ROHS SV-HVR2800 series Specifications

ROHS SV-HVR2800 series Specifications
underwater video
Housing and Accessories
Stingray hd houSing For Sony
houSingS & travEL KitS
Compatible with manycamcorders including Sony HC9, SR12, SR11, HC7,
HC5, SR8, SR7, SR5C, SR5, SR1, UX7, UX5, UX1, SR10, CX6, CX7
The Travel packages include housing, case, charger,
arms, 2 batteries and 2 lights. The Elite kits include
bright 35w halogen lamp dual light heads. The LED kits
include bright 9 or 18 LED daylight-balanced lamp dual
light heads.
• 3.5” monitor back included • Bluewater flip-down colorcorrection filter • Double o-ring seals • All-glass zoom macro
lens- allows for a 65° viewing angle and provides macro ability
#LISHDS Stingray HD Housing f/ Sony �������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,399.00
#LISL10TLEDTK Stingray HD Housing & LED Light TRAVEL KIT ������������������������������������ $4,999.00
#LISH10THTK Stingray HD Housing & HALOGEN Light TRAVEL KIT ������������������������������ $4,299.00
Sunray Light SyStEmS
LED lights provide a whiter, brighter light than halogen or even HID, and
use less power. Micro-peened reflector designed for the LED light heads. Three
power settings bezel allows easy drop-in of standard-sized color filters.
• Includes: 2 light heads, NiMH batteries, mounting hardware and charger
Sony HDR-SR12 and HDR-SR11 housing and kits:
LIBSHSR12 Bluefin UW Housing and port only �������������������������������������������������������������� $3,799.00
LIBSR12L20TK Bluefin UW Housing w/Sunray 2000 LED Lights �����������������������������������$7,599.00
LIBSR12L10TK Bluefin UW Housing w/Sunray 1000 LED Lights ������������������������������������ $6,399.00
LIBSR12H10TK Bluefin UW Housing w/Sunray Elite Halogen Lights ������������������������������� $5,599.00
Sony FX1 and Z1U housing and kits:
#LIBHSFX1 Bluefin Housing with Flat Port for FX1 �������������������������������������������������������� $5,999.00
#LIBHSZ1U Bluefin Housing with Flat Port for Z1U �������������������������������������������������������� $5,999.00
#LIBFX1TLEDK1 Bluefin Sunray 1000 9-LED Travel Package for FX1 or Z1U ���������������� $8,599.00
#LIBFX1TLEDK2 Bluefin Sunray 2000 18-LED Travel Package for FX1 or Z1U ���������������$9,799.00
#LISR2000 Sunray 2000 Light System/ 18-LED Dual Light System ������������������������������ $3,799.00
#LISR1000 Sunray 1000 Light System/ 9-LED Dual Light System �������������������������������� $2,299.00
#LISRSES2 Sunray-S Elite 2-Lt Kit F/Stingray II �������������������������������������������������������������$1,899.00
#LISRSA Sunray-S adapter for Gates, Amphibico, & Ikelite housings ���������������������������������$145.00
Sony HC9 and HC7
#LIBSHHC7 Bluefin Housing with Zoom Macro Port for HC9 & HC7������������������������������� $3,099.95
#LIBETP Bluefin Elite Halogen Travel Package for HC9 & HC7 ��������������������������������������� $4,698.50
#LIBL10TLEDTK Bluefin Sunray 1000 9-LED Travel Package for HC9 & HC7 ���������������� $6,399.00
#LIBL20TLEDTK Bluefin Sunray 2000 18-LED Travel Package for HC9 & HC7 ���������������$7,599.00
Stingray hd
BLuEFin Sunray
Housing and Camcorder Kits
Housing, Lighting, and Camcorder Kits
Stingray HD kits include the housing and camcorder.
With these kits you can now create videos and digital still images
of the underwater world. It is recommended that you add a video light,
to bring back the natural color of your subjects.
These kits include the housing, LED video lights and
camcorder. These kits contain everything you need to
jump in the water and start shooting video. Includes
LED video lights that bring back the natural color of
your underwater subjects.
LISHDSSR12K w/Sony HDR-SR12��� $3,149.95 LISHDSSR11K w/Sony HDR-SR11 ��$2,974.95
LISHDSSR10K w/Sony HDR-SR10���$2,574.95 LISHDSHC9K w/Sony HDR-HC9�����$2,774.95
LISHDSCX7K w/Sony HDR-CX7 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,659.95
#LIBFX1TK1 Bluefin Sunray 1000 9-LED Travel Package with FX1 Camcorder ������������� $11,149.95
#LIBFX1TK2 Bluefin Sunray 2000 18-LED Travel Package with FX1 Camcorder ��������� $12,249.95
#LIBFX1TK2K Bluefin Sunray 2000 18-LED Travel Package with HVR-Z1U Camcorder $13,399.95
EndEavor FX-v1
PhEnom Z7LE
Rated to 330’ and features electronic controls and electronic manual focus.
Features external hydrophone, marine bayonet-mounted ports, and moisture sensor.
Designed for the Sony HVR-Z7U camcorder
for Sony HDR-FX7 / HVR-V1
#AMVHSFX7WA 3.5” Monitor Back and Wide-Angle Lens �������������������������������������������� $6,306.95
#AMVHSFX7DP 3.5” Monitor Back and Dome ���������������������������������������������������������������$4,241.95
#AMVHSFX7FP 3.5” Monitor Back and Flat Port �����������������������������������������������������������$4,129.95
#AMVHSFX7WAQ 4.3” High-Definition 16:9 Monitor Back and Wide-Angle Lens ����������$ 8,259.95
#AMVHSFX7DPQ 4.3” High-Definition 16:9 Monitor Back and Dome ��������������������������� $ 6,244.95
#AMVHSFX7FPQ 4.3” High-Definition 16:9 Monitor Back and Flat Port ������������������������$ 5,893.95
Electronic Underwater Camcorder Housings
• Depth Rated to 330’ (100m)
• Electronic and Mechanical Push Button Controls
• Marine Grade Aluminum
• 2 Coats of Polyurethane and Marine
Grade Brass w/Stainless Steel Hardware
Housing without w/o port������������������������������������������������������������������ $4,434.95
vidEo LightS & monitorS
divE Buddy Evo hd ELitE
10w clean, natural light. Two Sony NP-f550/
NP-f570 batteries provides 2 hours burn time.
This monitor supports resolutions up to 1080i,
and is designed for under- or above-water use.
The housing has a 3.5” color LCD back for easy enhanced viewing. It is
depth-rated to 330’ with a flashing moisture alarm. Features electronic
controls, external hydrophone, and marine bayonet-mounted flat port.
Electronic Underwater Housing
#AMACHDM043 16:9 TFT LCD Color Monitor .. $1,977.95
#AMACFM0350 4:3 TFT LCD Color Monitor��������$699.00
#AMDBSHDRSR10 for Sony HDR-SR10, SR10D, SR11, SR12��������������������������������������� $2,363.50
#AMDBSHDRHC5 for Sony HDR-HC5/ HDR-HC7/ HC9������������������������������������������������� $2,398.50
#AMDBSHDRSR7 for Sony HDR-SR7/ SR8������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,398.50
#AMESHDRUX1 for Sony HDR-UX1/ SR1 ��������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,399.00
#AMDBSHVRA1U for Sony HDR-HC1/ HVR-A1U ����������������������������������������������������������� $2,388.50
diScovEry hid Light KitS
divE Buddy Evo hd ELitE KitS
Discovery 10w HID Light ������������$964.95
This Amphibico Discovery II 12 Volt, 35/50-watt HID light,
mounted on a 20” adjustable aluminum arm, is designed for the
professional camcorder operator. Light output is adjustable from
35 to 50 watts. The light has Wet Mate connector cables to the
Ultra Pro Power Pack.
#AMALKT002B Dual Kit: 2 Heads & Power Pack ..... $5,384.95
#AMALKT001B Single Kit: 1 Head & Power Pack .... $3,743.50
#AMVLALHIDB Head: 1 Head & Arm ����������������������� $1,803.95
270-274 Underwater Video.indd 270
Dive Buddy Evo Housing with Single Light
The housing has 3.5” color LCD back for easy enhanced viewing. It is depth rated
to 330’. Incuded video light brings back natural colors underwater.
for Sony HDR-SR10, SR10D, SR11, SR12 ��$3,297.95
for Sony HDR-HC9, HC7 & HC5 ����������� $3,269.95
for Sony HDR-SR7 & SR8 ��������������������$3,214.50
for Sony HDR-UX1 & SR1���������������������� $3,296.95
for Sony HDR-HC1 & HVR-A1U ��������������$3,214.50
9/24/09 11:33 PM
underwater video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Lights and Accessories
Quick Dial: 821
hc9/hc7 houSing
FX7/v1 hd mEchanicaL houSing
This compact unit is designed to transport the Sony
HC7 and HC9 camcorders to depths of 450’(137m).
It utilizes the camera’s LCD monitor as its underwater
viewfinder, and provides total camera function through
reliable mechanical controls, crystal-clear optics and
internal color correcting flip-filter. Premium distortion-free
ports provides the clearest, sharpest images possible.
The FX7/V1 HD allows access to 14 camera functions and has
a depth rating of 450’/137m. Adjustable grips enable perfect
positioning over fingertip mechanical controls. Options include
standard/flat/super-wide ports. Aluminum construction, urethane
sealed finish and stainless steel safety latches make this housing
truly compact, lightweight and reliable.
for Sony HDR-HC9 & HC7 Camcorders
for Sony HDR-FX7/HVR-V1U Camcorders
#GAHHC7 No Port ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$2,125.95
#GAHHC7WP25 with WP25 Wide Angle Port ����������������������������������������������������������������$3,015.00
#GAHHC7GP25A with GP25A Wide Angle Port �������������������������������������������������������������$2,705.95
#GAHHC7SP25 with SP25 Standard Port��������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,240.00
#GAHHC7K3 with WP25 Wide Angle Port and Green Force HID 50 Video Light ������������� $5,390.95
#GAHHC7K2 with GP25A Wide Angle Port and Green Force HID 50 Video Light ����������� $4,680.95
#GAHHC7K1 with GP25A Wide Angle Port and Nightrider HID Pro 20 Video Light ��������� $4,420.95
#GAHSHDRFX7 No Port����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $3,990.95
#GAHSHDRFX7KC with SWP44B Super Wide-Angle Port ����������������������������������������������$7,955.95
#GAHSHDRFX7KA with SP44 Standard Port ���������������������������������������������������������������� $4,440.95
#GAHSHDRFX7KB with FP44 Flat Port������������������������������������������������������������������������� $4,440.95
#GAHSHDRFX7K2 with SWP44B Super Wide Angle Port and Green Force
HID 250 Light Pak w/FII Battery�����������������������������������������������������$11,780.95
#GAHSHDRFX7K3 w/ SP44 Standard Port and Green Force HID 250 Light Pak w/FIII Battery��$8,715.95
#GAHSHDRFX7K1 w/ SP44 Standard Port and Green Force HID 250 Light Pak w/FII Battery���$8,265.95
Xha1/g1 houSing
EX1 houSing
• Reliable fingertip mechanical controls
access 10 camera functions
• 2.5” color monitor included,
optional 4” monitor
• Machined aluminum construction,
type III hard-anodized finish
• Professional Underwater Video and Optics
• Machined aluminum construction, with type III ‘hard’
anodize finish • Add or remove trim weights for ideal
buoyancy and Trim • Adjustable Handles for perfect
grip and convenient access to controls.
• Accepts all Sony batteries sizes
• Access to over 15 camera functions
• Depth Rating 450 ft/137 m • 2-year Renewable Warranty
• Dimensions: 16” L x 10” H x 15” W ” with Adjustable Handles
Canon XH-A1 & XH-G1 Camcorder Housing
#GAHCXHA1 Housing without Port ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������$5,745.00
#GAHCXHA1SP44 Housing with Standard Port ��������������������������������������������������������������$6,159.00
#GAHCXHA1SWP4 Housing with Super Wide-Angle Port ���������������������������������������������� $9,999.00
#GAHCXHA1K2 Housing with Super Wide-Angle Port,
HID 250 Lighting System/ FII Battery ��������������������������������������������������$13,899.00
#GAHCXHA1K1 Housing with Standard Port, HID 250 Lighting System/ FII Battery ������� $9,950.00
#GAHCXHA1K3 Housing with Standard Port, HID 250 Lighting System/ FIII Battery �����$10,200.00
Sony PMW-EX1 Camcorder Housing
#GAHPMWEX1 Housing Without Port ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
#GAHPMWEX1SP Housing With Standard Port ����������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
#GAHPMWEX1FP Housing With Flat Port ������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
#GAHPMWEX1WA Housing With Wide-Angle Port �����������������������������������������������������������������CALL
FX1 hd mEchanicaL houSing
duaL grEEn ForcE hid 250
• Pro capability with access to 11 camera functions
• Standard, flat, and super-wide port options
• Depth rating 300’/91m • 2-year renewable warranty
• Powerful dual 50w HID light heads
• Robust bulbs/diffuser for wide & even beam
• 4.5Ah batteries (FII) • 50 min. burn time
• 3800°K color temperature
• Optional battery mount to Gates
or other housings
• Depth rating: 500’/152m
• Limited lifetime warranty • Rugged design
for Sony HDR-FX1/HVR-Z1U Camcorders
Video Light
#GAHSHDRFX1 Housing No Port����������������������� $3,990.00
#GAHSHDRFX1K4 Housing with SWP44
Wide Angle Port ������������������� $8,472.00
#GAHSHDRFX1K1 Housing with SP44 Standard Port���������������������������������������������������� $4,440.00
#GAHSHDRFX1K2 Housing with FP44 Flat Port �������������������������������������������������������������$4,315.00
#GAHSHDRFX1K6 Housing with SWP44 WA Port/
Green Force HID 250 Light Pak with FII Battery ������������������������������$12,297.95
#GAHSHDRFX1K7 Housing with SP44 Standard Port/
Green Force HID 250 Light Pak with FIII Battery �������������������������������$8,715.00
#GAHSHDRFX1K5 Housing with SP44 Standard Port
and Green Force HID 250 Light Pak with FII Battery������������������������� $8,265.00
#GAGFHIDL250B Green Force HID 250 with FIII Batteries �������������������������������������������� $4,275.00
#GAGFHIDL250A Green Force HID 250 with FII Batteries ��������������������������������������������� $3,825.95
#GAGFHIDL50A Green Force HID 50 with FI Batteries ���������������������������������������������������$1,850.95
#GAGFHIDL50 Green Force HID 50 with FII Batteries ����������������������������������������������������$2,374.95
#GAHIDP20B Dual NIGHTRIDER HID Pro 20������������������������������������������������������������������ $1,715.00
#GAHIDP40B Dual NIGHTRIDER HID Pro 40������������������������������������������������������������������$2,715.00
for Gates Housings
4” High Resolution Color Monitor
• Sturdy platform for stable underwater shots
• Fully articulating legs are extendable, 7 to 18 inches
• Legs fold compactly under housing when not in use
• Integrates with Gates lighting systems
#GATL for Large Housings ������������������������������������� $ 569.95
#GATS for Small Housings ������������������������������������� $ 569.95
CoMinG Soon
Housing for Deep Red!
270-274 Underwater Video.indd 271
• 16:9 aspect ratio
• PAL or NTSC auto sense
• Power on/off auto sense
(battery saver)
• Up to 14 hours on 8 AA Alkaline,
NiMH or NiCad batteries
• Fully-articulated swivel mount
• Heavy-duty wet-connect cable
#GAEM43B EM43 4.3” Wide-screen 16:9 Monitor
for High-Definition Camcorders ����������������������������������������������������������������� $2,325.95
EM43 4.3” Wide-screen 16:9 Monitor
for Standard-Definition Camcorders ���������������������������������������������������������� $2,325.95
9/24/09 11:33 PM
underwater video
Housing and Accessories
camcordEr houSingS
LargE aquaLight Light SyStEm
• Depth-rated to 250'/75m • PVC housing material
• 5 manual controls • Optical dome port • Removable ballast system
• Clear acrylic rear plate for easy viewing • Safety quick-release pin:
housing becomes positive, causing it to rise to the surface
• Depth-rated to 400' • 3300°K
• Change lamps easily, no tools required
• Emits beautiful, soft, even, 180º light that has
the appearance of ambient light
MAL02 Kit
#EQHDSHDRSR12 for Sony HDR-SR12/11/10 ��������������������$894.95
#EQHDSHDRHC9 for Sony HDR-HC9 ���������������������������������$894.95
#EQHDSHDRCX7 for Sony HDR-CX7/CX12�������������������������$899.00
#EQPP6HC3 for Sony HDR-HC3 ����������������������������������������$849.00
#EQPSHDRHC5 for Sony HDR-HC5����������������������������������������� CALL
#EQHDCHF100 for Canon Vixia HF100 �������������������������������$894.95
EQHDCHV3020 for Canon HV30/ HV20 �����������������������������$899.95
Two 50-watt quartz-halogen light, 12 volt/12 amp
rechargeable battery, charger & control arm
#EQMAL02 ������������������������������������������$1,079.00
AL02 Kit
Two 100-watt quartz-halogen lights, 12 volt/12 amp rechargeable lead-acid battery, charger & control Arm
Housing for Red 1 coming soon! ...............................................................................................CALL
#EQPP8FX7 for Sony HDR-FX7/ HVR-V1U ��������������������������������������������������������������������$1,399.00
#EQHVRV1U for Sony HDR-FX7/ HVR-V1U ������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,969.95
#EQHDSPMWEX1 for Sony PMW-EX1�������������������������������������������������������������������������� $3,294.95
#EQPCXHG1 for Canon XH-G1 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,499.95
#EQPCXHA1 for Canon XH-A1�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $2,454.95
#EQHVX200PRO for Panasonic AG-HVX200A ��������������������������������������������������������������$2,749.00
#EQHDSPMWEX3 for Sony PMWEX3 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� $3,698.95
#EQPP8VX2100 for Sony DCR-VX2100, VX2000, PD150, PD170���������������������������������$1,249.95
#EQDVX100BPRO for Panasonic AG-DVX100B �������������������������������������������������������������$1,899.00
#EQPP8DVX100B for PANASONIC AG-DVX100B ���������������������������������������������������������� $1,149.95
#EQP6CFS10 for CANON FS10, FS11, FS100 ������������������������������������������������������������������$799.95
#EQP6PSDRH18 for Panasonic SDR-H18, H200 ������������������������������������������������������������� $899.95
#EQP6PSDRH40 for Panasonic SDR-H40, H60��������������������������������������������������������������� $899.95
For more Ewa-Equinox video housings see our website
camEra houSing KitS
• Small and light weight housing designed
for Sanyo digital media camcorders
• Operate push button controls, access
all camera functions
• Fiber optic strobe connection for
still images
• 67mm threaded port accepts filters,
wide-angle and macro lenses
EHS-1000 HD for Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000, VPC-HD1010
#EPEHS1000HD �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$359.95
EHS-510H Housing for Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1, VPC-HD1A, VPC-HD2
#EPEHS510F ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$329.95
EL-120HD 10W light
#EPEL120HD ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
DCL-20-670DR Underwater Wide-angle conversion lens
#EPECL2067DR �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$279.95
camcordEr & houSing KitS
DML-267DR Macro Conversion Lens
#EPEML267DRF �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$134.95
Kits include the housing and camcorder. With
these kits you can now create videos and
digital still images of the underwater world. It
is recommended that you add a video light, to
bring back the natural color of your subjects.
DCL-20-550R Underwater Conversion Lens
#EPECL2055DR �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$279.95
DML2-550R Macro Conversion Lens
#EQHDSHDRSR1K Sony HDR-SR12 with HD6 ���������������������������������������������������������������$2,149.95
#EQHDSHDRHC9K Sony HDR-HC9, with HD6 ���������������������������������������������������������������$1,699.95
#EQHDSPMWEX1K Sony PMW-EX1 with HD10 ������������������������������������������������������������ $9,674.95
#EQPP8VX2100K Sony DCR-VX2100, with Pro8 �������������������������������������������������������� $3,398.00
#EQDVX100BPRK Panasonic AG-DVX100B with HD10������������������������������������������������� $4,649.95
#EQPP8DVX100K Panasonic AG-DVX100B with Pro8 �������������������������������������������������� $3,794.95
#EQHDCHF100K Canon VIXIA HF-10, with HD6 ������������������������������������������������������������$1,674.95
#EQHDCHV3020K Canon HV30 with HD6 ���������������������������������������������������������������������$1,669.95
#CAXHG1K Canon XH-G1 with Pro10 housing �������������������������������������������������������������� $8,899.95
#EQHVX200PROK Panasonic AG-HVX200A with Pro10 housing �����������������������������������$7,799.00
monitor BacKS avaiLaBLE For aLL houSingS
camcordEr houSingS
Tested for use to a depth of 33'/10m. Light & still robust, effective against sand, rain,
seawater, humidity, etc. Double-laminate PVC with optical glass ports.
Many New Camcorders Supported:
#EWVEX1 for Sony PMW-EX1��������������������������������������������$869.95
#EWVFX for Sony FX1, Z1��������������������������������������������������$499.95
#EWV2000 for SONY VX-2000, PD-170 ����������������������������$479.95
#EWVXA for CANON XL-1, H-1 �������������������������������������������$549.95
#EWVHD for JVC HD-7 ������������������������������������������������������$329.95
#EWVP2 for Panasonic HVX200 ����������������������������������������$539.95
For other Ewa-Marine video housings see our website
• Large 2.5” color active matrix LCD screen • PAL or NTSC auto sense
• Rechargeable Ni-Cad battery that gives you one hour of view time
• The on/off switch is on the outside of the back, for easy access.
Soft Housings
Call for additional details
Blue Water
Green Water
Blue Water
• PVC vinyl housing with a polycarbonate lens port • UV coating on the lens
port for clear pictures • All controls are accessible • Rated to a depth of
16.4’ (5.0 m) • Has pocket to accommodate fold-out LCD monitor
• Ideal for taking pictures in the rain, at the beach, or on the ski slopes
• Meets standard requirements for JIS (Japan Industrial Standards)
IPX8 at 0.5 water pressure (underwater 5.0m), tested for 30 minutes
• Compatible with camcorders that have a length of 4.7” (112mm) or
smaller, and a circumference no larger then 9” (228.MM)
Green Water
270-274 Underwater Video.indd 272
for small camcorders������������������������������������������������� $54.95
9/24/09 11:33 PM
underwater video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Lights and Accessories
Quick Dial: 821
SnaPPEr divE hddv
mt-09 vidEo Light
Digital Camera & Housing
• Aluminum casing provides corrosion resistance
• Quartz-Halogen lamp is switchable from 25 to 50W
• Lithium-Ion Polymer battery gives you a continuous
burn time of 45 minutes on full power
• 80° even lighting coverage
• Shoot video or 5.0 MP digital stills
• 2.4” LCD monitor
• Built-in video light and flash
• 3x Optical zoom • 4X digital zoom
• Use SD cards to 4 GB • Digital stabilizer
• Snapper Skin: Protects camera if housing floods
• Depth-rated to 12’ by itself • Housing depth-rated to 180’
• Polycarbonate • Easy-to-use buttons
#BOSDHDDVHHB Camera, housing, skin & travel case �����������������������������������������������������$789.95
#BOSDHDDVUBP Camera, housing, & skin ����������������������������������������������������������������������$769.95
#BOSHDDVSSHB Camera, skin & travel case �������������������������������������������������������������������$429.95
#BOSHDDVSSBP Camera & skin��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$399.95
camcordEr houSingS
#SEVXS1 VX-S1 for Sony HDR-HC3/DCR-DVD505/UX5/ UX7/ HC7 ������������������������������$1,699.95
#SEVXS2 VX-S2 for Sony HDR-UX1/HDR-SR1 ��������������������������������������������������������������$1,699.95
#SEBSHDRUX5 Base for Mounting Sony HDR-UX5/ HDR-UX7������������������������������������������$189.95
#SEBSHDRHC7 Base for Mounting Sony HDR-HC7 ���������������������������������������������������������� $174.95
#SEBSHDRHC3 Base for Mounting Sony HDR-HC3 ����������������������������������������������������������$169.95
#SEBSDCRDVD50 Base for Mounting Sony DCR-DVD505������������������������������������������������$169.95
#SEBSHDRUX1 Base for Mounting Sony HDR-UX1 / HDR-SR1 �����������������������������������������$169.95
#SEBSHDRSR8 BASE f/ SONY HDR-SR7/SR8 (VX-S1 HOUSNG ���������������������������������������$189.95
vidEo Light
• Light intensity controller allows you to lower the light intensity
• LED battery indicator flashes red when battery power gets low
• 3200° kelvin color temperature /4000° kelvin with color
enhancer filter • Burn time: 60 minutes at full power
• 70° light coverage • Built in Lithium-Ion battery
• Depth-rated to 200'/60m
For other Ikelite video housings see our website
camcordEr & houSing KitS
LX-33 ..........................................................................................................$729.95
vidEo houSingS
• Depth:20’/tested @ 60'
• Optical quality, scratch-resistant lens
• Adjustable pause/record mechanism
• Incredibly strong polycarbonate hull
#IK6037.14K Sony DCR-VX2100 w/ 6037.14 housing �� $3,329.00
#IK6080K Canon HG10 with 6080 housing ������������� $1,689.95
#IK6015.6 JVC GZ-HD5 with 6015.6 housing ��������� $2,184.95
#IK6014.12 JVC MG-730 with 6014.12 housing ������ $1,399.00
Elite: Fits most cameras within these dimensions:
(HWD) 5 x 5 x 8.5” ..................................................................................................$268.95
#EPS Sport: Fits most cameras within these dimensions:
(HWD) 5 x 5 x 6.5”..................................................................................................$268.95
#EPPHD Pro HD: for the Sony HDR-FX1 .......................................................................... $398.95
#EPPV1 Pro V1: for the Canon GL-1 , Canon GL-2, and Panasonic AG-DVX100 ................ $368.95
#EPPV2 Pro V2: for the Sony DCR-vx1000/2000 ............................................................ $388.95
#EPPV3 Pro V3: for the Sony DCR-PD150 and Sony DCR-vx2100 ����������������������������������� $388.95
Port for Raynox HD5050 attached to camcorder
#IK9304 Dome Port for Raynox HD 5050 ���������������������������������������� $224.95
#IK9304.1 Flat Port for Raynox HD 5050������������������������������������������$165.59
Lite Kits with Smart Charger
Pro ELEctronic undErWatEr houSing
• A large folding mirror reflects the camcorder’s LCD screen
• Designed for multiple camcorder models, requires a specific camera
base • Depth rating: 200'/60m • Infrared control grip switches
between video and still capture • Includes 0.6x wide conversion lens
• Leak detector alerts you to any accidental moisture in the housing
• Underwater microphone captures sounds to accompany your video
• Pressure-release valve ensures that excess air pressure is purged
#IK6038.93 Sony HDR-SR10, SR210 & SR220 ������������������������������������������������������������ $1,139.95
#IK6038.94 Sony HDR-SR11, SR12 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1,234.95
#IK6039.07 Sony HDR-HC7������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1,234.95
#IK6038.82 Sony DCR-SR32, SR42, SR52, SR62, SR72, SR82 ������������������������������������� $899.00
#IK6038.83 Sony DCR-SR190, SR200, SR290, SR300�������������������������������������������������� $899.00
#IK6038.24 Sony DCR-HC23, HC24, HC26, HC35, HC36, HC44, HC46 ���������������������������������Call
#IK6090 Canon Vixia HF-10, HF-100 �������������������������������������������������������������������������������$759.95
#IK6071. Canon HV-20 �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$1,044.95
#IK6070 Canon HV-10 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Call
#IK6080 Canon HG10 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $1,139.95
#IK6047 Canon ZR900, ZR930, ZR950,
MD200, MD205, MD215, MD216, MD235, MD255 ���������������������������������������� $899.95
#IK6015.3 JVC GZHD3 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $899.00
#IK6015.5 JVC GZ-HD5, GZ-HD6 �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $1,044.95
#IK6014.11 JVC MG-530, MG-532, MG-730�������������������������������������������������������������������$759.95
#IK6014.10 JVC MG-330, MG-332, MG-335, MG-340, MG-360, MG-361, MG-365,
MG-430, MG-435, MG-437, MG-460, MG-465 �������������������������������������������$759.95
Pro vidEo LitE iii KitS
#BOVLCKHD Snapper Dive HDDV w/MT-09 Light
w/Tray/Arm/Case ................................. $999.95
#BOVLK MT-09 25/50W Quartz-Halogen Video Light
w/Tray and Arm........................................... $548.95
#BOVL MT-09 25/50W Quartz-Halogen Video Light
Head Only ����������������������������������������������������� $448.95
VX-S1/VX-S2 Housing
• Molded of corrosion-free polycarbonate and operates
safely to 200 feet • Provides full view camcorder info,
control functions • Quad-seal camera controls
• Includes special viewfinder enhancement device
• Weighted for near neutral buoyancy
• Dimensions: 4.75 x 6 x 11” • Weight: 9 lbs
• Many new camcorders supported
vidEo PortS
BooKS & dvdS aBout undErWatEr vidEo
• Kits Include: ball joint mounting arm, battery pack,
PRO/SPD smart charger, cable with in-line switch
Book: Underwater Digital Video Made Easy,
by Steven M. Barsky, Lance Milbrand, and Mark Thurlow
#HAUWDVME ����������������������������������������������������$23.95
50w • Depth-rated to 300’ (90m)
• Burn time: 55 minutes • 3400°K
#IK6341.55 �����������������������������������������������������$640.95
DVD: Your Guide to Creating Underwater Video,
by Annie Crawley
#ANYGUV ����������������������������������������������������������$39.95
100w • Depth-rated to 300'/90m
• Burn time: 25 minutes • 3400°K
#IK6341.05 �����������������������������������������������������$640.95
Underwater Video Basics,
by Steve Miller
#24UVWBDVD ���������������������������������������������������$29.95
270-274 Underwater Video.indd 273
9/24/09 11:33 PM
niGht viSion video
High Performance Night Video Capture
Reconnaisance, Intelligence
and Target Acquisition
These versatile night vision solutions are specifically designed to
capture high-resolution imagery directly to various standard and
high-definition video camcorders. Using a modular system to
facilitate high-performance video capture, these scopes exhibit
extraordinary sensitivity in critical low-light operation, and will
transform any dark scene into bright, high-resolution video. Both
the AstroScope and Prowler systems can not only attach directly
to fixed- and interchangeable-lens camcorders, their front-end
C-mounts allow use of any number of professional-grade 35mm
cameras and lenses.
This advanced night vision module is designed for Canon’s
XL series standard and HD camcorders. Utilizing Canon’s
20x zoom lens enables long-range surveillance and
evidence capture, at the same time permitting you to take
advantage of the vast array of Canon-quality EOS EF
still imaging lenses (with the addition of Canon’s EF
Lens Adapter—B&H #CAEFAXL1).
• Intensifier (CIU) module powered by the camcorder
• Maintains all camera functions including image
stabilization • No backfocus adjustments needed
9350XL-3PRO System Includes:
• Gen III Common Module Central Intensifier Unit • Back Body Adapter (BBA) • Front Lens Adapter
• Simple “Start Here Card” • Soft-Sided Drawstring Lens Bag • Lens Cleaning Cloth
ProWLEr PocKEt ScoPE
This Gen III pocket surveillance scope incorporates an
internal flood light illuminator that allows night viewing up to
200 feet. An optional laser illuminator can also be attached
for capabilities of well over 2 miles. Use as a fully operational
pocket scope or add a 702 D/S adapter for your Nikon or
Canon SLRs or other camcorders. Includes a removable 50mm f/1.3 C-mount lens.
• Built-in tube circuitry protects against bright light damage • No vignetting
• Dioptric correction from -2 to +6 • Resolution 64 lp/mm
• Brightness increase of 12 to 16 stops • Built-in IR illuminator
• Power 1- AA or 1- 123 • 100% US made • Dim. 5 x 2.5” • Weight: 12oz
#4300I Prowler with 50mm f/1.3 C-Mount����������������������������������������������������$2,994.95
#BE704 3" Extended Viewing Relay Lens ���������������������������������������������������������$494.95
745-B1 night viSion SyStEmS
Canon XL Series Night Vision Camcorder Kit
The 745B-1 series adapts to Canon XL
series (interchangeable lens) camcorders.
The 745B-1 includes the relay with
designated camcorder adapting
bracket mount. The image
above illustrates the 745B-1
together with the (optional)
Prowler scope, which has a
C-mount front and 50mm lens.
To adapt the Canon 6x, 16x,
and 20x video lenses requires the
optional 709A-Xl adapter ring
#ASNVACXL (914657) ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $5,849.95
#BE745B1XL Ultra Hi-Res Adaptor f/Canon XL Series camcorders�������������������������������� $1,995.00
9350Brac SyStEmS
745a camcordEr (FiXEd-LEnS) SyStEmS
The AstroScope 9350BRAC systems are designed for video camcorders
with a fixed (non-removable) lens. They require an optional
standard C-mount objective lens, per your intended
requirements for high performance.
Kits include:
• Camcorder relay
• Designated camcorder bracket
9350BRAC systems include:
• Gen III central intensifier unit module (powered by AAA Batteries) • Custom-designed relay lens
• Camera platform bracket with standard 1/4" x 20" tripod mount • Eyepiece adapter (EPA) with
cold shoe accessory adapter • C-mount front lens adapter (FLA-C) • Simple “Start Here” card
• Standard AAA batteries • Lens-cleaning cloth
#ASNVBCGL2 Pro 3rd Generation Night Vision Adapter Kit for the Canon GL2 �������������� $5,399.95
#ASNVBSPD170 9350BRAC DSR PD170 Night Vision Bracket ������������������������������������� $5,399.95
#ASNVBPAGHVX2 9350BRAC-HVX-3PRO Night Vision Bracket ����������������������������������� $5,800.00
#ASNVBSHDRSR1 9350BRAC-SR1-3PRO Night Vision Bracket ����������������������������������� $5,800.95
#ASNVBPAGDVX1 9350BRAC-DVX100 Night Vision Bracket ��������������������������������������� $5,800.00
#ASNVBSHVRA1U 9350BRAC-A1-3PRO Night Vision Bracket �������������������������������������� $5,800.00
#ASNVBCXHG1 9350BRAC-XHG1-3PRO Night Vision Bracket ������������������������������������� $5,800.00
#ASNVBSHVRZ1U Night Vision Adapter Kit for Sony HVR-Z1U/ HDR-FX1���������������������� $5,399.95
9323B Eng
9323B-3N for ENG/EFP 2/3" B-4 (Sony-Type) Bayonet Mount
Systems Includes:
• Gen III thin film image intensifiers
• Supports 2/3" cameras with B-4
(Sony-type) bayonet mount
• Intensifier module powered directly
from host camera
• Permits the use of all standard optics
• Soft-sided drawstring lens bag
• Lens-cleaning cloth
• Support for high-definition (HD) models
#ASNVABENG (914415)�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� $8,798.95
270-274 Underwater Video.indd 274
(Prowler Pocket Scope optional)
#BE745A-GL (745A-GL-2) f/Canon GL-1 and GL-2 ...........................................................$779.95
#BE745A-XH (745A-XH-A1/XH-G1) f/Canon XH-A1 and XH-G1 ........................................$779.95
#BE745A-A1U (745A-A1U) f/Sony HVR-A1U .....................................................................$779.95
#BE745A-V1U 745A-V1U) f/Sony HVR-V1U ......................................................................$779.95
#BE745A-Z1U (745A-Z1U) f/Sony HVR-Z1U .....................................................................$779.95
#BE745APD170 745APD170 ...........................................................................................$779.95
#BE745A-VX2100 (745A-PD170/745A-VX2100) f/Sony DCR-VX2100/DSR-PD170 ........$779.95
#BE745A-SR1 (745A-SR1) f/Sony HDR-SR1 ................................................................... $779.95
#BE745A-HVX200 (745A-HVX200) f/Pansonic AG-HVX200������������������������������������������� $779.95
camEra adaPtErS/LaSEr iLLuminatorS
• High-resolution adapters allow you to take pictures in lowor no-light environments by attaching your Prowler Scope to
a 35mm SLR camera. Just replace the standard relay lens
with this adapter, then mount the assembly to your camera.
• Laser illuminator enhances viewing in total darkness
through night vision devices • Adjustable beam angles
• Includes standard 1/4x20" tripod mount
702 D/S-C Ultra High Resolution Adapter for
Canon EOS SLR Cameras ���������������������������������������������������������������������������$1,875.95
#BEUHRAN 702 D/S-N Ultra High Resolution Adapter for Nikon SLR Cameras ���������������$1,875.95
#BE424PR14B Clamp mount�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
#BE424R03TSV Remote pressure switch ������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
#BE425PA2 200 watt laser illuminator for night vision devices ����������������������������������������������CALL
#BE425PR14B Clamp mount ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
#BE425R03TSV Remote pressure switch ������������������������������������������������������������������������������CALL
9/24/09 11:33 PM
275 Professional Video:Layout 1 9/24/09 11:28 PM Page 275
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Quick Dial: 821
Ensure the Best Imagery from Production to Delivery
Now more than ever, today’s professional video products allow you to capture beautiful, incredibly detailed high-definition
imagery at increasingly affordable prices. Even high-end, high-definition video imaging products such as mixers, decks,
and nonlinear editing (NLE) systems have become very reasonably priced.
The following pro video pages are designed to assist you in evaluating your project’s potential needs, and in helping you
choose the professional acquisition products and accessories that will benefit your production most.
Page 298
Page 304
Page 295
Page 295
Page 278
Page 292
Page 412
Page 304
Page 289
Page 311
Page 312
Page 326
Professional Video
Pan / Tilt / Zoom Camcorders
Flexible full 1080i HD remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera enables
you to output in one of 14 formats—eight HD and six SD
video formats (including 1080/60i, 1080/30p, 720/60p,
720/25p, NTSC/PAL and HD-Analog and HD-Digital). It
incorporates a 1/3" CMOS (2 MP) image sensor, 10x
optical wide angle zoom lens, and HD-SDI output.
The EVI-HD1’s direct drive motor ensures quick but
quiet movement, while the newly developed lens
takes in a wide field of view.
Designed for a wide variety of remote video applications, the BRC-Z330 is
a high definition PTZ camera featuring a 1/3” 2-MegaPixel CMOS image
sensor and 18x optical zoom lens. The camera’s wide pan/tilt ranges and
smooth pan/tilt/zoom capability make it perfect for deployment in houses
of worship and auditoriums, as well as educational facilities, conferences
and concerts halls. The camera simultaneously delivers stunning high
definition images in 1080i and 720p, while still having capability for output
standard definition. Easy to install, it has a quiet operation that minimizes
interference with ongoing events, helping it blend in naturally with the
surrounding environment. # SOBRCZ330 ..................................4200.00
Pan/Tilt/Zoom remote desktop or ceiling-mounted communication
camera with a 1/4" EXview HAD image sensor, long 18x zoom lens,
image inverting capability, high-speed operation, quiet direct drive
operation, and six camera position presets. It includes a wireless
remote control and can be controlled by optional RS-232C and RS422 serial controllers.
This broadband remote camera provide high-quality, low-noise SD images in
4:3 and 16:9. The 12x autofocus optical zoom has a high-accuracy, widerange Pan/Tilt/Zoom capability. Controlled from a PC via RS-232C or RS-422
connection. Integrates into S-Video, RGB, iLINK, fiber or SDI systems.
High-Definition PTZ Color Camera
¼" PTZ Color Video Camera
High Definition PTZ Camera
3-CCD PTZ Color Camera
#SOCPITVD300 Telemetrics RS-232 Serial Desktop Remote Controller
#SORMBR300 Sony RS-232C/RS-422 Serial Remote Control Panel
#SOEVIID8C1 8" Indoor Clear Dome Housing w/Pendant-Mount Bracket
#SOBRC300 Camera with three 1/4.7” advanced HAD CCD’s
#SORMBR300 Joystick Controller for up to 7 BRU/EVI Cameras
#SOBRU300 Optical Multiplex Unit w/2 Card Slots
#SOBRBK301 Analog Component or RGB Data (9-Pin) Card
#SOBRBK302 Uncompressed SDI Video Card
#SOBRBK303 Fiber-Optic Card
#SOBRBK304 FireWire/iLink Board
Brc-H700 / Brc-Z700
This Pan/Tilt/Zoom remote communication camera has a wide-angle
lens and quiet, high-speed direct drive operation—ideal for smaller,
closed-in venues. Along with its 1/4" CCD, 10x optical (4x digital)
zoom, and six position presets, the camera features auto focus, auto
white balance, and auto exposure. Includes wireless remote control, or
can be controlled by optional VISCA/RS-232C serial controllers.
These compact HD cameras capture 1080i resolution in 60i/50i, offering wide
pan and tilt ranges, Carl Zeiss lenses and fast, accurate movements. The highly
sensitive BRC-H700, with 3 1/3" CCD sensors, has the widest viewing angle in
the BRC series. The BRC-Z700 provides HD/SD output via 3 1/4” CMOS chips,
a 20x optical zoom, and a very quiet and precise motor.
¼" PTZ Color Video Camera
HD 3-Chip PTZ Color Cameras
#SORMBR300 Sony RS-232C/RS-422 Serial Remote Control Panel
#SOCPITVD300 Telemetrics RS-232 Serial Desktop Remote Controller
#SOCAMWMBKT CAM-WMBKT Wall Mount Bracket f/EVI-D100/D30 Cameras
TElEmETrIcs cP-ITVD300
The Telemetrics CP-ITVD300 desktop remote controller
has four direct RS-232 serial inputs for up to four EVI/BRC
cameras. Joystick's proportional rate technology allows
smooth, precise and simultaneous pan/tilt/zoom functions.
Can also program predetermined angle, focal length and
focus points. Compatible with Sony EVI-D30, EVI-D70,
EVI-D100, BRC-300, BRCH-700 and Elmo PTC-100 cameras.
The Sony RM-BR300 joystick remote controller
has one input for each RS-232C and RS-422
serial port, and can control up to 7 EVI/BRC
Series cameras that are daisy-chained from
one source camera in your system.
PTZ Remote RS-232 Controller
#SOCAITV9D50 50-ft., 9-pin D-Sub M/F Ext. Cable
276-277 Pro Video.indd 276
#SOBRUH700 HD Optical Multiplex Unit
HD-SDI Card #SOBRBKH700 HD Optical Multiplex Card w/Audio for BRC-H700
Down-converts SD-SDI, Analog Component, RGB & Composite Card
WXGA, XGA and VGA Computer Inputs Card
FireWire/i-Link (for Use with HDV Systems) Card
PTZ RS-232C/RS-422 Remote Control Unit
#SORC815 Sony 15m Daisy Chain RS-232C Control 8-pin Mini-Din Cable
#SOCAITVDIN6 6-ft., 8-pin Mini-Din to 9-pin D-Sub RS-232C Control Cable
#SORC8931 15-ft., 8-pin Mini-Din to 9-pin D-Sub RS-232C Control Cable
#SOCAITVDIN25 25-ft., 8-pin Mini-Din to 9-pin D-Sub RS-232C Control Cable
9/24/09 11:35 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Pro POV Camcorders
Quick Dial: 821
PrO POV cAms
remote Head and Micro Camera systems
Designed for industrial video, diagnostics, scientific imaging, and specialty programming
such as reality TV, these tiny, high-resolution cameras can be mounted in places
inaccessible to standard cameras—providing unique points of view for a range of uses.
Whether focusing on an auto plant or a petri dish, an operating table or a poker table,
these fixed focus professional systems will capture details otherwise impossible to
record. Each camera head is connected by cable to a dedicated camera control unit
(CCU), purchased separately, and requires a C-mount, bayonet or micro mount lens.
