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Use Re-Formatter to reformat your account
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
iii Important!
4 Chapter 1
5 Introduction .................................................................................................................................. 5 General Overview ........................................................................................................................ 5 Detailed Steps .............................................................................................................................. 6 Chapter 2
8 Installing Re-Formatter................................................................................................................. 8 Installation Procedure ............................................................................................................................ 8 Chapter 3
9 Running Re-Formatter ................................................................................................................. 9 Appendix A
19 Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 1
In order to perform a successful re-formatting, please
read the manual completely before executing any steps!
Backup your Dynamics database and each company
database on the server. Also backup the client directory
on the workstation where Re-Formatter will be run.
Perform these backups before you perform any steps.
The sample company must be installed to run ReFormatter. Install the sample company if not already
Re-Formatter includes the products listed in Appendix
A. It does not include any other third party application
tables. If any third party application tables contain
account number fields, you will need the 3rd party table
option of Re-Formatter.
Advanced Financial Analysis Reports and FRx Reports
may need to be re-created after running Re-Formatter.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 1
Chapter 1
NOTE: Please see the previous section for important
information before running Re-Formatter.
General Overview
This will give you a general overview about the Re-Formatter process.
Please follow detailed instructions starting from (Chapter 2).
Re-Formatter allows you to change your account framework.
Only use Re-Formatter when you need to change your existing account
framework for Microsoft Dynamics GP.
For example, you would need Re-Formatter if your existing framework for GP is
6-6-6-6, and your existing account format for a company is 4-3-2-5 and you plan
to change to 7-6-5-9. If your account framework is large enough to
accommodate the new account format, you can use Changer to change your
account format. Please refer to for more information on the
Changer product.
Re-Formatter contains a 3rd party option. You only need to use this if your
Microsoft Dynamics GP installation contains 3rd party tables that have account
number fields. Please see Appendix A for products that are supported by ReFormatter. Only products outside of this listing and that have tables with account
number fields will require the use of the 3rd party option.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 1
Detailed Steps
Step 1 - Check Data Integrity of GP: Within GP, complete the following on
each company:
If not already installed, install the sample company.
b) Check Links
Financial Series: All tables
Financial Reconcile (Tools-Utilities-Financial-Reconcile):
Reconcile all years.
d) Print Reports
FRx Income Statement
FRx Balance Sheet
Advanced Financial Analysis Reports
Other Modules Reports – Analysis
GL Trial Balance
All Other Module Trial Balance Reports
Step 2 - Backup: Make a backup of the Dynamics and Company databases.
Make a backup of the GP client directory.
Step 3 - Install Re-Formatter.
Step 4 – Run 1st part of Re-Formatter and add 3rd party tables if required.
Step 5 – Close GP and re-start to synchronize to the new framework.
Step 6 – If 3rd party option tables selected, re-create these tables.
Step 7 – Run 2nd part of Re-Formatter.
Step 8 – Reconcile (for Financial only): Reconcile all years.
Step 9 – Run Check Links (Financial: All logical tables)
Step 10 – Repeat steps 8 and 9 for each company.
Step 14 – Check Data and Print Reports: Compare the reports with the report
printed in step 1.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 1
Step 15 – Synchronize GP on the rest of the workstations:
To synchronize the dynamics dictionary, open the dex.ini file on workstation,
change the line
Synchronize=TRUE and run GP Utilities.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Installing Re-Formatter
The following instructions outline the steps required to install Re-Formatter.
Installation Procedure
1. Go to the Software Downloads section of our website, Select ‘Re-Formatter for Microsoft Dynamics
GP’ from the product drop-down list.
2. Under the correct Version section, download the file “Re-Formatter.msi”.
3. Once downloaded, open the file “Re-Formatter.msi”.
4. Read the welcome screen and select “Next”
5. To accept the license agreement, select ‘I Agree” and select “Next”.
6. Select the directory where to install Re-Formatter. This needs to be the
GP\Addins directory.
7. Select “Next” to install Re-Formatter.
8. Select “Close” when the installation is complete.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Running Re-Formatter
The following instructions outline the steps required to run Re-Formatter.
1. Run Check Links on the Financial Series (all tables) and Financial Reconcile
(all years) on each company.
