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One Classic
Series 2
Pure Warranty Statement for Australia
This statement replaces any reference to warranty which may be contained elsewhere within
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What do you need to do now?
Option 1: You can register your purchase on-line at https://www.pure.com/au/ register/
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What’s covered by this warranty?
• Pure agrees to refund, repair or replace, at your election, without charge to you, any part found to be defective during the warranty period.
• If equipment has been used according to its accompanying instruction manual and is used in a domestic situation, a two year warranty period applies (excludes rechargeable
ChargePAK where fitted. A one year warranty period applies to all ChargePAKs).
How do you make your claim?
Call 1800 988 268 for instructions on how to return your Pure product for warranty service
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• Any damage or deterioration due to shipments.
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e Classic
One Classic
Series 2
Series 2
Thank you for choosing One Classic Series 2.
This manual will get you up and running in no
time and explains how to make the most of One
Classic’s great features. If you need additional
help with topics not covered in this manual,
please visit the Pure support pages at
Safety instructions
Keep the radio away from heat sources.
Avoid objects or liquids getting into the radio.
Do not remove screws from or open the radio casing.
Fit the mains adaptor to an easily accessible socket, located near the radio and ONLY use the mains
power adapter supplied. Always switch the unit off and disconnect it from mains power before inserting or
removing a ChargePAK.
Should not be immersed in water, used in shower or bathroom if plugged into the mains.
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service or the shop where you purchased the product.
2 Getting started
2 Setting up
3 Controls at a glance
4 Listening to radio
4 Adjusting the volume
4 Changing stations
5 Using presets
5 Changing the information displayed on screen
5 textSCAN – pause and control scrolling text
5Intellitext – view stored text information
6 Pausing and rewinding live digital radio
7 Using Listen Later
Setting up Listen Later
Listening to a saved programme
Stopping Listen Later
9 Setting the alarm & timers
9 Setting the alarm
10 Setting the kitchen timer
10 Setting the sleep timer
11 Options and settings
11 Digital radio options
11 FM options
11 General options
13 Using a ChargePAK
13 Installing ChargePAK
13 Removing ChargePAK
14 Help and specifications
14 Secondary and inactive stations
14 Hints and tips
14 Technical Specifications
Getting started
Setting up
Note: If you have a ChargePAK C6L rechargeable battery (sold separately) fit it now before
plugging the radio in. See page 13.
Lift the aerial from the clip on
the top of the radio and fully
extend it.
Insert the
A connector of
the mains power adapter into
the socket on the rear of the
Plug the
B mains power
A adapter
into the mains supply and wait
for the radio to switch on.
Select your language when prompted. Turn the dial to select (English/French/
German/Italian) and push to confirm.
Choose language
Wait for One Classic to complete an Autotune, which finds all available digital
stations (this takes about a minute). When the Autotune is complete, a station will be
saving enabled
One Classic
(See page 12)
Controls at a glance
Digital: Press to display
station list. Turn dial to
browse stations; press
dial to change station.
FM: Press to display the
current frequency. Turn
the dial to scan to the
next station.
Press to display
volume level then
turn dial to adjust.
Store up to 15
digital and 15 FM
preset stations.
Display setup options
Set up alarms and
Listen Later
Access Intellitext
Change on-screen
Press and repeat to
switch between digital
radio/FM/auxiliary input.
Press to pause and play
live digital radio then
turn dial to fast-forward/
rewind. Press and hold
to return to live radio.
Listen Later: Press to
pause/play a saved
digital radio programme.
Listen Later
Press to play a
saved digital radio
programme. Press
again to exit.
Centre dial
Used for changing the station and
adjusting the volume, as well as other
functions explained later in this manual.
Switch on and into standby or off if
powered by ChargePAK or batteries.
USB connector for software upgrades (mini-B type)
3.5mm stereo headphone socket
Analogue stereo input for iPod/MP3 player
Listening to radio
Adjusting the volume
Adjust the volume by turning the dial. If in a menu, press the volume button first then turn the
(From menus)
Changing stations
When listening to digital radio
1. Press the Stations button to display the station list on the bottom line of the display.
2. Turn the dial right or left to scroll through the list. The name of the current station remains at
the top of the screen.
3. Push the dial to change the station.
BBC Radio 2
Absolute Radio
When listening to FM
Seek Tuning
Press the Stations button and turn the dial right or left to seek to the next or previous FM
station with a strong signal.
Turn to tune
Manual Tuning
1. Change the FM tuning mode to Manual (see page 11).
2. Press the Stations button then turn the dial right or left to step up or down 0.05 MHz.
Using presets
You can store up to 15 digital and 15 FM presets.
Storing a preset
Tune to the digital or FM station you want to store.
Press the Presets button.
