-In-One Toner Cartridge
Environmentally Friendly
The Ricoh FAX5510 Series fax systems
comply with the US Energy Star program.
The system will automatically go
into standby when it is not used
for five minutes, reducing electric
consumption to less than 2W.
Ricoh designs its products to keep waste
out of the landfills. Components used in
the FAX5510 Series product are identified
with indicators so that they can be easily
separated during the recycling process.
The Ricoh fax5510 Series…it’s all about efficiency.
Type: Desktop/Console Facsimile
Recording Method: Laser
ITU-T Compatibility: Group 3 (V.34); ECM
Modem Speed: 33.6 Kbps with auto fallback
2 Modems standard on FAX5510L
1 Modem standard on FAX5510NF
Maximum Transmit Speed: 2 seconds1
Data Compression: MH/MR/MMR/JBIG
Scan Speed (Standard resolution): 1.5 seconds2 B&W
4.5 seconds Color
Dual Access: Standard
Standard Document Memory: 7 MB (560 pages2)
Optional Document Memory: 40 MB (1,200 pages2)
w/o Function Upgrade Card;
(3,000 pages2) w/ Function
Upgrade Card
AutoDialer: 144 Quick Dials; 100 Speed Dials (expandable
to 1000); 9 Groups (expandable to 30)
User Function Keys: 10 Dedicated keys
Document Memory Back Up: 12 hour with standard
memory; infinite with
Memory Expansion
Auto Document Feed Capacity: 75 Sheets
Maximum Document
Width/Scan Width/Length: 11.7”/11.6”/47.2”
Scan Resolutions: Standard: 200 x 100 DPI
Detail: 400 x 200 DPI
Super Fine: 600 x 400 DPI
Extra Super Fine: 600 x 600 DPI
Halftone: 64 Shades of gray with ARGONA3
Maximum Print Speed: 23 pages per minute
Maximum Print Resolution: 600 DPI as fax
1,200 DPI as PCL printer
Resolution Enhancement: Super Smoothing HQ™
Maximum Recording Width/Paper Size: 11.5”/11” x 17”
Standard Paper Capacity: FAX5510L: 1,000 Sheets
x 2 cassette trays
FAX5510NF: 500 Sheets
x 1 cassette tray
Optional Paper Capacity: FAX5510L: 1,500 Sheets
x 3 cassette trays
+100 Sheet Bypass Tray
FAX5510NF: 2,000 Sheets
x 4 cassette trays
+100 Sheet Bypass Tray
LCD Display Size: 4 Lines (40 Characters)
Power Consumption: Max: Less than 1000W
Min: Less than 2W
Power Requirements: 120±15 VAC, 60±3 Hz
Environment: 63 to 77°F, 40 to 70% RH
Dimensions (WxDxH): FAX5510L: 19.9” x 24” x 24.2”
(without options)
FAX5510NF: 19.9” x 24” x 18.9”
(without options)
Weight: FAX5510L: 85.2 lbs. (without options)
FAX5510NF: 62.8 lbs. (without options)
Circuit: LAN Ethernet 100-TX/10-T
Resolution: Standard: 200 x 100 DPI
Detail: 200 x 200 DPI
Super Fine: 400 x 400 DPI
Extra Super Fine: 600 x 600 DPI
(Scanner 300 x 300 DPI)
Email File Format: Single/Multi-Part MIME Conversion
Attached file format:
Transmission Speed: 100/10 Mbps
Document Size: 8.5” x 11” – 11” x 17”
LAN Fax Driver: Standard
Web Status Monitor: Standard
SMTP Transmission: Standard
POP3 Reception: Standard
SMTP Reception: Standard
Email to G3 Fax: Standard
Color Scan to Email: Standard
Confirm Reception: Standard
Insert Subject: Standard
B&W Internet Fax: Standard (ITU-T Rec. T.37)
IP-Fax (Real-Time I-Fax): Standard (ITU-T Rec. T.38)
Auto Document
Clock With Auto Summer Time Adjustment
Energy Saver Mode
Fax Number Entry Before Loading Document
Keystroke Programs
Label Registration for Quick/Speed Dials
Memory Storage Report
Personal Codes
Print Quick Dial Labels
Restricted Access
Scanner Confirmation Stamp
User Parameter List Report
Serial Broadcasting (Immediate/Later)
