iXter and iXtra: The Power of Simplicity!

iXtra 1100
iXter B10 - B13 - B16 - B18
iXter and iXtra:
The Power of Simplicity!
Kverneland Rau iXter
A New Standard for Mounted Sprayers
iXter is the fruit of years of
research and development in close
collaboration with farmers: This is today
the most advanced mounted sprayer range with
focus on user friendliness and environmental protection.
Kverneland Rau iXter
The Perfect Model for Your Needs!
iXter B13 / 1300 litre
iXter B16 / 1600 litre
iXter B10 / 1000 litre
iXter B18 / 1800 litre
Make Your Choice!
horizontal folding
Steel-Liner boom
HOSA 15m
"Z" folding
Alu-Liner boom
HC 18/20/21/24m
vertical folding
Steel-Liner booms
Easy Hitch
iXter Makes Life Easy
Gravity point close to the tractor for a maximum
weight transfer
The Easy Hitch for iXter makes life simple for you:
1.Enough space to connect the PTO shaft and the
hydraulic and electric cables.
2.Drive backwards to connect to the sprayer.
3.Lift up the sprayer.
4.An ingenious locking system secures the machine
and shows the operator it has connected correctly.
5.Push in the storing legs and the iXter is ready to go!
Easy Set Control Panel
Leads You in the Right Direction
Full integration concept:
Nobody would expect all these functions so easily
to hand. Better protection and integration is simply
not possible! iXter is setting a new standard!
4-Position suction valve:
Position: main tank, clean water tank,
suction fill and drain.
The Easy Set valve panel makes life easy
4-Position pressure valve:
by its intuitive operation. The controls are
separated to a suction and a pressure side.
Position: filling main tank, spraying,
The valves are well protected behind the
Turbo agitation (optional), additional
door; this keeps your operational area free
of dirt and pesticides.
3-Additional pressure valves:
Functions: Tank cleaning nozzle,
external cleaning (optional), liquid
transfer (optional).
Fully Integrated Concept
iXter for Easy Access
Filtration system:
Both suction and pressure filters are easy accessible for inspection and any subsequent cleaning, ensuring minimal contact with pesticide.
The high capacity suction filter, filters the complete flow before the liquid enters the pump.
Parking frame iXter
The self cleaning pressure filter prevents
blocking via a continuous flow keeping the
filter mesh clean. The undissolved particles
are returned into the tank until they are
completely dispersed.
Transparant suction filter housing
Tank lid for filling or inspection:
The fully integrated step and handgrips allow safe access to the
tank lid even on the 1800 liter tank.
iXclean Comfort and Pro
Every Litre Counts
iXclean Comfort
iXclean Comfort is a semi-automatic valve
control system. The combination of an
electrical level indicator and suction valve
provides operator comfort and accuracy;
automatic filling stops when the programmed
level is reached, and remote control of all
ENFO rinsing and priming functions are
carried out from the cab! Simply prime the
spray lines before you start and rinse them
afterwards or even during an unexpected
weather break, without having to leave the cab!
ENFO is included as part of the standard
specification of all Kverneland sprayers.
iXclean filling
screen Focus II/
IsoMatch Tellus
Electrical level indicator
iXclean Pro
An electrical level indicator provides actual
Advanced solutions come from iXclean Pro,
tank volume to a spraying computer as
with fully automatic, electric valve management
well as via the external display on the
on ISOBUS sprayers. It means all functions
valve panel.
can be controlled from the cab. Switching
between filling, agitation, spraying, diluting,
priming, rinsing and tank cleaning, is extremely
easy: just push the button! In addition to auto
filling, iXclean Pro offers also a fully automatic multi-step rinsing and cleaning program
for the entire sprayer. Pushing one button a
comprehensive cleaning process including all
lines too starts, that takes just a few minutes
and uses minimal amounts of clean water.