HXr-mc1 Compact HD POV Camera and Recording System
A stunning full high-definition compact point-of-view (POV) camera, the HXR-MC1 consists of a small camera unit and a handheld controlling unit with LCD
panel and recording function. This all-in-one tiny camera system needs no extra equipment, take it out and just start shooting. The camera unit is also splashproof. Moreover, the unique style of the HXR-MC1 enables shooting in unordinary conditions and angles, such as shooting sports scenes from the user’s point
of view and onboard shooting in motor sports. Thanks to the LCD-equipped main unit, once the shot is taken, users can check the material immediately.
• Achieves its balance of compact size, light weight and superb image quality through the use of solid-state recording onto Memory Stick PRO™ Duo media
using AVCHD compression. The HXR-MC1 can record up to six hours of high-definition content onto a 16GB Memory Stick media.
• Offers HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, and features Sony’s ClearVid CMOS Sensor system enhanced by Exmor technology for high-quality digital signals with
extremely low noise.
• Even with a 10x optical zoom and a built-in mic, the camera measures only 1-1/2 x 1-11/16 x 3-1/2” allowing it to be attached to various devices such as
helmets or cars. Screw holes on the bottom of the unit make mounting easier. It is also splash-resistant for use in the rain.
• Recording and playback are performed within the HXR-MC1’s control unit, eliminating the need for external recording devices or facilities. The combination
of Exmor and CMOS sensor technologies result in low power consumption and maximum battery operation of up to 405 minutes.
• Control unit has a 2.7” 16:9 touch-screen LCD panel. Set-up during shooting or video operation can be carried out simply by touching the LCD panel.
• The control unit is also equipped with a recording button, zoom lever, and manual control dial, so users can control the camera remotely while watching the images. External monitors are not needed.
• HD video is recorded in AVCHD, which uses MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression, the same method used in Blu-ray Disc technology. #SOHXRMC1.............................................................................. 2,899.95
This high-performance micro camera is ideal for medical and
scientific applications as well as covert surveillance. Designed
mainly for indoor use, the MN-43H offers low-light sensitivity
down to 5 lux, and 470 lines of horizontal resolution.
The compact, multi-function design of Hitachi’s smallest 3-CCD camera
makes it ideal for medical, industrial and other specialized imaging
applications. Three 1/3" CCD’s (410K pixels each) produce 800 lines of
horizontal resolution, while a 12-bit A/D converter and advanced DSP
assure high-quality images with minimal noise. Reaching a minimum
sensitivity of 0.9 lux, the HV-D30 excels in low-light situations. Includes
genlock input for synchronizing with external devices, plus composite,
Y/C, RGB or Y/R-Y/B-Y outputs and RS-232C port for remote operation.
1/2" CCD Color Lipstick Camera
• 1/2" CCD delivers 768 x 494 effective pixels
• Accepts 14 different lenses
• Manual white balance and shutter
#ELCC431E Camera Control Unit for Elmo Remote-Head Cameras
#ELTT3318 18mm, f3.3 Micro Mount Lens for 1/3-Inch CCD
#ELTT203 1/3-Inch 3.0 mm, f/2.0 Lens
#ELTT1655 1/3-Inch 5.5mm, f/1.6 Micro Camera Lens
#ELEMC02H 2 Meter/6.6 foot Camera Cable #ELEMC03H 3 Meter/10 Foot Camera Cable
#ELEMC12H 12 Meter/39.4 Foot Camera Cable #ELACE12A 120 Volt AC Power Supply
High Resolution 3-CCD Color Camera
• 4 scene files • 6-vector color corrector
• Lens flare and shading compensation • Dynamic Chroma Compensation
• Dynamic noise reduction
#HIHVD30 #TKRC-Z3 camera control box for Hitachi HV-D30
#FUTF28DA8 2.8 mm f/2.2 fixed lens for 1/3" C-mount cameras
DXc-390 / DXc-990
Offering 470 lines of resolution and
an ultra-fast shutter, the IK-M44H
is a micro remote-head camera that
produces finely detailed video for a
variety of industrial applications.
These remote cameras combine advanced image control with
Sony’s Exwave HAD technology for improved sensitivity and
reduced smear. The DXC-390’s 1/3" CCD’s and C-mount
lenses produce 800 lines of resolution, while the DXC-990’s
1/2" CCD’s and bayonet-mount lenses produce 850 lines.
• 1/2" CCD (410K pixels)
• Minimum 5 lux
• Accepts 12mm micro-mount lenses (3mm−24mm)
• Strobe trigger function, RS-232C interface, extended genlock, RGB sync
• Motorized remote control lens, selectable AE speed, user-defined AE area
1/2" CCD Micro Camera Head
#TOIKCU44A Camera Control Unit for Toshiba IK-M44 Camera Head
#TOJKL15M2 15mm f/2.0 Micro Mount Lens
#TOJKL04M2 4mm f/2.0 Micro Mount Lens for Toshiba
#TOJKL24M2 24mm f/3.1 Micro Mount Lens
276-277 Pro Video.indd 277
3-CCD Color Video Cameras
#SODXC390P 1/3" 3-CCD PAL Camera (800 lines)
#SODXC990 1/2" 3-CCD Camera (850 lines)
#SODXC990P 1/2" 3-CCD PAL Camera (850 lines)
#FUT16X55DAD5 16x Zoom Video Lens
#SOVCL0716BXA 16x Industrial Lens
#PE812016MAIV 8mm−120mm f/1.6−2.4 C-mount Lens
#SOCMAD3 Camera Power Adapter w/ Y/C & RGB Output #SORMC950 Remote Camera Control
#SOCMAD2 DC Power Supply
#SOCCMC12P10U Power Cable (33 ft)
9/24/09 11:35 PM
278-289 Professional Video:Layout 1 9/24/09 11:39 PM Page 278
Canon Camcorders
Professional MiniDV Camcorder
The only prosumer camcorder to offer an interchangeable lens system, the LX-2 also offers a host of professional functions inluding
16:9 aspect ratio, scan-matching, time code and custom picture
looks. It also has 30 -frame and 24-frame interlaced and progressive
• 3 1/3” CCD’s (680k pixels) with horizontal pixel shift
• Separate progressive scan CCD for each primary color
• Interchangeable XL lens system
• Complete image control including custom presets
• 2-bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor) allows customizable Cine look
• 20x Fluorite zoom lens (5.4 - 108mm) with OIS
• 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio shooting formats
• 4-channel audio, two XLR audio inputs with phantom power (+48v)
• SMPTE time code
• Variable frame rates−60i / 30p / 24p (2:3 and 2:3:3:2)
XH-A1s • XH-G1s
Professional HDV Camcorders
The compact XH-A1s and XH-G1s encapsulate a wealth of features in a
compact, 3-CCD camcorder that captures true 1080i high-definition video at
frame rates of 60i, 30F and 24F. A genuine Canon L-series 20x HD zoom
ensures outstanding resolution and color reproduction. its wide-angle
view equivalent to 32.5mm on a 35mm camera. Behind the lens are
three 1/3” native 16:9 CCD’s (1440 x 1080 each) delivering superior picture quality and a wide dynamic range with virtually no color noise.
• Whether shooting handheld, from a moving car, or on a swaying bridge,
Canon’s super-range OIS combines gyro- and image
sensors to keep your picture steady.
• DIGIC DV II technology processes the HDV signal with 4:2:2 color
sampling, ensuring optimal color reproduction in skin tones and in
high-contrast scenes. For more precise image control there are 7 Program AE modes and nine custom presets, to adjust hue, gain, sharpness, setup level, and Cine gamma settings for exactly the image you need. Then save the settings on an SD memory card for future use.
• For the critical focus required of HD recording, Canon’s Instant AF uses two sensors to provide fast and accurate focus, even in low light.
Other features include an analog-digital converter, built-in XLR inputs with external leveling, a 2.8” widescreen LCD (207K pixels), and two
built-in ND filters.
• Audio capabilities include two-channel audio performance; two built-in XLR terminals with separate audio-input sensitivity settings; the
ability to simultaneously record sound from the supplied internal microphone and an external microphone; line output level switching; an
audio (manual) limiter and a new metal headphone jack for reliable connectivity. The result is better overall flexibility and control of the
camera by enabling the use of one cameraman to do the job of many.
XH-G1s Step-up Features:
Adds Professional Jack Pack, which offers HD-SDI and SD-SDI output, embedded timecode and audio, SMPTE timecode I/O, and Genlock
input for multi-camera sync.
Canon 72mm 0.8x Wide Angle Lens (B&H# CAWDH72) .........339.95
XL-2 Professional MiniDV Camcorder (B&H# CAXL2)
Ultimate DVD Guide to the XL-2 (B&H# FUDVDXL2) ..........39.95
XL-H1A • XL-H1s
GL-2 3-CCD MiniDV Camcorder
Building on their expertise in 35mm photographic and broadcast
TV lenses, the GL-2 is equipped with Canon's exclusive L-Series
Fluorite optical technology for outstanding imaging power and
shooting versatility in a lightweight, portable design. To complement the lens, Canon's superb optical stabilization system eliminates image shake due to a wide range of movement and/or high
wind conditions.
• 20x Fluorite lens • Three 1/4” CCD’s, 410K pixels each
• Optical image stabilization
• 30P frame movie mode
• 2.5” LCD with 200K Pixels
• Balanced XLR audio inputs with manual levels
• Manual Aperture/Shutter/Gain
• 16:9 Aspect Guides, Custom Keys, Variable Zoom Speeds,
SMPTE Bars, Control-L, Clear Scan
GL-2 3-CCD MiniDV Camcorder (B&H# CAGL2)
Ultimate DVD Guide to the GL-2 (B&H# FUDVDGL2)..........29.95
0.7 Wide Angle Lens with Hood (B&H# CAWD58H) .........163.95
MA-300 Dual-XLR Audio Adaptor (B&H# CAMA300) ......164.99
The Canon XL-H1A HD cameras aim to meet the needs of broadcast
ENG producers, documentary, film, and commercial videographers.
Genuine 20x HD optics and exceptional image processing result
in brilliant HD image capture. Achieve 1080i HD resolution at 25
Mbps with selectable frame rates of 60i, 30F, and 24F. Fully customizable
system has a 1/3” XL mount w/three native 16:9 image sensors (1440 x 1080),
Cine control, multiple output options, and a well-balanced design—
an ideal tool for meeting the demands of advanced video work.
• Interchangeable lens system allows application-specific lens options
• 3 1/3” native 16:9 CCD image sensors (1.67 MP each)
• 1080i HD resolution
• Variable frame rates of 60i, 30F, 24F
• SDI raw 1080i uncompressed 1.5GB/s
• 20x HD Zoom Lens 5.4-106mm (38.9-778mm 35mm equivalent)
• Total Cine control • Optical image stabilization
• DIGIC DV II processor • SD slot to save camera settings
• Aspect guides in viewfinder
• Combination flip-up 16:9 EVF & LCD panel
• SMPTE time code and color bars with 1kHZ reference tone
• Dual XLR (line/mic level) inputs with +48v Phantom power
(4-channel option with MA-300)
• Clear Scan • 2 built-in ND filters • LANC terminal
XL-H1S Step-ups:
Professional Jack Pack with HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) output,
Genlock input and SMPTE timecode input/output, for multi-camera shoots.
HD Video Lens 6x Zoom XL 3.4-20.4mm L (B&H# CA6XLH1) 2499.95
The XL-H1A can record in both 60i and 50i—customization must be performed at a Canon Service Center.
100GB Portable DTE Recorder with Metadata Support
A highly portable Direct-To-Edit (DTE) recorder that records footage directly through FireWire or USB 2.0.
It features a backlit, 2.5” high-resolution LCD screen with intuitive menus and controls. Suitable for the
harshest environments, the FS-CV provides 10 seconds of shock cache to ensure footage is never lost due
to vibration. Additional features include time lapse recording, scene marking, clip categorization, and the
ability to assign custom metadata. (B&H# CAFSCCV100) ...............................................................2195.00
278-289 Professional Video:Layout 1 9/29/09 11:37 AM Page 279
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Canon Accessories
Quick Dial: 821
for XH-A1s, XH-G1s
for GL-2
WD-H72 72mm 0.8x Wide Angle Converter Lens: Provides an
0.8x wider angle of coverage for the times when you are shooting
in a confined space or for scenery. (B&H# CAWDH72) .........339.95
HC-4100 System Case: A solid and lockable case for
transportation and storage protection. (CAHC4100) .............244.99
HC-4200 System Case: A solid and lockable reinforced case for
transportation and storage protection. (B&H# CAHC4200) ....329.95
for XL-H1A, XL-H1s, XL-2
FU-1000 Monochrome Viewfinder: A 1.5” professional-quality
B&W CRT viewfinder. With a horizontal resolution of 500 lines, it
makes critical focusing easier in tough shooting situations.
(B&H# CAFU1000) .............................................................139.95
for XH-A1s, XH-G1s,
XL-H1A, XL-H1s, XL-2
FS-72U 72mm Filter Set: A set of three 72mm filters (UV,
Neutral Density and Circular Polarizer) to enable creative control of
challenging lighting conditions. (B&H# CAFS72U) ................112.95
TA-100 Tripod Adapter: Allows you to quickly mount and dismount your camcorder on or off a tripod. (B&H# CATA100) ..145.95
for XL-H1A, XL-H1s
FU-2000 Color Viewfinder: A 2.4” remote color viewfinder that
connects to your camcorders color viewfinder socket or to the
optional ZR-2000 Zoom Remote Controller. Useful for times when
the shoulder-mount viewfinder is inconvenient. Includes a built-in
shade for brightly lit environments. (B&H# CAFU2000).........369.00
For XL-2, GL-2, XH-A1s,
XH-G1s, XL-H1A, XL-H1s
SBR-1000 Shooting Brace: Offers additional support of your
video camera. The neck strap is designed to increase comfort
during long shoots. (B&H# CASBR1000)..............................184.95
ZR-1000 Zoom Remote Control: Plugs into the GL-2 and XL-2
via their Control L (LANC) terminal, giving you wired remote control of such functions as record start/stop, zoom and focus. Ideal
for using while the camcorders are mounted on a tripod. (B&H#
CAZR1000) ......................................................................175.99
ZR-2000 Remote Zoom Controller: Connects to the LANC
terminal of your camcorder, and controls recording start/stop,
focusing, and 16 different zoom speeds. Especially useful when
your camera is mounted on a tripod and maximum stability is
desired. (B&H# CAZR2000)................................................369.95
VL-10Li II Battery Video Light: A 10w light that improves lighting
and image quality whether you are shooting indoors or out.
Powered by a 900 Series battery (B&H# CAVL10LI2) .............79.95
For XL-2, GL-2, XL-H1A, XL-H1s
DM-50 Directional Stereo Microphone: Attaches to the hot
shoe for cable-free operation. Powered by the camcorder’s power
source. Windshields included. (B&H# CADM50) ..................144.95
MA-300 Dual XLR Microphone Adapter: Provides 2 additional
XLR terminals, allowing you to connect and use unbalanced
microphones on all four channels. (B&H# CAMA300)...........164.99
HC-3200 System Case: A solid, lockable case for transportation
and storage protection. (B&H# CAHC3200) .........................429.95
CA-910 AC Power Adapter/Charger
For BP-915, BP-930 and BP-945 Batteries (CACA910) .......109.95
CA-920 AC Power Adapter/Charger: For BP-915, BP-930
and BP-945 Batteries (CACA920) ......................................109.95
CH-910 Dual Charger/Holder: Holds two 900 Series batteries.
Charges two batteries consecutively and connects directly to
camera (CACH910) ...........................................................139.95
CA-910 AC Power
MA-300 Dual XLR
Microphone Adapter
BP-970G Lithium-Ion Battery
7.2v, 7200mAh (CABP970G) .............................................149.65
EQ-XL1 Equalizer Windscreen
For XL-2, XL-H1 (LIEQ102) ................................................120.00
ZR-2000 Remote Zoom Controller
Connects to the LANC terminal of your camcordedr, and controls
recording start/stop, focusing and 16 different zoom speeds. Best
when your camera is mounted and maximum stabiiity is desired.
CAZR2000 .......................................................................364.95
1.6x Extender
EF Adapter XL
MA-300 Dual XLR Microphone Adapter
Enhance the sound captured by the GL-2 or XL-2. Lets you use a
microphone with XLR connectors on the camcorders.
#CAMA300 ......................................................................164.95
1.6x Extender: For XL-1 and XL-1S (CA1.6XXL1) ..............369.95
EF Adapter XL: For XL-2 and XL-H1A/XL-H1S to mount EOS
Photo Lenses (CAEFAXL1) .................................................419.95
ZR-2000 Remote
Zoom Controller
HC-4100 System Case
Console Software Remote Studio Software
Lets you control key functions of your digital camcorder remotely through your PC. Whether your camera
system is configured in a studio, mounted on a crane, or is in an inaccessible or dangerous location,
commands and responses are exchanged between the camcorder and a PC through a single IEEE 1394
cable. Control the camera’s zoom, focus, white balance, frame rate, as well as its iris and shutter speeds.
You can also control gamma, master pedestal, color phase, custom presets and AE metering. The software
even includes a waveform and vector display for measuring and adjusting video and phase parameters.
Use the playback viewer to view video recorded to the hard drive, and at the same time adjust camera
settings for the next shot using the recording panel. System requirements: Windows XP OS (Home or Professional) with Service Pack 2,
Pentium 4–2.5GHz CPU or better, 512MB memory or better, and an IEEE 1394 connector. (B&H# CACSW) ..........................................499.95
Interchangeable Lenses for XL-H1A, XL-H1s, XL-2
The XL-H1A, XL-H1s and XL-2 accept a host of interchangeable XL lenses or Canon’s extensive range of
photographic lenses. For wide-angle imaging, Canon offers a 3x Wide-Angle Lens with a resolution in
excess of 600 TV lines, while the 16x Mechanical Servo Zoom Lens gives you the flexibility of calibrated
focus and zooms. For added optical lens magnification, apply the 1.6x Extender between the camcorder
and the zoom lens. There is also a 16x Automatic Lens with Super Range Optical Image Stabilization.
Using the optional EF Adapter opens you to a wealth of Canon EOS EF photographic lenses, a tremendous
super telephoto boon to those producing wildlife, astronomy or surveillance videos.
3x Wide-Angle Zoom Lens: The 3x (3.4-10.2mm f/1.8-2.2) short zoom gives your camcorder a 70° field of view, making it
ideal for shooting interiors as well as landscapes. It incorporates 18 high-quality precision-crafted optical elements to deliver
extraordinarily sharp images. Six-blade iris for minimal light flare. Manual zoom and focus ring. Built-in 1.5x ND filter.
(24mm–72mm in 35mm). (B&H# CA3XXL1) .................................................................................................................1,199.95
16x Manual Zoom Lens: The 16x (5.4-86.4mm f/1.6) manual servo zoom lens gives you the flexibility of calibrated power zoom,
power iris (has auto iris capability), two built-in ND filters and calibrated manual focus. Has a macro and flangeback adjustment
mechanism. Includes soft case. (B&H# CAM16XXL1S) ....................................................................................................1,499.95
RC-72 Aspect Ratio Converter: When shooting in 4:3 mode, this 0.8x converter provides the same angle of view as 16:9 mode.
(B&H# CARCXL2) ...........................................................................................................................................................279.95
For XL-2
MA-100 Dual XLR Microphone Adapter: Allows you to use two
microphones or attach a wireless microphone receiver. It converts
the XL-2 into a shoulder mount for more comfortable and steady
handheld shooting. (B&H# CAMA100) .................................164.95
EF Adapter: Allows the attachment of over 50 high-quality Canon photographic EF lenses—ranging from Fisheye to Super
Telephoto to a choice of versatile zoom models. (B&H# CAEFAXL1) ...................................................................................449.95
1.6x Extender: Fits between body and lens to increase the focal length of Canon XL lenses by 1.6x. (B&H# CA1.6XXL1) ......399.95
278-289 Professional Video:Layout 1 9/24/09 11:39 PM Page 280
JVC Camcorders
3-in-1 Recorders
Mini DV, DVD, and a 40GB (SR-DVM600US) or 250GB
(SR-DVM700US) hard disk drive combination in a single device.
Record in three formats both directions to enable 6-way recording
with DV/MPEG real time encoding. Utilizes Mini DV tape format,
with Mini DVCAM playback. Records DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM
discs, with DVD+R/RW playback. Edit and play from the 40GB
hard drive (MPEG-2). Make auto-repeat discs for digital signage
and event applications.
• IEEE-1394 (iLink) I/O • Y/C (S-video) I/O • Component output
• RS-232C remote control (SR-DVM700US only)
SR-DVM600US (#JVSRDVM600US)...................................849.95
SR-DVM700US (#JVSRDVM700US).................................1329.95
DVD Recorder Plus S-VHS/VHS Dual Deck
• Industrial dual deck simplifies the DVD recording process
• DVD’s can be authored with the option of “full-repeat” (loop
mode) for kiosk- type POS and museum applications
• 3D noise reduction for superior picture quality
#JVSRMV45US .................................................................429.95
Feeder deck to
a non-linear
editing system.
Switchable HDV
and DV modes
and analog
Connect to a monitor equipped with an HDMI connector and use it
as a low-cost viewer. Cross-converter function enables 720p,
1080i, 480/576p, 480/576i signal output. Has a HDMI output and
RS-422 interface.
#JVBRHD50U .......................................................Call or Log-on
SR-HD1250 • SR-HD1500
GY-HM100U • GY-HM700U
ProHD Memory Card Camcorders
The compact hand-held GY-HM100 and compact shoulder-mounted GY-HM700 are professional
solid state 3-CCD camcorders that record 35Mbps high definition video and uncompressed
audio directly to inexpensive SDHC media cards in the native Quicktime format used by Apple
Final Cut Pro. This eliminates the need for editors to transcode or re-wrap prior to editing—
allowing instant editing of recorded material without file conversion, and a media cost
approaching the economy of tape. Video clips are dragged directly from the storage media
onto the non-linear editor’s timeline,
eliminating the need for transcoding
while maintaining original first generation image quality.
In addition to 35Mbps per second, a bit rate supporting full 1920 x 1080
encoding in the HQ mode, they can record 720p (19/35Mbps) and 1080i
(25Mbps) in SP mode, assuring compatibility with today’s most popular
professional NLE systems.
Both record on widely available SDHC memory cards up to 32GB. The
cameras provide 2 memory card slots, for a total of up to 64GB of on board
storage—enough for up to 6 hours of continuous HD recording. The cameras
automatically begin recording on the second card when the first card is full.
GY-HM100 Hand-held
• With an ultra-compact 3 lb. handheld form factor, the GY-HM100
is about the size of a lens for a 2/3” imager camera. This makes
it ideal for use in tight quarters. For even less conspicuous
shooting, the handle can be removed and the audio can be
recorded via the built-in 2-channel microphone.
• Incorporates a Fujinon 10:1 Zoom HD Lens with three aspherical
elements and an Electronic Beam Coating (EBC) for reduced flaring and ghosting. To protect the lens, a flip-in cover is integrated
in the lens hood, eliminating the need for an external cap.
• Focus is controlled manually or automatically. A smooth servo
zoom is controlled with a conventional rocker on the handgrip, or
manually with the lens ring. For close-up shooting, a macro
mode lets you record subjects as little as 2” away from the lens.
Automatic and manual iris let you adjust the depth of focus.
• Despite its size, the camera’s hand grip has an ergonomic
shape, accommodating hands of all sizes. Control and switches
are placed with pros in mind. To conserve space, a single ring is
used for both manual focus and manual zoom. Additional manual
controls include white balance, shutter, gain, and audio levels.
• Records 2 channels of uncompressed LPCM 16-bit/48kHz audio.
Audio levels can be controlled manually, or automatically using
AGC. Audio meter in the LCD and VF facilitate adjustment. Balanced XLRs with 48v phantom power on the handle for an external mic and/or wireless receiver. Versatile input switching allows
the mic signal to be directed to the desired channel. A shotgun
microphone is provided, as well as a built-in stereo microphone
for ambient sound pickup.
GY-HM100U (B&H# JVGYHM100) ..........................Call or Log-on
GY-HM700 Shoulder-Mounted
• Utilizes three precisely aligned 1/3” progressive scan full HD CCDs
and exclusive Adaptive Pixel Correlation Technique to produce
resolution comparable to cameras with larger image sensors.
• Includes a detachable 14x Canon KT14x4.4KRSJ HD lens based
on the superb optics found in more expensive HD lenses. Its
superior MTF provides higher resolution than typical “stock”
lenses. Canon’s internal focusing system minimizes “breathing”
and makes possible a more efficient light blocking lens hood.
• The GY-HM700 can create a single clip file from multiple trigger
presses. This is ideal when “in camera editing” is preferred. The
complete shot sequence is instantly available as a single clip.
• Numerous lens options are also available, and adapters that
allow 1/2” and 2/3” bayonet mount lenses to be used. Optional
HZ-CA13U film lens mount adapter enables mounting of 16mm
film camera lenses—expanding production lens options.
• In Pre Rec (Retro Cache) Start Mode the GY-HM700 continually
records a few seconds in cache memory. Never miss a breaking
shot again.
• In 720p 35Mbps mode, the camera can be set to record at a
frame rate different (under/over crank) than the playback rate.
GY-HM700U (B&H# JVGYHM700U)..........................Call or Log-on
Blu-Ray and HDD Recorder Combos
GY-HD250U 1/3” 3-CCD Professional ProHD Camera
Record and author professional BDMV (with menu) or BDAV discs.
Advanced MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (H.264) encoding provides support for HD and SD sources, and a built-in format converter can
downconvert HD content for recording to a standard DVD. They
also support BD-R or BD-RE (erasable) Blu-ray discs.
The SR-HD1250 has a 250GB hard drive and includes component
and HDMI outputs for flexible monitoring options. The SR-HD1500
steps up with a 500GB hard drive, plus an RS-232C terminal and
support for .MOV files (for Apple Final Cut Pro), which makes it
compatible with footage recorded with JVC GY-HM100 and
GY-HM700 in the SP (19/25 Mbps) mode.
SR-HD1250 (#JVSRHD1250) .................................Call or Log-on
SR-HD1500 (#JVSRHD1500) .................................Call or Log-on
Designed for ENG, field production and cinematography, the
GY-HD250U features 1080i output (via FireWire) to optional hard
disk. Can record full-frame 720/60p and real 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, and
60p. Offers 24p full HD image capture for cinematographic applications
and easy transfer to 16mm and 35mm film. 720/60p HDV format
produces crisp, native HD images (1280 x 720), while full-frame
60p eliminates the degenerative process of de-interlacing. MPEG-2
compression allows high-quality HD recording on standard DV media.
Direct digital transfers to HDD via FireWire maintain quality throughout the transfer process. Archive on tape or plug the hard drive
straight into your NLE—no need to make dubs or transfer data.
• Composite video input (for SD pool feed) • Genlock, time code input/output • Studio capability with optional multicore adapter
• HD/SD-SDI output with embedded audio & TC, Varicam flags (HD mode only) • HD-SDI output of 1080i from built-in cross converter
GYHD250U Studio configuration HDV camera (B&H#JVGYHD250U)......................................................................................Call or Log-on
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800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Panasonic Camcorders
Quick Dial: 821
AG-DVX100B 1/3” 3-CCD MiniDV Camcorder
The AG-DVX100B is a standard-definition camcorder that combinessophisticated
professional controls with the lightweight and handling of home video. Achieve
film-like images with 24p shooting and Panasonic’s exclusive CineSwitch™
technology. Adjust every aspect of your picture, with manual control of iris, shutter,
gain, white balance, gamma, color matrix, detail, chroma, and pedestal.
Three user-assignable buttons and six scene files allow you to save your favorite settings
and transfer them between projects. The camera’s Leica Dicomar 10x wide-angle zoom
lens provides mechanical zoom and focus rings for precise control, along with professional barrel
markings for correct pull-focus and take-to-take consistency. To make sure you’re seeing exactly what you’re shooting, a
BW/color viewfinder and LCD both offer full overscan and anamorphic 16:9 display.
• 3 1/3” CCDs (410k pixels each)
• 60i, 30p, 24p recording
• Dual XLR audio
Full HD Portable SD Memory Card Recorder
and Multi-Purpose Camera Head
Shown with
optional Mic
• 2 zebra settings
AG-DVX100B (B&H# PAAGDVX100B) .................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
Panasonic 63 Minute High-Definition MiniDV Tape (B&H# PAAYDVM63HD) ...................................................................................7.99
Panasonic 63 Minute Advanced Master-Quality MiniDV Tape (B&H# PAAYDVM63AMQ) ................................................................5.69
Extended 7.2v 5400mAh Lithium-ion Battery (B&H# PACGRD54)...............................................................................................129.95
Power Adapter / Battery Charger (B&H# PAAGB25) ....................................................................................................................142.95
72mm 0.8x Wide-Angle Lens (B&H# PAAGLW7208G) ..................................................................................................................389.95
72mm Anamorphic Lens Adapter (B&H# PAAGLA7200G) ............................................................................................................729.95
Soft Carry Case (B&H# PAAGYUSC100) .........................................................................................................................................149.95
AG-DVC20 3-CCD MiniDV Proline Camcorder
Shoulder-mounted standard-definition camcorder with an advanced digital image processing
system that captures sharp and vivid images with true colors. Perfect for educators,
event videographers, sports coaches and entry-level shooters, the camera is
equipped with three 1/6” CCD’s, 10x optical zoom lens with electronic image
stabilization, multi-speed zoom rocker and 2.5” LCD monitor.
Lightweight (4.4 lb) despite its stature, the camera is simple to use, with
a one-touch navigation joystick for easy and fast control over basic operations.
Different shooting modes—Cinema (letterbox), tele-macro, and soft skin—
and five AE settings give you more advanced image control, while the Color Night
View mode produces bright, vivid colors even in dimly lit locations. Input/output is via IEEE-1394, output via composite and S-video. Built-in
stereo microphone and external stereo mini-mic input. Includes two 1350 mAh batteries, AC adapter and wireless remote control.
AG-DVC20 (B&H# PAAGDVC20) ........................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
Panasonic 63 Minute Professional-Quality MiniDV Tape (B&H# PAAYDVM63PQU) .........................................................................3.35
7.2v 2800mAh Lithium-ion Battery (B&H# PACGPD28) .................................................................................................................99.95
Ideal for applications in video production, sports coaching, healthcare, law enforcement, remote operation/ surveillance, and much
more, the AG-HMR10 is a hand-held, battery-operated portable
recorder with HD-SDI input and output, while the AG-HCK10
camera head features three 1/4” native HD resolution 3-MOS
imagers, 12x optical zoom, and Optical Images Stabilizer (OIS).
When connected via included 3m detachable cable (optional
10m cable is also available), iris, focus and zoom can be remotely
controlled from the recorder. The HMR10 records in HD formats
including 1080/60i, 1080/50i, 720/60p and 720/50p.
• Equipped with an HD-SDI input and output, the HMR10 recorder
is also suitable for back-up recording from any HD-SDI-enabled
camera or for use in studio or event production.
• In addition to HD-SDI in/out the recorder features HDMI out
and USB 2.0, internal speaker and headphone mini jack, and
3.5-inch color LCD monitor that displays content in thumbnail
images for quick viewing.
• For editing or playback, users can instantly transfer content
from the SD memory card to Mac or PC computers with an
SD/SDHC card reader or by connecting the HMR10 recorder
directly via its USB 2.0 interface.
AG-HMR10 (B&H# PAAGHMR10) ..........................................CALL
AG-HCK10 (B&H# PAAGHCK10) ...........................................CALL
AG-HPX500 2/3” 3-CCD DVCPRO HD Camcorder
With three 2/3” progressive image sensors, an interchangeable lens system and
four P2 card slots, the AG-HPX500 high-definition ENG camcorder is built for
professionals. Supporting all HD/SD recording formats and tapeless P2 work
flow, the HPX500 uses advanced 14-bit A/D digital conversion and 19-bit
inner processing for exceptional image accuracy. It records in 1080
(60i/50i/30p/25p/24p) and 720 (60p/50p/30p/
25p/24p) resolution, with a variable frame rate function (12fps−60fps) that
allows for under- and overcranking. Footage can be captured in DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50/25, and DV, in a variety of gamma modes, while
exclusive CAC technology minimizes any blur caused by lens chromatic aberration. The P2 HD technology offers instant recording startup,
clip thumbnail view, shot marker, hot swap, pre-rec, loop-rec and SD card metadata/scene files.
AG-HPX500 with 1.5” B/W viewfinder and P2 card software driver (standard mfr. kit) (B&H# PAAGHPX500) ...........................Call or Log-on
AG-HPX500: with four AJ-P2C016RG 16GB P2 cards, Canon KJ16x7.7B-IRSD 16x HDgc lens (B&H# PAAGHPX500K1) ..........Call or Log-on
AJ-HD1400 DVCPRO HD-EX VCR with DVCAM and DV Playback
From field recording to nonlinear and in-studio editing, the AJ-HD1400 is an invaluable solution
for HD production. It records at 100 Mbps with 4:2:2 color sampling and intra-frame compression
in multiple HD/SD formats including 1080/59.94,1080/50i, 720/60p, 720/59.94p and 720/50p.
Designed with comprehensive editing features, this AC/DC-powered recorder features HD-SDI
and IEEE1394 input/output, a RS-422 9-pin interface for use in assemble/ insert editing, and a
built-in up/down converter. Lightweight, the AJ-HD1400 offers a handle for on-the-go use and its
compact design makes it a great space-saver for desktop use and in-studio editing. From field
recording to nonlinear and in studio editing, the AJ-HD1400 is a practical, reliable solution to a
host of HD production needs.
#PAAJHD1400 ..................................................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
DVCPRO 50/25 Editing and Production VCR
with DVCAM and DV Playback
The AJ-SD930B is
a versatile, costeffective studio
VCR designed for
high-end digital
video production.
Use of the popular
DVCPRO50 50Mbps format makes it suitable for creating highend programming. With 4:2:2 digital component recording and
four channels of digital audio, it delivers the superior picture and
audio quality professionals need.
Comes standard with SDI input and output, RS-422A remote and
jog & shuttle dial. Switchable between DVCPRO50 (50Mbps) and
DVCPRO (25Mbps) for recording and playback, and both can
playback DV and DVCAM tapes. Can also record and play UMID
data. These and other features make it an ideal solution to a wide
range of production and broadcast uses.
• In DVCPRO50 mode, the AJ-SD930B can record up to 92
minutes on a AJ-5P92LP compact 1/4” cassette tape. In
DVCPRO mode, recording time is doubled to184 minutes.
• For added versatility, can play back DVCAM and standard
DV tapes. Mini DV tapes can also be played back using the
optional AJ-CS455P adaptor. In playback, automatically detects
the recording format used (DV, DVCAM, DVCPRO or
DVCPRO50) and plays back accordingly.
#PAAJSD930B ....................................................Call or Log-on
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Panasonic Camcorders
For AG-HMC40
7.2v 5800mAh Lithium-ion Battery (#PAVWVBG6PPK) ....169.95
For AG-HMC70
Soft Case w/3.0" mini hood for LCD (#PAAGYUSC70H) ..179.95
Hard Shell Case: Yellow, Hard Shell Case by Thermodyne
(#PAAGYUC70) .................................................................209.95
Panasonic Shotgun Microphone (#PAMC70) .................234.95
43mm 1.4x Telephoto Lens (#PAVWT4314HPP) ...............209.95
7.2v 2640mAh Lithium-ion Battery (#PAVWVBG260PP) ..149.95
7.2v 5800mAh Lithium-ion Battery (#PAVWVBG6PPK) ....169.95
For AG-HMC150
Panasonic Shotgun Microphone (#PAMC70) .................234.95
7.2v 2640mAh Lithium-ion Battery (#PAVWVBG260PP) ..149.95
7.2v 5800mAh Lithium-ion Battery (#PAVWVBG6PPK) ....169.95
3-Chip AVCCAM Handheld Camcorder with 10.6MP Still Capability
Weighing less than 2.2 pounds, the AG-HMC40 features three full resolution
1/4” 3-MOS image sensors to produce stunning 1920 x 1080 HD images with
high sensitivity. The camera can also capture still images with 10.6 MP resolution
directly onto the SD card. It is equipped with a 12x optical zoom (includes 2x, 5x,
10x) and professional image functions like Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) that helps
compensate for wide variations in lighting, and a Cine-Like Gamma mode
which gives recordings a more film-like aesthetic.
• Supports 1080/59.94i (in all modes) and 1080/29.97p,
1080/23.98p native, 720/59.94p, 720/20.97p, and 720/23.98p
native (in PH mode only).
• Offers a wide variety of valuable professional features including
waveform monitor display, focus assists such as focus bar
display and enlarged display, time date stamp, user assignable
focus ring, auto focus with face detection, zebra display,
synchro-scan shutter function, three programmable user
buttons, time code/UB recording, and remote control terminal
(for zoom, focus, aperture, REC start/stop controls).
• Comes standard with
HDMI output, USB 2.0,
composite output (AV
multi/ch1, ch2), analog component (mini-D), detachable XLR
audio input and audio REC level adjustment dials. Also offers
2-channel input (mic/line switchable) with +48V phantom power.
• 2.7” LCD monitor offers simple touch-panel operation and access
to various solid-state recording functions such as pre-record,
interval recording, shot marker and metadata capture.
AG-HMC40 (B&H# PAAGHMC40)............................Call or Log-on
Panasonic’s AVCCAM series provides the flexibility of low cost, SD memory card based recording and full 1080 and 720 resolution capture. Utilizing AVCHD, an MPEG-4 /AVC Hi Profile-based format, the
AVCCAM series provides a near doubling of bandwidth efficiency with improved video performance over MPEG-2 compression used in HDV formats. It also brings the benefits of solid-state recording to
budget-conscious professionals. Like digital still photography, recording onto inexpensive SD/SDHC cards offers a fast and simple, file-based workflow with ultra-reliable performance and resistance to
shock, vibration and extreme temperatures and weather. Since AVCHD records video as digital data files, content can be transferred and stored on affordable, high-capacity hard disk drives (HDD) or optical
storage media and transferred to future storage media as technology advances.
• Using just one 32GB SDHC memory card, a user can record 3 hours of full resolution 1920 x 1080
video and audio in PH mode (average 21 Mbps/max. 24 Mbps), four hours at HA mode (17 Mbps)
and 5.3 hours at HG mode (13 Mbps). In the HE mode (6 Mbps), the camera can record up to 12
hours of 1440 x 1080 HD content on a single 32GB SDHC card.
• AVCHD is supported by a wide range of editing options including Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe
Premier Pro CS4, EDIUS Pro 5 and EDIUS Neo 2. In addition, a free transcoder can be downloaded from Panasonic to convert AVCHD files to DVCPRO HD P2 and downconverted DV files for
use with most existing professional editing systems.
3-Chip AVCCAM Shoulder-Mount HD Camcorder
3-Chip AVCCAM Handheld HD Camcorder
The HMC70 features three native 16:9 progressive
1/4” CCDs to record widescreen 1440 x 1080 HD
resolution images of weddings, sports, concerts, or
other events. It can be used by law enforcement
agencies for training or surveillance, by schools for
use in video production, live staging and documentation,
or by broadcasters and newspapers for web journalism.
The HMC70’s lightweight, shoulder-mount design
facilitates stable shooting and better balance during
long recording sessions. The camcorder’s 3” 16:9
LCD monitor offers thumbnail display of recorded
images so videographers can monitor or delete clips.
Users can also capture 2.1 Megapixel still images with the camcorder onto the SDHC memory card –
even during video recording.
The AG-HMC150 is a production-level camera featuring
three 1/3” progressive CCD imagers to produce
stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution picture quality.
It comes with a 13x Leica Dicomar zoom lens
(28-364mm equivalent)—the widest in its class, auto or
manual operation of focus and iris, and automatic optical
image stabilization (O.I.S.) to ensure stable, smooth and
precise shooting. It handles full-pixel (1920 x 1080 and
1280 x 720) 24p progressive recording, and offers advanced
features such as SMPTE time code reader/generator, focus assist functions, six scene files, three neutral
density filters and three user sets and simplified waveform and vectorscope display.
• 12x Leica wide-angle zoom lens (38.5 to 462mm equivalent) with one-push auto focus, and integrated
Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) to ensure stable images. Manual focusing is also possible.
• Cam-driven (mechanical) manual zoom ring provides the same fast, precise zooming and feeling as
cameras with interchangeable lenses. The servo-driven zoom also allows slow zooming. Also offers a
2x, 5x or 10x digital zoom that instantly magnifies the image —without the light loss that happens
when using a lens extender.
• Records in 1080/60i, 1080/30p, 1080/24p; 720/60p, 720/30p, 720/24p HD formats
• Auto mode provides quick and easy shooting, while manual mode lets you adjust the white balance,
brightness (iris and gain up to +18 dB) and shutter speed (1/50 to 1/8000 second).
• Advanced gamma functions address eight shooting scenarios and enhance your creative abilities.
This includes the cinelike gamma, which produces the characteristic warm tone of film recordings.
• Offers three recording modes – 6Mbps, 9Mbps or 13Mbps. Using a 32GB SDHC memory card, the
HMC70 can record for up to 12 hours at 6Mbps quality and up to 5.3 hours minutes at 13Mbps.
• In addition to a built-in stereo mic, it has two XLR mic/line switchable inputs with +48v phantom
power, auto/manual level, and internal/external assignment
• In addition to the lens grip, the upper part of the handle grip contains both the Rec Start/Stop button
and a lens zoom control. This assures easy shooting even at low angles or when using a tripod. The
zoom speed can be set to any of three speed levels.
• Equipped with both composite (RCA) and component (Mini D4) video outputs, allowing HD images to
be down converted and output as SD images. Also has an HDMI output and USB port.
• LCD and viewfinder display three types (horizontal, grid, 4:3) of guidelines, as well as a Zebra pattern.
• Any remote controller compatible with the AG-DVX100 or AG-HVX200 can be used (for Zoom, Iris,
Focus, Start/Stop)
• In addition to a built-in stereo mic, it has two XLR mic/line switchable inputs with attenuation and +48v
phantom power.
• Handle grip contains both the Rec Start/Stop button and a lens zoom control (with three speeds) to
ensure easy shooting even at low angles.
• Outputs include HDMI, component HD/SD video (BNC x 3), composite SD (BNC), and audio (RCA x 2
channels). USB port allows the AG-HMC70 to connect to a PC in device mode.
AG-HMC70 (B&H# PAAGHMC70U) ....................................................................................Call or Log-on
• Large 3.5” LCD monitor offers a monitor mirror mode which is convenient when shooting interviews.
• Time/date stamp for applications like legal depositions or surveillance
AG-HMC150 (B&H# PAAGHMC150) ...............................................................................Call or Log-on
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800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Panasonic Camcorders
Quick Dial: 821
A full production quality tool, the the AG-HPX170 is a solid-state P2 HD handheld camcorder
equipped with three 1/3” 16:9 CCDs, high-performance digital signal processor with 14-bit
A/D conversion and 19-bit processing to assure high-quality recordings necessary for
top-level production and broadcast. Weighing only 4.2 lbs, the camcorder has a 13x
Leica Dicomar zoom lens with a 28mm wide-angle setting (the widest in its class) and
a cam-driven manual zoom for smooth, easy and precise operation. For added flexibility,
the camera provides auto or manual focus and iris.
Lithium-ion Battery Pack: 7.2v, 5400mAh (#PACGRD54) 134.95
16GB P2 Memory Card (#AJP2C016AG).............................749.95
32GB P2 memory card card (#PAAJP2C032AG) ...............1469.95
60GB Portable P2 Storage Device (#PAAJPCS060G) .........1484.95
P2 Drive 5-Slot Capability (#PAAJPCD20) ........................1859.95
• Fully solid-state, the HPX170 has no moving parts, features
fast IT compatible file-based workflow; and is resistant to
temperature extremes, shock and vibration.
