Sangean H201 Specifications

Sangean H201 Specifications
Revision 1
1. Built-in AM/FM antenna for best reception
2. 10 presets (5 each wave band)
3. Water resistant up to JIS7 standard
4. Auto seek stations
5. Large and easy to read LCD display
6. Easy to fix bracket and hanger
7. Battery power indicator
8. Clock
9. Adjustable sleep timer
10. Adjustable short timer
11. Emergency LED illumination (Torch)
12. Emergency Buzzer
13. Water-resistant 3 inches speaker
LCD Display
2 Preset stations (preset 3 also for tuning step change)
3 Nap timer (Short timer)
4 Power button
5 Band and Time Set button
6 Tuning Control
7 Volume Control
8 Speaker
9 DC IN socket
10 Hanger Ring
11 Emergency Buzzer
12 Torch button
13 Torch
14 Multi Purpose Handle
15 Bracket Holder
16 Battery Cover
17 FM wire antenna compartment
LCD Display
Battery Power Status
Volume level
Auto Off status
Short Timer set
Memory number and seconds
Time and Frequency
Band indicator
Installing batteries
1. Position the radio face down on a soft surface.
2. Remove the catch as shown and lift out the battery cover.
3. Insert 2 x “D“ size/UM-1/LR20 batteries.
4. Replace the battery cover and catch.
5. Reduced power, distortion, a “stuttering“ sound are all signs that
the batteries may need replacing. The batteries should be replaced
when the battery indicator
flashes and E shows in the display.
6. If the radio is not to be used for any extended period of time, it is
recommended that the batteries are removed from the radio.
Using the AC adaptor (not supplied)
1. Remove the rubber cover of DC in socket on the left hand side
of your radio.
2. Insert the adaptor plug into the DC socket.
3. Plug the adaptor into mains socket outlet. Whenever the adaptor
is used, the batteries are automatically disconnected.
The AC adaptor should be disconnected from the mains supply and
the radio when not in use.
For safety purpose, DO NOT use AC adaptor in the shower
room. Use the batteries only.
Setting the clock
1. The clock will start running when the batteries are installed or
when the radio is connected to the mains supply. The display
will show “ - : - - “.
2. The time can be set with your radio switched off or on.
3. Press and hold down the Time Set button
for approx.
2 seconds until the hours digits flash in the display with a beep.
4. Press the Tuning Up/Down buttons to set the required hour.
5. Press the Time Set button, the minute digits will flash in the display.
6. Press the Tuning Up/Down buttons to set the required minute.
7. Press the Time Set button to complete time setting.
The second will start to count.
Operating your radio
Your radio is equipped with three tuning methods – Manual Tuning,
Search tuning and Memory preset tuning.
Manual Tuning
1. Press the Power button to turn on the radio.
2. Select the required waveband by repeatedly pressing the Band
button. For FM waveband, pull out and extend the FM wire antenna
located in the battery compartment to get best reception.
For MW (AM) waveband, rotate the radio for best reception.
3. A single press on either Tuning up or Tuning down buttons will
change the frequency in the following increments:
FM: 100 or 200 kHz (USA version)
50 or 100 kHz (standard version)
AM (MW): 9 or 10 kHz
4. When the waveband end is reached, the radio will continue tuning
from the opposite waveband end.
5. Press the Volume Up/Down buttons to the required level.
6. To switch off your radio, press the Power button. The display will
show OFF.
Search tuning
1. Press the Power button to turn on the radio.
2. Press the Band button to get required waveband, then extend and
position telescopic aerial (FM) or rotate the radio (AM).
3. Press and hold down either Tuning up or Tuning down buttons for
more than 0.5 seconds to commerce Search tuning.
4. The radio will search and stop automatically when it finds a station
of sufficient strength.
5. When the waveband end is reached, the radio will continue tuning
from the opposite waveband end .
6. Press the Volume Up/Down buttons to the required level.
7. To switch off your radio, press the Power button. The display will
show OFF.
Memory preset tuning
Storing stations in preset memories
There are 5 presets for each waveband.