The new silent piston diaphragm
Pumps are available with capacities of
It is so thorough, that residue levels after
150, 200 and 260 L/min. Liquid fertiliser
automated cleaning, are below 1%. iXclean Pro
resistant and capable of running dry
without damage.
iXclean Pro screen Focus II/IsoMatch
Tellus (coloured)
for filling or cleaning: making every litre
Easy Operation
Filling is Easy, Clean and Safe
Chemical inductor:
The graduated chemical inductor with a
capacity of 20 litres is mounted on rails and
fully integrated in the frame.
In storage position the inductor is sealed
against the top plate and no cover is
needed. The rotating canister cleaning
nozzle releases the water when pushed
downwards. The circular rinsing system is
no add on: it is part of the design!
18 liter hand wash tank:
Everything is availabe to keep your hands clean.
A storage place for gloves, liquid soap and the
hand wash tank itself is integrated in the door.
To prevent contamination, washings can be
caught in the chemical inductor hopper.
Put the Turbo in the Tank!
The standard return flow agitation with its unique agitation tube is keeps the tank
mixture agitated. To empty the main tank completely it can be electrically switched off during
The turbo agitation system (optional) allows powerful mixing during preparation of
the mixture. This is especially helpful when powders are used or after sedimentation during
a longer period of interruption.
The entire pump flow is used to power 6 injector nozzles.
Hydrant filling:
The optional 2 inch hydrant filling device allows filling
under pressure at high capacity.
An anti return valve avoids return flow to the water
Filling via the suction hose:
External aspirated water is filtered first by the
filter on the hose and then by the suction filter.
In parallel you can already use the chemical
inductor to add and premix chemicals.
Outside cleaning set (optional):
15m of hose, a brush with insert for soap, all linked to the pressure side of the pump, allow
cleaning in the field with water from the 180 L clean water tank.
180 liter clean water tank
Clean cloth locker
The sprayer can be cleaned in the field
The clean cloth locker, which is integrated in
with water from the clean water tank.
the clean water tank, allowing you to keep
Easy access to fill the tank via the
your safety and cleaning equipment or tools
opening in the cover.
with you on the sprayer.
ENFO Inside
We Care about Your Crop!
ENvironmental FOcus: ENFO priming and rinsing system is standard on all our spray
computers. This smart technology optimizes filling and cleaning of the spray lines. Accurate application,
no waste of chemicals and saving water are the benefits for you and your environment.
Automatic Priming of spray lines: before spraying starts the
Automatic Rinsing of spray lines: after finishing or interruption,
spray lines are filled with
the pesticides are auto-
chemicals exactly up to the
matically flushed out of the
nozzle by automatic section
spray lines. This means using
shut off. This means no
up to the last litre of mixture
waste of chemicals and
and rinsing the spray lines
accurate application from the
with a minimum of clean
first moment!
water consumption.
Sprayer Test Hall for Top Quality!
A certified test crew is testing every iXter, and of course all other sprayers,
leaving the factory in our own test hall to meet the latest environmental
regulations. Our testers are certified for all of the following test procedures.
NSTS: National
JKI: Official homologation for
Sprayer Testing Scheme
Germany, delivered by the
is the relevant authority
Federal Biological Research
is in process.
in UK for sprayer
Centre of Germany, now JKI
ENTAM is the
Network for
Testing Agricultural Machines.
SKL: Official homolo-
NY: Official homologation for
JKI of Germany and Cemagref of
gation for Benelux,
Norway, delivered by the
France are among others, official
delivered by the SKL
Norwegian Food and Safety
members of ENTAM.
foundation for agricul-
tural machinery in
EC, FMC, Focus II
Make Spraying Easy
Remote Control EC :
FlowMate Control FMC:
• All in one remote control
• Basic spray computer
• Spraying on/off functions including up to 7
• Extremely simple to operate
sections and two boarder nozzle switches
• Very compact by integration of all spraying and
hydraulic functions
• Agitation shut off
• Pressure control
• Controlling the unique ENFO functions
• Pre-select hydraulic boom functions
• Integrated nozzle advice
• Field memory for 25 different fields
Focus II: One for All!
iXter is also available as ISOBUS 11783 compatible sprayer. It can be controlled by the Kverneland Group Focus II, IsoMatch Tellus ISOBUS
terminal or any tractor ISOBUS compatible terminal. The Switchbox provides all spray and hydraulic switches.
