Stoppers - Broadcast Dialogue

Stoppers - Broadcast Dialogue
Booth # C6025
Anton/Bauer Gold Spectrum™ Wireless Series
Places for you to stop
as you make your way
through the NAB2013
Show include exhibitors
who continue to demonstrate their interest and
support of the Canadian
broadcast industry. These
companies, and individuals who represent them,
are entirely worthy of
your consideration. Even
if you aren’t attending
NAB2013, familiarize
yourself with these new
products that are being
The Gold Spectrum Series is comprised of the AB-HDRF Kit, AB-HDTX
transmitter, AB-HDRX dual diversity COFDM receiver and/or AB Direct
VU handheld receiver/monitor. The size of each component within the
series makes it ideal for portability.
The AB-HDTX transmitter is camera mountable and features SD/HD
encoding in a miniature transmit solution package. It can deliver an
RF output of 100 mW from a package that mounts between the Gold
Mount, camera and Anton/Bauer Logic Series battery. It supports video
and embedded audio transmission with selectable bandwidths of 6, 7
and 8 MHz. The AB-HDTX features H.264 SD and HD encoding
capabilities and operates in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode.
Part of the company’s Logic Series of batteries, the DIONIC HD
powers high-current applications in a lightweight package, making it
a fit with digital cinema cameras such as the Sony F65, RED cameras,
ARRI Alexa, the Vision Research Phantom series and more. It delivers
up to 10 amps of power and is a 183Wh battery that features specialapplication Li-Ion cell technology. It has an improved LCD for superior
safety and reliability in extreme weather. Weighing 40% less than a
NiCad or NiMH battery, it has 25% more capacity and will run a 30-watt
camera, monitors and multiple accessories for more than six hours.
Axia Audio
Booth # C3007
DESQ is 16 square inches; a space efficiency unbeatable by big
consoles. Applications include interview studios, live performance
spaces for on-air broadcast, news and features. Remotes and/or sports
events where multiple mics are needed.
Booth # C4325
KJ20x8.2B KRSD
The KJ20x8.2B KRSD achieves optimal optical performance with a
light weight of 1.25 kg and wider-angle focal length of 8.2mm. Ideal for
news productions.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
Clear-Com, an HME Company
(Canadian Distributor:
GerrAudio Distribution)
Booth # C8008
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Tempest 2400
Operating in the 2.4GHz band, the Tempest 2400 is available in a 2- or
4-channel system for indoors, outdoors and touring applications. iSelect
On Command Roaming allows users to move from one coverage to
another. The new Tempest 2400 MasterBelt is compact and portable.
Davicom, a division of Comlab Inc.
Booth # C1111
Davicom Digital Audio Detector-Switcher
Designed to be used as an automatic or manual switch for AES/EBU
digital audio signals, the Digital Audio Detector Switcher offers all the
required inputs and outputs to be controlled and monitored by other
equipment. It has audio level detection algorithms that enable thresholds with delays to be programmed on each of its three input sources
(2 digital, 1 analog).
Davicom Version 5.50 Firmware & Software
This product is for use with the company’s line of remote monitoring, alarm and control products. Features include: iOS app for Apple
devices, on-board SNMP V3 Manager and Agent, direct web access
to on-site peripherals, PPP to IP bridging for backup communications,
DTMF macros and resizable workspace screens.
Dual Power Supply Adapter
The DPS-12 (+12V) and DPS-48 (48V) kits add power supply redundancy
to the Davicom Remote Site Monitoring & Control Systems by allowing
two power supplies to be connected in parallel, ensuring fail-safe
DiGiCo UK Limited
(Canadian Distributor:
GerrAudio Distribution)
Booth # C1344
(See ad on this page)
The SD11 is a 19-inch rackmount or table top mixer that employs the
power of DiGiCo’s Stealth Digital ProcessingTM and the flexibility of a
true FPGA-based digital audio console. Maintaining the highest audio
quality, the SD11 is broadcast enabled and mixing in 5.1.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
DVEO division of Computer Modules, Inc.
Booth # SU6505
20 Channel Ad Inserter – Ad Serter Telco IP/IP 20ch™
It’s a real time, broadcast quality, high density, text, live graphics, EAS,
or video clips inserter. The system inserts or overlays scheduled or
signal driven video ads, images, etc.
