COMPUTER NEWS Inside This Issue The Napa Valley Personal

COMPUTER NEWS Inside This Issue The Napa Valley Personal
Napa Valley
Personal Computer
Users Group
P.O. Box 2866
Napa, California 94558
Volume 28, No. 7
July 2011
Inside This Issue
NVPCUG Special Interest Groups
Annual Members Potluck Picnic
Officers List
NVPCUG Calendar
Windows Lab
“The technician set up my laptop,
now what do I do?”
Oracle and the Future of
Linux Software of the Month:
April 2011
PC Cooling - Keep it Cool!
Windows Lab
Discovering Windows 7 – Part 14
Microsoft program stores all
types of data
You’ve got them. Why Not
Use Them?
Updates! Updates! Updates!
Are you Secure?
Cell Phone Lingo
Keyboards and Stuff
The Seventh Son of Windows
Digital Asset Management Software
Service Packs Explained
(and needed)
The Other Side of the Street
Add Text on a Photo in Word 2007
The Running of the Nerds
Software Review – UbuntuOne
Acronis True Image Home 2011
Membership Application/Renewal
The Napa Valley Personal
Computer Users Group will meet
Wednesday, July 20th,
7:00-9:00 P.M.
At the Napa Senior Activity Center,
1500 Jefferson Street, Napa, California
The meeting begins with Random Access,
an open-floor question-and-answer period
during which attendees can ask questions
about computers and computer-related
problems and receive helpful information
from other meeting attendees. Questions
may be submitted before the meeting by
emailing them to Random Access moderator Jerry
Brown at [email protected]
July 20th, 2011 Computer Tutor topic
member Jeff Solomon again will be
talking about “Google Docs”? Google
Docs is a FREE Web-based word
processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form,
and data storage service offered by Google. If you have
an idea or question that the Computer Tutor Jeff Solomon
at [email protected]
This month Gene Barlow will be live on the
video screen, talking about using Acronis and
the value of backup of your computer. If you
have a suggestion on which feature and topics
should discusses in the future, please contact
Susy Ball at [email protected] See ya
all at the meeting.
Could you use some practical information that would help you
make better use of your computer? Come to this meeting! Guests
are always welcome. Admission is always free.
Interested in becoming a member? See page 28for
application information.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011
In SIG meetings you can learn about
a subject in greater detail than is
feasible at NVPCUG general meetings.
SIG meetings are open to everyone.
Meeting times and locations
occasionally change, so for current
meeting information, see our Web
site,, or contact
the SIG leaders.
Investors SIG
Meets: Monthly, second Monday
5:30 to 7:30 p.m
Jerry Brown’s home,
23 Skipping Rock Way, Napa
Leader: Jerry Brown
(707) 254-9607
Napa Valley Mac User Group
Meets: Monthly, second Thursday
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Napa Senior Activity Center
1500 Jefferson St., Napa
Leader: Ron Rogers
(707) 226-5352
Sonoma Computer Group
Meets: Monthly, fourth Saturday,
except Mar 2011
10:00 - 11:30 a.m..
DeLong room
Sonoma Library, Sonoma, CA
Leader: Beth Pickering
[email protected]
Annual Members
Potluck Picnic:
August 20, 2011, 12:00 PM
Thank you to Dick and Sandy
Peterson for again hosting ourAugust
Members Potluck Picnic. The
location is in the redwood grove by
the pond at Peterson’s Family
Christmas Tree Farm, 1120 Darms
Lane, Napa. There will be games
and prizes. The group will provide
meat, nonalcoholic beverages & ice, paper plates, cups,
plasticware, & napkins.
Please signup by our August 17th meeting by e-mailing
Dianne Prior at [email protected] with
“NVPCUG Picnic” in the subject. Include the following
information: member’s name, guests attending with you,
what you are bringing for potluck (we need appetizers and
desserts), and if you can help with setup at 11:30 or cleanup
after. The potluck picnic is always a lot of fun. We hope to
see you all there.
[email protected]
Go Biometric
One way to physically secure your laptop is with a biometric fingerprint
reader, which lets you require a valid fingerprint swipe to start Windows
or access individual files and folders on the computer. Some laptops,
such as Lenovo’s T61 line, integrate a fingerprint reader into the case,
but you can also purchase an add-on fingerprint reader that attaches to
a free USB port.
An Overzealous Antivirus
Although we highly recommend having an antivirus program installed,
updated, and running on your computer, especially when using email,
some antivirus programs will stop you from opening certain types of
attachments. When you can’t open a legitimate file, check your
antivirus’ security settings. You may have to go as far as disabling the
program temporarily. When you’re finished viewing the attachment,
make sure you re-enable the antivirus program and restore any security
settings you may have changed.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart Computing can
do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 2
Napa Valley Personal Computer
Users Group Contact Information
Officers for 2011
Board of Directors
Jim Gray
[email protected]
Vice President
Ron Dack
[email protected]
Marcia Waddell
[email protected]
Roy Wagner
[email protected]
Other Directors: Susy Ball, Julie Jerome, Bernhard Krevet , Dick Peterson, Bob
Simmerman, Raylene Thompson, Tom Uboldi and Dean Unruh
Appointed Officers
Computer Tutor Coordinator
Jeff Solomon
[email protected]
Facility Arrangements Coordinator
Dianne Prior
[email protected]
Greeter Coordinator
Raylene Thompson
[email protected]
Greeter Coordinator
Bob Simmerman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Membership Director
Bob Simmerman
[email protected]
Newsletter Editor
Susy Ball
[email protected]
Product Review CoCoordinator
Susy Ball
Marcia Waddell
[email protected]
[email protected]
Co-Programs Director
Bernhard Krevet
Susy Ball
[email protected]
[email protected]
Dean Unruh
Publicity Director
Random Access Moderator
Jerry Brown
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ron Dack
• All telephone numbers are in Area Code 707.
NVPCUG General Meetings
Held the third Wednesday of each month, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Napa Senior Activity Center,
1500 Jefferson Street, Napa
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 3
Computer News
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0897-5744) is published
monthly by the Napa
Valley Personal
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Inc. (NVPCUG), P.O.
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Editor: Susy Ball,
[email protected] The
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resulting from the use or
misuse of any
The NVPCUG is an IRC
501(c)(3) tax-exempt
nonprofit educational
organization (EIN 680069663) and is a
member of the
Association of Personal
Computer User Groups
(APCUG), an
organization. Donations
to the NVPCUG are taxdeductible as charitable
contributions to the
extent allowed by law.
Copyright © 2011 by
Windows Lab
By Randy N. Ridge, member of the Tech Team, Cajun Clickers Computer Club, Louisiana,
February 2011 issue, Cajun Clickers Computer News,,
[email protected]
Antispyware- the security suites and Antivirus programs
Déjà vu All Over Again
have built in antispyware.
Yes, I’m writing the same article again. Why
One program is not enough; you need to be
you ask? It’s because we don’t seem to learn
My favorite program is
from our past mistakes. I’m writing with six
which is one of the best
computers around me infected with various forms of
cleaners I have used.
Viruses, Trojans, and Malware. If your computer is running
really slow, or suddenly you can’t connect to the Internet, You can download it at Filehippo. I suggest
or you get popups saying you have viruses which can be that you install it, update it, and run it every couple of days.
removed if you send money, then you need to Other good programs are Spybot Search and Destroy, Adread this article. With the expansion of social Aware, and SuperAntiSpyware.
Remember one rule though; you can install multiple
networking, web surfing, malicious emails,
and free music download sites, there are any antiSpyware programs but you can only have one antivirus
number of places for the attacks to take program running.
place. So what can you do? Well here is what you need:
Firewalls — these programs protect you from being
attacked via your Internet connection. From Windows
Security Software- no matter what you do online,
XP on, there has been a firewall built into the
you need protection. Most commercial security
operating system, but it was weak at best. Newer
software covers antivirus, firewall, parental controls,
versions of Windows are better, but there are still
and antispyware. These programs can usually be
weaknesses. You can also get firewalls
installed on up to 3 computers, and have a small fee
to add additional licenses. You can also go the free route. at Filehippo. You will have to train a good
Many Internet Providers such as AT&T, Cox, and Eatel Firewall to let it know what you want it to
provide free security software. Go to your allow in and out. This can tell you if there is
provider’s webpage and any free software some malware on your computer that wants
should be listed. There are also free antivirus to phone home.
programs such as AntiVir, Avast, and AVG.
The main thing you need to do is get adequate protection
My favorite place to get these programs is at: and make sure you keep it up-to-date. If your security
software is out of date, it won’t protect you. You must be
Filehippo offers the latest versions which are easy to suspicious of any email, and careful about what links you
find. If you try to get the free version from the company’s click on the Internet. If it looks too good to be true, it
probably is.
website, it’s usually buried deep and hard to find.
NVPCUG Calendar
Jul 20
Jul 23
Aug 6
Aug 8
Aug 11
Aug 17
Aug 27
Sept 8
Sept 12
Sept 21
Sept 24
Oct 22
7:00-9:00 p.m.
10:00-11:30 a.m..
10:00-11:30 am.
5:30-7:30 p.m.
6:30-8:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
10:00-11:30 a.m..
6:30-8:30 p.m.
5:30-7:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
10:00-11:30 a.m..
5:30-7:30 p.m.
6:30-8:30 p.m.
7:00-9:00 p.m.
10:00-11:30 a.m..
NVPCUG General Meeting, +A
Sonoma Computer Group + E
Board of Directors meeting + D
Investors SIG meeting + C
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
NVPCUG General Meeting, + A
Sonoma Computer Group + E
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
Investors SIG meeting + C
NVPCUG General Meeting, + A
Sonoma Computer Group + E
Investors SIG meeting + C
Napa Valley Mac User Group + A
NVPCUG General Meeting, + A
Sonoma Computer Group + E
Meeting Locations
A - Napa Senior Activity Center,
1500 Jefferson Street, Napa
B - Piner’s Nursing Home,
1800 Pueblo Ave., Napa
C - Jerry Brown’s home,
23 Skipping Rock Way, Napa
D - Peterson’s Family Christmas
Tree Farm,
1120 Darms Lane, Napa.
E - DeLong Room
Sonoma Library, Sonoma, CA
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 4
“The technician set up my laptop, now
what do I do?”
By Gregory West, Member of the Computer Operators of Marysville and Port Huron, MI, and
Sarnia Computer User Group, Canada,,
[email protected]
Ah, the wonderment of getting a new computer. No more Google’s YouTube videos. Computer
having to watch others show off their computer skills as instructors, tech companies, libraries,
they demonstrate their new digital slide show, or listen schools and many knowledgable
about how they talk with relatives across three oceans for individuals upload training videos to
hours at no cost. With your new computer you are ready YouTube. Here you not only get free
training, but targeted
to join the online communities around the globe.
Three gigabytes of random access memory, 500 gigs of training. For instance, if you
hard drive, a one year subscription to some antivirus / need to know how to install a
malware protection software utility and you are “good to USB flash drive in Windows 7, you
simply go to on the Internet and there will be
go,” says the clerk in the computer store.
many videos to help you through this process.
“But does it come with a manual,” you ask?
One tip for searching within YouTube for help, try using
“The manual is in the OS software,” the clerk says as he
term: “tutorials” with your search. Sometimes this will
gets you to sign his copy of the credit card slip. “Have a
you a full training course on the particular subject you
nice day,” he hollers as you lug the computer through the
in learning. I use YouTube all the time when
doors towards home.
