Caple CAFF205SS User manual

Caple CAFF205SS User manual
Model code:CAFF205SS
Description of all components
Some features and components of the fridge freezer you bought may not be exactly
the same as the legend here, but in accordance with the packing list in the fridge
Caution:risk of fire(R600a)
Warning:connect to the mains cold water supply only.
When food needs to be frozen quickly, we recommend cooling
the food to room temperature first. Set the freezer to -24℃.
Select the quick freeze option and then add the fresh food.
Ice-maker installation
Lift the ice-maker up in the ① direction,
and pull it out in the direction ②, then take it out.
1 Freezer Door Tray
2Ice outlet
3 Freezer Shelf
4 Freezer Drawer
5 Pulley
6 Ice Maker
Install the ice-maker , push it to the end
in the ① direction.
7 Refrigerator Lamp
8 Refrigerator Door Tray
9 Refrigerator Shelf
10 Crisper
Proper use of refrigerator
Preparation before use
Constant-temperature preservation technology
The freezer has a specific air delivery and circulation system. It can control temperature
separately, so that the storage temperature is stable and foods can be saved longer.
Pre-cooling before defrosting
It can judge the temperature in the fridge freezer before defrosting and do precooling to
benefit the preserving of the foods with little temperature change in the fridge freezer
before and after defrosting.
Intelligent defrost
According to actual use frequency and frosting speed, the intelligent defrost is adopted
to save energy.
Ultrathin, and luxury design
It has ultrathin size, great volume, and large refrigerator and freezer capabilities. The
refrigerator is made of high-grade tempered glass shelves and provided with a large
fruit and vegetable chamber.
Fluorine-free, frost-free and full air-cooled refrigeration system provides quick
refrigeration and quick freezing.
lFunction of automatic default display.
lIt is provided with a condensing unit and a fan for heat emission, so that cooling
effect is preferable and the life span of the compressor is long.
lDoor alarm.
The advised storage area for various foods in the refrigerator (see the
Diagram on P1)
lThe glass shelf of the refrigerator: flour-based foods, cans, milk, fast food,
dairy products, cooked meat, sausage and so on.
lCrisper: fruits, vegetables and so on.
lStorage box: eggs, butter, cheese and so on.
lRefrigerator door tray: tear-off tins, cans, condiment, drinks and various
bottled foods.
Except the manners recommended by the manufacturer, no other equipment
and manners can be used to speed up the process of defrost.
Except the types recommended by the manufacturer, no other electric appliances
can be used in the food refrigerator.
R600a refrigerant and cyclopentane foam materials used in CAFF205SS are
flammable. The waste refrigeratories need to be isolated from fire and cannot be
Your new fridge freezer
Before the use of the fridge freezer, remove all packages, including bottom
cushion and foam pads and rubber belts in the fridge freezer;
Clear the outside and inside of the fridge freezer
with a piece of warm wet cloth (little detergent can be
added into the warm water. Clean the fridge freezer with
fresh water last);
Prepare a separate two-pole grounding receptacle.
Do not share a multi-socket with other electric appliances.
The ground wire must be well connected and the
grounding pole of the receptacle should be grounded
decorative cover
Open the door, take out the attachments (the bottom
decorative cover), and three setscrews in the bag of the
Instruction. And install it onto the bottom beam of the fridge freezer. For operation
method, see the right diagram.
Transport and placement of refrigerator
Do not invert, place horizontally, squeeze or shock the fridge freezer. And the
declination angle of the fridge freezer must be no more than 45 when moving.
When moving, do not force too much on the door or top for fear of deformation.
The temperature in the freezer is very low, so that the foods can be stored freshly for a
long time. Therefore, food can be stored a long time in this place. But, the storage time
on the food package must be observed.
The advised storage area for various foods in the freezer (see the Diagram on
lFreezer door tray (two star level) is used for short-term reservation of food.
lFreezer door tray is used to store frozen food.
lFreezer glass shelf is used to store frozen food, such as fish, meat, ice cream
and so on.
lThe ice maker is used to make ice.
lFreezer drawer is used to store fish, meat and packaged poultry meat.
