Your Jstim signal generator carries a three year warranty against all mechanical defects. There is a 60
day warranty on all other items.
jstim users manual
Manufactured by Pain Management Technologies, Inc.
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CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a practitioner
licensed by the law of the State in which he/she practices to use or order the use of the
device. A prescription is required to obtain this product. The product can be used in the
home or clinic by all patients in need.
Welcome! This is your guide for achieving successful results with the Jstim™ joint therapy system
warnings and cautions for jstim device and components
The Jstim device is a new type of therapy system that combinationally deploys the use of advanced electrotherapy, infrared heat, and compression to treat Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) of the joint.
The JStim is designed to be comfortable and practical to sleep with so as to fit into your life easier.
The manufacturer strongly recommends carefully reading the “Warnings and Cautions” below before using your
Prescription labeling: Federal law restricts this device to sale or use by or on the order of a practitioner so
licensed by the state.
frequency of application
For optimal results, it is best to use your JStim system for the recommended 5-7 hours daily (5 to 6 days
per week). Using the infrared heat component in conjunction with the Jstim is recommended for 30 minutes
per treatment session (typically the first 30 minutes of therapy). The heat component can be removed if your
physician reccomends, or if it is discomforting.
The Jstim works through a cumulative therapy process, meaning benefits are often seen over time, and not
immediately. After 3 months of use, improvements should begin, and after 6 months to a year (approx. 1500
hours), you should notice even better results. Therapy can be scaled back once a certain pattern of relief has
maintained itself.
e pad
indications for use
The Jstim external, noninvasive, non-narcotic, electrotherapy system is indicated for use as a combined
therapy in reducing the level of pain and symptoms associated with Arthritis to include Osteoarthritis and
Rheumatoid Arthritis.
components that make up your jstim system
1. knee wrap
The knee wrap is made of comfortable, breathable and latex free material, which wraps around the knee and
thigh snugly. It is flexible, lightweight, and simple to wear. Attached to the wrap on the inside is the infrared heat
band, and the conductive patches. This wrap is adjustable and available in custom sizes if needed.
a. Conductive Pads for knee The electrotherapy conductive garment patches are used to stimulate the target treatment areas on the knee. Two electrode pads are used: an active electrode
(orange trim - for the knee), a grounding electrode (black trim - for the thigh).
*NOTE: The infrared heat band is positioned under the orange knee pad.
1. Do not place the pads on the carotid sinuses located at the two sides of the neck, (where a doctor feels for a
pulse), or over the eyes.
2. Do not use this Jstim unit if you have a heart pacemaker or serious heart rhythm problem.
3. Do not place your electrodes or wraps on any non-intended body parts or treatment areas unless discussed
with a physician.
1. Do not use the Jstim unit during the pregnancy or at anytime on the abdomen during pregnancy.
2. This Jstim Unit is not effective for pain of central origin. (include headache)
3. The Jstim unit should be used only under the continued supervision of a physician.
4. The Jstim unit has no curative value.
5. The Jstim is a symptomatic treatment which suppresses the sensation of pain, which would otherwise serve as a
protective mechanism.
6. The user must keep the device out of the reach of children
7. Electronic monitoring equipment may not operate properly when Jstim stimulation is in use.
8. Do not use Jstim unit if you are driving or operating machinery.
9. If you have epilepsy, consult your doctor about use of the Jstim.
Allergic reactions to the treatment pads can occur, even though they are hypoallergenic:
•Do not apply to broken skin.
•Do not apply pads to skin that does not have normal sensation. If the skin is numb, stimulation will not be felt and too
great an intensity might then be used accidentally.
1. Isolated cases of skin irritation may occur at the site of electrode placement following long-term application.
2. Effectiveness is highly dependent upon patient selection by a person qualified in the management of pain patients.
3. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately and contact your supplier and physician.
The hand wrap is made of a comfortable conductive garment material that is shaped
into a one size fits all glove. On top of this glove is another glove to add compression
to the treatment. An Arm Band is included to serve as the ground pad to activate the
electrotherapy in the conductive glove.