I need help with a particular computer program. But it
“Ya right,” you mutter under your breath
doesn’t stop there either. I wanted to learn how to winterize
So many choices, too many decisions, but at least you my RV and save the hundred dollar fee, so I searched for
finally got it home. Once you open the lid and go to turn on videos on YouTube and have winterized my own trailer
the new computer you realize that you have no idea what ever since for only the cost of antifreeze
you are doing. In fact, you don’t know a gigabyte from a
Gregory West is a Mac Instructor for Lambton College. He is
Tyrannosaurus Rex, and you couldn’t care less. All you
also Webmaster at Central United Church, the home of
want is to go on the Internet and check your email, surf Sarnia’s new Community Computer Training Centre at:
some websites and maybe learn how to get those 265 This is free and open to the public
photos from your digital camera.
as a community service. Learn at your own speed.
“So now what,” you say aloud to yourself? “Where do
I begin,” you ask your dog in desperation as she gives you
Choosing An MP3 Player
that puzzled look.
MP3 players come in two storage formats: hard
There is an easy way to learn the various computer
drive and flash. Which format you choose should
functions you need to catch up with your computer geek of a
depend on how you will use your player. Gym rats
neighbour. First, you can take a formal course at your local
will appreciate flash-based devices, as their lack
college. These courses usually range from beginner to
of moving parts will prevent the music from skipping
advanced. You can also take online courses (courses offered
or stopping during a jog on the treadmill, and their
over the Internet), but this takes a special skill, as many people
smaller capacities (generally up to 8GB) are ideal
are not used to working alone and need to get out into a
for those who don’t need to carry their whole
classroom set up with real humans. You can also join a local
music library with them. Die-hard audiophiles
computer group. Here you will find people with similar
looking to store more than several gigabytes’ of
interests who provide various seminars on tech-related issues.
songs, however, should opt instead for a hard
I have been on a computer since 1972 where an IBM
drive-based player, which can offer much larger
System/360 Operating System was the popular system in
capacities—Apple offers an iPod classic with
data processing centres. Over the years I have received
160GB ($349; of storage, for
computer training from all methods mentioned about. In
example. Keep in mind, though, that the player’s
fact, today I am taking two computer courses from books
hard drive contains fragile parts that may be
that came with DVD training programs
damaged by jostling or jarring.
However, if you simply need to know one certain
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit
function on the computer, learn a software program, or to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
how to troubleshoot a problem in your computer, I suggest
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 5
Oracle and the Future of
By Geof Goodrum, President, Washington Area Computer User Group, VA, December 2010
issue, The Cursor,, [email protected]
Oracle Corporation, a technology company best known project, including Oracle’s reluctance
for its flagship commercial relational database to accept patches to the software. The Document
management software, is alienating the Open Source Foundation’s stated mission is to facilitate the evolution
community it once embraced. In 2008, Sun Microsystems of the Community into a new open,
acquired MySQL AB, the company that developed and independent, and meritocratic organizational structure
provided commercial support for the highly popular within the next few months. An independent Foundation
relational database management system (RDBMS) is a better match to the values of our contributors, users,
software, MySQL, which is available in both Open and supporters, and will enable a more effective, efficient,
Source and commercial license versions. MySQL is very transparent, and inclusive Community. We will protect
popular (estimated at over eleven million installations) as past investments by building on the solid achievements
backend software used by web sites world-wide, of our first decade, encourage wide participation in the
comprising part of the “LAMP” (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Community, and co-ordinate activity across the
PERL/PHP/Python) software stack.
Sun Microsystems is perhaps best known for the Java
Oracle responded to the formation of The Document
programming language used to develop software that Foundation by insisting that members step down from
can run on a wide variety of computer platforms. The their positions on the project as it created
Open Source community has been pushing for the a conflict of interest. As a result, it appears that community
release of control over the Java language specification developers are migrating from to work
to the community since at least 2004. In 2006, Sun on LibreOffice.
released Java software components under the GNU
At this point, it appears that Oracle has squandered
General Public License, but continued to release “non- whatever credibility it had with the Open Source
free” executable versions.
(MySQL, Java, developer community,
Sun Microsystems also sponsored the and the future of the original project is
community project, which developed and distributed a very questionable.
free, Open Source productivity suite comparable to
However, expect to see rapid development and
Microsoft Office and built upon code from the commercial improved software quality for LibreOffice under The
StarOffice product, previously acquired by Sun.
Document Foundation.
In 2010, Oracle Corporation completed acquisition of
Sun Microsystems, including MySQL, Java, and
Alphabetize Your IE Favorites Folders During the acquisition, the MySQL
& Links
community expressed concerns that Oracle would
If you’re running Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP and
discontinue support for MySQL as it competed with
Internet Explorer 5 or up, your solution is simple. Open
Oracle’s commercial RDBMS products. While this has
the Favorites menu (in the top Menu bar) and rightnot happened, Oracle recently doubled MySQL support
click any item located underneath the Organize
service costs.
Favorites line. Then, choose Sort By Name. Keep in
In August 2010, Oracle sued Google over its
mind this will alphabetize the items you see in the
implementation of Java in the Linux-based Android
Favorites menu, not items within folders in the Favorites
operating system, claiming infringement on seven
menu. To alphabetize the contents of a folder in
patents. This move alienated the Java developer
Favorites, open the folder, right-click an item, and
choose Sort By Name from the pop-up menu. Common
In September, a core group of over30 leading
mistake: DO NOT try these right-click steps in the
contributors to the project formed The
Favorites shortcut window at the left side of your
Document Foundation with support from organizations
browser. These steps will only work within the dropincluding Red Hat, Novell, Google, Open Source Initiative,
down menu that appears when you click “Favorites”
Canonical, and the Free Software Foundation. The
in the top menu bar. When you add an item to your
Document Foundation’s primary purpose is to support
Favorites menu, you’ll need to select Sort By Name
the community development of LibreOffice, a productivity
again to get that item in alphabetical order.
suite built upon the source code. This
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit
move was in response to ongoing concerns about Oracle’s to learn what Smart
governance and development process for the
Computing can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 6
Linux Software of the Month: April 2011
By Geof Goodrum, President, Washington Area Computer User Group, VA, April 2011 issue,
The Cursor,, [email protected]
The software described below can be downloaded at the
Requires Qt >= 4.5, FreePascal >= 2.2.4, SDL >= 1.2.5,
links provided or copied onto a USB flash drive at the WAC SDL_net >= 1.2.5, SDL_mixer >= 1.2, SDL_image >=
meeting. However, please check the online package 1.2, SDL_ttf >= 2.0, CMake >= 2.6.0, lua = 5.1.
management tool included with your GNU/Linux distribution
Linphone – v3.4.3.
first, as installation is often just a click away.
Free GNU General Public
Free Pascal–v2.4.2. http://www.freepascal. License source code and
executable packages for
org/. Modified GNU Library
General Public License source
Debian and Ubuntu Linux by
code and packages for Debian
Simon Morlat. Linphone is an
and RPM-based GNU/Linux
audio and video Internet phone
distributions by the Free Pascal
with GTK+ and console
Development Team. Originally
interfaces. It uses the Session
named FPK-Pascal, Free
Initiation Protocol (SIP), and is
Pascal is a 32 and 64 bit Turbo Pascal and Delphi compatible with most SIP
compatible Pascal programming language compiler for clients and gateways.
DOS, Linux, Win32, OS/2, FreeBSD, AmigaOS, Mac
It can use various audio and video codecs such as Speex,
OS X, Mac OS classic and several other platforms (the GSM, G711, ilbc, amr, Theora, H263-1998, MPEG4, H264,
number of supported targets grows all the time, although and snow. This version improves Mac OS X integration
not all of them are on the same level as the main ones). with desktop menus, better sound system handling, and
The Free Pascal compiler is available for several binary bundle generation for ease of installation. It also
architectures, x86, Sparc (v8,v9), ARM, x86_64 improves memory usage and fixes a few SIP bugs.
(AMD64/Opteron) and Powerpc. An older version (the
1.0 series) also supports m68k.
Free GNU General Public License scripts
The compiler is itself written in Pascal and is able to by the WordPress Development Team.
compile its own sources.
WordPress is a software script that,
Hedgewars–v0.9.15. http://www.hedgewars. together with PHP v4.3 or greater, MySQL
v4.1.2 or greater, and a web server (e.g.
org/. Free GNU General
Apache; Nginx), provides a point and click
Public License source code
menu-driven framework for a standards-compliant,
and executable packages for
professional looking web site that is easy to maintain with
Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora,
no knowledge of web programming required. WordPress
ArchLinux, and openSuSE
is the most widely used framework for self-hosted blogging
Linux by Andrey Korotaev
web sites, and is highly customizable with thousands of
et al. Hedgewars is a turnbased strategy, artillery, action and comedy game, featuring widgets, themes and plug-ins, both free and commercial.
the antics of pink hedgehogs with attitude as they battle New features include the admin bar, which provides easy
from the depths of hell to the depths of space. As access to common administrative tasks from the front-end
commander, it’s your job to assemble your crack team of for logged in users; internal linking, which lets you easily
search for and link to existing content within your site from
hedgehog soldiers and bring the war to your enemy.
Features: Hilarious and devastating turn based combat within the WYSIWYG editor; a standard set of post
for up to 6 players; Both local and network multiplayer, formats, enabling the creation of tumblelog-type sites;
with optional AI opponents; Battle on an infinite number of archive pages for custom post types; advanced taxonomy;
randomly generated maps, with over 20 environments; and custom field queries.
Utilize 47 (and counting) devastating weapons including
Kernel Source–v2.6.38. http://www.kernel.
the piano strike and explosive robotic cake; Play the game org/. Free GNU Public License source code for all
your way, with 18 different game modifiers, tweak almost platforms by the Linux community.
every aspect of the match; Customize your team, with
over 120 costumes, 30 graves, 12 forts, 100s of flags and
unique voice packs; Huge battles with up to 48 hogs; Play
both singleplayer and multiplayer minigames; plugin your
own custom maps, costumes, and other artwork.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 7
PC Cooling - Keep it Cool!
By Phil Sorrentino, President, Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, Inc., FL, February
2011 issue, Sarasota PC Monitor,, [email protected]
Just like your car, your computer has to be cooled
because it generates a lot of heat. Some of the computer’s
components produce large amounts of heat during
operation, and this heat must be removed in order to
keep these components within their safe operating
temperatures. PC Cooling, then, is the process of removing
the heat from the computer’s components.
Components which produce heat and are susceptible to
performance loss and/or damage due to that heat include
Now all that may seem a bit academic, but the point
integrated circuits, such as the Central Processing is that the components inside the PC must be cooled.
Unit (CPU), graphics processors, chipsets, and memory. You know how good you feel when you turn on a fan on
Hard drives also produce heat but typical air flow is a hot day. The heat-sinks and the fans are necessary for
usually adequate to keep them within their operating your computer to continue operating. So, if your fans
temperature. (Although some of the very fast drives stop or your heat-sinks stop being effective, your
(10,000 rpm), may need additional cooling.)
computer will eventually stop operating. If a fan stops
Most of the heat produced in a computer is generated it is usually easily noticed either by seeing it stopped
by the power supply, the CPU and possibly the graphics when the computer is on or the lack of air flowing or the
processor. That’s probably where you’ll find the additional lack of the sound of the fan motor. It’s the heat-sinks
fans (beyond the normal chassis cooling fans). You might operation that is hard to determine. The best way to
not think such a small electronic chip, the CPU, could discern the operation of the heat-sink is to look at it.
generate so much heat, but many modern CPUs need a (Yes, that means removing the cover.) It should be nice
separate fan mounted on a heat-sink to remove all of the and shiny and new looking, and not covered with dust or
heat generated. Overheated parts generally exhibit a animal hair. Dust covering the heat-sink will impede its
shorter maximum life-span and may give sporadic ability to transfer heat to the air, even if the fan is moving
problems resulting in system freezes or crashes. PC the air over the dust laden heat-sink.