Operates spray and boom functions by
intuitive layout for maximum comfort and
short reaction times.
Focus II is the professional Kverneland
Group Terminal which fits our sprayers,
spreaders, seeders, precision seeders,
loader wagons, balers, etc.
• Large clear digital display
• All relevant parameters visible at a glance
• Field memory for 40 different fields
• RS232 serial port to external sources
Serial port to
connect external
IsoMatch Tellus
The Next Generation Terminal!
The IsoMatch Tellus is the first Universal Terminal with the capability to
view and operate 2 different ISOBUS interfaces at once.
This allows direct control of 2 implements at the same time, use
GEOcontrol or display a camera view, without switching screens.
• Two ISOBUS interface screens
• Large 12.1" colour touch screen
• Intuitive operation
The IsoMatch Tellus is your powerful platform for
precision farming applications and future growth.
• Basic DOC registration program to save operational information directly to USB
• Four USB slots for quick data exchange
(e.g. ISO-XML field maps, PDF), wireless USB stick or USB to serial cable for additional sensors
• Built in PDF reader: store and read any PDF document such as operator manuals
• RS232 connection for GPS receivers or sensors
• Internet connection via a wireless USB stick or router
• Integrated web browser
Operates spray and boom functions by intuitive layout for maximum comfort and short reaction times.
IsoMatch GEOcontrol
Brings Clear Benefits
IsoMatch GEOcontrol is an additional
software application within the IsoMatch Tellus
Saves all operational job data and field maps
that helps you to control all ISOBUS compatible
for exchange via USB to farm management
Kverneland Group machines such as sprayers,
information systems.
spreaders and seeders! Combined with a
GPS receiver it fulfils the future needs in
Manual guidance
terms of easy, smart and efficient farming.
• Advised driving position using
Easy operation and driver comfort due to the
automatic implement control. You can stay
guidance lines (straight, curved or
combined) in the field and on headlands
focused on driving, while IsoMatch GEOcontrol
• Extendable using the optional IsoMatch
lightens the workload. Reduced overlap and
InLine light bar, to place guidance in line
redundant tracks results in increased quality
of work and efficiency by cost savings in
time, fuel, fertiliser, pesticides and seeds.
of sight
• Smart boundary recording: independent
from the working width, even without any
implement corrected
Section control
• Boundary shrinking: create new inner
Automatic switching on and off implement
boundaries by setting the desired width of
sections on headlands, boundaries and
the headland
already covered areas to minimise overlap.
• Manual guidance for all operations, includes
non-electric or non-ISOBUS implements.
Variable rate control
Automatically adjusts the implement
e.g. cultivators, mowers, tedders etc.
• Headland control: create headland
• Easy and comfort of operation, due to not
having to manually switch on or off sections
or change the application rate. You can focus
100% on the driving in the field.
• More efficient work and avoiding overlap leads
to cost savings of 5-10% on e.g. fertiliser,
pesticides and seed. Better growing conditions
and the increased yield.
• With IsoMatch GEOcontrol, working at night
application rate based on input from the
boundary and headland guidance lines
time becomes very easy. IsoMatch GEOcontrol
field prescription.
tedders etc.
reduces the workload considerably.
Starguide III
Future Becomes Reality
Starguide III: Automatic GPS section control
and guidance by D-GPS
Those who have used it will never go back. Starguide III will change your spraying days forever: spray
around the headland and the Starguide III will control the spray sections automatically as you cover the
remainder of the field.
The Starguide III enables you:
Starguide III is easy to operate: after
• Spraying in the dark
spraying a field boundary the overlap and
• Accurate spraying by full overlap control
headland management are controlled for the
• Increased operator comfort
rest of the field!
• Cost savings by reduced overlap
In addition the Starguide III also includes the following features:
• Easy to operate, intuitive 5.7” colour touch screen
• Field view with covered areas and overlap
• Single and double overlap in different colours
• GPS status warnings
• USB slot for data export in different formats
Boom Guide
Make Your Life Easy
Maintain your boom height!
