KP-27 Manual (Eng)

KP-27 Manual (Eng)
SWR & Power Meter
Model: KP-27
Frequency Range:
Power Range:
Power Scale:
Maximum Power:
Accuracy 10W Range:
100W-1KW Range:
SWR Measurement :
Testing Function:
Input / Output Impedance:
Input / Output Connectors:
Dimension (W/H/D) mm:
Weight (Net):
26 - 30 MHz.
10 W - 1 KW.
10 W, 100 W, 1 KW.
1 KW.
±10 % (AVG), ±15 % (PEP).
±5 % (AVG), ±10 % (PEP).
Minimum 1 W.
Forward, PEP Power, SWR
50 Ω.
“M” type.
170 x 80 x 80 mm.
800 g. (w/ holder.).
Operation Manual.
1. Meter Display:
2. Range/Function SW.:
3. Calibration Control:
Indicates FWD power and VSWR ratio.
Selects RF power range 10/100/1KW
Sets full scale deflection when measuring
Selects Average or PEP RF power
5.“TX” Connector:
8. “ANT” Connector:
Coax connector to tranemitter 50 ohm RF
Coax connector to 50 ohm antenna
1. Set the radio transceiver to transmit and read the scale corresponding to the Power Range selected (10 W, 100 W, or 1 KW).
2. When the “AVG/PEP” button is “out”, the meter reads average RF power.
When the button is “depressed” the meter reads Peak Envelope Power for use with SSB and AM transmissions.
In this mode there will be a slow rise and decay time.
1. Set the radio transceiver to transmit mode, slowly turn the “CAL” ADJ control clockwise until the meter is at full scale position.
2. Now set the “Function Switch to SWR position whilst still transmitting, the meter will now indicate the “VSWR” ratio.
1. Since the meter movement is very sensitive, avoid excessive vibration or mechancial shock to the meter.
2. The absolute maximum power that should be applied to the meter is 1KW.
Also observe maximum power inputs of 10W and 100W when using the two lower range.
3. The meter must never be reverse connected. Always observe the correct connections to transmitter and antenna
as indicate on the rear sockets.
4. The meter has been carefully calibrated at the factory, Tampering with any of the internal circuitry or sensors may cause damage
And will degrade the meter’s accuracy.
5. Do not expose the meter to excessive temperatures, high humidity, or strong magnetic fields.
KBC import / export Argonstraat 6
6718 WT Ede The Netherlands
Only for use with CB-radios
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