Cooling is mainly done using heat sinks to increase the
A visual check of the cleanliness of the heat-sinks
surface area which dissipates heat, fans to speed up the every 3 to 6 months is advisable. (Maybe even more
exchange of air heated by the computer parts for cooler often if your computer is in a dusty environment, {like
ambient air, and in some cases soft cooling, or the in the corner of a room on a rug}, and/or you have furry
throttling of the speed of some computer parts in order to pets in the area.) Make sure you unplug the computer
decrease heat generation.
before you do this. While you are in there checking, take
First a little thermodynamics review. A heat-sink is an a can of “dust remover”, which is like compressed air,
object that moves heat from an object that it is trying to and blow out all of the dust you can see, especially
cool, to a lesser hot area or object. It absorbs heat from around the CPU heat-sink. Also, make sure all of the
an object, and transfers that heat to another object or the inlets and exhaust holes in the case are free from dust
surrounding air. In the computer, a heat-sink, usually and debris so that the normal air flow will not be
made of aluminum, is placed in direct contact with the disturbed. That can of “dust remover” is your best
CPU chip. A thermal grease is used to help the heat defense against dust buildup both on the heat-sink
transfer from the CPU chip to the heat-sink. The heat is surfaces, and around the air holes. (Keep a can of dust
then typically transferred to the ambient air (the lesser remover close at hand and give a package of them to
hot area). The heat sink helps cool the CPU by transferring your computer owning friends during the holiday season.)
heat from the CPU, at a relatively high temperature, to Follow the directions on the can. Be especially careful
the ambient air, at a relatively lower temperature. This not us hold the can on an angle or upside down, as doing
transfer of heat keeps the CPU from overheating and so may force out a flammable freezing liquid. (Note that
possibly shutting down. The most common design for a it is normal to feel the bottom of the can getting cold
heat-sink is a piece of metal with many fins. The large while the can is blowing air.) If you blow out the dust
surface area due to the fins results in the rapid transfer every 3 to 6 months, your computer should run nice and
of heat to the surrounding, cooler air. A fan improves the cool for many years, and you’ll be spared some very
transfer of heat from the heat-sink to the air by moving strange and possibly aggravating problems.
cooler air between the fins. This is how the combined
© 2010 by Phil Sorrentino
heat-sink and fan work to cool down the CPU chip.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 8
Windows Lab
Use Windows 7 Backup?
By Barney Babin, Cajun Clickers Computer Club (LA) member and instructor for XP, Vista
Workshop and Windows 7, April 2010 issue, Cajun Clickers Computer News,, [email protected]
As those of you that have taken my classes know, I am sentimental value, business associated irreplaceable, etc.
paranoid when it comes to the subject of backup. Windows which may be daily, biweekly, weekly, etc., but don’t
7 includes a good backup program that can either take an extend the time too long because if your system “dies” you
image of your hard drive or backup selections made by only have data from your last backup period and anything
you. I’m assuming here that you understand that you from that date to the present instant will be lost, thus
NEVER backup either your image or your individual files frequency of backups can become extremely important.
and folders to the same hard drive that your Windows
In my case I backup files and folders as they’re created,
operating system is installed upon, which is normally drive via a mirroring program, to other hard drives at my house
of concern during backup. I’m also assuming that all of and offsite on the web. I also just copy and paste some
your programs and data reside in the same partition, items onto flash drives for convenience, fast simple
normally C Drive.
transport, etc. I perform a full image of my drive at least
So, what is an image? An image is an exact copy, think once a day, but remember, I do more things on a computer
of it as a camera snapshot, of the hard drive, which than you do in my volunteer positions, so your pattern will
includes all the programs, the operating system and all your be totally different than mine.
data that you have generated and saved on your hard drive.
If you’re performing full images, I recommend using
If your computer ever stops working you can use this external drives, additional internal hard drives, network
system image, which does not allow you to select individual drives, etc. that will have ample room for multiple backups.
items, to completely restore your system to the state it was If you are backing up certain items only, the Documents
in when the image was made, including your programs, folder is usually where everything is saved and will normally
operating system, and your created data.
be able to be conveniently saved to flash drives, DVD,
If you’re into video tutorials go to the below URLs to offsite on the web, or if your total backup size is small a CD.
view a tutorial on how to create a system image or to view
Never keep these backup devices in close proximity to
a tutorial on how to backup files and folders of your choice. your computer that generated the backup. Remove them
from your house, if possible, store them in a bank vault,
store them at work, or store them offsite on the web.
If you are going to use one of the procedures described
If you want a step-by-step procedure for a system image,
go to the below URLs for the files step-by-step procedure. above, I also recommend that you create a system repair
disk, as described at
2c4o4qo. As part of the repair procedure your backups
will be recognized on external drives, other hard drives in
I strongly recommend, that no matter which procedure you your computer etc., and will illicit questions on whether you
choose, try to save more than one backup. This procedure want to restore from these items or not.
is normally called generational backups. What this means
Want to know more? Do a Google search on
is that you always have the option of retrieving information
Windows 7 backup tutorials or attend any of my
from more than one backup. There are times that you do
classes where I address the subject of backup in
not recognize that your “masterpiece” item, be it document,
week four of my sessions.
image, graphic, etc., was modified incorrectly and you do
not have the original item saved on your hard drive, only the
modified version. That is when a generational backup
becomes just as precious as gold. You can browse the
backup in the backup and restore window to navigate to
the item in question, and retrieve it in its original state,
provided that you have retained enough generational
backups to be able to do so.
By now you should be asking the question, how often and
where? The “how often” depends totally upon your usage
patterns, the importance of your documents, such as
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 9
Discovering Windows 7 – Part 14
By Neil Stahfest, Vice President, Tacoma Area PC User Group, Washington, April 2011 issue,
the Data Line, [email protected],
Do you have trouble seeing the text on your computer’s a file extension of .docx on it. If you create a document using
display? New computer displays come in a wide range of Word 2003 it has a file extension of .doc. Why? Because
sizes. Twenty years ago an 800 pixel by 600 pixel display Microsoft changed something in the way it formats document
was considered to be pretty high resolution. Modern LCD file with Word 2010. Word 2010 can read .doc files created
displays are available in a number of sizes that can range by Word 2003 but Word 2003 cannot read Word 2010
from 1024 by 600 pixels to 1920 by 1080 pixels. By default documents with a .docx file extension. For people like me
Windows attempts to match your computer’s display setting that use Word 2003 on one computer and Word 2010 on
to the number of pixels in the display to give you the sharpest another computer, it means that I can’t read documents
image possible. Sometimes, particularly if you have a very created on the new computer on my old computer. Fortunately
large display, the text may look to small.
Microsoft has provided a solution. It lets me save documents
Sometimes, however, your display settings may get changed. created with Word 2010 with the format used by Word 2003
If you attach a different display or a projector to your (with a .doc file extension) so I work with the same
computer may change your settings. When you change back document on both computers.
to your original display things may look “different” (icons in
new locations and bigger or smaller, text larger or smaller).
Windows 7 makes it easy to check and change your display
settings. Just click on the Windows Start button and then
the Control Panel. Under Appearance and Personalization,
click on Adjust screen resolution. This will produce a
window like the one shown here which lets you change the
appearance of your display. What we want to look at is the
button next to Resolution. As shown, when you click on it
a small window with slider appears which shows you the
range of settings available to you.
Now that we’ve” conquered” the subject of video
settings, let’s talk about file extensions. File extensions are
a group of letters at the end of a file name that identifies
the type of file for the programs in your computer. For
example, if I had a picture on my computer it might be
named cat.jpg. The name of the file is cat and the extension
.jpg identifies it as a picture file for the Windows Photo
Viewer program, as well as other programs that I might
have for viewing pictures. Through the magic of Windows,
you don’t have to specify a particular program to open or
view a file. In our example, just double-clicking on cat.jpg
will start the right program so I can see the picture of a cat.
I have a new laptop computer. It came with Microsoft
Word 2010 on it. My old computer has Word 2003 on it.
When you create a document with Word 2010, Word places
Now we get to Part 2 of my problem. By default Windows
7, as well as other versions of Windows, hides file extensions.
This means that by just looking at the name of a document,
I can’t tell if it was saved as a .doc or .docx file. In older
versions of Windows there was a way to unhide file
extensions. I did that years ago on my old computer, it was
something to do with “folder options” nut I no longer
remember how I did it. It doesn’t matter. I want to unhide
file extensions on my computer with Windows 7. As it turns
out, this is very easy.
Start by clicking on the Windows 7 Start Button. In the
Search Box that appears above it, type “folder options.” In
the window that appears above the Search Box we’ll see
“Folder Options.” We can also see that it is located in the
Control Panel, but that isn’t important right now. Just by
double-clicking on “Folder Options” gets us to the Folder
Options window. Which is what we want? If we click on
the view tab (as shown in the illustration) we see a list of
Advanced settings, including one that says “Hide extensions
for known file types.” Notice the check mark in the box
next to it. Click on the box to uncheck it and click “OK” to
unhide file extensions.
While we’re here in the Folder Options window, notice
that there are a lot of other options. I’ll leave it to you to
explore them. Just remember, if you mess things up, just
click on the “Reset Folders” button to restore everything
to the default settings.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 10
Microsoft program stores all types of data
By John Weigle, Editor, Channel Islands PCUG, California,January 2011 issue, The Outer
Edge,, [email protected]
A search in OneNote looks through all notebooks, lists
Microsoft’s OneNote was one of the subjects discussed by
Toby Scott, Channel Islands PCUG Technical Advisor, at where the term is found and highlights it in the opened
their December 2010 program in December.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of templates are available for
OneNote has been compared to a three-ring binder as a
place to store all types of information in a searchable form. OneNote users, including ones for home, school and
But it’s far more useful than just a binder full of paper, as business. But, Scott noted, “Not all free template
downloads are useful.”
Scott showed in the demonstration.
Text can be saved from many pictures, such as a screen
OneNote first appeared in the Microsoft Office suite in
2003, but not in all versions, he said. It was in most of the shot of a DOS box, and copied to another spot in OneNote.
versions of Office 2007 and is in all of the 2010 versions, A search will find the information in the image whether
including Home and Student. It is also available as a stand- you’ve copied it out to text or not (the highlight was hard
to see on the DOS screen shot, however). This does not
alone purchase for about $75.
OneNote is the perfect place to store “a tremendous work on heavily artistic graphics, like the CIPCUG logo on
amount of random stuff” in notebooks that can all be the society’s Web page, however. “There are limits on
examined with a single search, Scott said. Each notebook what you can pick up,” he said.
OneNote also defeats attempts to make copying a Web
can have tabs to further divide the information.
impossible, Scott noted. In Vista and Windows 7, you
Notebooks are listed on the left, and the tabs for a notebook run
the clipping tool to mark the portion of the Web
across the top of the program. Pages can also have sub-pages.
want and paste it into OneNote, where it’s
“I probably have 10,000 notes of one kind or another I’d
like to be able to get to and some of them I can’t find
Scott also showed a notebook for work where he stores
anymore,” Scott said. OneNote becomes a central
on problems that are repetitive but don’t come
depository for this kind of information, he said.
so fixing them becomes automatic. He
A notebook could cover plans for a trip, he said. When the
in the notebook and can then search
trip is over and you don’t need it anymore, you can delete
for words matching the problem. He can store registry fixes
it with a right click.
and similar information, keeping the links live all the time.
The program is quite flexible, he said, because “you can
Another use, he said, is to gather pricing information from
enter data into OneNote almost any way you can get
of websites for airline tickets and so on, paste it
information into a computer.” You can cut and paste
information, import Word and Excel documents and copy into OneNote and compare all the data in one place.
and paste text from an image (for example, a screen shot). OneNote also adds a “Pasted from …” tag with
information you paste from a website.
Text in an image is searchable.
OneNote does not pick up CSS formatting and the
OneNote wants to tie into SkyDrive, Microsoft’s “to the
images on a Web page so it won’t display the
clouds,” he said. It gives you 25 Gig of storage but you
the way you see it on the Web page.
cannot store files larger than 50 Meg. Stored items can be
also be copied from a PDF file, he said.
personal (private) or shared. Users who put information in
Spreadsheets imported from websites are readable, but
a shared folder are immediately asked if they want to send
e-mails to notify people that the information is there. they don’t necessarily import in a spreadsheet format.