• With its two P2 card slots, record up to 128 continuous minutes
of the highest quality DVCPRO HD recording using 64GB P2
cards. Other user-friendly recording modes include hot swapping
for non-stop recording, loop record, pre-record, interval and
one-shot recording. A time/date stamp function makes it ideal
for use in law enforcement environments.
• Offers a 20-step frame rate selection in 720p mode for
variable-speed shooting in the 12fps to 60fps range to acquire
fast- or slow-motion in-camera effects.
For AG-HPX170
• For added creative flexibility, offers a variety of advanced gamma
functions and settings including a CineGamma mode.
• HD/SD-SDI output for live feed productions as well as for editing
and monitoring. It also has IEEE 1394 and USB 2.0 interfaces
for fast P2 content transfer into NLE systems.
• Records in 20 HD and SD formats (1080i and 720p formats in
DVCPRO HD, as well as 480i in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV)
and is switchable between 16:9/4:3 aspect ratios.
• Convenient features include clip preview on the camera’s 3.5”
color LCD monitor; instant recording startup, scene files, assignable user buttons, focus assist and a camera remote function.
AG-HPX170 (B&H# AGPAHPX170) ..........................Call or Log-on
AG-HVX200A HD Format 3-CCD Camcorder
Multiformat HD/SD Integrated PTZ Camera
This solid state P2 high-definition camcorder provides professional filmmakers with a
powerful acquisition tool for the most demanding requirements. 1/3” advanced progressive
CCD’s and a wide-angle (30mm) 13x Leica Dicomar HD lens give you a wider, more vibrant
image as you capture HD 1080i and 720p video in DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO or
DV. The HVX200A’s intraframe compression system—great for precise editing—records to
two P2 cards (32 mins. per 32GB card) or MiniDV tape at 100 Mbps and 4:2:2 sampling.
With Cine/News gamma modes, plus variable frame rates of 12−60fps, achieve the exact
look your project needs.
• IEEE-1394 / USB 2.0 • SD down-conversion • Dual XLR audio inputs • Free 16GB P2 card
For AG-HVX200A
HVX BootCamp Training DVDs (#BOHVXBCP) ...................94.95
Lithium-ion Battery Pack: 7.2v, 5400mAh (#PACGRD54) 134.95
16GB P2 Memory Card (#AJP2C016AG).............................749.95
64GB P2 Memory Card (#AJP2C064AG) ..........................2399.95
60GB Portable P2 Storage Device (#PAAJPCS060G) .........1484.95
P2 Drive 5-Slot Capability (#PAAJPCD20) ........................1859.95
160GB FireStore DTE (#PAFS100160) ........................Call/Log-on
250GB FireStore DTE (#PAFS100250) .......................Call/Log-on
MC-70 Shotgun Microphone (#PAMC70)........................219.95
AG-YURC100 Camera Rain Cover (#PAAGYURC100) .........86.95
P2 HD Camcorder with AVC-Intra
The AG-HPX300 is world’s first affordable full 10-bit, 4:2:2 professional HD camcorder.
With 17x interchangeable lens, three 1/3” 2.2-megapixel 3-MOS imagers and full
1920 x 1080, 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC-Intra recording, the HPX300 brings true masterquality HD recording within your reach – all with the benefit of P2’s faster,
independent frame, file-based workflow. In a field of its own, the HPX300
delivers high-resolution recording using AVC-Intra and industry-standard
DVCPRO HD, but also supports standard definition recording in DVCPRO50,
DVCPRO and DV formats for complete flexibility. Native 24p (23.98 fps), makes it an affordable
solution for indie film production. High resolution LCOS color viewfinder (1,226,000-pixels) and 3.2” LCD color monitor (921,000-pixels)
provide clear image reproduction even in bright outdoor areas. The two-slot HPX300 provides instant random access to recorded HD or SD
content and operates reliably in harsh environments, with resistance to temperature extremes, shock and vibration. For security, there is a
five-year warranty program. At 8 lbs, the HPX300’s lightweight well-balanced design and ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use.
AG-HPX300 (B&H# PAAGHPX300).....................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
AG-HPG20 Portable P2 Player/Recorder
Featuring AVC-Intra recording, the powerful, 2.5 lb. AG-HPG20 brings easy playback, recording and file copying of
10-bit, 4:2:2 content to field and studio work. Equipped with two P2 card slots and a 3.5” LCD monitor, the P2 lets
you view content in a variety formats — whether it’s 10-bit, 4:2:2 AVC-Intra or DVCPRO HD or in standard definition
in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV. Professional inputs/outputs include IEEE1394, USB 2.0 and HD-SDI).
#PAAGHPG20 ..............................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
AJ-PCD35 5-Slot P2 Card Drive with IEEE1394b/USB 2.0 Interface
This P2 Drive is a conduit between P2 cards and a computer. When connected to your computer, the P2
cards appear as one drive. The drive can ingest up to five P2 cards at once. Connects via a “PCI-e” card
slot of a tower computer to support a peak transfer speed of up to 1.2 Gbits/sec with multiple 64GB P2
Series “A” cards. Enables transfer speeds of 3x USB 2.0 and 1.5x Firewire/1394b.
#PAAJPCD35 ....................................................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
The HE100 integrates super-smooth
pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) mechanisms
within a unique ergonomic design,
making it a cost-effective robotic
camera solution for a wide range of
applications—from surveillance to
video-conferencing to event
production. The HE100 supports
1080i, 720p, and 480i formats and
can simultaneously output both HD
and SD signals, creating broadcastquality video through its three 1/3”
CCD’s and 13x f1.6 zoom lens. The
integrated PTZ unit has a True Servo
pan-tilt head that offers precise, fast, fluid movement in all
directions, delivering a maximum pan/tilt speed of 60 degrees per
second. Outputs HD/SD analog component and composite video.
Includes: Wireless remote control, power cable, tbletop/ceiling
mounting bracket, main mounting bracket, drop-prevention wire,
cable cover, mountig screws and rubber feet.
AW-HE100 (#PAAWHE100) ....................................................Call
HD/SD-SDI Output Board (#PAAWHHD100) ..........................Call
FS-100-160 FireStore
DTE Recorder for AG-HVX200A, AG-HPX170
Designed as the perfect complement to
Panasonic’s AG-HVX200A and AG-HPX170
P2 camcorders, the FS-100-160 tapeless
recorder uses Direct To Edit® recording
technology, eliminating the need for
capture, file transfer, and file conversion.
Just mount the unit to your camera and
shoot. When you’re done, connect to your
Mac or PC editing system via FireWire and
you’re ready to edit. Robust and lightweight, this portable device is
ideal for field work, providing a wide range of management tools,
including scene marking, prenamed storage folders, retro disk
recording, time lapse and multiple control modes. Records over
2.5 hours of DVCPRO HD 1080p footage. A ten-second buffer
ensures that footage is never lost—even under the roughest
160GB FireStore Hard Disk Recorder (#PAFS100160) .........Call
250GB FireStore Hard Disk Recorder (#PAFS100250) ........Call
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Sony Camcorders
HVR-A1U CMOS Hand-Held HDV Camcorder
An extremely compact and lightweight
camcorder, the The HVR-A1U is
equipped with a 1/3” CMOS sensor
with 2.97-megapixels and an Enhanced
Imaging Processor to deliver outstanding
picture quality.
In addition to HDV 1080i recording and playback,
the HVR-A1U offers DVCAM/DV recording and playback
capabilities, and down-conversion capability of its 1080i
recordings for a flexible choice of production systems in
HDV, DVCAM, or DV format.
It features a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 10x high-definition
zoom lens with four types of zoom control, electronic Super
SteadyShot stabilization system, and simultaneous operation of 2.7” LCD
monitor and B/W or color 0.44” viewfinder with peaking, histogram and zebra pattern functions.
It also incorporates convenient and professional features such as two XLR audio inputs with 48v
phantom power, time code capability, automatic shooting modes, and still image recording to Memory
Stick Duo media. Other advanced features include Tele Macro function, SuperNight Shot, Skin Tone
Detail, Black Stretch and Shot Transition function for smooth automatic scene transitions.
HVR-Z5U 3-CMOS Handheld HDV Camcorder
A compact HDV camcorder designed to enhance
creativity and deliver the highest standard of
optical and audio quality, the HVR-Z5U incorporates
Sony’s 3 ClearVid™ CMOS Sensor system with
Exmor™ technology to provide excellent low-light
sensitivity and Sony’s 20x “G Lens” for superb
resolution, color, and contrast, for breathtaking
images that rival expensive interchangeable lenses.
This sophisticated lens incorporates Sony’s unique
optical technology and unparalleled quality control. Moreover,
it’s been optimized to perfectly complement the camcorder’s image sensor and image-processing
technology, thus expanding shooting possibilities. The 29.5-590mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle
zoom offers a field of view that’s ideal for many shooting situations.
Zoom, focus, and iris control rings can be controlled using just one hand. Moreover, the built-in digital
extender system increases the zoom ratio to approximately 30x while Sony’s optical Super SteadyShot
system helps you achieve a stable picture.
SOHVRZ5U .................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
SOHVRA1U .................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
HVR-Z5U • HVR-Z7U • HVR-S270U All Feature
HVR-HD1000U CMOS Shoulder-Mounted HDV Camcorder
Designed for mobility and professional
appearance, the HVR-HD1000U features a
shoulder-mount design and black matte body
similar to that of professional camcorders.
Ideal for corporate communications, colleges,
wedding and event videography, the camera
is equipped with premium design characteristics, and can record high-definition 1080i
on a standard mini DV tape.
A 10x Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar lens with
SteadyShot image stabilization ensures the
perfect shot every time. A built-in down-converter creates DV
material, perfect for standard DVD productions. Plus, a special still photo
mode is ideal for producing DVD cases and making wedding photo albums.
SOHVRHD1000U .........................................................................................................Call or Log-on
• They incorporate three Sony ClearVid™ 1/3” CMOS sensor chips for high sensitivity, deep resolution,
low noise and a wider dynamic range. The sensors capture full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, resulting
in better picture quality when recorded onto mini DV tape in the HDV format (1440 x 1080).
• They can switch between HDV 1080i, DVCAM, and standard DV recording for supreme flexibility.
Native editing in the HDV format is supported by most popular NLE (nonlinear editing) software.
• They can convert material from 1080i down to 480i and output the video signals through their i.LINK
interface and other SD output connectors.
• HDV can also be recorded as a memory file on inexpensive CompactFlash cards using the supplied
(optional with the HVR-Z5U) HVR-MRC1K Memory Recording Unit, allowing a streamlined nonlinear
editing workflow to be achieved. The cameras have a special shoe connector for direct attachment of
the HVR-MRC1K without having to use a cable. The recording unit automatically synchronizes with
the cameras, and various recording options (are available when using it in HYBRID operation. Store
over two hours of HDV, DVCAM or DV on a 32GB CompactFlash card.
• They feature 24p/30p HDV native progressive recording and 24p/30p progressive scan mode
• They are equipped with Sony’s 3.2” XtraFine LCD (921,000 pixels) and 0.45” XtraFine EVF
(1.2 million pixels) for high-resolution and high-contrast images with remarkable color reproduction.
• They have three built-in ND filters to help reduce light intensity under bright shooting conditions.
• The HVR-Z5U and HVR-Z7U have HDMI output, the HVR-S270U has an HD/SD-SDI output connector.
Sony’s HDV Format
The HDV tape transport mechanisms are based on the DV helical scan format. Therefore,
videotapes used for DV recording can also be used for HD recording, and the recording time
is equivalent. HDV1080i and HDV 720p devices are downward compatible with DV from
which both HDV tape transports mechanisms were derived.
The HDV 1080i specification does not follow the DV tape footprint as HDV 720p does. In
order to accommodate a higher bit-rate, the HDV 1080i specification adopted a unique track
and sector structure that maximizes the length of the track for MPEG-2 payload recording.
The video payload bit-rate is 25.4Mbps, which is 28% higher than what is possible by
strictly adhering to the DV track and sector structure.
Content originated by HDV 1080i products is routinely used as “contribution” for high end
productions, inter-cut with other high definition formats and eventually aired on network
broadcasts. The HDV 1080i specification compresses HD video at 25 Mbps (same as DV).
The 25Mbps data stream consumes only 2GB for every ten minutes of recording.
HDV 1080i has a very high vertical resolution of 1080 lines. It is possible to deliver 1.85:1 or
2.35:1 film formats with excellent visual quality. The high spatial and temporal resolution of
HDV 1080i produces very detailed 35mm film out.
Blu-ray Disc recorders can be connected directly to compatible HDV devices via their i.Link®
ports for an efficient and cost effective distribution of high quality prerecorded HD content.
One single layer Blu-ray Disc media provides 115 minutes of native HDV 1080i recording. It is
not necessary to resort to high compression schemes or to use expensive, time-consuming
multi-pass encoders for long form program distribution.
• A host of functions enhance operational versatility. These include -6 and -3dB gain settings, Smooth
Gain function, advanced histogram, picture profile with up to 6 picture-quality settings, Color
Correction and Skin Detail functions, White Balance Shift function and Smooth Slow Rec function
which enables smooth slow-motion playback by capturing images 4x faster than normal.
3-CMOS Handheld and Shoulder-Mount
Interchangeable Lens HDV Camcorders
Ideal for documentaries, electronic newsgathering,
independent production, music videos, web streaming,
and more, the handheld HVR-Z7U and shoulder-mounted
HVR-S270U step up from the HVR-Z5U with a 1/3”
bayonet interchangeable lens system. This allows the
use of a wide range of lenses from Canon and Fujinon.
Both come standard with a 12x high-quality, multi-purpose Carl Zeiss lens for HD video, with a VarioSonnar T* coating to reduce reflections. A specially designed 8x wide-angle lens is also available as an
option. These lenses give them the same functionality as Sony’s professional fixed-lens camcorders
with built-in features such as auto-focus, optical stabilizer, and automatic back-focus adjustment. Using
a special adaptor, users can also attach Sony’s Alpha series (digital still camera) lenses.
The HVR-Z7U uses InfoLithium batteries and has an HDMI ouput. The HVR-S270U also supports standard-size cassettes for extended recording times (up to 4.5 hours), has four-channel audio input and
has an HD/SD-SDI output connector.
HVR-Z7U (SOHVRZ7U)................Call or Log-on
HVR-S270U (SOHVRS270U) ........Call or Log-on
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800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Sony Camcorders
Quick Dial: 821
HDR-FX1000 3-CMOS HDV Camcorder
With its 24p progressive scan mode, the HDR-FX1000’s high-quality
film-like motion lets you realize brilliant, broadcast-quality HD
imagery. CinemaTone Gamma and CinemaTone Color
give your footage an even more film-like feel.
Three 1/3” ClearVid CMOS image sensors with Exmor
technology capture sharp, detailed images even in low
light (to 1.5 lux). The 29.5mm G-Lens with 20x optical zoom
allows for wider-angle shooting, while three built-in neutral
density filters and three manual rings provide even greater flexibility.
HDV Videocassette Recorders
These HDV videocassette decks both offer
HDV 1080i, DVCAM, and DV SP recording
and playback capability on mini-size DV as
well as standard-size cassettes, for easy
migration from standard- to high-definition
production. They can convert material from
1080i down to 480i and 576i, and output these
video signals via its i.LINK, analog component, composite or S-Video connectors.
• 3.2” Xtra Fine LCD display (921k pixels) • Smooth slow record (6 seconds) • 6 picture profiles
• 2:3 pull-down to 60i for editing on most HDV software • Manual gain/shutter/white balance
HDV Portable Video Walkman
A portable player/recorder well suited for ENG and EFP work, the GV-HD700
offers the ability to record SD resolution and playback HDV resolution, view
content on its built-in 7" TFT 16:9 LCD screen, or output 1080i/720p
signals to an HD display through the HDMI output. Features include
x.v.Color Technology, crystal clear still/slow-motion playback,
MiniDV SP/LP record/playback, IEEE-1394 (DV) interface,
component output, and 12-Bit/16-bit PCM digital audio recording.
• 7” color LCD screen with Active Matrix technology provides clear,
accurate colors for on-the-spot playback of recordings.
• Built in assemble editor lets you mark cut-in and cut-out points for up to 20 separate scenes.
• Edit images by zooming in up to 2x and cropping (up, down, left, right).
• Capture digital still images from tape, analog or i.LINK input, directly onto Memory Stick Duo media
• Analog in/out lets you preserve your analog library by copying it onto a digital format.
#SOGVHD700 .......................................................................................................................1049.95
3-CMOS HDV Camcorder
Shoot like a pro with the HDR-FX7 high definition Handycam
camcorder. Capture amazing video and still images in high
definition with the HDV 1080i 3CMOS sensor, while a Carl
Zeiss 20x optical zoom Lens maintains image clarity.
Record still images at the same time that you’re shooting
video. So no matter what the occasion, the HDR-FX7 is the
perfect camcorder for the situation.
• Carl Zeiss 20x HD lens plus a 1.5x digital extender available throughout the entire zoom range
• 3.5” wide (16:9) Hybrid Clear Photo LCD Plus display • Smooth slow record
• Manual zoom and focus rings • Super SteadyShot Optical Stabilization System
• Picture Profile lets you make adjustments for a scene (color, sharpness, white balance, etc.) into any
one of six presets
• Simultaneously record HD video and 1.2-megapixel still images directly to Memory Stick Duo Media
#SOHDRFX7 ................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
3-CMOS Professional HDV Camcorder
Equipped with a 3-chip ClearVid CMOS sensor
combined with Sony’s Enhanced Imaging Processor
(EIP) technology for higher sensitivity and higher
resolution, the HVR-V1U natively captures progressive
images at 24p, 30p or 60p, while maintaining full 1080i
HDV resolution. It features a Carl Zeiss 10x Vario-Sonnar
T* Lens with extra-low dispersion glass, huge 3.5” Clear Photo
LCD screen, XLR audio input, time code capability, various automatic shooting modes,
and still picture recording. In addition to HDV1080i, it offers DVCAM/DV recording and playback as well.
Down-conversion of 1080i recordings is also provided for a flexible choice of production systems in
HDV, DVCAM, or DV format. For added flexibility and versatility, the HVR-V1U enables simultaneous or
“hybrid” recording to tape with the optional HVR-DR60 hard-disk recording unit.
#SOHVRV1U ................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
They can output three types of color bars via
i.LINK, HDMI, analog component, S-Video, and
composite connectors, as well as a 1kHz audio
tone signal via the i.LINK, HDMI, and analog
audio connectors.
#SOHDRFX1000 ..........................................................................................................Call or Log-on
They copy external timecode through the
“HDV/ DV in TC” feature and connectivity options
include—i.LINK (IEEE-1394), component output,
S-Video, composite, and analog audio I/Os. Auto
repeat function enables them to automatically
rewind the tape to either the beginning of the
tape, the first complete blank portion, or an index
point on the tape, and start playback again from
there. Built-in tape cleaner with high-grade
sapphire blade helps prevent signal dropouts and
improve the reliability of recording and playback.
• The HVR-M15AU is compact and unobtrusive. Can be placed horizontally or vertically to conform to
existing work environments.
• The HVR-M25AU deck adds a 2.7” wide 16:9 ClearPhoto LCD and an HDMI output. DUPLICATE PLUS
functionmakes it easy to copy video and audio from an i.LINK compatible VCR or camcorder. When
down-converting signals, the Edge Crop Adjust function is provided to adjust the edge crop position.
By displaying the edge crop marker on the LCD monitor, operators can conveniently check the edge
crop position before outputting down-converted signals. All Scan Mode–similar to the Underscan
mode of ordinary monitors–displays all effective scanning lines in the LCD monitor when 1080i mode
is selected. This is useful if you want to check pictures for web applications, for example.
• The HVR-M35U adds support for “native progressive” recording modes, down-conversion playback,
and has HD/SD-SDI output with embedded audio and timecode data, allowing straight duplication to
a similiarly equipped deck. It can also play back the 4-channel audio data in HDV 1080i format
recorded by the HVR-S270U as well as the four-channel audio data in DVCAM format.
HVR-M15AU (SOHVRM15AU) ......................Call
HVR-M35AU (SOHVRM35U) .......................Call
HVR-M25AU (SOHVRM25AU) .........................Call
Sony 3-Year Extended Warranty (SOEWD) ..Call
Digital HD Video Cassette Recorder
The HVR-1500A is an HDV/DVCAM/DV player and
recorder. It offers many must-have professional
features such as quick mechanical response,
multi-format DV playback, and a robust set of
video and audio interfaces ranging from analog
to digital SDI and AES/EBU. Additionally, it offers
HD-SDI input/output, allowing it to be used as
an HD recording deck for cameras with HD-SDI
outputs. The HVR-1500A can also be used as a
standard definition DVCAM recorder. Designed as a bridge between HDV and HDCAM format, as well as
between HDV and XDCAM HD format, use it for dubbing from HDCAM decks for off-line production,
such as viewing or distributing content on lower-cost HD media, or for baseband, real-time writing back
from an HD non-linear editing system.
• Records in 60i, 50i, HDV 1080i, DVCAM, and DV (SP mode) formats, with DVCPRO 25 playback
• Inputs include SD-SDI, AES/EBU and 6-pin i.Link (HDV).
• Analog video is selectable from HD/SD component, SD composite, S-video, and analog XLR (x2)
• Optional HVBK-1505 Analog Input Board enables analog SD component, composite or S-video, and
balanced audio via XLR connectors.
• Optional HVBK-1520 enhances the unit by giving it both up-conversion and cross-conversion
capabilities; up-convert DV to either 1080i or 720 or cross-convert 1080i HDV footage to 720p.
HVR-1500A (#SOHVR1500A) .......................................................................................Call or Log-on
HV-BK1505 Analog Input Board (#SOHVBK1505) ......................................................Call or Log-on
HVBK-1520 Format Converter Board (#SOHVBK1520) ................................................Call or Log-on
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Sony Camcorders
HXC-100 HD/SD System Camera
Equipped with Sony’s newly-developed digital triax transmission technology, the multi-format HXC-100 allows users to use their
facility’s existing triax cable infrastructures for a seamless and cost-effective transition to digital transmission and ultimately to HD.
The HXC-100 camera supports versatile applications for HD with a high-quality SD output. It uses the latest 14-bit A/D conversion
circuit as well as the superb 2/3-inch Power HAD™ FX CCDs to bring out high picture quality. Together with the highly compact 1.5
RU HXCU-100 Camera Control Unit and a remote control panel from Sony, the HXC-100 camera offers a fairly simple system. With
a variety of beneficial functions packed into the camera, such as its Focus Assist function, the HXC-100 provides genuine userfriendliness. Features three 2/3” Power HAD™ FX CCDs with 2.2 million pixels each, and is switchable between 1080i and 720P
50/60 Hz, with 525i and 625 SD modes available from the camera head and CCU. It offers comprehensive image controls with
wide dynamic range and a 14-bit A/D. It also offers a range of automatic features designed to minimize the adjustments necessary
during production, including auto iris with multi-zone weighting, auto skin tone detail, auto knee, electronic color correction, focus
assist function and hyper gamma.
SOHXC100K ......................................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
• Offers a high sensitivity of f/10 for 59.94 Hz and f/11 for 50 Hz
with high S/N ratios of -55 dB (HD) and -65 dB (NTSC)
• A wide range of capturing modes are available including
1080/50i, 1080/59.94i, 720/50P, 720/59.94P, 576/50i, and
• High-performance 14-bit A/D converter enables images captured by the high-performance CCDs to be processed with maximum precision.
• Auto Lens Aberration Compensation function optimizes lens performance to provide stunning picture quality.
• Offers long cable runs of up to 1200m (3937 feet) via ø14.5
mm cable between the camera and the CCU.
• Provides a wide range of inputs and outputs via the connector
panel such as HD-SDI output, SD-SDI output, VF signal, return
signal, and SDI Prompter signal. What’s more, an intercom
channel (ENG/PROD) is also provided.
HXCU-100 Camera Control Unit for HXC-100
The HXC-100 camera offers flexible configuration with the highly
compact 1.5 RU-size HXCU-100 Camera Control Unit, creating a
standardized 19-inch rack system that is ideal for space-limited
production areas. Combined with the HXCU-100, the HXC-100
can be configured as a simple studio system. Equipped with
the latest Sony-developed digital transmission technology, the
HXCU-100 can transmit high-resolution pictures between the camera and CCU, regardless of the cable length.
The HXCU-100 features flexible interfaces of selectable inputs/outputs between HD-SDI and SD-SDI. What’s more, the optional HKCU-FP1 CCU
Front Control Panel is also available. When the front panel of the HXCU-100 is replaced with the HKCU-FP1, a simple remote control system can
be configured. Many functions of the camera can be controlled by the control knobs and switches on the HKCU-FP1.
SOHXCU100K ........................................................................................................................................................................Call or Log-on
DSR-45A DVCAM Player/Recorder
DSR-1500A DVCAM Player/Recorder
The DSR-45 is a compact, comprehensive
DVCAM VCR with a variety of
convenient functions for recording,
playback, and simple editing
(assemble only). It features RS-422
and RS-232 (and LANC) machine
control, composite, S-video, and
component output I/O as well as
XLR-balanced audio output. Built-in 2.5” LCD monitor for menu set-up and A/V monitoring.
The DSR-1500A a compact, half rack player/recorder
that makes it ideal in production vehicles, desktop editing suites or in any location where space is at a premium. In addition to DVCAM the deck plays back the
consumer DV format as well as Panasonic's DVCPRO.
Signal outputs include composite video, Y/C, and analog component video standard. Aside from Firewire all
the video inputs are optional. Separate supplementary
digital input (DSBK-1501) and analog input (DSBK-1504) boards are required.
DSR-1500A (#SODSR1500A)
Sony 3-Year Extended Warranty (#SOEWD)
DSR-45 (#SODSR45A)
Sony 3-Year Extended Warranty (#SOEWD)
DSR-1800A Master Series DVCAM Editing VTR
The DSR-1800A DVCAM Master Series
digital video cassette deck records 8-bit
digital component with a 5:1 compression
ratio at a sampling rate of 4:1:1. It offers
excellent playback compatibility for all DV
family formats 25Mbps cassette sizes,
and does not require a cassette adapter
or menu setting changes for playback.
Playback of Panasonic DVCPro cassettes.
The DSR-1800A offers a variable speed playback function with a range of -0.5 to +0.5 times
normal speed. It is equipped with an RS-422A remote control connection to interface with the
other compatible equipment. A built-in signal generator for color bars and black burst. 1kHz tone
or mute signal for audio. Optional interfaces may be installed for HD up-convert, and
DSR-1800A Master Series Digital VTR (#SODSR1800A)
SDI/AES/EBU Input/Output Board (#SODSBK1801)
HD Up-converter Board (#SODSBK1820)
Remote Control Unit (#SODSRM10)
19” Rack-Mount Kit (#SORMM130US)
Sony 3-Year Extended Warranty (#SOEWD)
DSR-DR1000A DVCAM Studio Hard Disk Recorder
The Sony DSR-DR1000A is a DVCAM
stream-based, hard-disk recorder that brings
new production opportunities. Uses a large
capacity hard-disk drive to provide more
than twelve hours of DVCAM stream recording.
Sony 3-Year Extended Warranty (#SOEWD)
DSR-2000A DVCAM Master Series Editing Player/Recorder
The DSR-2000A supports playback
of all DV based formats including
DVCPRO and DV recorded in both SP
and LP. It has pre-read editing for
superior frame accuracy, a built-in
jog shuttle dial for 2 machine linear
editing and Dynamic Motion Control
for clear playback and smooth edits
at any speed. Also includes Firewire connection for interfacing with non-linear systems.
DSR-2000A (#SODSR2000A)
Sony 3-Year Extended Warranty (#SOEWD10)
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Sony Camcorders
Quick Dial: 821
3CMOS XDCAM EX Pro HD Camcorders
The first compact HD camcorder to belong
to Sony’s CineAlta line, the solid-state
PMW-EX1 incorporates three progressive
1/2” Exmor CMOS image sensors and full
HD signal processing with MPEG-2 HD recording at
25/35Mbps. You can set shutter angle and speed,
frame rate (from 1fps to 60fps), resolution
(1080p/720p/1080i) and a range of cine-style
gamma curves. Record up to 140 minutes of video
at 35Mbps on two 16GB SxS memory cards at full
native 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 switchable HD resolutions.
Integrating a 3.5” high-resolution LCD and built-in stereo microphone with two XLR microphone inputs,
the PMW-EX1 also features a 14x non-servo Fujinon lens with a fully manual iris ring and focus ring
with hard stops and marked focus positions.
PMW-EX3 Step-up Features: Utilizing the same electronics as the PMW-EX1, the EX3 adds an
interchangeable 1/2” lens mount, removable viewfinder, improved controls, and a redesigned, easier-to-hold
body that includes a retractable shoulder pad. For creative shooting, it features “Slow & Quick Motion”,
commonly known as “over-cranking” and ”under-cranking”, selectable gamma curves, slow-shutter, interval
recording and Picture Profile feature. Filmmakers and wildlife/event videographers requiring variable lenses
can take advantage of the outside dials for peaking, brightness and contrast, a push-button frame rate dial,
and zebra switches for easier viewfinder calibration. It also comes equipped with a remote control interface.
Various camera settings can be remotely controlled using an optional RM-B150 or RM-B750 Remote
Control Unit via its 8-pin remote connector.
PMW-EX1 (B&H# SOPMWEX1).....Call or Log-on
PMW-EX3 (BH# SOPMWEX3)......Call or Log-on
PHU-60K 60GB Hard Disk
Recording Unit for the PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3
Designed for the Sony PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX camcorders, the
drive has a capacity of 60GB, which will record up to 200 minutes in HQ
(35 Mbps) mode. The ability to record uninterrupted can be especially useful
for event coverage, sports and documentary-style shooting. The PHU-60K
doesn’t require tethered cabling or clunky adapters. Simply plug it into the
existing media slot, and it provides a sleek advanced storage unit directly on
the camera body. It comes equipped with advanced data protection technology which attempts to
minimize the loss of data in the event of a power interruption. In most cases, the PHU-60K can save
all but the last few seconds of footage. The disk is protected by shock absorbers, and a 3G Sensor that
detects differences in acceleration and orientation and will momentarily shut off the recording platters
if conditions are too turbulent.
B&H# SOPHU60K ....................................................................................................................746.95
PMW-EX30 XDCAM EX Recording Deck
The PMW-EX30 is a versatile and compact
recording deck that can be used for many
different applications. It allows simple viewing
f recorded materials with a monitor, dubbing to
other format/media such as HDV, XDCAM HD
and HDCAM, and feeding to nonlinear editing
systems. In addition, the PMW-EX30 can be
used as an affordable full HD recorder for event
recordings — it can record HD signal outputs from a switcher.
The PMW-EX30 is equipped with a wide array of interfaces including HD-SDI input and output, HDMI
output, HD analog component, composite outputs and more. Equipped with two SxS PRO memory card
slots, the PMW-EX30 can record up to 140 minutes of HD footage using two 16GB SxS PRO memory
cards. The recording time can be further extended up to approximately 260 minutes when an optional
PHU-60K Professional Hard Disk Unit is attached to the deck.
• Highly compact design - can be placed either
horizontally or vertically
• MPEG HD recording /playback at 35
and 25 Mb/s
• Equipped with two SxS PRO memory card
• Built-in 3.5” LCD monitor
• Adjustable audio input volume (CH1 and CH2)
• HD-SDI input/output, i.LINK (HDV) input/output
and component output
• Down-converted SD outputs for migration to
SD environments - SD-SDI, i.LINK (DVCAM),
component, S-Video and composite
• HDMI output for connection to HDTV displays
B&H # SOPMWEX30 ....................................................................................................Call or Log-on
VCT-PG11RMB 2-Stage Tripod
Features the RM-1BP remote LANC controller on the pan arm for fingertip
control of zoom, focus and recording functions, and a 75mm leveling
ball-mount for rapid setups. The dual-tubed upper stage provides
superior torsional resistance, and the mid-level spreader provides greatly
increased vertical strength.
# SOVCTPG11RMB .....................................................................1099.95
HVL-LBP Battery-Powered LED Light
Ideal for wide-angle shooting, the HVL-LBP features LED reliability and
low power consumption, wide uniform light for 16:9 aspect ratios, and
operates with daylight-balanced color temperature. Spot or flood lighting
with an attached condensing lens. A dimmer dial adjusts the light
intensity from 10% to 100%.,and an indicator shows the remaining
battery strength even when the light is turned off. Use as a hand-held
battery light or on top of a light stand to act as a backlight. Powered by
NPF-970 InfoLITHIUM battery for up to 3 hours at maximum brightness.
# SOHVLLBP ...........................................................................................................................519.95
RM-1BP LANC Remote Control
Can connect to a tripod handle and used for convenient control of zoom,
focus and start/stop. Using the rocker switch to select either slide-wheel
zoom or zoom speed, it is easy to perform the sort of slow zooms that are
tricky using the camcorder’s own controls.
# SORM1BP ..................................................................................219.95
VCL-HG0872 0.8x Hi-Grade Wide Angle Converter Lens
Expand your HDV camcorder’s optical range with the
VCL-HG0872 wide angle lens. Featuring a 3 group and 4
element design with all aluminum and glass construction, it
provides a superb wide angle zoom for stunning group and
landscape shots.
High grade glass lens offers increased detail at the edge of an image for minimized distortion and
increased optical clarity. The included hood helps protect the lens from damage while helping to
eliminate errant light. A handy storage pouch and front and rear lens covers are included to protect the
lens while off the camcorder. Fits all camcorders with 72mm diameter lens.
# SOVCLHG0872 ......................................................................................................................349.95
An LCD hood for the 3.2” LCD monitors of the HVR-Z5U, HVR-Z7U and
HRV-S270U. An adjustable 360° shade prevents light from the LCD
monitor from leaking out into the surroundings. It is designed to fold up
while still attached to the monitor, so it can also serve as an LCD cover
when in transit. (#SOSHL32WBP) ...............................................61.95
AC-VQL1BP AC Adapter/Charger
4-slot battery charger for NP-970 InfoLITHIUM battery packs, the
AV-VQL1BP displays current available time for shooting and remaining
time to complete charge. Has two selectable charge modes (Normal/
Full). Displays battery log information (total charge times/charge
cycles and last operation date).
# SOACVQL1BP .......................................................................................................................399.95
NPF-970: 7.2v 6600mAh Info-Lithium Battery (#SONPF970).......................................................99.95
16GB SxS Pro Media Card (#SOSBP16) ....................................................................................529.95
32GB SxS Pro Media Card (#SOSBP32) ....................................................................................844.95
SBAC-US10: SxS Memory Card USB Reader/Writer for ExpressCard/34 (#SOSBACUS10) ...........256.95
Vortex DVD: “Mastering the Sony EX1” (#VOEX1DVD) ................................................................99.95
Vortex DVD: “Mastering the Sony EX3” (#VOEX3DVD) ................................................................99.95
Studio Remote Control for PMW-EX3 (#SORMB150) ................................................................1995.00
Studio Remote Control for PMW-EX3 (#SORMB750) ................................................................4514.00
ECM-674 Shotgun Microphone (#SOECM674) .............................................................Call or Log-on
ECM-678 Supercardioid Short Shotgun Mic (#SOECM678) ...........................................Call or Log-on
278-289 Professional Video:Layout 1 9/24/09 11:41 PM Page 288
Sony Camcorders
Versatile, Disc-based Recording System
Sony’s XDCAM HD system is suitable for all types of users – including cinematographers, broadcasters, and video
professionals – and complements the other products in the Sony range such as the HDCAM Series for high-end video
production and the affordable, entry-level HDV Series. One of the major characteristics of the XDCAM HD system is its
use of an optical disc as a recording medium. Ideal for broadcasters, production facilities, corporate, government and
educational facilities, the tremendous benefits of disc-based operation include instant random access and network
capability to name just a few. Sony’s XDCAM HD brings these disc-based benefits to HD programming, providing much
improved workflows and cost efficiencies as well as offering striking-quality HD images.
PDW-F335L • PDW-F355L
XDCAM HD 1/2” 3CCD Camera with Viewfinder
#SOPDF335L or #SOPDW355L
The PDW-F335L and PDW-F355L are highly versatile and cost-effective HD camcorders. Equipped with three 1/2” HD CCDs they offer HD
recording in 1080/59.94i, 50i, 29.97P, 25P, and 23.98P modes – as well as DVCAM-format recording. They incorporate a rich variety of
features useful for creative shooting such as interval recording, slow-shutter, and selectable gamma curve. Additionally, the PDW-F355
provides a “Slow & Quick Motion” function, which is also commonly known as “over-cranking” and “under-cranking”.
They record high-quality uncompressed four-channel audio in HD recording mode. They are also equipped with a range of audio interfaces.
They offer highly advanced image control features such as Skin Tone Detail and Dynamic Contrast Control, allowing operators to create
stunning images. Picture Cache recording provides up to 12 seconds of loop recording using solid state memory. When in Standby mode
and the REC button is pressed, everything that happened up till 12 seconds before that moment can be recorded to disc. Valuable shots,
which would otherwise have been missed, are now captured.
Disc recording provides users with a number of benefits that are especially useful during shooting. For example, because new footage is always recorded onto an empty area of the disc, there is no need to cue-up to the next recording position before shooting. This means that
operators can start shooting without the worry of accidentally recording over existing footage. In short, the XDCAM HD camcorders are ideally suited to a broad array of shooting opportunities such as event shooting, news gathering, field productions, and indie productions.
PDW-700 2/3” XDCAM HD422 Camcorder
The PDW-700 offers striking-quality HD recording at a rate of up to 50MB/s (on 50GB Dual Layer discs) using the MPEG-2 4:2:[email protected] compression, “MPEG HD422. It also provides multi-format recording capability including 1080i, 720p and SD, which comes with HD/SD conversion
and cross conversion between 1080i and 720p. The PDW-700 is equipped with three 2/3” CCDs – a “Power HAD FX” progressive CCD with
1920 x 1080 effective pixels. Stunning- quality HD images are captured by this high-resolution CCD in conjunction with the14-bit A/D converter,
4:2:2 sampling and recording, and advanced digital signal processing.
It features two HD/SD-SDI outputs and a composite/HD-Y output, as well as a pool-feed input (HD/SD-SDI and composite) input options. The
camera’s ruggedness and durability have been enhanced with dust and water resistant mechanisms, as well as features to cool the camera
and reduce fan noise. The camcorder maintains XDCAM’s file-based architecture and use of proxy video and metadata. It also features a digital
extender, picture cache, interval recording, slow shutter, focus magnification, clean switching between the “live and playback” function, and a
large 3.5” LCD screen. The PDW-700 has a Live & Play function that can simultaneously output both playback signals (images already
recorded) and incoming camera signals (images seen through the viewfinder). Both signals are fed to their respective output and viewfinder
connectors independently, and can be viewed at the same time. This allows users to frame the next shot, adjust the exposure, and even focus
the lens while the camcorder is playing back recordings from the disc. With fast file-based operations and superb picture quality, the PDW-700 is an invaluable tool for news gathering, TV, documentaries, and entertainment programming where a high-quality look is everything.
PDW-F800 2/3” XDCAM HD422 Camcorder
The PDW-F800 CineAlta® camcorder offers a frame rate of 23.98P natively in 1080 mode and multi-format recording flexibility as standard – including standard-definition recording to support legacy formats (MPEG IMX®, DVCAM™ and 4:2:0 HD content). It also provides
multi-format (1080i/720P) recording, as well as HD/SD conversion and cross-conversion during playback between 1080i and 720P.
Record HD content (95 minutes at 50 Mbps) to the dual-layer PFD50DLA 50GB optical disc. The PDW-F800 adds variable frame rate
recording for slow and quick motion capabilities, also known as “over-cranking” and “under-cranking.” The camcorder uses three of
Sony’s new 2/3-inch Power HAD™ FX progressive CCDs that can produce a resolution of 1920 x 1080, delivering high quality, four-channel 24-bit audio recording.
An image inverter feature enables the camera to be used with cinema lens adaptors, and a variety of gamma settings includes HyperGamma and user-selectable gamma curves. A focus assist bar-graph display is visible on the camera’s viewfinder, and users can record
proxy data to USB removable media to make transferring data easier and faster, especially in the field or on location between the camera
and a PC or editing system.
Also features auto tracing white balance hold, output markers such as safety, aspect, and center on the HD-SDI output, slow shutter, interval recording, picture cache recording (up to 30 seconds), disc exchange cache and “shock-less” gain control. Option boards are available to enable pool-feed operation. The camcorder features a 2x digital extender to enhance zoom capabilities, enabling images to be doubled in size without any loss of image sensitivity. It also has slow shutter, 2x
focus magnification, clean switching between the “live and playback” function, and a large, easy-to-view 3.5” color LCD screen.
