SP721 Desktop Controller Datasheet

SP721 Desktop Controller Datasheet
SP721 Desktop Controller
The SP721 Desktop Controller provides
Remote voice and data access to CS7000
Control Stations
Easy-to-use controls based on the CH721
Control Unit
Industry standard Controller Area Network
(CAN) interface
The SP721 Desktop Controller
is part of the Harris suite of
mobile radio products delivering
high-capacity, end-to-end, digital
communication. The SP721
provides remote access for
voice, data, and control of
CS7000 Control Stations.
Easy-to-Use Controls
The SP721 Desktop Controller
design is based on the CH721
Control Unit, so it provides the
same interface for ease of use.
It has independent volume and
display controls, three software
configurable preset buttons, a
recessed emergency button,
and a 3x4 Dual-tone Multifrequency (DTMF) keypad.
The SP721 supports voice
access to the radio via PTT
microphone. The SP721
contains an integral 3-Watt
speaker and provides the
interface to connect to an
external 15-Watt speaker. The
SP721 also includes an interface for a footswitch PTT in
order to support microphones/
headsets that do not contain
integral PTT switches and to
support operators who prefer to
use footswitches.
Industry Standard Interface
The SP721 includes the industry
standard Controller Area
Network (CAN) 2.0B interface
for connecting to radio products.
The CAN interface allows
flexible mounting of control
stations. Support is provided for
up to five SP721 Desktop
Controllers or other CAN
Reliable Performance
Durable construction enables
the SP721 Desktop Controller to
function in demanding environments. The unit meets MILSTD-810G specifications for
humidity, altitude, temperature,
vibration, and shock.
High-Visibility Display
The SP721 functions on a
standard 15-character vacuum
fluorescent display suitable for
high visibility. Backlighting helps
maintain visibility in low-light
Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Product sales are subject to applicable U.S. export control laws.
General Specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D):
3.87 x 12.75 x 8.12 in.
(9.82 x 32.38 x 20.62 cm)
10.35 lb (4.7 kg)
Operating Temperature
+32 to +122°F
(0 to +50°C)
Input Voltage:
100-260 VAC (47-63 Hz)
Maximum Current:
0.75A (AC)
CAN Interface:
2.0B 500 kbps
Supports 5 CAN
15-character vacuum
fluorescent (alphanumeric)
Molded plastic/sheet metal
Audio Input/Output
Maximum Audio Input Level (Vpp):
Frequency Response:
Sampling Rate (kHz):
Maximum Audio Distortion (%):
Internal Speaker (W):
External Speaker Output Power:
Rear Panel Connections
CAN (2 connectors)
300 Hz-3.0 kHz
15W 4
Same functionality as CH721
Same functionality as CH721
Same functionality as CH721
3.5 mm mono jack (CH721 and radio
to be programmed for external PTT
on Input 1)
1/4 inch mono audio jack (breaks
audio to internal 3W speaker for
external 15W speaker)
Environmental Specifications
Low Pressure
High Temperature
Low Temperature
Temperature Shock
Basic Transportation Vibration
Functional/Basic Shock
Methods & Procedures
500.5, Proc. I, II
501.5, Proc. I, II
502.5, Proc. I, II
503.5, Proc. I-B
507.5, Proc. II
514.6, Proc. I, Category 4
516.6, Proc. I
EN 61000-4-2
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