DXFF20TS DXFF30TS Instructions Issue 001

DXFF20TS DXFF30TS Instructions Issue 001
Installation and Operating Instructions
DXFF20TS & DXFF30TS Flat Fan Heaters
2.0kw Switch, Thermostat & Neon
3.0kw Switch, Thermostat & Neon
Issue 0
Fig. 1
DO NOT use the heater on deep pile carpets or the long hair
type of rugs, or less than 750mm (30") away from any
overhanging surface. Keep combustible materials such as
drapes and other furnishings clear from the front, sides
and rear of the heater. Do not use heater to dry your laundry.
DO NOT use the heater in the immediate surroundings of a
bath, a shower or a swimming pool.
DO NOT place the heater directly below a fixed socket outlet.
Electrical connection
This heater must be used on an ~ supply only and the voltage
marked on the heater must correspond to the supply voltage.
This heater is fitted with a rewirable plug incorporating a 13 amp
fuse. In the event of replacing the fuse in the plug supplied, a 13
amp fuse approved by ASTA to BS 1362 must be used. If any
other type of plug is used, a 15 amp fuse must be fitted in the
plug, the adaptor, or at the distribution board.
IMPORTANT : If the plug is not suitable for your socket, the 13
amp plug should be removed. Before wiring the appropriate
plug, please note that the wires in this mains lead are coloured
in accordance with the following code :
The socket-outlet must be accessible at all times to enable
the mains plug to be disconnected as quickly as possible.
DO NOT COVER or obstruct in any way the air inlet slots in
the top and bottom of the heater, or the air outlet slots at the
front of the heater.
DO NOT operate the heater with the mains lead overhanging
the front outlet grille.
The heater should always be used on a flat, stable surface.
This appliance is not intended for use by children or other
persons without assistance or supervision if their physical,
sensory or mental capabilities prevent them from using it
safely. Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
Warning : In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent
resetting of the thermal cutout, this appliance must not be
supplied through an external switching device, such as a
timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched
on and off by the utility.
IMPORTANT – If the mains lead of this appliance is damaged,
it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent
or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead may not correspond
with the coloured markings in your plug, proceed as follows :
Connect the BROWN wire to the terminal marked ‘L’ or coloured
RED. Connect the BLUE wire to the terminal marked ‘N’ or coloured
BLACK. Note : ‘L’ or ‘N’ wire must not be connected to the EARTH
terminal marked ‘E’ or
or coloured GREEN or GREEN AND
YELLOW. If in doubt, consult your electrician.
Using the heater
air inlet
knob - see
Fig. 4
heat control
knob - see
Fig. 3
The instruction leaflet belongs to the appliance and must
be kept in a safe place. If changing owners, the leaflet must
be surrendered to the new owner.
mains neon
air outlet
Fig. 2
Using the heater
Safety – Overheat Protection
The mains neon (see Fig. 2) will light up to show that the heater
is connected to the mains supply.
For your safety, this appliance is fitted with a thermal cut-out. In
the event that the product overheats, the cut-out switches the
heater off automatically.
Heat control - see Fig. 3
To bring the heater back into operation, remove the cause of the
overheating, then unplug or turn off the electrical supply to the
heater for a few minutes.
The heat control positions are as follows:
When the heater has cooled sufficiently, re-connect and switch
on the heater.
Cool Blow *
I -
Half heat output
II -
Full heat output
Do not use detergents, abrasive cleaning powder or polish of
any kind on this heater.
Wipe with a dry cloth to remove dust and a damp cloth (not wet)
to clean off stains. Be careful not to allow moisture into the heater.
Ensure that dust or fluff does not accumulate inside the heater
as this could lead to overheating of the element. Use a vacuum
cleaner to remove any fluff which does accumulate.
Fig. 3
For electrical products sold within the European Community.
Thermostat control - see Fig. 4
At the end of the electrical products useful life it should
not be disposed of with household waste. Please
recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local
Authority or retailer for recycling advice in your country.
The heat output is controlled by the thermostat, according to the
room temperature. Turn the knob to maximum setting initially.
When the room is warm enough, reduce the setting slowly until
the heater just clicks off.
The heater will now cycle on and off to maintain your selected
room temperature.
After Sales Service
Your product is guaranteed for three years from the date of
Within this period, we undertake to repair or exchange this product
free of charge (subject to availability), within the guarantee period
provided it has been operated in accordance with these
Your rights under this guarantee are additional to your statutory
rights, which in turn are not affected by this guarantee.
Fig. 4
NOTE: If the heater does not come on when the thermostat is
set to a low number, this is normally because the room is warmer
than the thermostat setting and is not a fault.
* When the heat control is set to ‘
thermostat control to max. position.
’ for Cool Blow, set the
Should you require after sales service you should contact our
customer services help desk on 0845 600 5111. It would assist
us if you can quote the model number, series, date of purchase,
and nature of the fault at the time of your call. The customer
services help desk will also be able to advise you should you
need to purchase any spares.
Please do not return a faulty product to us in the first instance as
this may result in loss or damage and delay in providing you with
a satisfactory service.
Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.
Position ‘ ’ will turn the heater on and off to maintain a
temperature of approximately 5°C to help protect against frosty
The product complies with the European Safety Standards EN60335-2-30 and the European Standard Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
EN55014, EN60555-2 and EN60555-3 which cover the essential requirements of EEC Directives 73/23 and 89/336
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