Ulead® PhotoImpact® 7 Features & Benefits

Ulead® PhotoImpact® 7 Features & Benefits
Features &
Put the power of Total Image Editing in your hands. Ulead® PhotoImpact® 7
gives you everything you need for Digital Photography, Creative Design and Web
Graphics. Ideal for home, school and business, no other image editor delivers
professional results so easily and affordably.
Edit photos like a pro.
Achieve outstanding
results in fewer steps.
Realize your vision
with creative tools
that are easy to use.
Photo Management
• Acquire photos from TWAIN or WIA digital cameras and scanners.
• Visually navigate images using Visual Open and Browse Manager.
• Visually recall recently opened images with Browse Manager.
Photo Reframing
Straighten photos automatically.
Resize and Rotate photos manually with the Transform Tool.
Crop unwanted areas of a photo with the Crop Tool.
Add photo frames with 2D, 3D, magic and classic styles.
Photo Correction
• Post-processing Wizard provides seven guided steps to photo
adjustment tasks, including Straighten, Crop, Focus, Brightness,
Color Balance, Remove Red Eye and add Frame & Shadow.
• Auto-process automatically treats photos using automatic
algorithms, including Straighten, Crop, Focus, Brightness &
Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Remove Moiré and Despeckle.
• Histogram displays the brightness or color distribution of a photo.
• Tone Map redistributes the brightness or colors in a photo to take
advantage of the full range of available colors by adjusting color
imbalances, shadows and improving contrast.
• Color Balance visually shifts the prevalent tints in a photo.
• Brightness & Contrast adjusts the tone and Gamma of a photo.
• Hue & Saturation controls the color value and intensity of a photo.
Photo Enhancement
• Remove Red Eye easily from photos with camera flashes.
• Beautify Skin Effect automatically smoothes skin imperfections.
• Retouch Tools include Dodge, Burn, Blur, Sharpen, Tonal
Adjustment, Smudge, Saturation, Warping, Bristle Smear, Remove
Red Eye, Remove Scratch, Remove Noise, Color Transform Pen
and Colorize Pen.
Camera Filters
• Style Gallery applies predefined styles to change the appearance
of photos with color shifts, lighting variations and skin tones.
• Lens Distortion Effect corrects Spherical and Trapezoid distortion.
• Focus provides a variable amount of blurring and sharpening.
Camera Effects
• Two-Color Effect lets you convert photos to duo-tone images by
choosing two colors and the luminance range between them.
• Monochrome Effect turns photos into grayscale images.
• Motion Blur applies a variable degree of streaking from set angles.
• Zoom Blur Effect simulates lens techniques for motion blurring.
Create dynamic Web
components or output
complete Web pages.
Batch Processing
• Quick Commands record and playback a series of commonly
applied actions to open photos.
• Batch Manger applies a single action or Quick Command to a
group of selected files.
• Batch Convert changes the file format and data type to a group of
selected files.
Digital Watermarking
• Watermark photos to reduce infringement upon copyrights.
• Track when and where photos have been copied on the Web.
• Include hyperlinks to take viewers to a Web site, a licensing
database, an image archive and much more.
Color Management
• Standard Windows CMS2 color management system keeps
images printed as close as possible to screen output.
• Support CMYK channel split and combination.
Multiple Prints
• Print multiple photos on one sheet in various configurations.
• Provide Avery, Kodak and standard photo templates.
• Print custom labels for diskettes, CDs, videocassettes and more.
Web Sharing
• Web Album creates HTML Web pages for viewing on the Web.
• Web Slide Show creates HTML presentations for online viewing.
• One-click upload of images to free iMria photo sharing Web site.
PhotoImpact® Album
• Visually manage photo databases and albums.
• Retain Exif data captured by digital cameras in separate fields.
• Folder monitoring links an album to a system folder and displays
up-to-date thumbnails of all files in the folder using “Smart Relink.”
• Annotate each thumbnail with text, voice or other multimedia.
• Powerful searching and sorting tools.
• Assign URLs to images for direct access to Web sites.
• Visually select thumbnails of files before inserting into Album.
Object-Based Management
• Layer Manager organizes image objects, path objects, text objects
and Web component objects.
• Rename, merge, hide, delete, lock, duplicate and reorder objects.
• Group, ungroup and perform nested groupings.
• Position objects with numeric X and Y coordinate entry.
• Resize objects with numeric pixel entry.
• Adjust transparency with variable slider control.
• Assign hyperlinks to objects as image maps.
• Align objects in relationship to each other.
• Merge Modes include Always, Hue & Saturation, Hue Only,
Saturation Only, Luminosity Only, If Lighter, If Darker, Lighting,
Difference, Addition, Subtraction, Multiply, Inverse of Multiply,
Overlay, Hard Light, Soft Light, Colorize, Lighten and Darken.