278-289 Professional Video:Layout 1 9/24/09 11:41 PM Page 289
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Sony Camcorders
Quick Dial: 821
Canon HDTV (XDCAM) HD 1/2” Mounted Lenses
KH10ex3.6-IRSE 10:1 (3.6−36mm) Servo Zoom w/ 2x Extender
KH13x4.5-KRS 13:1 (4.5−59mm) Servo Zoom
KH16x5.7-IRSE 13:1 (5.7−92mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
KH19x6.7-KAS 19:1 (6.7−127mm) Servo Zoom, Auto Focus
KH19x6.7-KTS 19:1 (6.7−127mm) w/Rem Cntrl & Shuttle Shot
KH20x6.4-KRS 20:1 (6.4−128mm) Servo Zoom
KH21ex5.7-IRSE 20:1 (5.7−120mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
MS-15M Zoom and Focus Control Kit for ENG/EFP Lenses
Canon HD 2/3” Prime Lenses
FJS5MM T1.7 5mm T/1.7 Prime Lens
FJS9MM T1.5 9mm T/1.5 Prime Lens
FJS14MM T1.5 14mm T/1.5 Prime Lens
FJS24MM T1.5 24mm T/1.5 Prime Lens
Canon HD 2/3” Crossover Lenses
for 16:9 / 4:3 Cameras
J11ex4.5B-VASE 11:1 Lens (4.5−50mm) Servo Focus/Zoom
J17ex7.7B-VASE 17:1 Lens (7.7−131mm) Servo Focus/Zoom
J22ex7.6B-VASE 22:1 Lens (7.6−168mm) Servo Focus/Zoom
Fujinon HDTV HD 2/3” Mounted Lenses
Fujinon HDTV (XDCAM) HD 1/2” Mounted Lenses
XS13x33BRMM 13:1 (3.3−43mm) Servo Zoom
XS13x3.3RM-M 13:1 (3.3−43mm) Servo Zoom w/Dual Hot Shoe
HS16x46ERM 16:1 (4.6−74mm) w/2x Extender
HS16x4.6ERM-M 16:1 (4.6−74mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
XS17x55BRMM 17:1 (5.5−94mm) Servo Zoom
XS17x5.5RM-M 17:1 (5.5−94mm) Servo Zoom w/Dual Hot Shoe
HSS18x55BRDS 18:1 (5.5−100mm) Servo Focus
HS18x55BERM 18:1 (5.5−100mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
HSS18x5.5BMD-D18 18:1 (5.5−100mm) Motor Focus with
Remote Control
HSS18x5.5RM-M 18:1 (5.5−100mm) Servo Zoom w/Dbl Hot Shoe
HSS18x5.5RD-S 18:1 (5.5−100mm) Serv Foc/Zm w/Dbl Hot Shoe
HSS18x55BRM 18:1 (5.5−100mm)
HSS18x5.5ERM-M 18:1 (5.5−100mm) w/2x Extender
HSS18x5.5ERD-D 18:1 (5.5−100mm) Servo Focus w/2x Extender
HA13x4.5BRD 13:1 (4.5−59mm) Servo Focus/Zoom
HA16x6.3ERM-M 16:1 (6.3−101mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
HA16x6.3ERD-S 16:1 (6.3−101mm) Servo Focus/Zoom w/2x Ext
HA18x7.6ERM-M 18:1 (7.6−137mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
HA18x7.6ERD-S 18:1 (7.6−137mm) Servo Focus/Zoom w/2x Ext
HAC18x7.6B 18:1 Compact Cinema Zoom (7.6−137mm)
HA22x7.8ERM-M 22:1 (7.8−172mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
HA22x7.3ERD-S 22:1 (7.3−161mm) Servo Focus/Zoom w/2x Ext
HA25x11.5ERD-S 25:1 (11.5−288mm) Servo Foc/Zoom w/2x Ext
HA25x16.5ERD-F18 25:1 (16.5−413mm) Servo Focus/Zoom w/2x
Motor Driven Extender
Fujinon Lens Zoom / Focus Controllers
MS-11 Rear lens controller kit
MS-21D Digital rear lens controller (lenses w/ratio converters)
MS-15M Canon digital rear lens controller kit
MS-22M Canon rear lens controller kit
Sony Lens Zoom / Focus Controller
MS-01 Rear zoom and focus control kit (Fujinon lenses)
Manfrotto Lens Zoom / Focus Controllers
524CFI Pan bar-mounted remote control (Canon/Fujinon)
524CN Zoom remote controller (8-pin Canon lenses)
524AX Zoom remote controller (8-pin Angenieux lenses)
Canon HDTV HD 2/3” Mounted Lenses
HJ11ex4.7B-IRSE 11:1 (4.7−52mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
KJ16ex7.7B-KRSD 16:1 (7.7−124mm) Servo Zoom
KJ16ex7.7B-IRSD 16:1 (7.7−124mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
HJ17ex7.6B-IRSE 17:1 (7.6−130mm) Servo Zoom w/2x Extender
KJ20x8.5-KRS 20:1 (8.5−170mm) Servo Zoom
KH21x57IRS 21:1 (7.6−160mm) w/2x Extender
Varizoom Lens Zoom / Focus Controllers
VZ-JZFF Focus/zoom remote controller (Fujinon lenses)
VZ-SPGF12 Focus/zoom rem. control kit (Fujinon 12-pin lenses)
VZ-SPG-F Focus/zoom remote control kit (Fujinon lenses)
VZ-SPRO-F2 Focus/zoom rem. control kit (Fujinon 1/2” lenses)
VZ-SPRO-C Focus/zoom remote control kit (Canon lenses)
VZ-SPRO-F Focus/zoom remote control kit (Fujinon lenses)
PDW-1500 XDCAM Compact Deck
The Sony PDW-1500 is a half-rack XDCAM
recorder for Sony’s line of non-linear optical
• Features include high speed file transfer
• Metadata recording and multiple format
capability • Thumbnail search operation
means no more winding through endless
amount of recorded tape; each shot is
right at your fingertips
Increase your workload efficiency and
flexibility. Supports 1080/59.94i, 50i,
29.97P, 25P and native 23.98P, with
DVCAM playback. Features up and
down HD signal conversion, precise
variable jog/shuttle, and a 3.5” color
(16:9) LCD screen.
PDW-1500 (SOPDW1500) ...............................................................................Call or Log-on
Rackmount Kit (SORMMDSR15) .....................................................................Call or Log-on
Hard Shell Carrying Case (SOLCPDWV15H) ...................................................Call or Log-on
Remote Edit Controller (SORM280) ...............................................................Call or Log-on
PDW-F75 (SOPDWF75) ..................................................................................................CALL
Plug-in Board (SOPDBK101) ...............CALL
HDV I/O Board (SOPDBK102) ..............CALL
RGB/HD Component Input Board (SOPDBK103) ...........................................................CALL
Up-Conversion Board, SD-SDI, Analog, Composite (SOPDBK104) ...............................CALL
Remote Edit Controller (SORM280) ..............................................................................CALL
Rackmount Kit (SORMMF7030) ..........CALL
IEEE1394 Interface Board (SOLCPDWF70)
• Accepts the dual layer 50GB XDCAM HD discs • Records with MPEG HD codec at 35, 25,
and 18 Mb/s via HD-SDI input/output and AES/EBU audio
Mobile XDCAM Player with LCD
Built upon blue-laser technology, XDCAM products
increase non-linear workflows while maintaining the
same archiving infrastructure of traditional tape-based
acquisition schemes
• Capable of playing back both MPEG IMX and DVCAM
without the need of an external device
PDW-V1 (SOPDWV1) ......................................................................................Call or Log-on
ThermoDyne SlimLine hard transit case (SOLCPDWR1)...............................Call or Log-on
Li-Ion V-mount battery 65Wh (SOBPGL65) ...................................................Call or Log-on
Li-Ion V-mount battery 83.5Wh (SOBPL80S) ................................................Call or Log-on
2-position battery charger (SOBCL70) .........................................................Call or Log-on
PDW-U1 XDCAM Drive Unit
The PDW-U1 drive unit is designed specifically for XDCAM
cameras. It will act as a conduit between the camera and your NLE.
• Handles SD and HD professional disc media using Sony’s
patented blue-violet laser, as well as the PFD50DLA
dual-layer disc
• Cost-effective, lightning-fast transfers streamlines
post-production workflow
• XDCAM HD dual discs are compatible with the PFD50DLA,
along with the standard professional disc blue-laser media
PDW-U1 (SOPDWU1).......................................................................................Call or Log-on
Professional Video
Professional VTR’s - Sony
HDW-1800 / HDWD-1800
The CineAlta HDCAM
studio editing recorder
features a wide variety
of advanced options,
making the adoption
of and integration of
professional-grade high
definition acquisition
a more seamless
transition than ever
The HDCAM recorder is ideal for field and
mobile playback. The CineAlta brand has
become synonymous with high quality film
and TV digital acquisition.
HDCAM Studio Editing Recorder
HDCAM Half-Rack Field Recorder
• Record and playback HDCAM 1080/59.94i, 50i, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 23.98PsF, and 24PsF formats
• Built-in down-converter enables output at 480/59.94i or 576/50i • Color LCD monitor
• HDW-D1800 adds SD to HD playback/mastering for Digi Betacam and MPEG IMX
HDW-1800 #SOHDW1800
HDWD-1800 #SOHDWD1800
#SOHKDW104 3:2 pd, 720p conversion board
#SOHKDW105 i.Link/HDV input board
#SOHKDV900 Digital video controller
#SORMM131A Rack mount kit
J SerieS
Betacam Compact Players
• Features a small, lightweight frame
Betacam SX/SP tape playback
• Built-in down-conversion and
• Front panel LCD • HD-SDI in/out
• Runs on AC, DC 12V, and battery power
• Records at 24P, interlaced or progressive,
1080/59.94i, 50i, 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF and 29.97PsF
• Dimensions: 8.375 x 5.25 x 16.75"
• Weighs 13.3 lb
#SORM280 Remote edit controller
#SORMM131A Rack mount kit
#SOHKDV900 Digital video controller
#SOHKDW101 Control panel
#SOHKDW102 SDTI interface board
#SOBKMW102 Desktop control panel holder
#SOBKMW103 Control panel remote ext. kit
#SOMLB1M100 100 tele file memory labels
HDWM2000/20 SerieS
HDCAM Video Cassette Recorder/Player
with Legacy Playback
The Sony J10 deck is a Betacam, SP, and Beta SX player
that works with both NTSC and PAL system material.
• All J series compact players can play back Betacam
SX, Betacam SP and Betacam tapes
• All models have jog/shuttle dial, 525/625 versatility,
remote control capability via RS-422A and audio
meters • Handles L-size cassettes
• Compact design ideal for desktop use • J-30 model
adds MPEG IMX and digital Betacam tape playback
• JH models play HDCAM • Installed horizontally or vertically • Equipped with analog composite
video and S-video outputs, RS-232C/422A control interfaces, two channels of audio
#SOJ10 Beta/Beta SP/Beta SX with component out
#SOJ10SDI Beta/Beta SP/Beta SX with SDI and i.Link out
#SOJ30 Beta/Beta SP/Beta SX/MPEG IMX/DVW w/ component and FireWire out
#SOJ30SDI Beta/Beta SP/Beta SX/MPEG IMX/DVW player w/SDI and FireWire out
#SOJH1 HDCAM digital video cassette player w/ analog HD and SD playback
#SOJH3 HDCAM digital video cassette player w/ digital/analog HD/SD playback /time code
#SOHKJ101 i-Link (FireWire) interface board for JH-1 and JH-3
#SOEWD 3-year extended warranty ($10K-) #SOEWD10 3-year extended warranty ($10–20K)
The HDW-2000 Series VTR bridges
the gap between High-Def TV and
Standard-Def TV. These powerful
workhorse solutions offer full HDCAM
record and editing abilities, and legacy
MPEG IMX ½-inch tape recordings.
• Can record HDCAM at variable frame rates • Built-in down-conversion
• Down-convert 1080 HD signals on the fly
• Frame accurate recording without preroll
• Dimensions (WxHxD) 16.8 x 9.3 x 20.5" • Weighs 50.7 lb
#SOHDWM200020 HD rec. / HD and Legacy playback
#SOHDWM210020 HDCAM and Legacy playback
#SOHDW200020 HDCAM record and playback
#SOHDWD200020 HD record / Digi Beta, MPEG IMX playback
#SOHDWS200020 HD record / HD, Legacy playback
#SORMM131A Rack mount kit
DVW-2000 / DVW-M2000
The DVW-2000 Series of Digital Betacam
VTR’s continue to offer top-quality SD
recording and archiving, while paving the
way for future HD operations
The MSW-M2000 is a professional MPEG
IMX format VTR that will also playback
Sony 1/2" legacy formats — Betacam,
Betacam SP, Betacam SX
• DVW-M2000 step-up features include
playback capability for all Sony 1/2 inch
standard-definition legacy format tapes—
Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX,
MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam
• Plug-in HD upconversion option allows HD
signal output of 1080/59.94i or 720/59.94P
• Metadata handling capability, flexible audio
operation, and compact body design
• Editing features—frame-accurate insert/
assemble editing, pre-read editing capability, digital audio jog sound, variable speed playback
• Multi-function display
• Employs 8-bit 4:2:2 component video
sampling • MPEG data stream can output
via SDTI-CP • Supports input/output rates of 30, 40 and 50 Mbps
• Employs 8-bit 4:2:2 component video sampling and MPEG-2 4:2:2P data compression
• Optional up-conversion card for 720p, 1080i, and 480p output
• Reverse down-conversion making HDTV elements recorded to Digi-Beta or any of the Sony 1/2inch legacy formats.
Digital Betacam VTR’s
DVW-2000 Digital betacam VTR #SODVW2000
DVW-M2000 Digital betacam Studio VTR / Legacy 1/2" playback
#SOBKMW104 Upconverter board
#SOEWD 3-year extended warranty
290-291 Pro Video.indd 290
MPEG IMX Editing Recorder with Legacy Format Playback
#SOBKMW104 Up-conversion board
#SOBKMW101 Remote placement control panel
#SOBKMW103 Control-panel remote ext. kit
#SOBKMW102 Remote control panel holder
#SOBKMWE3000 Optional E-VTR network board
#SOEWD 3-year extended warranty
9/24/09 11:43 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Studio Monitors
Quick Dial: 821
BT-LH1710 / BT-LH2550
LuMa 17" / 20" SerieS
HD/SD LCD video monitor supports all HDTV formats & frame
rates, with built-in SDI.
The LUMA LMD series is designed for broadcast and multimedia
applications where performance and reliability are critical. Luma
monitors have extended life spans over conventional LCD panels.
Their ChromaTRU produces color accuracy over an unmatched
range, making sure you see the right picture every time.
Widescreen HD/SD LCD Video Monitors
• Diagonal line compensation
• Waveform monitoring from 0 to 10 IRE
• Split screen & freeze frame functions
• Supports HDTV formats
Professional HD Monitors
BT-LH1710 17” #PABTLH1710
BT-LH2550 26” #PABTLH2550W
LMD-1750W 17” #SOLMD1750W
LMD-1750WHD 17" w/ BKM-243HS HD-SDI input adapter #SOLMD1750WHD
LMD-2050W 20” #SOLMD2050W
LMD-2050WHD 20" with BKM-243HS HD-SDI input adapter #SOLMD2050WHD
BKM-243HS HD-SDI input option adapter for LMD-1750W and 2050W #SOBKM243HS
DT-V20L1u / L1Du / DT-V24L1u / L1Du / DT-V24L3Du
LuMa 24" SerieS
Studio HD LCD flat panels with accurate
color designed for the pro’s demanding HD
applications. Sophisticated scaling circuitry,
ensures a pristine 1080i/p and 720p picture.
The LUMA LMD series is designed for broadcast and
multimedia applications where performance and reliability
are critical. ChromaTRU technology for color accuracy
ensures that you see the right picture every time. Supports
NTSC, PAL, HDTV video systems, with 1920 x 1200
(WUXGA), A-Si TFT Active Matrix picture elements.
Multi-Format High-Definition LCD Monitors
DT-V20L1U 20” #JVDTV20L1U
DT-V20L1DU 20” with HD/SDI #JVDTV20L1DU
DT-V24L1U 24” #JVDTV24L1U
DT-V24L1DU 24" with HD/SDI #JVDTV24L1DU
DT-V24L3DU 24" with HD/SDI, Waveform,
3 year warranty, and ASCII code input #JVDTV24L3DU
Professional HD Monitors
LMD-2450W #SOLMD2450W
LMD-2450WHD with BKM-243HS HD-SDI input adapter #SOLMD2450WHD
BKM-243HS HD-SDI input optionl adapter f/LMD-2450W #SOBKM243HS
TM-H150CGu / 1700CGu
BVM-a14F5u / a20F1u
Multi-standard NTSC/PAL high-resolution monitors
Master-grade CRT monitors with SMPTE-C phosphors.
Configurable modular slot design supports multi-format inputs.
Top-quality images up to 1080/50i and 1080/60i 4:4:4 RGB. Test
signal generator, H/V delay, sync signals, degaussing and various
area markers for support of DTV and cinema aspect ratios.
15"/17" CRT Multi-Purpose Utility Monitors
• 750 TV lines • Switchable 16:9 & 4:3
• Underscan, tally, and blue check functions
• Color Temperature Pre-Sets 6500k, 9300k
• Video System NTSC, PAL
Multiformat CRT Broadcast Monitors
TM-H1700CGU 17”
#JVTMH1700GU ������������������������������������������ $659.95
TM9-3 / TM9-3D
Standard definition 16:9/4:3 switchable field monitor that
can be rack mounted. Built for reliability and durability,
the TM9-3 can be used with almost any AC source
around the world.
A professional monitor built specifically for high-end finishing
studios. Features a 12-bit output and 10-bit driver. Input slots
for optional SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, Component, or Y/C.
• 300 lines of resolution
• S-video, tally, and 2 composite inputs
• NTSC and PAL • 8.8 x 9.3 x 12.5"
TM9-3 #IKTM93 ���������������������������������������������$679.95
TM9-3D With Built-in SDI input #IKTM93D���$999.95
#SOBKM220D SDI input board
#SOBKM16R Control unit
#SOBKM243HS HDSDI 4:2:2 SDI input adapter
#SOBKM227W Input adapter for LMD2140
#SOBKM229X Component input adapter for LMD2140
#SMF700 Remote interface cable
#SOBKM37H Controller attachment stand
TM-1011Gu / TM-1051DGu
LMD-1410 / LMD-1420
• 16:9 & 4:3 switchable
• 280 lines of resolution
• Picture Controls: On-Screen Menu
• Rack mountable
• Power AC: 120V/220-240V, 50Hz/60HzDC: 12V
• Dimensions (WxHxD) 8.25 x 9.125 x 13.375"
• Accurate color matching technology
• Analog component I/O
TM-1011GU #JVTM1011GU ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������$619.95
TM-1051DGU Dual SDI Inputs #JVTM1051DGU �������������������������������������������������������������$929.95
LMD-1410 #SOLMD1410
LMD-1420 #SOLMD1420
TM-H150CGU 15”
#JVTMH150CGU ������������������������������������������$464.95
9" Broadcast Color Video Monitors
10" LCD Field/Rack Color Monitor
290-291 Pro Video.indd 291
4:3 aspect - 14" (13 1/8" viewable) #SOBVMA14F5U
SDI/Analog composite multi-input adapter
Analog component input adapter
4:3 aspect - 20" (19" viewable) #SOBVMA20F1U
HDSDI/SDI input board option
23" Trimaster Professional Master LCD Monitor
• DVI-D input
Professional Series LCD Monitors
LMD-1420 step-ups:
• Accepts optional BKM-320D–HD/SD-SDI
plug-in I/O Decoder Board
• Blue-only mode
• External Sync • Tally
9/24/09 11:43 PM
Professional Video
Power Solutions for 7.2v/7.4v Camcorders
ELIPZ 10K BattEry
Lithium-Ion Under-Camera
Battery System
shown with
Elipz Battery
and light
The ElipZ 10K 75Wh battery is an excellent high-capacity power
source for popular 7.2V camcorders–it can provide runtime
of as much as 2 to 5 times of the battery provided with the
camcorder, It can run a 10W camcorder for more than 7.5 hrs.
Kits include: Battery, cameraadapter cable and charger
SSL-VBG50 BattEry
High Capacity 7.4v Lithium-Ion Battery for Panasonic
Designed to work with Panasonic’s AG-HM70 and AG-HMC150 series.
Provides approx. three hours of recording time with a cpacity of 5000mAh.
3 LED power indicator to provide a quick reference of the remaining level of
power. ‘secured’ interface between the battery and the camcorder allows
optimized operation and an analog battery level can be displayed in the
camcorder viewfinder.
SSL-VBG50 7.4v /5000mAH Battery
Available for: Canon #ANELIPZCK, Panasonic #ANELIPZPK,
Sony #ANELIPZSK or for Sony HVR-Z1U #ANELIPZSZ1K ..............319.95
Elip Z Cable for JVC GY-HM100 #ANJ100ADPELP .......................84.95
Elip Z Cable for Panasonic AG-HMC150 #ANP150ADPELP ...........84.95
Dual Channel Charger for SSL-VBG50
Designed to quick charge two SSL-VBG50 batteries at the
same time. The charger is also compatible with Panasonic
for Sony PMW-EX3
ANQREX3K2 Battery and Power Kit 2 Kit Includes: • QR-EX3 Gold Mount for Sony PMW-EX3
• Two Dionic 90 Lithium-Ion Batteries • T2 2-Position Charger and 70-watt AC Power
BattEry anD PoWEr KItS
ANQREXK1 Battery and Power Kit 1 features a Gold Mount, charger
and battery to professionally power the Sony camcorder for an extended
period of time. Kit Includes: • Dionic 90 Battery • Tandem 70 Charger
• QR-EX3 Gold Mount For Sony PMW-EX3
#ANQREX3K1 974.95
#IDSSLVBG50 139.95
LC-VWP 7.4v Dual Charger
#IDLCVWP 199.95
Battery and Dual Channel Charger
For Panasonic AG-HMC70 and AG-HMC150. Kit includes: Two SSL-VBG50 Li-Ion batteries, and
LC-VWP dual-battery quick charger.
SSL-VBG50 Battery and LC-VWP Charger
#IDSSLVBG50K 474.95
CoCo-EX3 PoWEr aDaPtEr
Specially designed for the Sony PMW-EX3, the COCO-EX3 is a
compact and cost-effective method of powering accessories such as
a light, on-board LCD monitor, or audio receiver. Designed to draw
voltage from high capacity Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-mount
batteries, the Coco-EX3 attaches to the back of the camera in place
of the battery. The Anton Bauer Gold Mount or V-mount battery
then simply snaps onto Coco’s special mounting plate.
• Run a camera light, hard-disk recorder, or an external LCD via a unique Twist D-Tap connector.
• Four Hirose 4-pin connectors to operate wireless audio accessories.
• COCO-EX3 and battery enhances the balance of the camera.
For use with V-mount Battery #BECOCOEX3V 434.95
For use with Anton Bauer Battery #BECOCOEX3AB 434.95
For use with BP-U60 Battery #BECOCOEX1 384.95
SL-50 Lithium-Ion 7.2V Battery System
The SL-50 battery will power 7.2v camcorders which is a considerable upgrade in
runtime of up to 50% longer than batteries offered with the camcorders. Coupled
with the Series-7 camera mount adapter, incorporating a 4-stage LED readout with
temperature and fuse protection. Requires the Series-7 BC-L1 Quick Charger.
for Sony PMW-EX3
New IDX V-Mount Adapter Enables IDX Lithium Ion Technology to
Complement the Sony Camera System. Specifically engineered to
interconnect the IDX powerful batteries to the popular camera. It also
supports the matching PMW-EX30 recording deck. The adapter’s D-Tap
feature enables use of on-board accessories such as IDX’ X5- Lite.
#IDAE2EX3 159.95
Endura Power Adapter Kit 1 for Sony PMW-EX3. Kit includes: • A-E2EX3 Power Adapter for
Sony PMW-EX3 • E-7S Endura Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery • VL-2 Battery Charger/Power Supply
• CA-4XLR 4-pin XLR Male to 4-pin XLR Female Cable - 10’ #IDAE2EX3K1 ......................874.95
Quick Battery Chargers:
BCL-1 - for Series-7 SL-50 Batteries #SEBCL1 119.95
BCL-1S - for Sony L Series Batteries #SEBCL1S 114.95
BCL-1P - for Panasonic CGR Series Batteries #SEBCL1P 99.95
BCL-2 - Dual Charger for SL-50 Batteries #SEBCL2 239.95
Battery Kits with 2 SL-50 Batteries, Adapter Plate and Charger:
For Panasonic DVC and DVX Camcorders #SES7PDVXK,
HVX-200 #SES7PHVXK, for Sony FX-1, Z1-U, VX Series, PD Series
FX7 #SES7SHDK, for Canon XL-1/1S/2/H1 #SES7CXLHLK2 299.95
For JVC GY-HD100U #SES7JVCK 319.95
for Canon GL-1/GL-2 # SES7CAG1K 324.95
New Battery Kit 2 with Power Plate to power Camcorder and
video light Kit includes: 2 SL-50 Batteries, BCL-1 Battery Charger for
SL-50 and S7-XLHL-L Battery Adapter Plate - for Canon XL-1, XL-1S,
XL-2 and XL-H1, XD-L56S LED Fixture for Series 7 and Sony L Series
Batteries #SES7CXLHLK2 549.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 292
EnDura PoWEr aDaPtEr
A-E2EX3 Adapter for Sony PMW-EX3
7.2V Lithium-Ion 50W/7000mAh Battery #SESL50 99.95
Adapter Plates available for:
Sony “L” Series #SES7SHD, Panasonic CGR-D Series #SES7PDVX,
AG-HVX200 #SES7PHVX, Canon GL-2 #SES7CGL, Canon XL-2/XL-H Series
Camcorders #SES7CXLHL, JVC GY-HD100/110U #SES7JVC 24.95
A-E2EX3 mounted on camcorder
Endura Power Adapter Kit 2 for Sony PMW-EX3. Kit includes: • A-E2EX3 Power Adapter for
Sony PMW-EX3 • Two E-7S Endura Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery • VL-2 Battery Charger/Power
Supply • CA-4XLR 4-pin XLR Male to 4-pin XLR Female Cable - 10’ #IDAE2EX3K2 ........1249.95
DV-EX1 DV BattEry aDaPtEr
Sony PMW-EX1 to NP-F Battery Series
Designed for the Sony PMW EX1 camera. Giving two NP-F type
battery fittings, it simply connects to the cameras battery port and
provides power via the DC-in socket. Power on-board equipment
such as an LED lamp or radio mic. Provide a total power output of
6Amps/72Watts. Both outputs are regulated to 12volts, while an
additional mounting bracket allows radio mic holders to also be
secured to the adaptor.
DV-EX1 Battery Adapter for Sony PMW-EX1
DV-EX3 Battery Adapter for Sony PMW-EX3
#HADVEX3 319.50
on Camera
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Quick Dial: 821
trImPaC 14 / ProPaC 14 SErIES 14.4V NiCad Brick Batteries
Power Solutions for 14.4 Camcorders
EnDura SErIES E7/E10 Lithium-Ion 14.4V V-Mount Batteries
These lightweight batteries operate a 25-watt camcorder and
light for up to 1.5 hours, with more energy than 2 slide-in NP style
batteries. Display shows remaining battery time.
High power, lightweight, and ergonomic, these batteries feature real-time
transmission of capacity to the camera’s viewfinder as well as five external
LED lamps for easy reference of remaining power.
TrimPac 14 (45Wh) #ANTP14 199.95
Digital TrimPac 14 #ANDTP14 259.95
ProPac 14 (65Wh) #ANPP14 299.95
Digital ProPac 14 #ANDPP14 379.95
E-7S 71Wh #IDE7S 199.95
E-7 71Wh Stackable, Digi-View Display #IDE7 294.95
E-10S 98Wh #IDE10S 349.95
E-10 98Wh Stackable, Digi-View Display #IDE10 449.95
DIGItaL hytron SErIES
Nickel Metal Hydride 14.4V Batteries
E-hL9/hL-9S 14.4V V-Mount High Load Batteries
Offers powerful chemistry and reliable operation for all shooting
applications. Utilizing Anton-Bauer’s InterActive technology, the
battery’s onboard “Fuel Computer” monitors power and operating
characteristics to ensure optimal—and accurate—performance.
Designed to match the demands of power-hungry HD cameras by supporting
sustained high current loads. Takes continuous draw of up to an impressive
10 Amps. 50% higher discharge rate. 10% longer battery viability at the
500-cycle level.
(50Wh) #ANH50 259.95
(100Wh) #ANH100 429.95
(140Wh) #ANH140 549.95
E-HL9S 3 Power Status LEDs, 14.4VDC, 88Wh #IDEHL9S 339.95
E-HL9 5 Status LEDs, 14.4VDC, 88Wh Digi-View #IDEHL9 414.95
NP-1 Style NiCad/Li-Ion Batteries
DIonIC 90 / 160 14.4V Lithium-Ion Batteries
High-capacity battery system, compatible with AB InterActive 2000 power
chargers and Titan Series chargers. Runs a typical 25-watt camcorder for over
3 hours. Military-grade cell chemistry
• Multiple safety circuits • Real-time display of battery run time
Dionic 90 90wh #AND90 414.95
Dionic 160 160wh #AND160 949.95
new! Dionic hC High-Capacity 14.4V Li-Ion Battery
The Dionic HC lithium ion battery is capable of delivering up to 10 amps for
high current draw applications, including on-camera lighting. The 91 watt-hour
Dionic HC can operate a 40 watt HD camcorder for over 2 hours.
Dionic HC 91wh #ANDHC 499.95
14.4V LIthIum-Ion BattErIES
No memory Digital Li-Ion battery pack. Use with a detachable battery watch
(D4200) to monitor real-time capacity for maximum power conservation and
optimal performance. Also features an intelligent control circuit for
temperature, current and voltage protection with a 4 level LED power indicator.
Batteries for Sony V-Mount
#VAD8081S 88Wh 271.95
#VAD8111S 126Wh 399.95
#VAD8161S 190Wh 524.95
Batteries for A/B Mount
#VAD8081A 88Wh 279.95
#VAD8111A 126Wh 399.95
#VAD8161A 190Wh524.95
#VAD4200 Battery Status Testing Device with LCD, Back Light Readout 99.95
S-8170 SErIES 14.4V Lithium-Ion Split Batteries
When affixed to a camcorder, the S-8170 is a powerful 160W
(80Wh x 2) lithium-ion battery. It can be divided in half to meet
domestic and international transport restrictions.
Sony V-Mount #VAS8170S 459.95
Anton Bauer Mount #VAS8170A 429.95
• Select high-grade cells • Tough ABS case
• Battery circuit protection • LED battery-status indicator
NP-23DX 12V/29Wh (NiCad) #IDNP23D 74.95
1Dx 13.2V/32Wh (NiCad) #IDNP1DX 99.95
L7s 14.4V/71Wh (Li-Ion) #IDNPL7S 189.95
L7 14.4V/71Wh (Li-Ion) w/Digi View #IDNPL7 294.95
14.V/95Wh Power Circle Lithium Ion Battery
These sophisticated batteries incorporate a 4-segment
“power-circle” micro-driven coulometric capacity indicator.
Increased run time for packages up to 35W.
PAGLok Moun #PAL95EQ 369.95
V-Lock Mount #PAL95E 279.95
150Wh & 60Wh HD Camera Batteries
Frezzi’s newest HD camera batteries the HD-150 battery with the power
of 150WH. Also available is the mini version of this battery the HD-60,
a 60WH mini brick camera battery. The HD-150 can handle high
discharge rates up to 200W while providing excellent cycle life, and the
HD-60 can handle loads up 80W. Designed for cameras with an
Anton Bauer ® bracket.
• Best Warranty in Industry • Maximum Run Time for HD Camera’s
• 150WH HD Cells Best in Industry - Handles Up to 200W • Unmatched Performance & Cycle Life
• Rugged - Serviceable - Sure grip Case Design • Travel Friendly-No Restrictions
HD Camera Batteries - 150WH Brick Batteries
HD-150 150WH 14.4V NiMH battery, A/B mount #FRHD150 514.50
HD-150HG 150WH 14.4V NiMH battery, A/B mount with Energy Gauge #FRHD150HG 599.95
HD Mini Camera Batteries - 60WH On Board Batteries
HD-60 60WH 14.4V NiMH mini battery for A/B mount #FRHD60 247.50
HD-60HG 60WH 14.4V NiMH mini battery, A/B mount with Energy Gauge #FRHD60HG329.95
XP-L90 / 130 SErIES
14.4V Lithium-Ion Batteries
Featuring a variety of mounts and capacities, these 14.4V batteries
also include 2-pin output connectors, a power gauge and information
storage. A=A/B Mount S=Sony V-Mt i=LCD Capacity Display
(90Wh) 384.95
#SWXPL130A (130Wh) 473.95
(90Wh) 359.95
#SWXPL130S (130Wh) 484.95
(90Wh) 469.95
#SWXPL130Ai (130Wh) 213.50
(90Wh) 469.95
#SWXPL130Si (130Wh) 506.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 293
BPLI-95 V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery
Lithium-ion 14.4V/95Wh V-mount battery for pro camcorders and decks.
Overcharge/discharge/current protection.
• LED power-status indicator
#BEBPLI95 224.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
Battery Chargers
titan 70/titan twin AC Adapter/Chargers
Multi-Chemistry Battery Chargers
• Charge any Logic Series Gold Mount battery
• InterActive ® communication between battery & charger
• Three-stage charge sequence: charge time is 2 hrs or less
Titan 70
on camera
Titan 70 On-Camera AC Adapter/Charger #ANT70545.95
Titan Twin Dual 60W Charger #ANTT 649.95
Multi-Chemistry Battery Chargers
Dual-bay sequential chargers support Ni-Cad,
NiMH, and Lithium-Ion batteries and use a
variety of mounts. • 100−240V 50/60 Hz
• Charge digital and non-digital batteries
2-bay and 4-bay sequential chargers that
support Ni-Cad, NiMH, and Lithium-Ion
• 100−240V 50/60 Hz power.
NP-1 Type #VASC302 269.95
V-Mount #VASC302S 329.95
A/B Mount #VASC302A 334.95
4-Bay NP-1 Type #VASC304 364.95
2-Bay V-Mount #VASC304S 369.95
2-Bay A/B Mount #VASC304A 349.95
Titan Twin
tItan t2/tWQ/D-2722/Q-2702
Gold Mount Interactive Chargers
Simultaneous chargers for A/B Logic Series battery, with InterActive ®
communication.T2 charges one battery and simultaneously powers
Titan T2
Titan T2 2-Position Charger/Power #ANTT2 899.95
TWQ 4-Position Charger Only #ANTTWQ 1149.95
D-2722 2-Position #AND2722 1149.95
Q-2702 4-Position #ANQ2702 1349.95
tm4 Four Position Gold Mount Charger
VL-2 Plus
The TM4 is a four position simultaneous fast charger designed to
safely and reliably charge Gold Mount batteries twice as fast as the
TWQ. Delivering all of the capabilities and efficiency of the field proven
InterActive system, the TM4 is the perfect charger for the professional
who needs the fastest battery turnaround time while in the field.
VL-2 / VL-2S Plus /VL-4S / VL-4SI Lithium-Ion Battery Chargers
• 70 watt power supply output • 100-240 volt wide range input
• 7 full-time operating charge terminations • Logic Series Compatibility
• Endura V-mount • LED condition indicator • Intelligent charging • 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
VL-2 2-Channel #IDVL2 579.95
VL-2S Plus 2-Channel Simultaneous Charger and Power Supply V-Mount #IDVL2S 599.95
VL-4S 2-Channel #IDVL2Sl 659.95
VL-4Si 4-Channel w/PC Information Retrieval #IDVL4SI 1099.95
VAL-4Si 4-Chan. Plus 4-Channel Expansion Charging, w/PC Info Retrieval #IDVAL4SI 1708.95
TM4 Four Position Gold Mount Charger
JL-2PLuS Dual NP-1 Charger/Power Supply
• Sequential charger • 100-240Volts AC, 50/60Hz • NP-1: Ni-Cad/NiMH/Lithium-Ion support
• 60-watt 4-pin XLR port • Battery condition indicator
Ia-60 / Ia-200 / Ia-300 Camera DC Power Supplies
• Compact, metal case • AC 100/240V 50/60 Hz • 10' 4-pin XLR cable included
IA-60 1-Ch, 4.4Amp, 12V/60W #IDIA60A 274.95
IA-200 2-Ch, 7amp, 12V/100W #IDIA200A499.95
IA-300 3-Ch, 15amp, 12V/210W #IDIA300A 686.95
IDX-400 NP-1 Type Battery Charger
GP-2LSJ / GP-2LaJ / XC-2Lan / 2LSn
Multi-Chemistry Charger/Power Supply
• Dual-bay sequential chargers that support Ni-Cad, NiMH, and
Lithium-Ion batteries • 12V/50W 4-Pin XLR power connection
GP-2LSJ Sony V-Mount #SWGP2LSJ399.95
GP-2LAJ A/B Mount #SWGP2LAJ 439.95
XC-2LAN A/B Mount #SWXC2LAN 449.95
2LSN Sony V-Mount #SWXC2LSN 474.95
GP-LS Single Position V-Type Charger/Power
• Combines the functionality of a single position V-mount charger with a 12V
DC 90W camera power supply.• Charges NiCad, NiMH, and Lithium-Ion
batteries • 12V/90W 4-pin XLR power connection
#SWGPLS 399.95
A lightweight, compact quick charger that charges up to 4 NPor BP-style NiCad or NiMH batteries in under 6 hours.
• 4-position sequential charger • Worldwide auto-sensing power
#IDIDX400 399.95
aC-100 On-Camera AC Power Supply
IA multi-functional AC adaptor, the AC-100 can be directly mounted to a
V-Mount camera or used individually away from the camera. The unit runs
silently at low loads with a temperature-activated low noise fan at higher loads
• Input Voltage : AC 100-240V 50/60Hz • Output Voltage : 14.5V
• DC Power Output: XLR Connector
AC-100 100W On-Camera AC Power Supply
#ANTM4 1799.95
#IDAC100 349.95
tC-40 SErIES Four-Position Simultaneous Battery Chargers
Simultaneous quick chargers for specific Canon, JVC,
Panasonic, and Sony 7.2V, lithium-ion battery packs.
• AC 110/220 and 12V DC • Dynamic power management
(DPM) minimizes battery charge time
Panasonic CGR-D Series #DO4PCPQ........... 349.95
Canon BP-900 Series #DO4PCCQ ................ 349.95
Sony “L and M” Series #DO4PCSQ 349.95
JVC BN-V428 Series #DO4PCJQ 349.95
tC-400 Four-Position Battery Charger
PSa-124 Power Supply for 4-Pin XLR Equipment
Lightweight (1.2 lbs) .4amp power supply. Operates with either 110V or
220V AC. Includes an IEC connector as well as a standard US AC cord.
The 64” cord is terminated with a 4-pin female XLR connector for a direct
equipment connection.
PSA-124 Power Supply for 4-Pin XLR
292-325 Pro Video.indd 294
• Fast, simultaneous charging of battery packs up to 5600 mAh
• LCD screen shows charge progress
• 100−240V AC power supply
f/Sony PD-170 / VX-2100 #DO4PCS 499.95
f/Panasonic DVX/HVX #DO4PCP 499.95
f/Canon XL-2 #DO4PTDMCC579.95
f/JVC HD100 #DO4PTDMCJ 569.95
f/Sony EX #DO4PCSEX 629.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Field Monitors and Mounting Arms
Quick Dial: 821
V-LCD4L-Pro / 4 Pro KIt
4" Broadcast Quality LCD Monitors
Enjoy a broadcast-quality picture
in both color and black and
white. A slim profile makes these
monitors ideal for custom wall or
panel monitoring in both mobile
and fixed applications.
• Switchable dual video BNC inputs
• Wide viewing angle • Color, contrast, and brightness control
4 Pro Kit V-LCD-4 Pro Kit with battery pack &
case #MAVLCD4PROLK 279.95
tLm-700 7" Color TFT LCD Monitor
The TLM-700 is the perfect
solution for enhanced
monitoring in the field or
studio. It accepts both
NTSC and PAL (16:9/4:3)
standard signals, with an
auto detect function so
that manual switching is never necessary. Front-panel picture
adjustment dials are recessed to avoid unintended manipulation.
Includes power, sunshade, and accessories.
#DATLM700 429.95
TLM-700HD 7” SD/HD LCD Monitor #DATLM700HD 849.95
nEB258 Pro
5.8" Pro LCD Widescreen Monitors
Designed for field monitoring,
these 5.8" widescreen LCD
screens can flip images both
horizontally and vertically.
They feature an anti-glare
panel–ensuring success in
harsh environments–and can
be mounted from either top or
bottom. 16:9/4:3 Switchable.
PROLI Sony Battery Mount #NENEB258PROL 842.95
PROXL Canon Battery Mount #NENEB258PROX 842.95
PROPAN Panasonic Mount #NENEB258PROP 842.95
PROJVC JVC Battery Mount #NENEB258PROJ 842.95
7" LCD Field Monitors
• Composite Video
• Component Video
• 800 x 480 Resolution
• 400:1 Contrast Ratio
• 250 cd/m2 • PAL/NTSC
Available with Canon Battery
Panasonic #MAVL70PHDAPM 859.95
With Sony L Battery Mount # MAVL70PHDASL 879.95
With Anton Bauer Battery Mount # MAVL70PHDAAB,
with V-Mount Battery Mount #MAVL70PHDAVM 949.95
7" TFT Series Color Monitor
Frame your shots
accurately with this
16:9 active matrix
color LCD monitor.
It has a vivid and
sharp 1440 x 234
resolution display.
VZ-TFT7 includes: AC adapter and A/V cable
#VAVZTFT7 324.95
7" LCD Field Monitors
• Composite Video
• Component Video
• HD/SD-SDI Input
• 800 x 480 Resolution
• 400:1 Contrast Ratio
• 250 cd/m2 • PAL/NTSC
Available with Canon Battery Mount #MAVL70P3GCM,
Anton Bauer Battery Mount # MAVL70P3GAB,
Panasonic #MAVL70P3GPM, Sony L # MAVL70P3GSL,
or Sony M # MAVL70P3GSM 1099.95
with V-Mount Battery Mount #MAVL70P3GVM1179.95
Lm-401m / Lm-701m
4" / 7" Camera-Mountable LCD Monitors
These professional LCD
monitors offer high
brightness and extended
viewing angles in a rugged
metal case. They have two
composite video inputs and
automatically detect NTSC
or PAL standards. AC adapter is included.
• Universal 1/4-20 mount • Image can be reversed or flipped
LM-401M 4" Color LCD #TVLM401M 259.95
LM-701M 7" Color LCD 16:9 #TVLM701M 299.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 295
LCD-411KIt 4” Field Monitor with BNC
• BNC IN/OUT jacks located on
top for easy access
• LED backlight provides
longer life, uses less power
and provides better color
• Snap on battery pack holds
8 AA Alkaline or 9 Nicad
rechargable batteries
(batteries not included) • Durable ABS plastic case
• 5.5 hrs battery operation (approx.)
• Response Time: 30ms/50ms (Rising/Falling).
Kit includes: TB-410 Tote Bag, AC-1000 AC Adapter,
AV Adapter Cable and AA Battery Holder
#TOLCD411K 389.95
High-Definition 8" TFT LCD Monitor
This high-definition display
supports 480p, 720p,
and 1080i. Its native 800
x 480 display interpolates
to 1080i and is NTSC/PAL
include component HD,
S-video, composite with pass-through and HDMI. Unit is
powered by Sony “L” series batteries, which can be charged by
the supplied AC adapter. On-camera mount also included.
With Sony Battery Plate #IKV8000HDMS 774.95
With Canon Battery Plate #IKV8000HDMC 774.95
With Panasonic Battery Plate #IKV8000HDMP 774.95
814 / 819 / 823
Hydrostatic Mounting Arms
Firmly hold any camera, monitor or accessory
with these hydraulic, oil-filled, dual mounting
arms that affix to devices with 1/4-20" & 3/8"
threads. Securely lock all joints with just a
slight turn of the wrist.
814 5" long, supports loads up
to 7.7 lbs #BO814 149.95
819 7" long, supports loads up to 4.9 lbs #BO819 158.95
823 9" long, supports loads up to 8.8 lbs #BO823 196.95
#BO386B Nano Clamp, supports up to 8.8 lbs 29.95
LCD-801 8" LCD Monitor
This lightweight monitor
with professional display
characteristics can flip the
image to display like a rearview mirror, or flip the image
upside-down as well. Its LCD
panel contains 1440 x 468
pixels to display high-quality
images, and has a backlight
dimmer control for tailoring the look to your ambient lighting
conditions. This monitor can be used with NTSC and PAL
system, and has an auto detect function.
#TOLCD801 522.95
MG Cine Arm, 3 Locking Joints
The heart of the device is its single
central locking knob that simultaneously
locks all 3 joints. It’s new, improved
central mechanism–a kip lever–is
designed to quickly and easily lock or
release the arm’s 3 articulated joints.
Redesigned with equal length on both
sides of the arm for increased strength
and holding resistance.
NO-MG6145CA MG Cine Arm
#NOMG6145CA 149.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
Production Monitors
L4Pro / L5Pro / L7Pro
On-Camera LCD Monitors
L4PRO 4" Active Matrix TFT
LCD Monitor
• Mounting bracket • Sunshade
• Power optional
#GLL4P 399.95
Battery Pack & Charger
for L4-PRO LCD Monitor
#GLBPL4P 99.95
L7-PRO 16:9/4:3 Color Monitor
• AC power adapter • Mounting bracket • Monitor hood
#GLL7P 649.95
5.8" TFT LCD Monitor
This high-quality 5.8" video
LCD has easy-to-use image
adjustment knobs along
with a backlight dimmer to
adapt to lighting situations.
It has a durable compound
casing with tempered glass
that protects the unit during extreme field
conditions. It can be powered by XLR-4 or Hirose 6
connectors, and will accept 8.5 to 18V DC (optional).
#TR58VM 1049.95
LCD-703hD / LCD-703hD-KIt
V-LCD651St-3GSDI / hDmI
V-r901DP-aFhD 9" LCD Monitor
6.5” HD Super Transflective Field Monitor
Ideal for rack-mount,
field, control room,
video, and computer
monitoring applications,
this 9" display offers
multiple input options
including serial digital
interface (SDI),
component, composite,
S-Video, DVI, and VGA.
