Blackberry MAIL - BROWSING COMPUTER Setup guide

Blackberry MAIL - BROWSING COMPUTER Setup guide
Getting Connected Guide
Getting started
Setting up your email account
Managing your email settings
Using your BlackBerry Individual Solution
Switching devices
BlackBerry device desktop software
Getting started
Before getting connected to your BlackBerry Individual
Solution, take a look at the BlackBerry Getting Started
Guide that comes in the box with your device. It provides
details on the operations of your BlackBerry device,
including individual key functions and application
icons, tips, troubleshooting, and product specifications.
In the Getting Started Guide follow
the steps under setting up your device
Step 1 Insert the SIM card.
Step 2Insert the battery. At this point the device should turn on.
If you have inserted a SIM for a new mobile service, you’ll
need to enter the PIN number we supplied with the SIM.
Step 3 Charge the battery.
Step 4 Make sure wireless network is turned on for full mobile
functionality. If it’s not turned on, the word ‘OFF’ is visible
in top right of screen. Select your Wireless Icon to Turn
Wireless On.
Step 5 Install the desktop software (optional)
(see instructions on page 7).
After Step 4, you are ready to set up your email account using
the instructions on page 5.
your individual blackberry devices
Bold 9900
Torch 9810
Torch 9860
A more detailed device User Guide can be viewed and
downloaded from
We’ve given a selection of Next G® mobiles our ‘Blue
Tick’, which means they are recommended for rural
handheld coverage.
BlackBerry ID Setup
Guide for BlackBerry® 7
What is BlackBerry ID?
BlackBerry® ID is a single sign-in key (username and password)
to BlackBerry® products, services, and apps, such as BlackBerry
App World™, BlackBerry® Individual Solution email accounts, and
many others. You’ll need one to set up a BlackBerry Individual
Solution email account and to download apps from BlackBerry
App World.
BlackBerry ID Benefits
•Your BlackBerry ID is unique to you and helps you access
your BlackBerry apps and services (independent of carrier
or smartphone).
•Helps you to easily restore your apps (paid and free) to one
or more BlackBerry smartphones.
•Lets you log in to BlackBerry products and switch
smartphones (automatically moves your email accounts).
Please note This step is only
relevant to BlackBerry 7 devices
and above
•Lets you remotely log in to BlackBerry® Protect™ a free app
that finds your lost phone, locks it, wipes it, and more.
using your
BlackBerry ID
Forgot your
BlackBerry ID?
Click “Forgot
Click “Create New”
to create an ID
* To recover your password in a browser, go to:
An email with a link to reset your password is sent to the email address
you entered when you set up your BlackBerry ID.
BlackBerry ID Setup
Guide for BlackBerry 7
Enter a Screen Name
(or Skip this step to have one
automatically created for you)
The Screen Name is a public display name (e.g., can be used
for BlackBerry App World reviews), so that your BlackBerry ID
Username email address remains private.
Must contain at least 3 characters (maximum 100 characters).
Cannot contain any special characters (e.g., &*). Can contain
spaces. Cannot contain any unacceptable language or text.
Enter an email address
A Gmail®, Yahoo®, or other web-based address that can be
accessed from a browser on a computer. Do not use a BlackBerry
email account address (eg, a username that ends with or If you receive an error
that says the Username already exists, you may already have
a BlackBerry ID account. Return to the first step and sign in.
Enter and confirm a Password
Minimum of six characters is required. The account password
can’t be the same as the recovery question or recovery answer.
Enter a Password Recovery Question and Answer
Important to remember to reset your password.
Click Submit
A message appears saying your BlackBerry ID was
successfully created.
Click “Continue” to view the introduction video
To change your BlackBerry ID information, sign into
your BlackBerry ID account and click Account Details
Setting up your
email account
After setting up your email account, you can begin sending
and receiving emails from your BlackBerry device right
away, as long as you’ve connected your mobile service and
BlackBerry Individual Solution “BIS” plan. Connecting to
your BigPond®, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft and other
mailboxes from your device is easy. Here’s how to do it.
From your device Home screen select
the Setup icon (or in the email setup
application, on the Email Accounts
screen, press the Menu key).
On the next page, select the Email
accounts icon.
Select Internet Mail Account.
The phone will now connect to
the email setup wizard.
Select the type of email account you
are adding.
Complete the Email address and
Password for the account and click
On this screen, you can configure
the detailed settings for this account
(eg synchronise contacts, calendar).
Once complete, select Continue.
If the BlackBerry® Individual Solution can’t add your email address, type your email address
and password again and click Continue. If this doesn’t work, try one of the following options:
For most types of email addresses, click POP/IMAP:
a) Provide the advanced setup information for your email address. Click Continue.
b) If your email address uses Microsoft® Exchange, click Outlook Web Access (Exchange).