Place the fridge freezer at a well-ventilated place and keep it away from heat
and direct sunshine. Never put it at a damp or watery place, for fear of rusting or
weakening the insulation.
The top clearance outside the fridge freezer must be no less than 30cm, and the
clearance from both sides and back to the walls must be no less than 10cm for the
convenience of opening and heat emission.
Put the fridge freezer on the flat and solid ground. (adjust the adjustable legs to
get balance if unstable).
Switching on for the first time
Do not switch on the fridge freezer immediately after vertical placement. Only
switch it on after 12 hours' standing to ensure its proper operation.
To prevent damage to the power cord and any consequent incidents, the power cord
should not be covered by the fridge freezer or other objects.
Before switching on the refrigerator, please check the voltage range carefully of the
fridge freezer is the same as that of the power supply.
Proper use of refrigerator
Proper use of refrigerator
Begin to use
Operation and precautions for ice maker
Make sure the fridge freezer is located properly and stably and understand all safety
After unsealing the refrigerator, to fix lower cover on the refrigerator
1. Unpacking (if the door height is uneven, adjust it according to the
adjustment instruction at the lower left corner of the fridge freezer's right side
After unpacking, install the bottom decoration cover onto the refrigerator.
2. Switch-on
When switching-on, the fridge freezer enters the state of factory settings
automatically. This fridge freezer has the power-down memory function. After
the first switch-on, the fridge freezer will operate as per the settings at last
3. Storing foods.
After switching on and operating for a period of time (about 3-5 hours in
summer), the the fridge freezer is fully cool. Then, foods can be put in and the
fridge freezer can be used formally.
Tips: after the temperature setting has been changed or new food has
been put in, the inner temperature of the fridge freezer can reach a balance
after a period of time. And the length of the period is determined by the
changing of temperature setting, ambient temperature, opening
frequency, amount of food in the fridge freezer, etc.
Though most places in the refrigerator can be kept at
2-8℃ averagely by adjusting temperature setting, the food
in the refrigerator cannot be kept fresh for a long time.
Therefore, the refrigerator can only serve to store food in
short term.
Adjustment of shelf
Adjustment and cleaning of door tray
The water pipes must be connected while the machine is switched off. Electric shock may
cause serious injury or death.
The water pipe cannot be used where environmental temperature is under 0℃, Or it may
lead to freezing.
The water pipe cannot be connected to hot water, which may lead to deformation.
The water pipe should be used in the pressure range 30-100psi.
Lower pressure may cause smaller ice pieces and longer water exiting time.
But higher pressure may damage the filter.
The pipe cannot be connected to drinks, alcohol or other liquids except for water.
1.Turn off the water-tap.
2.Connect water pipe onto the water-tap. The water pipe should be long enough
to prevent the drop-off of the water pipe caused by removing of fridge
3.Turn off the fridge freezer.
4.Use a connecting pipe to connect the water pipes behind the fridge freezer
and on the water-tap.
5.To prevent the drop-off or leaking of the water pipes, they must be fixed by
fixed pins.
6.Turn on the water tap to check leakage.
7.The refrigerator is connected to the power supply and
used normally.
Using the Automatic ice maker/water dispenser
According to the need of the food to be stored, the shelf
can be adjusted to a proper height.
To ease the use or adjustment of the shelf, it is designed
for sliding; when cleaning the glass shelf, please pull
the glass shelf in the direction 1 and turn it in the
direction 2 at the same time until it is perpendicular to
the original position, and then take it out at 90° in
the direction 3.
Hold two sides of the tray, lift it up in the ① direction, and
pull it out in the direction ②.
After cleaning, install the tray in opposite
The installation place can be adjusted according to the
height of the food.
Connection of water pipes: please contact the after-sales Service Department of the Company
or professionals to install to avoid any risk.
The water pipes are used in the pressure range of 30-100psi.