• NTSC and PAL input signals. • Works off 12 volts DC
• 800x480 pix. res. • Color, brightness, contrast, and tint controls
• Optimized For Outdoors
• Super Transflective
1024 x 768 LCD panel
• 650 cd/m² brightness,
500:1 contrast ratio
• RGB gain and bias control
• Includes Power Adapter
Available withSony L Battery Mount #MAVL653GSL 1739.95
Sony B Battery Mount #MAVL70PHPM 1994.95
V-LCD651ST-HDMI Canon Mount #MAVL65HCM 1773.95
with V-Mount Battery Mount #MAVL65HIM 1873.95
V-r70P-hDa / hDa-aB / hDSDI
7" HD/SD Field/On-Camera LCD Monitor
This HD/SD field
production 7" LCD is
designed for general field
production. The video
signals are digitized
using an advanced 10-bit
processor with 4x oversampling. Capable of
NTSC/PAL with auto-detect. Generates color bars and blue gun.
• AC or 4-pin XLR powered • 1/4-20 mounting
V-R70P-HDA Analog HD with V-type battery
mount #MAVR70PHDA 1299.95
V-R70P-HDA-AB Analog HD with Anton-Bauer type battery
mount #MAVR70PHDAAB 1399.95
V-R70P-HDSDI with SDI input and V-type battery
mount #MAVR70PHDSDI 1559.95
LCD-703HD 7" LCD Field Monitor #TOLCD703HD 594.95
LCD-703HD-KIT 7" Monitor Kit #TOLCD703HDKI 699.95
LmD-9020 / 9030 / 9050
9” Multi-Format LCD Monitors
Designed for use both in the
field and in the studio. Excellent
image quality and enhanced
color reproduction, while an AR
coating protects the screen and
helps prevent glare. Standard
inputs include composite, Y/C,
analog HD/SD component, and
RGB. The LMD-9030 includes
SD-SDI, and the LMD-9050
employs a 1024 x 768 (XGA) LCD.
#SOLMD9020, #SOLMD9030, #SOLMD9050
292-325 Pro Video.indd 296
7" Lightweight LCD Field Monitors
• Composite Video • HDMI
• Component Video
• 800 x 480 Resolution
• 400:1 Contrast Ratio
• 250 cd/m2 • PAL/NTSC
Available with Canon
Battery Mount #MAVL70PHCM, Panasonic #MAVL70PHPM,
JVC # MAVL70PHJM, Sony B Series # MAVL70PHSBM,
Sony L # MAVL70PHSLM, Sony M # MAVL70PHSMM 949.95
With Anton Bauer Battery Mount # MAVL70PHAB,
with V-Mount Battery Mount #MAVL70PHVM 1049.95
V-LCD84SB-aFhD 8.4" TFT-MegaPixel
High-quality flat panel
monitor designed for
monitoring at remote
broadcasting and location
sites, field monitoring,
and studio applications.
Displays information such
as audio channels, time
code, peaking and markers. • 2-HD-SDI (D1-SDI) inputs
• 1080p, 1080i, 720p • NTSC, PAL
The V-LCD84SBAFHD is an 8.4"
high-res. LCD monitor
designed with SunBrite
technology specifically
for outdoor use.
Functions well in
harshly lit enclosed
areas. Numerous inputs make the display ideal for high-end
workstations, OB vans, and field monitoring. The LCD weighs
only 3.4 lbs and can be mounted in a standard EIA 19" racking
system, taking up only 4 rack units.
DM-3011 8.4" TFT #ASDM3011 5999.95
Bt-Lh80Wu / Lh900a
7" LCD Field Monitor
The Tote Vision
LCD-703HD is a 7"
LCD designed to
work with a variety
of inputs, including
component, S-video,
and DVI. The display
also supports RS-232
through its serial port, allowing users to attach external remote
control devices. Features such as NTSC/PAL auto-detection,
underscan, and anti-glare technology make the LCD-703HD a
perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.
#MAVR901DPAFH 2999.95
Dm-3011 8.4” TFT Professional LCD Monitor
Professional LCD Monitors
These multi-format color
production LCD monitors are
designed for high-definition
field monitoring. Handles
all HDTV formats and frame
rates (NTSC/PAL), and can be
customized to switch between
them automatically. The display
features pixel-to-pixel and focus-in-red functions. Displays the input
signal as a waveform image.
• Powered via Anton-Bauer batteries or 4-pin XLR
BT-LH80WU 7.9" LCD monitor #PABTLH80W Call
BT-LH900A 8.4" LCD monitor with two SDI inputs detecting
HD or SD #PABTLH900A Call
7” Analog Onboard Camera Monitor
The New NEB70HD is a 7”
Widescreen HD-Analog LCD
On-Board Camera Monitor.
It offers your choice of 16:9,
4:3, Zoom, Pixel, Anamorphic,
and Marker Display modes.
Both durable and portable,
it is a perfect choice for
HD camera operators working in the studio or under rugged field
conditions. • NTSC/PAL Auto-Recognition
NEB70HD 7” Analog Monitor #NENEB70HD 1399.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Production Monitors
Quick Dial: 821
V-r171-ImD-hDSDI / V-r201 /
V-r231 / V-r261
HD LCD IMD Series Monitors
tLm-702 / 702mh / 433 / 404
Color LCD Monitor Racks
Designed for Datavideo mixers, these monitor rack panels can
also be used in other rack systems.
• NTSC & PAL • 16:9/4:3 display
TLM-702 Dual 7" LCD monitor rack #DATLM702 816.95
702MH Dual 7” /RKM-772 holder mt. #DATLM702MH 994.90
433 Three 5" color LCD monitor rack #DATLM433 960.00
404 Quad 4" color LCD monitor rack #DATLM404 1248.00
The V-R171-IMD-HDSDI is
a 17" 16:9 LCD featuring
1920 x 1200 resolution. The
monitor is large enough to
function as a desktop unit, or
it can be installed in a racking
system using a VESA mount bracket. Unique protocol feature
can handle Image Video, NVISION, TSL, and MEI standards.
Image quality is preserved over the SD/HD gamut using
sophisticated scaling technology.
17" #MAVR171IMDHD 1899.95
20" #MAVR201IMDHD 1949.95
23" #MAVR231IMDHD 2304.95
26” #MAVR261IMDHD 2599.95
37” LCD #MAVR371IMDHD 2849.95
• 320 x 234 pixel resolution (x3) • Brightness, color, and
contrast controls • NTSC/PAL compatible
#TVLM563R Triple 5.6" monitors 1499.95
#TVLM1042R Dual 10.2" monitors 1699.95
#TVLM1511R 5" monitor1149.95
#TVLM1911R 19" monitor 1449.95
V-r902DP-tE / aFD
9" Dual LCD Monitor Rackmounts
This pair of 9" high-resolution LCD monitors is housed in a
compact rack that conserves space and power. Automatically
detects NTSC and PAL signals.
• 800 x 480 resolution (2x)
• 130-degree viewing angle • HD/SD-SDI and BNC inputs
V-R902DP-TE #MAVR902DPTE 3666.50
V-R902DP-AFHD 9" dual rack-mount monitors w/ HD/SD-SDI,
composite, S-video, SXGA inputs #MAVR902DPAFH 3899.95
LmD4420 / 5320 / 7220W
• Preview and program status displayed through each monitor’s
tally lamps • BNC composite inputs and optional SDI input
board • NTSC/PAL autoswitching
LMD4420 4” LCD monitors #SOLMD4420
LMD5320 Three 5.6” LCD monitors #SOLMD5320
LMD7220 Dual 7" LCD monitors #SOLMD7220W
V-r653-ImD-tE Triple 6.5" HD Rack
LCD Monitor with IMD Functionality
This is a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for post-production
houses, broadcasters and mobile units.
• High-resolution 1024 x 768 with 2.4 million pixels
• Unique RotoMenu for fast, direct and easy menu navigation
• High-resolution scaling/de-interlacing • RS-422 connection
with loop-through • Upgradeable firmware capability
via RS-422 • Built-in color bars, brightness and contrast
#MAVR653IMDT 4649.95
rm8000 Metal Rack Mount Unit with Dual V8000 8" Monitors
The RM8000 from Ikan is a tilting rack mount which houses dual
V8000 8" monitors. The Ikan V-8000T is a small, high-resolution
video monitor with a touch-sensitive LCD panel. This model can be
used for displaying computer images as well as video input. The
touch-screen function makes the V-8000T applicable to interactive
kiosks. Includes two standard video inputs–one can function as
a high-quality S-video connection. The monitor comes with a
wireless infrared remote control to switch among input sources and to access the on-screen menu.
Metal rack mount unit with dual V8000 8" monitors #IKRM8000.......................................979.95
Metal rack unit with dual V8000HDMI 8" monitors #IKRM8000HDMI 1674.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 297
TFT-Megapixel technology
ensures that multi-format
scaled images never
distort. Hyper Process
technology smooths out
interlaced signals.
• Dual 8.4" LCDs
• 800 x 600 resolution (2x)
• NTSC/PAL autoswitch • Color, brightness, contrast, and tint
V-R82DP-2C Dual 8.4" LCD’s #MAVR82DP2C 1694.95
V-R82DP-2SDI 8.4" LCD’s #MAVR82DP2SDI 2649.95
V-R82DP-HD Dual 8.4" LCD’s #MAVR82DPHD 3499.95
V-R1042-IMD-TE4U Dual 10.4” #MA1042DPIMDT 3564.95
The Marshall V-R53P is a rack-mountable active matrix LCD unit
with three 5" LCD panels built in. Once rack-mounted, the entire
unit can tilt up or down for optimal viewing. With low power
consumption and heat dissipation features built in, the V-R53P is
an excellent choice for remote vehicle applications.
• 320 x 234 pixel resolution (x3) • Composite and RGB inputs
• Contrast, color, brightness, and tint controls
V-R53P #MAVR53P 1699.95
V-R53P-SDI Triple 5" monitors with SDI/composite/VGA inputs
#MAVR53PSDI 2849.95
V-r44P / SDI / DVI / hDSDI
Quad 4" LCD Monitors
This compact and lightweight quad 4" LCD monitor unit is less
than 2" deep. The rack-mountable assembly is only 2 standard
rack units in height with a tilt function, and is ideal for mounting
in production vehicles and studios.
V-r82DP-2C / SDI / DP-hD
8.4" Dual Rack-Mount LCD Monitors
V-r53P Triple 5" LCD Panel
Lm SErIES Color LCD Monitors
These rack-mountable triple 5.6" LCD monitors are tiltable while
mounted in the rack. Each monitor has both composite BNC and
S-video inputs. The entire assembly is 3 rack-units in height.
Quad 4" LCD Rack Mountable Monitors
Four separate monitors display high-quality images, each with
a resolution of 480 x 234 pixels. Each monitor can auto-detect
NTSC and PAL signals, while a dry erase marking area can be
used to identify camera angles or programs.
• Composite video inputs and outputs (BNC)
• Contrast, color, brightness, and tint controls
V-R44P Quad 4" rack-mount monitors #MAVR44P 1249.95
V-R44P-DVI Quad 3.5" w/DVI #MAVR44PDVI 2649.95
V-R44P-HDSDI Quad 4" rack-mount monitors with
SD/HD-SDI inputs #MAVR44PHDSDI 3329.95
tLm-170D 17” Desktop LCD Screen Monitor with HD-SDI
The TLM-170D is a 17” 16:9 aspect ratio, 1440 x 900 high
resolution monitor with built-in speakers. This is a fixed
version (tabletop). The TLM-170D is high quality reference
monitor designed to assist as a program monitoring output
during prodction.
• 17” Reference Monitor • Multiple Video Formats
• Supports HD-SDI • Audio Support • Built-In Speakers
TLM-170D 17” Desktop LCD Screen Monitor with HD-SDI
#DATLM170D 1699.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
On-Camera Lighting Solutions
LED-14 On-Camera LED Light
Compact, daylight-balanced LED light
provides good quality illumination and last
a long time. Includes NiMH rechargeable
batteries and charger, and mount to a
standard camcorder shoe mount.
LED-14 14-watt LED lamp output #BELED14 39.95
KLK-623 / 624 SErIES
6V Battery and Light kits
These great little light and
battery systems include a
compact battery pack and
charger. The lightweight, dual
configuration light housing
accepts two lamps.
40W total
40W total
40W total
30W total
LED-35n On-Camera 35W LED Light
This high-output, daylight-balanced
(5600 K), broad beam 35-watt LED
light has an exceptionally smooth,
even spread, in addition to its long
throw capabilities of up to 20 feet.
It is engineered with 30 individual
10mm LED bulbs. Operates with 4 AA
standard or rechargeable NiMH batteries.
Includes mesh housing for cool
operation, 4 barn doors, diffused lens,
35W lamp.
On-Camera Professional Lighting Kits
These lights illuminate in both daylight
5600K and 3300K color temperatures. The
dimmable (50W) MPL-645 has a variable
rheostat with high pulse circuitry.
MPL-635 50W and 100W lamps, Shoe
mount #BEMPL635 139.95
MPL-645B Dimmable 50W lamp,
Shoe/1/4"-20 mount #BEMPL645B189.95
MK-12ATM Kit MPL-645, 12V battery belt, 100W and 50W
lamps #BEMK12ATM 259.95
AK-12ATM Kit MPL-645, 12V battery belt, 100W and 50W
lamps #BEAK12ATM 294.95
#BEMPL313C Cigarette Plug 79.95
#BEMPL313X XLR Plug 89.95
#BEMPL313P35 Power Tap Plug 94.95
#BECK5XLRATM MPL-313X w/SLM-5XLR Battery 184.95
#BECK7XLRATM MPL-313X w/MM-7XLR Battery 189.95
VS-50 / 65 & KLK-50Xt / 65Xt
On-Camera 12V Lights and Kits
Soft, diffused lens provides an
even light spread and 2 vertical
barn doors.
VS-50 with 50W (DC)
Lamp #BEVS50 39.95
VS-65 with 50W (DC) & 100W
(AC) Lamps #BEVS65 54.95
KLK-50XT with MM-7
(12V/86.4Wh) Battery #BEKLK50XT 94.95
VS-65 with MM-7 (12V/86.4Wh) Battery
#BEKLK65XT 109.50
Includes: • Compact lamp head • Diffusion filter
• 20W and 35W 12VDC bulbs • Vertical barn doors
MPL12V Multi-watt, On-Camera Light
with Cigarette Plug Connector #BEMPL12V 59.95
MPL12VX Multi-watt, On-Camera Light
with 4-Pin XLR Connector #BEMPL12VX 69.95
On-Camera Pro 12/14V Ultralight-2 Series
The most widely-used ENG
compact on-camera light, the
UL-2 series incorporates a
25W (BAB) lamp, Power-Tap
connector and patented
camcorder mount system.
UL2-6 Light with 6-inch Cable #ANUL26 174.95
UL2-20 Light with 20-inch Cable #ANUL220159.95
Dimmable Kit UL-2-6 w/25 & 50W Lamps #ANULDP 309.95
DIGI-LuX SErIES On-Camera 12V Dimmable Light
Power Tap Plug (PT) 149.95
XLR Plug 159.95
PT w/Matte & Soft Box 209.95
XLR w/Matte & Soft Box 224.95
LK-2513 w/BC-3050 Battery 324.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 298
LED-150 On-Camera LED Light Kit
#IKILED150 329.95
LP micro Micro LED On-Camera Light
Powered by AA batteries or 5-12VDC
optional power source.
Daylight-balanced, with tungstenswitchable option
• LED technology for heat-free
operation • Shoe mount
• Tungsten and warming filters included
LP Micro Micro-LED On-Camera Light #LILPMICRO 299.95
Micro Pro LED Micro-LED On-Camera Light, Dimmable,
Daylight Balanced 5600K, Uses AA Batteries, 9 Watt Draw
Dimmable LED On-Camera Light Kits
Compact, lightweight, and dimmable on-camera lights
• LED Technology
• Camera Shoe Mount
• 3 Correction Gels
• L Series Battery • AC Adapter
• Battery Charger • Carry Case
DV CamEra KIt
mPL12V Multi-Watt On-Camera Lights
Compact, 12VDC on-camera light
utilizes switchable 20W and 35W
bulbs for both single and tandem
multi-watt output. Twin barn doors
aid in direction, while diffusion filter
softens. An excellent choice for large
or small camcorders.
Sony “L” Series
Batteries #SEXDL56S 249.95
Panasonic CGR-D Series Batteries #SEXDL56P 244.95
LED-150 On-Camera Light Kit
On-Camera 12V Lights
mPL-635 / 645 / 12atm
This lightweight 20w LED on-camera
light is powered by Series-7, Sony
“L” Series, or Panasonic CGR Series
batteries. It is equipped with both
1/4”-20 and shoe mounts.
#BELED35N 124.95
#BELED35D with Dimmer 159.95
mPL-313 SErIES
2 20W Bulbs with Clear Glass,
#BEKLK624 64.95
2 20W Bulbs with Diffused Glass,
KLK-624D w/VB-50 “L” Bracket,
#BEKLK624DK 84.50
10W and 20W Bulbs with Clear Glass,
#BEKLK623 59.95
XD-L56 On Camera LED Light
Daylight balanced with 25w illumination, and with a 7 watt draw.
Kits Include:
LED light, camcorder battery plate, camera mount and Gel Kit
Flood Kit for Sony #LIDVCKFS 769.95
Spot Kit for Canon #LIDVCKSC,
Panasonic #LIDVCKSP or Sony #LIDVCKSS 769.95
CLPK50Pt / 50XLr / 20Pt
25 Watt On-Camera Light Kit
A complete 25-watt LED lighting
kit for a variety of applications.
Includes battery with charger/
adapter, gel assortment,
tungsten-balanced filter, shoe
mount, swivel arm and carrying case.
CLPK50PT Floodlight Pattern, Power Tap
Connector #LISLFKPT1149.95
CLPK50XLR Floodlight Pattern, 4-Pin XLR
Connector #LISLFKXLR 1199.95
CLPK20PT Spotlight Pattern, Power Tap
Connector #LISLSKPT 1149.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
tL-50 torchLED
30w Dimmable LED Light Fixture
The TL-50 light provides the
equivalent of 30 watts of 5600k,
daylight balanced light. Includes
an integrated rechargeable battery
pack to supply up to 3 hours of
operating time. Light output can be
controlled via the onboard dimmer.
Battery charges in only 2 hours and it has a 3-stage battery
meter. Has 1/4-20 thread mounts on the top and bottom making
it virtually mountable anywhere. Includes standard CTO, 1/4
frost, and Clear filter set.
TL-50 30-watt light with 2-hour battery, CTO,
1/ frost and diffusion filters #SWTL50 279.95
Same as above with shoe mount adapter #SWTL50K 289.95
KIno FLo KamIo 6E SErIES
Fluorescent Ring Light System
The Kamio 6E system uses a fluorescent
ringlight to create a
shadowless, soft key
light with cooler run temperature,
for added comfort in close-ups.
Mounting to your lens, this unique
ring system uses an on-camera
electronic ballast
(operated from battery or AC).
#KIK6ERL w/light, harness 279.95
#KIK6ESQ w/light, 12V on-camera ballast,
cable, mounts 709.95
#KIK6ES Full kit w/filter holder and case 901.00
On-Camera Lighting Solutions
Quick Dial: 821
mF-4X / mFIC-4X mInI-FILL
75W On-Camera Light
Lightweight and compact, the
MF-4X was developed to be
tough and functional enough
to illuminate a broadcast
of a Mount Everest climb.
High-efficiency 75W/12VDC
lamps create high output
with minimum power
consumption. Includes 1/2"
stud mount and 4-pin XLR connector with 4-ft. cable.
50W Dimmable On-Camera LED Light
The X5-Lite puts forth 50 watts
of daylight-balanced LED light,
dimmable from 0–100%. A specially
designed lens holder ensures
consistent, uniform dispersal.
The X5-Lite is fitted with a universal
shoe mount.
• Long-life LED • 50W output/11W consumption
X5 Lite 50W dimmable on-camera light #IDX5LITE 374.95
X5 Lite with Barndoor and tungsten filter kit
#IDX5KIT 419.95
MF-4X 75W on-camera light #FRMF4X 199.95
MFIC-4X 75W on-camera light with dimmer
#FRMFIC4X 329.95
rEPortEr 8LED
mF-4X / mFIC-4X mICro-FILL
On-Camera LED Light
35W On-Camera Light
More compact than the famous
Mini-Fill, this 35W/12VDC
light is only 1.6" wide and
less than 4" long, making it a
perfect match for smaller DV
cameras. It features a diffusion
lens, a universal shoe with
1/4"-20 mount, and a 4-pin XLR
connector with 4' cable.
MF-4X 35W on-camera light #FRMRF4X184.95
MFIC-4X 35W on-camera light with dimmer
#FRMRFIC4X 274.95
With its single LED module, the
Reporter 8LED avoids multiple
shadows. Its input voltage of
6V–24V makes it ideal for both
small and broadcast camcorders.
Includes quick-release, four-leaf
barndoors and optional switchable
lenses and tungsten LED module.
8LED on-camera light #SAR8LED 309.95
8LED Kit w/light, power connector, optic set,
location set, and case #SAR8LEDK 999.95
Spot/Flood 12–14V Lighting Kits
SV-840 On-Camera AC/DC Light
Along with its ability to operate
on AC/DC power, this small,
dual-purpose on-camera light has
an all-aluminum casing and built-in
dichroic filter. Comes standard with
a variety of light controls.
• 100W (FCR) 3300K DC lamp
• Shoe and 1/4-20 stud mounting
• 4-leaf barndoors provide light
angle control • 4-pin XLR cable
• 4-pin XLR plug to AC cord
#SMSV840 111.95
On-Camera Interview Light
This focusing spot-to-flood light
comes with rotating barndoors,
a built-in rotating dichroic filter,
and a rotating diffusion filter—
providing excellent light control
in a small package.
• 100W (FCR) 3300K DC lamp
• 4-pin XLR cable
• 4-leaf barndoors • Shoe and 1/4-20 mounting
#SMSV950 174.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 299
On-Camera Dimmable Lighting Kits
These 12V dimmable lights are daylight balanced and
incorporate five LEDs that are focusable at 40- to 60º angles.
Powered by Canon, Sony or Panasonic DV camera (7.2v)
batteries, they include a power supply adapter, D-Tap cable and
2-leaf or 4-leaf barn doors.
2-Leaf Kits
Canon BP 2-Leaf Kit #BELULEDBP 599.95
Sony NPF-L 2-Leaf Kit #BELULEDNPF 749.95
Panasonic 2-Leaf Kit #BELULEDCGA 749.95
Sony PMW-EX1 2-Leaf Kit #BELULEDEX1 999.95
The i-Lights are great on-camera
lights that focus from spot to flood.
They are fitted with the high intensity
#2 reflector & prismatic glass to give
an even flood & uniform spot.
The i-Light “D” kits are dimmable.
#LOI01 with cigarette plug 146.95
#LOID01 Dimmable with cigarette plug 242.95
#LOI02 with 4-pin XLR plug 146.95
#LOID02 Dimmable with XLR plug 242.95
On-Camera 6V Light and Power Pack
Designed as an on-camera
fill light, the C6 is fully
focusable from spot to flood
and runs exceptionally cool.
It includes barndoors plus
flip-up diffusion and dichroic
filters, all on a rotating
accessory ring.
4-Leaf Kits
#BELULEDNPF4 Uses Sony “L” Series Battery 794.95
#BELULEDENG Uses JVC DV/HDV Battery 749.50
#BELULEDCGA4 Uses Panasonic HVX-200 Battery 794.95
#BELULEDBP4 Uses Canon DV Battery 794.95
#BELULEDBC Uses D-Tap (Power Tap) connector 774.95
with Sony PMW-EX1 connector 1,049.95
PL-C6 (1001) kit includes: On-camera (6V) 20W soft/flood
adjustable light, shoe plate, battery and charger
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
Power Solutions
nmh-65 SErIES
hP-3 SErIES 12V Battery Packs
At 2.8 lbs, these half-pint
batteries are lightweight and
La-145 / La-148
14V NiMH Clip-On Battery Packs
14V Shoulder/Belt Packs
The NMH-65 series batteries are
high-performance, lightweight
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
battery packs. 14.4V/4.5 amp-hrs,
memory- and maintenance-free,
the NMH-65VA has a Sony-style
V-mount that will fit pro camera
• Capacity: 36 Wh / 3 Amh
• Run Time: with 10w-150 min.
with 50w Light-30 min.
with 100 w Light 15 min.
• Charge Time:- 8 Hours
HP-3 with Cigarette Plug #BEHP3 39.95
with Cigarette Plug and Auto Charger #BEHP3ATM 64.95
with XLR Plug #BEHP3XLR 54.95
with XLR and Auto Charger #BEHP3XLRATM 84.95
The LA-145 shoulder pack includes cigarette
and 4-pin XLR connectors. The LA-148ATM
battery belt includes cigarette
connector and 4-pin XLR connector
w/2" lead. The LA-148XLATM
includes two 4-pin XLR connectors,
with 2" and 6' leads.
Shoulder Pack #BENMH65A 219.95
V-Mount Pack #BENMH65VA 219.95
LA-145 Shoulder Pack
54wH/4.5aH #BELA145ATM 139.90
LA-148 Belt Pack 112wH/8aH #BELA148ATM 189.95
LA-148 Belt Pack 112wH/8aH #BELA148XLATM 249.95
nmh-54 / 90 SErIES
mm-7 / 9 / 12 12V Battery Shoulder Packs
BES-015 / 018 12V Battery Belt Packs
12V NiMH Clip-On and Waist Battery Packs
Power solutions available with cigarette or 4-pin XLR
connections, plus a range of charging options.
SLm-5 / 18atm 12V Slim Battery Packs
SLM packs include an automatic shut-off charger. SLM5 is a
single pouch, while the SLM-18ATM is a 4-pouch belt.
4.3 Amh
5 hrs
50 min
35 min
5 hrs
3.2 lbs
Run Time with 10w
with 50w Light
with 100w Light
Charge Time
8.6 Amh
10 hrs
120 min
45 min
10 hrs
7.3 lbs
17.2 Amh
25 hrs
240 min
120 min
13 hrs
14 lbs
14.4 Amh
15 hrs
3 hrs
85 min
16 hrs
11 lbs
18 Amh
18 hrs
4 hrs
1.8 min
19 hrs
12 lbs
NMH-54 With Cigarette Connector #BENMH54A 149.95
NMH-54 4-Pin XLR Connector #BENMH54XLRA 169.95
NMH-90 with 4-Pin XLR and a Cigarette Connector
(no charger) #BENMH90XLRNC 244.95
NMH-90 with Cigarette Connector (Auto charger)
#BENMH90A 299.95
NMH-90 4-Pin XLR and a Cigarette Connector
(Auto charger) #BENMH90XLRA 319.95
4.3 Amh
5 hrs
50 min
35 min
5 hrs
3.2 lbs
17.2 Amh
25 hrs
240 min
120 min
13 hrs
14 lbs
4.5 Amh
5+ hrs
1 hr
30 min
14 hrs
1.2 lbs
7.5 Amh
8+ hrs
2 hr
50 min
8 hrs
4 lbs
PrB-7 / 8 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 154 / 24 12V Battery Belt Packs
Run Time with 10w
with 50w Light
with 100w Light
Charge Time
7 Amh
7 hrs
1.3 hrs
35 min
16 hrs
5.5 lbs
Power solutions available with cigarette or 4-pin XLR connections; quick-release belt fits 28"–50".
8 Amh
8 hrs
1.6 hrs
40 min
17 hrs
5.5 lbs
Day-Pro / FIELD-Pro 12V Power-Belts
The Day-Pro features dual cigarette connectors and utilizes
advanced high-density, memory-free NiCad cells with cell
protection circuitry and a 5-segment, 7-stage LED fuel gauge.
78011 Day-Pro 12V/5.4Amp/65Wh #NR78011 269.95
87014-A Field-Pro 12V/86Wh, 1x 4-pin XLR output &
cigarette output connector #NR87014A 329.95
87014-B Field-Pro 13.2V/95Wh, 1x 4-pin XLR output &
cigarette output connector #NR87014B 399.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 300
9 Amh
9 hrs
1.8 hrs
45 min
18 hrs
6 lbs
12 Amh
14 hrs
2.4 hrs
1.25 hrs
13 hrs
8.5 lbs
14.4 Amh
16 hrs
3 hrs
1.4 hrs
15 hrs
11 lbs
18 Amh
19 hrs
4 hrs
1.65 hrs
18 hrs
12 lbs
12V Smart Power Battery Packs
The memory-free Smart Power 12V/120Wh
battery belts come complete with heavy-duty
16-gauge wiring, slip-proof connectors, and
reliable operating power. They feature five
color LED power-indicator lights.
BC-3074 with 4-pin XLR and
cigarette connector
#COBC3074 269.95
BC-3070 with Two 4-pin XLR connectors
#COBC3070 279.95
14.4 Amh
18+ hrs
3 hrs
1.4 hrs
16 hrs
11 lbs
24 Amh
30+ hrs
5 hrs
2.4 hrs
26 hrs
18 lbs
30/13 & Power Strap NiCad Belts
The rugged 30/13 battery
is a switchable 30V/4ah,
13.5V/8ah power belt with
a 4-hour built-in charger.
The Power Strap 13 is a
13V belt that charges in one
hour with Anton Bauer Logic
series chargers.
30/13 30V/4ah, 13.5V/8ah #AN3013 1379.95
PS-13 Power Strap 13, 13V/55Wh #ANPS13 494.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Quick Dial: 821
Wireless Systems & Accessories
tItan tX/rX Microwave Wireless Transmitter & Receiver System
FS-4 Pro anD FS-5 Pro hD SErIES
Portable Hard Drive Recorder
The Focus FS-4 HD Portable recorder DTE (Direct-To-Edit technology) is a
must for DV, HDV, and P2 camcorders. Audio, video and timecode signals are
sent from the camcorder through a FireWire cable. It’s light enough to clip
to a belt or mount on a camcorder, and supports HDV 720p/1080i (.m2t),
24p, AVI, QuickTime, and RawDv. The “Pro” series steps up with support for
QuickTime 1080i 50/60 and 720p 30, Avid OMF, P2 MXF (DVCPRO 25) and
Pinnacle AVI. The 80 and 100GB model includes a 180-minute high capacity
battery. All other models include a 90-minute battery.
The Focus FS-5 steps-up with an ultra-light design, a backlit, high-resolution LCD screen, along with
intuitive menus and controls. It has 10 seconds of shock cache recording, time-lapse recording,
scene marking, clip categorization, and the ability to assign custom metadata.
FS-4 PRO HD 80GB> 6 hours #FOFS4PHD80Q 1149.95
FS-4 PRO HD 100GB> 7.5 hours #FOFS4PHD100 1399.95
FS-5 PRO HD 100GB> 7.5 hours #FOFS5PHD100 2195.00
(ASYF-1039-01) 850 mAh battery for FS-4 DTE #FOBFS490 124.95
(ASYF-1040-01) 180 min. battery (1950 mAh) for FS-4 DTE #FOBFS4 189.95
(ASYF084901) Camera mounting kit #FOCMFS4 124.95
(ASYF105701) Canon XL series mounting kit #FOCMKFS4C 98.95
(ASYF104401) Camera mounting kit #FOCMKFS4 124.95
HD Recorders and Players
This multi-directional, microwave wireless video transmitter/
receiver set can broadcast through walls without
desynchronization of the video picture. The Titan Tx/Rx system
has a 1,000 ft (300 m) line of sight, a 2.4 Ghz frequency range,
4 preset channels, and is FCC, IC and CE certified. Transmits/
receives NTSC, PAL & SECAM color and B&W signals. Requires
camera-specific power cable, as listed below. Both the Titan
transmitter and receiver require a minimum 9V of power, up to
36V, available in a variety of connection options (12V and 14V
sources supply ample power in the field). Extremely compact,
both units are easily Velcroed to any camera or monitor.
• Signals remain stable even when in motion
• Connectivity via BNC (video), Lemo2 (power) and Hirose 6-pin
(video and power)
• 4 channels are pre-dialed and accessible with the flip of a switch—no tools required
• Can be used in conjuntion with any monitor
• Optional “5MDBP” battery pack adapters allow use of 7.2V cam batteries
95TITANSET Titan Wireless Transmitter Set Transmitter/Receiver #TRTTS $2749.95
Titan Wireless Video Duo Set 1 Trans/Dual Receivers #TRTDS $3994.95
Titan Wireless Set for Canon: Includes Titan Wireless Transmitter Set, Canon Smart Mini DV
battery pack, Power only cable, Knee joint with shoe adapter and AL-15 power supply.
#TRTTSCK......................................................................................................................... 3099.95
Titan Wireless Set for Panasonic: Includes Titan Wireless Transmitter Set, Panasonic Smart Mini
DV battery pack, Power only cable, Knee joint with shoe adapter and AL-15 power supply.
#TRTTSPK ......................................................................................................................... 3099.95
Titan Wireless Set for Sony: Includes Titan Wireless Transmitter Set, Sony Smart Mini DV battery
pack, Power only cable, Knee joint with shoe adapter and AL-15 power supply.
#TRTTSSK ......................................................................................................................... 3099.95
Dn-10 DV/HDV Compact MediaPac Recorder
• Mediapac Compatible • Removable Hard Drive • 8-Second Pre-Record • Anti-Shock
• 160GB Hard Drive • RS-232 #DADN10 2109.95
Dn-20 DV/HDV Compact MediaPac Recorder
• Mediapac Compatible • Removable Hard Drive • 8-Second Pre-Record • Anti-Shock
• RS-232 • Rear Panel BNC Connectors #DADN20 2059.95
Dn-30 DV/HDV Compact Hard Disk Recorder
• 120GB Hard Drive • 8-Second Pre-Record • Anti-Shock • RS-232 • External Time Code
• 160GB Hard Drive • Removable Hard Drive #DADN30 1695.95
Dn-40 DV/HDV Mediapac Recording Deckr
• Mediapac Compatible • NTSC/PAL • Rack Mountable • NTFS Support • RS-232C
• XLR Audio Inputs • External Timecode Support #DADN40 2199.95
rFX-nLL-II License Free Link
The RFX-NLL-II is a state-of-the art 5.8GHz license free,
digital broadcast microwave audio/video link. The transmitter
is designed to mount between an ENG camera and battery.
The receiver is designed to be mounted on a tripod or other
suitable location. The NLL-II offers a 1500’ range, with
switchable mic/line inputs, balanced audio, in and out, and
microphone phantom power. Video is encoded to MPEG-2,
making it ideal for high quality broadcasting environments.
Applications include sports arenas, roof top to roof top, and
camera to ENG truck.
#RFNLLII 9949.95
Dn-50 DV/HDV Multi-Format Compact
MediaPac Recorder
• MediaPac • DVCPRO Support • DV/HDV • 160GB Hard
Drive • 8-Second Pre-Record • Anti-Shock • RS-232
• External Time Code • Removable Hard Drive
hDr-100 HD/SD-SDI Hard Drive Recorderr
• (250GB) Interchangeable HDD • Up to 18 Hours of Video
• RS-422 Remote Controllable • Drag and Drop • NTSC
• Macintosh and PC Compatible • Loop Playback Inputs
• Rack Mountable • SD-HD/SDI• HDMI
CW-5hD Cam~WaVE HD Wireless Video Transmission System
#DADN50 1628.50
#DAHDR100 3599.95
hDr-200 DV/HDV Recorder Player
• 250GB Interchangeable HDD • Up to 18 Hours of
Video • RS-422 Remote Controllable • Drag and Drop
• NTSC • Mac and PC Compatible • Loop Playback Inputs
• Rack Mountable • SD/HD-SDI • HDMI
292-325 Pro Video.indd 301
Transmit your high-definition 1080 and 720 signals wirelessly up to 100
feet (30m) through walls, and up to 150 feet (50m) in line-of-sight,
with a transmission delay of less than 1ms. This uncompressed
wireless transmitter and receiver system supports both HD-SDI
(SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) video signal processing,
multiple video formats, and two channels of SDI embedded audio. Its
wireless transmission operates via MIMO/OFDM, between 5.1–5.8GHz
frequencies—no special FCC license required. It has no visible antenna
array, and is powered (10–17 VDC) through its V-mount or via 4-pin
XLR connectivity. Selection of four manual or auto-select frequencies
with 256-bit encryption features loop-through and conforms to FCC,
CE and RoHS specifications.
#IDCW5HD $5,599.95
#IDCW5HDAB $5,899.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
Converter Lenses
Video Pro Conversion Lenses
Precision optics Series
Impact’s high-quality conversion lenses are manufactured with premium workmanship, resulting in
superior, high-resolution image capture. The lenses are available in several categories: telephoto, wideangle, macro/close-up, and fisheye. They mount directly onto digital and video camcorders. Impact
lenses with a magnetic base will magnetically mount directly to your digital camera or camcorder.
Professional Digital Video Series Lenses
2x Telephoto
1.6x Telephoto
0.6x Wide-Angle
0.7x Wide-Angle
Fisheye Adapter
0.55x W/A
Sony HDR-FX1,
0.65x W/A
0.3x Fisheye
16:9 Adapter
Canon XL-1s,
XL-2, XL-H1
Digital Series Lenses
DS-20TC-SB HD-16TC-EX1 (1.6X) 0HD-16TC-XLH (1.6x) 0HD-20TC-SH6
2x Telephoto
0.55x Wide-Angle DS-55WA-58 HD-06WA-EX1 (0.6x) 0HD-06WA-XLH (0.6x) 0HD-55WA-SH6
VS-08CV-72 (0.8x)
0.65x Wide-Angle DS-65CV-58
0.3x Ultra Fisheye DS-FEWA-SB HD-FESU-EX1 (1.6x)
Extreme Fisheye
Lenses for DV Cameras with 27–37mm Lens mounts
Include 27mm, 30mm, and 30.5mm Step Rings
#DS-55WA-37 0.55x Wide-Angle adapter $124.95
#DS-HR65-37 0.65x Wide-Angle converter $229.95
#DS-FEWA-37 0.3x Ultra fisheye adapter $329.95
#DS-HR20-37 2x Telephoto converter $219.95
Compact, lightweight 0.8x HD quality wide-angle lens converter with 20%
wider coverage and full zoom-through capability. Affixes to 72mm lens mts.
#CEVS08CV72 479.95
Lens Mount
0.38x Super Wide-Angle
0.5x Wide-Angle
0.45x HG W/A with Macro
0.5x HG W/A w/Macro
2.0x Telephoto
2.0x High-Grade Telephoto
0.65x Wide-Angle
2.0x High-Grade Telephoto
0.7x Wide-Angle
2.0x High-Grade Telephoto
Video Conversion Lenses
52-67mm 0.3x Ultra Wide Angle
52-67mm 0.5x Wide Angle
52-67mm 0.7x Wide Angle
58mm 0.7x HQ Wide Angle
58mm 0.79x Wide-Angle
62mm 0.3x Semi Fisheye
62mm 0.7x HQ Wide-Angle
0.24x Fisheye
RADCR7900ZD 92mm
52 & 58mm
43, 52, 55
185° Fisheye
& 58mm
0.79x HD Wide-Angle RAHDP6000EX 117mm
3-In-1 HD Macro RADCR5320PRO 72mm
0.24x HD Fisheye RAHDFXR180
1.8x HD Telephoto RAHDP9000EX 108mm
Wide-angle & telephoto Lens recommendations
EX-II Video Pro Conversion Lenses
for DV and High-Definition Camcorders
EX-II 0.45X
EX 0.45x
EX 1.5x Tele
0.7x Wide Angle
EX 0.75x
0.45x & 0.75x
Super Fisheye
Wide Converter
(16HDV7XHM100) (169-HDVSF5X-82) (169-HDV75X-82) (169-HDVT15X-72) (169-HDSFWA75)
Canon XH-A1
Canon XH-G1
Canon XL-H1
Canon XL-2
Sony HVR-FX1
Sony HVR-Z1
Sony HVR-Z7U
Sony HVR-S270U
Sony HVR-V1U
Sony HVR-FX7
Panasonic HVX200
Panasonic DVX100B
292-325 Pro Video.indd 302
EX-II 0.6X
EX-II Lens on Camcorder
EXII 0.45X Super Fisheye
16x9 Inc. upgrades its EX line of specialized lens attachments with the highdefinition-quality EXII 0.45X Super Fisheye. The single-element EXII 0.45X Super
Fisheye offers significant improvements in design and functionality.
• Single Element • 135° Field of View • Lightweight Design
0.45X Fisheye Converter Lens Available with 62mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm,
HP, EX or HV mount #169HDSF45X* 494.95
EXII 0.6X Wide angle Converter Lens
• 40% Wider Image • Partial Zoom Through • Lightweight Design
0.6X WA Lens with 62mm, 72mm or 82mm #169HDWA6X* 274.95
0.6X WA Lens for EX, HPX, HVX or Z5 #169HDWA6X* 324.95
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
35mm Adapters
Quick Dial: 821
35mm Lens Adapters
Depth of Field and the Elusive “Film Look”
Achieving a genuine film look on video takes more than good lighting and 24fps
progressive capture. The shallow, controllable depth of field and high-grade optics of
35mm prime lenses are also needed. The Letus 35 and Cinevate’s Brevis35 allow you
to attach still photography lenses onto nearly any SD or HD camcorder, projecting
their rich, film-like images onto an internal translucent screen which your camera
then records.
BrEVIS-35 mP.1 35mm Lens Adapter
w/o lens
with lens
W LEnS aDaPtEr SyStEmS
Letus35 Ultimate
Letus35 Extreme
With its high-grade achromatic lens and 1/2-stop light loss,
the Letus35 Extreme exhibits
beautiful film look with absolutely
no vignetting and superior edge-toedge sharpness. Its proprietary
image orientation technology
flips the image upright—
without the added expense
and inconvenience of an
external adapter.
• Interchangeable thread rings and lens mounts for changing
cameras on-the-fly • Virtually silent vibration system
• Built-in LED on/off indicator • Comes with choice of mount
#LELT35EX72 with 72mm filter ring1189.95
#LELTEXCINE7230 w/72mm ring and 30cm
rod support system 1929.95
Extreme Starter Cine Bundles
Each includes Extreme Adapter, Rod Support System, Nikon lens
mount, camera connection, Zeiss lenses and custom case.
For Panasonic HVX-200 #LELTEXSCKHVX 5099.95
For Sony PMW-EX1/EX3 #LELTEXSCKEX 5099.95
For 72mm Camera Connection #LELTEXSCK72 4799.95
For 77mm Camera Connection #LELTEXSCK77 4799.95
For 82mm Camera Connection # LELTEXSCK82 4799.95
Letus35 Elite Adapter
The Letus35 Elite Adapter offers similar features to the Extreme
adapter and adds a back focus adjustment.
With Panasonic HVX-200 Ring #LELT35ELTHV 1799.95
With Sony PMW-EX1/EX3 Ring #LELT35ELTEX 1849.95
With 82mm Ring #LELT35ELT82 1849.95
With 77mm Ring #LELT35ELT77 1849.95
With 72mm Ring # LELT35ELT72 1849.95
The top-of-the-line successor to the
widely acclaimed Letus 35 Extreme,
the Ultimate completely raises
the bar on 35mm adapters by
offering a new multipatented
design and the highest-quality
achromatic lenses. Along with a
quieter, “smart” spinning ground
glass element with zero wobble,
the Ultimate contains a precision back-focus adjustment and can
stop down to f/22. Its built-in flash memory remembers your last
settings, while the supplied D-tap power cord is hot swappable.
Stunningly beautiful, film-like images were never so affordable.
Includes PL mount, choice of optimization kit, D-tap, custom
waterproof case, and rod support bracket.