Paint, Clone & RetouchTools
• Paint Tools include Paintbrush, Airbrush, Crayon, Charcoal, Chalk,
Pencil, Marker, Oil Paint, Particle, Drop Water, Bristle and Color
Replacement Pen.
• Set, save and load brush transparency, size, shape, fading, edge
blending, angle, multi/single color strokes, wetness control, mode,
saturation, brightness, spacing, fade in/out and pressure
smoothness for tablet support.
• Paint using paper textures with support for True Color and
grayscale images.
• Cursor shows true brush shape.
• Color Replacement and Transform Pens support brush softness
for improved brush control.
• Paint and clone with objects.
• Clone Tools include Paintbrush, Airbrush, Crayon, Charcoal,
Chalk, Pencil, Marker, Oil Paint and Bristle.
• Retouch Tools include Dodge, Burn, Blur, Sharpen, Tonal
Adjustment, Smudge, Saturation, Warping, Bristle Smear, Remove
Red Eye, Remove Scratch, Remove Noise, Color Transform Pen
and Colorize Pen.
Stamp Tool
• Stamp modes include random, sequential and angular.
• Extensive Stamp attribute control using the Brush Panel to adjust
size, hue change and more.
• Add and delete customized Stamps, including Paint Shop Pro
Picture Tubes and PhotoImpact UFO files.
• 28 Stamp presets.
Mask & Selection Tools
• Select areas with Rectangle, Square, Ellipse and Circle using the
Standard Selection Tool.
• Lasso Tool includes intelligent "snap to edges" seeking.
• Magic Wand selects based on variable similarity.
• Magic Wand compares by RGB and HSB.
• Create and edit selections using the Beizer Curve Tool.
• Modify static selections of a base image and the mask of an active
object using a grayscale mask buffer.
• Apply Fadeout to a selected object or static selection using
different fill types and colors.
• Perform outside document operation.
Fill Tools
• The Fill Tool offers four ways to fill an area with color, including the
Bucket Fill Tool, Linear Gradient Fill Tool, Rectangular Gradient
Fill Tool and the Elliptical Gradient Fill Tool.
Eraser Tools
• Object Paint Eraser Tool has both paint and magic selection
modes for precise masking control.
• Object Paint Eraser Tool remove pixels from an object.
• Object Magic Eraser Tool removes similar pixels from an object.
Transform Tools
• Transform objects with numerous options, including Resize, Slant,
Distort, Perspective, Rotate by Horizontal Line, Rotate by Vertical
Line, Rotate Freely and Rotate in Virtual 3D.
• Flip objects horizontally or vertically.
• Set rotation handles to the center or four corners of an object.
Color Panel
• New floating Color Panel gives instant access to color, swatch and
gradient pickers.
Text Tool
• Create always-editable 2D or 3D path objects.
• Character-level control includes font, size, style, baseline shift,
character spacing and kerning.
• Fill with single color, gradient, texture or imported image.
• Add shadows, transparency and anti-aliasing.
• Use the Transform Tool to Slant, Distort and add Perspective.
• Deform text horizontally or vertically.
• Manually edit text nodes using the Path Edit Tool.
Type Effects
• Animate text, selections and objects using 20 preset type effects,
including Gradient, Transparency, Hole, Glass, Engrave, Raised,
Carving, Gradient, and Golden-Light.
• Every effect offers its own set of precision attribute controls.
• Key frames provide professional animation control.
Wrap & Bend
• Bend selected text using custom bend attributes or one of the
many presets from the Wrap Gallery.
• Pick-and-Apply Wrap and Horizontal/Vertical Deform presets from
the EasyPalette for text or path distortions.
• Add Text to an active path using the right-click Wrap menu.
• Wrap text on an object path or wrap a smaller object on a larger
object’s path using Fit Together.
• Twist text with controls for beginning and ending text size on a
path, including negative values for twisting text.
• Re-editable wrap paths make customizing paths simple.
• Advanced text wrap parameters include Text Repeat, Automatic
Fit, Spacing and more.
• Wrap Styles include Rotate, Deform, Mitre Joint and Left Match.
Path Drawing Tools
Create attractive 2D and 3D path objects.
Spline Tool makes drawing and outlining curved objects a snap.
Enhanced drawing controls make editing path nodes easy.
3D Bevel Modes include Round, Chisel, Trim, Pipe and Custom.
Add Color, Texture, Bevel, Bevel Joints, Reflection, Transparency,
Bump Map, Lighting, Shading, Border and Depth to 3D text and
Shadows become object attributes and always-editable.
Line and Arrow Tool draws different line and arrow styles.
Use the Outline Drawing Tool for outlining shapes.
Draw multiple paths with the "continuous draw" feature.
Easily convert object types between text, path and image.
Import Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes and PhotoImpact UFO files.
Import simple EPS path objects.