Advantages of Boom Guide:
ISO Boom Guide is our automatic boom height
• Less drift: more constant and correct nozzle height
control system that helps you to maintain your
• Increased capacity: allows faster spraying speeds, also
chosen spraying height. Ultrasonic sensors
in the dark
control the sprayer's hydraulics to guide the
• Driver comfort: less fatigue with easier focus on spraying
boom over the crop canopy or soil surface.
• Integrated ErgoDrive functionality: automatic lifting and lowering on headland turns
This unique sensor technology provides
• Crop and Soil mode selection: closely follow the top of a closed canopy or of follow the soil
excellent guidance in many different and
surface in an uneven, open canopy or row crop situation
challenging field conditions, making it easier
• Safe transport: ultrasonic sensor automatically fold with boom in its transport position
for the operator to stay focussed on spraying.
• ISOBUS compatible: easy plug and play operation with ISOBUS compatible (tractor) terminals
Boom Guide Comfort
Boom Guide Comfort
The two ultrasonic sensors on the boom can
control the spray height via the central slope
correction and boom lift functions.
This cost-effective system is suited to gentle
slopes, un­even crop conditions and lower
driving speeds.
Boom Guide Pro
Boom Guide Pro
This advanced system uses three ultrasonic sensors to control left- and right-hand boom sections
independently for the ultimate guidance in the most
challenging field conditions. It can deliver positive
and negative lateral movement on each side of the
boom to follow the contours in every condition!
iXtra Comfort or iXtra Pro Front Tank
So Much More Than Just Extra Volume
Easy hitching and unhitching
iXtra Comfort and iXtra Pro
The iXtra front tank is available in two
different versions. The iXtra Comfort with
manual control of the EasySet control panel
on the iXter as well as the control panel of
the iXtra. The second version is the iXtra
Pro. This is the ISOBUS version of the front
tank, the operator gets full control over all
functions from the tractor seat including
automatic level management. Front and rear
tanks will then be emptied in equal proportion
for optimum weight distribution.
The innovative iXtra concept offers much more than just extra tank volume. In combination
with the iXter mounted sprayer, the iXtra front tank provides a total volume of around 3000
litres, making the iXter-iXtra combination a serious alternative to a self propelled sprayer.
With tractors able to carry much higher loads on their rear linkages, the need for ballast
weight on the front of the tractor is essential. With a nominal volume of more than 1100 litres,
the iXtra is that front end weight, adding stability to your tractor, but only when needed!
The iXtra concept with combined functions gives you more flexibility while spraying:
• One-tank approach: filled with spray liquid it boosts overall tank capacity by 60%.
• Two-tank approach: filled with two different tank mixes, the front and rear tanks can be
used as two independent spray tanks.
Control panel iXtra Comfort
• Reservoir approach: filled with clean water the iXtra front tank can be used as a reservoir
for later use, for example in another field or crop.
Easy to Fit, Simple to Unhitch
The iXtra front tank uses the functions of the iXter sprayer when filling and spraying.
This avoids the need - or additional cost - for a separate induction hopper or spray pump for
the front tank. All the necessary controls are conveniently located on the sprayer and are
operated from the EasySet valve panel on the iXter. Without a front PTO shaft or hydraulic
hoses, hitching and unhitching the iXtra is extremely simple: it uses only two hoses with
KAMlock connections and an electrical cable - it really is that simple!
Control panel iXtra Pro
HPT Boom
The Proven Package
The HPT boom is a
very compact boom with a
low centre of gravity and a
reduced transport height. The protective bars fitted as standard effectively
protect the spray nozzles from damage.
Boom features:
• Protective bars for spray nozzles
• Hose guideance
• Mono or quadro jets nozzle holders
• Electro-hydraulic valves for half boom folding
• Electro-hydraulic slope correction
HPT 18 m
10,2 m
2,7 m
One side folding becomes possible with slope correction:
this feature allows one-side spraying along hedges, buildings, fences or
other obstacles.