• User-changeable ground glass element • Variable RPM motor
with LED display • Off-center spinning glass and driving motor
#LELT35ULT72 with 72mm filter ring 4484.95
#LELT35ULTEX1 with PMW-EX1 ring 4484.95
The Brevis 35 imaging bundle requires a 35mm
(interchangeable) lens mount. Lens mounts supported are Nikon,
Canon EOS, Canon FD, Pentax K, Pentax M42, OCT19 (cinema),
and PL (cinema).
Imaging Bundles with Flip Module
with 43mm Ring 1459.95
with 58mm Ring 1459.95
with 67mm Ring 1459.95
with 72mm Ring 1459.95
with 77mm Ring 1459.95
with 82mm Ring 1459.95
Letus35 Mini
Designed and optimized
for cameras with a 43mm
filter size or smaller, the
Letus35 Mini brings all the
impressive features of the
Letus35 Extreme to consumer
camcorders like the Canon
HV30 and Sony HC9. Now you can achieve cinema-like image
quality with a minimum of equipment and cost.
• Less than 2 lbs • No support rods necessary
• 16:9 native aspect ratio • Great in limited space
#LELT35M37 with 37mm ring1079.95
#LELT35M43 with 43mm ring 1079.95
Letus 2/3” B4 Compact Relay Lens
Innovative filmmakers looking
for the true cinematic look
of film in their video footage
can really take advantage
of the newly designed and
adaptable Brevis 35 MP.1. This
lightweight and cost-effective
35mm lens adapter incorporates a
firmware upgradeable microprocessor with
integrated aspherical optics and a total light loss of
only 1/2 an f-stop to your camera with a 50mm lens mounted at
f/2.8. Its internal rechargeable cell pack gives you a remarkable
30 hours of run time from a “smart” 30-minute charge. In
crafting your shot, the Brevis 35 can be equipped with an
optional image flip module—which flips the upside-down image
that results from using a 35mm adapter—and a matte box
system with solid carbon fiber rods. Interchangeable imaging
effects can also be implemented to give you different looks and
greater latitude to your cinematic productions.
Letus 2/3” B4 Pro Relay Lens
Letus 1/3” Pro Relay Lens
The Letus 1/3” relay lens is
designed for cameras with a
1/3 inch image sensor and
removable lens system. The
Letus relay will allow you to
bypass the stock lens of your
camera and attach a Letus
adapter (Extreme, Elite, or
Ultimate) directly to your
camera body on cameras with removable lenses with standard
1/3” mount such as the Panasonic HPX300 and JVC HD series.
#LELT13FFPRO 2694.95
Letus 1/2” Pro Relay Lens
This relay lens will allow
you to attach a Letus35
Extreme, Elite, or Ultimate
adapter directly to the
camera body bypassing
the stock lens entirely.
Precision calibrated to
the Letus35 adapters,
features academy frame
size, 9 lens set, razor
sharp center and edges, iris ring, back focus ring with lock down,
stainless steel flange
Pro version of the B4 compact relay lens. 103mm in length from
flange. 3/4 stop brighter than the P+S PRO35 relay.
The Letus35 1/2” relay lens
is designed for cameras
with a ½” image sensor and
removable lens system. The
Letus relay will allow you to
bypass the stock lens of your
camera and attach a Letus
adapter (Extreme, Elite, or
Ultimate) directly to your
camera body on cameras with removable lenses such as the
Sony PMW-EX3, XDCAM 350/355, etc.
#LELTB4C 3479.00
#LELTB4P 5949.95
#LELT13FFPRO 3949.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 303
9/24/09 11:53 PM
Professional Video
Directors Viewfinders and Matte Box Systems
Director’s Viewfinders
mB44 SErIES 4x4 Matte Box Kit
VFm-11X / VFL-6X
Micro Director’s Viewfinders
The VFM-11X micro
zoom viewfinder
covers focal lengths
from 8mm to 80mm
for 1" and 2/3"
chip standard and
digital cameras, 16mm focal lengths of 8.5mm to 94mm,
and 35mm focal lengths of 18mm to 200mm. Aspect
ratios are 1.33 (TV), 1.66, 1.78 (HDTV), 1.85 and 2.35.
Aluminum, 4-element coated optics.
VFM-11X (11x zoom) #CADVFMZQ 199.95
VFL-6X (6x zoom) #CAVRL6X 219.95
Du-All Camera
mICroFInDEr Director’s Viewfinder
Machined from highquality aluminum, the
Director’s Viewfinder
switches between
various film standards,
from anamorphic to Super16 and 35mm. It also has
settings for 1/3", 1/2" and 2/3" video formats.
• 11x zoom ratio • Lightweight, durable
• Comes with carrying case and neck strap
#DUMF11X6FRB Red Barrel 259.95
#DUMF11X6F Black Barrel 264.95
mB-44 Series 4x4 Bellows Matte Box Kits
Designed to work with pro camcorders, these kits include:
Bellows matte box, 15mm rod support system, ring adapter, and
French flag.
#CAMB44SENGN f/Sony ENG Cams $549.95
#CAMB44DVXN f/XL-2 and AG-DVX100A/B $599.95
#CAMB44PD170N f/Sony PD170/VX2100 $599.95
#CAMB44HD100 f/PD-170-2100 $569.95
#CAMB45HVX200 f/Panasonic AG-HVX200 $599.95
#CAMB4510H2EX f/Sony PMW-EX1 $499.95
Designed to work with a variety of
DV/HDV/DVCPRO HD camcorders.
• Moveable “eyebrows” provide
extra flare reduction; adjustable
to the zoom position of the lens
• Includes rotating filter holders for 3x3 or 4x4 filters; perfect for
polarizers and effects filters • Accessory shoe for fast & simple
attachment of a light or mic holder
• Cine-style rails provide solid, quick-adjusting support
f/XL-2, GY-HD110, PD170 #CEDSMB44KTC 1099.95
f/DVX100B, HVX200 #CEDSMB44WKT 1349.95
f/Sony HDR-FX1, HVR-Z1U and Canon XH-A1 and
XH-G1 #CEDSMB44HSW 1299.95
Birns & Sawyer
mB-105 Clip-On Matte Box
Lightweight, clamp-on style matte
box with sunshade and French flag.
Tray-less design holds 2 4x5.650
glass filters. Available clamp-on and
threaded reduction rings make it
suitable for lenses with 105mm outer
diameter and smaller. .
MB-105 with 72mm Ring for Canon XLH1
& Sony DSR-Z1U #BIMB10572 674.95
MB-105 with 77mm Ring #BIMB10577 649.95
MB-105 with 82mm Ring #BIMB10582 649.95
MB-105 with 95mm Ring #BIMB10595 609 .95
marK VB
CmB-r20 SErIES 4x4 Sunshade Kits
Control light and filtering with these
lightweight, clamp-on sunshades,
which incorporate a French flag and
two independently rotating
filter holders.
For Canon XH-A1 and XH-G1
#CHR20XHAK1 834.95
For Panasonic AG-HVX200/A #CHR20HVXK1 834.95
For Sony HVR-Z7U #CHR20Z7K1 834.95
For SonyPMW-EX1 #CHR20EX1K1 834.95
For Sony PMW-EX3 #CHR20EX3K1 834.95
450 KIt-1 SErIES SyStEm KItS
Director’s Viewfinder
4x4 Matte Box Kits with French Flags
Fm600 SErIES 4x4 Matte Box
Winner of a Technical
Achievement Award
from the Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and
• Smooth 12x zoom ring • Focal lengths viewed in
windows on viewfinder barrel • Adjustable aspect ratio
ring (1.33:1, 16x9, 1.85:1, 2:40:1 anamorphic)
• 6 glass elements for sharpest possible image
• Color coded film sizes and video formats
• Adjustable focus ring and rubber eyecup
#ALDVFM5B 689.95
Birns & Sawyer
unIVErSaL mInI/mICro
Director’s Viewfinders
The Universal Mini Viewfinder
comes with digital scales for
Canon, Sony, and other 1/3"
chip cameras. It covers 16mm
and 35mm film formats as
well as 1/2" DV and 2/3" HD
cameras. Focal lengths are 4mm to 35mm for 1/3" chip
cameras such as the Canon XL and Panasonic’s DVX
line. Focal lengths are: 8mm−80mm (2/3" cameras),
8.5mm−94mm (16mm), 18mm−200mm (35mm).
#BIMVF (162129) Mini Universal 334.95
#BIMVFQ (162128) Director’s Micro Viewfinder 249.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 304
The Formatt FM600 4x4 matte box
system affixes to lens diameters of
43–82mm with the implementation
of an optional Formatt threaded
attachment adapter. This matte box
features a French flag and 2 filter
holders—one fixed, one that rotates 360°.
FM-600 4x4 Matte Box #FOMBFM600 349.95
FM-600 Matte Box Kit with filters for Panasonic HVX-200(A)
#FOFM600HVXK1 844.95
FM-600 Matte box Kit with filters f/Sony PMW-EX1
#FOFM600EXK1 849.95
Kits include: • Matte box • 16:9 mask
• 4x4 /4x5.65 filter holder • French flag
• Support system with center bracket • 110mm rear plate
• Step-down ring
f/Sony HVR-Z1U #CHDVMB44HDK1 1649.95
f/JVC GY-HD110U #CHDVMB44HDV1 1699.95
f/Panasonic AG-HVX200(A) #CHDVMB44HVK1 1694.95
f/Canon XH-A1/G1 #CHDVMB44XHA1 1799.95
f/Canon XL-H1 series #CHDVMB44XLH1 1799.95
f/Sony PMW-EX1 #CHDVMB44EX1K 1789.95
450 KIt-2 SErIES SyStEm KItS
4x4 Matte Box w/French Flag and Follow Focus
4x4 Matte Box System
This lightweight, durable
matte box system features
two filter holders (one moveable,
one fixed), a French flag, a rod
support system and an adapter
for specific camera com patibility
62mm Rod Support System #GEGMCBFF62 699.95
72mm Rod Support System #GEGWMCBFF72 849.95
77mm Rod Support System #GEGWMCBFF77 849.95
82mm Rod Support System #GEGWMCBFF82 849.95
The 450-HDVKIT2
professional upgrade kits
add followfocus, for more
precise control of your
cine-style image.
f/Sony V1U and FX7 #CHDVMB44V1K2 2799.95
f/Sony Z1U and FX1 #CHDVMB44HDK2 3236.95
f/Panasonic AG-HVX200 #CHDVMB44HVK2 3294.95
f/Sony PMW-EX1 #CHDVMB44EXK2 3649.95
f/Sony PMW-EX3 #CHDVMB44E3K2 3649.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Production Accessories
Quick Dial: 821
Wristshot h-WS1
Camcorder Support System
44DVFLK | 4x4 Film Look DV Kit
Soften and warm your video image for a more subtle, film-like
quality with this excellent set of professional Tiffen filters.
Kit includes:
• 4X4" Black Diffusion F/X 1/2 Glass • 4X4" Black Pro-Mist
F/X 1/2 Glass • 4X4" Warm Black Diffusion F/X 1/4 Glass
• 4x4" Soft F/X 1 Glass • Soft pouch
#TIFLDVK44 699.95
• Active area—10 x 6",
25.4 x 15.24cm
CK4 (CamBook-4):
6 primary colors, 11 step grayscale, Multiburst lens resolution
test pattern, Backfocus Star, CamWhite
• Active Area–11 x 6.18", 27.94 x 15.69cm
#HOHWS1 199.95
HCE Handy Camette Test Chart #DSHCE144.95
CK4 CamBook-4 Text Chart Folder #DSCK4 499.95
FBC / FBS / FBP / FB12+4
Lightweight and durable,
the Hoodman H Series
provides glare-free
viewing of your LCD
screen even in bright
outdoor light.
QuICK Start 3
4x4 & 4x5.65 DV/HDV Special Effects Filter Kits
BF ASC-QSKIT3 4x4” Filters #FOQS344 377.95
BF 4X5-ACKIT3 4x5.65” Filters #FOQS345P 564.95
Fits 2" LCD screens .................................... $10.95
Fits 3" LCD screens .................................... $19.95
Fits 3-5 4" LCD screens ............................. $19.95
Fits 6" LCD screens $32.95
Fits 16x9" LCD screens $24.95
Blue Star
70-C48801 4x4” Filter Kit
# CEFTK44 394.95
Birns & Sawyer
Professional Acrylic Production Slates
These versatile, dry-erase
production slates (clappers) help
sync your sound and identify
shots on sets and production
locations. With inlaid color and
durable engraved text, they
fit into a standard front- box.
Dimensions: 7 1⁄2 x 11"
425011 Color Clapper Sticks #BISACC ........................ 89.95
425003 Greyscale Clapper Sticks #BISAGC 89.95
425007 Black & White Clapper Sticks #BIDES 27.95
Pearstone Acrylic Dry Erase Clapboards
SADB711 With Greyscale Sticks #PESADB711 44.99
SADC711 With Color Sticks #PESADC711 49.99
292-325 Pro Video.indd 305
Professional Camera Test Charts
These patented
FrontBox series test
charts are essential
to optimize tonal
reproduction and create
richer, more accurate
imagery, especially in HD productions. Align for color, grayscale,
aspect ratio, and focus. Completely waterproof.
FBC 11-step grayscale and backfocus star #DSFBC 119.95
FBP 6 primary colors, 11-step grayscale,
4 skin tones #DSFBP 319.95
FBS 6 primary colors, 11-step grayscale #DSFBS 269.95
FB12+4 12 primary colors, 11-step grayscale,
4 skin tones #DSFB12P4 419.95
ChromaDumonde 12+4/28r
Professional CamAlign Chip Charts
4x4” Filter Kit for Video Production
Century Filters by Schneider
Optics have been specifically
selected to meet the unique
needs of today’s DV/HDV
cinematographers. Century
4”x4” filters fit neatly into
standard mattebox filterholders.
Century DV/HDV 5-filter kit,
includes • Linear Polarizer •
ND .6 Solid • ND .6 Soft Edge Graduated • Black Frost .5
• Skintone Enhancer filters and a lightweight padded pouch
hCE / CK4 Handy Test Charts
HCE (Handy Camette):
5-step grayscale,
6 primary colors, CamWhite
Shoot for hours without wrist fatigue
by transferring the camera’s weight
to your forearm—adding stability
while freeing your hand for camcorder
operation. The WristShot has five
axis adjustments to fit all body types
and shooting styles. Quick-release
mounting system and a universal tripod
adapter mount, make transitions from
handheld to tripod quick and easy.
Contoured Wrap-Around Viewfinder Hood
• Low Contrast 1 Glass Filter • Soft Effects Clear 3 Glass Filter
•Supermist Black 1/2 Glass Filter BF 4x5" ACKIT5 (4x5.65")
• Low Contrast 1 Glass Filter • Soft Effects Clear 3 Glass Filter
• Supermist Black 1/2 Glass Filter
Oval Large Eye Cushion
These high-quality viewfinder eye cushion covers are for pro
video camera viewfinders and provide thick, cushioned comfort
and absorbency. They come in different sizes, conforming snugly
and securely to each manufacturer’s eyecup.
Chamois/Oval Large ...................................... 6.95
Microfiber/Red/Oval Large ............................. 3.95
Microfiber/Blue/Oval Large ............................ 4.95
Microfiber/Natural/Oval Large ........................ 6.95
Fleece/Red/Oval Large 9.95
Fleece/Blue/Oval Large 6.95
The patented 12+4 / 28R
CamAlign color calibration
charts are excellent for
evaluating and calibrating
a camera’s color and
gamma. They should be
recorded with every scene
and setting change to ensure consistency and accuracy in your
work, and as a baseline reference in post-production.
12+4 Junior- 10 x 17" (HxW) #DSCDM124J 754.95
28R Standard 13.7 x 21.3" (HxW)
#DSCDM28RST 1,049.95
DIGItaL CInEma traInInG
20-DVD Cinema Production Course
I-CuFFS Viewfinder Hoods
Raider’s i-cuff hoods attach
securely to your viewfinder via a
touch fastener for personalized
positioning and fit. Their
ultrasuede chamois fabric is
waterproof and is crafted to the
highest standards of durability and
comfort (will still look new after
100,000 rubs).
#RAICUFFHD Fits viewfinders up to 10.5” ..................... 39.95
#RAICUFF Fits viewfinders up to 9.5”............................ 39.95
#RAICUFFDV Fits viewfinders up to 5.5” 34.95
This highly comprehensive, detailed and thorough 20-DVD
set was created to address every aspect of digital cinema
production. Nothing has been overlooked in providing an
exhaustive education in all aesthetic and technical areas.
You’ll be in full control of your production environment—
confident and prepared for anything.
#DIDCTMPCOMMA Comprehensive Course 389.95
#DIDCTMPCOMMP 25 DVD, Command-Plus Course 439.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
Pro Cases
onE man BanD SErIES
Pro Camcorder Cases
CC-190 / CC-191 / CC-192 / CC-193
Lightweight, TST (Thermo-Shield-Technology) protected
compact cases for Mini HDV/DV camcorders. The customizable
Modi-Vers System allows you to create compartments that meet
your requirements.
10.2 x 3.9 x 4.7" #KACC190 Call
15.7 x 7.8 x 7.8" #KACC191 100.00
19.89 x 7.87 x 7.87" #KACC192 115.00
21.2 x 8.6 x 10.2” fits XH-A1, HVX200,
Sony Z1/V1 #KACC193 130.00
The One Man Band -75
is the ultimate mobile
production solution for
the solo videographer
that does it all. The main
internal compartment is
designed to be customized
using the provided dividers
and detachable pouches.
It will fit numerous set up
configurations to hold,
protect and organize all
the necessary equipment in just one cohesive bag. Various
configurations will allow you to take camcorders such as the
Sony EX1,Z1, Panasonic HVX200, Canon A1/G1 and similar. The
camera will fit with mattbox, external mic and mini light attached
while your headphones, laptop, accessories, batteries, and small
monitor fit in the various divisions and compartments within the
bag. A video tripod can be attached to the outside of the bag.
OMB-75 22 x 15 x 18.9" #KAOMB75 224.95
OMB-72 19.7 x 9.8 x 16.3” #KAOMB72 160.00
OMB-74 19.7 x 13.6 x 16.9” #KAOMB74 199.00
OMB-77 27.6 x 16.1 x 18.9” #KAOMB77 270.00
hB-205 / hB-207 Pro Hiker Backpacks
CC-195 / CC-196 / CC-197
Lightweight, TST protected cases with internal aluminum top
frame, which provides extra protection for viewfinder and mic.
Contoured interior with thick padding and six layers of protection.
CC-195 22.8 x 11.0 x 11.0" fits Canon XL-H1 or
JVC GY-HD110 #KACC195 175.00
CC-196 23.6” x 11.4” x 11.0” fits Canon XL-H1, JVC GY Series
or Sony PMW-EX3 #KACC196 225.00
CC-197 26.4 x 11.4 x 11.4" fits Canon XL-H1 or JVC GYHD200/250 fully accessorized #KACC197 240.00
CCC-10a / CCC-1a / mCC-2a
Camcorder cases that
provide the ultimate
protection for full-sized
camcorders with
attached lens and
batteries. Offering
quick access,
watertight zippers and
padded accessory
pockets. Optional DTS
These backpacks fit HDV/
DV camcorders such as
Canon XH-A1/G1, Sony Z1/
V1, Panasonic HVX200, and
similar. TST protection and
ergonomic harness provide
lightweight, comfortable
carrying for the long
haul. HB-207 features an
additional top compartment and rear laptop pocket (up to 17").
HB-205 18.1 x 11.8 H 6.2" #KAHB205 $225.00
HB-205 22.4 x 11.8 H 7.0" #KAHB207 $265.00
r-106 Rucksack
The R-106 Rucksack is cleverly designed
to hold camcorders such as the Sony
EX1, Panasonic HVX200, Canon A1/
G1 and similar sized models. Additional
accessories such as media, batteries,
filters, charger, cables etc. can be stored
in the surrounding compartments, the
spacious arched lid compartment.(optional
trolly not included).
R-106 14.2 x 13 H 21.3" #KAR106 $289.95
mC-61 GDC Multi Case
Shown with
optional trolley.
CCC-10A 22.4 x 10.6 x 10.2" #KACCC10A 250.00
CCC-1A 27.2 x 11.4-7.4 x 11-9.8" #KACCC1A 330.00
MCC-2A 28.3 x 11.4-7.4 x 12.6-9.8" #KAMCC2A 350.00
292-325 Pro Video.indd 306
LS-36 / LS-46 / LS-54
Pro Camcorder Shoulder Case
Multi-purpose case designed for
HDV/DV camcorders with a matte
box attached. Ample room for many
accessories and a laptop (up to
17"). TProtected by TST (ThermoShield-Technology) and well-padded
sides. Ergonomically designed, it has
multiple carrying possibilities.
19.3 x 8.3 x 10.6" $220.00
Light Stand Cases
The LS light stand bags are light and compact carrying and
working solution light stands. Kata’s signature TST protection
is featured on each end of the bag for extra protection where it
LS-36 36.8” x 10.8” x 7.1” #KALS36 Call
LS-46 46.3” x 10.8” x 7.1” #KALS46 Call
LS-54 52.8” x 10.8” x 7.1” #KALS54 Call
trIPoaCtIon-41 / 42 Tripod Carrier
The Tripoaction is
the perfect case for
medium-sized field
tripods with a variety
of head sizes. An
extra-wide, zippered
opening extends the
entire length for quick access. Includes fabricated Nycore with
fluorocarbon-based, water-repellent finish on the outside and
three layers of polyurethane coating on the inside.
Tripoaction-41 34.6 x 7.7 x 7.7" #KATS41 $130.00
Tripoaction-42 42.5 x 7.7 x 7.7" #KATS42 $145.00
PaLmS-1 / 2 / 3 Advanced Lighting Cases
Uniquely shaped, doublearched, butterfly-lid
lighting cases carry
a large variety of
accessories and sensitive
equipment, such as
lights, stands, power
supplies, cables. The PALMS cases cannot cave in, and include
a DTS Insertrolley.
Palms-1 30.7 X 7.5 X 8.3" #KAP1 350.00
Palms-2 36.6 X 7.9 X 8.7" #KAP2Q400.00
Palms-3 44 X 11.8 X 8.7" #KAP3Q480.00
Kt-oC-82 / 84 / 86 / 88 / 97
Pro Organizer Cases
Lighting cases with TST and a
honeycomb reinforcement that
provide ultimate protection.
The main compartment fits
3 to 4 lights and up to
4 stands. A secondary compartment
holds cables, gels, plus other
13.3 x 9.8 x 5.5" #KAOC82 155.00
18.1 x 13.3 x 6.2" #KAOC84 210.00
28.3 x 17.3 x 10.2" #KAOC86 390.00
29.9 x 11.0 x 8.6" #KAOC88 360.00
34.6 x 12.6 x 9.4" #KAOC97 420.00
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Pro Cases
Quick Dial: 821
PmC-CB1 / PCCB-1n / PCCB-2n
Pro Bag for Medium Size Camcorders
Designed to fit most
popular standard and highdefinition pro camcorders.
• Lightweight with extra
• Removable dividers for
custom configuration
• Sturdy exterior straps
PMC-CB1 L 14.2 x 5.9 x 8.3" (LxWxH) #PEPMCCB1 79.95
PCCB-1N 16.77 x 7.8 x 9" (LxWxH) #PEPCCB1N 99.95
PCCB-2N 18.5 x 8.2 x 9.4" (LxWxH) #PEPCCB2N 99.95
PDrB SErIES Dr. Petrol Bags
With its padded, U-shaped opening,
this case allows for quick
removal and insertion of
your camcorder. Designed
to be a custom-configured
protective case to
hold fully equipped
camcorders with
accessories up to 21" long, such
Rain Cover w/purchase
as the Canon XL-H1 or JVC GY-HD110.
Features 3 removable dividers, tripod straps, accessory pockets,
and a dual padded strap.
21.2 x 8.2 x 11.8" 199.95
PCtB-2 / 3 Clamlap Trolley Bag
Multiple storage sections and built-in
wheels make this bag ideal for on-the-go
shooters. A good fit for Canon GL2 or Sony
A1U-size cameras. Durable, water-resistant
Cordura nylon construction.
These heavy-duty bags
are large-mouthed like the
conventional doctor’s kit.
The contents are cradled
on all sides by layers of
cushioned orange fabric.
13.4 x 7.1 x 8.9" (LxWxH) #PEPDRB1 99.95
15.4 x 8.3 x 10.2" #PEPDRB2 139.95
17.7 x 9.8 x 10" #PEPDRB3 149.95
21.3 x 11 x 10.4" #PEPDRB4 199.95
26.4 x 11.8 x 11.8" #PEPDRB5 269.95
29.1 x 11.8 x 13" #PEPDRB6 289.95
• Rear compartment for 17" laptop
• Upper compartment for camcorder
• 2-section lower compartment for
• Retractable handle
• Built-in Wheels
#PEPCTB2 11.3 x 5.5 x 11" (LxWxH)174.95
#PEPCTB3 18.5 x 12.6 x 9.5" (LxWxH) 259.95
Lightweight HDV Camera Wingbag
Mini Laptop/Camera Backpack
Protect your Sony HDV and
Panasonic DVX series
camcorders. Multi-layered
foam wall construction with
reinforced panels, waterresistant Cordura fabric, and
heavy-duty dual-directional
The PWR-HDV has a telescoping
tote bar and inline skate wheels.
Padded ballistic nylon backpack designed
to carry a camcorder up to 16" long, with a
padded rear section that will comfortably
fit a 15" laptop. Two zippered exterior
auxiliary side pockets are perfect
for storing additional accessories.
Ergonomically contoured with
padded shoulder straps for optimal
carrying comfort, with easy glide,
dual-directional zippers.
PWB-HDV 17.7 x 6.9 x 6.1" (6.7 lbs) #PEPWBHDV 1 34.95
PWR-HDV 18.3 x 6.3 x 9.6" (8.9 lbs) #PEPWRHDV 174.95
#PEPMLCB2 16.53 x 11.81 x 7.0" (LxWxH) 84.95
u-BaG SErIES Ultrawide Cases
U-BAGs offer an
ultrawide “U” opening
for insertion of a camera
without disturbing the
viewfinder, mic, shade,
or matte box. The hard
floor and viewfinder
side are reinforced with
rugged laminate panels.
3 removable dividers,
2 accessory pockets, Cordura exterior.
FREE Petrol Rain
Cover w/ PEPCUB1N
U-Bag 1 17.3" long #PEPCUB1 169.95
U-Bag 2 22.5–24.4" long #PEPCUB2 279.95
U-Bag 3 26.4–28.8" long #PEPCUB3 299.95
U-Bag 3 with Wheels #PEPCUB3R 324.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 307
PCBP-1 / PCBP-2n / PCBP-3n
Hiker & Cocoon Backpacks
Designed for camcorders with accessories
plus a laptop, this heavy-duty padded ballistic
blue/black Cordura fabric offers easy entry
and padded compartments with a hidden
padded laptop pocket. The PCBP-3 has
2 separate compartments, with the main
compartment designed for camcorders up
to 16" long.
• Hard, reinforced panel protects the camcorder’s viewfinder
• Movable dividers
PCBP-1 17.7 x 11.8 x 5.3" #PEPCBP1 199.95
PCBP-2N 24.4 x 19.6 x 6.3" #PEPCBP2BN 339.95
PCBP-3N 20 x 12.2 x 7.1" #PEPCBP3N 269.95
Organizer Video/Audio Case
Semi-rigid padded carrier
for camcorders, sound
gear, accessories.
• Water-resistant Cordura
• 2 levels plus 6 padded
removable dividers
PCAB-1 6.4 x 10.2 x 10.6" #PEPCAB1 199.95
PCAB-2R Trolly 20 x 11.2 x 12.4" #PEPCAB2R 319.95
PCAB-3 24 x 11.8 x 14.6" #PEPCAB3 264.95
PCAB-3R Trolly 24 x 11.8 x 14.6" #PEPCAB3R 349.95
Lighting Cases
PLC-3 / PLC-4 / PLC-5
Hard Shell Light Cases
Portable hard-shell cases with honeycombreinforced frame, dividable interior.
Accommodate 1–4 heads.
• Water-resistant fabric • Scooter wheels
PLC-3 26.7 x 12.6 x 10.03"
#PEPLC3 319.95
PLC-4 30.7 x 12.59 x 10.03"
#PEPLC4 379.95
PLC-5 35.8 x 14.6 x 10"
#PEPLC5 429.95
MiniDV Camcorder Shell Camera Backpack
Ergonomically contoured,
comfortable backpack is
designed as a versatile carrier
for MiniDV and HDV camcorders.
Multi-layered walls of shockabsorbent foam padding provide
gear with maximum protection.
Removable dividers, accessory
pouch, and a zippered base store
• Backpack with tripod holder
19.3 x 11.4 x 7.6" 144.95
PLPr-4 / PLPr-5
Lightporter Equipment Case
The Lightporter lighting
equipment cases are
padded, semi-hard
carriers made of waterresistant Cordura. They
are designed to carrying
portable lighting equipment, storing up to 3 light heads as well
as stands no longer than 35”.
• Main (lower) compartment is dividable for light heads and cables
• Upper compartment holds stands and accessories
PLPR-4 28.3 x 9.45 x 11" #PEPLPR4 254.95
PLPR-5 35.04 x 11.02 x 13" #PEPLPR5 344.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
Environmental Protection
Pro Camcorder Protection
Camcorder LCD Monitor Hoods
Reduce flare and
glare of light on
the LCD screen.
Folds flat for easy
CBa SErIES Camcorder Body Armor
DVG-51 / 52 / 53 / 54 / 57
jacket made of
soft-feel fabric.
Pro Camcorder Guards
#PEPMH1 f/ 2.5" LCD Monitors 14.95
#PEPMHA1U f/ 2.7" LCD Monitors 14.95
#PEPMH2 f/ 3.5" LCD Monitors 19.95
#PEPMH3 f/ 3.5" (16:9) 19.95
#PEPMH4 f/ 5.5-6.5" 39.95
#PEPMH5 f/ 6.5-7.0" 39.95
#PEPMH6 f/ 7.0-8.0" 49.95
revolutionary rain Covers
Ingenious one-piece
design makes the the
cover extremely easy to
install while shooting.
Constructed largely of
transparent polyuretheane
(TPU) for maximum
visibility. Quick and easy
access to all camera
features, such as battery
and panels. A hot-shoe
connector in the cover’s
rigid front hood section anchors and stabilizes it on the camera.
• One-piece Design • Works with LCD Screen Open
PRC-10 for Sony PMQ-EX1 and HRV-Z7 #PEPRC10 99.95
PRC-15 f/Sony PMW-EX3 & JVC GY-HD200 #PEPRC15 124.95
PRC-25 f/Sony PDW-700 & AJ-HPX2700 #PEPRC25 149.95
PLCD-2 / PLCD-3 / PLmD-2
LCD Monitor Bags
Padded monitor protection with a
top flap. Envelope-style opening
aids shading and viewing, with
vents through the back to connect
the power. Exterior side pocket for
Inflatable Airline Bag
Designed specifically for boarding
with a full-size broadcast camera
with viewfinder and lens.
• Fits Full-size Broadcast
Video Camera • Cordura
and Ballistic Nylon Exterior
• Removable Internal Inflating System
• Side pocket with Coiled Inflating Pipe • Two Straps with an
Overlapping Grip • Removable Nylon Shoulder Strap
• Nylon Carry Pouch • 25. (LxWxH) 6 x 12.2 x 11.8”
292-325 Pro Video.indd 308
For Panasonic HVX200 #KADVG51 149.95
For Sony Z1, FX7 #KADVG52 149.95
For Canon XL-H1, XL2 #KADVG53 149.95
For JVC GY-HD110/200/250 #KADVG54 149.95
For Canon XH-A1/G1 #KADVG57 149.95
rC-1 / 10 / 11 / 13 /
14 / 15 / 17 / hD-3
Pro Rain covers for
ENG and HD Camcorders
RC-1 f/full-size camcorders
#KARC1 140.00
RC-10 f/medium-size pro
camcorders #KARC10 115.00
RC-11 f/Canon XL-H1, XL2 w/o accessories #KARC11 80.00
RC-12 Compact Rain Cover for Sony EX3 and Canon XL-H1
#KARC12 80.00
RC-13 f/Canon GL2, Panasonic DVC30, Sony HC1
#KARC13 70.00
RC-14 f/Canon XH-A1/G1, Pan. DVX100,
Sony PD170 #KARC14 84.00
RC-15 f/Sony Z1, FX7, Panasonic HVX200 #KARC15 99.95
RC-17 for small handheld camcorders #KARC17 34.95
HD-3 f/full-size HD camcorders #KARCHD3 165.00
CG-SErIES Pro Camcorder Gloves
PLCD-2 for 4.5 to 7.5" LCD’s.
(Int. Dim. 8.25 x 6.1 x 2.75")
#PEPLCD2 99.95
PLCD-3 for 9" LCD’s
(Int. Dim. 9 x 9.6 x 3.9")
#PEPLCD3 139.95
PLMD-2 for Sony 9" LMD Series
(Int. Dim. 9.8 x 8.25 x 8.25") #PEPLMD2 149.95
PIAB Inflatable Airline Bag
Revolutionary guards that
duplicate exact camcorder
design and provide overall
protection while maintaining
all working functionality.
Safeguard camera from
knocks, scratches, dust, and dirt.
# PEPIAB 199.95
Tailored, fitted black
neoprene body gloves
protect your camera
from extreme elements.
Pull-to-open system
allows quick access.
Rain hood included.
CG-1 for Ikegami HL V55, Sony BVW D600, 400, 300 & 200,
Thompson LDK-491, LDK-391 camcorders #KACG1 300.00
CG-2 for Sony DNW-7, DNW-7P, DNW-90, DNW-9WS and
90WSP Camcorders #KACG2 300.00
CG-3 for Sony DVW-700, DVW-707, 709, 790WS, HDW-700,
HDW-750, HDW-790 & MSW-900P #KACG3 Call
CG-4 for Sony DSR-570; JVC GY-DV5000, Panasonic
AG-DVC200 and Similar Size Camcorders #KACG4 300.00
CG-6 for Panasonic AJ-D200, AJ-D210, AJ-D215, AJ-D300,
AJ-D400, AJ-D410, AJ-D610, AJ-D700, AJ-D800, AJ-D810,
AJ-D910, AJ-HDC20, AJ-HDC27, AJ-PD900, AJ-SDC915,
AJ-SDX900 and Hitachi Z-V1A Camcorders #KACG6 Call
CG-8 for Sony DXC D-30 Betacam SP Camera with DSR-1,
PVV-1, PVV-3 #KACG8 99.95
CG-9 for Sony PDW-510P, PDW-530P (XDCAM)
Camcorders #KACG9 300.00
CG-10 for JVC GY-DV Camcorders #KACG10 300.00
CG-11 for Panasonic Varicam and DSX #KACG11 300.00
CG-12 for Panasonic SPX (P2 series) #KACG12 249.95
CG-13 for Sony DSR400 or DSR 450 #KACG12 300.00
• Dual-layer,
• Moisture-resistant foam layer interior
• Removable, reversible rain top, expandable back
#POCBAV1 for Sony HVR-V1U 279.95
#POCBAZ1U for Sony HVR-Z1U 269.95
#POCBAEX1 for Sony PDW-EX1 259.95
#POCBAXL2 for Canon XL-2 279.95
#POCBAXHAG1 for Canon XHA1/G1 269.95
#POCBAHVX200 for Panasonic AG-HVX200 279.95
#POCBAHD250 for JVC GY-HD250 259.95
#POCBAF350 for Sony PDW-F330/350/F355 399.95
#POCBAHPX500 for Panasonic AG-HPX500 399.95
#POCBAPDW530 for Panasonic PDW530 399.95
Works with a tripod or in
hand-held mode. All controls
are accessible through
covered zippered openings.
#PORSPD170 for Sony
PD-150 / PD-170 184.95
#PORSXL2 for Canon XL-2 169.95
#PORSDVX100 for Panasonic DVX-100 179.95
#PORSFZ1 for Sony HDR-FX1 / HVR-Z1U 179.95
#PORSHVX200 for Panasonic AG-HVX200 184.95
#PORSHD100 for JVC GY-HD100U/110U $179.95
#PORSEX1 for Sony PMW-EX1 $179.95
#PORSXHAG1 for Canon’s XH-A1 and G1 $179.95
The desertSuit is the latest
feature in camera covers. This
suit protects your camera from
dust and water, it is made of
the same noiseless material
as the wetSuit and because
the cover is manufactured in
a white reflecting material, it
minimizes the heating effect of the sun.
DS-HVR Z1 / Z5 desertSuit #CADSHVRZ1 174.95
PMWEX3 for Sony PMW-EX3 #CADSPMWEX3 169.95
SnoW CoatS
This highly insulated, thermal camera jacket keeps your camera,
batteries, lens and hands warm at extremely low temperatures.
Built-in heat packs help to maintain the high internal temperature for
more than 6 hours.
SC I Snow Coat for camcorder to 25.9” #CASC1 353.95
SC II Snow Coat for camcorder to 29.5” #CASC2 353.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
CC-hD1 / CC-235
Quick Draw Pro Camera Cases
MiniDV Camera Cases
This camera case is designed
for quick access to MiniDV
camcorders and accessories.
Universal adjustable cradle is
included to securely hold the camcorders.
• Press pass/ID window
• 1000-denier waterproof Cordura fabric
12 x 7.5 x 7.0" #POCSDV1U 89.95
14 x 7.0 x 7.0" #POCSDV2U 174.95
18 x 7 x 8.5" #POCSDV3U 174.95
21 x 7 1/2 x 10" #POCSDV4U 244.95
Also available in Black material
DVo-1u / DVo-2u / DVo-3u
Organizer Camera Cases
Provide an extra level
of protection and
organized storage
space for your camera
and accessories. The
camera sits securely in
a cradle. Dividers and
pockets organize your
case w/purchase
DVO-1U 17 x 7 x 9” (LxWxH) #PODVO1U 249.95
DVO-2U 18 x 10 x 10” (LxWxH) #PODVO2U 269.95
DVO-3U 18.5 x 12 x 9.5” (LxWxH) #PODVO3U 304.95
CtC-1 / CtC-2 / CtC-3 / CtC-4
These lightweight, padded
quick-draw cases feature
a top-loading design and
a protective aluminum
viewfinder guard. They feature
2 trim exterior pockets and a
dual-purpose, expanding rear
pouch to accommodate a larger camera battery.
• Includes a leather handle and heavy-duty, non-slip
shoulder pad
CC-HD1 29 x 11.5 x 12" #POCCHD1 379.95
CC-235 25 x 13.5 x 10" #POCC235 349.95
DVo-2DC / PC-333DC
Director’s Cut Series Cases
The new, ultra-premium
“Director’s Cut” series
upgrade from Porta Brace
is an exclusive at B&H.
Featuring deerskin suede
and brass hardware,
these hand-crafted cases
will provide you with the
durability and comfort
you’ve come to expect in a quality production environment.
DVO-2DC 18 x10 x 10" (LxWxH) #PODVO2DC 399.95
CS-DV4/DC Mini-DV Camcorder Case #POCSDV4DC 289.95
CTC-3/DC Traveler Camera Case #PODC3VDC 419.95
DC-3V/DC Director’s Case #POCTC3DC 369.95
PC-333DC 18 x10 x 10" (LxWxH) #POPC333DC 429.95
• White balance card included • Multiple carrying options
• Cordura nylon, foam and plastic-reinforced design
22.5 x 7.5 x 10.2” (LxWxH) 274.95
20.25 x 6.5 x 10” (LxWxH) 274.95
f/Camcorders up to 22” Long 299.95
22 x 6.5 x 10.5” 289.95
Car-1 / Car-2 / Car-3
Cargo Cases
Cargo cases with
durable, 1000-denier
Cordura exteriors, rigid
frames, and dividable
main compartments
with 3 large outside
pockets. Protect
and organize your
CAR-1 13 x 8 x 10" #POCAR1 169.95
CAR-2 18 x 8 x 10" #POCAR2 179.95
CAR-3 21 x 8 x 10" #POCAR3197.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 309
Safeguard Field
Production Vault
with Removable
Watertight resin outer body
case with a removable Porta
Brace interior carrying case,
with semi-rigid sides.
#POPB2500IC 17.7 x 12.6 x 6.9” (LxWxH) 244.95
#POPB2600IC 18.9 x 14.2 x 7.9” (LxWxH) 279.95
#POPB2650IC w/wheels 18.9 x 14.2 x 9.5” (LxWxH) 309.95
#POPB2750IC w/wheels 21.9 x 18 x 10.2” (LxWxH) 339.95
PB-2550 / 2550LSo /
2650 / 2750 / 2850
Field Production Vault Cases
with Wheels
Secure unbreakable body construction with
“pick-n-pluck” high-density foam interior,
retractable handle and built-in wheels.
Transport all your video, audio, and photo
equipment safely.
PB-2550 20.1 x 11.2 x 7.9” #POPB2550F 134.95
PB-2550LSO 19.5 x 10.4 x 1.75” #POPB2550LSO 69.95
PB-2650 18.9 x 14.2 x 9.5” #POPB2650F 149.95
PB-2750 21.9 x 18 x 10.2” #POPB2750F 164.95
PB-2850 29.3 x 20.65 x 18.01” #POPB2850F 339.95
PC-111 / PC-202 / PC-333
Production Cases
Traveler Camera Cases
Designed to carry and protect
cams such as Sony’s HDR-HD and
Panasonic’s AG-DVC series. Large
interior/exterior pockets provide
ample storage for all gear. Extended
zipper facing protects against rain
and debris.
Pro Cases
Quick Dial: 821
BK-1nr Camcorder Backpack
This rugged backpack
is designed to carry
your pro camcorder
(up to 15”) and other
gear. It has a padded
compartment to carry
a 17” laptop. The case
includes a divider kit,
non-slip shoulder and
removable waist straps,
tripod pocket, and
3 accessory pockets.
BK-1NR 15 x 10 x 5.0" (LxWxH)
#POBK1NR 279.95
tLQ-28Xt / LQ-39Xt / LP-4
Lighting Cases
versatile lighting
cases with padded
interiors, designed
to accommodate
lighting kits
containing 1 to 3
light heads,
stands and umbrellas.
TLQ-28XT 28 x 8.0 x 8.5" (LxWxH) #POTLQ28XT 249.95
TLQ-39XT 39 x 9.0 x 8.0" (LxWxH) #POTLQ39XT 269.95
LP-4 37 x 10 x 7.0" (LxWxH) #POLP4 299.95
The Production
Cases are durable,
lightweight, and
can be positioned
to accommodate
combinations of cassettes, batteries, mics, cables, filters,
wireless mics and other audio equipment.
PC-111 Medium Production Case - for Audio and Video
Accessories (Blue) #POPC111 229.95
PC-111B Med. Production Case (Black) #POPC111B 249.95
PC-202 Med. Production Case (Blue) #POPC202 224.95
PC-202B Med. Production Case (Black) #POPC202B 226.50
PB-333 Production Case (Blue) #POPC333 274.95
PB-333B Production Case (Black) #POPC333B 299.95
mo-9L2 / Lh80W / Lh1700
Lightweight Field Monitor Cases
• Fold-up, adjustable-incline pedestal allows
monitor to be positioned at many angles
• Deep fold-away visor shields screen
• Solid-grip leather handle and suede
shoulder strap with pocket for batteries,
AC cord, cable • Ventilation flaps
MO-9L2 f/Sony PVM-9L2 or
PVM-9L3 8” monitors #POMO9L2 189.95
MO-LH80W f/Panasonic BT-LH80W #POMOLH80W 179.95
MO-LCD8.4 f/Marshall V-R84-DP series 8.4” LCD
monitors #POMOLCD84 159.95
MO-LMD9050 f/Sony LMD-9050 #POMOLMD9050 179.95
LH1700 f/Panasonic BT-LH1700W #POMOLH1700 259.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
Pro Cases
amrE SErIES harD CaSES
Waterproof High-Performance Cases
HPRC are premium Italian designed cases that give you the confidence to send your equipment into
even the most severe conditions. That’s because HPRC shells are injection molded using an advanced
patented plastic that creates a light- weight high-strength barrier between your protected items and
the outside elements. HPRC protection meets ATA 300 specifications for transit cases as well as
rigorous standards for military use. Unbreakable hard resin-shelled waterproof black transit cases
have a cubed “pick-and-pluck” foam interior, soft-grip handle, and air pressure release valve. The
“WF” series has smooth-gliding wheels.
