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Special Buys
Eight Device Tivo™
and DVR Universal Remote Control
Pigtail Plus Adaptor
Perfect for: Light contractor job
sites, home improvement projects, outdoor
events and gatherings, garage or workshop
hobbies, remodeling projects and marina or
RV power Specifications: •Pass-through outlet
multiplies one grounded outlet into two adaptor-ready
outlets (maintaining original outlet) •Accessory to
strips or power centers that need more adaptor-spaced
outlets •6" 14/3 power cord •Mfr. #100587
•Suggested list $6.99 •Limited quantities
Order #
Limited quantities
This remote can control up to eight devices:
TV, satellite, VCR, DVD, cable and Tivo™.
Includes a back lit panel for easy access in
dark. Includes sleep timer, advanced picturein-picture and input source selector. Also
includes dedicated Tivo™ controls such as
“Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Down”. Package
includes: •Eight device remote •Batteries
not included requires two “AAA” (#295-0030)
•Mfr. #PH750 •Suggested list $29.99
•Limited quantities
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inMotion Mini Theater for Ipod Video
The Altec Lansing inMotion iMV712 features
crystal-clear sound delivered by two specially
engineered, 3" neodymium speakers and a built-in, 4",
side-firing subwoofer plus a large, 8.5" high resolution
widescreen display. It’s really convenient for charging
your iPod video. It features an enhanced wireless
remote for iPod navigation. And it’s compatible
with any dockable iPod or most other portable
media players with the included adaptor. Experience
your iPod video in a whole new light with the iMV712.
Features: •8.5" high resolution widescreen display
•Fully compatible with iPod models that have the
alarm clock and sleep timer features •Built-in
Dock for iPod, iPod nano, and iPod mini models
•Universal portable music and video player cradle
allows you to place other portable media players front
and center (cable included.) •Input jacks for second
or third device connection, including CD, DVD, and
portable music and video players •Mfr. #iMV712
•Suggested list $349.95 •Limited quantities
Five Function Universal Remote
Six Outlet Home Theater Surge Protector
Protect your audio/video components from unseen
power surges with this Monster Power Audio Video
surge strip. Features: •$10,000 Monster guaranteed
connected equipment protection and a five year
product warranty •Slim design for easy placement
in tight areas •Color-coded, labeled outlets and
matching cord labels for easy hook-up •8' Monster
AC power cable with FlatProfile right angle plug
provides flexibility for installations •Maximum
conductivity 24k gold contact, grounded right
angle plug lets furniture hug walls. •Mfr. #AV600
•Suggested list $19.99 •Limited quantities
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Eight Outlet
Surge Protector
•Complete three line AC protection on all
outlets •Eight sliding child safety covers
•Spoiler cord system for easy, clutter free
cord management •Solid-state design
safeguards your valuable equipment
•Built-in phone line splitter •Mfr.
#F9S820-06 •Suggested list $29.95
•Limited quantities
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20 Pack
Save big
on batteries!
•20 pack Philips
alkaline batteries
•2010 date code •Suggested list $5.99
•Limited quantities
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Ultra High Capacity Digital
Battery Charger
Unique speaker provides both
left and right channels from a
single point, while maintaining
complete channel isolation. Two
⁄2' mylar dome tweeters are
combined with a dual voice coil polypropylene
woofer, with rubber surround to offer rich stereo
imaging from a single point. Perfect for small rooms
or areas where only one ceiling speaker is appropriate.
Specifications: •Power capacity: 5W/60W
RMS/peak, each channel •Frequency response:
55Hz~20KHz •Impedance: 8ohm per channel
•Sensitivity: 90dB •Overall frame diameter:
83⁄4" •Required cutout: 71⁄4" •Mfr. #IWS-6.5 SPS
•Suggested list $89.95 •Limited quantities
World Power Adaptor
and Surge Protector
Audio/Video Wallplate
•Connect audio and video cables in
separate rooms •Decora white color
with A/V jacks •Suggested list $0.99
•Limited quantities
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Mfr. #
Today’s advanced digital cameras and MP3
players need advanced power technology.
Ever missed capturing that “one in a
million” shot because your batteries
died at just the wrong moment?
Frustrated by the long recharge
times? Then the Monster™ Ultra
High-Capacity Charger is just right
for you. Features: •Ultra fast three
hour portable charger provides fastest charge for
maximum picture taking time Specifications:
•Accepts “AA” and “AAA” batteries •Charges up to
four batteries simultaneously •Two activity LEDs
show status •Plugs directly into outlet with a fold
down plug for travel •Suggested list $39.95
•Limited quantities
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Three-Way Side Firing Tower Stereo Speakers
Take advantage of this limited buyout opportunity on this outstanding speaker system.
