Electrolux B 342 X Specification

Electrolux B 342 X Specification
ELM 3100
Espresso Machine ELM3100
A. ON/OFF button
B. Espresso button (free
dosage) with cup
indicator light
D. Capsule compartment
E. Water tank
F. Coffee spout
G. Drip tray grid
H. Drip tray
I. Waste water container
J. Used capsules container
K. Power cord & plug
Safety advice
Read the following instruction carefully before using the machine for the
first time. Save these instructions.
• This appliance is not intended for use
by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience
and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the
The appliance may only be connected
to a power supply whose voltage
and frequency comply with the
specifications on the rating plate!
Never use or pick up the appliance if
– the supply cord is damaged,
– the housing is damaged.
The appliance must only be connected
to an earthed socket. If necessary an
extension cable suitable for 10 A can
be used.
If the appliance or the supply cord
is damaged, it must be replaced by
the manufacturer, its service agent or
similarly qualified person, in order to
avoid hazard.
Always place the appliance on a flat,
level surface.
Never leave the appliance unattended
while connected to the supply mains.
The appliance and accessories
become hot during operation. Use
only designated handles and knobs.
Allow to cool down before cleaning or
The mains cable must not come into
contact with any hot parts of the
Do not immerse the appliance in
water or any other liquid.
Do not exceed the maximum filling
volume as indicated on the water tank.
Fill the water tank only with cold
water, never with milk or other liquids.
Do not use the appliance if the water
tank has not been filled.
This appliance is intended for
domestic use only. The manufacturer
cannot accept any liability for possible
damage caused by improper or
incorrect use.
Do not carry machine by the lever (C).
This machine can only be used with
Lavazza A MODO MIO capsules. Do not
put your fingers or any other object
in the capsule compartment. The
capsules can be used only once.
Getting started
1. Place the machine on a flat surface. Rinse the water tank (E) before
using it. Fill the water tank with
cold, drinkable and non-sparkling
water. (The machine must not be
used with empty tank!) Plug the
power cord into the mains and
press the ON button. The machine
is ready to use when the cup indicator light (B) stops flashing and
becomes steady.
2. When starting the machine for
the first time: Place a bowl (0.5 L
capacity minimum) under the coffee spout (F), press the Espresso
button (B) once and run ½ water
tank then press the Espresso button
again to stop.
3. The machine must not be used
with empty tank! If you use it
without water for a too long time
the auto priming could be blocked.
To prime the machine again, place
a bowl (0.5 L capacity minimum)
under the coffee spout (F), press the
Espresso button (B) once and run ½
water tank then press the Espresso
button again to stop.
2. Lavazza A Modo Mio capsules.
Only suitable Lavazza A Modo Mio
capsules should be placed in the
capsule compartment (D). Lavazza
A Modo Mio capsules are single
dose capsules and brew a single
coffee. DO NOT use the capsules
more than once. Inserting 2 or more
capsules can cause the machine to
3. To prepare coffee, place a cup on
the drip tray grid (G). Lift the lever
and insert a capsule in the compartment. Close the lever and press the
Espresso button (B). When the desired amount of coffee is reached,
press the Espresso button again to
stop. When the coffee is ready, lift
the lever and the capsule falls down
into the used capsules container (J).
Preparing coffee
1. Adjustment of the drip tray (G/H)
height. To accommodate different
cup sizes, the drip tray can easily be
adjusted to 2 different positions or
be removed to fit bigger cups.
Cleaning and care
9 min Auto-off
1. Turn the machine off, unplug
the cord and let the machine cool
down. Wipe all outer surfaces with
a damp cloth. Empty and rinse the
water tank once a day.
2. The used capsules container has
a transparent window (I) on the
top which shows used capsules
and waste water level. Every 2 or
3 days or after 7 brewed coffees,
the used capsules and waste
water containers (I/J) should be
emptied. Lift out the grid, the tray
and the used capsules container.
Empty, rinse, dry and put back in
3. The machine is equipped with an
energy saving function that automatically switches it off after 9 min
of inactivity
The drip tray (H) and the waste
water / used capsules container (I/J)
are all dishwasher proof.
1.Descaling. We recommend descaling the machine regularly depending on the water hardness (2–3
months). We recommend using
Electrolux decalcifying solution
EPD4/C/D/E/N/R (never use vinegar). Remove and empty the water
tank (E). Fill the water tank with
125ml of the decalcifying solution.
