T3000 Technical Specification / Order information
Order number
T3000 Thermocycler 20
T3000 Thermocycler 48
T3000 Thermocycler combi
3 blocks for 20 x 0.5 ml
tubes each
3 blocks for 48 x 0.2 ml
3 combi blocks for 18 x
or 48 well microplates
or 48 x 0.2 ml tubes,
or 6 x 8er strips each
or 48 well microplates
0.5 ml tubes
or 6 x 8er strips
Heating rate*
2.1 °C/sec
2.2 °C/sec
1.4 °C/sec
Cooling rate*
1.7 °C/sec
2.0 °C/sec
1.2 °C/sec
Temperature uniformity*
+/- 0.5 °C
Temperature range
-3 °C to 99.9 °C
Control accuracy
0.1 °C
Program steps are easily entered in a spread sheet
Options: time increment, temperature increment,
set ramping rate, direct mode
Program memory
10 individual subdirectories, total capacity of 1.500 program steps
High brightness CFL backlight graphical LC Display,
viewing area 124 mm x 34 mm, resolution 256 x 64 dots
Auto restart after power failure
Cool samples at 4 °C
Smart lid technology
Lid temperature range
Power consumption
Noise emission
Max. 380 Watt
Very low
Serial RS232 port
Dimensions (W x D x H)
30 cm x 38 cm x 19 cm
11.9 kg
Working conditions
biomedizinische Analytik GmbH i.L.
Rudolf-Wissell-Str. 30
D-37079 Göttingen
Phone: + 49 (0)551/50 686 -0
Fax: + 49 (0)551/50 686 -66
Email: [email protected]
Internet: www.biometra.com
5 °C - 35 °C, 70 % relative humidity
* According to Biometra standard procedure.
Technical specifications are subject to change.
Innovation · Advancement · Development
Small, strong and hot!
Like chilli pepper, the new T3000 Thermocycler offers sizzling hot performance in a condensed space.
The T3000 Thermocycler represents the technological upgrade of one of the most successful Thermocyclers
in Biometra’s history. Utilising the popular triple block concept, the T3000 has been equipped with the
latest in Peltier technology to achieve excellent heating and cooling rates. In addition the software has
been completely revised for improved ease of use.
High performance on a small footprint combined with unlimited flexibility, this is what makes the new
T3000 Thermocycler small, strong and very spicy. Sizzling hot performance in every sense!
Three independent
Thermocyclers in one instrument
The T3000 Thermocycler offers three independent blocks in one housing, thus different protocols can be run at the same time. This makes
the T3000 Thermocycler the perfect instrument
for laboratories where high flexibility is needed.
With a maximum capacity of 3 x 48 wells the
T3000 also offers high throughput in parallel
operation. The T3000 Thermocycler is available
in three different block versions for 0.2 ml tubes,
0.5 ml tubes or both in the combi block.
improvements the T3000 achieves faster heating and cooling performance. High ramping
rates provide both short experimental times
and increased specificity.
Three independent Thermocyclers in one housing
Runs three different programs at same time
High parallel throughput with a maximum of 144 samples
Three different block formats available: 20 well, 48 well,
combi block
Intuitive programming
Context sensitive soft keys
Three heated lids with automatic pressure control
(Smart Lid Technology)
Program storage in individual
Smart lid technology
Higher speed
The T3000 Thermocycler has been equipped
with the latest in Peltier technology. In addition, the heat sink and ventilation system have
been completely revised. Thanks to these
Like all Biometra Thermocyclers the T3000
provides heated lids with automatic pressure
control. The temperature can be set for each
lid individually between . The
unique design ensures the tubes are not damaged in any way by allowing the heated lid to be
lowered until the optimum pressure is achieved.
This enables close contact between lid and
tubes, and reliably prevents excessive pressure.
Easy programming
The T3000 Thermocycler offers intuitive programming and a new memory structure. New
programs are easily created using the spread sheet layout that shows all important
parameters on one screen. Four softkeys directly below the display
offer quick access to all functions needed in the
individual context. For easy retrieval, programs can be
stored in individual subdirectories. Software options
include both incremental and decremental temperature
and time, automatic restart after power failure and
extended incubation at sub-ambient temperatures.
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