True Check™ IP Analyzer
This remote monitoring platform is for verifying the quality of digital
audio and video services delivered over IP networks. The system is
suitable for monitoring MPEG-2/H.264 programs delivered over the Internet, as well as head-end equipment that uses IP for video transport.
MPEG Magnus™
It’s a 40 stream, 16 core, broadcast quality, realtime, SD or HD (up to
1080p), IP to IP, MPEG-2 to H.264 transcoder, scaler, and streamer.
Resulting streams can be viewed with standard IP capable set-top
boxes, streaming video, smartphones or other software clients.
This video server captures content from cameras, VTR tapes or simple
video file imports. It records and plays SDI/HD-SDI input and output in
a scheduled or sequential mode.
Booth # C1321
enCaption3 features an enhanced speech recognition engine that delivers closed captions in real-time with high accuracy. It allows broadcasters to serve hearing impaired audiences for less cost.
An audio playout, automation and control system for radio. From fully
manual to live assist, to fully automated DAD’s modern, the intuitive
user interface allows stations to create better sounding radio. Audio
content and metadata can be managed with ENCO web tools and
integrated remote voice tracking. The DAD suite now also includes
music scheduling and integration with leading traffic systems.
Digital audio for live and production television providing instant access
to all audio material on your network, hard disk or USB drive. An
organized database of audio makes it quick and easy to find the right
cut at the right time. Automatic log generation simplifies rights reporting tasks. DADtv enables incorporation of discrete Surround Sound
5.1/7.1 audio into HDTV broadcasts.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
Frontline Communications
Booth # C7439
First Full-Size ENG Vehicle with Inverter-Based UPS Battery System
The Frontline NV-ENG is the industry’s first full-size ENG vehicle that
features an exclusive vehicle integrated power system, an inverterbased, uninterruptible power supply system that stores enough
electrical energy to power a full complement of broadcast equipment
for up to three hours with the main vehicle engine shut down.
Booth SL6605
This next generation, high-definition H.264 encoding platform with
dual-channel HD encoding delivers twice the quality at half the bandwidth with 55 milliseconds of encoding latency and the ability to
deliver multiple bitrates from each source simultaneously. This low latency encoder supports up to 12 channels of HD-SDI 1080p60 encoding
within 1RU.
Booth # SU5306 (See ad on this page)
Cool-Dock Series of UHF and VHF
Liquid Cooled Transmitters
This series incorporates technology which provides cooling while
maintaining optimal serviceability. No fluid disconnection is
required for regular service. The compact, modular design allows
for expandability.
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Booth # C9012
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A conversion system from multiple SMPTE connectors/cable to a single multi-way fibre cable, providing
a transition from HD over hybrid (copper and fibre)
cables to HD over a single multi-way fibre optic cable.
The MULTISHACKTM enables up to six cameras to be
individually powered from one remote source (i.e. a
local generator) through the 3K.93C connectors and
• Golf, skiing, auto racing, Olympic games
• Stadiums, racing tracks
• Wherever multiple cameras are needed in a remote
Fibre Optic Link Sytem for Video, Audio
and Control Signals
Provides multi-channel system camera-style video
and audio connections and control for studio cameras
and camcorders alike over a single hybrid cable using
LEMO 3K.93C connectors.
OMT Technologies
Booth # C1333
iMediaTouch 4.3.1
Features of this latest version of the iMediaTouch
broadcast automation suite include:
• Nexus server interface providing real-time
interaction with MusicMaster music scheduling.
• Integration of a live read affidavit in the as-run
(OUT) log for Arctic Palm Live Copy.
• Several fault tolerance improvements to Automatic
including a log priority scan for immediate backup
of today’s
content, enhanced store forward transfer speed
improvement of 200%. Users can now perform a
manual failover from primary
network to secondary local storage.
• Implementation of an EAS closure feed feature.
• Enhanced rejoin liner feature where satellite
programming is scheduled.
• New Auto Liner EOM Adjust feature to allow for
unrestricted EOMs (non overlap)
• Enhancements to the Remote Voice Tracking
Portal software.
See us at Booth C9012
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
Nautel Limited
Booth # C2207
(See ad on this page)
The NVlt analog FM transmitters introduced last year have been upgraded with power levels up to 40 kW to give high power broadcasters
options for full featured yet economical transmitters. On the television
side, the company will feature a range of low power digital UHF
transmitters. One or two surprises are planned for opening day.
