Waring PRO TCO650 Operating instructions

Toaster Oven
For your safety and continued enjoyment of this product,
always read the instruction book carefully before using.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should
always be followed, including the following:
2.When the unit is not in use and before
cleaning, unplug the Convection Toaster
Oven from the wall outlet. Note: Make sure
the oven is turned off before unplugging.
3. Always unplug from outlet prior to handling or cleaning.
4.Do not touch hot surfaces. Always use handles or knobs
and oven mitts when handling hot materials and allow
metal parts to cool before cleaning. Allow the unit to cool
thoroughly before putting in or taking off parts, or before
moving it.
5.To protect against risk of electrical shock, do not immerse
cord, plug, or any parts of the oven in water or other liquids.
6.Close supervision is always necessary when this or any
appliance is used near children. This appliance is not for
use by children.
7.Do not operate this or any appliance with a frayed or
damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions
or is dropped or has been damaged in any manner. Return
the Convection Toaster Oven to the nearest Authorized
Waring Service Center for examination, repair or electrical
or mechanical adjustment.
8.Do not use attachments not recommended by the
manufacturer; they may cause fire, electrical shock
or personal injury.
9.Do not use outdoors or for commercial purposes.
10. Do not use this appliance for other than its intended use.
11.Do not let the cord dangle over the edge of a tabletop or
countertop or touch hot surfaces.
12. Do not place the appliance near a hot gas or electric burner
or in a heated oven.
13. Extreme caution should be used when using containers
constructed of material other than metal or glass.
14. A
fire may occur if the Convection Toaster Oven is covered
or touching flammable materials, including curtains,
draperies, wall, etc., when in operation. Do not store any
items on top of the appliance when in operation.
15. When using the Convection Toaster Oven, pull the unit out a
minimum of 6 inches away from the wall or other cords.
16. Do not store any materials, other than manufacturer’s
recommended accessories, in this unit when not in use.
17. Do not place any flammable materials in oven, such as
paper, cardboard, plastic or any similar materials that may
catch fire or melt.
18. Do not cover the crumb tray or any part of the oven with
metal foil. This will cause overheating. Foil can be used to
cover approved cooking containers.
19. Oversized foods or metal utensils must not be inserted in
the appliance, as they may create a fire or risk of electrical
20. Do not clean with metal scouring pads. Pieces can break
off the pad and touch electrical parts, involving a risk of
electrical shock.
21. When broiling, use extreme caution when removing pan or
disposing of hot grease.
22. To turn this appliance off, press START/STOP. LEDs will all
turn off.
23.Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning.
Allow to cool before putting in or taking off parts.
24.To disconnect, turn appliance off, then remove plug from
wall outlet.
25.Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance
containing oil or other hot liquids.
For Household Use Only
Short Power Supply Cord Instructions
A short power supply cord is provided to reduce the risk resulting
from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord. An
extension cord may be used if care is exercised in its use. If an
extension cord is used, the electrical rating of the cord must be
at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance. The
extension cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over
the countertop or tabletop, where it can be pulled on by children
or tripped over unintentionally.
For Products Purchased in the United States
and Canada Only
To reduce the risk of electrical shock, this appliance has a
polarized plug (one blade is wider that the other). This plug fits a
polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into the
outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified
electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.
Learning About Your Countertop Oven
1.Control Panel
a. Timer/Temperature Display
b. Function Touchpads with LEDs
c. Selector Dial – Used to set clock, temperature and timer
d. Start/Stop Touchpad with LED
PARTS Continued
Removable Internal Crumb Tray – Located at the bottom
of the oven. Collects crumbs and fallen food particles. Pulls
out for easy cleaning.
Reversible Oven/Broil Rack – See “Positioning Rack”
section (page 8).
4.Tempered Glass Door – Allows viewing of food.
5.Three Rack Levels – To accommodate a variety of foods.
Baking Pan – Use for all your baking and roasting needs.
Attaches to Oven/Broil rack to broil.
Pizza Fit Capacity – Fits most large 12-inch (30 cm)
frozen pizzas.
Preparing To Use Your Convection Toaster Oven
for the First Time
If you are using your Convection Toaster Oven for the first time,
please be sure to:
• Remove any stickers from the surface of the oven.
• O
pen oven door and remove all printed documents and paper
from inside the Convection Toaster Oven.
• C
lean the oven/broil rack and baking pan with hot water,
a small amount of dishwashing liquid and non-abrasive
cleaning pad.
• D
o not immerse the body of the unit in water or dishwashing
• Dry the unit thoroughly before using.
• S
elect a convenient location for the Convection Toaster Oven.
The location should be in an open area on a flat counter where
the plug will easily reach an outlet.
• Plug the Convection Toaster Oven into a 120-volt outlet.
We recommend a “trial run” at a high temperature to eliminate
any protective substance or oil that may have been used for
packing and shipping. Press Toast, then turn the Selector Dial to
“6” and press START/STOP. A small amount of smoke and odor
may be detected in your oven during this trial run. This is normal.
Warning: When the Convection Toaster Oven is in use or
cooling down, please be sure there is a 6-inch (15 cm) clearance
between the oven and any other surface, including cords. Be sure
the cord is not resting against the back of the oven.
Assembly instructions
Positioning Rack
To accommodate a wide variety of foods, the oven has three rack
positions (see figure below).
Positioning of the rack will depend on the size of the food and
desired browning. Before removing the rack, allow unit to cool.
Please note: For best toast and pizza results, position the rack
facing up.
To Set Clock:
When you plug your oven in, 12:00 will appear in the display and
hour digits will flash
Step 1. Turn dial to set hour.
Step 2. Press selector dial again; minute digits will flash.