Freehand Drawing makes path objects with accuracy control.
Z-Merge Tool
• Z-Merge Tool fuses objects together for stunning 3D composition.
• Anit-aliasing algorithms smooth objects at their intersections.
Shadow Effects
• Add shadows automatically to path, text and image objects.
• Customize shadow properties with Shadow Direction, X-offset, Yoffset, Tilt Angle, Perspective, Transparency, Shadow Size and
Soft Edge.
Special Effects
• Painting Effects add character to images using Brick, Crumpled,
Charcoal, Corrugated, Etching, Finger Paint, Frosted Glass,
Gauze, Oil Paint, Pastel, Scratch, Spatula, Sponge, Squiggle,
Strings, Weathered, Weaved and dozens more.
• Lighting effects create still and animated effects using Lightning,
Light Bulb, Fireworks, Meteor, Comet, Halo, Spotlight, Lens Flare,
Laser and Flashlight.
• Particle effects add element-based Fire, Rain, Clouds, Snow,
Smoke, Bubbles, Fireflies and Stars.
• Light source effects cast light on images with presets or based on
Skew, Spread, Distance and Elevation.
• Type effects add Gradients, Transparency, Hole, Glass, Metal,
Emboss, Emboss-Outline, Emboss-Texture, Sand, Concrete,
Lighting, Fire, Snow, Neon and Seal effects to text, selections and
• New Crystal Effect simulates viewing through crystal and glass
surfaces in static or animated modes.
• Animation Studio animates text, selections and objects using 11
preset effects, all with professional attribute control.
• Custom Filters and Custom Effects help create unique filters and
effects by adjusting pixel values relative to neighboring pixels.
• Apply advanced graphics tools with ease using presets and readyto-use objects in the EasyPalette Galleries and Object Libraries.
• EasyPalette Gallery includes Fill Gallery, Filter Gallery, Style
Gallery, Painting Gallery, Brush Gallery, Particle Gallery, Lighting
Gallery, Material Gallery, Deform Gallery, Warp Gallery, Type
Gallery, Button Gallery, Frame Gallery and a customizable My
• EasyPalette Object Libraries include Image Library, Mask Library,
Shape Library, Outline Library, Path Library, Web Library, and a
customizable My Library.
New Web Page
• Start Web projects with an option to open as a New Web Page.
• Set Web properties for the image document.
• Advanced options for setting HTML, CSS and XHTML properties.
Open from Web
• Open an image directly from a specified URL for further editing.
• Import an entire Web page as an image.
Background Designer
• Create HTML backgrounds using single colors, unlimited textures
or image files.
• Generate unlimited seamless backgrounds.
• Provides 22 built-in texture groups and 110 customizable palette
ramps, offering unlimited variations.
• Provides 20 background types with density and frequency ranges
to select various background tones.
Component Designer
• Design JavaScript rollovers, buttons, banners, separators, bullets
and icons starting from 800 ready-to-use templates.
• 3-step design process makes customizing components easy.
• Customize attributes such as color, text, shadows and more.
• Component objects are always-editable.
• Export components to the Image Optimizer for compression or
export to the workspace for further editing or Web page layout.
• Rollovers provide an additional HTML export option.
Button Designer
Create rectangular or custom-shaped 3D buttons.
Choose from a wide variety of attractive 3D bevel styles.
Control Light Color, Angle Elevation, Depth, Border and more.
Add custom shadows and create glow effects.
Warp applied textures for a more realistic 3D look.
Image Map Tool
Image Map Tool defines hotspots directly in the workspace.
Toggle hotspot path visibility in the workspace.
Draw with shape tools, including Rectangle, Circle and Polygon.
Overlap hotspots to create advanced hyperlink areas.
Assign the URL, ALT text and the target URL.
Add JavaScript Effects to individual hotspots.
Export HTML image map data.
Assign the URL, ALT text and the target URL.
Slice Tool
Slice Tool slices cells directly in the workspace.
Toggle slice line visibility in the workspace.
Auto Slice or draw with horizontal lines, vertical lines or rectangles.
Assign URL, ALT text and target URL for individual slice cells.
Optimize each slice cell individually as GIF, JPEG or PNG files.
Add JavaScript Effects to individual slice cells.
Import or Export Slice Data.
Calculate download time based on variable bandwidth settings.
Create interactive JavaScript rollover buttons instantly.
Automatic HTML script generation.
Control mouse-over effects, ALT text and the target URL.
One-click alignment feature for flawless placement.
Background blending and optimization for GIF, JPG or PNG.
JavaScript Effects
• Apply ready-made JavaScript effects to slice cells with the Slice
Tool or to hotspots with the Image Map Tool.
• Select from eight interactive JavaScript effects, including Blink
Text, Highlight Text, Pop-up Menu, Rainbow Text, Rollover Text,
Vertical Scroll, Status Bar Message and Swap Image.