1. Do not immerse Jstim units in water.
2. Do not place the Jstim unit close to excessive heat.
Skin irritation and electrode burns are potential adverse reactions.
1. hand wrap
*The Infrared Heat Band is placed inbetween the compression glove and the conductive glove.
a. Conductive Glove (orange)
b. Conductive Ground Pad for Armband
c. Armband and Compression Glove (grey)
warnings and cautions for jstim infrared heat therapy components
DANGER – to reduce the risk of burns, electrical shock and fire, this product must be used in accordance with the
following instructions. Please read and follow ALL instructions.
• Safety for the Jstim for use during pregnancy has not been established.
• Caution should be used for patients with suspected or diagnosed heart problems.
• Caution should be used for patients with suspected or diagnosed epilepsy or other disease states.
2. jstim device
The device is small, battery-powered, and fits with your system securely. The device generates
the proprietary electrical signal, and powers the garment electrode patches. The system uses a
Lithium-Ion battery, and incorporates a patient compliance timer so as to keep a record of treatment. The signal generator is a single channel device, so that one knee or one hand can be treated
per session.
3. infrared heat band
The infrared heat band is activated via the heat controller. Note the heat has an automatic shutoff of 30 minutes, and must be reset by the user to reactivate the heat. It is recommended to
use the heat for the first 30 minutes of electrotherapy. It is not recommended to go beyond this,
unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Note, infrared heat is set to a very low level, just above
body temperature, to ensure safety to the user.
4. conductive spray
5. patient cables
(lead wires)
6. compression wrap
Note: there is a charging cord included for both the Jstim device and heat controller
If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before using the Jstim.
If you are over the age of 65, please consult your physician before using.
If you have sensitive skin, or skin insensitivity, please consult your physician.
The Jstim should be kept out of the reach of infants and children.
This product is not to be used by an invalid, unconscious person or person with low blood circulation unless
Discontinue use if you experience a rash or if any discomfort occurs from use.
Check skin underneath therapy wrap periodically throughout a heat treatment session.
The Jstim should not be applied over cancerous lesions, wounds, infected areas or open sores.
Burns can occur regardless of control setting. Check skin under pad frequently when using the heat treatment.
Never use in an oxygen enriched environment or near equipment that stores or emits oxygen
Turn off when not in use
Do not sleep with your Jstim in the DT mode.
• Sensitive skin patients or patients with compromised circulatory disorders must consult their physician in all
• There is absolute danger in using the Jstim in conjunction with external analgesics. Placing methyl salicylate, camphor,
or menthol-containing external analgesics on the painful area increases superficial blood flow. If a heating product is
subsequently placed on the medicated area, the heat delivered to the site cannot be redistributed via blood flow. This
increases the risk of burns.
onds to
htly for
jstim electrotherapy device settings
lcd display
jstim device
A. Power Up Once all leads are connected and items are in place, turn on
the device using the slide switch on the side of the device. Slide to “on” to
complete setup. Slide switch to “lock” to lock settings.
B. Setting of Parameters - NT Mode - NT mode is specifically for night time use
and/or 5-7 hour therapy sessions and is your default and intended Jstim treatment mode. The DT mode is just TENS settngs and is used for short or long
term therapy sessions, as needed, to relieve pain. To change mode, press
MODE key. Do not sleep in the DT mode, only the NT mode.
C. Setting of Parameters - DT Mode - The DT mode (TENS Function) has three
sub-modes: Normal (N), Burst (B), and Modulaiton (M). To select the submodes, press SET key, The ‘N’ icon on the screen will start to flash (D1).
Use Increase or Decrease button to select the desired sub-mode in DT. Once
the sub-mode is selected, press SET key again to confirm. Now treatment
time for DT mode will flash. Press the Increase or Decrease button to set the
desired treatment time. In DT mode, treatment time can be selected between
0:00, 0:30, and 1:00, where 0:00 denotes continuous treatment.
D. Setting Intensity Amplitude and Treatment Time - To increase or decrease
intensity, use the Increase or Decrease button on Device. Vertical Bars on
LCD will glow ON or OFF to indicate the change in intensity. To increase or
decrease treatment time, press SET key. Treatment time will flash on LCD.