Anyone can see the shared files, but they can be password- Scott said that if he wants material from a spreadsheet to
be imported into a different spreadsheet, he copies the
protected to limit access, he said.
It’s also possible to copy entire Web sites, and, while the material into Note Tab Pro. He then does a search for two
format of the page does not remain, all links remain live. spaces and replaces them with a tab. He then pastes that
Those who put data in a shared file can give users material into a spreadsheet, and Excel uses the tabs to
permission to edit it, but they, not those who visit the shared create new columns.
folder, have the power to limit and grant access permissions.
The cloud version of Office, which includes Word, Excel,
PowerPoint and OneNote, can be used from SkyDrive.
Information entered in OneNote is saved immediately
so users don’t have to remember to save before
closing the program.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 11
You’ve got them. Why Not Use Them?
By Vinny La Bash, Regular Columnist of the Sarasota Personal Computer Users Group, Inc.,
Sarasota PC Monitor, May 2010 Issue,, [email protected]
This article has been obtained from APCUG with the author’s
permission for publication by APCUG member groups; all other
uses require the permission of the author (see e-mail address above).
create a similar structure for receiving messages. Using
this tool effectively requires basic programming skills.
People configure their desktops in different ways for an all
encompassing assortment of reasons. Most use the
Windows defaults which are quite reasonable, but operate
from a false assumption that “factory specifications” are
enough. Windows has lots of useful features not included
in the default settings which could have great benefits, but
if one doesn’t know the features are there, one can never
enjoy these prospective benefits.
Let’s start by opening the Control Panel and clicking on
Programs. In the Programs and Features section click
the Turn Windows Features on or off. A dialog box
appears which will enable you to turn features on or off.
(See illustration).
There’s probably much more here than you want, so let’s
examine several features that you are more likely to use
rather than the ones which require professional technical
knowledge to be useful.
Simple Network Management Protocol
The Indexing Service
The Indexing Service got a bad reputation in Vista because
it was annoyingly slow. There is no doubt that Vista was a
resource hog so any service or utility that had additional
requirements tended to bog down the system even further.
Microsoft resolved the problem in Windows 7 by turning the
Indexing Service off by default. That’s too bad because the
utility can actually be very helpful in locating files and other
content through flexible inquiries. Try it, you just may like it.
Internet Information Services (IIS) and
Internet Information Services
Hostable Web Core
You will not be held accountable if you don’t know what
these tools do or if you choose to ignore them. IIS is mostly
regarded as a major component of a server while the
Hostable Web Core performs fewer functions and
needs fewer resources. If you write web based applications
or wish to experiment hosting a web site on your desktop,
these tools may be essential.
Microsoft Message Queue Server
This utility has been around for years and most application
developers have come to ignore it because it’s not new. If
you send and receive messages on a regular basis with
people who are in remote locations on the planet, and have
“iffy” connections, you now have a tool to build a message
queue, store a message within it, and send it when the
connection to the recipient is up and running. You can also
Everyone who uses a computer on a regular basis should be
concerned about unauthorized access to personal information
or attempts to trick people into revealing information which
should remain private. If you have a home network, wireless
or not, SNMP gives you better control over devices on the
network. You can configure hardware, troubleshoot more
effectively, and in many cases even track down attempts to
crack into your network. This tool requires a working
knowledge of how a network operates.
Telnet Client
This is a great diagnostic tool if your email client is acting
strangely and normal diagnostics cannot resolve the
problem. Turn it on when you need it, and turn it off when
you’re not using it as there are security issues with it.
These tools are not for everyone, especially those with
little computing experience, but your level of knowledge
shouldn’t remain at the novice stage. Challenge yourself
and you won’t be like the guy who thinks he has twenty
years of experience when in reality all he has is one year
of experience twenty times.
Wireless Speakers
If you’re an audiophile, listen to wireless speakers
before adding them to your entertainment setup to
make sure you’re comfortable with the sound quality.
Some listeners prefer wired audio because it
consistently delivers audio to the speakers. Keep in
mind that although you can buy wireless speakers at
any point, you can’t easily wire your home for wholehouse audio after construction completes.
Save Money On A PC Purchase
Factor in future expansion options with a new computer.
Don’t overspend on components you won’t use. For
example, if you’ll primarily use your home-office
system to compose Word documents, exchange email,
and balance budgets, don’t spend hundreds of dollars
more for a high-end graphics card, TV tuner, sevenspeaker audio system, and pricey Blu-ray Disc drive
aimed at gaming and entertainment applications.
Reprinted with permission from Smart Computing. Visit to learn what Smart
Computing can do for you and your user group!
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 12
Updates! Updates! Updates!
By Penny Cano, Member and Instructor for the Dumb & Dumber Workshops – Cajun Clickers
Computer Club, LA, March 2011 issue, Cajun Clickers Computer News,,
[email protected]
“Something popped up on my computer saying I needed an lower right hand corner of the screen), the answer is “Yes,
update. I didn’t know if it was OK, so I didn’t do it.” Does this thank you for keeping me current.”
sound familiar? Updates are one of the most important things
Some of the programs aren’t so accommodating. Many
you can do for your computer. So what needs updating? The can be manually updated by choosing “Check for Updates”
answer is almost all the software on your computer. Updates under “Help” on the program’s menu. There may also be a
patch security holes that allow access to your computer from choice under “Options” (Settings, Properties, or some such
outside and correct defects in software programs.
wording) to automate the process.
First and foremost is Windows itself. Patches fix security
There is a website that can help you decide. Http://
vulnerabilities and program flaws in the Operating System. has an online scanner (use “Scan now”
Most people choose Automatic Updates, which downloads in the upper right corner, “Start Scanner” on the next page,
and installs these “fixes” for Windows without them having and check “Enable thorough system inspection” on the next
to worry about it. But Windows is not the only Microsoft page before you hit “Start”) that will look at your system and
program that needs updating. An option you can choose in list insecure programs. You can also download Secunia
Microsoft Update allows it to also take care of Microsoft Personal Software Inspector (PSI) free for home users.
Office suite, Microsoft Works, Windows Live, Silverlight,
and a whole host of other Microsoft products installed on
your computer that also need updating.
Of equal importance
are updates for your
program or Internet
Security suite.
Don’t know which
one you’re using? It’s time you found out!! Double click on
the icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen and
when the program opens look for the date of the latest
definition/update. It should be no later than yesterday. The
virus program can only remove the “bad stuff” if it can
recognize it, and it gets those descriptions in the definitions
downloaded from the Internet.
Now what else needs updating? Java, Flashplayer, and
Shockwave are three programs that deal with animation on
websites. Adobe Reader occasionally has newer versions,
but there are updates for the older versions if you prefer to
keep them instead of upgrading. Do you have RealPlayer,
Quick Time, or iTunes on your computer? Yes, they need
updating too. Alternative browsers like Firefox, Chrome,
and Safari are on the list. Add e-mail programs like Mozilla
Thunderbird and Incredimail. Printer software, Support
software from your computer manufacturer like HP Advisor is a source for many of
and Dell Support Center, graphics programs like
the freeware and shareware programs we use (Adobe
Photoshop….the list is endless.
Reader, iTunes, Firefox, Open Office, AVG Antivirus,
So how do you determine which update requests to allow? etc). You can download their free Update Checker
One way is to open the Control Panel and choose “Add which will also help keep you up to date with the latest
Remove Programs” in XP or “Programs and Features” in versions of that type of software.
Vista and Windows 7. Become familiar with the list of
programs installed on the computer. (If you can’t remember
all of them, at least you have a preference.) If one of these
programs requests an update (a popup or notification in the
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 13
Are you Secure?
By Constance Brown, President, Canton/Alliance/Massillon User Group, Ohio, January 2011
issue, The Memory Map,, [email protected]
Security is one of the most common concerns with today’s computer other than yourself or your spouse, you will most
computer based communications and transactions. How can likely NOT want to allow the site to remember your login
I secure my personal computer? Should I do banking online information. Over the past two years, banks have added
or is it safer to write checks and mail them? Is it safe to levels of security including a picture id of your selection from
purchase products online? How much can people learn about choices they provide in addition to the login name and
me through online access? These questions are some of the password. The only time I would not be comfortable doing
most common I hear expressed by my students. Let’s look at banking or providing credit card information for other types of
some of these concerns.
transactions would be in places providing free public Wi-Fi.
Is it safe to make purchases online? Buyer be informed! All
First of all, we need to secure our personal computers. Most
of us have high speed access in today’s world. If you leave major retail companies have online stores. These have
your computer turned on and internet access turned on 24 securities in place. After all, these corporations have much to
hours a day, 7 days a week, you are more vulnerable than lose if their names were soiled by identity theft.
someone who has dial-up access and has to get offline in order
There are quality “Mom and Pop” stores online. And there
to place phone calls. Dial-up is so slow that hackers don’t are thieves, just as in the real world. If you have questions,
usually want to fool with it and users with that type of service check with someone more experienced than you before
are usually online only short periods of time. Those with high placing your credit card or bank card information with a
speed connections through DSL or cable can shut off their company online. There are multiple, wonderful companies.
modems or turn off their computers. I have high speed access There are some frauds.
and VOIP phone service. So shutting off my modem is not an
Beware of emails that pretend to be from the FBI, PayPal,
option for me.
and Amazon, Chase bank or other well-known financial
That is one reason I turn off my computer if I am not going institutions claiming that there may have been fraudulent
to use it for several hours. I also prefer to place my documents activity on your account and telling you to click on a link
on an external drive that I disconnect if I choose to leave the provided in the email to verify your account information. DO
computer running while I go to town.
NOT DO THIS! If you have questions regarding your
Your personal computer needs to be protected with anti- account, open a separate browser, type in the address
virus and anti-spyware programs. It should also be protected yourself, and then login and check on things. Be sure to
with a firewall. One is included with Windows. A router forward the email to the fraud division of the company it
provides an additional level of protection. It plugs into the claims to represent. That is the best way to track down these
modem and your computer plugs into it. When some would- identity thieves.
be hacker tries to get to your computer, it finds the address of
How much can people learn about you online? More than
the router instead. Most routers come with programs to you think! Public information has always been available.
protect you. It is often necessary to update the router You used to look up addresses in telephone books. And you
software to keep the protections as up-to-date as possible. could go to the auditor’s office to look up information about
If you are using a wireless router in order to send signal to someone’s property. You could look up addresses on maps.
other wireless devices, you will want to secure your wireless Now all that information is readily available through the
network with strong encryption and a strong password. When online white pages and the auditor’s web sites. Of course
you choose passwords for your network or for your bank there are many map services. A GPS can guide you
accounts and online stores, be sure to choose a strong precisely to the locations you program into the system. Try
password with meaning to you but not to others. Aword that “Googling” your name and the city in which you live. You will
is not in the dictionary is best.
find references to your comments in the local paper,
You will want to mix upper and lower case letters, include information about you that is included in online publications
numbers, and a special letter if the site allows it. Let’s look at and anything else that is public.
a couple of passwords. Here are examples of two commonly
chosen passwords that are dreadfully insecure: 123456;
abcdefg. Here is an example of a strong password: E4g$jwQy.
Normally passwords should be 8 characters or more.
