IBM Network Station™ Family of Thin Clients
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Network Station
Manager V2R1 VTxxx
Client Overview
August 29, 1999
V2R1 Terminal Emulation Enhancements
VTxxx convergence toward 5250/3270 standard interfaces
. . . and more
Front of screen capture(s) with
multiple types of emulation sessions
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
What's New with the VTxxx V2R1 Client
Everything you liked about V1R3 functions migrate to V2R1
V2R1 provides additional functions you asked for
Convergence with 5250/3270 clients
Common Help viewer
Common Menu structure
VTxxx keyboard remapping Common User Interface
New source code base
Derived from CDE dtterm IBM code
Now, IBM controls and manages the source!
Quicker response to field situations
Slightly different function set, user interface, preferences
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
V2R1 VTxxx Client Preview
Look and feel improvements - common to 3270 and 5250
Menu Bar consistency
Integrated Help Facility
Includes key descriptions, functions
Windows-like desktop operation and appearance
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
V2R1 VTxxx NPT Client Unique Functions
VTxxx NPT client - New IBM code base
Richer function set
Consistent and easier management from NSM
Same Archetype models supported:
VT100, VT102, VT200, VT220, VT300, VT320, Xterm, ANSII
Printer functions now similar to other NPT clients
Plus printer passthru (escape code) support as per V1R3
VTxxx - convergence toward 5250/3270 standard User Interfaces
Graphical Keyboard remapper
PC style default
VTxxx archetype keyboard templates
Online Help Text
Miscellaneous preferences
NSM config options controls
Standard NWS printer support for ASCII, PS, PCL datastreams
Latin 1 code pages -same coverage as V1R3 + Euro symbol
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
Option pulldown, with manual font select
Similar to V1R3 5250 font select management, sizing controls
Does NOT autoscale with window size change
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
Miscellaneous Preferences
Cursor Style (block/underscore)
Cursor Blink
Application Cursor Mode
Application Keypad Mode
Auto Line Feed
Auto Wrap Around
Jump Scroll
Margin Bell/Margin Bell Column
Reverse Wrap Around
Visible Status Line
Visual Bell
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
VTxxx Keyboard remapper-Default
Graphical Keyboard Mapper
PC Style Default
Multiple actions macro and string capability
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
Graphical remapper - Native VT220 layout
4 special PF keys over Num Pad area
Use -numLock option on command line << Note capitalization!
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
New Help Viewer function
Over 50 panels of details
Additional help found in keyboard remapper help area
More help found in NSM help text
Help viewer image
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
VTxxx new client differences
Derived from IBM's DTTERM code
Not ported from former NCDI VTxxx client V1R3 code
Different preferences, resource names, values
List of known differences from V1R3
Diagnostic interface to OS is Xterm, NOT NSterm
Loopback, localhost options disabled in NSterm
No blink attribute, cursor appearance differences
No peer-to-peer network printer function as before
Standard Network Printer support
NWS local printers can be configured as Network Printers
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
Unfulfilled significant requirements
Color mapping
Use command line -bg color and -fg color switches
Refer to help text, "Color Preferences"
No VT340, VT420, or IBM 3151 emulation modes
No SCO ANSII datastream support
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
VTxxx NSM management options
Also, see "Additional Parameters" Help text in VTxxx client
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
V2R1 Sales Considerations (All Clients)
Minimum Footprint increased
32 MB minimum system memory configuration,
Original 16 MB machines not supported
VTxxx client requires 3MB, 0.5 MB add'l sessions
up to 4X network traffic boot & application load
NLS coverage reduced
Latin 1 locales subset only
English, UK English, French, Belgian Fr, Canadian Fr,
Swiss Fr, German, Swiss German, Italian, Spanish, LA
Spanish, Swiss Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch,
Belgian Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Portuguese,
VTxxx migration issues with new code base
Comm error recovery
No messages if Boot Server connection broken
Unix mouse focus policy dropped (need explicit click on
"Lower" window management function dropped
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
V2R1 - Continued VTxxx Client Improvements
More windows-like PC affinity
Consistent family image, including VTxxx
Improved management via NSM GUI
Integrated all V1R3 PTFs
Extensive on-line help, with keyboard function definitions
IBM Network Station Family of Thin Clients
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