1. Press the Power button to turn on the radio.
2. Tune to the required station using one of the methods previously
3. Press and hold down required preset until the radio beeps (more
than 2 seconds). The preset number will appear with a M (memory)
and the station will be stored under the chosen preset button.
4. Repeat the procedures for the remaining presets.
5. Stations stored in preset memories may be overwritten by
following the above procedures.
Recalling preset stations
1. Press the Power button to turn on the radio.
2. Select the required waveband by pressing the Band button.
3. Momentarily press the required Preset button, the preset number
and station frequency will appear in the display.
Software version
The software display cannot be altered and is just for your reference.
1. Turn off the radio.
2. Press the Preset button 3/step button for 2 seconds until the
software version number (e.g. P01) shown on the display.
Setting Tuning step
3. After the FM range setting is completed, the display will switch to
tuning step setting. Press the Tuning up/down button to choose
the desired FM tuning step (50 kHz or 100 kHz) and press the
Preset button 3/step button to confirm the setting.
4. After the confirmation of FM tuning step, press the Tuning up/down
button to choose the desired AM tuning step (9kHz or 10 kHz)
and press the Preset button 3/step button to confirm the setting.
Sleep function – Auto Off
The sleep timer will automatically switch off your radio after a preset time has elapsed.
1. Press and continue to hold down the Power button, the display will
cycle through the available sleep times in the order 50-40-30-2010-60-50………… Release the button when the required sleep
time appears in the display. Display will appear AUTO OFF and
radio will play the last station selected.
2. To cancel the sleep function, press the Power button, the AUTO
OFF will disappear and the radio will switch off.
Nap timer (short timer)
You can set the Nap timer (short timer) either radio is on or off.
Press Nap timer button
, display will appear and flash last nap
timer time. Press Tuning up/down button to select required nap
timer time, press Nap timer button again to complete setting.
Nap timer will start to count by second, display will show and remaining nap timer time (when radio is off). The buzzer will sound
for 3 minutes when it reaches the period of time which you have
set. Press Power button to turn the buzzer off.
To turn off the Nap timer before the time is up, simply press and release the Nap timer button. will disappear from display.
You can also memory the nap timer time by long pressing Preset
1-5 button for the timer time you require (same procedures you
store the station) and recall it whenever you need to set timer. e.g.
you can store 10 minutes timer in preset 1 and 20 minutes timer
in preset 2, so each time after you need to select short timer time,
press short timer button then preset 1 to get 10 minutes timer and
preset 2 to get 20 minutes timer and so on.
Factory reset
If you wish to completely reset your radio to its initial state this may
be performed by following this procedure. By performing a factory
reset, all user entered settings will be erased.
Press and hold Preset 5 button and the Band button together until
‘dEF’ shown on the display followed by an beep. Now the factory
reset is completed.
Display backlight
The display backlight will be switched on for approximately 15 seconds when any button is pressed.
Emergency buzzer
To activate Emergency buzzer, press and release Emergency
buzzer button
. Press and release the button again to switch off
the buzzer.
Press to release the torch button
to turn on the torch.
The torch won’t turn off automatically. To turn off the torch, press
torch button again.
Multi-purpose handle
Using the multi-purpose handle, you may hang or carry the radio
when not used in bathroom.
You may install the supplied bracket on the wall with the help of the
double sides tape back side to hang the radio.
Carrying strap
Using the supplied carrying strap, you may hang or carry the radio
when not used in bathroom.
Power requirements
Mains via AC adaptor (not supplied)
AC 230 volts, 50 Hz or AC 120 volts, 60 Hz ~ only/DC 3V 500 mA
Batteries: 2 x UM1 (D size, LR20)
Battery Life:
Approx. 120 hours of listening for 4 hours a day at normal volume
using alkaline batteries.
Frequency Coverage:
FM 87.50 – 108 MHz
AM (MW) 522 – 1710 kHz or 520 – 1710 kHz
Circuit features
Loudspeaker: 3 inches, 8 ohm full range, water resistant
Output Power: 500 mW
Aerial System:
FM Antenna wire
AM ( MW ) Ferrite Rod
If at any time in the future you should need to dispose of this product please note
that: Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste.
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer for
recycling advice. (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive)
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