Press Increase button or Decrease button to set the desired treatment time.
The treatment time can be selected as 1:45, 3:30, 5:15 or 7:00 hours.
E. End of Treatment At the end of treatment, output will switch OFF Automatically. LCD will display 0:00 to indicate ‘0’ treatment time.
F. Usage Meter To View Usage, Follow instructions as mentioned below:
1. Press Mode key.
2. Press SET key also, keeping MODE key pressed.
3. Release MODE key.
4. Release SET key.
5. To reset Usage Meter, press increase button, within 5 seconds of
checking the usage meter. LCD will display ‘0000’ to indicate usage
meter has been reset.
6. After the usage meter is reset, LCD will return to Treatment Mode in
5 seconds. *if you dont want to reset the usage meter, don’t press the increase button
Battery recharging instructions
To charge the device, insert the 5.5V charging cord into the charging port (shown in the device description section). Charge for 14 hours upon first use. Your battery MUST be fully charged to operate the
device for a therapy session, and should be recharged after every therapy session for at least 8-10
hours, so as to be ready for the next therapy session.
(i) The charging is indicated by the synchronized motion of the battery level indicators
(ii) The device will be operational only after the charging cable has been removed
battery indication: Jstim Electrotherapy Device
EMPTY; recharge battery immediately
Your Jstim comes with a lithium ion rechargeable battery, a high capacity battery that will power your Jstim
for the 7 hour cycle.
DO NOT use any battery that shows any signs of corrosion, leaking, or other damage before, or immediately
following charging. Replace leaking, damaged, or corroded batteries by contacting the manufacturer.
When your treatment device no longer holds a charge long enough for a treatment session, your battery will
need replaced (typically after 2000 hours). Please contact your provider or the manufacturer for further
replacement details.
infrared heat therapy settings
The user can select between either low (1 light), medium (2 lights), or high (3 lights) heat. All three settings
are very low temperatures, just above body temperature. The infrared heat controller should be unplugged
before wearing your Jstim to bed. It is OK to leave the heat band inside the wrap.
Battery Light
The light goes off after 5 seconds to save power. This is normal. Press the orange button again slightly for the
light to come back on. Hold down the button to turn the power on or off.
instructions for use of the jstim (continued on next page)
Be sure to charge your unit before every treatment.
First, familiarize yourself with the components that make up the Jstim System. Please be sure to read all the details
about parts and components.
1. Remove all jewelry that will be covered by the Jstim System
2. Apply only to unbroken, healthy skin. If a pre-existing rash is present, please consult your physician.
3. Clean and dry the treatment area to which the conductive patches are to be applied.
4. The JStim wrap should come preassembled, however the electrode patches should be positioned as such:
A) Knee – the orange patch needs positioned directly on the center knee area of the inside of the wrap, to
serve as the active electrode, and the black patch needs positioned on the upper thigh, or as far to the top
of the wrap as it can go, to serve as the ground electrode.
B) Hand – The orange conductive glove (active electrode) is fitted onto the hand (stretch to fit), then the
compression glove is applied over the conductive glove.
NOTE: If using your Jstim to treat both knees or hands, alternate your treatment sessions, one day per each.
for use of the jstim on the hand
Your system should come pre-assmbled, however for detailed setup, see below.
for use of the jstim on the knee
First charge both batteries using the included charging cords. (Jstim device and heat controller)
1. Lay out all components: knee wrap; black and orange electrode pads; Infrared Heat Band (IHB), heat
controller; Jstim device and leadwires; conductive spray , and compression wrap. [Fig. A]
2. Identify the top part of the knee wrap [Fig. B]
3. Velcro your Infrared Heat Band to the knee area of the knee wrap [Fig. B]. The emission side of the
heat band faces the knee – see IHB Emission Diagram.
4. The black electrode pad Velcros to the thigh area, and the orange electrode pad Velcros to the knee
area, on top of the Infrared Heat Band.* [Fig. C]
5. Thread the lead wires through the holes in the wrap to the other side of the wrap. [Fig. D]
6. Connect the leadwire end plugs (black and red pins) into the respective pin connectors on the black and
orange electrodes (red pin into the orange pad (knee) and black pin into the black pad (thigh)).
