Voyager | DP-263-S | Voyager M3i Datasheet

USB Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser System
USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
Protocol Verification
Voyager USB Protocol ­Analyzer and Exerciser System
Key Features
• CATC Trace Analysis Software
System – Expand/collapse transfer
layer for faster interpretation of
USB traffic
• Capture/Analyze 3.0 & 2.0 Traffic
Concurrently – Record 2.0 and
SuperSpeed data path to test &
debug USB 3.0 host & hub operation
• Integrated 3.0 Analyzer/Exerciser –
Multifunction system (single box)
with 3.0 and 2.0 device or host
traffic generation
• ReadyLink™, Intelliframe™, &
Transaction Engine™ – Host & device
emulator automatically handles USB
• 4 GB Recording Capacity – Capture
long recording sessions for analysis and
problem solving
• Raw Bit Recording/10-bit Error
Detection – View and correlate lowlevel 10-bit symbols to higher-level
packet structures
• Spool-to-disk Capture – Allows longer
traces, faster uploads
• 2 ns Timing Resolution – Extremely
accurate timing resolution allows precise
measurement of link layer handshaking • External Trigger In/Out – Use the Voyager
to identify any packet and toggle a scope or
logic analyzer (via SMA cable)
• Fully Supports SSC and Data
Scrambling – Fast locking and accurate
capture on 5 Gb/s signals
• Hardware Triggering – Trigger on both 2.0
or 3.0 protocol events to isolate important
traffic, specific errors or data patterns
• Comprehensive Device Decoding – SCSI
Mass Storage, USB Attached SCSI (UAS),
3.0 Hub, PTP/Still Image, Printer, PictBridge,
Media Transfer Protocol (MTP), OTG, and all
popular USB device classes
• Hardware Filtering – Automatically filter
data packets or exclude redundant symbols
including Idles, TS1, TS2, SKPs, and LUPs
ordered sets
The Voyager M3i is Teledyne LeCroy’s 6th generation USB
protocol ­verification system designed for the next evolution of
universal serial bus known as SuperSpeed USB. Leveraging
Teledyne LeCroy’s extensive expertise in high-speed serial
data analysis, the Voyager provides traffic generation and
recording of both USB 2.0 and 3.0 at data rates up to 5 Gb/s.
Loaded with innovative features that help uncover elusive
protocol errors, the Voyager platform is the intelligent
choice for “cradle-to-grave” USB 3.0 validation.
Unmatched Accuracy
Flexible Hardware
The Voyager analyzer front-end
leverages custom circuitry from
Teledyne LeCroy’s 5 Gb/s PCI Express®
analyzer to provide fast-locking and
uncompromised accuracy for USB 3.0
recording. While in-line, the Voyager
system will detect and seamlessly
recover from power save modes while
accurately showing all bus and state
transitions time-stamped within the
display. It includes full support for
spread spectrum clocking (SSC) and
data scrambling (LFSR) which can
be enabled/disabled for silicon
bring-up testing.
The Voyager is a true multifunction
platform capable of both USB 2.0 and
USB 3.0 protocol verification. It’s also
available in a 2.0-only configuration that
is upgradeable to 3.0. An integrated
exerciser option supports both host
and device emulation, and allows error
injection functionality and compliance
verification. The Voyager features native
3.0 connectors that bifurcate USB 2.0
and 3.0 electrical signals to provide
loss-less capture of traffic from both
links simultaneously. Concurrent highspeed and SuperSpeed recording allows
end-to-end viewing of data transfers
across a USB 3.0 hub. Multi-channel
2.0 & 3.0 Recording
SMA Differential
• GbE or Hi-Speed USB Upload – High
speed links for accessing captured data
External Clock Input/
USB 2.0 and
GbE Interface
to Host
• Slow Clock/External Clock Input
– Adjustable signal frequencies for
synchronizing analyzer timing with
prototype devices
• Loopback and Compliance Mode
– Exerciser users can access special
console for initiating loopback and
compliance mode
Native 3.0 Connectors
Rec Trigger Link LEDs
Integrated 2.0 & 3.0
Exerciser (Optional
with Software Key)
Trigger In/Out
Link Tracker shows bi-directional
data stream in raw 10-bit or
hex format
decoding of
USB logical
and transfer
Quick Click
are always
Easy-to-use interface
allows drag-and-drop
triggering and filtering
Vbus power draw information
is displayed graphically and
synchronized to the trace
recording is supported by cascading
Voyagers to allow upstream/downstream hub testing.
testing with FPGA-based prototypes or
emulators that re­quire ultra low-speed
data acquisition.
