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Application Guide
Digital KVM Extension Solution
for Digital Signage
Ì Real-time Information Display
An increasing number of locations such as shopping malls, plazas, bus terminals, hospitals, banks, cinemas, and
other public spaces where people gather are now abandoning the use of traditional poster advertising. They are
instead using digital signage displays to deliver corporate imaging or product marketing to their target audience.
Static advertising is gradually being substituted by large digital screen displays. Furthermore, real-time
information requests have also increased the demand for digital signage. For example, it has always been
important to provide the latest information to passengers in airports, stations, and other transports hubs, and as
the information becomes increasingly complex, it has become even more important that it is updated in real time.
Traditional methods of updating information are unable to efficiently handle this increase in information.
Due to the demand for real time information, these environments are turning to digital signage solutions to
realize their objectives. These environments, such as train stations, generally cover a large area and need digital
displays placed all over the installation; the long distance between the displays and source device is an important
consideration. In addition, there may also be different types of display on the installation that require different
content to be displayed. In these kinds of installation, the ability to easily select a different source for each display
is a great benefit to administrators. Furthermore, in addition to real-time information display, excellent video
quality is also a major concern when adopting a new solution, due to the demands of various A/V applications
used in digital signage. Finally, a solution that offers interactive functionality, such as touchscreens, is increasingly
an important consideration as customers and travelers require customized real-time information on demand.
Ì Mission
Over the last three decades, ATEN has specialized in connectivity solutions in information technology and offers a
wide range of video and extension related products. Currently, ATEN’s challenge has been to develop a solution
that offers unlimited distance extension coupled with high-quality video transmission. The video quality must be
maintained in long-distance transmissions, and an audio signal should be carried as well as the keyboard, mouse
and video signals. Since the target installations are so large, and the number of displays needs to be able to
increase on demand, ATEN’s mission was to utilize its existing resources to provide a flexible, easily-configured
solution with smart management functionality that allows not only the duplication of a single source to multiple
displays but also various sources to different displays.
Application Guide
Digital KVM Extension Solution
UNLIMITED ACCESS from Anywhere Over the Intranet
CE790 Digital KVM Extender
ATEN CE790 Digital KVM Extension Solution Allows Unlimited Access and Complete Control of Your Computing
Resources Over the Intranet
The CE790 is an IP based KVM Extender system with RS-232 serial functionality that allows access to a computer
system from a remote USB console (USB keyboard, monitor, and USB mouse) located anywhere on your existing
network infrastructure.
The CE790 system consists of a transmitter (CE790T) that connects to the computer system and a receiver
(CE790R) that is located on the user’s desk. For even greater flexibility, any number of transmitters can be
configured with any number of receivers, providing access and control of various computing resources from any
number of remote consoles via a standard TCP/IP network. Furthermore, the CE790 supports high quality digital
audio and video streaming transmissions, ensuring that users obtain superior A/V signals from anywhere on the
Intranet with no distance limitation. Each unit is assigned a unique IP address and connects via a single Cat 5e
cable, making the CE790 Digital KVM Extender system perfect for use in the installation where you need multiple
consoles in conveniently accessible locations, such as control rooms.
* The CE790 can be installed in point to point, point to multipoint and multipoint to multipoint configurations. Multipoint
configurations require a separate purchase - contact your dealer for details.
* In multipoint configurations, the IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) function of your network switches/hubs should
be enabled to avoid deterioration of data throughput. If you do not know how to enable IGMP, please contact your network
Application Guide
Digital KVM Extension Solution
Ì Application
>> Duplicating a Single Source to Multiple Displays
Applications: Department Stores, Institutions, Shopping Plazas, Theaters
Installations in smaller environments generally utilize a point-to-multipoint configuration to duplicate the same
content to multiple displays. Connect one receiver (CE790R) for each display and connect a transmitter (CE790T)
to the source server. Once all the receivers and transmitters are connected to the LAN, the ATEN Digital KVM
Extension Solution is in place and ready to be configured. After some simple configuration and activating
broadcast mode, you are ready to deliver high-quality source content to each display that is connected to the
receivers. The console ports of the transmitter also allow an administrator to set up one additional console for
maintenance and monitoring. In addition, to reduce the total installation cost, ATEN Video Splitters can be
integrated in a Digital KVM Extension installation to duplicate the video signal from the receiver to multiple
displays located nearby.
Video Splitters
A video splitter not only duplicates the video/audio signal from a single source to multiple
outputs, but also boosts the signal so it can be conveyed over long distances before
unacceptable degradation occurs. Since the signal is boosted, video loss is kept at a
minimum and multiple splitters can be cascaded to accommodate even more output
Application Guide
Digital KVM Extension Solution
Ì Application
>> Routing Multiple Video Sources to Different Displays
Applications: Airports, Transport Hubs, Bus Stations, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls
When it is necessary to show different information on different displays in public places in a large installation, the
multipoint-to-multipoint capabilities of the Digital KVM Extension Solution make it an ideal solution. Connect one
receiver (CE790R) for each display and connect a transmitter (CE790T) for each source device and connect them
all to the LAN. In the server room, an administrator can connect all the consoles ports of the transmitters to a KVM
switch to take the place of all the individual transmitter consoles, and then the administrator is able to control and
monitor multiple source devices via a single console. In addition, with RS-232 serial functionality, a touchscreen
can be integrated in the installation for interactive service applications.
KVM Switches – An Essential Server Management Device
A KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) switch is an advanced, hardware-based
solution that allows centralized access to multiple computers easily and
conveniently from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. A KVM switch is useful in
an extensive range of environments, suitable for SOHO users, small and medium
businesses, and large corporations. ATEN offers a wide range of KVM switch to meet
various needs. Please visit our website for more product information.
Application Guide
Digital KVM Extension Solution
Ì Benefits
Distance Extension and Secure Placement – with Transmitter/Receiver module design, the Digital KVM
Extension Solution allows users to extend the distance between source devices and displays.
Broadcast Mode Support – enables one source to be displayed on multiple monitors.
Transmits over Intranet – works over existing LAN environment – unlimited distance, no trailing smear. With
this feature, the solution greatly reduces the total installation cost and time, especially in large public places.
Flexible Configurations – allows flexible point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint
administration. It fulfills the expansion need of console/computer by allowing the easy addition of the
Transmitter/Receiver to the installation. Furthermore, it also greatly reduces maintenance time and costs.
Digital Audio/Video Streaming – This allows A/V signals transmitted via the Intranet to maintain an
excellent quality (up to 1920 x 1080). With superior video signal support, the CE790 maximizes the
possibilities of A/V applications.
Dual Console Operation – allows you to control your computing source from both the receiver and
transmitter consoles. Connecting the console devices or a KVM switch to the console ports of a transmitter
enables an administrator to manage the computers efficiently.
Easy-to-use – Provides an intuitive On Screen Display (OSD) on both the transmitter and receiver units for
easy setup and operation. The administrator is able to manage all the consoles and assign a source for each
RS-232 serial functionality support – allows touchscreens to be included in the installation, which is
especially suitable for interactive service applications. For example, users may request information via
touchscreen operation.
Integration with KVM switch/Video Splitters –offers flexibility, cost-saving, space-saving and efficiency by
integrating a rack KVM switch with the transmitters for centralized management of all source devices. Video
splitter integration greatly reduces the total cost of the whole installation and provides additional flexibility.
* The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.
Application Guide
Digital KVM Extension Solution
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