HPT 18 5 sections
Go Fast in Difficult Fields
Innovations to make life easy:
The HOSA is an unique boom of the Alu-Liner
family having an advanced Z-folding principle:
the lateral movement enables you to quickly
reduce boom width and pass obstacles in the
field. The aluminium profile is designed for
maximum resistance. No welding provides
remarkable strength, the anodised hardened
surface protects against scratches and corrosion.
• Z-folding aluminium boom
• One-side spraying
• 2,50m transport width
• Heavy construction, light weight
Transport locking
Hydraulic locking pendulum system
• Profile integrated nozzle protection
• Smooth surface for easy cleaning
• Mono or Tri jets
• Central locking of pendulum system
HOSA 15 5 sections
HOSA 15 5 sections v1
HOSA 15 7 sections
One side spraying
Safety tip-end
HC Boom
The Versatile Boom
Safe on the road
The 2.50m transport width
means that even narrow roads
and gateways are no obstacle.
Made for high speed:
The HC is the multi-talented boom in the
Steel-Liner family. The triangular steel
construction and the unique anti yaw system
allow high speed even in very difficult
Multiple folding possibilities:
The HC boom is giving you the
functionalities for one side folding,
symmetrical reduction and asymmetrical
reduction depending of the choice for the
electric hydraulic command.
Special bottom profile for full nozzle
integration and protection.
Anti yaw system for
independent damping left
right for uninfluenced boom behaviour.
HC 18 5 sections
HC 18 7 sections
HC 20 5 sections
HC 20 7 sections
HC 20 7 sections
HC 20 9 sections
HC 21 5 sections
HC 21 7 sections
HC 21 7 sections
HC 21 9 sections
HC 24 7 sections
HC 24 9 sections
Kverneland Rau iXter and iXtra
Technical Specifications
Kverneland Rau iXter
1000 l / 1100 l
1300 l / 1450 l
1600 l / 1800 l
1800 l / 2000 l
180 l / 18 l
180 l / 18 l
180 l / 18 l
180 l / 18 l
30 l
30 l
30 l
30 l
1. Tank size
Nominal / maximum main tank capacity
Clean water tank / Hand wash tank
Chemical inductor with opening of 40x40 cm
2. Empty weight (total machine incl. boom)
... with HPT 18 m
1234 kg
1246 kg
1259 kg
1268 kg
… with HOSA 15 m
1048 kg
1060 kg
1073 kg
1082 kg
... with HC 18 m
1371 kg
1383 kg
1396 kg
1405 kg
... with HC 20 m
1415 kg
1427 kg
1440 kg
1449 kg
... with HC 21 m
1421 kg
1433 kg
1446 kg
1455 kg
... with HC 24 m
1459 kg
1471 kg
1484 kg
1493 kg
3. Measurements
Width (total machine incl. boom)
HPT18 m = 2,75 m - HOSA + HC = 2,50 m
Height (total machine incl. boom)
HPT = 2,65 m - HOSA = 2,85 m - HC = 3,30 m
Length (total machine incl. boom)
HPT18m = 1,65 m - HOSA + HC18 m = 1,45 m - HC20-24m = 1,65 m
4. Pumps
Piston-diaphragm pump 150 l/min or 200 l/min or 260 l/min
▲ 150 or 200 or 260 l/min
5. Electronics
5.1. Remote control
EC 5-section 3-way-valves, for pre-selection hydr. (incl. EC control box)
▲1 not for HC
5.2. Basic spray computer
FMC 5-section 2-way-valves, for pre-selection hydraulics (incl. FMC control box)
FMC 7-section 2-way-valves, for pre-selection hydraulics (incl. FMC control box)
FMC 9-section 2-way-valves, for pre-selection hydraulics (incl. FMC control box)
FMC 5-section 2-way-valves, for oilcircuit hydraulics (incl. FMC control box)
FMC 7-section 2-way-valves, for oilcircuit hydraulics (incl. FMC control box)
FMC 9-section 2-way-valves, for oilcircuit hydraulics (incl. FMC control box)
5.3. ISOBUS electronics
FMA 5-section 2-way-valves, for oilcircuit hydraulics ISOBUS (excl. control box)
FMA 7-section 2-way-valves, for oilcircuit hydraulics ISOBUS (excl. control box)
FMA 9-section 2-way-valves, for oilcircuit hydraulics (excl. control box)
5.3.1. Controls for ISOBUS electronics
FOCUS II and Switchbox
ITH (connection cable tractor side)
5.3.2. ISOBUS controls for ISOBUS electronics