Optical Devices Division of Fujifilm
Booth # C7525, N203LMR
Premier PL 85-300 Cabrio
The PL 85-300’s longer focal length is designed for shooting documentaries, nature and wildlife, and commercials. It offers a focal length of
85-220mm at T2.9 and 300mm at T4.0, with 200-degree focus rotation.
The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding assures operators that all lens data
output—such as the position of the zoom, iris, and focus—is extremely
Booth # N5006
The new Optimod-FM 8600S features all the functionality of an 8600FM
in a one rack unit chassis.
The new Orban Optimod-PC 1511 is a one rack unit containing an
The new Orban Optimod-PC OptiEXP is a three rack unit PCIE Expansion
Chassis able to hold up to eight 1101/1211E cards.
Booth # C3607
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AJ-PX5000G 2/3-Inch, 3-Chip AVC-Ultra P2
HD Shoulder-Mount Camera
This is Panasonic’s first P2 HD camcorder with native AVC-Ultra
recording and built-in microP2 card slots. Featuring 720p and 1080p/i
recording, it is the first P2 camcorder that will record in full-resolution,
10-bit 1080/60p (in AVC-Intra100). AVC-LongG is standard. The
AJ-PX5000G will be available this fall.
MircroP2 Card Series
Panasonic’s new microP2 series, the world’s first UHS-II compliant
memory cards (as of March 2013), continues the company’s evolution
to higher-speed, lower-cost, more compact media. The simultaneous
introduction of a microP2 Card Adapter assures that the new series of
64GB and 32GB microP2 cards will operate in current P2 hardware*.
Panasonic has also announced a two-slot microP2 drive for plug-andplay offload of content.
* The microP2 card and microP2 card adapter will not support all P2 products.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
RCS Canada
Booth # C2631
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Selector2Go works on all contemporary browsers and across platforms
and mobile devices. The system keeps the interface simple while the
data flow is kept small to enable fast performance. The product provides
core scheduling, schedule editing functionality and analysis details of
rotations in the palm of a hand.
Zetta’s design has been simplified, integrating with music scheduler
GSelector4, RCSnews and the Aquira traffic system. RCSremote is an
app that allows control of a Zetta station log, allowing log with play,
pause, stop and fade and go manipulations. Changes can be made to
the station being controlled as well as allowing switching between
satellite, live assist and automated modes.
Aquira Online
Aquira Online provides for constant contact with the traffic team back
at the station. Station people can interact with Aquira Online through
Internet access.
Rohde & Schwarz
Booth # SL6316, SL6320
R&S® AVHE100 Headend Solution
Greatly improved fail-safety. All major encoding/multiplexing centre
features are integrated into a few hardware components, making it one
of the most compact systems on the market.
Test and Measurement
There are two new test and measurement products: the portable
R&S®EFL110/210 test receiver and multi-channel R&S®SLG signal
generator. The former is for testing cable TV networks to detect
undesired electromagnetic emissions. It locates interference in LTE
networks caused by leakage in the cable TV network.
See us at Booth C2631
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The latter can generate up to 32 satellite transponder signals simultaneously. The compact instrument can simulate an uplink/downlink
band, effectively replacing complex, multiple-component solutions for
testing of ground stations, satellite payloads, tuners and set-top boxes.
VENICE Media Production Hub
The product makes it easier for TV studios to set up file-based workflows. R&S describes it as an economical entry-level playout solution
specifically tailored to the needs of live studio operations.
Ross Video
Booth # N3808
XPression Connect
XPression Connect is a new playout controller for social media
applications. Users can take social media feeds to air with a preview of
the data displayed in the XPression template. Connect can either crawl
or cycle messages as well as use avatar images. The number of times
messages are aired is tracked. It’s also possible to float messages out
of the list temporarily.
Carbonite 10
Carbonite 10 is a new 1 MLE switcher designed for the budget
conscious yet including the standard features of Carbonite.
OverDrive Automated Production Control System
OverDrive features a re-engineered newsroom plug-in that streamlines
the preparation process, allowing productions to get to air faster, with
less effort and fewer mistakes. V14 adds customer driven features such
as trailing audio support, color coding to easily identify incoming MOS
elements, automated multi-platform publishing and a remote database
option for multi-site production.
TFT Inc.