Provide the setup information for your email address. Click Continue.
You’ll now be able to add another email
account or select Return to Setup to exit.
Your email service provider or administrator can provide you with the information required
and help you determine which action is appropriate for your email address.
Managing your
email settings
Adding email accounts
Changing email account information
You can configure your BlackBerry device to receive email from
existing email accounts.
To change or update details of an email account:
•go to the email accounts screen and highlight the email address
•select Edit
•change address, password display name or auto signature for
that email account
•select Save.
For example, you can add a POP3/IMAP account BigPond®, MSN,
Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, Telstra Business Mail or other mailboxes.
The process is exactly the same as the email account set-up.
Using your BlackBerry
Individual Solution
Reading, replying to and forwarding emails
Viewing attachments
•To read an email, highlight the email.
•Activate the menu and select Open.
•Once the email has been fully opened, activate the menu
and you’ll have the options of Reply, Reply All or Forward.
o view the contents of file attachments sent via email
such as doc, xls, ppt, pdf, html, zip, gif, jpg, bmp and tiff:
•in the message with the file attachment, activate menu
•in the menu select Open Attachment
•select Table of Contents or Full Content and activate menu
•select Retrieve.
Searching for emails
To search for email messages within a folder:
•select Search
•enter the text you want to search for and choose
which field the text must be in
•select Find Now.
Changing your sent from address
You can choose what address you would like your
email to be sent from.
•Compose, reply or forward an email in your message list.
•Highlight Using field.
•Activate menu and select Change Options.
•Select whatever email address you would like the email sent from.
ote: On handheld devices running v4.6 and higher
software, you can now edit most attachments. You can
check the version of your handheld software by selecting
Options then About.
Automatic Message settings
our BlackBerry Individual Solution has no per MB limit
on the size of the mailbox.
ote: Emails sent to your BlackBerry email address
([email protected]) will be automatically
deleted after 30 days.
desktop software
Important information about switching devices
PC and software requirements
If you switch your BlackBerry device you need to update the device
PIN on the BlackBerry website via your device or PC browser at or call your mobile service provider.
If you don’t update the device PIN, email messages will be delivered
to your previous BlackBerry device.
How to switch devices
To update your PIN information when switching devices, access via your email settings icon on your device
or using a browser on a PC.
•Type in your User ID and Password to get to the
Email Account screen.
•Select Change Device under Settings heading.
•Type in PIN and IMEI number.
•Click Save.
Finding your device PIN and IMEI number
•Internet/email enabled PC with an Intel486™ processor or higher.
•Windows ME, 2000, XP or higher.
•To use the Intellisync tool of the BlackBerry Desktop Software,
you must be running Personal Information Manager (PIM) software,
such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, ACT!, Lotus
Notes, Lotus Organizer, Novell GroupWise, or Netscape Contacts.
Note: If you use your BlackBerry device with a Macintosh computer,
there are limitations.
The following PC specifications are required to access the
BlackBerry website:
•Internet Explorer 5.01, 5.5, or 6.0 or Netscape 4.08, or 4.58
or higher with JavaScript enabled
•Windows ME, 2000, XP or Mac OS9, or OS10 or higher.
Installing the desktop software
To download the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Software
for PC or mac, or to find out about system requirements, visit
To find your PIN and IMEI number:
•on the BlackBerry device select Options and select Status; or
•look for the PIN and IMEI number on the outside of the box
your device came in; or
•turn the device off and remove the battery
•look for the sticker with the PIN and IMEI number.
BlackBerry Individual Solution
The BlackBerry Individual Solution is designed to provide
subscribers with automatic delivery of email messages, mobile
access to email message attachments and pictures, and access
to Internet content.
Electronic serial number
Internet Message Access Protocol
Subscribers can add email addresses for existing supported email
accounts to the BlackBerry Individual Solution. The BlackBerry
Individual Solution is designed to retrieve email messages from these
email accounts and deliver them to subscribers’ BlackBerry devices.
International Mobile Equipment Identity
Internet service provider
The BlackBerry Individual Solution is also designed to reconcile
email messages between the subscribers’ BlackBerry devices
and their email accounts over the wireless network, so they don’t
need to manage their email messages twice.
Mobile Equipment Identifier
Personal identification number
Post Office Protocol
Real-time delivery refers to the process whereby
the messaging and collaboration server receives
and delivers items, such as messages or organiser
data items, nearly simultaneously
Subscriber Identity Module
Secure Sockets Layer
CALL 1800 BUSINESS (1800 287 463)
or your Account Representative
Exclusive business offers, ABN required.
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