Top up with water to the max. level
(follow product instructions).
2. Press the ON/OFF button (A).
When the Espresso button light
(B) remains steady: Place a 1L
bowl under the coffee spout.
Press and hold the Espresso button
(B) for 5 seconds to start the descaling mode. The cup indicator light
(B) will flash at 1 second off and 1
second on. The cup indicator light
(B) will then flash slowly during
the descaling process which takes
about 20 min.
3. After descaling is finished, the
cup indicator light (B) becomes
steady to be ready for coffee preparation. Before brewing coffee, clean
out the water container (E) and refill
it with fresh water; run through ½
water tank to flush out the system
by pressing the Espresso button
(B) once to start and once again to
220-240V - 50/60Hz
Auto off after:
9 min
Standby power:
< 0.5W
Thermoblock power:
Coffee dispenser function:
Manual stop
Cord length, outside the product:
0.8 m
Capsule type:
A Modo Mio
Pump pressure:
15 bar
Drip tray grid:
Stainless Steel
Capsule compartment capacity:
Max 7 capsules
Lever angle:
0-118 degrees
Waste water container:
175 ml
Dimensions (L x W x H):
342 mm x 126 mm x 242 mm
Water tank capacity, total:
900 ml
Product net weight:
3.3 kg
Self priming:
The machine does not turn on.
The machine is not connected to the
power source.
Connect the machine to the power source.
The pump is very noisy.
No water flow.
No water in the tank.
Fill the tank with fresh drinking water.
1. Prime the water circuit. (see page 3, section 3)
2. Check correct water tank position.
The lever doesn’t reach the
brewing position.
Capsule inserted incorrectly.
Empty the used capsule container.
Contact Electrolux customer service.
Repeat the sequence, open and close the lever. If that
is not enough remove the capsule manually from the
compartment after unplugging the machine.
The coffee is not hot enough.
Preheat the cup with hot water.
The coffee is brewed too fast, the
brewed coffee is not creamy.
Capsule already used.
Open the lever and insert a new capsule.
Coffee is not brewed or brewed in
drips only.
Coffee spout (F) is clogged.
Clean the coffee spout by running the machine
without a capsule.
Circuit is not primed.
Prime the water circuit by running the machine
without a capsule.
The machine requires a lot of time
to heat up.
The machine has limescale build up.
Descale the machine. (see page 4)
If the machine does not heat up.
Thermoblock is not working properly.
Contact Electrolux customer service.
Coffee is not brewed and coffee light
flashes very quickly (0.25s on and
0.25s off ).
Thermal sensor is not working properly.
Contact Electrolux customer service.
This document sets out the terms and conditions of the product warranties for Electrolux Appliances. It is an important document. Please keep it with your proof of
purchase documents in a safe place for future reference should you require service for your Appliance.
In this warranty
(a) ‘acceptable quality’ as referred to in clause 10 of this warranty has
the same meaning referred to in the ACL.
(b) ‘ACL’ means Trade Practices Amendment (Australian Consumer Law)
Act (No.2) 2010.
(c) ‘Appliance’ means any Electrolux product purchased by you
accompanied by this document.
(d) ‘ASC” means Electrolux Authorised Service Centre’.
(e) ‘Electrolux’ means Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd
163 O‘Riordan St, Mascot NSW 2020 ABN 51 004 762 341 in respect of
Appliances purchased in Australia and Electrolux (NZ) Limited of
3-5 Niall Burgess Road, Mount Wellington, in respect of Appliances
purchased in New Zealand.
(f) `major failure’ as referred to in Clause 10 of this warranty has the
same meaning referred to in the ACL and includes a situation when
an Appliance cannot be repaired or it is uneconomic for Electrolux, at
its discretion, to repair an Appliance during the Warranty Period.
(g) ‘Warranty Period’ means:
(i) where the Appliance is used for personal, domestic or household
use (i.e. normal single family use) as set out in the instruction
manual, the Appliance is warranted against manufacturing
defects in Australia and New Zealand for 24 months following
the date of original purchase of the Appliance;
(ii) where the Appliance and accessories are used for commercial
purposes (including being used to directly assist a business or
where the Appliance is used in a multi-family communal or
share type environment), the Appliance will then be warranted
against manufacturing defects in Australia for 3 months and in
New Zealand for 3 months, following the date of original
purchase of the Appliance.
(h) ‘you’ means the purchaser of the Appliance not having purchased the
Appliance for re-sale, and ‘your’ has a corresponding meaning.