Transfer Request
Transfer Transmission
Transmission Confirmation Report
Transmission Reserve
Transmission Result Report
Authorized Reception
Auto Reduction
Communication Failure Report
Confidential Reception
Continuous Polling
Document Separation Mark (Checkered)
Error Report
Memory Lock
Multi-Sort Document Reception
Multiple Reception
Polling Reception with/without ID
Reception Time Printing
Reverse Order Printing
Rotate Sort
Specified Cassette Selection (with Optional Paper Cassette)
Substitute Reception
23 ppm at 600 DPI
- Standard: IEEE1284 Parallel, NIC 100 TX/10T
- Optional: USB2.0, IEEE1394, IEEE802.11b (Wireless LAN)
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0/2000/XP
Printer Control Language:
- PCL5e/6
- Adobe PS3 (Optional)
Print Resolution: 300/600/1200 DPI
AI Redial
Chain Dialing
Communication Failure Report
Error Report
Monitor Speaker
On Hook Dialing
Power Failure Report
Redial (Auto/Manual)
Shortened Protocol
Tone Transmission
ADF Maintenance Kit Type 500
Fax On Demand Type 510
Feature (Memory 40 MB) Expander Card Type 300
Function Upgrade Unit Type 510
Fusing Maintenance Unit Type 510
G3 Interface Unit Type 510 (For FAX5510NF only)
IEEE802.11b Interface Kit Type B
IEEE1394 Interface Unit Type 4510
ISDN G4 Interface Unit Type 510
Marker Type 30
NIC Fax Unit Type 510 (For FAX5510L only)
PostScript 3 Interface Unit Type 510
Printer Interface Type 510 (see Printer Features)
Ricoh Fax Toner Cartridge Type 5110
Telephone Handset Type 1018
USB2.0 Interface Board Type A
64 MB Printer Memory
100 Sheet Bypass Feeder Type 510
500 Sheet Paper Feed Unit Type 510
Auto Reduction (Transmit)
Back Up Transmission
Batch Transmission
Blank Document Detection
Confidential Transmission
Duplex (Fax Mode Only)
Dual Modems (FAX5510L only)
Immediate or Memory Transmission
Label Insertion
Page Count
Page Retransmission
Polling Transmission with ID
Quick (Parallel) Memory Transmission
Send Later
1 Approximately 2 seconds per page at 33.6 Kbps with JBIG is dependent on optimal line quality, and customer performance may vary by location.
Current systems used by the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) generally support 28.8 Kbps modem speeds or lower.
2 Based on ITU-T Test Chart #1 in standard resolution.
3 ARGONA©: Advanced RICOH’s Graphic Operation by New ASIC based on diffusion method.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
■ 20 trees were left standing as a result
of the recycled paper used in this project.
■ 986 gallons of water were saved.
■ 12 lbs. of air pollution were avoided.
■ 2,337 kilowatt hours of energy were saved
EPA 2000 Office Equipment Partner of the Year (5th consecutive year)
EPA 2000 Labeling Partner of the Year
Ricoh Corporation has determined that this product
meets the Energy Star® guidelines for energy efficiency.
(8,200 KWH of energy can heat and cool an
average American home for one year).
■ 38 cubic feet of solid waste were kept out
of a landfill.
©1996 Green Print
Printed in U.S.A. on recycled paper because Ricoh cares.
Ricoh is a registered trademark of Ricoh Company, Ltd.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
©Ricoh Corporation
Ricoh Corporation, Five Dedrick Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006
Phone: (973) 882-2000 Website: http://www.ricoh-usa.com
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