Ulead® GIF Animator™ 5
• True Color object-based composition.
• Edit objects in external image editors with roundtrip object editing.
• Apply 13 animated banner text effects, 10 video filters, 16 video
transitions, and even Photoshop-compatible filters.
• Ensure fast-loading Web animation with the latest image
compression techniques and advanced color palette management.
• Export to a wide variety of file formats, including AVI, MPEG,
QuickTime and raster-based Flash animation.
Image Optimizer
• Compress GIF, JPEG and PNG images for the Web.
• Instant split-screen previews show before-and-after optimization
results, image sizes and download times.
• Crop and Resample tools allow last-minute trimming and changes
to dimensions without affecting the original image.
• Set GIF options for interlacing, lossy compression, dithering,
image smoothing and transparency.
• Assign transparency via selection, mask file or color selection.
• Save alpha channels in PNG files for True Color transparency.
• Create, save and load user-defined color palettes; add, delete, edit
and lock entries in the color palette; snap palette entries to the
Web Safe Palette.
• Batch test multiple settings for easy comparison.
• Insert HTML text into Web projects.
• Specify text attributes, including font, size, color and background.
• HTML text objects are always-editable.
Link Object
• Link objects tie GIF, JPEG and PNG files to a Web layout when
HTML is generated, including GIF animation.
• Update a linked image in an HTML document.
• Advanced object linking supports placeholders and properties for
video, Shockwave, Flash, Java Applets, audio and more.
CSS & XHTML Support
Quick Command Panel
• Use CSS to control the appearance of Web page backgrounds.
• Implement slicing with tables or CSS placement of slice cells.
• Record a series of actions as a replayable Quick Command.
• Create a customized library of Quick Commands for frequentlyapplied processes.
• Cache recently applied effects and corresponding properties for
reuse on future images.
XHTML Support
• XHTML provides compatibility with next-generation Web
SVG Output
• History enables convenient visual undo/redo using a slider.
• SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) creates smaller and more
efficient vector-based images.
• Translate path, image and text objects into native SVG or linked
Batch Features
• Quick Commands record and playback a series of commonly
applied actions to open images
• Batch Commands apply a single command to a group of open
• Batch Manger applies a single action or Quick Command to a
group of selected files or folders.
• Batch Convert changes the file format and data type of a group of
selected files or folders.
Browser Previews
• Choose your favorite Internet browser or HTML editor.
• Easily select the desired preview program.
Save as Web Page
• Create entire Web pages with HTML text, images, buttons,
rollovers, GIF animation and other linked Web objects.
• Web objects are always-editable
• Add, remove, save and reuse Web objects with ease.
• One-click HTML code generation.
Screen Capture
• Capture an active window, workspace, full screen, selected
object/area and the menu under the pointer.
• Set a user-specified “hotkey” to trigger the capture.
• Customize the pointer and perform multiple captures.
Panel Manager
• The Panel Manager gives instant access to the Browse Manager,
Document Manager, Layer Manager, EasyPalette, Color Panel,
Quick Command Panel and other installed Ulead software.
Visual Open
• Browse your folders and open image files visually.
Interface Customization
Partial Load
• Customize the Standard Toolbar for greater productivity.
• Customize with a fully floating/dockable interface.
• Open only a selected area of a larger image file.
• Accelerated image editing with partial loading.
• Merge the edited area back into the original file or save separately.
Browse Manager
• Navigate image files visually with file tree and thumbnail views
• Recent Files folder displays recently opened image files.
• Apply batch commands to selected files and folders.
System Requirements
Document Manager
• Visually manage opened images from the workspace.
• Apply commands to selected images.
Layer Manager
• View objects from the workspace in layered order.
• Set object properties, such as positioning, size and transparency.
• Manage objects by merging, grouping, reordering and more.
File Format Support
EasyPalette™ & EasyPalette™ Pop-up
Apply advanced effects with Pick-and-Apply presets.
Customize presets to achieve unlimited variations.
Save tool settings and effect parameters for reuse.
Save and reuse objects, masks, Web components and more.
The EasyPalette Pop-up provides quick access to a customized
EasyPalette list.
Copyright ©1997-2001 Ulead Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved. Ulead, the Ulead logo,
PhotoImpact and Ulead GIF Animator are
trademarks or registered trademarks of
Ulead Systems, Inc. Other product names
used herein are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders and
are used for identification purposes only.
Intel Pentium compatible processors
Microsoft Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, XP
64MB of RAM
350MB of available hard drive space
CD-ROM drive
True Color or HiColor display adapter and monitor
Windows compatible pointing device
WinTab compatible pressure-sensitive digitizer
Digital Device Support
• TWAIN/WIA compliant scanners, digital cameras and frame
• 48-bit True Color support
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