Act NOW, quantities are limited! The XP series of loudspeakers from Acoustic
Research provides an unprecedented combination of classic appearance, innovative
features and revolutionary metal alloy components, resulting in sonic precision and
unyielding tonal accuracy in any home theater configuration. Acoustic Research’s voiced
matched technology ensures optimal performance in Dolby® Digital and analog Dolby
Pro-Logic® systems, as well as traditional two channel stereo arrangements. Note: This
speaker system is sold individually, and is intended to be used in pairs. The left and
right speakers are unique due to the side firing woofer placement. Features: •Side
firing 8" polypropylene woofer •Dual 4" MagAlloy™ midranges with aluminum phase
plugs •Super audio tweeter, providing HF response to 50KHz •Magnetically shielded
components, suitable for placement near any video display •Gold-plated five-way
binding posts •Attractive simulated black ash finish •Perforated steel grill •Integral
base with built-in speaker spikes Note: Due to weight, an additional $15 for shipping
will be charged per speaker •Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
Left side speaker
Right side speaker
Suggested list
NET 30
•Lightweight, compact design is perfect
for travel •Adaptor plugs for Europe,
Asia, Australia and US outlets •Designed
for 110V and 220V portable devices, does
not convert power simply converts plugs
•360 joules surge capacity •Mfr. #PML2000
•Suggested list $19.95 •Limited quantities
Save big on “AAA” batteries!
•Six-pack Philips “AAA”
alkaline batteries •2010 date
code •Mfr. #LR03PB6C/27
•Suggested list $5.99
•Limited quantities
Order #
Six-Pack “AAA” Batteries
61⁄2" Single
Point Ceiling
Order #
Order #
Order #
Order #
•Controls cable, DVD, satellite and VCR
•Advanced DVD and satellite functions
•Sleep timer •Over 325 brand codes
•Two “AA” batteries not included •Mfr.
#MRU4500/17 •Suggested list $10.95
•Limited quantities
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Special Buys
12' DVI-D Home
Theater Cable
Limited quantities
•Transmits full-bandwidth,
uncompressed digital signal from
a source to HD display •High-density, triplelayer shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and EMI
•Gas-injected dielectric for maximum signal strength
and ultra-low loss, even over long runs •Ideal for all
DVI connections including HDTV, set-top boxes, DVD
players, and AV receivers •DVI-D single link cable
•Suggested list $79.95 •Limited quantities
Order # Description
58-10665 12' DVI-D video cable
58-11035 6' DVI-D video cable
8' Monster Standard THX™
S-Video A/V Connection Kit
•Side-by-side audio construction provide one neat,
easy-to-install cable •Dual coax construction for
brighter colors and sharper, more detailed picture
•All cables feature 24K gold contacts for optimum
signal transfer and corrosion resistance •High density
double-shielding for maximum rejection of RFI and
EMI •Dual-balanced conductors for more lifelike
sonic reproduction •Easy to identify color-coded bands
for simple, error-free hook-up •Audio cable features
separate protective shield for maximum rejection of
RFI and EMI •Mfr. #THX V100 AVS-2M •Suggested
list $34.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
9' Component Video Cable
Order #
•Dual-shield design with
two 95% copper braids
•Split center pin 24K
gold plated, eight segment, precision connector
•Corrosion free lowers RF signal resistance
•Proprietary rubber/metal grip •Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
Suggested List
Monster Standard® THX-Certified fiber optic
digital interconnect cable hooks up to DVD and
other components that utilize Dolby Digital and
DTS surround sound. High-purity copper stranded
coax delivers an improved signal and lower energy
loss for amazing movie soundtrack and music
reproduction. •Easy to identify color-coded bands
for simple, error-free hook-up •High-purity copperstranded coax for improved signal transfer and low
energy loss •24K gold contacts for optimum signal
transfer and corrosion resistance •Meets minimum
THX certification standards for proper system
performance, reliability and ease of installation
•Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
THI100 DCX-4
THI100 DCX-8
Monster Standard® THX-Certified
fiber optic digital interconnect
cable hooks up to DVD and
other components that utilize
Dolby Digital and DTS surround
sound. Specially optimized
low-loss optical fiber for higher
fidelity of movie soundtracks and
music •Easy to identify color-coded bands for simple,
error-free hook-up •Precision-polished fiber optic
connector for maximum signal transfer accuracy
and lower internal reflection •24K gold contacts
for optimum signal transfer and corrosion resistance
•Meets minimum THX certification standards for
proper system performance, reliability and ease of
installation •Mfr. #THX I100 FO-4 •Suggested list
$19.95 •Limited quantities
Use HDMI cables to
display the best highdefinition image and hear
optimal multi-channel
audio from your digital entertainment equipment.