IsoMatch Tellus and Switchbox
Joystick for IsoMatch Tellus and Switchbox
6. Other basics
Chemical inductor
PTO shaft 6-splines
Quick hitch, Frame stand, Clean water tank, Hand wash tank, Manometer, Mechanical level
indicator, Tank inside cleaner, Drain (tank empty by gravity)
7. Options (factory fitted)
Electrical level indicator
● only FMC/FMA electronic
iXclean Comfort (incl. electrical level indicator)
● only FMC/FMA electronic
iXclean Pro (incl. electrical level indicator)
● only FMA electronic
Boom Guide Comfort or Pro
(only possible in combination with FMA electronics and IsoMatch Tellus)
● only FMA electronic
8. Accessories (also loose available)
TURBO agitation (high pressure agitator)
Protection curtain
Hydrant filling connection 2"
Filling Hose 8m 2" (for sucking from external)
Non return valve for Filling hose
Float for Filling Hose
Clean water tank filling connection 1" at Easy Set valve panel
Outside cleaner
Pump out connection
Parking frame
Battery cable 3 pin (only for EC/FMC, if no power connector at tractor)
CAN extention cable 6m (only for FMC)
Second quick hitch
▲1 - ▲••• - = one of these choices must be selected, ▲ = must be selected, ● = option, free to select
All different tank volumes: 1000, 1300,
1600 and even 1800 liter are build on the
same strong and robust frame.
The steel parts of our sprayers are protected
The iXter frame is made out of Domex steel.
by a Duracoat powder paint coating.
This type of steel is combining high strength
The result is a sealed extremely hard wearing
and good formability which results in the
and attractive finish.
heavy duty frame as we are using today
for our iXter!
18 / 20 / 21 / 24
18 / 20 / 21 / 24 m
1. Basic boom functionality
Working width (maximum)
18 m
15 m
Package horizontal
Transport position
Folding drive
2. Spray sections
Alternative 1 (two sections more than standard)
Alternative 2 (two sections less than standard)
n.a. / 5 / 5 / n.a.
3. Spray jets
4. Accessories (also loose available)
Nozzle protection extension (recomended for injector nozzles)
Road lights
Technical Specifications
1100 Comfort
Kverneland Rau iXtra
1100 Pro
Nominal tank capacity (l)
Maximum tank capacity (l)
Clean water tank capacity (l)
Empty weight (kg)
Front linkage
Cat II
12V electrical pump capacity (l/min)
25 (for cleaning & agitation)
Automatic agitation stop
2 rotating cleaning nozzles
2 injector nozzles for agitation
Autonomous suction filter
Level indicator
Control panel
Electrical (ISOBUS)
Traffic lights
Transport rollers
Deflector decals
IsoMatch Eye (camera)
FMA-ISO (Focus II or IsoMatch Tellus)
iXclean Comfort
Xclean Pro
Accessories (also loose available)
Compatibility on iXter with adaptation set
▲1 - ▲••• - = one of these choices must be selected, ▲ = must be selected, ● = option, free to select
Information provided in this brochure is made for general information purposes only and for worldwide circulation. Inaccuracies, errors or omissions may occur and the information may thus not constitute basis for any legal claim
against Kverneland Group.Availability of models, specifications and optional equipment may differ from country to country. Please consult your local dealer. Kverneland Group reserves the right at any time to make changes to
the design or specifications shown or described, to add or remove features, without any notice or obligations. Safety devices may have been removed from the machines for illustration purposes only, in order to better present
functions of the machines. To avoid risk of injury, safety devices must never be removed. If removal of safety devices is necessary, e.g. for maintenance purposes, please contact proper assistance or supervision of a technical
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