08 60-5
NUMBER: 08 60-5
S.M. REF.: 2.2.4
ENGINE: EPA07 Series 60
DATE: July 2008
The installation procedure for the E3 injector has been revised.
Install the E3 injector as follows:
1. If the fuel system is contaminated:
Drain the fuel tanks and refill with clean fuel. Refer to section 14.4.2.
Replace both filters with new, and clean the fuel/water separator, if equipped. Refer to
section 2.5.2.
Inspect fuel injectors for damage and replace as required.
2. If the coolant system is contaminated with fuel, flush and reverse flush the system. Refer to
section 14.4.4.
3. If the oil system is contaminated, change the engine oil and filters. Refer to section 3.5.
To avoid injury from flying debris when using compressed air,
wear adequate eye protection (face shield or safety goggles)
and do not exceed 276 kPa (40 psi) air pressure.
Leftover fuel must be removed from the injector bore before
injector installation. If fuel is trapped between the top of the
injector hole tube and the lower injector O-ring seal, it may seep
down to the injector hole tube seal ring, causing swelling and
possible seal leakage.
Injector O-ring seals, injector washers and injector hold down
clamp bolts are considered one-use items and cannot be reused.
Any time an injector is removed, the two injector O-ring seals
injector washer and injector hold down clamp bolt must be
replaced with new parts. Failure to replace O-ring seals, injector
washer and injector hold down clamp bolts can result in leakage.
4. Check to make sure the injector bore is thoroughly clean.
The injector tube bore should be cleaned and inspected for
damage before installation of the E3 Electronic Unit Injector. Refer
to section
Take extra precautions when cleaning the injectors sleeves in
the cylinder head to ensure that debris does not enter the fuel
supply or return galleries. Do not use power tools to clean the
injector sleeves; use hand brush J–47374 and a rag. Do not use
compressed air to blow out the debris in sleeves.
5. Install a new washer on the injector.
All external O-rings must be lubricated prior to installation into the cylinder head.
6. Apply a thin coat of clean fuel to the injector seal rings and install them in the injector nut ring
grooves. Make sure the seals are properly seated see Figure 1, E3 Injector Seal Rings.
Figure 1
E3 Injector Seal Rings
7. Record the injector calibration code. See Figure 2.
1. Injector Body
Figure 2
2. Injector Calibration Code Location
E3 Injector Calibration Code Location
8. Remove injector nozzle tip protector.
9. Install a new injector hold-down clamp washer. The curved side of the washer fits into a
corresponding curved cup in the injector hold-down clamp. See Figure 3.
1. Hold-down Clamp
2. Washer
Figure 3
E3 Injector
3. E3 Injector
10. Replace the injector hold-down clamp bolt with a new bolt. Align the hold-down clamp over
the retaining bolt hole and install the new bolt into the injector clamp and torque using the
procedure below. No additional torque of the bolt is necessary. See Figure 4.
Torque the bolt to 50 N·m (37 lb·ft).
Loosen the bolt 60 degrees (1/6 of a turn, or one bolt flat). Do not fully loosen the bolt.
Torque the bolt to 35 N·m (26 lb·ft).+ 90 degrees (1/4 of a turn).
1. Injector Hold-down Clamp
4. E3 Injector
2. Bolt
5. E3 Injector (Installed)
3. Washer
Figure 4
E3 Injector and Related Parts
Ensure the injector wiring harness connector is installed into the lower rocker cover with the notch
facing upwards. If the connector is installed incorrectly the mating connector cannot be installed.
See Figure 5.
1. Locating Notch
Figure 5
Injector Wiring Harness Connector
11. Install the E3 EUI harness plug into the injector connector using installer tool J–47408, making
sure the locking tang clicks into place.
12. Before installing the rocker arm shaft, apply clean engine oil to the plunger area of the fuel
injector. See Figure 6.
1. Follower/Rocker Interface
4. Nozzle Nuts/ O-rings
2. Plunger/Body Size 10 mm
5. Spring Cage '
3. Magnetic Coil of Module (42 Turns)
6. Nozzle
Figure 6
E3 Injector Oil Hole Location
13. Adjust the intake and exhaust valve clearances and injector clearance. Refer to section 13.
14. Install the Jake Brakes. Refer to section 1.27.
15. On DDEC VI engines, enter calibration codes recorded in step 7 with the proper cylinder
location and enter calibration codes using DDDL 7.X service routine.
16. Bar the engine over a minimum of two complete revolutions.
17. Install the valve rocker cover. Refer to section 1.6.5.
18. For two-piece and three-piece valve rocker cover, refer to section 1.6.6.
19. Reconnect the vehicle battery power.
20. Prime the fuel system using J–47912.
21. Refer to the General Information section for necessary cautions and warnings.
22. Using the starter, crank the engine three times for 15 seconds each time. Allow sufficient time
between cranking periods to allow the starter to cool.
23. Install any other components that were removed for this procedure.
24. Verify installation of E3 Electronic Unit Injector. Refer to section 12.6.
Additional service information is available in the Detroit Diesel Series 60 Service Manual,
DDC-SVC-MAN-0005. The next revision to this manual will include the revised information.
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