#HP2500F 17.72 x 12.60 x 6.89" 99.95
#HP2600F 18.90 x 14.17 x 7.79"109.95
#HP2600WF With wheels (14.17 x 19.05 x 8.58") 149.95
#HP2700WF With wheels (18.11 x 21.85 x 10.08") 169.95
DVC-777 / hDC-1010W
Camcorder Cases
Camcorder case
specifically designed
for the most popular
professional HDV/MiniDV/
DVCPRO HD handheld
camcorders. Removable
flexible dividers allow for
custom case configuration. Accomodates camcorder with a
matte box or accessory lenses attached.
DVC-777 15-3/4 x 8-1/4 x 8-3/4" (LxWxH) #PEDVCB 84.95
HDC-1010 24 x 13 x 10" (LxWxH) #PEHDC1010W 199.95
CB-01 Production Bag
The CineBags CB-01 Production
Bag has numerous pouches
for carrying a camcorder and
accessories in the field. It is
made from reflective waterproof
material, and has a reinforced
bottom with padding on all
sides, as well as a large padded
shoulder strap.
• 4 removable pouches on outside of case
• 4 clear mesh pouches with zipper on inside of lid
CB-25 / CB-25DC
HD LT Backpacks
CB series backpacks are designed to carry
camcorders like the Sony PDW-EX1, HVR-Z1U,
Panasonic HVX-200, Canon XH-A1, together
with laptops of various sizes, tripod and
accessories. Waterproof, reflective fabric,
buckles, and pockets on both sides.
The CB-25 holds a computer up to 17".
CB-25 Int. Dim: 10.5 x 16 x 8.5"
(Black/Gray w/Green) #CICB25 $174.95
CB-25DC (Camouflage ) #CICB25DC $189.95
18 x 11 x 9" (LxWxH) 189.95
CB-01 Digital Camo Production Bag
The CineBags CB-01 Production
Bag has numerous pouches
for carrying a camcorder and
accessories in the field. It is
made from reflective waterproof
material, and has a reinforced
bottom with padding on all
sides, as well as a large padded
shoulder strap. (Digital Camo with
Charcoal Webbing)
• 4 removable pouches on outside of case
• 4 clear mesh pouches with zipper on inside of lid
18 x 11 x 9" (LxWxH) 189.95
Air transportable, hard shell,
rigid aluminum framework,
thermo-formed side and
bottom panels and 2 zippered pockets outside. Expansive top
flap opening for easy access.
PTC-2R with Wheels 37.8 x 7.5 x 7.5" #PEPTC2R 254.95
PTC-3R with Wheels 41 x 8.7 x 8.7" #PEPTC3R 259.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 310
• 2 accessory pouches • Adjustable interior
18 x 8 x 7" (WxHxD) 89.95
CB116X9 / CB216X9
Grab & Shoot Camcorder Bags
camcorder bag made
to hold (depending
on its size) Sony
HVR-Z1U, Panasonic
AG-HVX-200, JVC GY-HD100U, or Canon XL-H1 3 CCD
professional HDV camcorders securely in place with a mattebox
attached. Heavy-duty waterproof Cordura exterior with padded
equipment protection on all sides. Two exterior side pockets and
two interior pockets.
CB116X9 Interior Dimensions: 23 x 11 x 10"
#16CB116X9 189.95
CB216X9 Interior Dimensions: 27 x 11 x 11"
#16CB216X9 199.95
Pro V-1 / Pro V-2
PtC-2r / PtC-3r Tripod Cages
VZ-B20 Custom Video Bag
Reinforced, thickpadded, custom-fitting,
with strong rectangular
design. Allows
convenient packing
and stacking of your
video camcorder and
accessories. Four exterior compartments with quick access.
Video Bags
• Canvas and Nylon Exterior
• Heavily Padded Interior
• Moveable Dividers and
• Pockets for Accessories
• Removable Handle
• Removable Shoulder Strap
• Made in USA.
Pro V-1 Interior Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.0 x 7.0”
#DOPROV1 184.95
Pro V-2 Fits Camcorders up to 19” Long
#DOPROV2 249.95
Multi Hard Case
• Fits Tripods and Light Stand up to 46”
• Molded Polyethylene with Foam
• 2-piece Case Slides Together
• Molded Carry Handle
• Molded Pull Handle on End
• Interior Dimensions 10 x 48” (Dia x L)
• 2.5” In-line Skate Wheels
#317 Tripod/Lightstand Multi Hard Case
#MIMHC 249.95
tP-0936L / tP-1139WhL
Tuffpak Hard Tripod Case
The Nalpak Tuffpak Diagonal Octagonal hard
plastic cases with locks are made from rotationallymolded, cross-linked polyethylene. Each case will
hold a tripod snugly at a length of 36 to 41 inches
(if the lid is telescoped out). The diameter
is appropriate for tripods with up to a 100mm ball.
Nalpak tripod cases have a lifetime warranty.
TP-0936L Tripods 36 to 41" long
x 9" wide #NATP0936L $339.95
TP-1139WHL Tripods 39 to 44" long
w/wheels #NATP1139WHL $369.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Zoom & Focus Controllers
Quick Dial: 821
Distributed by
521 SErIES Camcorder Lens Controllers
Built onto a small clamp, the 521 series
lens controller can be mounted to
a wide range of supports—such as pipes,
bars, tubes, and flat surfaces—and
applied to a variety of applications.
Functions include: Record/Stop,
Zoom & Focus In/Out, Reversible Zoom
Wheel, Power On/Standby.
#BO521 LANC for Sony & Canon 150.00
#BO521P Zoom only for Panasonic 189.95
# BO521PRO LANC for Sony & Canon
with focus/zoom control, push-button auto focus 249.95
521remote Focus and Iris Controller
The 521 PFi is a focus and
iris controller specifically
designed to operate with the
Panasonic AG-DVX100B and
AG-HVX200 camcorders.
Focus setting is manual, while iris
can be set manually or automatically.
Controller has specific label and ring where you can write and
rewrite position references for the focus and iris knobs.
Designed to work in unison with the 521P and 522P zoom
remote for Panasonic.
#BO521PFI 264.95
521i Remote/522AV Adapter #BO521ILANCAV 164.95
521Proi LANC Remote/Adapter #BO521PLANCAV 249.95
522P / 523Pro SErIES
ZoE-DVXL Camcorder Lens Controller
Pressure-sensitive and smooth-operating, this
controller is contained in a molded rugged
polycarbonate housing. Incorporates a
separate, precise zoom button to
start camera zoom quickly.
The zoom rocker has a wide
133° angle of rotation, and the
LANC controllers have a dial-in zoom step
f/LANC & DVX/HVX Camcorders #BEZOEDVXL 239.95
For Sony PDW-EX1 #BEZOEEX1 374.95
For 8-Pin Fujinon Broadcast Lenses #BEZOEENG8 544.95
For 12-Pin Fujinon Broadcast Lenses #BEZOEENG12 549.95
VZ Pro-L / PG-L / Pro-EX
Remote Variable-Speed Zoom & Focus
521CFI / 524aX
ENG Lens Remote Controllers
For Canon, Fujinon
and Angenieux lenses,
with record start/stop
and a speed dial, these
controllers allow users
to either preselect a
zoom speed or change
speeds midstream.
521CFI f/Canon and Fujinon lenses #BO521CFI 249.95
524CFI f/Canon and Fujinon lenses #BO524CFI329.95
524AX f/Angenieux lenses #BO524AX 319.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 311
StEaLth / StEaLth LX
Camcorder Lens Controllers
control over
camera zooms.
Ramp up from slow to fast and then slow again in a single move
with this custom-designed “throttle style” zoom.
VZ-Pro-L (LANC) #VAVZPROL 274.95
VZ-PG-L Compact (LANC) #VAVZPGL 324.95
VZ-Pro-EX for Sony PMW-EX1 #VAVZPROEX 344.95
• Designed f/camcorders with a control protocol
• LED light indicates recording. • StealthLX with frame forward
and reverse control and autofocus on/off
#VAVZSDVX100 for Panasonic 189.95
#VAVZSTEX for Sony 269.95
522P Zoom only for Panasonic #BO522P349.95
523Pro Series Customize zoom speed
capability for Sony and Canon #BO523P 324.95
523Pro LANC Handle Remote and Adapter kit with 522AV
adapter #BO523PLANCAV 338.00
#BEFOXI 469.95
The VZ PRO-L and PG-L
offer precise, variable
speed zoom, manual focus
control, and wakeup from standby on
any camera with a LANC jack. Crafted from
machined aluminum, and built with
a sturdy-grip handle.
Camera Remote Control Handles
Tripod handle with remote
control capabilities for MiniDV
camcorders. With one finger
you can control the zoom,
focus, record, and rec-search
functions. Fits 501, 503, 505,
510, and 516 heads.
FoXI Camcorder Lens Controller
The new Foxi places
remote focus and iris
control for the Panasonic
AG-DVX100B and
AG-HVX200 camcorders
directly at your fingertips.
Make your adjustments
quickly, smoothly,
and accurately. It has
a manual/auto focus
switch, and operators can jot pencil marks on the circular white
band. Mounts on tripod pan handles or 15mm rods.
Pro Camcorder
Lens Controllers
VZ-Pro and VZ-Pistol
Grip series systems:
#VAVZPGF Deluxe Zoom Control f/8-pin Fujinon lens 459.95
#VAVZPGC Deluxe Zoom Control f/8-pin Canon lens 444.95
#VAVZPGF12 Deluxe Zoom Control f/12-pin Fujinon 474.95
#VAVZPROC Pro Zoom Control f/8-pin Canon lens 374.95
#VAVZPROF Pro Zoom Control f/8-pin Fujinon lens 354.95
Rear Focus Zoom Control
#VAVZPROFCC for 8-pin Canon Pro lens 444.95
#VAVZFCF for 8-pin Fujinon Pro lens 459.95
#VAVZFCX Focus Control
f/Canon XL-1 14x manual lens 444.95
Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kits
#VAVZSPGC for Canon lenses 879.95
#VAVZSPGF for Fujinon lenses 899.99
#VAVZSPGF2 for 1/2” Fujinon lenses 889.90
#VAVZSPGF12 for Fujinon 12-Pin lenses 899.99
ENG Zoom Remote Controls
Compact zoom/focus and iris control
for Panasonic’s AG-DVX100B and
AG-HVX200. The zoom rocker
is pressure-sensitive, while the
independent knobs for focus and iris
may be controlled manually or set to
pick up the exiting camera setting
VZ-PFI Focus & Iris Only #VAVZPFI169.95
Rock-PZFI Zoom, Focus & Iris #VAVZROCKPZFI 264.95
Camcorder Lens Controllers
Pro Lens Zoom & Focus
Control Kits
For Canon lenses #VAVZSPGC $899.95
For Fujinon lenses #VAVZSPGF $899.95
For Small Fujinon lenses #VAVZSPGF2 $899.95
For Fujinon 12-pin lenses #VAVZSPGF12 $899.95
Touch-sensitive rocker control
w/record button.
FREE VP-P54 Pouch
#VAVZROCK f/LANC camcorders 229.95
#VAVZROCKDVX f/Panasonic camcorders 234.95
#VAVZROCKLE Aluminum case f/Control-L 289.95
#VAVZROCKC f/8-pin Canon lenses 324.95
#VAVZROCKF f/8-pint Fujinon lenses 329.95
#VAVZROCKEX for the Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM EX 329.95
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
Pro Tripods
701hDV Compact Fluid Head
• Designed for compact HD
camcorders up to 9.5 pounds
• Updated controls allow a
more solid grip and improved
• Pan-bar rosette and large sliding plate optimize position
of camera
Fluid Head
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
9.5 lb
1.8 lbs
701hDV Tripod System Kits
701HDV,547BK Kit includes: 547BK Video Tripod, 701HDV Pro Video Mini Fluid Head, Mid Level Spreader
and Soft Case
701HDV,745XB Kit includes: 745XB MDeVe Video Tripod, 701HDV Pro Mini Fluid Head, 50mm Half Bowl
• Designed for birdwatchers and users of compact HD camcorders
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
8.8 lb
6.9 lb
Soft Case
• Ideal for small, professional
digital cameras • Light but
positive fluid movement for
smooth control through 360°
pan and +90 to -60° tilt
• Teflon friction adjustment to
increase drag • Separate pan
& tilt locks • Sliding quick-release video plate system
13.2 lb
3.5 lbs
501HDV,351MVB2K Kit includes: 501HDV Pro Fluid Head, 351MVB 1-Stage 2-Section Tripod, Mid Level
Spreader and Soft Case
501HDV,547BK Kit includes: 501HDV Fluid Head, 547BK Video Tripod, Mid Level Spreader and Soft Case
501HDV,535K Kit includes: 501HDV Fluid Head, 535CF Video Tripod, and Carry Case
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
13.2 lb
12.5 lb
Soft Case
503hDV Pro Fluid Head
• Supports latest range of pro
digital cameras
• Exceptionally smooth control
through 360° pan and +90 to
-60° tilt • Separate pan and
tilt locks • Sliding quick-release video plate system
• Built-in balance spring helps support weight
• Continuous drag adjustment device—0 to max level
Fluid Head
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
17.6 lb
4.4 lbs
mPro 535 / 536
292-325 Pro Video.indd 312
501HDV,351MVB2K Kit includes: 503HDV Pro Fluid Head, 351MVB 1-Stage 2-Section Tripod, Rubber
Shoes, Mid Level Spreader and Padded Case
501HDV,755XBK Kit includes: 503HDV Fluid Head, 755XBK Aluminum Video Tripod, and Carry Case
503HDV,535K Kit includes: 503HDV Fluid Head, 535CF Video Tripod, and Carry Case
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
17.6 lb
14.2 lb
Padded Case
Lightweight aluminum professional video tripods.
• Built-in 10mm interface bowl, can be
adapted to a 75mm if needed • Rubber shoes
guarantee a better grip on smooth floors
• With mid-level spreader
Mpro Tripod
55.1 lbs
7.7 lbs
13.2 lb
2/Carbon Fiber
9.4 lb
Carry Case
503hDV Tripod System Kits
11 lb
9 lb
Carry Case
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Min. Height
55 lb
7.7 lb
17.6 lb
2/Carbon Fiber
9.4 lb
Carry Case
Pro Tripods
The MPRO series is a new tripod line from
Manfrotto. It effectively combines carbon-fiber
stability, high load-capability and new
maximum height. The 3-section 535 offers a
75mm bowl, while the 4-section 536 is
equipped with a 75/100mm adapter.
Mpro Tripod
44.1 lbs
5.1 lbs
13.2 lb
8.6 lb
Soft Case
545B / 547B Pro
Carbon Fiber Tripods Systems
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
8.8 lb
7.1 lb
501hDV Tripod System Kits
501hDV Pro Fluid Head
Fluid Head
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Distributed by
Pro Video Tripod Kit
33 lbs
5 lbs
A tripod kit with a tandem
leg sections, a 75mm bowl
topped with a smooth pro
fluid video head and a Lanc remote
for Sony and Canon camcorders is included.
Kit includes:
• 503HDV Fluid Head
• 351MVB Tripod
• Rubber Shoes and Padded Case
• 521 Lanc Remote (for Sony/Canon)
• 17.8 lbs. Capacity
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Pro Tripods
Quick Dial: 821
Distributed by
ProVISta aIr 18
516 Pro Video Head Tripod Systems
Pneumatic Video Tripod and Fluid Head
• Designed specifically for the latest SD and HD camcorders used by
documentary and industrial videographers • Continuous adjustable pan and tilt
friction knob (from 0−max level) • Built-in leveling bubble
• Tandem upper legs, single lower legs, and 100mm claw-ball leveler
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
22 lb
15.2 Lb
Providing rigid support for cameras weighing 2 to 12 lbs, the Airlift features
a pneumatic cylinder in its center post to provide smooth and easy height
adjustment. Includes the pro FM18 Fluid Video Head with dual handles.
• Pivoting rubber/spike feet • Double strut top leg sections • Bubble level
22 lb
14.1 Lb
Max Load
Extends to
Min. Height
519 Tripod Systems
th-770 Aluminum Tripod System
• Only video head incorporating interchangeable and adjustable counterbalance
springs • Supports wide range of miniDV, DVCAM, HD and ENG cameras
• Compact yet heavy-duty fluid video head • Continuous adjustable drag from
0−max levels, allowing for control through 360° pan & ±90° tilt
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
22 lb
15.2 Lb
Built with sturdy aluminum tandem legs and a 65mm bowl mount, the
TH-770 ensures smooth, quick leveling on off-angle shots. The head features
a quick-release plate and a counterbalancing spring with 3" of travel distance
for improved balance. Folds to 31", includes a padded carrying bag.
22 lb
14.1 Lb
Max Load
Extends to
Min. Height
18−35 lbs
18.7 lb
Extremely rugged and versatile, these offer ideal support for DV/HDV
cameras weighing up to 11 lbs. Along with a 75mm leveling ball, they
incorporate a superb variable counterbalance and continuously variable
fluid drag. System also includes spreaders, rubber feet, and soft case.
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Counter Balance
Horz/Vert Drag
35 lbs
15.6 lb
560B / 561BhDV / 562B Monopods w/Head
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
292-325 Pro Video.indd 313
8.8 lbs
3433 (501PL)
4.2 lbs
17.6 lbs.
3272 (357PLV)
3.15 lbs
11 lbs
10 lbs
11 lbs.
10 lbs
LS & LZ SErIES Aluminum Tripod Systems
Incorporating a fluid cartridge in their base to produce very smooth pans,
these monopods with head and quick release are ideal for shooting with
compact MiniDV, DVCAM, HDV, and DVCPRO HD camcorders. A great
portable solution, they are designed for maximum flexibility and positioning.
4.4 lbs
1.5 lbs
15 lbs
7 lbs
h101 / h102 HiDV Tripod Systems
526 Tripod Systems
• Supports heavy-duty, high-end ENG and EFP cameras
• Adjustable counterbalance spring • Built-in 100mm half ball
• Most precise fluid drag system, comprised of 3 step settings for low,
medium and high drag levels plus a non-drag setting
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
12 lbs
61 to 72" (with Lift)
2/3 Alum
7 lbs
• 75mm 3" bowl base (LS-22, 38-2a, 55-2a series) • Leveling bubble
• 100mm 4" bowl base (LS 60−70 series) • Single extension tripod design
• Fixed counterbalance system (-80° to +90° tilt) • Positive locking leg knob
Kit Includes: • Fluid head • 1-stage tripod • Floor spreader • Soft case
Free ZC-3DV Zoom Controller f/LANC & Panasonic w/purchase of LS22
Max Load
Extends to
Counter Balance
Horiz/Vert Drag
8.8 lbs
8.2 lbs
8−16 lbs
13 lbs
8−22 lbs
13.5 lbs
17−28 lbs
15.5 lbs
13−33 lbs
17 lbs
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
Pro Tripods
Pro-touCh SErIES
• Illuminated bubble level • Quick-setup Pozi-Loc tripod
The FSB F-Cell power system is designed to mount onto the Sachtler FSB2/FSB-6 series heads, giving the camera operator a long-lasting battery
while maintaining steady, even pan/tilt action. The battery is adaptable to
various camcorders with an optional camera-specific adapter.
Pro Aluminum Tripod Series
FSB Fluid Head Camcorder Power Solution
Kits include:
• Pro-Touch head with 75mm ball
• Pozi-Loc tripod with spreader and soft case
Max Load
Extends to
Counter Balance
Hoiz/Vert Drag
10 lbs
12 lb.
13.2 lbs
16.1 lb.
FSB-Cell battery 7.2 V/ 10.5 Ah battery #SAFSBC $219.95
Battery charger—for FSB-Cell (90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz) #SACFSBB $169.95
Complete power kit with Sony PD/VX camcorder adapter #SAFSBPSSP $439.95
Complete power kit w/Sony HVR-Z1U/V1U/FX1/FX7 camcorder adapter #SAFSBPSSH $439.95
Complete power kit with Canon XL/XH/GL series camcorder adapter #SAFSBPSC$439.95
Complete kit w/Panasonic AG-DVC/DVX/HVX series camcorder adapter #SAFSBPSP$439.95
22 lbs.
18.1 lb.
Pro Tripod Systems
• Variable fluid head with interchangeable springs • Illuminated bubble level
• Sliding plate • 1-year warranty
Kit includes:
Vision AS fluid head, Pozi-Loc tripod, spreader & soft case;
free counterbalance spring
Tripod and Fluid Head Systems
• Small, sensitive heads perfectly designed for small to medium-sized
SD and HD camcorders
• Frictionless pan and tilt with Sachtler’s patented leakproof fluid
damping system • 3 drag levels • Snap-&-Go sideload mechanism
• 75mm bowl • Sliding camera plate (Touch & Go quick release plate on
0473/0475) • Bubble level (self-illuminated touch bubble on FSB-6)
• All kits come with mid-level spreaders and padded carrying case
Kits also include:
#SAFSB2ML1S (#0272) FSB-2 head, 1-stage aluminum tripod
#SAFSB2ML2CFS (#0275) FSB-2 head, 2-stage carbon fiber tripod
#SAFSB6ML2S (#0473) FSB-6 head, 2-stage aluminum tripod
#SAFSB6ML2CFS (#0475) FSB-6 head, 2-stage carbon fiber tripod
Mfr Model #
Payload Range
Folds to
Counter Balance
Horiz/Vert Drag
0−4.4 lbs
10.6 lbs
2 steps
0−4.4 lbs
10.8 lbs
2 steps
2.2−13.2 lbs
11.5 lbs
10 steps
2.2−13.2 lbs
11.2 lbs
10 steps
Tripod Systems
The FSB4 Fluid Head has a payload of 8.8 lbs. ideal for lightweight HDV
cameras and accessories , and the FSB8 holds cameras to 19.8 lbs.
• 75mm bowl • Touch & Go quick release
Kits include:
• #SAFSB4ML2S FSB4 Fluid Head, ENG75-2D Tripod, Mid-Level
Spreader and Soft Case (0373)
• #SAFSB4MLCFS FSB4 Fluid Head, Speed Lock 75CF 2-Stage Tripod,
Mid-Level Spreader and Padded Bag (0375)
• #SAFSB8TML2S FSB-8T Fluid Head, ENG75-2D Tripod, Mid-Level
Spreader and Sof Case (0743)
• #SAFSB8ML2S FSB8 Fluid Head, ENG75-2D Tripod, Mid-Level
Spreader and Soft Case (0773)
Mfr Model #
Payload Range
Folds to
Counter Balance
Horiz/Vert Drag
292-325 Pro Video.indd 314
FSB4 Systems
0−8.8 lbs
0−8.8 lbs
Carbon Fiber.
11 lbs
10.8 lbs
5 Steps
5 Step
FSB8 Systems
2−20 lbs
2−20 lbs
11.9 lbs
11.9 lbs
10 Steps
10 Steps
Mfr Model #
Folds to
Base Fitting
Counter Bal.
9.9 lbs
17.7 lbs
9.9 lbs
18.2 lbs
12.1-27.6 lbs 12.1-27.6 lbs
14.3-32 lbs
1/Carbon Fiber 2/Carbon Fiber 2/Carbon Fiber
17 lbs
17.4 lbs
17.7 lbs
Variable Option
Infinite Variable
SoLo aLumInum / CarBon FIBEr SErIES
Tripod Systems
• Ring lock leg extensions • Spike or wind-down rubber feet • 75mm base
• 3-Position leg angle locking • Selectable counterbalance • 3 yr warranty
Solo Aluminum Kit includes:
DS-Series head, Solo alloy tripod and soft case
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Horz/Vert Drag
5 lb.
12 lb.
5-10 lb.
10-20 lb.
14.51 lb.
14.51 lb.
Solo Carbon Fiber Systems Kit Includes:
Mfr Model #
Payload Range
Min/Max Height
Folds to
Counter Balance
Pan/Tilt Drag
5-10 lbs
12 lbs
Variable Dial
10-20 lbs
12 lbs
Variable Dial
12-30 lbs
14 lbs
4 Position
5 Step w/0
15-40 lbs
14 lbs
4 Position
7 Step w/0
DS-10 Fluid Head, DS-20 Fluid Head, Arrow 25 Fluid Head, Arrow 40 Fluid Head,
Solo DV Carbon
Solo DV Carbon
Solo ENG Carbon Solo ENG Carbon
Tripod, Soft Case, Tripod, Soft Case, Fiber Tripod, Soft
Fiber Tripod, Soft
Carry Strap
Carry Strap
Case, Carry Strap Case, Carry Strap
9/24/09 11:54 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
arroW SErIES
Pro Tripod Systems
Focus Pro Tripod Systems
The new Miller Arrow series offers a new range of precision-engineered fluid
heads. They deliver true fluid pan and tilt action, rock-solid engineering, and
a 3-year warranty.
• Payload support 10 to 22 lbs • Continuous counter
balance • 100mm base • Continuous horiz/vert drag
• Illuminated level • 5-year warranty
• #MIA25SSAS2SQ Arrow 25 head, Sprinter II 1- Stage Alum. Tripod, Pan
Handle, Mid-level Spreader, soft Case (1770)
• #MIA252SCFS2S Arrow 25 Head, Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Fiber
Tripod, Handle, Mid-Level Spreader, Case (1778)
• #MIA402SS2AS Arrow 40 Head, Sprinter II 2-Stage Alum.
Tripod, Telescoping Handle, Mid-level Spreader, Case (1686)
• #MIA402SS2CFS Arrow 40 Head, Sprinter II 2- Stage Carbon
Fiber Tripod, Telescoping Handle, Mid-Level Sprdr, Case (1690)
• #MIA55SSS2ASQ Arrow 55 Head, Sprinter II 1-Stage Alum. Tripod,
Telescoping Pan Handle, Mid-level Sprdr, Soft Case. (1718)
Kit includes:
F100 focus head, ultra-light tripod, spreader & soft case
Mfr Model #
Payload Range
Max Height
Transport length
Ball Fitting
Counter Balance
Pan/Tilt Drag
11-30 lbs
16 lbs
4 Step
5 Step w/0
11-30 lbs
16 lbs
4 Step
5 Step w/0
15-35 lbs
16 lbs
4 Step
7 Step w/0
15-35 lbs
18 lbs
4 Step
7 Step w/0
Laser Pro Tripod Systems
Kit includes:
Z100 Laser head, ultra-light tripod, spreader & soft case
22-55 lbs
18 lbs
4 Step
7 Step w/0
FSB-4 / 6 / 8 Soom
13.2 lbs
27 to 55.5" / 94.9"
18.4 lbs
SOOM bag
20 lbs
18.6 lbs
SOOM bag
Pro Tripod 18SB Systems
• System 18 supports 6−40 lbs • 100mm base
• 5-step counter balance • 0–7 step horiz/vert drag
Kit Includes: • Vision 18 speed balanced fluid head, tripod, spreader &
case • Pro tripod 20 sb systems • Support up to 55 lbs • 12-step dynamic
counterbalancing system • Includes: video 20 sb (speed balance) fluid head,
carbon fiber tripod, mid-level or ground spreader and case
• Systems 20/2074 & 20/2075 incorporate “speed lock” tripod leg clamp
292-325 Pro Video.indd 315
Kit Includes:
• #SAS7E2CF Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head, Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head, with
Floor Spreader, and Carrying Bag (1962)
• #SAS7HD Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head, DA 100 HD 2-Stage Tripod, MidLevel Spreader, Rubber Feet (1970)
• #SAS7HDCF Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head, Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head, OnGround Spreader, Front Pan Bar and Padded Case (1972)
• #SAS7SHDMCF Cine 7+7 HD Fluid Head, ENG 2CF Speed lock CF
2-Stage Tripod, Mid Level Spreader, Front Pan Bar, Rubber Feet
and Padded Case (1975)
Model #
Folds to
4-48 lbs
4-48 lbs
4-48 lbs
4-48 lbs
2/Carbon Fiber
2/Carbon Fiber
2/Carbon Fiber
17.7 lbs
22.7 lbs
22.7 lbs
22.7 lbs
2060hD FLuID hEaD
Cine EFP Systems
Model #
Folds to
• 100mm base fitting • 16 steps counterbalance
SyStEm 18SB / SyStEm 20SB SErIES
Model #
Pro Tripod Systems
Whether you’re shooting in the studio or over a crowd in the field, the new
SOOM tripod line combines legendary Sachtler reliability and balance in
a great, versatile system that can meet all your shooting needs. A HiPod
center column tube gives you level, rock-solid filming at over 8 feet.
Sytem includes:
FSB-6 fluid head, SOOM tripod, SOOM TriSpread,
SOOM tube, rubber feet, and SOOM bag (0480)
8.8 lbs
18 lbs
SOOM bag
Mfr Model #
Folds to
Mfr Model #
Folds to
CInE 7+7 hD SyStEm SErIES
Soom Tripod System
Mfg. Item #
Max Load
Extends to
Folds to
Carrying Case
Pro Tripods
Quick Dial: 821
Specifically enhanced for HD applications, this mid-sized fluid head
features OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag.
• Patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate
balance at any point in the tilt range
• Same features and controls as the 2575 fluid head—the standard
for 35mm film cameras
• 2060HD fluid head system includes (2575-120) Large Euro
Platform, (08414) 150mm Base, (08417) 150mm Tie-Down, (2575-137) 18mm Pan Arm
#OC2060HDPKG ULTIMATE 2060HD head system only $9,824.95
#OCCHDT150 (C1221-0003) Cine HD single-stage alum. (150MM) $1,999.95
#OCCHDBT150 (C1221-0004) Cine HD baby single-stage alum. Tripod(150MM) $1,999.95
#OCSFCHD (C1222-0015) Floor spreader for Cine HD tripods $584.95
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
Pedestals, Cranes and Motorized Heads
VZ-ZG Zero Gravity Head
Award-winning design allows exact
center-of-gravity balance, so user can
adjust pan/tilt to any position without
needing to tighten the drag control.
• 25 lb load capacity, complete
360-degree pan or tilt function
• Allows user to tilt higher and lower
than most tripod heads
• Designed to work with tripods
and camera cranes
Zero Gravity Tripod Head 489.95
VZ-mC100 / VZ-mC100D
Remote-controlled pan and tilt system
supports camcorders up to 20 lbs.
• Pan/tilt head • Control grip/box
• Hard case • Power supply w/20’ cord
#VAVZMC100 3149.95
#VAVZMC100D Kit adds two
VZ-MC100 pan/tilt heads 4799.95
Extension cable 50’109.95
#VAVZEXTMC100 Extension cable 100’ 122.95
#VAVZCS1 Desktop support station 239.95
VC Vista Camera Crane System
Pan and Tilt Head
#GLVH Vista head that supports up to 20 lbs 1849.95
#GLVHD2 Vista II head that supports up to 30 lbs 1999.95
Pneumatic Studio Pedestal
The system consists of the P110
pedestal, H100 fluid head, and two PH7
fixed-length pan arms.
• Dual mechanism/pneumatic column
(air pressured)
• Continuous pan/tilt drag and counter
• Safety valve over-pressurizing
protection • 100mm claw ball
Supports 11−50 lbs 7679.95
2580 SyStEm
25 PLUS Combi Pedestal System
This pro-level pedestal was created for today’s
ultra-sharp HDTV and widescreen cameras.
18-stage counterbalances, 7-step drag levels
and 9-stage fine-tuning assure flawless,
vibration-free footage.
• Pneumatic anchor column for quick height
adjustment • Overload-protection mechanism
realigns wheels quickly • Superb movement
across both horizontal and vertical planes • Crab/steer movements
achieved with provided detachable steering ring
#SAS25C140 16979.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 316
DV camera crane
designed to offer
professional crane
movement for small-sized cameras and
equipment up to 6.6 lbs. This device
utilizes male/female connection with
precision security.
• Adjusted above the tripod height from 135cm to 275cm for
specific applications. • Interlocking easy assembly design
#CAV5TDB 1849.95
PEDEStaL 30 / PEDEStaL 60
Studio Pedestals
The Glidecam Vista head offers full 360º pan
and tilt action, supporting cameras weighing
up to 20 lbs—or 30 lbs on the Vista II.
• Operates via a joystick controller
and a 15' extension cable
• Includes a 12-volt AC transformer and
power converter
• Operates together with the Glidecam
Camcrane 200
99134010 V-5 Telescopic DV Boom Arm
Pan and Tilt Head
With a maximum payload capacity of
30.8 lbs, this highly portable stand is perfect
for lightweight cameras. Height range of
This crane and head system offers quick assembly and precise,
360° maneuverability with zero deflection.
• Designed to raise the height of a camera weighing up to
40 lbs to over 30 feet.
26' Crane with Vista Head III−up to 40 lbs 16499.95
LS-70PD / LS-85PD
Studio Pedestal System
The Libec LS70PD studio pedestal
system consists of the P110 studio
pedestal, the H70 fluid head, and two
PH-7 pan arms.
• Two-stage pneumatic system
• Variable air pressurized fully adjustable
design • Continuously adjustable pan
and tilt • Max height 68"
• Continuous adjustable counterbalance
head • 100mm base
LS-70PD Supports up to 17−33 lbs #LILS70PD 5379.95
LS-85PD Supports up to 13−33 lbs #LILS85PD 5999.95
VISIon V3951-0001
PED Plus Studio Pedestal
Ideal for all small production studios, this fully
portable pneumatic camera mount is designed
to support up to 66 lbs. It consists of a central
telescopic column and a skid assembly with
castering wheels. To facilitate transport,
the telescopic column and skid may be
separated and the skid folded.
• Max. ht: 63”, min. ht: 29.5”
• 100mm leveling bowl adapter
• Doorway tracking width 27” • Weight: 33 lb
Supports up to 66 lb 4559.95
• Flat base for universal head attachment
• Gas-assist pump column can be
locked and dampened • Adjustable
column elevation height range of 10"
• Smooth lockable 4" caster wheel
Pedestal 30 supports up to 30 lbs #MI730 1174.95
Pedestal 60 supports up to 60 lbs #MI732 1174.95
Compact Studio Pedestal
The unit combines quality, strength,
rigidity, and light weight to create an
economical alternative to traditionally
heavy and expensive
TV studio pedestals.
• Center sealed, air-charged cartridge
column • Payloads up to 50 lbs
• 100mm ball standard,
“hi-hat” top
• Transport size 34” long
x 12” diameter
#PEPLSP1 1949.95
P20 / PL20K / P50 / P900
Pneumatic Studio Pedestal
Perfect solution for lightweight studio or mobile
needs. The pneumatic column allows for quick
and easy height adjustment.
• Locking wheels • 100mm bowl
• Cable guards • High payload capacities
• Moderate doorway width
#CAP20 Supports up to 50 lbs 6369.95
#CAP20LK Kit includes the Z100 Laser fluid head
& P20 pedestal−supports up to 55 lbs 7,899.95
#CAP50 Supports up to 121 lbs ................................... 10703.95
#CAP900 Supports up to 198 lb 23282.95
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Jib & Dollies
Quick Dial: 821
CamCranE 200 Camera Crane
JB-30 Jib Arm and Tripod Kit
This tripod mounted, boom-arm, camera crane system
is designed to smoothly boom your camera with
precision and fluidity—up, down and 360 degrees.
It has 4 boom length combinations: 3.25', 4.8',
6.5' and 8.1', with 3 fulcrum (balance) settings.
• Load capacity 44 lbs • Ground level to 72"
in height • Precise balanced booming
• Reversible bowl for extremely low camera angles
• 75/100mm bowl base attachment
• Folds down to 46"
• Payload capacity is 25 lbs @ 8',
30 lbs @ 6.5' • Variable vertical boom
from floor to 10' or 8'
• Aluminum with black finish
• 3/8" standard tripod mount
• Folds to 3.3'
Kit Includes: Jib Arm, 75mm Adapter,
Adjusting Weight, Under Mount, Padded Case,
T101 Tripod, DL-8 Dolly
#GLCC200 499.95
#LIJB30UHK JB-30 Jib Arm with T101 Tripod
and DL-8 Dolly Kit 2999.95
JB-30U Jib Arm with Undermount Adapter and
Case only #LIJB30 2019.95
377702 Adjustable Bazooka
Used for dollies and studio catwalks, this
adjustable stand weighs 11 lbs and extends
from 24" to 39". It holds a maximum load of
100 lbs.
515003 Elemac mounting plate required to
mount bazooka #MAEMP 146.95
845120 Elemac to 100mm bowl
mount #MACBCA100 339.50
515021 Elemac to Elemac extension
arm #MAEEAB 299.95
515024 Offset Elemac to Mitchell
adapter #MAEMA 394.50
377702 Bazooka itself #MABAZ 1054.95
Portable Crane Jib Arm
This portable mini jib arm provides
precisely balanced booming, with a load
capacity of 33 lbs, from absolute ground
level to 78 inches in height. Pans 360°,
mounts to a 100mm bowl tripod.
• Payload capacity 33 lb
• Aluminum with black finish
• 39" to 78" (max height
depends on tripod)
• 1" steel weight barbells included
#CAM100 1999.95
JonyJIB 9' / 12' / 15' / 18'
Jib Arm w/LCD Monitor Mount
With telescoping boom sections that nest
within themselves for compact storage,
this sturdy pro jib is supported by any
heavy-duty 100mm tripod mount.
• Optional add-on boom sections
• Includes rear control center,
mounting hub
JONYJIB 9' (supports 35 lbs) #JOJJ9 1349.95
JONYJIB 12' jib (supports 35 lbs) #JOJJ12 1694.95
JONYJIB 15' jib (supports 30 lbs) #JOJJ15 2179.95
JONYJIB 18' jib (supports 20 lbs) #JOJJ18 2499.95
Doorway Dolly
This versatile mobile camera platform is an
excellent choice for stage or location.
• All-wheel steering, navigate a tight 90º
• The camera operator is able to mount
into six different fixed
• Steering is possible from
both ends of the dolly
• Platform is carpeted for a non-slip low maintenance surface
• 51" x 28.25" (LxW) platform • Load capacity 1100 lbs
• An optional second seat and offset arm can also be installed
#MARDRDDW 2619.95
BrIEFCaSE DoLLy Platform Dolly
ProJIB arm Compact and Portable
Miller’s jib arm weighs only 25 lbs
but offers a payload capacity of
50 lbs—half the weight of many
comparable jibs.
• Camera height range extends up to
78" (depending on tripod)
• Folds down to 48" and mounts to a
100mm bowl tripod
• Extends camera height range to
2 meters (6 ft), allowing a single
operator to achieve impressive crane perspectives
#MI711 2549.95
InD-S.KIt / InD-C.KIt & DoLLy
Dolly and Track Systems
Lightweight, with easy and
secure setup, these dolly
and track systems provide
dolly shots with smooth and
seamless movement.
IND-S.KIT Straight Track Kit #INSTK 544.95
IND-C.KIT Curved Track Kit #INCTK 639.95
IND.CTD Universal Dolly f/Indie-Dolly Tracks #INCTD 1194.95
IND.PF Accessory Platform–for dolly system #INDPF 249.95
IND.PF2 Second Accessory Platform #INPF2 324.95
All dolly components
are packed within a
case that opens into
the 6" x 19.5" x 29"
dolly platform itself.
Self-contained with both
surface and track
wheels for regular track,
PVC, metal or “focus
• Supports 500 lbs on either straight or curve track
• Airline transportable
#MADBC 2709.95
DoorWay DoLLy Platform Dolly
Heavy-Duty Track Dolly Platform
The dolly offers variable-length platform
legs and tight-space maneuverability
with cranes, jibs, and cams with
• Unique design allows large camera
setups to maneuver in tight spaces
• Adjustable legs allow use with a
variety of tripods
#VAVZCINETRAC Heavy duty dolly 714.95
#VAVZCTS Complete dolly kit 1649.95
#VAVZTRACK Rubber track 474.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 317
TR-320 kit includes: 8
pcs of 32" straight track, universal
dolly, case
CR-90 kit includes: 4 pcs of 45°
curved rail for 90º turns, case
The platform is fitted with a
recessed camera tie-down
and is carpeted for a
non-slip, low maintenance
• Carpeted platform 27.5"
x 41.5", overall 51" long
• Load capacity of 800 lbs
• Wheel base of 28.25 w/out extended axle
• Quick-change pneumatic wheels
• Dolly can be inverted
• Rear wheels extend outward for operating stability
TR-320 Straight track kit #LITR320 1949.95
CR-90 Curved track #LICR90 699.95
#MADDW 1769.95
#MADDWT with Turret 5183.95
tr-320 / Cr-90 Dolly Track-Rail System
This portable, modular system
works with your existing tripod
for excellent cine-style dolly
shots. Lightweight aluminum
track assembles easily.
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
Shoulder Mounts and Stabilizers
Adapt this flexible, handheld support into virtually any
position or configuration, enhancing and facilitating smooth
camera operation.
The Fig Rig’s unique, highly effective design helps absorb
handheld shocks and extraneous movement.
Handheld Camera Support
Distributed by
Handheld Stabilizer System
• Padded handgrip for a comfortable, secure grip
• 4 supplied cable clips keep cables out of your shot
• Includes a 501PL sliding quick-release plate
• Features 1/4-20 mounting base
• Attaches easily to a monopod or other support base for additional
stability, and can serve as a comfortable camera shoulder support.
#ANEGRIPZ $59.95
#BO595B Fig Rig Camera Stabilizer $299.95
#BO595B521PRO w/521 Pro Remote Control & 595CLA Clamp (for Canon & Sony) $665.00
The Stasis Flex system utilizes a flexible arm
and adjustable chest pad for any body style.
Position the camera into virtually any shooting
position—forward/back, in/out, or up/down.
This custom-designed shoulder bracket with adjustable waist
belt gives the camera operator extra support and eliminates
fatigue. Splits the camera’s weight between the videographer’s
shoulder and hip to provide more stability.
#ANSF STASIS FLEX flexible shoulder mount bracket $279.95
#ANSFS STASIS FLEX w/FGM-S Gold mount & cable for Sony 7.2VDC camcorders $449.95
#ANSFP STASIS FLEX w/FGM-P Gold mount & cable for Panasonic 7.2VDC camcorders $449.95
#ANSFEX STASIS FLEX w/FGM-EX1 Gold mount & cable for Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder $449.95
• Lockable pivoting arm w/variable up/down adjustments
• Bendable shoulder pad to custom fit any shoulder
DV-Brn / DV-BrnV
Intended for event videographers using lightweight mini-DV
camcorders, this shoulder bracket provides wide, comfortable
support positions that allow prolonged shooting.
• Adjustable flexible shoulder pad • Adjustable quick-release
The Frezzi Stable-Cam balances the camera on 3 body points,
making the camera a natural body extension, while eliminating
wrist and hand fatigue. Includes V-Lock battery bracket.
Shoulder Mount Camera Stabilizer
Shoulder Mount Support System
Shoulder Mount Support
#PEBCS05 $369.95
Shoulder Mount Support System
DV-BRN Shoulder bracket #SWDVBRN $179.95
DV-BRNV V-mount bracket #SWDVBRNV $244.95
#SWXPDVC20 XP-DV-C20 adapter cable 20" $109.95
#SWSCP20 20" cable f/Panasonic w/DVBRNV $104.95
• DV power and lighting platform • 4 sturdy handgrips
• Extra mounting shoe • Fully adjustable Hip-Grip
• Lightweight • Allows removing hands from camera
#FRSCVL $419.95
This fully adjustable shoulder rest fits all consumer/prosumer
camcorders to keep your shots steady while reducing fatigue.