Turn the dial to scroll to a preset between 1 and 15.
Push and hold the dial or the Presets button until Preset saved appears on screen.
Planet Rock
Selecting a preset
1. Press the Presets button to show the presets list.
2. Turn the dial to browse the list of preset stations.
3. Push the dial to tune to a preset station.
Changing the information displayed on screen
Press the Menu button, turn the dial until you see Info display and push the dial to select. Turn
the dial to choose between the following options and push to select:
Scrolling text: Information broadcast by most digital and some FM (RDS) stations.
Date: Today’s date automatically updated by the digital radio signal.
LL Duration: The maximum Listen Later time available based on the bit rate of the current
digital station.
textSCAN – pause and control scrolling text
1. Press the dial to pause the scrolling text.
2. Turn the dial left or right to scroll through the text. To exit textSCAN press the dial again.
Intellitext – view stored text information
Intellitext provides on-demand text information such as sports headlines, weather forecasts and
news from digital stations that support the service including BBC Radio 5 live in the UK. The
text is updated by the broadcasters and stored in your radio while you listen. Intellitext is listed
by station and split into categories, e.g., Football, Cricket, Headlines, etc.
To view Intellitext messages
1. Press the Menu button, turn the dial until you see Intellitext and push the dial to select.
Push the dial to select View and access a list of stations for which you have Intellitext
information (if you see No data you need to tune to a station broadcasting Intellitext for a
few minutes before information is received).
2. Push the dial to select a station and turn and push the dial to browse Intellitext categories
for that station, e.g., BBC Radio 5Live > SPORT > FOOTBALL. The selected information
will scroll across the screen. Press Menu to go back up to the previous category.
Note: You can use textSCAN (page 5) to pause and control Intellitext messages.
Man City complet
Pausing and rewinding live digital radio
One Classic enables you to pause and rewind digital radio by saving an audio ‘buffer’ of the
current station. You can rewind for approximately 5–15 minutes depending on the bitrate of the
current station and/or how long you’ve been tuned to the current station.
To pause and rewind live radio
to pause the current station.
and the team bri
Time from
2. When the audio is paused you can do the following:
Rewind up to the
start of the audio
stop rewinding
or turn the dial
the opposite
through the audio
to stop fastforwarding or turn
the dial
Infoone click Source
in the opposite
Press to play and
Press and hold to
Return to live radio.
and the team bri
Using Listen Later
Listen Later enables you to save your favourite digital radio programme and play it back later.
The programme is stored in memory while your radio is switched on, or in standby, until it
is overwritten by another. The memory will hold up to about 45 minutes* worth of a typical
broadcast and will stop once the memory is full.
Setting up Listen Later
1. Press the Menu button, turn the dial and push to select Listen Later.
2. Turn the dial to scroll through the five options on the bottom line of the display, while the top
line displays their current setting. To change a setting, push the dial, turn it to make your
selection and then push it to confirm the change.
Push the dial to choose between On (programme will be saved) or Off (programme will not
be saved).
Set time
Push the dial to set the programme start time. Turn the dial to set the hour then push to
confirm. Repeat to set the minutes.
Set duration
Push the dial and turn to increase the duration of the programme (minimum 15 minutes)
and push to confirm.
Set days
Push the dial to set which day(s) programme you want to save. Choose between: Daily
(every day), Weekday (every day Monday to Friday), Weekend (Saturday and Sunday),
Weekly (one day every week) or Once only (no repeat).
Select station
Push the dial, choose a digital station and push to confirm.
At the time set, the programme will be saved if the radio is in standby or switched on and the
display will show LL. If your radio is switched on it will switch to the chosen digital radio station.
Note:If the time you set clashes with a set alarm you will be warned so you can change it.
Note:Listen Later only works if your radio is switched on or in standby, if you switch off your
radio (remove mains power or switch off when using battery/ChargePAK power) any
Listen Later setting will be ignored and any previously saved programme will be lost.
* (Limited temporary storage on the radio for a typical maximum programme length of between 45 minutes to 3 hours
depending on the station bit rate.)
Listening to a saved programme
While listening to digital radio, press the Listen Later button to start playing a saved
to pause/play. Turn the dial left or right, one, two or three clicks (1
programme. Press
click = 2x, 2 clicks = 8x and 3 clicks = 32x normal speed) to rewind or fast forward and turn the
dial back to the centre to play.
To stop playing a programme, press the Listen Later button, tune to a different station or
change the source.
Note:If you exit Listen Later before the end of the programme, next time you press Listen
Later you will be given the option to continue listening from where you left off (resume) or
to start from the beginning.
Stopping Listen Later
To stop Listen Later while a programme save is in progress you can press the Listen Later
button, tune to a different station or change the source. In each case you will be asked to
confirm that you want to stop Listen Later. Anything saved up to that point will be stored.