The Voyager M3i platform includes 4
GB of recording memory plus USB and
GbE links for uploading recorded traffic
to the host PC. The system also offers
spool-to-disk capture to allow extended
recording sessions (up to the available
disk space). In spooled mode, captured
traffic is uploaded continuously and is
displayed in real-time, making it possible
to see link status and state changes
without stopping the recording. Both
the analyzer and exerciser can utilize
slow clocking (fractional) or external
clock sources (as low as 700 KHz) for
The heart of the Voyager verification
system is Teledyne LeCroy’s
revolutionary BusEngine™ technology.
This state-of-the-art protocol processing
core incorporates a real-time recording
engine and configurable tools to
selectively trigger and filter on
SuperSpeed USB traffic. Field upgradeable firmware allows the BusEngine
to evolve and support new features or
future changes to the USB specification.
Both the analyzer and exerciser can
operate over SMA differential Input/
Output lines to provide a high-fidelity
Traffic summaries
provide detailed metrics
for USB 2.0 and 3.0
events within a trace
alternate interface for taping between
development boards.
6th Generation
Analysis Software
The Voyager utilizes the legendary
CATC Trace—the industry’s de facto
standard for USB protocol analysis.
The trace viewer software uses
colors and patterns to train the eye to
understand information faster. When
recording mixed traffic upstream from
a SuperSpeed hub, legacy 2.0 and 3.0
packets are labeled and interleaved in
a single display. Traffic from the logical
2.0 & 3.0 channels can be individually
filtered, searched or exported from
the trace. The USB transfer level can
LFPS signaling is shown in the trace allowing users verify link recovery timing.
be expanded and collapsed to show
packet layer events including link state
changes, link management packets
(LMPs) and flow control symbols.
Raw Debugging Power
The Voyager includes a special Link
Tracker™ view that captures every
transition and presents raw 10-bit data
patterns chronologically with timing
resolution of 2 ns. Designed to assist
with low-level debugging, all ordered
sets including training sequences and
loopback symbols can be displayed
in raw 10-bit, 8-bit, scrambled, and
unscrambled Hex format. Symbolto-symbol timing measurements are
possible with a single click.
etc…). Users can define sophisticated
sequential event trigger scenarios that
include SCSI operations, counters,
loops and timers all within a multilevel sequence.
Real Time Filtering
SuperSpeed data transfers at 5 Gb/s
can fill memory buffers in an instant,
making event filtering critical for
efficient debug. The Voyager analyzer
can filter unwanted traffic from the
buffer in real-time by discarding
redundant patterns such as SKPs,
idles, LFPS, and training sequences.
Filtering logic can also include transaction layer packets with added
criteria like direction or port number.
Error and Event Reporting
The Voyager can detect and flag
protocol errors including logical link
and timing errors. At the lower layers,
training sequences and link commands
are automatically verified for proper
sequencing. Useful for performance
analysis, the RTS view provides real
time throughput and new frame-errorrate metrics.
Intelligent Triggering
The Voyager provides hardware
triggering to pinpoint protocol events
of interest. Trigger events can be
specified at the lowest levels including
bus states and link commands (TS1/2,
LBAD, ACK, ERDY, etc..) or header
fields (packet type, route strings,
Find the issues faster by triggering on any header field.
Teledyne LeCroy Voyager Exerciser Option
A comprehensive exerciser capability with support for
both USB 2.0 and 3.0 traffic generation is built in to the
Voyager M3i platform. The exerciser option allows users
to transmit custom packets over standard USB cables
with low-level control of h
­ eaders, payloads, timing, and
link states. For easy script development, both text-based
and graphical user interfaces are provided. The exerciser is
seamlessly integrated with the protocol analyzer, making
Create custom exerciser test cases using either text or
graphical script authoring interface.