Is online banking secure? Many people pay their bills and
monitor accounts regularly online. Banks require the use of a
browser with specific standards of security. For example, if
you are still using Internet Explorer 6, your bank most likely
will not allow you to set up online banking. If anyone uses your
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 14
Cell Phone Lingo
By Wil Wakely, President, Seniors Computer Group, CA, March 2011 issue, Bits and Bytes,
The Official Electronic Newsletter of the Seniors Computer Group,, [email protected]
When it’s time to buy or upgrade to a new
G4 arrived in 2006 and allows 1 Gbt/s (one
cell phone, are you as confused as I am
gigabit per second) downloads from a fixed
with all the fancy terms and acronyms in
location or 100 mbt/s (megabits per second)
the sales pitch? They make my head spin.
from a moving vehicle. These high speeds
Some of the terms you will encounter refer
allow streaming high-definition video (HD
to the technology generation of the phone,
movies) on your cell phone. Also,
as in G0 to G5. About every 10 years the
connections to the Internet are faster and
next larger G (generation) number appears
better. G5 is still in the lab and promises even
denoting a major improvement in cell phone
more features, but may not arrive before
technology. Each generation improves the
speed, security, power usage, range and
The cell phone field is rampant with 3, 4, and 5 letter
reliability of cell phones.
acronyms. Here are a few that a salesman may try to
G0 refers to the original mobile impress you with:
telephone, a large unit stored in the
• GMS (global mobile system): still widely used in
car trunk with a hand-set between
older phones.
the driver and passenger seat.
• TDMA (time domain multiple access): sharing the
Remember those? Essentially it was
airwave in small time slots.
a souped-up short-wave radio.
FDMA (frequency domain multiple access): sharing
These first made the scene via
the airwave in different frequencies.
Motorola and Bell Telephone in
CDMA (see above).
the 50’s.
An analogy to the problem
Next came G1 using GMS tech (see below) which
of multiple access is a room
also was analog, first introduced in Japan in 1979
(channel) in which people
and later in the USA in 1983. In 1992, G2 was a
wish to talk to each other
major improvement using digital technology vs.
simultaneously. To avoid
analog that was used
in G1. So what’s the
turns speaking (time
difference? Analog is
division), speak at different
a continuous smooth
signal like whistling a
speak in
tune. Digital rapidly
you may
samples the song and
converts each small
TDMA) and WiMax (similar to WiFi). These are fancy
time segment into a
series of ones and
zeros, or digits.
Through some clever complex calculations, these improvements in
digits are converted back to the original sound tone the field. So the
and volume. The advantages of digital are that the best strategy for
data can be compressed and encoded for security buying a new cell
and no information is lost as long as the 1/0 signal phone is to read the
can be detected, even from a lot of accompanying reviews and then find
a salesman you can trust.
Some of the above
In 2001, 3G was introduced using a new technology
information may help you
called CDMA (code division multiple access)
understand his pitch and also
developed by our local Qualcomm company. This is a
impress him with your
very complex encoding that allows many more users
on the same channel at the same time. G3 is probably
the most common system in use today.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 15
Keyboards and Stuff
By Merle Nicholson, Secretary, Tampa PC Users Group, Inc., FL, April 2011 issue, Bits of
Blue,, [email protected]
There are several other ways to alter keyboards. I’ve
I’ve modified and programmed keyboards, trying my best
to optimize my time at the computer. Not that I don’t enjoy disabled the “Caps Lock” key. It has no effect when
my computer and the things I can accomplish, but, First, pressed. It takes a complicated little registry change to do
I’m a lousy typist, despite having practiced continuously that, but just think about it; the only time I EVER use the
since 1976, and, second, I hate messing with things that are Caps Lock is to switch it off after accidently switching it
obviously flawed. Keyboards are all flawed, that’s a given. on. What a waste of keyboard space. Likewise “Scroll
Lock.” I’ll bet not one in ten thousand keyboard users
Here’s how I’m coping.
I pretty much settled, a couple of years ago, on a know what Scroll Lock is, and it’s on every keyboard
Logitech Gaming Keyboard model G11. It’s been succeeded waiting for an accidental bump. How about the “Ins” key?
by a model G510 ($106 at NewEgg), which is only slightly Although I probably would not disable it as I did Caps Lock,
improved from the G11. I’m always on the lookout for new I’d like to at least disable it from an accidental bump almost
keyboards, but so far I haven’t found anything else to all the time.
Now that I’m started on this – let’s look at Num Lock.
excite me. The G11 is distinguished by 18 programmable
keys, key backlighting and multimedia controls. The G510 Ok, I’ll concede that some people use it. But I do own three
is the same except the backlighting is probably better and keyboards (two on notebooks) that have no numeric
it has a small multipurpose LCD screen. It’s the backlighting keypad. But Num Lock switches an array of character
keys to numbers if you don’t have a keypad. More than
and programmable keys that make it
once I’ve gone crazy knowing that I know the logon
worth it to me. The picture below is the
password on a computer that wouldn’t take. Guess what.
left side, showing the key arrangement
The num lock was on, the password used characters
and my labels.
U,I,O,J,K,L or M, and being a password wouldn’t show up
You can use these 18 keys in 18 times
on the screen. Man, I hate that.
three ways (54) because there are three
What I really want is a 100% fully programmable keyboard
buttons at the top of the array – M1, M2
program built into Windows. How hard could it be?
and M3 – that will switch the whole bank
of 18 to three sets. So far I haven’t found a use for
There are programmable keyboards. One or two really
switching the banks. Eighteen seems to be enough, so it are 100% programmable. Even some that you just place
stays on M1. Programming is pretty versatile. It accepts the key switches wherever you want on a slate. But I don’t
macros, shortcuts, functions, text and a scripting language, want it bad enough to pay them $1500!
so I’d guess that you’d be hard pressed to find anything you
couldn’t program.
The bottom three keys in the picture are pretty obvious:
They’re a replacement for Ctl+X, C and V. I use these
three constantly, since I’m a real believer in cut, copy and
paste because I make a lot of mistakes and need to avoid
typing as much as possible. The next set up is new for me,
Pictured above: Logitech G510, NewEgg Item#:
marked 1 2 3. They (and cut, copy, paste) don’t need
N82E16823126100 $106.
labels; I marked them for this article. 1 2 3 run a little
Also nice in my living room (think NetFlix): Logitech
program I wrote in VB.NET that will pop the mouse cursor
to the center of my monitors 1, 2 and 3 and blip some eye- diNovo Mini Black 63 Normal Keys Bluetooth Wireless
catching circles. The only disadvantage in using three Mini keyboard Item#: N82E16823126039 $120.
monitors is finding the mouse and how to get it where you
want it. Problem solved: The buttons “Computer”, “F:”,
“G:”, “C:” and “D:” all just open Windows Explorer to
those drive letters. “UP” moves Windows Explorer up one
level in the directory tree, “close” closes the current
window (it’s really Alt+F4, and a bit hazardous to use).
“KP”, “outlook”, “IE” and “WAtracker” all launch
programs and are used perhaps once a day. I’ll ditch any
of these if I find any other use for the keys. “Date” runs
another program I wrote to push the time and date into the
clipboard ready for pasting. I use this, well,...sometimes.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 16
The Seventh Son of Windows
The Windows 7 Control Panel
By Lee Reynolds, Contributing Editor, Boca Raton Computer Society, FL, January 2011 issue,
Boca Bits,, [email protected]
has been redistributed differently in Windows 7. Security
The overall look of Control Panel in Windows 7 hasn’t Center enabled you to handle the Firewall,
Automatic Updating, use of an Anti-virus program and the
changed that much from Vista if you look at the two
of malware by Windows Defender. It also allowed
screenshots below:
you to turn on User Account Control if it was disabled.
Vista also had an applet called Problem Reports and
Solutions which allowed you to research and report problems
in your computer. In Windows 7, most of this is handled in
the new applet called Action Center.
New In Windows 7
But there are a number of under-the-hood differences.
First, there is no “Classic View” link in the left pane of
Control, as there was in Windows XP and Vista. Instead, you
click on the “View by” dropdown listbox and select “Large
icons” or “Small icons.”
Now as you compare all the items in Vista and Windows
7, you will see that there are a number of missing applets, a
number of new applets, and a number of modified applets.
Missing Or Replaced Applets Some of the missing applets
in Windows 7 are: Add Hardware, People Near Me, and
Windows Sidebar Properties. The Welcome Center applet
of Vista has been replaced in Windows 7 by one called
Getting Started.
Since there are still Gadgets in Windows 7, but no Sidebar
to mount them on, the Windows Sidebar Properties applet of
Vista has been replaced by Desktop Gadgets. The Printers
applet of Vista has been replaced by one called Devices and
Printers. Besides printers, this new applet can also handle
devices that are connected externally to the computer,
including devices connected wirelessly or over the network,
through USB cables, Bluetooth, Wireless USB, Wi-Fi or
other wireless connections.
System Restore in Vista was one of the tasks in the left
pane of the window for the System applet. Under Windows
7, it has its own applet called Recovery.
Windows Security Center is another applet in Vista that
There are a number of other new applets in Windows 7
with no counterpart in Vista, including:
• ClearType Text Tuner, which helps make the text on
the screen easier to read
• Credential Manager, which helps manage user names
and passwords and other credentials used to log on
to websites, other computers, etc.
• Default Location, which can be used to store your
zip code, country/region, and latitude and longitude
for use when there is no location sensor such as a
GPS receiver attached to the computer
• Display, which allows a choice between Smaller,
Medium, and Larger sizes for text and other items to
make the screen easier to read
• HomeGroup, which is the new way of sharing data
and other resources in a home network environment
• Notification Area Icons, which allows control of
which icons and notification messages appear in the
Notification Area of the Taskbar
• RemoteApp and Desktop Connections, which allows
you to connect to desktops and programs at your
workplace; this takes the place of the Remote
Desktop and Remote Assistance capabilities of
Windows Vista and XP
• System Icons, which allows control of the following
icons and notifications in the
• Notification Area of the Taskbar: Clock, Volume,
Network, Power, and Action Center
• Troubleshooting, which allows access to various
troubleshooting wizards on computer problems under
the following general categories: Programs, Hardware
and Sound, Network and Internet, Appearance and
Personalization, System and Security
Most of the other applets that Vista and Windows 7 have
in common have either not changed at all, or have relatively
minor differences.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 17
Digital Asset Management Software
By Mike Morris, Editor, Front Range PC Users Group, CO, February 2011 issue, kByte™newsletter,, [email protected]
One major claim on their website is that this
What is interesting to me is that many of today’s
application is faster than any other. For a list of
digital imaging software applications offer both image
editing tools this application provides, connect to
editing and what is called “Digital Asset Management”
(DAM) capabilities.
features (
In the not-so-distant past, the only image software
4. Adobe CS3 (and later) applications. The Adobe
choice was what image editor to use (Photoshop or
Bridge program is bundled with the CSx (the
something else). But with the “explosion” of digital
latest release is CS5) series of Adobe products.
camera use, keeping track of all the images (and
In my case, I received it when I purchased
protecting intellectual property rights) has clearly
Adobe InDesign CS3. Adobe Bridge brings DAM
become a significant issue. While this is certainly an
features to the Adobe products, all of which, as
issue especially for professional photographers, with
I am sure you know, are very expensive
digital cameras, even the most casual photographer
applications (full retail price for Photoshop CS5
will soon find hundreds, if not thousands of photos on
is $699). They are, however, designed for
their computer.
professional/business use, originally commercial
printing, but now expanded into electronic
Perhaps you are thinking, as you read this, that you
publishing as well. The Adobe products
don’t need image management of any kind, because
(Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign among others),
your digital camera provides all the necessary
despite the many competitors, are still considered
industry “standards.” For more information on
Actually, that is NOT the case. The camera provides
these products, connect to Adobe (http://
information about camera settings (including date and
time of the photo). But not included in that data is
5. Adobe Lightroom. From Wikipedia (http://
information such as the event (e.g., parent’s 50th
b i t . l y / 3 w n G q F ) is this description:
wedding anniversary), or the names of the people in
Lightroom is an application “...designed to assist
the photo. Yes, you may have an excellent memory, but
professional photographers in managing
your children and grandchildren probably won’t
thousands of digital images and doing post
remember or know the names of all the people in the
production work. It is not a file browser like
photos of those special events (I can verify that from
Adobe Bridge, but rather an image management
personal experience).
application database which helps in viewing,
That is why image management software
editing, and managing digital photos, the same
is so helpful—it allows you to capture that
way photographers used to do in the non-digital
information. You have a wide range of software
world.” Connect to Lightroom (http://
choices for this application: for a list of features. Full
1. DigiKam (,
retail price is $299.
an image management application claimed to be
6. For the casual computer user/casual
designed by photographers, and is open source
photographer, there is Google Picasa (http:/
and therefore free. This application offers both
It offers simple
DAM and image editing capabilities (which are
a few simple
significant, although not equivalent to the editing
features of Photoshop or GIMP). For Windows
program, it
users, you can download the Windows version
from download (
the images (with a few minor exceptions) on
2. DigitalPro (, also
your computer.
claimed to be designed by photographers, and is
if not all major camera makers provide
proprietary ($179). This application is primarily
with their cameras that include
for image management (and primarily for
some basic image organization and image editing
photographers), not image editing.
are many other choices, some of which you can
3. Bibble Labs (
)Pro (and Lite). This proprietary application find in the Wikipedia comparisons at: image viewers
($199.95) offers both editing and DAM features.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 18
(, image organizers
(, and graphics editors
I ended up with Adobe Bridge “by default.” Since I
make no claim to being a professional photographer, or
even (yet) a knowledgeable amateur, I would very
probably have picked a free application (such as
DigiKam) for “Digital Asset Management” if I didn’t
already have Bridge.