Stop LL?
Note:Listen Later will stop automatically if a kitchen timer goes off or the duration set has been
Setting the alarm & timers
Setting the alarm
1. Press the Menu button and select Alarm & timers > Alarm to display the alarm status.
2. Push the dial to enter the alarm menu. You can scroll through six alarm options on the
bottom line of the display, while the top line displays their current setting. To change a
setting, push the dial, turn it to make your selection and then push it to confirm the change.
Set alarm
Push dial to choose between On (alarm sounds) or Off (alarm does not sound). The
symbol on the screen indicates that the alarm is on.
Set time
Push dial to set the alarm time. Turn the dial to set the hour then push to confirm. Repeat to
set the minutes.
Set days
Push dial to set the days that the alarm sounds. Choose between: Daily (every day),
Weekday (Monday to Friday), Weekend, Saturday or Sunday or Once only (no repeat).
Set alarm mode
Push dial to choose between: Digital radio, FM or Tone (buzzer).
Select station
If you’ve set alarm mode as Digital radio or FM, choose a digital station or an FM preset
and push to confirm. Last tuned tunes to the most recent station.
Alarm volume
If the alarm mode is set to Digital radio or FM, push the dial to change the alarm volume.
Turn the dial left to decrease the alarm volume or right to increase it then push to confirm.
Cancelling a sounding alarm
To cancel a tone alarm push the dial or press the Standby button.
To cancel a radio alarm press any button.
Note:A sounding radio alarm will switch off after one hour unless you cancel it.
Using alarms with ChargePAK C6L or batteries fitted
When a ChargePAK rechargeable battery or ‘C’ cell batteries are fitted and the unit is not
connected to mains power the radio switches off completely when the Standby button is
pressed. In this case, the message Disabling alarm will be briefly displayed after the Standby
button is pressed and the alarm will not sound.
Setting the kitchen timer
One Classic has a countdown timer which will sound a beeping tone after a set time period.
To set a kitchen timer
1. Press the Menu button, select Alarm & timers > Kitchen timer and push the dial to select.
2. Turn the dial to change the hours and push to confirm. Turn again to change the minutes
then push to confirm and start the countdown timer.
is displayed on screen.
01 hours 00 mins
To cancel a kitchen timer
To stop and reset the kitchen timer before it sounds, select the Kitchen timer screen (see
above) and set the duration to zero.
Setting the sleep timer
One Classic has a sleep timer that switches your radio into standby (or off if powered by a
ChargePAK) after a number of minutes has elapsed.
To set a sleep timer
1. Press the Menu button, select Alarms & timers > Sleep timer then push the dial to select.
2. Turn the dial to increase the duration of the sleep timer from 15 to 90 minutes in fifteen
minute intervals. Push the dial to start the sleep timer.
is displayed on screen.
Sleep off
Sleep 30 minut
To cancel a sleep timer
Select the Sleep timer screen (see above) and set the duration of the Sleep timer to Sleep Off.
Options and settings
Press the Menu button to access the options menu, turn the dial to scroll through and change
the options and push the dial to select.
Digital radio options
Scans all digital frequencies for stations, automatically adds any new stations found to the
station list and removes inactive stations. To stop an Autotune press Menu.
Intellitext options
Press Menu, select Intellitext and turn the dial to access the following options for managing
Intellitext messages.
Set timeout: Choose to delete old Intellitext messages after 1 week (default) or 1 day.
Clear all: Delete all stored Intellitext messages immediately.
FM options
FM tuning mode
Seek: When you turn the dial, the radio tunes to the next station with a good signal.
Manual: When you turn the dial, the radio tunes up or down in steps of 0.05 MHz.
FM stereo
Choose from Stereo or Mono (default). Mono may improve clarity where stereo signals are
General options
Timed: The backlight turns on for 7 seconds when any button is pressed (default).
Off: The backlight does not switch on.
On: The backlight is always on when the radio is on.
Turn the dial to adjust the treble or bass and push to confirm.
Bass: Adjust the bass between -5 (minimal bass), 0 (neutral) and 5 (maximum bass).
Treble: Adjust the treble between -5 (minimal treble), 0 (neutral) and 5 (high treble).
Set clock
The clock will automatically set itself and also update for GMT/BST clock changes in the
UK. However, if you cannot receive a digital signal, the time and date can be manually set by
selecting Set clock from the options menu.
Turn the dial to select a language (English/French/German/Italian) and push to confirm
Energy saving
One Classic is part of the Pure EcoPlus product family, designed and manufactured to minimise
power consumption when the unit is switched on and in standby. One way this low power
consumption is enabled is by not collecting and storing Intellitext messages when the unit is in
standby. Two options are available:
On (default): One Classic updates the Intellitext data when you tune to a station that broadcasts
Intellitext. Intellitext data is not collected in standby.