7. Spray the electrode patches with the conductive spray (2-3 sprays is recommended).** [Fig. E]
8. Wrap on the knee wrap and velcro it closed. [Fig. F]
9. To hook up the Jstim Electrotherapy Device, plug the lead wires into the device. Connect the infrared heat
band cord to the heat controller. Turn on and adjust both devices to the desired settings (see “Device Settings” section). [Fig. F]
10.The Jstim Device can be positioned to securely fit directly on the knee wrap using the compression wrap to
secure it down. Same as with the heat controller.
First charge both batteries using the included charging cords. (Jstim device and heat controller)
1. Lay out all components (clockwise): Orange Conductive Glove; Grey Compression Glove; Arm Band with
ground pad; Infrared Heat Band (IHB), heat controller; Jstim Device with lead wires; conductive spray, and
compression wrap.
2. Try on the orange conductive glove for a custom stretch, then remove.
3. Spray the inside of the orange conductive glove (active) with 2-3 sprays of conductive spray and then insert
your hand back into the glove. Also spray the black patch on the arm band.
4. Pull the grey compression glove over the orange conductive glove. Insert the Infrared Heat Band in between
the conductive glove and the compression glove. Note: The emission side faces the hand.
5. The arm band is applied to the upper portion of the same arm as the glove (around the biceps area). Make it
comfortable and taught.*
6. To hook up the Jstim Electrotherapy Device, first plug the red pin connector of your lead wires into the
orange glove pigtail, and then the black pin connector into the pigtail cord that is positioned on the arm
band.** Now plug the infrared heat band into the heat controller. Turn on and adjust both devices to desired
settings (see “Device Settings” section).
*For the red and black fasteners on the lead wires: At the end of the leads supplied with your system, you will find red and black adapters. These are Cathode and Anode respectively. More sensation tends to come from the black adapter (cathode) at times.
** Make sure your black electrode in the arm band is positioned on the outside of bicep. The inside of your bicep is much more
tender, and not recommended for placement. The arm band is placed on the same arm that the Jstim hand glove is used upon.
IHB emission side
IHB emission side
IHB insulation side
IHB insulation side
JStim Electrotherapy Device
cut-away view
Infrared Heat Band
may be placed on
either the palm-side
or back of the hand
1. After a treatment, air dry the Jstim and/or clean as follows:
* If you feel that the orange electrode has slipped down during treatment, make sure to adjust until you feel it is perfect, or re-wrap
until it is. NOTE: The infrared heatband does not touch the knee.
** The optimal amount of sprays should be 2-3 sprays per garment electrode. Too many sprays can produce a stronger stimulation
than desired/recommended; which means the user will most likely have to turn down their intensity to a more comfortable level. When
using electrotherapy conductive garment material it is recommended to turn your intensity to where you can feel it, and then turn it
down to where you barely can.
*** Also, note, when lying down [or rolling around while sleeping] or setting things on your lap – pressure against your pads can adjust
your intensity up. So take this into account before sleeping with the Jstim on.
• Turn off device
• Un-Velcro the straps, remove
• Clean skin with soap and water
• Allow system to air dry
• If needed hand wash in cold water
• No bleach
The outside of the device (ensure device is off) may be cleaned with a cloth.
Do not use liquids or chemicals for cleaning. A decontamination formula can
be used instead. Do not open the signal generator by removing the screws.
The signal generator should be turned “OFF” when not in use. Always store the
stimulator in a clean, dry area between 0° and 140°F. The Jstim wrap should
be hand washed using mild soap, and/or warm water. Air drying is then best
The conductive patches can be detached from the wrap to clean easier.
*Please note, you may notice a mild redness in the treatment areas due to the conducted
current passing through the skin, creating friction. This is normal for all types of electrotherapy, and a hypo-allergenic aloe vera moisturizer can help relieve the redness or a cortisone
cream. If your skin appears to have an allergic reaction to any of the parts or treatments,
please discontinue use and consult your physician.
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