Booth # C3320
EAS911+ EAS Encoder/Decoder with CAP decoding capabilities
With a touch screen user interface for operation and set-up, it also
incorporates a CAP decoder, analog and AES/EBU audio switcher, and
interface to an auxiliary video overlay device to put EAS information
on four or more video streams. The product features greater logging
and recording capabilities and text-to-speech conversion.
Quad CineView Monitor for CALM Act Compliance
The product can capture a video image as a bitmap for reference,
storage or distribution. E-mail alerts can be sent to appropriate
personnel whenever video and audio parameters exceed thresholds.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
See us at Booth C1451
Booth # C6508
LiveGear Receiver Unit (LGR)
This playout device receives AirStream or AirCam IP transmissions via
the Internet and provides an HD/SD-SDI output. Up to six AirStream
or AirCam transmitters are simultaneously received using one LGR
receiver. The LGR-1000 receives live remote Internet News Gathering
(iNG) content and requiring only an Internet connection.
AirCam is the solution for live high quality HD/SD video and audio
transmission from anywhere there is WiFi or cellular broadband
service. Live remote video instantly streams from the AirCam to studio
playout units.
A portable, multi-mode cellular broadband 3G/4G LTE video broadcast
transmission system designed for television and radio iNG. It will
operate continuously up to six hours with hot swappable rechargeable
high-capacity batteries.
Booth # C3112
Wheatstone is showcasing three new products, including:
• Dimension Two, the first Ethernet IP-networked audio console for
• New third-generation 31-band AirAura spectral audio processor for
radio as well as new FM-531HD, a 1RU 31-band processor for FM,
• New options for Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network,
including the L-8 control surface for voiceover or news rooms, M-4
four-channel mic processor BLADE, a high-density logic BLADE, and
the all-in-one TS-22 Talent Station.
Booth # N5129, N5829
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WO Automation for Radio v3.6
New features in WO Automation for Radio v3.6 include:
• The ability to automatically normalize incoming audio files using
one of four algorithms
• New features to make scheduling voice tracks easier
• New editing and copying features in Waveform Editor
• Ability to set timers automatically on incoming audio files
• Ability to import a dedicated traffic log into sports broadcasts.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
WO Traffic Order Entry and Approvals App for Mobile Tablets
This new order entry and approvals app for WO Traffic will run on
mobile tablet devices. The new app will provide a quick and mobile
way for media sales and traffic professionals to book and approve
orders in WO Traffic. The app will be available on both iPad and
Android tablet devices.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
world’s largest
electronic media show is set
to go April 6-11 in Las Vegas. The
NAB Show, with 1,600 exhibitors and
attendees from 150 countries, bills
itself as “the ultimate marketplace for digital media and
The NAB Show will host 60 international
delegations, including first-timers from
Croatia, Israel, Malaysia, Norway and United
Arab Emirates. Non-Americans will account for
approximately 30% of the 90,000+ attendees.
The exhibit halls will have nearly 600 companies which are based in countries outside
of the U.S. Featured will be pavilions from
Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Korea and
the UK.
While organized by the National Association
of Broadcasters in the U.S. and while a number
of sessions are geared to an American audience, this event—by any measure—is an international affair.
From creation to consumption, a myriad of
solutions are organized into eight exhibit communities to allow for efficient exploration.
Delegates will get first looks at new products,
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
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discover import/export opportunities and experience next-generation technologies through interactive exhibits, on-floor education, live demonstrations and
technology-focused pavilions.
A new exhibit this year, called Connected Media World, showcases technologies and services that advance how consumers connect with media and
entertainment. It will include companies specializing in social TV, application
development, connected cloud services, broadband TV and OTT services. The
exhibit area, in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, will also
include a demonstration stage and offer educational programming.
Japanese public broadcaster NHK will present the latest iteration of its
Super Hi-Vision system in the new NAB Labs Futures Park on the exhibition
floor. It will also feature high-profile media technologies in development internationally. NHK’s demonstration includes a presentation theatre for viewing
the system’s 8k video and 22.2-multichannel sound.
The latest developments in live mobile TV broadcasting will be highlighted
in the Mobile TV Pavilion (North Hall 2536 – 2638). Consumer demand for live,
mobile TV content is driving new products and services, many of which will
be demonstrated.