Water softeners may damage the ice maker and must not be
Please check the ice pieces in the storage box when powerIce maker
off above 1h. If the ice pieces are thawing and binding together,
please empty them, because the bound ice pieces may cause
Failure of the ice system.
When the ice pieces in the storage box are binding together, It is better to melt it with warm
water rather than smash and take out them with a sharp tool, which may damage the fridge
Supply of cold water
Choose the ice/water button on the display board, and make sure the water
indicator turns on.
When the water switch plate is pressed by the cup, the cold water comes out.
When using the fridge freezer the first time, water does not come out before
the water tank in the fridge freezer is filled up. The normal manner to get water is
pushing and holding the switch plate for 2-3 minutes.
After the water comes out, please discharge water for about 3 minutes to
purge the air and smell of plastic in the water pipe.
When cold water is required, it's better to get some ice before getting water.
When getting water, it is normal for noise of valve to be heard.
Proper use of refrigerator
Proper use of refrigerator
A.Operation of automatic ice maker
How to replace the water filter
1.Automatic ice maker operates when the freezer reaches the required temperature
below 0℃ after a period of time when the fridge freezer is energized. Under
normal temperature, the time between the refrigerator's first energizing and first
making of ice is about 6 hours.
2.The ice firstly made after the installation of the fridge freezer should be thrown
away because of plastic smell and impurities.
3.The time interval of ice making is about 2 hours, and the amount of the ice is
different according to different service conditions.
4.When the ice storage is full, the ice maker will stop automatically, and when the ice
storage is empty, the ice maker will make ice again automatically.
5.The noises for de-icing, motor operation, dropping of ice into the ice storage, and
operation of water supply valve may not happen periodically. They are not errors.
6.Please use the button on/off on the distributor to turn off the ice-making function
when it is not required. The ice maker is sold under ON state. If unnecessary,
please turn off this function timely after installation of the fridge freezer. When
the ice-making function is turned on without connection of waterways, there are
operational noises of water supply valve.
7.When the ice piece is smaller than usual in a certain period of time, please verify
the replacement frequency of the filter. When the filter reaches its operation
time, the water supply pressure is lower and the ice piece is smaller.
8.When cleaning the ice storage box, turn off the ice-making function on the
distributor before detaching the ice storage box.
9. Please d o not twist or turn the internal workings of the ice dispenser when
1.The filter installed in this fridge freezer is refined by NSF42, which can filter the
smell, chlorine and so on in running water.
2.The replacement cycle of the filter is about 6 mouths. When a replacement is
needed, the indicator on the display board will turn on. The replacement cycle
may be shortened according to operating environment.
3.With the function of BY-PASS, it can supply water normally without the filter. If
necessary, additional filter can be installed and used out of the fridge freezer
by yourself.
4.During replacement, little water in the connection part may drop out, a container
can be located under it to receive the drops.
5.The filter is installed in the liner of the refrigerator. You can seize the lower bugle
and turn it leftward to take it out. When it is difficult to take out, you can detach
the lampshade in the refrigerator before detaching the filter.
6.The assembling is in opposite order. Push it upwards and turn it to the right at
the same time.
Operating instruction for the display and control panel
re-installing the ice storage box, this is to ensure the Helix is not
damaged. If it has moved out of line please gently turn it left or right to
allow the ice storage box to be installed.
B.Supply of ice
1.Choose the ice/ water button on the display
board, select entire or crushed ice pieces and
make sure the relevant indicator turns on.
2.Use the container to push and hold the switch
plate to get ice.
3.According to the water supply condition, some
mixed small ice pieces may come out when getting
the entire ice pieces..
4.When crushed ice pieces are required, please
press the container most close to the ice discharging
outlet to prevent the crushed ice from dropping out.
5.When getting ice, the noises of the motor are heard,
crushing ice and so on are normal.
6.To protect the motor, the fridge freezer will stop when
the switch plate is pushed for 1 minute or more. Then,
releasing the switch plate and waiting a moment, you
can get ice normally again. When large amount of
entire ice pieces are required, please open the door
Of freezer, take the ice storage box out and use the ice in it.