Smart Emulation
with ReadyLink™ and
Transaction Engine™
ReadyLink is a full-function link
layer emulation mode built in to
the SuperSpeed exerciser. It
automatically handles all USB 3.0
link training and link flow control to
make development of test scenarios
fast and easy. The Transaction Engine
provides automatic handling of upper
layer retry conditions allowing the
Voyager to operate at full line rate
and correctly respond to the DUT
as defined by the specification.
Overrides allow ReadyLink behaviors
to be altered, such as shortening
or lengthening the LFPS, training,
and link command handshaking.
the Voyager a complete test and development solution
for engineers validating USB devices and software.
Error Injection
The ReadyLink emulation can be
customized per test script to include
various error scenarios including:
8b/10b Encoding or CRC Error
• Running Disparity Error
• Corrupt Link Commands
orrupt Flow Control (Wrong L_
CRD_x, Wrong L_GOOD_n,
Drop L_Good_n, etc.)
• Corrupt Header Packet acknowledge­
ment (Send LBAD, LRTY)
orrupt Packet Framing
At the packet level, users have the
freedom to send customized data
payloads anywhere within the
stream making it easy to verify
protocol behavior.
USB 3.0 Real Time Statistics
Device Detected
Endpoints Detected
Throughput (MB/s)
Frame Error Rate
DP, TP, and ITP Count
Retried Transactions Count
% Time in U0 / U1 / U2 / U3
Use RTS window to track throughput and frame-error rates.
USB 2.0 Exerciser
with Intelliframe™
The Voyager 2.0 exerciser is
based on Teledyne LeCroy’s
legendary USBTrainer™ traffic
generator and is backward compatible
with existing USBTrainer 2.0 traffic
generation scripts. Capable of
transmitting low, full, or high-speed
traffic, the Voyager 2.0 Exerciser
also supports both host and
device emulation.
Optimize Vbus Efficiency
with PowerTracker™
The Voyager M3i PowerTracker
option offers a unique monitoring
capability for VBUS power draw.
Power information is sampled
and displayed graphically in a
time line format that is synchronized
to the trace allowing users to
verify power state transitions
at the protocol and electrical layers.
The text based editor includes pop-up shortcuts for precise control of traffic stream.
Exerciser Control Environment
The exerciser software provides a flexible script authoring environment that
supports a powerful set of parser preprocessor features. For SuperSpeed
applications, the Voyager software includes pre-defined templates for all USB
3.0 packet types, random payload generators, and procedure calls within a
script. A comprehensive library of sample scripts is included and illustrates
how these techniques can be used to create efficient, reusable generation
blocks. Users can also create test scripts by exporting the host or device
traffic stream from a captured analyzer trace file. These scripts can be played
back using the exerciser to recreate problems or test specific functionality.
Automated Compliance
Test Suite
The Voyager Exerciser System
is available with a fully automated
compliance suite option for USB
2.0 and 3.0. A superset of the
USB-IF compliance specification,
the CTS software is the most
comprehensive tool available
for USB conformance testing.
Integrated with Teledyne LeCroy’s
Voyager Analyzer platform, a real-time
console displays pass/fail results
cover­ing hundreds of link layer
rules for both host and device. The
system uses emulation scripts to
generate specific traffic conditions.
It auto­matically captures and analyzes
the response from the DUT. Additional
framework layer and mass storage
specific tests are also included for
endpoint devices.
USB Device Decoding
The Voyager software performs full
decoding of USB device class traffic.
It allows both automatic and manual
assignment of decodes to individual
end­points. The Voyager offers full
support for Bulk Only Transport and
USB Attached SCSI operations including command queuing. Vendor specific
decoding is available for developers
interested in automatically showing
pro­prietary commands in the trace view.
Find The Issues Fast
The Voyager software provides many
mechanisms to measure and report
on USB 2.0 and 3.0 traffic. With the
Traffic Summary display, users can
evaluate statistical reports at a glance
or navigate to individual events.