There are eight conferences under the 2013 NAB Show umbrella:
2nd Screen Sunday showcases business opportunities, case studies and technology innovations related to the creation of supplementary, synchronized and
social TV content. The summit will feature speakers from broadcast networks,
advertising, creative technologists and cable operators focused on live TV and
The Broadcast Engineering Conference is a six-day event produced for practicing broadcast engineers and technicians, featuring technical papers addressing
the most recent developments in broadcast technology and focusing on the
opportunities and challenges that face broadcast engineering professionals.
The four-day Broadcast Management Conference sees radio and TV station
managers (group owners, CEOs, general managers, news directors, new media
and sales managers) share their successes and gain strategies to grow their
The Cloud Computing Conference will demonstrate the new ways cloud-based
solutions have accomplished greater reliability and security for content distribution, from collaboration and post-production to storage, delivery and analytics.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
The Creative Master Series will see key players in the
entertainment industry and filmmaking community explore the craftsmanship of content. Find out how industry
leaders use the latest tools and techniques in pre-production, on location and in post-production.
The Disruptive Media Conference covers disruptive media
as well as more traditional OTT technologies and how
they affect business models for distribution and consumer
The Military and Government Summit aims at bridging
the gap between government needs and commercial
video applications and related technologies.
The Technology Summit on Cinema, produced with
SMPTE, provides a global view of the new wave of technology coming soon, with an eye toward how it might
later affect the broader media ecosystem.
Chase Carey
John Tesh
Nancy O’Dell
Ajit V.Pai
Lowell C. McAdam
Julius Genachowski
News Corporation president and chief operating officer
Chase Carey will participate in a question-and-answer session
with NAB president and CEO Gordon Smith during the opening event. The session will include a State of the Broadcast
Industry address by Smith.
John Tesh, entertainer, musician, author and broadcast
personality, will speak at the Radio Luncheon. Tesh has won
six Emmys and an AP award for investigative journalism. His
syndicated radio show, Intelligence for Your Life, reaches
8.2 million listeners each week in the U.S., Canada and the
Nancy O’Dell, the co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight,
will host the Television Luncheon. O’Dell has won three
Associated Press awards, two Society of Professional Journalists awards, an Emmy and has been nominated for seven
additional Emmys.
FCC Commissioner Ajit V. Pai will lead a session on AM
radio revitalization within the Broadcast Management Conference. It will address possible options for sustaining and
enhancing AM radio as a unique entertainment medium. Pai
will moderate a panel of AM radio leaders, engineers and
policy experts.
Lowell C. McAdam, chairman and chief executive officer
of Verizon Communications, will be featured in Tuesday’s
General Session. Lowell McAdam: A Candid Conversation
will feature McAdam in a discussion with Gordon Smith on
his vision for wireless broadband, broadcasting and competition in a multi-platform world.
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius
Genachowski, who recently announced his resignation, will
participate in a question-and-answer session with NAB Joint
Board Chair Paul Karpowicz. Genachowski was sworn in as
FCC chairman in June 2009 after spending more than ten
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
years in the private sector as an executive and entrepreneur in
the technology industry.
Academy Award and two-time Golden Globe winning producer Jon Landau will keynote the Technology Summit On Cinema on Sunday, April 7. The Summit is co-produced by the
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).
Landau understands complex visual effects technologies
and has been instrumental in licensing and marketing his films
across various global platforms.
Award winning producer, director and writer Paul Feig (Freaks
and Geeks, The Office, Nurse Jackie, Bridesmaids) will be at
the A-end of a Q & A session with award winning producer and
director Alan Poul. This session is part of the Creative Master
Series Conference which brings together key players in the entertainment industry and filmmaking community for an exploration of the craftsmanship of content.
Jon Landau
Paul Feig
Dave Ramsey
Frank Foti
Jay Adrick
Leonard J. Charles
Award Winners
Dave Ramsey, the personal money-management expert and
popular U.S. radio personality, will be inducted into the NAB
Broadcasting Hall of Fame. His syndicated show is aired on more
than 500 radio stations and is streamed on
Fox Television’s American Idol will be the TV inductee into
the Broadcasting Hall of Fame. For nine consecutive seasons,
the show, created by Simon Fuller, has been the number one
entertainment program among total viewers. Previous inductees include Betty White, Garry Marshall, Meet the Press, Bob
Newhart, The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live, Ted Koppel,
“M*A*S*H, 60 Minutes, The Today Show and Star Trek.
Radio engineer Frank Foti of the Telos Alliance and television
technology innovator Jay Adrick of Harris Corporation are the
2013 recipients of the NAB Engineering Achievement Awards.
