Data sheet Draco tera enterprise (Series 480)

Data sheet Draco tera enterprise (Series 480)
Highly-Scaleable DVI Router and
KVM Matrix Switch Solution
Integral Extension Technology for
distances up to 10 km
Up to 160 (or even 288) I/O Ports
in a Single 19” Rack Chassis
Route all Signals over Cat X or
Fiber Cabling. Freely Mix and
Convert Interface Media.
‘Instant Video Switching’ without
Delay or Monitor Blanking
‘FlexPort Technology’ allows any
Port to be an Input or Output
Multiple Interface Options
Input Interface
Output Interface
160 (288) PORT
The Draco tera system opens a new chapter in the
world of enterprise scale video and KVM matrix
switching. Unique features make it a powerful choice
for numerous command, control and broadcast
The Draco tera system is based on well established
Gigabit Ethernet technology enabling a cost-effective
switching and extension solution. In combination with
Draco extenders you can build up a system with at
least 160 flexible ports supporting DVI video together
with USB and audio options. All common DVI SingleLink resolutions are supported including HighDefinition 1080p.
All interface signals are routed over Cat X or fiber
cabling between the Draco tera chassis and Draco
Extender units. Within a single chassis you can Mix
and Match interface types, seamlessly converting
from one to another to bridge distances from 140m to
10 km (on either side of the switch). One interface
option even allows the use of CWDM transceivers to
route multiple links over a single fiber pair.
The Draco tera uniquely offers ‘Instant Video
Switching’. This feature provides switching between
video sources of the same resolution within
milliseconds – with a single video frame. Competing,
IP-based solutions, may take as long as 15 seconds
to switch. Only the Draco family makes it possible to
seamlessly monitor numerous CPUs without delay or
video blanking.
A new Draco feature, which separates the Draco tera
from ALL other known matrix switches, is the
‘FlexPort Technology’. This allows any single I/O port
to be operate as either a dedicated Input (connected
to a CPU or DVI source) or Output (connected to a
Console or DVI monitor). Such flexibility ensures a
fully utilized matrix to match the demanded
configuration precisely. For example, this system
supports switching of 120 CPUs to 40 consoles, 150
CPUs to 10 consoles or even 80 DVI sources to 80
monitors – any conceivable configuration that does
not exceed the total number of ports is possible.
Other switch solutions normally allow only ‘square’
applications (such as 80 In / 80 Out), wasting ports,
as a larger and more expensive matrix is required,
than on a Draco tera using ‘FlexPorts’.
Best of all – there is no need to configure I/O port
configurations. When attaching a Draco Extender to
the switch it will uniquely identify itself (ID), and the
Draco tera will automatically allocate the required
Cat X or Fiber (any combination)
Cat X or Fiber (any combination)
DVI-D (Single-Link): [email protected]
DVI-D (Dual-Link): Future Option
Interface Options:
DVI-D, DVI-I (VGA), USB Keyboard/Mouse (USB-HID), USB
2.0 (Transparent), Analog Audio, Digital Audio, Serial
Maximum Link Distances: Cat X: 140 m
Multi-Mode Fiber: 400 m
Single-Mode Fiber: 10 km
OSD (On Screen Display) at each Console.
Plus: Ethernet (Web, FTP, Telnet, SMTP), Serial, Infra-Red
Power Supply
90...240VAC internal PSU 2 x 150W
Redundant PSU Option
160 Ports: 440 x 395 x 270 mm - 19”/9U Housing
288 Ports: 440 x 580 x 270 mm – 19”/13U Housing
Using this information, the switch knows the required
configuration. The unique ID ensures that extender
CPU units are assigned to a specific CPU, and the
Console Units to certain consoles. This also removes
the burden of having to maintain known cable
sequences at particular switch ports – something
which becomes increasingly impractical in large
systems. You may (re)connect Draco Extenders to
any port and the switch will (by using the ID)
automatically reassign each Draco Extender to the
according ports.
The ‘FlexPort Technology’ also simplifies the
interface definition for individual CPUs or consoles.
Each CPU may have any number of graphic and
USB ports – even odd numbers like 3 or 7. So, it is
very easy to define a CPU with three DVI ports and
two USB 2.0 links, or a DVI Dual-Head system with a
single USB 2.0 link. Once defined, the system
‘remembers’ the ID of the respective CPU and
source. The same process is applicable to consoles.
Using this feature, the Draco tera will handle
situations of inappropriate interfaces - such as
consoles and CPUs that do not match - correctly. If,
for instance, you switch a console to a CPU with a
different number of graphic ports than available
monitors, some monitors may remain blanked, or not
all sources will be displayed. Of course, you may also
overwrite these settings by manually configuring the
system for an operation according to individual
The system is currently available with a maximum
number of 160 ports in a single frame (which should
cover the majority of applications). But, for truly largescale systems a 288 port version is being planned.
The matrix size may also be increased by stacking or
cascading multiple Draco tera frames. When
‘stacked’, one unit is the master and the others are
salves – all simultaneously switching procedures are
parallel. This enables the number of Consoles/CPUs
to be dramatically raised in Multi-Monitor
applications. Cascading frames enables the number
of individual CPUs to be increased, but requires
attention regarding the number of connections
between the switches.
For ultimate reliability, all system components have
the option to be connected to a redundant PSU. The
switch also has a fan tray with removable filter
cassettes for easy maintenance. The switch and
(optionally) the extender units may be supervised
and monitored via SNMP.
DVI-D Single Link ([email protected] or 2K).
DVI-D Dual Link (up to 2560x2048) is a future option
USB-HID (Keyboard/Mouse + other HID devices)
Options: DVI-I Input (VGA), Transparent USB 2.0,
Serial, Analog Audio, Digital Audio
From 8 to 160 (or even 288) ports, scaleable in steps
of 8 Ports
Up to 159 (287) independent consoles (from 1 CPU)
Up to 159 (287) connected CPUs (from 1 console)
Maximum interface distance from each switch port
(Draco Extender to switch:
Cat X: 140 m
Multi-mode Fiber (62.5 μ): 200 m
Multi-mode Fiber (50μ): 400 m
Multi-mode Fiber (50µ OM3): 1 km
Single-mode Fiber (9μ): 10 km
Power Supply 90...240VAC with internal PSU
Redundant PSU option
I/O-boards available for Cat X, multi-mode, singlemode, or for user selectable port combinations
Remotely upgradeable via network interface
User Management and Access-Rights Management
Intuitive configuration and device identification
Control via individual OSD (On Screen Display),Serial
Interface or Network/Web Interface
Instant Video Switching: CPU switching within a single
video frame (when properly configured)
Mix and Match: Interface media types within a single
Draco tera frame
FlexPort Technology: Every Port can be either an
Input or Output ensuring the most flexible use of
available ports
Device Locking: Unique ID codes identify the ports of
each CPU or Console. When hot-plugging the switch
automatically reorganizes its internal switching table
IHSE GMBH, MAYBACHSTR. 11, 88094 OBERTEURINGEN/GERMANY, PHONE +49 (0)7546-9248-0, FAX +49 (0)7546-9248-48, [email protected]
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