Reports are available showing link
throughput, link state and flow control metrics. The error report shows a
range of protocol violations.
The Bus Utilization graphs show
data and packet length, bus usage
by device in a histogram format. Fast
Search and Find options allow users to
navigate to specific packets, errors and
any data type within a trace file. The
CATC Trace supports filter and hide
commands, to temporarily remove
irrelevant data from the display for
more efficient viewing. The Bandwidth
calculator automatically calculates
the time delta between two points
in the trace.
Spec-View shows actual
header packets in hex
or binary with errors
marked in red.
Since 1996, Teledyne LeCroy has
been a key provider of tools for the
USB ecosystem. The Voyager system
leverages countless hours of research
in high-speed serial data analysis to
create the most reliable and accurate
USB 3.0 analyzer system available.
LTSSM Viewer shows link state transitions making it easy to navigate to state changes.
Combined with the exerciser option
and the CATC Trace expert software,
the Voyager platform alleviates
developers from tedious byte-level
analysis and lets them focus on quick
resolution of protocol layer problems.
specifications and ordering information
Protocol(s) Supported
USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 & 3.0
Host Hardware RequirementsIntel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Duron with USB 2.0 interface,
512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
OS Requirements
Windows® XP , Windows Vista® or Windows 7
1 or 4 GB option
Memory Size
Data Rates Supported
1.2 Mb/s–4800 Mb/s
Data Bus Interface
Half duplex differential (USB 2.0)
Dual simplex differential (USB 3.0)
Front Panel Connectors
Analyzer – one (1) USB 2.0 & 3.0 recording channel with USB 3.0 A & B connectors
Exerciser – one (1) USB 2.0 & 3.0 generator channel with USB 3.0 A & B connectors
Platform LEDs: Power, Status
Front Panel Indicators
Analyzer LEDs: Rec 2.0, 3.0
Exerciser LEDs: Gen, Rec, 2.0, 3.0
0 °C to 55 °C (32 °F to 131 °F)
Temperature: Operating Temperature: Non-Operating -20 °C to 80 °C (-4 °F to 176 °F)
Humidity: Operating 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
External Clock Input
External Clock Frequencies
1 MHz to 5 GHz
31.75 x 30 x 5 cm (12.5” x 11” x 2”)
2.45 kg (5.4 lbs.)
Power Requirements
90–254 VAC, 47–63 Hz (universal input), 100 W maximum
Alternate Taping Interface
MMCX to SMA differential input/output (record and transmit)
External Trigger IN/OUT
SMA connectors
Ordering Information
Product Description
Product Code
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 Pro Analyzer System USB-T0P3-V02-X
(includes one (1) Ch analysis USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
and USB 2.0 low/full/high; 4 GB recording memory)
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 Pro Analyzer System plus Compliance Suite (includes one (1) Ch analysis
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and USB 2.0 low/full/high;
4 GB recording memory; Compliance Test
Suite option)
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 Pro Analyzer Exerciser System (includes one (1) Ch analysis and one (1)
Ch generation USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and USB 2.0
low/full/high; 4 GB recording memory)
Voyager M3i USB 2.0 Advanced Analyzer System (includes one (1) Ch analysis USB 2.0 low/full/high;
upgradeable to USB 3.0; 1 GB recording memory)
Voyager M3i USB 2.0 Advanced Analyzer Exerciser System (includes one (1) Ch analysis
and one (1) Ch generation USB 2.0 low/full/high;
upgradeable to USB 3.0; 1GB recording memory)
Product Description
Product Code
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 SMA Probe Kit
Voyager USB 3.0 Compliance Suite USB-AC05-V01-A
(Requires Voyager USB 3.0 Exerciser)
Voyager M3i Power Tracker Option USB-AC04-V01-A
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 Slow Clock Kit USB-AC01-V01-X
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 Analysis Option
Voyager M3i USB 3.0 Exerciser Option USB-ZBA3-V01-A
Voyager USB 3.0 Pro Analysis & Exerciser Option USB-ZBP3-V01-A
Platform Expansion CATC SYNC Card 1-800-5-LeCroy
Small Zero Carrying Case ACC-EXP-002-X
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