Step 3. Turn dial to set minutes.
Step 4. Press selector dial to set selected time.
To Use the Toast or Bagel Function
Step 1. Position the rack on the middle rack guide, facing up.
Step 2.Place items on rack; place bagels cut-side up.
Step 3. Close glass door completely.
Step 4.Press Toast or Bagel function.
Step 5.Turn selector dial to choose shade from 1 (lightest)
to 6 (darkest). Selected shade will appear in display.
Step 6. Press START/STOP to begin toasting.
Note: No preheat is necessary for Toast or Bagel function.
To Use the Convection Bake, Bake or Pizza Function
Step 1.Place rack in oven in middle or lower position. Position
rack up or down, depending on the size of the item(s)
you are cooking. For pizza, place rack facing up.
Step 2.Press Conv. Bake, Bake or Pizza function.
Corresponding LED will light up.
Step 3.The default temperature (350°F for Convection Bake and
Bake, 400°F for Pizza) will flash on display; set desired
temperature by turning the selector dial. Temperature
changes in 25°F increments.
Step 4.Press START/STOP to begin preheating.
Step 5.Oven will beep 4 times when it reaches selected
Step 6. Place food on baking pan and place tray on rack in oven.
Step 7: Press selector dial twice to display time. Hour digits
will flash; turn dial to select hour. Press dial again and
minute digits will flash: turn dial to select minutes.
Temperature will flash for 30 seconds and then selected
time will appear in display and countdown will begin.
NOTE: If no time is selected, timer will continue counting
down 2-hour default time.
Step 8. To check or change temperature or time while cooking,
press selector dial and follow directions in Steps 3 and 7.
Step 9. When cooking time has elapsed, 00:00 will appear in
display and oven will beep and turn itself off.
To Use Broil Function
Step 1. Press Broil function. LED will light up.
Step 2. The default temperature (450°F) will appear on display.
Step 3. Press START/STOP to begin preheating. Default
cooking time will appear in display window, but you may
disregard it during the preheat stage.
Step 4. Allow oven to preheat for 5 to 7 minutes.
Step 5. While oven is preheating, attach baking pan to base of
oven/broil rack by sliding the pan under the rack to fit
into the metal brackets on the sides.
Step 6. Place food on rack and slide broiling assembly into
upper rack guides in oven.
Step 7: Press selector dial twice to display time. Hour digits will
flash; turn dial to select hour. Press dial again and minute
digits will flash: turn dial to select minutes. Selected time
will appear in display and countdown will begin.
NOTE: If no time is selected, timer will continue counting
down 2-hour default time.
Step 8. To check or change time while broiling, press the
selector dial and follow directions in Step 7.
Step 9. Leave oven door open about one-half inch while broiling.
Step 10. W
hen cooking time has elapsed, 00:00 will appear in
display and oven will beep and turn itself off.
WARNING: Cooked food and metal rack can be very
hot; handle with care. Do not leave Convection Toaster Oven
unattended. To turn oven off, press the START/STOP button.
FAQs About Convection Baking
What is Convection?
Answer: In your Convection Toaster Oven there is a built-in fan
that circulates the hot air in the oven chamber to better heat the
How do I adjust the time for Convection?
Answer: On average, convection will shorten the cooking time by
30%, but it varies by food and it is suggested to go with a shorter
cooking time to start with and then add time if it is needed.
What are the best foods to use with Convection?
Answer: While a shorter cooktime is often desirable, baked
goods in particular benefit from convection cooking as the
circulating air keeps oven temperature consistent throughout.
Cleaning Your Convection Toaster Oven
Step 1. T
urn oven off, then unplug unit and let it cool.
Step 2. W
ipe unit down with damp cloth. DO NOT IMMERSE IN
WATER. Make sure to use only mild, soapy water.
Step 3. R
emove crumb tray by pulling out from base of oven.
Step 4. S
hake off crumbs from crumb tray. Cleaning the crumb
tray often will avoid any accumulations.
Step 5. W
ash the oven rack, baking pan, and crumb tray in
hot, sudsy water. Oven crumb tray is located on inside
bottom of oven. Note: These parts are not dishwasher
safe. Please hand wash and dry.
Any other servicing should be performed by an authorized
service representative.
Storing Your Convection Toaster Oven
Allow the appliance to cool completely before storing. If storing
the Convection Toaster Oven for long periods of time, make
certain that the Convection Toaster Oven is clean and free of food
particles. Store the Convection Toaster Oven in a dry location,
such as on a table or countertop or cupboard shelf. Other than
the recommended cleaning, no further user maintenance should
be necessary.
• Overcooked /undercooked
Potential Cause
• Incorrect Temperature
or Time setting
• Rack placement
• You may have to adjust
the time and temperature
to desired taste. Because
your Convection Toaster
Oven is smaller than your
regular oven, it will heat
up faster and generally
cook in shorter periods
of time.
• Refer to “Positioning
Rack” section, page 8.
• Burnt smell
• Food buildup
inside oven, on
heating elements
or in crumb tray.
• Refer to “Cleaning Your
Convection Toaster
Oven” section, page 10.
• Oven does not
turn on.
• Unit is unplugged.
• Plug the Convection
Toaster Oven into a 120volt AC electrical outlet.
• Set to desired setting
and press START/STOP.
Both must be turned on
to operate the Convection
Toaster Oven.
• Only one heating element
is heating up.
• Function setting
selection determines
which heating element
will operate.
• Check to see if Broil
setting is selected,
which turns on only top
• Heating elements do not
stay on.
• Heating elements will
cycle on and off to
maintain proper heat.
• Confirm Function setting
is the one you selected.
Phone Customer Service at 1-800-492-7464 if further assistance is needed.
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