1. - You will need solar modules, a regulator, an inverter,... 2. - Approx $12000—$15000 per kilowatt

1. - You will need solar modules, a regulator, an inverter,... 2. - Approx $12000—$15000 per kilowatt
What components make a solar system?
- You will need solar modules, a regulator, an inverter, batteries, array frames and cabling.
How much will it cost to set up a solar system?
- Approx $12000—$15000 per kilowatt
Can I just run selected items on solar and other household appliances on the mains national
- Yes but it is not recommended due to pricing.
How do the batteries work?
- The batteries harness the energy from the sun and it is stored for later use.
Who can install a system for me?
- Anyone can install a system if the voltage is under 120V DC or 50V AC. Any higher voltage
would need a registered electrician. We recommend that you use an electrician for all cases.
How many solar modules / panels will I need?
- First we would need to complete an appliance use table so we can get an understanding of
your power consumption, we can then size a system for you.
What is grid connect?
- Grid connect allows you to plug into the sun and convert sunlight into standard household
electricity. When the solar system generates more power than your household uses, any excess electricity flows into the grid effectively spinning your electric meter backwards and
building a credit against your electricity bill.
Can I incorporate solar and wind power together?
- Yes, solar , wind and hydro power can be combined.
How long will the solar modules / panels last?
- Most modules have an output warranty of 25 years, although modules can last longer than
this timeframe.
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