2. Open GP, logging into the sample company with the “sa” user id.
3. Open the Account Format Setup window by selecting Microsoft Dynamics
GP – Tools – Setup – Company - Account Format from the main GP menu.
4. From the Additional menu of the Account Format Setup window, select CRG
5. If Re-Formatter has not been registered, the following Re-Formatter
Registration screen will appear. If Re-Formatter has already been registered,
go to step 8.
6. Enter the CRG Key provided to you when you purchased the software. If
you have lost the key, contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner or
Corporate Renaissance Group at (613) 232-4295. The GP site name must
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
match the site name on your product Registration ID form provided to you
by CRG.
7. Select Register.
8. If the 3rd Party option of Re-Formatter was purchased, the Add Additional
Tables button will be enabled. If not, go to step 15.
9. To add additional tables, select the Add Additional Tables button. Note:
only tables that have account number fields need to be added. Tables with
only account index do not need to be added.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
10. Select the Company or Dynamics database type depending on where the
table resides.
11. Enter the Table Name.
12. Select the Insert button.
13. Repeat steps 10 to 12 for all additional tables.
14. Select OK.
15. Select the Set New Account Framework button.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
16. Enter the new Maximum Account Length and new Maximum Segments.
The new Segments grid will automatically populate.
17. Change the lengths and Name of the segments as required.
18. To set the sorting, select the Sorting button.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
19. Enter the sort order numbers in the Sort Order column.
20. Select OK.
21. Select the Process button. A message will appear asking if you are sure you
want to process.
22. Select Yes. Please wait for Re-Formatter to process and the following
message to be displayed.
23. Select OK to the message.
24. Close GP.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
25. Start GP.
26. You will receive a message that the GP Utilities needs to be run. Select Yes
to the message.
27. Login to the Dynamics GP Utilities with the “sa” user id..
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
28. Select Next.
29. Select Next.
Chapter 3
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
30. Select the Launch Microsoft Dynamics GP button and log into the sample
31. If you receive a message to initialize SmartList, select Yes.
32. If the 3rd party option was selected, those tables need to be recreated. If the
3rd party option was not selected, go to step 39. Use the SQL Maintenance
window to re-create these tables.
To open the SQL Maintenance window,
select Microsoft Dynamics GP – Maintenance –SQL from the main menu.
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
33. Select the Database.
34. Select the 3rd party product.
35. Select the Name of the table in the scrolling list.
36. Check Drop Table, Create Table, Drop Auto Procedure, Create Auto
37. Select Process.
38. Repeat steps 33 to 37 for each database table that needs to be recreated.
39. Close the SQL Maintenance window.
40. Open the Account Format Setup window by selecting Microsoft Dynamics
GP – Tools – Setup – Company - Account Format from the main GP menu.
41. From the Additional menu of the Account Format Setup window, select CRG
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Chapter 3
42. Select the Process New Account Framework button.
43. Select Yes to continue. The SQL Maintenance window will open. Wait
until the SQL Maintenance window closes and a Process Complete message
44. Select OK.
45. For each company, run Financial Reconcile (all years) and Check Links on
the financial series (all tables).
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
Appendix A
GP non-core modules included in Re-Formatter:
1. Fixed Assets
2. Project Accounting
3. Collections Management
4. Safe Pay
5. Electronic Reconcile
6. Cash Flow Management
7. Human Resources
8. Canadian Payroll
9. Revenue Expense Deferral
10. Field Service
11. Excel Based Budgeting
12. Enhanced Commitment Management
13. Payment Document Management
14. Encumbrance Management
15. Analytical Accounting
16. Grant Management
17. Purchase Order Enhancements
18. Manufacturing
19. Control Account Management
20. Interfund Management
Appendix A
Re-Formatter User’s Guide
21. Report Scheduler
22. Advanced Security
23. Extender
24. ML Checks
25. VAT Daybook *Re-Formatter 2010 only
26. Dynamics Online Services *Re-Formatter 2010 only
27. SmartList
28. SmartList Builder
29. CopierSeries
30. Enhanced Intrastat
31. HRM Solution Series
32. Payroll Integration to Payable
33. Advanced Go Tos
34. Certification Manager
35. Employee Health and Wellness
36. HITB Report
37. Date Effective Tax Rates
Appendix A
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