In addition, an NAB Service to Broadcast Engineering award
will be presented to Leonard J. Charles, director of engineering, midwest, at Morgan Murphy Media. The recipients will be
honoured at the Technology Luncheon.
Foti, a largely self-taught radio engineer, developed a list of
advances to broadcast audio processing. Some have been patented and/or become well established elements within the industry. Most recently, he pioneered the development of Single
Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSBSC) modulation for FM stereo
Adrick made important contributions toward the conversion
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
Bob Schieffer
Avner Ronen
to digital television, dating back to the early 1990s, and to the
Harris/PBS DTV Express mobile demonstration system. He continues to work on the rollout of ATSC mobile digital television
and, most recently, led the ATSC’s development of a mobile
emergency alerting system (M-EAS) for Mobile DTV.
Charles, who will receive the NAB Service to Broadcast Engineering award, is credited by his peers for outstanding service
to the broadcast industry and for furthering the goals and objectives of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE).
Bob Schieffer, the CBS TV journalist, will receive the Distinguished Service Award during the opening keynote session.
This year marks his 56th as a reporter and his 44th year at CBS
Avner Ronen, CEO & co-founder of Boxee, Inc., will deliver
the keynote address to the Disruptive Media Conference on the
Wednesday. The idea for Boxee was born in 2004 when Ronen
and four friends began using Xbox Media Centre open source
software for the original Xbox that allowed people to play digital media on their TVs. Imagining a way to take the platform
even further, they founded Boxee.
The Eight Exhibit Communities
1) Acquisition & Production
In the Central Hall, see 3D, cameras, lenses, capture accessories, lighting
and grip, motion capture, 4k, virtual production, set design, motion picture/film, ENG vehicles, workflow solutions, etc.
2) Display Systems
In the South Lower Hall, see 4K, digital signage, TV sets, monitors, projectors, projection screens, video display, ultra HD, and so on.
3) Distribution & Delivery
In the South Upper Hall, see HDTV, 4G, antennae, transmitters, towers,
broadband connectivity, IPTV, digital cinema, mobile video, mobile DTV,
microwave/RF accessories, cable equipment and headend, test and measurement, fiber to the home, telepresence, software/applications/middleware, Wi-Fi/Wi-MAX, satellite technologies, interactive television, OTT,
content delivery networks, encoding, streaming, advertising platforms and
VOD, etc.
4) Management & Systems
In the North Hall, see digital asset management, storage, IT/network infrastructure and security, 3G B/S, signal management, systems integration,
cloud computing, routers, master control, newsroom automation, video/
content servers, multicasting and workflow solutions.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
5) Outdoor/Mobile Media
In the Las Vegas Convention Center Orange Lot, see ENG, SNG, DSNG
vehicles and services, mobile production studios, outdoor signage, power
generation, satellite uplink.
6) Post-Production
In the South Lower Hall, see animation and VFX, digital intermediate, editing software/hardware, 3D technologies, motion graphics, mastering and
duplication, character generation, music and sound libraries, subtitling
and closed captioning, encoding, format conversion and workflow solutions.
7) Pro Audio
In the Central Hall, see 5.1, audio editing, mastering, mixers, effects,
production, post-production, encoding, recording, and compression technologies.
8) RadioView
In the Central Hall, look for analog, digital and streaming technologies,
HD radio, antennae, transmitters, towers, automation, master control,
news and weather services, advertising/media sales solutions, encoding,
microwave/RF accessories, scheduling software, signal management, IT/
network infrastructure and security, web, mobile and video applications.
New RF Boot Camp
A new Radio Frequency (RF) Boot Camp, part of the Broadcast Engineering Conference, will be held on Wednesday. The day-long training program is
geared to expanding attendees’ knowledge and understanding of radio and
television RF transmission.
RF is a critical component in the delivery of audio and video content and a
major factor in a station’s success from the technical, programming and business perspectives.
The Canadian Suite
The wildly popular Canadian Suite will again be operational Monday through
Wednesday evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the El Dorado Ballroom at
the Flamingo Hotel on the strip. Many fine suppliers sponsor this event where
complimentary refreshment is offered. It’s a great spot to catch up with friends
and to spend a bit of time relaxing before heading out for supper.
BROADCAST DIALOGUE WEEKLY BRIEFING — Essential Reading • April 4, 2013
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