For me, Picasa does not have enough features.
However, I expect it will be sufficient for many digital
camera users.
I have not tried to compare in detail either editing
features or DAM capabilities of these programs. I
have, however, scanned through the DigiKam manual
( My conclusion is that if you
download and install DigiKam and GIMP, you will
have a very powerful, very feature-rich set of image
editing and image management tools.
Thanks to FRPCUG member Bert Broekstra for his comments on DigiKam, and for finding the DigiKam PDF manual link.
Service Packs Explained (and needed)
By Sandy Berger, Compu-KISS,, [email protected]
So, for Windows XP
Although most of us
you should have
still think of Windows
Service Pack 3
7 as a brand new
installed. Windows
operating system, it is,
Vista should have
in fact, starting to show
Service Pack 2, and
its age. Windows 7
Windows 7 should
made its debut on
have Service Pack 1.
October 22, 2009. Is
To learn what service
one and one-half really
old? Well, in the computer world, it is not old, but it is pack you have installed, just click on the Start button, rightcertainly full-grown. One sign of this is that Microsoft has click on Computer or My Computer, and then click
Properties. You will see the service pack listed under the
just released the first Service Pack for Windows 7.
A service pack is a collection of updates, bug fixes, and Windows edition.
You can go to the Microsoft website and install a service
enhancements for a software program. As you know,
Microsoft routinely offers updates for their Windows pack from there, if you happen to be missing one. All
operating systems. These updates come out weekly and service packs from Microsoft are free. If you are using
they patch or, you might say, repair the operating system Window 7, the new service pack will be offered to you
so that they remain safe from hackers. They can also through Microsoft’s automatic update service. This
include improvements or enhancements to the operating Windows 7 service pack can take up to 30 minutes and will
system. At a certain point in time, Microsoft gathers all of re-boot your computer. I have installed Window 7, Service
those updates, adds any other updates and enhancements Pack 1 on several computers without a problem, but you
they have and issues this batch of updates as a service should be aware that installing a service pack is a big
pack. It is also important to note, that when Microsoft update. Microsoft recommends that you back up your
issues a service pack, this service pack also makes sure computer before installing a service pack. And to be
that all of the updates and enhancements work well honest, you should be backing up your computer anyway.
together and offer good stability for the operating system. So if you don’t have a backup strategy in place, this is a
The question that I am most often asked is this, “If I have good time to implement one.
The newest version of Internet Explorer - IE 9 is now in
installed every update that Microsoft has released, do I still
need to install the service pack?” The answer is “yes.” testing and it is already available for free download in a
Often the service pack contains additional updates and/or beta version. This is by far, the best version of Internet
enhancements that were not included in the weekly updates. Explorer that Microsoft has ever released. IE 9 won’t run
Also, a service pack makes sure that all of the updates are on Windows XP; it requires Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Although Microsoft is not requiring Windows 7 Service
put together properly to make your system run well.
In fact, Microsoft thinks that this is so important that they Release 1 to install IE 9, it is advisable to install this Service
only support the operating system when it has the proper Release before you install IE 9.
Service Packs are a fact of life for Windows users.
service packs installed. Each service pack should be
installed when it is released. If for some reason, they are Installing them may be a bit of a pain, but you really need
installed all at the same time, each is installed sequentially. them to make sure that your Windows system is secure and
stable and that it performs well.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 19
The Other Side of the Street
By Bill Hart, Member, The PCUG of Connecticut, March 2011 issue, The Program,,
When IBM and Microsoft first released OS/2 in the late discovered that Windows leaves all the ports on the
1980s I was keen to try it, and even signed up as a Beta computer CPU open by default — which is why you need
tester. I really wanted to be able to run more than one something like ZoneAlarm or some other firewall-type
application at a time, and this seemed to offer a chance. product to keep you safe. When he told Redmond about it
OS/2 could be described as a GUI- they just shrugged their shoulders and said they knew, but
based system supporting any number of it didn’t matter.
Linux only opens to the outside world those ports on the
virtual machines. Open an application
and you opened a virtual machine to run CPU which are absolutely essential. So I rarely use
it. It accepted both DOS and Windows Windows to surf the Web any more. I said “so far”
because I suppose hackers would
3.0 applications. At last I could run more
be more likely to work at attacking
than one application at a time on one
Linux if more people were using it.
machine; I could run long-running simulation runs in one
It’s much easier to go after Windows
virtual machine while sending and receiving messages and
users, who are the vast majority.
writing documents in two others, Fantastic!
There are many varieties of Linux.
And then Microsoft, who had left the project, struck in
I usually run OpenSuSE on my
their inimitable way. Windows 3.1 subtly changed the
desktop. A lot of people like Ubuntu.
interfaces needed for applications to talk to Windows, so
I have tried it more than once, but it
when OS/2 users tried to run the new Windows apps they
failed – until IBM was able to catch up. Redmond is still has yet to recognize the Wi-Fi equipment built into my
doing this; they have not accepted internationally-agreed laptop. I finally settled on a variety called PCLinuxOS.
document formats, but have invented their own, ignoring ( Go to download
the rest of the world. Windows Office apps like Excel or it, and you are immediately faced with another decision:
Word will still not accept those formats, and Windows does there are many varieties of desktop available.
not recognize any other disk format than those developed
Like, say, Windows 95, Linux runs a GUI on top of a
by TBOR (The Beast Of Redmond).
basic DOS-type machine. And this means that a number
So I just LOVE Micros**t (supply
of people, having different ideas of what constitutes a
your own two letters). When OS/2
really nice GUI, have made, and offer, their own designs.
faded I looked around for a substitute
The two most used are probably KDE and Gnome, but
that was not from Redmond – and
there are, as you can see on the PCLinux site, several
chose Linux.
others, and you can read a description of each before you
Linux is also fantastic, though, choose. But if you want to start somewhere familiar,
being derived from UNIX (so to probably the best to start with is the KDE desktop. It is
speak), it has a somewhat different most like Windows in its appearance and behavior. Its
philosophy from OS/2 or DOS. But descriptive page on the website says of it:
I can run many applications at once,
as I did with OS/2. AND it has a Features:
• Kernel kernel for maximum desktop
feature that the miser in me loves – it is free. You can
download applications without charge; you can, if you are
Guru enough, download the source code for applications
• Full KDE 4.5.4 Desktop
and modify them to fit your own needs.
• Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support
Another nice thing: Linux applications used on the
• Multimedia playback support for many popular
Internet are safer than Windows ones. Steve Gibson of
Gibson Research Corporation, makers of SpinRite http:/
• Wireless support for many network devices
/ — take a look) many years ago fell
• Printer support for many local and networked printer
afoul of a hacker who didn’t like something he had said and
retaliated by putting a “Denial of Service” attack on his
• Addlocale allows you to convert PCLinuxOS into
site. (That’s when you visit a site with an invalid request
over 60 languages
which takes time to analyze, but you do it so often so
• GetOpenOffice can install Open Office supporting
quickly that the site is overwhelmed.) During his
over 100 languages
(successful) exploration to find the perpetrator he
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 20
MyLiveCD allows you to take a snapshot of your
installation and burn it to a LiveCD/DVD
• PCLinuxOS-liveusb – allows you to install
PCLinuxOS on a USB key disk
Sounds a pretty good deal, despite
some of the Version Number flack.
“Kernel” is the basic Linux system
on which this version of PCLinuxOS
is founded, “KDE”, of course, are
supplying the GUI portion and GetOpenOffice will add the
free Office Suite to your system. Well worth the price!
Anyway, you can experiment if you wish. Download more
than one. But make sure they are described as ‘LIVE
CD’. Those will run entirely from the CD without disturbing
your hard disks at all.
Each will come as an ISO file — a CD image which you
can burn with Nero or Roxio or whatever you have. You
will end with a bootable CD. Insert it in your drive and
reboot the computer. It will provide you with a menu of
choices of which the top one is usually the one to pick and
the bottom is probably ‘boot from the hard disk”, which will
allow you to chicken out if you wish.
And now you are running Linux,
without having disturbed anything on
your present computer. Reboot and
remove the CD, or choose the “Hard
Disk” option, and you are back to
Redmond’s product. But I hope that
you will have found, if you explore a bit before doing that,
that you have a wide range of applications — an Office
Suite, Multimedia players, editors, a few games, and
Internet applications like Firefox. Try Firefox and you
should find that your Web connection has been recognized
and you are able to surf — without bothering about special
software to keep you safe from Hacker Harm.
Add Text on a Photo in Word 2007
By Lynn Page, Editor, Crystal River Users Group, Florida, December 2010 issue, CRUG
newsletter,, [email protected]
When creating a document it may be useful to place text color or border. With the Text Box still selected click Text
with or on top of a photo. You could create a new photo Box Tools and on the Format tab, in the Text Box Styles
with the text in a digital photo editing application and group, click Shape Fill and select No Fill. Then click Shape
then save it for use. But if you will just use that image Outline and select No Outline.
once why go to the bother. Within Word 2007 you can
With the Text Box you can add text on top of a photo and
add the text on top of your photo using either WordArt move the text to position it over the photo, but you can’t
or a text box. Which method to use depends on the rotate it. To be able to rotate the text or use text that is more
effect desired. For text that is short and an interesting stylized use WordArt.
stylized look is what you want WordArt is a good option.
For plain and simple text a text box can match the text WordArt on Top of a Photo
to that in the rest of the document.
To place WordArt on the photo first create a Drawing
Canvas. Place the insertion point in the document and then
Text Box on Top of a Photo
Placing a text box on a photo can be as easy as inserting in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab open the Shapes
the photo, creating a text box and dragging the text box drop down menu and click New Drawing Canvas.
With the new drawing canvas still selected on the Insert
onto the photo.
in the Illustrations group, click Picture. In the dialog
To add a photo to a document place the insertion point in
browse to and select the photo to use and click the
the document where the photo is to be located and click the
Picture icon in the Illustrations group on the Insert tab. Insert button. Again on the Insert tab, but in the Text group,
Browse to the photo in the Insert Picture dialog box, select click WordArt, select the style desired, and type the text.
Select either piece of art and use the sizing handles to
it and click the Insert button.
To place a text box on the photo first create the text box. resize as desired. Click the outside edge of the WordArt to
Place the insertion point on a line below the photo. Then in select it and drag it over the photo. Use the rotation handle
the Text group on the Insert tab, click text box and then click to rotate the text to the angle that works best for the photo.