Off: One Classic collects Intellitext data in standby from the last station viewed Intellitext, which
increases standby power consumption.
Note: If you fit the optional ChargePAK C6L or 6 x ‘C’ batteries the unit will switch off when you
press the Standby button and not enter standby, as long as the unit is not connected to
mains power.
Software upgrade
Software updates for your One Classic may be made available in the future. If you register your
product and include a valid e-mail address you will receive notification of software updates
(register at www.pure.com/register). Available software updates are also listed at
To upgrade your radio
1. Press and hold the Menu button for three seconds to access the maintenance menu.
2.Select Upgrade and follow the instructions provided with the upgrade software*.
Factory reset
Resetting your radio removes all presets, clears the station list, any Listen Later programmes
and resets all options to their defaults.
To reset your radio, select Factory reset and push the dial to confirm the reset.
*Requires a PC (not Mac) with internet access running Windows XP/Vista/7 and a suitable USB cable (not included).
Using a ChargePAK
ChargePAK C6L is a high powered rechargeable battery pack. ChargePAK provides the benefits
of rechargeable batteries without the inconvenience of removing and recharging separate
batteries. ChargePAK is designed to be left in your unit, so if usually connected to the mains,
your product will always be charged up, ready to go.
Installing ChargePAK
1. Switch your radio off and
disconnect from the mains power
2. Open the battery compartment
and push the ChargePAK
connector plug into the socket
in the compartment. Line up the
ridges on the plug with the slots
in the socket to ensure correct
orientation. Do not force the plug.
3. Insert ChargePAK into the battery
compartment, logo side out.
4. Replace the battery cover
and connect your product to
power supply.
5. The battery charging indicator on
your unit appears and ChargePAK
will begin charging.
Note:When charging your ChargePAK for the first time or after an extended period of inactivity
it is recommended that it is charged for around 24 hours to ensure full battery power. If
ChargePAK is in a highly discharged state there may be a slight delay before the battery
charging indicator is displayed.
Removing ChargePAK
To remove your ChargePAK either to replace with normal batteries or install a new ChargePAK,
switch your product off, lift the ChargePAK out and pull gently on the connector plug to
remove it.
Note:Damage may occur if you attempt to remove the plug by pulling on the connecting wires
or ChargePAK itself.
Note:It is perfectly normal for your ChargePAK to get warm to the touch in use, especially
during charging. Your ChargePAK should give years of trouble-free use under normal
circumstances, however, as for all rechargeable batteries the operating life will gradually
reduce with age.
Help and specifications
Secondary and inactive stations
(<</>>) Secondary digital services
Secondary services accompany some stations, providing extra information or alternative
content and may only be broadcast at certain times. If a station has secondary services
available, the station shows >> next to its name in the station list and the secondary service
appears next to the station in the list. A secondary service has a << before its name in the
station list.
(?) Inactive or unavailable digital stations
Inactive or unavailable stations appear on the station list preceded by ? and cannot be tuned
to. A station may be inactive or unavailable because the station is not broadcasting at the
current time (check with the station) or has stopped broadcasting altogether. Alternatively, you
may not have a strong enough signal to receive the Multiplex on which the station is broadcast.
Hints and tips
Display says ‘No stations available’
Use Autotune (page 11) to search for stations. Try adjusting your aerial or radio position.
Receiving new digital stations that have started broadcasting
Use Autotune (page 11) to scan for new stations and add any new stations to the station list.
Technical Specifications
Radio Digital and FM radio
UK products receive DAB/FM; non-UK products receive DAB/DAB+/
DMB-Radio. Parametric stereo decode up to 256 kbps.
FM radio 87.5-108 MHz.
Speaker Full-range 3" drive unit.
Input connectors 12V DC power adapter socket (230V adapter supplied), Mini USB
connector for software upgrades, 3.5mm Line in for auxiliary devices.
Output connectors 3.5mm headphone socket
Mains power supply 230V AC to 12V (0.8A) DC external power adapter.
Battery power
Six ‘C’ (R14) batteries or ChargePAK C6L (not supplied).
Approvals CE marked. Compliant with the EMC and Low Voltage
Directives (2004/108/EC an 2006/95/EC). ETSI EN 300 401
compliant. Australian C-Tick N1600 & Electrical Safety.
Dimensions (mm) 210 wide x 145 high x 72 deep (excluding controls).
Aerial Integral telescopic aerial.
Imagination Technologies Ltd.
Home Park Estate
Kings Langley
Herts, WD4 8LZ
United Kingdom
Pure Australasia Pty Ltd
PO Box 5049
Wonga Park
Victoria 3115
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