With effortless control, the PAG Orbitor allows a wide range
of shooting techniques while your camera feels weightless.
• Smooth, steady video • Adjust length 6.5", horizontal adjustment 90°
• 2 accessory bars for monitor, mic and light • Handle can be located in 2 positions
• Foam cushion arch contoured to fit shoulder slope • Folds to 12 inches for storage and travel
• Weighs less than 20 oz
• Balanced and stable shooting platform
• Reduces fatigue on long shoots
• 3-axis control lets you pan, tilt and roll, smoothly
• Fully adjustable for any operator
Shoulder Mount Support
Shoulder Mount Support System
Shoulder bracket (Mfr #125) $89.95
388166 / 200016 / 388194
Shoulder Mount Supports
Birns & Sawyer
Designed to support small and medium-sized camcorders
with viewfinders or flip-out screens, these padded shoulder
rests include an adjustable camera platform and a choice of
one or two arms with padded handgrips.
Classic Shoulder Pod
Pro Support System
The DV Media Rig Pro is a top-of-the line, articulating weight balance
system for camcorders weighing up to 7 lbs. Its precision machining,
spring-loaded abdominal suspension pod and swiveling shoulder arch
add comfort and professionalism to any shoot.
388166 1 arm for smaller camcorders #BISHSS 374.95
200016 2 arms for Canon XL-1/2/H1, Sony PD150/170 #BIDHSSS449.95
388194 2 arms for Panasonic AG-DVX100B, Canon XL/GL #BIDHSSL479.95
#PAOCSS $599.95
Designed for small camcorders, this rugged, lightweight shoulder pod has
five adjustable axes to comfortably fit most camcorders and videographers.
• Includes full tilt, side-to-side, and front-to-back axis capabilities
• Rotating accessory mount for lights, monitors, mics and more
#VAVZDVMR $599.95
VZ-LSP / VZ-1ShootEr
Shoulder Mount Support Systems
• Fully adjustable cushioned hand grip w/stainless steel foot
• Seven available mounts for attaching accessories
• Self contained—no dangling cables • Accepts Sony’s GP-TRX grip
Crafted with precision from machined aluminum, this tough,
lightweight shoulder brace has 10 adjustable fittings. For
camcorders weighing up to 8 pounds, the VZ-LSP lets you
shoot fatigue-free all day. The VZ-1Shooter is for smaller
cameras, and is a great entry-level choice.
#MICQ $179.95
#MICABP Classic Shoulder Pod with AB Pad Support $249.95
VZ-LSP w/abdominal brace #VAVZLSP $389.95
VZ-1Shooter #VAVZ1SHOOTER ........................ $114.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 318
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Stabilization Systems
Quick Dial: 821
Handheld Stabilizer Systems
The unique design of the Merlin stabilization system is manufactured to provide you with
an ultra-lightweight solution that not only increases stability, but can go simply anywhere.
Ultra-light and ultra-compact, the Steadicam Merlin allows you to keep up with the action
more easily than ever.
The Steadicam custom-fitted Merlin travel case allows you to securely cradle your
camcorder while it is affixed to and balanced on the Merlin. Upright and easily accessible,
the case lets you get ready quickly before your next shoot. Offers generous space to store
the Merlin Arm and Vest plus additional gear.
With the Merlin Arm and Vest you have the choice of using the Merlin lightweight
camera stabilizing system for fluid hand-held shooting in the same manner as the larger
Steadicam rigs used in Hollywood film productions.
FREE Custom Fit Case
• “Folding-Caliper” hinge allows for instant fold-up—perfect for shoulder-mounted shooting
• Quick-release mount
Merlin with “New Metal Gimbal” balances cameras up to 0.5 to 5 lbs #STM Call
Arm and Vest for Merlin #STMAV Call
Arm and Vest with Merlin, balances cams up to 7.5 lbs #STMAVK Call
2000 Pro / 4000 Pro
The Glidecam 2000/4000 Pro camera stabilizers are lightweight,
handheld, camcorder-stabilizing systems which facilitate motion
shoots that need to be incredibly smooth and graceful, even when
running up and down stairs or traveling over rugged terrain.
This UltraLite handheld stabilizing system achieves smooth, flowing images
while you walk or run over rough terrain or up/down stairs.
Handheld Stabilizer Systems
#GLGL2000 Supports up to 6 lbs $299.95
#GLGL4000 Supports 4 to 10 lbs $399.95
#GLGCFB Forearm Brace $149.95
#GLGCPB Glidecam Body-Pod $169.95
#GLGL2000K2 Kit with GL-2000 PRO, Forearm Brace, L4-Pro Monitor and Battery $899.95
#GLGL4000K2 Kit with GL-4000 PRO, Forearm Brace, L4-Pro Monitor and Battery $999.95
#GLGL2000K3 Kit with GL-2000 PRO, Body Pod, L4-Pro Monitor and Battery $949.95
#GLGL4000K3 Kit with GL-4000 PRO, Forearm Brace, L4-Pro Monitor and Battery$1,049.95
hD1000 / 2000 / 4000
Handheld Stabilizer System
• Supports 2−7 lb camcorders
• Equipped w/quick release plate
• Pedestal base plate • Locking gimbal
• Compact and lightweight
#VAVZUL $399.95
Handheld Stabilizer System
The FlowPod is ideal for camcorders weighing up to 8 lbs—giving you stability
and smooth footage while walking, running or going up and down stairs.
Camera Stabilization System
• Adjustable vest for comfort and performance
The amazingly advanced Glidecam HD-Series represents
the top of the line in handheld camera stabilization.
These lightweight, state-of-the-art camera stabilizers
will transform your shaky camera footage into
hypnotically smooth, professional-looking images.
#VAVZFP with Case $449.95
#VAVZFPK with Low Flow Kit & Case $499.95
#VAVZDVSPORTE FlowCam DV Sportster $749.95
#VAVZDVSPMS DV Sportster Master System $1,249.95
• Integrated quick-release camera plate • Adjustable convergence, precision, 3-axis gimbal
• Adjustable dynamic balance and inertial control base platform • Foam padded handle grip
DV SPortStEr / naVIGator*
HD1000 for cameras up to 3 lbs #GLHD1000 $399.00
HD2000 for cameras from 2−6 lbs #GLHD2000 $499.00
HD4000 for cameras from 4−10 lbs #GLHD4000$599.00
Upgrade your handheld stabilizer to a professional vest-supported
system with these universal articulated arm and support vests.
Smooth ShootEr
Camera Stabilization System
The Smooth Shooter system is designed to work with Glidecam’s
GL-2000 and 4000 Pro handheld camera stabilizers. Glide effortlessly
over rough terrain to achieve smooth, track-like footage.
Smooth Shooter includes:
• Smooth Shooter support vest • Dyna-Elastic arm • Stainless steel
arm post • 6x steel weight plates • Docking bracket
#GLSS Smooth Shooter vest and arm system $1,389.95
Smooth Shooter kits:
#GLSSK Kit includes Smooth Shooter system and GL-4000 Pro stabilizer $1,749.95
#GLSSK1 Kit includes Smooth Shooter, GL-2000 Pro, L4-Pro 4” TFT LCD,
BP-L4P battery pack $2,149.95
#GLSSK2 Kit includes Smooth Shooter , GL-4000 Pro, L4-Pro 4” TFT LCD,
BP-L4P battery pack $2,249.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 319
Camera Stabilization System
*Navigator can be upgraded w/a GT sled, into a full professional system.
#VAVZDVSPORTE DV Sportster with Arm, Vest & Case $749.95
#VAVZN Navigator w/Arm and Vest System only $1,399.95
#VAVZNK1 Navigator w/Glidecam 2000 Pro $1,674.95
#VAVZNK2 Navigator w/Glidecam 4000 Pro $1,769.95
#VAVZNK3 Navigator w/FlowPod, Low Flow Kit, FlowPod Case $1,769.95
VZ-DV auto rIG
Pro Vehicle Mounting Kit
The Auto Rig is a comprehensive professional vehicle-mount kit that
can be implemented in your cinematic feature. It supports camcorders
up to 25 lbs, and can attach to the edge of a car door or hood. This
support is designed to maintain the vehicle’s surface integrity, while
the system’s custom anti-skid rubber cups absorb shock and vibration
and allow you to film at various angles and extreme positions.
#VAVZAR VZ-DV Auto Rig $489.95
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
Stabilization Systems
Camera Stabilization System
This highly advanced professional stabilization system is designed
specifically to be used with Glidecam’s GL-2000 and 4000 Pro handheld
stabilizers. The system works by isolating your body’s motion from the
camera, leaving your camera balanced and in a relatively motionless
state. The support arm can be boomed up and down, as well as pivoted
in and out and side-to-side as you to create smooth camera footage.
Walk, run, go up and down stairs, shoot from moving vehicles and travel
over uneven terrain without any camera instability or shake. The support
vest is lightweight, comfortable, and can be adjusted to fit a wide range
of operators, while the support arm can be set up and configured so that
either a left-handed or right-handed operator can use the system.
X-10 System includes:
X-10 Support Arm, Support Vest, Docking Bracket, Stainless Steel
Arm Post, Aluminum Arm Post, (6) Steel Weight Plates.
X-10 Stabilization System
#GLX10 $2,199.95
X10 System with GL-4000 Pro Handheld Stabilizer
#GLX10K1 $2,399.95
X10 System with GL-4000 Pro Handheld Stabilizer
#GLX10K2 $2,499.95
X-22 Camera Stabilization System
Camera Stabilization System
Incorporating advanced engineering and precision machining, the Glidecam X-22
is a professional body-mounted stabilization system designed for film and video
cameras weighing up to 22 pounds. The complete system is comprised of a
dual-articulating support arm, a sled, and a lightweight support vest that
can be adjusted to fit a wide range of operators. The patented and precision
Dyna-Elastic support arm allows you to boom up and down or side to side–
smoothly and with virtually no noise.
This body-mounted camera stabilization rig supports camera
systems between 10−25 lbs. Achieve a professional, fluid
sense of stability while eliminating camera shakiness. The rig
is well balanced and proportioned so that tilting, panning and
any slow or fast camera movements are achieved with comfort
and ease. Even after a long day of shooting, you’ll tackle the
most complicated tracking shots with textured, professional
movement—and no fatigue.
System includes: V-25 Vest, Arm, Dovetail, Sled & L7-Pro LCD
w/Anton Bauer, V-Lock or Pag battery base and bracket and cables.
#GLV25AB Anton Bauer Mount $9,499.95
#GLV25VL V-Lock Mount $9,499.95
#GLV25PAG Pag Mount $9,499.95
• Quick-release, high-impact buckles for quick vest removal
• Arm-to-vest connector allows attachment and removal without
affecting trim settings • Field adjustable spring tension
• 2-spring or 4-spring modes• Light-Force technology for optimal
buoyancy • “No-tools” precision gimbal
#GLX22VL V-Lock Mount CALL
#GLX22AB Anton Bauer MountCALL
PILot aB/VL/aa
FLyEr 24LE
The Steadicam Pilot is a lightweight stabilizer system
designed for the video professional to capture smooth, fluid
movements with cameras weighing from 2 to 10 pounds.
Its two-section, articulated design includes a frictionless,
silky-smooth Iso-Elastic arm, ultra low profile vest,
lightweight sled with Carbon-Lite expandable post, color
3.5" LCD monitor (upgradeable to 5.8"), and low-mass
gimbal. 12v battery pack options are: “AA” battery pack,
V-lock or Anton Bauer.
A remarkable combination of high-end features and affordable
price, this lightweight stabilizer supports a 4−19 lb. camera load.
It features Garrett Brown’s patented Iso-Elastic stabilizer arm and
gimbal for frictionless, silky-smooth movement, plus a newly
designed camera mounting platform with a carbon fiber
extendable post.
Camera Stabilization Systems
Camera Stabilizer System
• Fully adjustable ergonomic vest for even load distribution
• Anton Bauer Gold Mount for 3-stud battery compatibility
• Tool-free locking mechanisms for quick, precise on-set adjustments
• 12 to 24VDC volt-switchable
with Sony V-Mount Battery Mount #STPVL Call
with Anton Bauer Battery Mount #STPAB Call
with AA Battery Mount #STPAA Call
with two IDX E-7S lithium-ion
V-mount batteries and charger #STPIDX Call
Flyer 24LE Complete system #STF24LEAB Call
Iso-Elastic Stabilizer Arm #STF24LEVL Call
Red One Camera Compatible #STFLERED Call
aVIator / BLaCK haWK
artEmIS DV Pro mD SErIES
Camera Stabilization Systems
Camera Stabilizer Systems
Designed for cameras weighing 5−15 lbs, the Aviator’s dual-arm stabilization
system offers fluid, lightweight camera movement with convenient no-tools
adjustment. The top-of-the-line Black Hawk provides high-end performance
for HD, broadcast and film cameras weighing 10−25 lbs.
Aviator kit includes:
• Li-Ion battery system • Custom rolling case • Training DVD
Black Hawk kit includes:
• Dual Anton Bauer mounts • NTSC/PAL toggle
• VZRockC zoom controller • Custom rolling case
Aviator (for camera rigs between 5−15 lbs) #VAVZA $4,899.95
Aviator with Anton Bauer mount #VAVZAAB $4,899.95
Aviator with V-Lock mount #VAVZAVL $4,899.95
Black Hawk with Anton Bauer mount #VAVZBHAB $6,799.95
Black Hawk with V-Lock mount #VAVZBHVL $6,799.95
This system is specially designed for pro MiniDV, HDV and DV cams, and
offers the same excellence as the larger Artemis EFP, EFP Pro, Cine and Cine
HD systems. This system comes with a battery adapter and LCD monitor.
292-325 Pro Video.indd 320
• Optimized for Anton Bauer three-stud batteries and power
• High-quality Transvideo Starlight 4" video LCD included
• For optimum usage, kit must be matched with a swing arm and vest.
Includes Free Varizoom
VZRock Variable-Rocker
for LANC Camcorders
Mfr. Model
V-Lock Mount
Pag Mount
Anton Bauer Mount
V-Lock System Kit
Pag System Kit
A/B System Kit
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Chroma Key / Character Generator
Quick Dial: 821
CG-100D / DSP
Firewire Video Interface
Offering the same great plugand-play conversion and playback
package as the V3HD, the V4HD
adds new features such as support
for full-raster ProRes workflow with
Final Cut Pro. It captures and plays all standard HD and SD formats up to and including 1080p30
(720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1080PsF). This comprehensive unit with HD and SD video input and
output connectivity, broadcast quality 10-bit 4:2:2 signal path, 10-bit processing and 12-bit A/D/A
converters makes it an all-in-one solution unmatched by the competition.
The CG-100D is an SDI overlay-based
character generator that brings broadcast
quality work within reach for those working
on a tight budget. The foundation of the
system is DataVideo’s DeckLink card, which
acts as a downstream keyer connected to the
SDI Overlay/Graphics input on the SE-500
switcher. This software allows you to precompose pages before going live.
#MAV4HD $2,849.95
CG-100DSP #DACG100DSP $1,349.95
CG-100D Character Generator #DACG100D $1,148.95
rEFLECmEDIa rm4521 / 4511 / 4512
CKL-100 / 200 KItS
The Reflecmedia LiteRing has a series of LEDs (available in
green or blue) which generate the proper light to the available
Chromatte background, for accurate and pleasing chroma
key values. The microlite assembly is a lightweight adjustable
cradle, which allows the LiteRing to be attached to almost
any digital camera or video camcorder without the need for
additional lens adapters.
The CKL-100 and 200 are efficient kits for chroma-key
applications that include a dual-color (blue/green) ring light that
can be mounted on a variety of cameras with included adapters,
a variable brightness intensity controller, and a 10 x 8' retroreflective backdrop screen. Control brightness with the supplied
dimmer control or optional Datavideo DVK-100 chroma-keyer.
Microlite LiteRing System
Dual-Color Blue/Green LED Chroma-Key
RM4521 MicroLite Assembly, Green #RERM4521 $759.95
RM4512 MicroLite Assembly w/ 4x3" Chromaflex Background #RERM4512 $1,274.95
RM4511 MicroLite Assembly w/ 8x8" Chromaflex Background #RERM4511 $1,274.95
CKL-100 KIT #DACKL100KIT $959.95
CKL-200 KIT #DACKL200KIT Fire-retardant retro-reflective screen. $1,149.95
Dual Blue/Green LED ring #DALD1 $419.95
Retro-reflective screen #DARF3025 $619.95
Reflecmedia’s revolutionary Chromatte fabric takes chroma key production out of
the studio and into any controlled environment. Ideal for cameramen, videographers,
production companies and news crews that require a portable, collapsible chroma
key screen that requires minimum set up. Users can choose to configure a blue or
green camera-mounted LiteRing to generate the necessary color key on the subject.
Kits include: LiteRing, LiteRing controller, 7x7' (2m) sq. Chromaflex collapsible
background with bag, Kata case, choice of one camera adapter ring.
The DVK-100 is a two-camera live chroma-keyer. Three video
inputs, two cameras, one background, Y/C or composite
for seamless cuts between the two cameras. Monitor each
camera before cutting between them with video loop-thru.
Control edges, color, brightness, tint, contrast, position and
window crop capability for selectable backgrounds. Built-in
dual full-frame TBCs enable keyer to output a clean and
synchronized signal. Includes GPI trigger, RS-232 control.
7' Chromaflex, 8x8' Chromatte Lite-Ring Kits
Live Chroma Keyer
#REC88SGBK 8x8' Chromatte Green Small Lite Ring Kit $3,164.95
#REC7MBK 7' Chromaflex Blue Medium Lite Ring Kit $2,374.95
#REC88MGBK 8x8' Chromatte Green Medium Lite Ring Kit $3,164.95
#RE88CC Chromatte 8x8’ Curtain$1,716.50
#DADVK100 $1,199.95
#DADVK100K LD-1/RS-3025 $2,099.95
Video Paint / ultimatte
Ultimatte Paints have been specifically formulated to provide the correct
luminance and RGB Values for optimum operation with the Ultimatte
compositing system. The color specifications were designed in conjunction
with the Ultimatte Corporation and have their official approval. Rosco
Ultimatte Paints are recommended for interior and exterior surfaces including
fabrics, wallboard, plastics, plaster, brick, and concrete. Ultimatte Paints have
been designed for use with the Ultimatte System. However they can be used
with Chroma Key systems as well. They provide optimal luminance and color
separation when shot on either film or video.
Blue - 1 Gallon #RO5720G 71.95
Blue - 5 Gallon #RO57205G 298.95
Super Blue - 1 Gallon #RO5722G78.95
Super Blue - 5 Gallon #RO57225G 347.50
Green - 1 Gallon #RO5721G 97.50
Green - 5 Gallon #RO57215G 487.95
VM-3 Series Character Generator
The VM-3 unit with supplied keyboard is a richly featured
character generator that can turn a monitor/TV into an
easy-to-operate electronic bulletin board commonly used in
retail, security, hospitals, hotel, restaurants, and assisted living home applications. Preschedule 250
messages of a full page, in multiple colors, fonts, and sizes, with crawl display options. Schedule
parameters for days of the week, time of day and date range. For more dynamic presentations add
the DV Pro Multi-media player and display customized JPEG and MPEG files.
#VMVM3 VM-3 character generator $599.95
#VIDV1 DV media player upgrade kit to VM-3 $1,049.95
#VIDV3 Hotel equipment package $1,589.95
KCt-50 / 50SV
Standalone character generator works with a
standard PC keyboard. Add titles and captions
to video, no PC or PC software required.
Add up to 9 lines of 20 characters each. The
built-in text editor performs common typing
operations for quick performance of titling and
captioning tasks. Maintain two separate setup
and display screens.
This self-contained, single channel serial
digital character generator is ideally suited to
applications such as news, sports, weather,
emergency alerts, logo insertion, station branding,
subtitling, captioning, business information
displays and sports displays. Built-in operations
include multi-speed rolls, crawls, flipbook
animations and effects. Remote controlable via
Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422 and GPI connections.
Character Generators
KCT-50 Composite Only #HOKCT50 $359.95
KCT-50SV S-Video (Y/C) Only #HOKCT50SV $394.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 321
Character Generator
#CHDBCSC $6,299.95
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
Production Switchers
SE-500 / SE-500K / CG-100D
hS-500 / mS-500
The four-input live production switcher with dual-output video mixer
employs real time quad-split preview that includes red, yellow, and
green markers to indicate program, preview and other sources, as well
as the next selected effect.
HS-500 includes: SE-500 (4-input) analog audio video, one
TLM-702 dual-screen 7" monitor unit, aluminum briefcasestyle carrying case
Video Production Switcher
• Special effects • Audio mixer • Tally DB15 and midi connections
SE-500K includes: SE-500, TLM-702 Dual 7" LCD and RKM-572
SE-500 #DASE500 $1,049.95
SE-500K #DASE500K $1,999.95
CG-100D SP software w/ DeckLink SP #DACG100DSP $1,349.95
Mobile Video Production Switchers
SE-800aV / SE-800DV
Video Production Switchers
These full-featured 4-input production video switchers are designed to
meet live studio and post-production applications, and feature built-in
digital effects, picture-in-picture and chroma key effects. Their color
processor and dual channel time base corrector/frame synchronizer
assures quality and stable images for each input source. The SE-800DV adds 4 DV (FireWire/i-Link)
inputs, plus one SDI overlay input for the use of a digital character generator and full digital output.
SE-800AV 4-Input (S-Video/Composite/Component) #DASE800AV $2,649.95
SE-800DV 4 FireWire (DV) inputs & 1 SDI Overlay I/O #DASE800DV $4,749.95
Quad 4" LCD w/mounting cradle rack kit #DATLM404JF $1,549.95
Character generator software f/Decklink SDI card #DACG100 $929.95
MS-500 includes: SE-500 mixer, one TLM-702 dual 7"
monitor unit, TB-5 tally box with 4 tally lights, ITC-100
intercom system with 4 belt packs, headsets, and tally
lights, RP-10 lockable pull-out shelf for the SE-500 mixer,
PD-1 power distributor, aluminum case
SE-500 handheld studio kit #DAHS500 $2,099.95
Mobile SE-500 studio kit #DAMS500 $5,944.95
mS-800aV / mS-800DV
Mobile Video Production Switchers
The MS-800 Mobile Studio 4-input audio-video mixer includes:
SE-800 (NTSC) (AV or DV model), TLM-404 quad-screen LCD
monitor, TLM-702 dual-screen monitor, ITC-100 intercom kit
with belt packs, headsets and cables for 4 users, PD-1 power
distributor, DN-300 250GB HDD DV/HDV recorder/player,
rackmount-panels/kits-RP-11, 5x RP-12l , RP-15, RP-17,
RP-23, RP-28, RP-DV, and CCS-M1 aluminum mobile case
MS-800AV #DAMS800AV $11,999.95
The customizable SE-900 modular switcher consists of a control
panel and a main frame that holds up to 8 input cards. It accepts a
mix of 8 SD inputs including DV, SDI, YUV and composite, and is expandable
with additional input cards and accessories. Standard outputs include DV, SDI, YUV,
S-Video (Y/C) and composite video. Preview output includes both next source and next effect,
enabling preview of any effects before “going live.” It features 2 chromakeys with 4 presets, a downstream
keyer for easy integration with CG software such as Datavideo CG-100, and SD card for logos.
• 8-input switcher • 2 chromakeys with 4 presets • Audio delay
8-Channel Modular Switchers
#DASE900 $4,449.95
#DASE900DVK1 DV Kit (6x DV input cards, 2x YUV, CV,S input card +8 In SD Switcher) $8,894.95
#DASE900SDIK1 SDI Production Kit (6x SDI in cards,+8 input SD switcher) $9,199.95
Mobile Video Production/Studio Switchers
The MS-900 Mobile Studio is assembled and tested and includes:
SE-900 (NTSC) expandable audio and video switcher, TLM-170M 17"
TFT LCD monitor, 2x ITC-100SL wired beltpack for ITC-100 intercom
system, ITC-100KF1000 six-user base station intercom system, PD-1
power distributor, DN-300 250GB HDD DV/HDV recorder/player,
BAC-03 bidirectional analog audio converter, rackmount-panels and
kits-RP-11, 5x RP-12l, RP-15, RP-17, RP-23, RP-28, RP-DV, and
CCS-M1 tabletop mobile case.
High-definition video production switcher with 3 HD-SDI inputs
that does all processing in HD and accepts both HD or SD signals.
Excellent for production companies, houses of worship, OB vans,
and corporate production.
The MS-1000 Mobile Video Studio from Datavideo is a fully
integrated mobile video broadcast system. It is housed in a single
mobile case and offers true “live in seconds” performance. This
solution is well suited for use in educational institutions, houses
of worship, streaming Internet applications, events, live stage,
and conferences—among many other applications.The MS-1000
system includes SE-1000, 2x TLM-433 w/3 5" LCDs, TLM-170,
ITC-100 six-user base station intercom system, PD-1, TB-10,
breakout panels and case.
HD/SD Digital Video Switcher
• Six inputs (five HD or SD SDI and one DVI-I) and 3 outputs
(three HD or SD SDI), RS-422 control, Ethernet connectivity
• 10-bit, 6-channel frame synchronizer that adjusts
#DASE1000K1 Incl. 2 TLM-433 (3.5") LCD monitors, rackmount, and TB-10 tally box$10,799.95
Mobile Video Production/Studio Switchers
aW-SG500 / SG500-hD
The AJ-HPM110 offers HD and SD recording with added flexibility of up/
down/cross and aspect conversion, and a large 9-inch LCD monitor.
Designed to work with virtually any professional camera system, from tapebased digital cameras to high-end cinema cameras with 1080/24PsF. Pro
features include multiple frame rate recording, 24p pull-down removal, as
well as real-time playback of 720p. With its six P2 card slots equipped with
32GB P2 cards, it can record up to 4 hours in 1080p/24 (AVC-Intra 100)
and 8 hours in 720p/24 (AVC-Intra 100 or DVCPRO HD).
The Sony Anycast Station Live Content Producer is a portable highquality live production switcher with audio mixing. It has a large LCD
display and a streaming encoder and server. It accepts a variety of
inputs from PCs, cameras, VCRs and hard disk drives.
HD/SD P2 Mobile Recorder/Player
#PAAJP2C016RG 16GB P2 Memory Card
#PAAJP2C032RG 32GB P2 Memory Card
#PAAJYBX200G AVC Intra Codec Board
292-325 Pro Video.indd 322
Anycast Station Live Content Producer
#SOBKAW550 PC RGB Interface Module
#SOBKAW560 HD Analog Component Video f/AWSG500
#SOBKAW570 SD Video Interface Module
#SOBKAW580 Digital Interface Module
#SOBKAW590 HD-SDI Interface Module
#SOAWSG500 Anycast Station Live Content Producer
#SOAWSG500HD HD Anycast Station Live Switcher
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Production Switchers
Quick Dial: 821
V4 / V8
hX-1 / hX-2
The Edirol V-4 and V8 video mixers are powerful, easy to use video
mixers capable of switching between multiple cameras or video tape
decks during a live performance. They are affordable solutions for
houses of worship, schools, and nightclubs. They employ high-quality
digital 8-bit, 4:2:2 signal processing, 2 ch TBC frame sync to ensure
smooth transitions and stable images.
These portable HD video switchers are suited for
live field broadcasts or studio work. They feature
multiple SD/HD-SDI inputs and multiple HD-SDI
outputs, with full 10-bit internal processing that
meets broadcast standards. They include effects,
frame sync and a built-in LCD.
V4 (Four analog inputs) #EDV4 $999.95
V8 (Eight analog inputs) #EDV8$1,949.95
HX-1 (4) SD/HD-SDI ins, (6) HD-SDI outputs #FOHX1 $6,399.95
HX-2 (8) SD/HD-SDI inputs and (7) SD/HD-SDI outputs #FOHX2 $15,299.95
The LVS-400 four-input video mixer offers multiple
effects, dual bus operation and clean transitions. Logical,
simple operational controls facilitate ease of use, with
programmable keys to operate in a luminance or chroma
superimpose. Supports either NTSC or PAL video signals, and
has V-Link MIDI connections to operate w/other Edirol equipment.
This multi-layer video display system combines seamless
switching with a variety of flexible video effects. A versatile
video production tool for live event staging and fixed
installation applications, it uses four image layers—
unscaled background, up to two scaled PIPs or keys, and a
downstream key—to produce sophisticated effects.
#EDLVS400 $1,649.95
#BASP2HDE ScreenPRO-II HD w/enhanced output option
#BACSC ScreenPRO-II Controller
V-440 hD
This 8-input multi-format live switcher is capable of seamless
mixing & switching between 4 HD/RGB inputs and 4 SD
inputs, no need to obtain separate converters to handle
these formats. Features include transition effects, PIP, and
upconversion of SD video to HD & RGB with superior image
quality. Adjusts 16:9 & 4:3 images, switchable NTSC/PAL.
Selectable output formats 1080i or 720p for HDTV or RGB for computer display.
#EDV440HD $10,999.95
This 8-input pro audio/video mixer packs many multi-function
digital video effects into a single, compact unit. It delivers
high-end performance and broadcast-grade 4:2:2 in digital postproduction environments. An ideal switcher for multi-camera
live studio and event applications, it features over 600 effect
patterns and pro features like logo animation, switchable PAL/
NTSC, tally, and RS-422.
#PAAGYA70 SDI Option Board
DVX-8022 / EVX-8022-hD
aV-hS300G / aV-hS400
Video Production Switcher
High-Definition Video Switchers
Video Production Switcher
High-Resolution Seamless Switchers
Multi-Format HD/SD Switcher
Digital A/V Mixer
Di-VentiX 8x2 Mixer / Seamless Switcher
HD/SD Multi-Format Switchers
A video mixer/seamless switcher and scan conversion device, the DVX-8022 accepts high-resolution
video in various analog and digital formats on eight inputs featuring dual buses. The inputs can be
transitioned between one another and routed to two outputs, which can be scaled to various pixel
rates and aspect ratios. The 8022 also has the ability to act as a presentation switcher, and can
transition between sources to dual output displays.
Adds HD/SD-SDI inputs on BNC connectors
These HD/SD-format switchers are ideal for many applications.
The HS400 has 4 HD/SD-SDI inputs and 4 HD/SDI outputs,
expandable to 8-in/8-out with optional I/O boards. The
HS300G features 6 inputs (5 HD/SD SDI, 1 DVI/RGB) and
3 outputs (HD/SD SDI). Workflow-friendly functions include
on-screen display of menus and a broad selection of wipes, with chroma-keying available in the HS400.
HD Analog Option Board #PAAVHSB300
HD-SDI / SD-SDI Switcher #PAAVHS300G
HD/SDHD/SD-SDI Switcher, 10-Image Output Multi-Viewer #PAAVHS400
SDI Input Board HD/SD w/SD Upconversion #PAAVHS04M1
HD/SD Analog Component Input Board #PAAVHS04M2
DVI Input Board #PAAVHS04M3
Analog Component Output Expansion Board #PAAVHS04M4
DVI & Analog Component Expansion Output Board #PAAVHS04M5
Portable Live Production System
The TriCaster Studio is NewTek’s latest portable solution to live TV production. Harness the power of a live
TV truck in a compact, 16-pound package; boost live production capabilities with “live virtual sets,” multiple
component inputs, multiple upstream effects, dual DDRs and animated alpha channels; and expand broadcast
production capabilities with real-time delivery from television and Internet streams. The result is an advanced
production studio powerful enough to utilize in network environments, yet portable enough to fit in a backpack.
TriCaster VM #NETCVM $995.95
Time Warp #NETCTW $995.95
Video Inputs
Video Outputs
Mic Inputs
Line Inputs
Virtual Set
16:9 Video
File Formats & Render Outputs
TriCaster STUDIO
6 Component,
Y/C or Composite
Y/C & Composite
4 Balanced
(XLR or Phone)
4 XLR/Phone
Yes (virtual
sets included)
20 hours AVI
QuickTime, MP4 (iPod and PSP)
TriCaster PRO
3 Component,
Y/C or Composite
2 Balanced
(XLR or Phone)
2 XLR/Phone
1 RCA Stereo pair
10 hours AVI
Tricaster Broadcast
6 Component,
Y/C & Composite
Y/C & Composite
3 Y/C or Composite
Y/C & Composite
2 Phone
292-325 Pro Video.indd 323
6 hours AVI
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
Go! PromPtEr
LC-80mP / 10mP / 150mP
This basic, fully positionable prompter consists
of a 4" x 8" dry erase board with hardware
enabling connection to a camcorder’s hotshoe
or lightshoe. No power or cables needed.
Constructed of metal and durable plastics, the
unit weighs only 10 oz and fits both pro and
consumer camcorders.
Units accept a VGA signal directly from your computer or an NTSC
signal, and can even reverse the image from left to right They
include EZPrompt XP software, 25' VGA cable, mouse controller,
and adjustable height camera riser and glass beam splitter mirror.
Portable On-Camera Teleprompter
Starter Series Teleprompters
#PRGP $49.95
#DRPOR1 Set of 4 dry erase
marking pens $11.95
LC-80MP 8" LCD panel input VGA, NTSC/PAL
#MILC80MP $1,949.95
LC-10MP 10" LCD panel input XVGA
#MILC10MP $1,999.95
LC-150MP 15" LCD panel nput SVGA
#MILC150MP $1,999.95
EZ PromPtEr
mZ-3000P Z-Pr0 SErIES
The lightweight EZ Prompter weighs about 2 lbs,
and is quick and easy to set up. It holds a sheet of
8½" x 11" paper for up to 2 minutes of text. Your
talent will look more confident, authoritative and
professional. It fits onto 82mm filter thread lenses
(85mm), and with optional lens adapters can be
made to fit most other camera lenses that are
smaller than 85mm.
The Z-PRO Presto teleprompter system is
designed specifically for cameras with an
ENG bayonet-mount lens. It includes a fold-down
mirror, a soft hood assembly, and all other necessary
hardware. Also included is the LCD-900 image
reverser/VGA-composite converter for scan
reversal and translation of your signal from
VGA to composite video.
#BAEP with hard case, shoulder strap $559.95
#BAEZPS1 EZ Prompter Stealth (for lenses larger than 85mm) $609.95
#LIMZP3000P portable system $1,789.95
#LIMZP3000S studio system $2,279.95
Pt1000 / Pt1000W / Pt2100
t-2000 PromPtBooK
These 8" lightweight, portable teleprompter kits mount to
the shoe mount of camcorders. The anti-glare screen, with
horizontal & vertical flip, displays 1024 x 768 resolution.
The prompting software is easy to use, and allows for the
adjustment of text, color, and size. Supports NTSC/PAL and
has VGA and video inputs. Includes: AC adapter, remote,
mounting rod, car adapter, monitor bracket, cables & software
Use the T-2000 PromptBook with supplied
A-6000WIN prompting software, and your notebook
computer (up to 8 lbs, max. 13 3/4" width) can
serve as a flat-panel prompter. No other display is
required. It can project a reverse mirror image for
direct eye-line viewing. T-2000 weighs 11 lbs (minus
PT1000 4:3 aspect ratio prompter kit #IKPT1000 629.95
PT1000W 16:9 aspect ratio prompter kit #IKPT1000W 684.95
PT2100 Teleprompter kit #IKPT2100 799.95
#LIT2000WIN $2,699.95
#LIB3450 Offset camera riser w/3", 4", & 5" settings $194.95
#LIA1649 RF wireless (to 100') handheld mouse $349.95
ProPromPtEr hD
Ent-1717P SErIES
This complete prompting system, in either LCD or Pocket
PC version, is designed to work on any internal-focus
camera lens with a diameter of 52mm to 100mm. A
lightweight and durable system, it includes a hood and
mirror designed to work with wide angle shots up to an
aspect ratio of 16:9. The included storm case accepts all
of the system’s components, which makes this prompter a
great solution for use in mobile work or studio.
This 17" prompter is designed for ENG, HD, and DV styled
cameras. The ENT-1717P features 17" VGA display, fold-down
mirror/soft hood assembly and easy-mount support hardware
including camera riser and rear counterbalance weight. ENT1717P-EZ includes 17" prompter with EZPrompt software for
Windows. ENT-1717P-A6 includes 17" prompter with Listec
A-6000WIN software for Windows.
Teleprompter System
Portable Teleprompter Kits
HD LCD or Pocket PC Mobile Teleprompter
Portable Presto System
Notebook Prompter System Kit
Entry Level On-Camera Prompter
#PRPPHD HD LCD Version 1274.95
#PRPPHDPP Pocket PC Version 1399.95
#LIENT1717P $1,434.95
#LIENT1717PEZ $1,884.95
#LIENT1717PA6 $2,334.95
mSP-08 / 12 / 15 / 17 / 20
Weighing 6.6 lbs, this 8" TFT unit is an exceptionally versatile prompter for
location shooting, handheld stabilizer systems and small jibs, or standard tripod
mounts. Its reading range is up to 9 ft, with a brightness level of 400 Nits.
The MSP series of compact professional prompters are readable in
full daylight conditions. They are designed for use with handheld,
jib-mounted or Steadicam mounted cameras. These prompters feature
up to 1600 x 1200 resolution displays, brightness of 1600Nits, and
composite NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards.
8" LCD Teleprompter
The handheld mount utilizes the camera accessory boss and camera handle
to rig the prompter. The hood will remain out of shot on a 4.8 mm lens in 4:3
(standard) or 4.5 mm on a 16:9 (wide screen). Powered with 12VDC, it has a
composite video input with loop-thru.
Kits include: TFT LCD monitor, folding hood, glass, power, and either tripod plate or camera mount.
#AUTFT8P with camera handle mount $2,899.95
#AUTFT8S with tripod sliding plate$3,074.95
292-325 Pro Video.indd 324
Master Series LCD Teleprompters
8.4" LCD (1600 x 1200) #QTMSP08PP $4,601.95
12.1" LCD (1024 x 768) #QTMSP12PP $4,434.95
15" LCD (1024 x 768) #QTMSP15PP $4,859.95
17" LCD (1280 x 1024) #QTMSP17PP $5,849.95
20.1" LCD (800 x 600) #QTMSP20PP $6,999.95
9/24/09 11:55 PM
Professional Video
800-947-1175 | 212-444-6675
Quick Dial: 821
PSP-08 / 10 / 12 / 17
FS-150mP / FS-160
PSP08 8” Reading range: 10ft / 350 Nits
#QTPSP08 $2,249.95
PSP10 10” Reading range: 13ft / 1000 Nits / Step ups: 720x400 Res.
#QTPSP10 $3,099.95
PSP12 12” Reading range: 15ft / 1000 Nits / Step ups: 720x400 Res.
#QTPSP12PP Designed for small studios $3,294.95
PSP17 17” Reading range: 20ft / 1100 Nits / Step ups: 720x400 Res.
#QTPSP17PP Designed f/studio tripods/pedestals $3,789.95
No need to purchase a heavier duty tripod to support these
prompters. Just slide your existing camera/tripod configuration
behind and into the fabric hood and start prompting. Systems
include a stand, LCD monitor, glass beam splitter, housing, EZ
Prompt software, VGA cable and mouse controller.
FS-150MP Input XVGA (300 NTS) #MIFS150MP $2,199.95
FS-160 Input XVGA/NTSC/S-Video (450 NTS) #MIFS160 $3,624.95
ELP12-P / S, ELP15-P / S
LC-160 / 160hB / oS-160
This model’s open-frame design makes integration into your setup a snap,
and also offers the ability to mount the unit in very low and deep spaces.
This is a studio model that features a molded plastic hood and heavy-duty
glass. Reading range: 15'. Supports NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.
Inputs: Analog RGB, Component video, Composite video, S-Video, and VGA.
This series is extremely lightweight and requires no
counterweight. All LC models feature a fold-down mirror
and hood design and include removable side panels for
hood. Accepts SVGA computer and composite video PAL
or NTSC. Powered by 110/220 volts AC or 12 volts DC.
ELP12-P 12" portable #AUELP12P $3,394.95
ELP12-S 12" studio #AUELP12S $3,494.95
ELP15-P 15" portable #AUELP15P $3,694.95 ELP15-S 15" studio #AUELP15S $3,699.95
LC-160 450 NTS #MILC160 $3,499.95
160HB Hi-Bright (200–1800 NTS) #MILC160HB $4,649.95
OS-160 Outsider (200–1800 NTS) #MIOS160LCD $4,679.95
SP-150mP / 160 & 220 LCD
These complete teleprompter kits are designed for professional speaking venues.
Each kit contains 2 LCD monitors, housings, poles and mirrors (EZ Prompt
software only with the SP-150-LCD).
The Mini Z-PRO LCD system mounts the prompter
and camera over the balance point of the tripod’s pan
head, eliminating the need for a large balance plate and
counterbalance weight. The LCD displays are available in
13" or 15" (diagonal), with the choice of either a fold-down
panel/soft hood or standard-size panel/studio hood.
High-quality Professional Series Prompters
Professional Studio Teleprompters
Speech Series LCD Teleprompters
The SP-160-LCD and SP-220-LCD accepts NTSC, PAL, and SVGA video signal inputs.
SP-150MP 2 15" panels -SVGA signals #MISP150MPLCD $2,699.95
160 LCD 2 15" 2-composite & SVGA inputs #MISP160LCD $4,899.95
220 LCD 2 20" panels with SVGA signals #MISP220LCD $5,499.95
Spectra-Lite Flat Panel LCD Teleprompter
This versatile and dependable 15" monitor with
wide-angle mirror/hood assembly is designed
for use with portable-style cameras with an
ENG lens, to be used in studio environments.
Optional accessories include a sliding
counterbalance, riser, and case.
#LIST2015CCDW $3,619.95
Free Standing Prompters
15” LCD Pro Series
LCD Teleprompters
The 15" display unit features height adjustments at 3", 4",
and 5", as well as an offset mounting platform. The display
itself features a text-reversal menu command and superb
brightness and contrast.
Bundle the Listec A-6000WIN prompter software for a
complete prompting system.
• NTSC/PAL/SECAM, 110–240VAC 50/60Hz
(P=fold-down panel S=studio hood)
#LIMZ1013S 13" with studio hood $3,089.95
#LIMZ1015P 15" with fold-down panel $3,349.95
#LIMZ1015S 15" with studio hood $3,748.95
EZPromPt / SCrIPt Q
rISE & FaLL roBotIC StanD
These intuitive, easy-to-use
teleprompter programs make
management of your text and scripts
a breeze. Both will run equally well on
laptop and desktop computers.
Offering the ability to adjust its height automatically, this motorized robotic
teleprompter stand is ideal for studio or location productions such as awards
shows, conferences and presentations. Made of chrome, it features a special
high-brightness backlight, built-in cue light and controls for color, brightness
and contrast.
Teleprompter Software
EZPrompt for Windows XP or most earlier versions #MIEZPSW $449.95
Script Q for Mac OS-X 10.2 or later #MISCRIPTQ $349.95
Motorized Robotic Teleprompter Stand
• Height range: 51.4"–82.9" • Data control via BNC 75ohm cable
#AUMRFST15HB $8,194.95
The QBox interface is designed for use with QTV
QMaster prompting software and your prompter.
QBox stores a copy of the current running order
or script. If the control PC crashes or connection
is lost, the QBox continues to scroll the script at
the same speed. Control the QBox locally or remotely.
QStart: supports prompting and editing of single scripts
QPro: full script edit suite, closed captioning, conference system and
PowerPoint integration, on-screen preview of prompter output
QMaster: fully featured for cutting-edge, live-broadcast environments
Ethernet/Wireless Prompting Solution
292-325 Pro Video.indd 325
QNxt Teleprompter Software
#QTQSP QStart software $399.95
#QTQPP QPro software $1,099.95
#QTQMP QMaster software $3,349.95
9/24/09 11:55 PM
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