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P5GD2 Premium
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P5GD2 Premium
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P5 Ai Proactive Series
- Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU
- Intel 915P chipset
- Dual-Channel DDR2 533
- PCI Express Architecture
- Wireless LAN onboard
- Dual Gigabit LAN
- 1394b/a
PCI-E x 1
PCI-E x 16
Gb x 2
(Dual channel)
64bit CPU support
64-bit computing, the next generation technology to replace current 32bit architecture, delivers advanced system performance, faster memory
access and increased productivity. This motherboard provides excellent
compatibility and flexibility by supporting either 64-bit or 32-bit
DDR2 600 Native Support
Although Intel's 925X, 915P and 915G chipsets claimed to only support
DDR2 400/533, ASUS engineers successfully unleashed their true
potential. This model offers native DDR2 600, eliminating the bottleneck
when overclocking both the CPU and memory. With current processors
supporting 800MHz FSB, ASUS motherboards, the only solutions with
native DDR2 600, will provide superior performance for the most
demanding applications.
FSB/MEM (freq.)
800/600 (Native)
Other brands
Hyper Path2 - Shorten Memory Latency
The innovative ASUS Hyper Path2 significantly shortens the latency time
between the CPU and memory and improves memory performance
without sacrificing stability. (1 van 4)30-5-2006 11:01:54
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
Choice for Home Networking and Hard-Core Gamers
ASUS AI Proactive series -- The P5GD2 Premium is a total solution for the Intel 915P chipset. Create a
wireless home network, build servers and workstations with triple RAID data security, and enjoy dual-Gbit
Ethernet high data throughput with this all-new motherboard. It also supports LGA 775 CPU, dual-channel
DDR 2, PCI Express x16 graphics, Serial ATA and IEEE 1394b.
Intel EM64T
Intel EM64T (Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology) allows processors to run newly written 64-bit code
and to access larger amounts of memory, which delivers exceptional graphic performance and higher data
processing speed. Digital media applications can take advantage of Intel EM64T in high quality video and
audio processing as well as 3D rendering.
Intel EIST
Intel EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology) automatically adjusts Intel 64-bit processor voltage and
core frequency according to system performance demand, establishing a self-managed, lower-power
consumption, less heat and quieter environment. Combined Intel EIST and ASUS Q-fan technology
(adjusts fan speeds according to system loading), this motherboard provides excellently quiet, cool and
efficient platform for Intel lovers.
Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU
This motherboard supports the latest Pentium 4 CPU from Intel in LGA775 package. With
800MHz FSB, 1 MB L2 cache, Hyper-Threading Technology and core-speeds up to
3.6GHz and beyond, Intel's LGA775 Pentium 4 is one of the fastest desktop processors to
"Attention!! CPU Installation"
Intel 915P chipset
The Intel 915P chipset supports the latest PC technologies such as LGA775
Pentium 4 CPU, dual-channel DDR2 memory architecture, and PCI Express x16
graphics card interface. The ICH6R Southbridge further provides integrated 4-port
SATA RAID controller, PCI Express x1 interfaces and 8 high-speed USB 2.0 ports.
Dual-Channel DDR2 533
DDR2 is the next generation memory technology to replace the current DDR. With initial speeds from 400
and 533MHz, DDR2 memory provides bandwidth up to 4.3GB/s. Doubled by the dual-channel
architecture, the widest memory bus bandwidth 8.6GB/s is achieved on this motherboard.
PCI Express Architecture
PCI Express is the latest I/O interconnect technology that will replace the existing PCI. With a bus
bandwidth 4 times higher than that of AGP 8X interface, PCI Express x16 bus performs much better than
AGP 8X in applications such as 3D gaming. PCI Express x1 also outperforms PCI interface with its
exceptional high bandwidth up to 500MB/s. The high speed PCI Express interface creates new usages on
desktop PCs e.g., Gigabit LAN, 1394b, and high-speed RAID systems.
AI Proactive
Stack Cool™
Cooler Overclocking and Quieter Operation!
Heat causes instability and shortens system lifecycle, and
motherboard power circuitry is a major thermal source. The patented
Stack Cool?technology utilizes a mini PCB stacked against the main
PCB to conduct heat away from power components, resulting in a
10oCelsius reduction. And voila! Cooler overclocking, quieter fan
operation, greater stability and longer system life without you doing a
WiFi-g onboard (optional)
Wireless setup made affordable and easy!
WEP? SSID? Building a home WLAN used to be a hassle with
confusing acronyms and cryptic menus. With WiFi-g™and its one-touch
setup wizard, high-speed wireless network is just a few clicks away.