Button setting
When power-on, the fridge freezer will operate in the intelligent mode. The system
automatically sets the refrigerator temperature at 5℃ ,and that of the freezer at 18℃.
Refrigerator temperature setting
A. Set the temperature of the fridge freezer in the following range: 02℃- 08℃.
1℃changes with every button press.
B. Achieve the turn-on and turn-off of the refrigerator.
Temperature adjusting: push the button “ REF.TEMP.” , and the icon of the
refrigerator flashes. And push the button once again, to adjust the temperature
(the cycle of the adjustment order is 08-02-08), and the setting comes into effect
after 5 seconds.
Proper use of refrigerator
Proper use of refrigerator
Turning off the refrigerator: when the refrigerator is the ON , push and hold the
button“ REF.TEMP.” for 3 seconds, the refrigerator is turned off with a beep.
Adjust the temperature to cancel the function of turn-off.
When closing the refrigerator, the icon of the refrigerator turns on. The double
8 shows “- -”, and the relevant icon of the refrigerator turns off.
Freezer temperature setting
Quick FRZ. function is a design aim to maintain the nutritional value of frozen
food. It can be thoroughly frozen in the shortest time. If you need to freeze a lot
of food in one time, we recommend setting fast freezing feature 12h in advance,
so the freezer could turn to a low temperature, and then put the food in . At that
time, the freezing capability speeds up in freezer, freezing foods quickly and
effectively lock the foods’ nutrition.
Set the temperature of the freezer in the following range: -16℃- -24℃. 1℃ changes
with every press.
Under the lock state, push and hold the button “ LOCK/UNLOCK” for 3
seconds, the display panel unlocks. If time is less than 3 seconds the unlock
icon flashes, which means unlock failed.
Under the unlock state, push and hold the button “ LOCK/UNLOCK” for 3
seconds, it will be locked manually, and the lock icon turns on.
Temperature adjusting: push the button “ FRZ.TEMP.” once, and the icon of the
freezer flashes. Push the button again to adjust temperature. (The cycle of the
adjustment order is the present temperature- -16- … …- -24- -16) The setting comes
into effect after 5 seconds of temperature adjusting.
Every time the operation button is pushed, it sets off a beep. Do not push any
button after continuous 60 seconds, it will be locked automatically, and the lock
icon turns on.
Vacation mode
All operations (except the ice-water selector key and the filter reset key) under
the unlock state are available. Under the lock state, the lock icons flash with
beep alarm when pushing other buttons.
Push the button “ VACATION” , "VACATION" icon turns on, to enter the vacation
mode. Push this button again to exit this mode.
Switch key for the ice maker
The system can close the refrigerator automatically. The refrigerator temperature is
set at -15℃. The closed compartments will not cool. The cooling compartments will
operate at the set temperature.
Choose the switch key of ice maker, push to start ice-making function until the
ice storage box is full, after removing theice cubes the ice storage will be filled
automaticlly, and push this button again to cancel the ice-making function.
Energy-saving mode
Key of ice water selecting: (available in the key lock state) push
In the mode of energy saving, the refrigerator and freezer operate at the set
temperature Trs= 7℃ and Trs= -15℃ respectively.
this button and get water, ice, crushed ice according to the following cycle.
crushed ice
QUICK REF.: push this button, and the indicator of quick cooling flashes, which
indicates the quick-cooling mode. The relevant icons and words flash. Push the
unlock button to confirm it.
Reset of the filter
QUICK FRZ.: push this button, and the indicator of quick-freeze flashes, which
Push and hold the filter reset button for 3 seconds to reset the filter.
indicates the quick-freeze mode. The relevant icons and words flash. Push the
unlock button to confirm it.
Memory of the first energized state after power cut
Push the button “QUICK FRZ”again when the quick-freeze icon flashes, the quickfreeze time shown by the freezer changes in the cycle of 6h-8h-12h-24h-48h-exit the
quick-freeze mode. Push the button of “ LOCK/UNLOCK” to confirm it and the
flashing stops.
