Radiocrafts RCxxxx-USB Embedded Wireless Solutions

Radiocrafts RCxxxx-USB  Embedded Wireless Solutions
Embedded Wireless Solutions
USB-stick with RF Module and Embedded Antenna
Product Description
The RC11xx / RC2400HP / RC2500HP family of USB sticks contains an RF transceiver
module from the wide selection of Radiocrafts modules, together with USB level shifter, an
USB type A connector, and an antenna. All fits inside a transparent plastic enclosure for
visibility of embedded LEDs.
• Home- and building automation
• Smart Metering / AMR / AMI
• Electricity, gas, water and heat meters,
installation and monitoring/control
• Energy Service Portal (ESP) / Load Control
• Wireless sensor networks
The photo is illustration only, showing a white variant.
The standard variant is transparent.
• Embedded protocols for KNX RF, Wireless M-Bus, ZigBee (supporting profiles like Smart
Energy), TinyMesh and RC232
• 100mW / 20 dBm output power for 2.4 GHz modules
• Integrated antenna option / U.FL connector option
• Conforms with EN 300 220 and EN 300 328 (Europe), FCC CFR 47 part 15 (US),
ARIB STD-T66 (Japan) and G.S.R. 542(E)/45(E) (both for India)
Embedded protocols and supported frequencies
The USB-stick contains a certified module with a selection of RF protocols running on a
hardware platform at either: 433 MHz, 865 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz or 2.4 GHz.
For a full overview over each module, and to download the available literature for the
embedded module itself, visit
- User Manual (KNX, MBUS, RC232, ZNM (ZigBee))
- Data sheet (RC11xx-MBUS, -KNX, -RC232, TinyMesh or ZNM) and
RC2500HP-RC232 or -TM (TinyMesh)
The documentation is available at the Radiocrafts webpage after selecting the protocol and
then product article number.
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
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Embedded Wireless Solutions
In general, the information about the RF module hardware inside the USB stick is found in the
data sheet while the protocol description is found in the User Manual:
Figure 1: Document structure
For RC2400(HP) the following document structure applies:
• RC24xx/RC24xxHP Firmware Development User Manual for using the module as a
hardware platform only
• RC24xx/RC24xxHP-ZNM User Manual for details on how to use the ZNM module
with preloaded ZigBee Pro stack and API through a serial interface.
Getting started and principle of operation
Do not connect the USB stick until you have followed the steps below.
1. Install the PCTool matching the protocol inside the embedded module.
This will also install the driver for the USB level-shifter
2. Connect the USB stick to one of the computers USB ports and monitor which COM
port it gets allocated to
3. Start the relevant Radiocrafts PCTool and connect to the same COM-port at the
speed described in the data sheet for the RF module
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
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Embedded Wireless Solutions
USB-stick overview
Figure 2: USB Stick top view
The re-flashing connector is used for RC2400(HP) program development when
connected to a CC debugger, or for firmware upgrade of any other embedded module
Power-on LED will lit when connected to a USB port providing power to the port
I/O-LEDs: Supported by some protocols like TinyMesh
U.fl-connector: Optional
Mechanical Dimensions
Total length including USB A connector: 78 mm
Figure 3: Mechanical measures (inches)
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
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Embedded Wireless Solutions
Programming and debugging Interface
For downloading firmware to the module (IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee code based on own
compiled firmware, or firmware upgrade of any other embedded protocol) a 2x5 pins
programming connector is available on the PCB securing access to the modules
programming pins. The connector is a 1.27 mm pitch pin-row (same pitch in both directions)
through-hole version, with the following connections:
Pin 44 3
2 To VCC
4 Pin 45
Pin 17, RESET 7
Regulatory Compliance Information
The use of RF frequencies and maximum allowed transmitted RF power is limited by national
regulations. The RC2400HP has been designed to comply with worldwide regulations
(R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC in Europe, G.S.R. 542(E)/45(E) for India and FCC and ARIB).
The RC2400 (non-HP) complies with all directives and regulations at any power lever setting.
In order to comply with the different standards, the output power for RC2400HP should be
configured as commented in the data sheet for each respective module.
Antenna and Range Considerations
The module includes a compact antenna solution for 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz. Due to
the compressed size, the peak radiated power is reduced compared to a full quarter-wave
whip-antenna as for instance delivered with the Radiocrafts Demo Kits.
The following antenna peak gains versus operating frequency apply:
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
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Embedded Wireless Solutions
High power amplifier
(20 dBm)
Chip antenna
U.FL connector
Ordering Part Number
Ordering part numbers
The standard variant comes in transparent plastic casing. The transparent plastic provides
visibility of the LED, and access to configuration button. For other colour variant, please
contact Radiocrafts.
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
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Embedded Wireless Solutions
Document Revision History
Document Revision
First draft
Added variant matrix, renamed to RCxxxx-USB
First release
Added information about plastic casing colour variants
Product Status and Definitions
Data Sheet Identification
Product Status
Advance Information
Planned or under
Samples and First
No Identification Noted
Full Production
Not recommended for new designs
Last time buy
Not in Production
Optionally accepting
order with Minimum
Order Quantity
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
This data sheet contains the design
specifications for product
development. Specifications may
change in any manner without notice.
This data sheet contains
preliminary data, and
supplementary data will be
published at a later date.
Radiocrafts reserves the right to
make changes at any time without
notice in order to improve design
and supply the best possible
This data sheet contains final
specifications. Radiocrafts reserves
the right to make changes at any time
without notice in order to improve
design and supply the best possible
Product close to end of lifetime
This data sheet contains
specifications on a product that has
been discontinued by Radiocrafts.
The data sheet is printed for
reference information only.
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Embedded Wireless Solutions
Radiocrafts AS believes the information contained herein is correct and accurate at the time of this printing. However,
Radiocrafts AS reserves the right to make changes to this product without notice. Radiocrafts AS does not assume
any responsibility for the use of the described product; neither does it convey any license under its patent rights, or
the rights of others. The latest updates are available at the Radiocrafts website or by contacting Radiocrafts directly.
As far as possible, major changes of product specifications and functionality, will be stated in product specific Errata
Notes published at the Radiocrafts website. Customers are encouraged to check regularly for the most recent
updates on products and support tools.
ZigBee®™ is a registered trademark of the ZigBee Alliance.
TinyMesh™ is a trademark of Tiny Mesh AS. The TinyMesh™ Embedded RF Protocol is used in a range of products
from Radiocrafts. The protocol handles host communication, data buffering, error check, addressing and
broadcasting. It supports transparent and packet-addressed mesh topologies.
All other trademarks, registered trademarks and product names are the sole property of their respective owners.
Life Support Policy
This Radiocrafts product is not designed for use in life support appliances, devices, or other systems where
malfunction can reasonably be expected to result in significant personal injury to the user, or as a critical component
in any life support device or system whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the
life support device or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness. Radiocrafts AS customers using or selling these
products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Radiocrafts AS for any
damages resulting from any improper use or sale.
© 2015, Radiocrafts AS. All rights reserved.
Contact Information
Web site:
Radiocrafts AS
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+47 4000 5195
+47 22 71 29 15
E-mail: [email protected]
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RCxxxx-USB Data Sheet (rev. 1.1)
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