WiFi-g?serves as the access point of your network or if you already
have an access point, it is also a wireless adapter for PCs to access
existing WLAN. (2 van 4)30-5-2006 11:01:54
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
(WiFi-g™compliant to IEEE 802.11g 54 Mbps data transfer)
Boost performance when you need it the most!
Applications such as 3D games and video editing demand a huge chunk of system
Inject "nitrous oxide" into your CPU! The patented AI NOS?(Non-delay Overclocking
System) technology intelligently detects system load and automatically boosts
performance for the most demanding tasks. Unlike other dynamic overclocking
techniques, AI NOS?reacts much faster to satisfy your unending need for speeds.
Diagnose LAN connection before entering OS!
Network problems are often caused by bad cable connection.
AI NET2 remotely detects cable connection the second you turn on the
system, and any faulty connections are reported back up to 100 meters
at 1 meter accuracy.
High Definition Audio
Enjoy high-end sound system on your PC! The onboard 8-channel HD audio (High Definition Audio,
previously codenamed Azalia) CODEC enables high-quality 192KHz/24-bit audio output, jack-sensing
feature, retasking functions and multi-streaming technology that simultaneously sends different audio
streams to different destinations. You can now talk to your partners on the headphone while playing a
multi-channel network games. All of these are done on one computer. The Dolby Digital Live technology
from Dolby Lab encodes the multi-channel audio source into AC-3 bit-stream and outputs it to S/PDIF port
in real time.
Dual Gigabit LAN
The integrated dual Gigabit LAN design allows a PC to serve as a network gateway for managing traffic
between two separate networks. This capability ensures rapid transfer of data from WAN to LAN without
any added arbitration or latency. No more bottleneck to handle large amounts of data such as video,
audio, and voice.
IEEE 1394b/a
1394b (FireWire 800) ?with its higher bandwidth up to 800 Mbps, longer distances and much higherpowered bus ?is more suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications like digital video (DV), professional
audio, hard drives, which often consume hundreds or even thousands of megabytes of data per file. With
backwards compatibility with 1394a, this motherboard provides 1 x 1394a and 2 x 1394b ports.
The onboard Silicon Image Sil3114R and ITE 8212F RAID controllers plus the Intel ICH6R southbridge
provide the best solution to your RAID requirements on different storage standards. The Intel ICH6R
supports RAID 0, 1 and Intel Matrix RAID Technology on 4 Serial ATA ports. The Silicon Image Sil3114R
controller offers four additional SATA interfaces and allows RAID 0, 1, 10, JBOD, and a RAID software
patch to support RAID 5. For IDE hard disk drives, the ITE 8212F controller provides RAID 0, 1 , 0+1
functionality for two ATA133 channels.
ASUS Q-Fan2 technology intelligently adjusts both CPU fan and chassis fan speeds according to system
loading to ensure quiet, cool and efficient operation.
S/PDIF-out on Back I/O Port
This motherboard provides convenient connectivity to external home theater audio systems via an optical
or coaxial S/PDIF-out (SONY-PHILIPS Digital Interface) jack. It allows to transfer digital audio without
converting to analog format and keeps the best signal quality.
Max. 8 USB 2.0 ports supports
USB 2.0 is the latest connectivity standard for next generation components and peripherals. Backwards
compatible with current USB 1.1 peripherals, USB 2.0 delivers transfer speeds up to 40 times faster at
480Mb/s, for easy connectivity and ultra-fast data transfers.
Multi-language BIOS
The multi-language BIOS allows you to select the language of your choice from the available options. The
localized BIOS setup menu helps you configure your system easier and faster.
ASUS CrashFree BIOS2
The CrashFree BIOS2 feature now includes the BIOS auto-recovery function in a support CD. Users can
reboot their system through the support CD when a bootable disk is not available, and go through the
simple BIOS auto-recovery process. (3 van 4)30-5-2006 11:01:54
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
ASUS motherboards now enable users to enjoy this protection feature without the need to pay for an
optional ROM.
C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)
When the system hangs due to overclocking failure, there is no need to open the case to clear CMOS
data. Just simply restart the system, the BIOS would show the previous setting and then users can amend
the CPU setting again.
WinDVD Suite (On Retail Version Only)
ASUS motherboards, intensifying leadership in the IT industry, now bundle the versatile InterVideo
WinDVD Suite. This multifaceted software set includes the latest multimedia software(OEM version),
bringing forth the multimedia features of ASUS motherboards to the best! (4 van 4)30-5-2006 11:01:54
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