Once the graphics are correctly formatted and positioned
to select Simple Text Box. In the inserted Text Box type the
them. That creates a single graphic that can be
text. To change the font or style of the text, highlight the text
or resized. The text stays with the photo. To create
and then select the desired text formatting as with any other
click the outside edge of the photo, press and hold
text. Drag the text box sizing handles to resize it as
key, and click the edge of the WordArt so both
necessary. Finally click the outside edge of the text box and
items are selected. Under Drawing Tools, on the Format
drag it to the proper location on top of the photo.
The default Text Box will have white fill and a black tab, in the Arrange group, click the arrow next to Group,
border. For use over a photo you will probably want no fill and then click Group.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 21
The Running of the Nerds
By Lou Torraca, President, The TUG MOAA Computer User Group, Hawaii,, [email protected]
No, I wasn’t in Spain at the Running of the Bulls...I was
in Las Vegas to attend the annual Consumer Electronics
Show and yes, I was one of the thundering herd going from
press event to press event, starting on Tuesday, January 4.
Those of you who remember my last years review will
recall that there are a number of events designed to get the
media (and now, also, bloggers) together with selected
vendors as well as individual press conferences by vendors,
some of which began on Tuesday. The big day for press
conferences is Wednesday, beginning at 7AM and
continuing all day for 45 minutes each, allowing the running
to commence before each new conference. The somewhat
smaller, but not much, are the Tuesday afternoon, CES
Unveiled, Wednesday evening Digital Experience,
Thursday and Friday Lunch at Pieros and Thursday
evening Showstoppers. The lunches at Pieros are probably
the most productive as the number of invitees and vendors
is more practical allowing time to find out more from the
vendors. This years CES reportedly attracted 140,000
people to browse 2,700 or so booths. BTW, if you are a
tablet fan or an iPod owner you had 85 clones to view and
evaluate. And it you wanted anything to use with your iPad,
there were iPad cases, iPad holders, iPad keyboards, iPad
chargers, iPad alarm clocks, and who knows, what all, but
of course, no iPad!
Two things that were widely hyped were 3D TV and
linking everything! I’m honestly not much of a fan of 3D
TV...who wants to buy a box full of glasses so you can
invite your 20 buddies to watch the Super Bowl? And no
glasses 3D is a have to sit perfectly in the middle
of the screen for it to work. I also don’t care for using a 75"
screen to do computer stuff...but maybe that’s just me {:) Just to put some of this in perspective, there was a press
conference by a company that makes high-end 3D glasses
that do all sorts of things (and cost $1K or more!)
I attended all of the above, so I’ll give you a quick list of
some interesting things I saw and continue with more, the
next couple times.
First is in the health category, a big one this year
concentrating on linking to many different media and
allowing a lot of freedom for those who are getting on and
live alone.
Withings is back with another health tracking product.
This time, instead of tracking your weight and body fat, it
tracks your blood pressure. They call it the Smart Blood
Pressure Monitor.
Instant Measurement
Simply connect the Withings monitor to your iOS Device.
The Withings application runs automatically and makes the
measurement available with a single action.
Clear results
Detailed results are displayed, and the application will
indicate the recommended values, using all the display
qualities of the iOS Device.
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 22
Automatic Saving
All results are saved for a precise monitoring of your
health. There’s no need to note down results, calculate
averages and transmit them. The Withings monitor does all
this for you.
Health monitored from your pocket
Automatically traced curves facilitate the detection of
trends in the blink of an eye. Morning/evening values and
subsequent average values are clearly displayed for
effective monitoring.
Lenovo was showing off a full range of notebooks but the
most impressive was the Lenovo U1 notebook/tablet
hybrid. Presented was an i5 laptop running Windows 7
with a screen/tablet running Android. The tablet could be
removed and replaced in under 5 seconds and without
powering off. Currently available overseas, the U1 should
be coming to the USA in the coming months.
Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston
Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader
in memory products, announced the SDHC UHS-I
UltimateXX memory cards. The highest speed class
available today, the UltimateXX meets standards set by the
Secure Digital Association for next level performance in
SD card technology.
Shipping later this month, Kingston’s UltimateXX memory
cards are ideal for the serious photographer or videographer.
Photographers will appreciate the ability to easily capture
sequential shots that were once a challenge due to the
speed limitations of memory. The UltimateXX also makes
it easy to capture HD video. The performance of SDHC
UHS-I memory card is optimized when paired with a
UHS-I device, although the card is backwards compatible
with Class 4, 6 and 10 equipment. “Kingston is pleased to
be one of the first manufacturers to offer SDHC UHS-I
memory cards to our customers,” said Mike Kuppinger,
Flash card product manager, Kingston®. “Being a member
of the SD Association enhances our ability to bring new
technology to market. As the devices that support SDHC
UHS-I become prevalent, our UtilimateXX cards are at
the ready.” Kingston’s UltimateXX line meets the SD
Association standards for the UHS-1 speed class with
speeds up to 60MB/sec, read and 35MB/sec. Write. At this
performance level, the write speed of SDHC UHS-I
memory cards is more than three times as fast as SDHC
Class 10 cards. The UltimateXX product line will offer
capabilities of GB, 16GB and 32GB.
Now here is one
you weren’t expecting.
will collect dust thanks
to the new Maytag®
Maxima™ washer. Its
Power Wash™ System
takes out tough stains and
provides better overall
The Running of the Nerds cont. on page 22
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 23
The Running of the Nerds cont. from page 21
cleaning performance while using less detergent. The
system’s features include Optimal Dispense which injects
detergent intermittently throughout the washer’s fill time
and industry-first, Power-Spray, to provide enhanced
cleaning by spraying the detergent solution evenly on the
washer’s contents.
I have LoJack on my laptop, but since I use the netbook on
all my trips, it seemed the smart thing to do to add it to the
netbook as well, after my talk with the Absolute Software
folks at Lunch at Pieros.
What’s Your Digital Net Worth?
Think about it. How many songs have you downloaded
onto your laptop? How many movies? Combined with the
initial cost of your computer, most people have a digital net
worth that could easily run into thousands of dollars. Not
to mention the priceless value of photos, personal
information, correspondence, coursework and other
irreplaceable items. So what are you doing to protect your
When your laptop is stolen, you can feel powerless. But
you don’t have to. LoJack® for Laptops by Absolute
Software is a computer theft recovery service with remote
device and data security features. If your laptop is stolen
or missing, you’ve got the power to remotely block access
to it and the personal data it contains, while their dedicated
Theft Recovery Team works to recover it for you.
laptop. You have to snap the phone into this really good
looking, sleek, thin and light (2.4 lbs) laptop/dock. The
phone provides the processor, memory, Internet connection
and, all your photos, videos, music and files. Whatever was
on the phone’s screen is now on the laptop, plus you gain
a trackpad and full keyboard. No synch is necessary, it’s
all on the phone.
As a user of an ASUS Netbook, I was pleased to receive
an invitation to the ASUS press conference on Jan 4. The
following are my best picks:
ASUS Eee Pad Slider
Mobile users who want the
best of both tablet and
traditional notebook worlds
will be well served by the
Eee Pad Slider. This pad
computer not only features
a 10.1" IPS touch-screen
for finger-friendly use, but
also a slide-out QWERTY keyboard for comfortable, useanywhere typing. It is powered by the NVIDIA® Tegra™
2, the world’s most advanced mobile processor with a
dual-core CPU and NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU for neverbefore-seen experiences on a mobile device. Built-in
digital cameras on the front (1.2MP) and rear (5MP) of the
Slider allow for easy video chat and digital photography
while the Android® 3.0 operating system makes sharing
photos by internet, email and social media sites a breeze.
The intuitive interface provides user-friendly control via
the capacitive touch-screen and optional onboard 3G
allows for go-anywhere internet access, making the Slider
the ideal device for mobile professionals with workoriented needs.
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
Now for you 4G fans...Motorola has a really neat combo.
The Atrix...a phone and a laptop, except it’s not really a
With a slim lightweight design and 10.1" capacitive touchscreen, the versatile Eee Pad Transformer is the perfect
pad computer for people who want to enjoy multimedia on
the move, but still wish to have easy access to the web,
email and other productivity applications. A custom user
interface provides easy access to the many features of the
Android® 3.0 operating system, while the NVIDIA®
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 24
Tegra™ 2 chipset provides full support for Adobe Flash,
smooth HD video conferencing and playback, a lightning
fast web experience and incredible mobile gaming
performance. An optional docking station turns the
Transformer into a full-fledged notebook with a QWERTY
keyboard for desktop use, while extending battery life up
to 16 hours. As with the Slider, front (1.2MP) and rear
(5MP) digital cameras make for easy video chat and digital
photography, while a built-in mini-HDMI port makes for
easy connections to external displays showing off full
1080p HD video playback.
The Eee Pad MeMO provides the ultimate in mobile
flexibility. Its 7.1" capacitive touch-screen makes it small
enough to slip into a jacket pocket, yet still perfect for
taking handwritten notes using the supplied stylus pen. The
Android® 3.0 operating system offers a wide range of
productivity and entertainment software, while a Micro
HDMI port means the MeMO can even connect to an
external display for full 1080p HD video playback.
ASUS Eee Slate EP121
The Eee Slate EP121 is designed for users who require a
highly portable handheld device that can also run standard
office software while multitasking with other applications.
Powered with an Intel® Core™ i5 dual-core processor,
the Eee Slate features a 12.1" LED-backlit display with a
1280 x 800 resolution and a wide 178° viewing angle,
making it perfectly suited for both productivity applications
and multimedia entertainment. Windows® 7 Home Premium
ensures full compatibility with a wide range of popular
applications controlled by flexible input options thanks to
the Eee Slate.
The capacitive touch-screen responds instantly to fingertip
control for day-to-day use, while the capacitive stylus offers
fine precision input and control. An on-screen keyboard is
also complimented by support for an external Bluetooth
keyboard for traditional desktop use. The Eee Slate is
available with 32GB or 64GB of SSD storage (expandable
via SDXC), and up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM. All models have
802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, a 2-megapixel camera, plus
two USB 2.0 ports that provide full support for a wide range
of standard PC peripherals, along with a mini-HDMI port
that is ideal for connecting to external displays.
Finally, my fav…and in the interest of full disclosure, I have
to tell u I now own a 2011 Ford Fiesta that looks just like the
one above and I do really enjoy it and am still learning all the
details of my Sync. Ford showed off the newest update for
Sync at CES 2011. The update adds a new feature called
AppLink to sync. Installing AppLink to your Fiesta is done
just like applying any update. You log into Syncmyride,
download the file with the update to a flash drive and then
plug the flash drive into your car’s USB port.
Once the update is done, you can hit the voice button, say
“Mobile applications”, and then tell sync what app to
launch. The AppLink update will work with the iPhone,
Android devices, and Blackberry smartphones. No apps
for the iPhone are offered right now, but there will be
support in early 2011 according to Ford. The first apps for
the iPhone and the other two devices are Pandora, Stitcher,
and OpenBeak for Blackberry devices only.
With Pandora, the driver will be able to launch the app
with their voice, tune to specific stations using their voice
and rate songs using their voice and more. This is a really
cool new feature and Ford will be rolling the app out to
other Sync cars in 2011.
So there u have a few things to ponder…stay tuned for
more in my next columns. Be safe out there in the www
and remember to be careful.
Aloha, Lou
You can read Lou’s monthly column at http://
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 25
Software Review – UbuntuOne
By Drew Kwashnak, Director, Danbury Area Computer Society, CT, January 2011 issue,
DACS.doc, a Computer and Technology Newsletter,, [email protected]
Computers are great, aren’t they? What else can help you update your Ubuntu systems the next time they synchronize.
lose so many files, pictures and home videos so easily? You can even download or publish files from your
When you have more than one computer, then you have UbuntuOne account through this interface. Published files
are accessible to other people, without having to grant
double the chance of losing anything (plus your sanity)!