This warranty only applies to Appliances purchased and used in Australia
or New Zealand and is in addition to (and does not exclude, restrict, or
modify in any way) any non-excludable statutory warranties in Australia
or New Zealand.
During the Warranty Period Electrolux or its ASC will, at no extra charge if
your Appliance is readily accessible for service, without special
equipment and subject to these terms and conditions, repair or replace
any parts which it considers to be defective. Electrolux or its ASC may
use remanufactured parts to repair your Appliance. You agree that any
replaced Appliances or parts become the property of Electrolux.
Parts and Appliances not supplied by Electrolux are not covered by this
You will bear the cost of transportation, travel and delivery of the
Appliance to and from Electrolux or its ASC. If you reside outside of the
service area, you will bear the cost of:
(a) travel of an authorised representative;
(b) transportation and delivery of the Appliance to and from Electrolux
or its ASC, In all instances, unless the Appliance is transported by
Electrolux or an Electrolux authorised representative, the Appliance is
transported at the owner’s cost and risk while in transit to and from
Electrolux or its ASC.
Proof of purchase is required before you can make a claim under this
7. You may not make a claim under this warranty unless the defect claimed is
due to faulty or defective parts or workmanship. Electrolux is not liable in
the following situations (which are not exhaustive):
(a) the Appliance is damaged by:
(i) accident
(ii) misuse or abuse, including failure to properly maintain
or service
(iii) normal wear and tear
(iv) power surges, electrical storm damage or incorrect
power supply
(v) incomplete or improper installation
(vi) incorrect, improper or inappropriate operation
(vii) insect or vermin infestation
(viii) failure to comply with any additional instructions supplied
with the Appliance;
(b) the Appliance is modified without authority from Electrolux in writing;
(c) the Appliance’s serial number or warranty seal has been removed
or defaced;
(d) the Appliance was serviced or repaired by anyone other than
Electrolux, an authorised repairer or ASC.
8. This warranty, the contract to which it relates and the relationship
between you and Electrolux are governed by the law applicable where
the Appliance was purchased. Where the Appliance was purchased in
New Zealand for business purposes the Consumer Guarantee Act does
not apply.
9. To the extent permitted by law, Electrolux excludes all warranties and
liabilities (other than as contained in this document) including liability for
any loss or damage whether direct or indirect arising from your purchase,
use or non use of the Appliance.
10. For Appliances and services provided by Electrolux in Australia, the
Appliances come with a guarantee by Electrolux that cannot be excluded
under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or
refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably
foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the Appliance
repaired or replaced if the Appliance fails to be of acceptable quality and
the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits to you given
by this warranty are in addition to your other rights and remedies under a
law in relation to the Appliances or services to which the warranty
11. At all times during the Warranty Period, Electrolux shall, at its discretion,
determine whether repair, replacement or refund will apply if an
Appliance has a valid warranty claim applicable to it.
12. For Appliances and services provided by Electrolux in New Zealand, the
Appliances come with a guarantee by Electrolux pursuant to the
provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Sale of Goods Act and
the Fair Trading Act.
13. To enquire about claiming under this warranty, please follow these steps:
(a) carefully check the operating instructions, user manual and the terms
of this warranty;
(b) have the model and serial number of the Appliance available;
(c) have the proof of purchase (eg an invoice) available;
(d) telephone the numbers shown below.
14. You accept that if you make a warranty claim, Electrolux and its ASC may
exchange information in relation to you to enable Electrolux to meet its
obligations under this warranty.
Important Notice: Before calling for service, please ensure that the steps listed in point 13 above have been followed.
or to find the address of your nearest
service centre in Australia
or to find the address of your nearest
service centre in New Zealand
Please call 1300 365 305
Call charges apply
Please call 0508 730 730
Free call (NZ only)
Available accessoryPremium Descaler
Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd
ABN 51 004 762 341
163 O’Riordan Street, Mascot, NSW 2020, Australia
Customer Service Phone: 1300 365 305
Electrolux Small Appliances
A division of Electrolux (NZ) Limited
3 - 5 Niall Burgess Road, Mt. Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: (09) 9573 2220 - Customer Service Phone: 0508 730 730
*Due to the Electrolux policy of continual product development; specifications, colours and details of our products and those
mentioned in this manual are subject to change without notice.
Publication No: APAC-ELM3100-IFU-AU-1
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