The controller has the function of power cut memory.
Memory contents:
Mode (quick-freeze time and quick cool time will be retimed after power-up)
The setting temperature of refrigerator and freezer
Accumulation time of defrost (time accuracy: 1h) (if the temperature of the
defrost sensor > 2℃, the defrost time accuracy is 0.)
The first power-up state: the default state (setting temperature: refrigerator 5℃/
Freezer-18℃) (the factory state of the controller)
Care and maintenance of the refrigerator
Clean the dust on the back of the refrigerator and the floor regularly.
Clean the inner side of the refrigerator usually to prevent peculiar smell. Please
unplug the power cord during cleaning. Use soft towel and neutral detergent, and
clean it with fresh water lastly.
Please do not use the following objects to clean the inner side of the refrigerator:
● Alkaline or strongly alkaline detergent (may make the liner and plastic
components crack);
● Soap powder, benzine, banana oil, spirit and so on (may damage the plastic
● Please remove quickly oils and condiment (may make the plastic components
Lamp and its replacement
The parameters of the lamps of refrigerator,
freezer and distributor and the replacement
lamps are direct current (DC) 12V, LED.
When the lamps are replaced:
●Unplug the plug to cut off the power.
●Push and remove the lampshade
according to the direction in the attached
drawing. Remove the screws and the LED lamp.
●Reassemble them in the opposite process.
●Replacement should be done by a professional.
Lamp base
become trapped
Freezer lamp
Arrow indicates the
direction of dismantle.
When the fridge freezer is not used for a long time,
●Turn off the power to prevent electric shock and accidents caused by aging power
●Clean the inner side of the fridge freezer .
●Open the door for a time, and close it with a small gap after the inner side of the
fridge freezer is dry to prevent bad smells.
●Reduce the opening times as much as possible. It is best not to add food to the
fridge freezer when the power is off to prevent the loss of temperature.
Disposing of your fridge freezer
●Remove the door of the refrigerator when the waste one is discarded to prevent
the accident of a child becoming stuck in the fridge freezer
Simple trouble analyzing and shooting
Simple trouble analyzing and shooting
Make sure the product is connected to
the power supply and it is switched on.
not cooling correctly
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
– WARNING: Keep ventilation openings, in the appliance enclosure or in the
built-in structure, clear of obstruction.
– WARNING: Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the
defrosting process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
– WARNING: Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
– WARNING: Do not use electrical appliances inside the food storage
compartments of the appliance, unless they are of the type recommended by
the manufacturer.
Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans with a flammable
propellant in this appliance.
This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such
– staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;
– farm houses and by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type
– bed and breakfast type environments;
– The product is not designed to be used in a commercial application.
Is the temperature adjusted correctly,
lower if required.
Is too much food being stored?
Has hot or warm food been recently added?
Are the doors being opened too frequently ?
Is the product located near a heat source?
Is the product on a level floor?
Has it been correctly levelled ?
Food stored in fridge
compartment is frozen
Please check if food was stored
close to the air flue outlet.
Food with strong odours should be
packed well.
Has the food being stored gone off?
Clean the fridge freezer
does not improve
Energy saving tips
Energy Saving Tips
· The appliance should be located in the coolest area of the room, away
from heat producing appliances or heating ducts, and out of the direct
· Let hot foods cool to room temperature before placing in the appliance.
Overloading the appliance forces the compressor to run longer. Foods that
freeze too slowly may lose quality, or spoil.
· Be sure to wrap foods properly, and wipe containers dry before placing
them in the appliance. This cuts down on frost build-up inside the appliance.
· Appliance storage bin should not be lined with aluminum foil, wax paper,
or paper toweling. Liners interfere with cold air circulation, making the
appliance less efficient.
· Organize and label food to reduce door openings and extended searches.
Remove as many items as needed at one time, and close the door as soon as
Note: Figures in the user manual are only for reference. The actual product
may differ slightly.
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