That’s where the Internet comes to help. The folks who them access to all of your files.
This is where UbuntuOne pulls ahead of the other sites
bring you the Ubuntu Linux distribution have made a great
product that helps organize and keep your files where you with features they just don’t have. Ubuntu synchronizes
can find them. They call it …
more than just files.
Despite the “One” in its name, UbuntuOne is two
components; the installed application that comes installed
on each Ubuntu Linux release since 8.04 LTS, and the site
located on Canonical servers on the Internet. The real
magic, though, is where these two components meet.
Typically, online file storage requires you to install their
application and set a single directory to synchronize with
your account. UbuntuOne, on the other hand, is already
installed on Ubuntu. Instead of selecting a single directory
to synchronize with your online space, you can select a
number of existing or new directories to synchronize. In
this way, you can keep your documents in your Documents
directory, pictures in your Pictures directory and anything
you want in any directory. When a file is added, deleted or
updated, the system automatically synchronizes the changes
with your online location, depending on Internet access.
The beauty of this stands out when you have more than
one Ubuntu system connected to your UbuntuOne account.
First, when you point Ubuntu to your UbuntuOne account,
whatever directories you had set to synchronize before
will be automatically set to synchronize on your new
system as well. No need to remember which directories
are set and which ones are not.
Afterward, whichever system modifies a file in a flagged
directory, that change will automatically be updated in all
other systems connecting to your account. So you can
make a slide show presentation on your desktop and have
it automatically updated on the laptop the next time it logs
in to UbuntuOne over the Internet, and vice versa. If you
don’t have Internet access then, then it will synchronize
the next time it is able to connect.
All the while, you still have a web interface available that
allows you to upload files, add directories and delete files
from any computer with a browser, and have it automatically
If your monitor is outlined by sticky notes like a lion’s mane,
you will be happy to learn that Ubuntu includes a note
taking application, Tomboy. Tomboy notes, combined with
UbuntuOne, synchronize just as easily as your files. For
those times you are not in front of your Ubuntu Linux
machines, you can use the web interface to add, update
and delete your notes, which will be updated on your
systems the next time they are synchronized.
Have you ever wanted to send an email and find you
have it on your other machine? Just as Notes can be
synchronized with UbuntuOne and edited through a web
browser, so are your contacts stored in Ubuntu’s default
email client, Evolution. Evolution is an email, calendar, task
and contacts application similar to Microsoft’s Outlook,
except the address book can be automatically synchronized
with UbuntuOne.
Even better, UbuntuOne now offers UbuntuOne Mobile
that allows you to synchronize your contacts with your
iPhone, Android, Blackberry or any of the 1,000 of phones
supported. One address book to rule them all!
With a FirefoxAdd On called Bindwood, your bookmarks
can be synchronized with your UbuntuOne account. So by
signing into one simple account you can get your files,
notes, contacts and bookmarks automatically synchronized
across multiple machines, or all of your information put
back onto a fresh installation or upgrade. Yet UbuntuOne
does more than just file storage and synchronization.
With version 10.04 LTS, Lucid Lynx, the people from
UbuntuOne introduced the UbuntuOne Music Store. This
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 26
combines the default music player Rythmbox with an
online music store so you can browse, buy and play your
music, through the same application. Songs bought are
high quality 256 kbps or higher DRM-free MP3s and are
placed in your UbuntuOne account. It is then accessible
and downloadable by all of your Ubuntu Linux systems.
Don’t worry about running out of space either, there is no
storage limit to the music you purchase.
Not only can you buy, store and access your music from
any of your Ubuntu Linux systems, UbuntuOne Mobile
allows you to stream your own music from your account,
uploaded and purchased, to your iPhone or Android phone.
So now your music can be stored in one location, and
accessed by your computers and your phone.
Don’t think they are done adding features, either.
Currently the UbuntuOne team is working on a beta
version that runs on Microsoft Windows as well as adding
to UbuntuOne Mobile the ability to automatically
synchronize pictures taken with your smart phone.
I know what you are thinking, how much does all of this
cost? The free basic account gives you 2 GB of space free.
This allows you to synchronize your files, contacts,
bookmarks and tasks between all of your Ubuntu Linux
systems and to use the web interface. More space can be
purchased as a 20-pack; 20 GB blocks of additional
storage space for $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year.
Purchased music synchronizes with all accounts, and if the
combination of music and files puts you over your limit, it
doesn’t stop you from buying more music. You are not able
to add any more files to your UbuntuOne account until
either your combined files and music are removed to fit
within your storage space, or your storage space is increased
to more than the combined files. UbuntuOne Mobile
includes the Contact synchronization as well as music
streaming capabilities for $3.99 per month or $39.99 per
Support for Windows is still in the early stages of Beta,
but if you are interested in getting involved, more information
is available at
It’s very early, and only allows synchronizing the Ubuntu
One folder manually unless you make it a scheduled task.
The ability to synchronize other folders, contacts, bookmarks
and notes are on the project’s To Do list.
If nothing else, UbuntuOne makes it easy to backup and
store files, music and pictures while at the same time
making it so simple to restore these to a replacement, new
or updated system. On a personal note, I have been using
UbuntuOne to keeps files on my desktop and laptop in sync
and it has been doing a wonderful job. This and other
articles have been saved in a synchronized folder and I
have had no problems accessing and updating the files
from one system to the other. With the basic version and
Ubuntu Linux free of charge, why not give it a spin and try
it out for yourself?
For more information, go to https://
Drew Kwashnak has been using Ubuntu off-and-on for over 5 years
now, and with the way UbuntuOne is helping keep his files accessible
and in check, it looks like he may be sticking with Ubuntu for a
while now.
Remember to attend the
User Group Picnic,
see page 2 for details
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 27
Acronis True Image Home 2011
A software review by Herb Goldstein, Editor, Sarasota PCUG, Florida,November 2010 issue,
Sarasota PC Monitor,, [email protected]
Your backups should be placed on an external USBNightmares can come in abundant varieties, but the day
you turn on your computer and nothing happens you are in connected hard drive of more than adequate size to
for a whole new meaning of the word. As your heart sinks accommodate them. Such drives are readily available
somewhere around the level of your shoes, visions of years today at relatively modest expense. For safety’s sake, you
of accumulated files, data, and software flash before your can also easily disconnect and store them at a different
eyes as the sudden realization that maybe it’s all gone location from your computer if you so desire.
nauseatingly sinks in. Are we talking about a rare
If you were to use True Image Home 2011 only for
occurrence? Unfortunately, it’s a lot more common than routine backups and restores it would be worth its entire
you might think. Computers and their component hard cost, but its passel of new and improved utilities make it an
drives are, after all, man-made electronic devices that are easily worthwhile investment.
subject to an enormous variety of glitches. Preparing
Predefined backup schemes designed for specific user
yourself for the inevitable day they visit you is the name of needs – from a disk space-efficient scheme suitable for
the game called BACKUP!
users with limited backup storage capabilities to a scheme
Yes, decent backup software used regularly needs to be for those users who need higher security for their data and
the very first thing installed on your computer after its system. The program offers different backup schemes for
operation system! To do otherwise is an invitation to the disk and file type backups. You just select a scheme and the
disaster than time along will inevitably visit upon you!
program automatically manages your backups. In addition,
Backup software comes in a variety of types but it is you can create a custom backup scheme which will
commonly recognized that “imaging” is the most complete exactly suit your needs.
and accurate. Only imaging produces a byte-for-byte true
Check points – The Acronis Backup Explorer timeline
reproduction of the contents of your original hard drive. shows Windows and software installation and update
Leading popularity in the world of imaging backup software dates. Moving your mouse over a check point opens a
today is Acronis True Imagine Home 2011. My True Image balloon with information about the update or software.
backups have, on at least 5 occasions for me over the With check points you can check the changes to your
years, restored dead computer/hard drives to full system and recover the system to a specific backed up
functionality from an otherwise total loss. A veritable state.
electronic lifesaver!
A Non-Stop Backup feature automatically creates
Acronis True Image Home 2011 is currently available incremental backups every five minutes, allowing users to
for free trial download at You are urged to roll back their system, files, and folders to any point in time.
try it and put it through its paces before purchasing. Some In addition, you can now use the Acronis Secure zone as
careful reading and using is necessary to employ it properly. Nonstop Backup storage. This may be desirable for
In addition, it comes with a “Swiss-army knife” of extra notebook users with a single hard drive; however, it
utilities that greatly increase its functionality when properly defeats the purpose of keeping your backup separate and
used. Acronis offers enough trial time for you to familiarize apart from your current hard drive in case it fails.
yourself with the software.
A Try-And-Decide feature allows temporary trial
To use True Image Home 2011 most effectively you installation of new software which permits you to
should setup a regular schedule of automatic backups. consequently completely eliminate it before any system
Personally, I have elected to perform a full backup every changes are made.
14 days implemented with a regular differential backup
Acronis Online Backup permits offsite continuous backup
daily. Regular scheduled differential or incremental backups online to an Internet location.
take hardly any time at all and can keep your backups
A new and attractive graphical interface makes for
current on a daily (or whatever interval you elect) basis. It
easier program manipulation. Windows 7 is sully supported
is essentially a simple “set it and forget” automatic procedure.
in all program aspects. A Plus Pack option, which allows
Once your backups have been created, you can easily
you to restore your PC to dissimilar hardware regardless
restore any part or all of it as necessary. Although you can
of make, model, or installed components, or to a virtual
elect to backup only your email or other specific data files,
it is highly recommended that you backup your entire hard
While the software contains a “cloning” feature to copy
drive which allows you to restore its entirety or individual
your hard drive contents to a new drive, you are advised
files as necessary.
instead to restore a backup image of your old drive to a new
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 28
one. The cloning feature can get somewhat “sticky” and
is best avoided.
An Erase feature allows to completely and permanently
erase the contents of your hard drive. This is a must for
safety sake before disposing of a hard drive.
Automatic update notification. By default, True Image
Home 2011 will automatically inquire about the availability
of a program update at every program start. When an
update is available, Acronis True Image 2011 will offer to
download and install it. You can also check for availability
of updates manually through the Help menu. This current,
highly useful feature makes updating a much easier and
more convenient process.
New backup Explorer. Now you can use the Acronis
Backup explorer’s time line for exploring not only Acronis
Nonstop Backup and Acronis Online Backup contents, but
contents of all other backups as well. Clicking My backups
in the main window will show all your backups on the time
line. In addition, you can start recovery of disks and
partitions right from the time line.
Enhanced scheduler. The completely redesigned
scheduler makes scheduling much easier. In addition, it
now allows you to wake up the sleeping/hibernating
computer to perform a backup. The “At system shutdown”
and “At user logoff” options are now available to users of
Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Drag & Drop functionality. You can recover backup up
files by dragging them from Acronis Time Explorer to your
Desktop or a folder on your choice. In addition, you can
create shortcuts for backups by dragging their boxes from
the My backups area on the main screen to your Desktop.
This will allow you to run a backup by simply doubleclicking on its shortcut. You can also create shortcuts for
frequently used Acronis tools by dragging their icons from
the Start menu to the Desktop.
Integration with windows 7 Control Panel. True Image
Home 2011 replaces Windows Backup in the Backup and
restore item. The Backup and restore window will show
the Nonstop Backup and your oldest disk or partition
backup. You will be able to recover the backed up date,
refresh the backups, and pause/start Nonstop Backup
directly from the Control Panel.
Over a period of many years, SPCUG has been served
by our backup guru and Acronis representative, Gene
Barlow and his wife Linda. They have provided us with
backup presentations, advice and assistance and Acronis
software at a substantial discount. You can purchase this
excellent product from Gene for about half the normal list
price by going to his secure web site at
NVPCUG Computer News, July 2011, Page 29
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