Features: •Precision made, gold plated HDMI
connectors •Dense multi shields of overlapping Mylar®
foil and braided copper •28 gauge oxygen-free copper
conductors •High bandwidth design •High-quality
gas injected foam dielectrics •Unique connector
design •Suggested list $89.95 •Limited quantities
Take advantage of a great
cable deal! •Superior
connection with
24K gold plated
connectors •The
PXT1132 component
video cable is constructed to preserve signal
strength giving you the ultimate in video quality
•Suggested list $49.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
50' THX Series 16 Gauge
Speaker Cable
12' Performance
Series HDMI Cable
Suggest list
12' Component Video
and Audio Cable
4' Toslink Cable
Order #
Order #
Audio Patch Cables
•9' component video cable compatible with
today’s advanced digital products
•Features 24K gold-plated,
laser-cut connectors
with 12-segmented
gripping rings and
split-signal pin to
achieve the most positive ground and multi-shielded
cable construction •Two layers of pure copper-plated
braiding plus 100% foil shield •Mfr. #HD9DC
•Suggested list $26.95 •Limited quantities
Mfr. #
Digital Coax Cable
•Oxygen-free copper
with integrated PE
dielectric delivers the
clearest audio signal to your
home theater speakers •Meets
minimum THX® certification
standards for proper system
performance, reliability and ease of installation •More
power transfer than ordinary “free in the box” cables
•Generous length for optimum speaker placement in
normal size room •Mfr. #THX SP 16-50 •Suggested
list $24.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Four Way Audio/Video
Switch with Remote
•Works with DVD players, VCRs, game systems
and other A/V products •Inputs can be switched via
a push button selector or a wireless remote control
•Includes S-video and RCA connections with
matching audio inputs •Upconverts composite video
to S-video Features: •Four inputs to one output
•All inputs include composite video and S-video
connectors with matching stereo audio inputs
•Output includes both S-video/composite video
and stereo audio •Mfr. #AV-100 •Suggested list
$59.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
12 Piece Mini Computer Tool Kit
8' 12 Gauge Speaker Cable
•High-quality Monster XLN speaker cable •12 gauge
cable in a plastic sheath for easy installation (great for
subwoofers) •Suggested list $12.969
•Limited quantities
Order #
Fax 1-800-765-6960
Includes: •3⁄16" nut driver, 1⁄4" nut driver, 3⁄16"
slotted bit, reversible T10/T15 torque driver,
three claw parts retriever, #0 phillips bit, 1⁄8"
slotted bit, extra parts tube, #1 philips bit
assembly tweezers, IC inserter (14~16 pin
ICs), IC extractor and screwdriver handle
•Mfr. #05203 •Suggested list $12.95
•Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
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Special Buys
•Separates signal to three
TVs •DC pass port for use
with amplified antennas
•Waterproof “F” connectors
for safe outdoor use
Specifications: •Impedance
75ohm matching •Maximum
throughput 800mA •Insertion
loss <7.8dB •Return loss
>15dB •Frequency range
54~806MHz •Suggested list $19.95
•Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
Limited quantities
9' DVI Cable
Super low cost
on the latest video
interconnect cable
from RCA. With gold
plated connectors to minimize
signal loss, this cable is hard to beat.
Features: •24K gold plated connector construction
•DVI-D male to male connection •Multi-shield
cable construction for maximum signal transfer
•Mfr. #DT9DVID •Suggested list $44.95
•Limited quantities
Order #
•Separates signal to four
TVs •DC pass port for use
with amplified antennas
•Waterproof “F” connectors
for safe outdoor use
Specifications: •Impedance
75ohm matching •Maximum
throughput 800mA •Insertion
loss <7.8dB •Return loss
>15dB •Frequency range
54~806MHz •Suggested list $29.95
•Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
12VAC Adaptor
voltages of 3, 4.5,
6, 7.5, 9 and 12V •Includes 12 different tips •Mfr.
#62062 •Suggested list $9.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Order #
Order #
Order #
pistol grip handle with bit storage chamber •Chrome
vanadium steel shaft and bits •Ratcheting narrow
driver included Includes: •Bits: Slotted, Phillips,
Torx •Mfr. #W38934 •Suggested list $15.95
•Limited quantities
Order #
•Extend and retract with the push of a button for
one handed operation and ease of use •Use as a
powered or manual tape measure for versatility and
continuous use •Blade stand-out over 7' (distance
before blade bends) is great for vertical measurements
•Operates on four “AAA” batteries (included) and
provides over 100 uses per set of batteries •Soft
grips and contoured design for comfort and control
•Mfr. #ATM100 •Suggested list $36.26
•Limited quantities
Order #
Order #
6' Video “F” Patch Cable
•Multi-shielded design with two 95% copper braids
•100% aluminum mylar foil •Corrosion free lowers
RF signal resistance •Mfr. #PR111 •Suggested list
$19.99 •Limited quantities
Order #
NET 30
200 High
RF Modulator
•Connects up to
four components to a TV
or home theater system
•Built-in RF modulator,
works with all TVs
•Works with composite, S-video and coaxial
cables •Mfr. #M61151 •Suggested list $41.99
•Limited quantities
25' Automatic Tape Measure
Order #
Four Port
RF Modulator
•Tests voltage continuity and polarity
•Checks voltage from 1.5V~250V
AC/DC •Convenient screwdriver tip •5-year
warranty •Mfr. #61-505 •Suggested list $12.99
•Limited quantities
Connect DVD players, gaming
consoles, or camcorders to
your old TV. •Gold-plated
contacts for maximum signal transfer •Video
input booster provides brighter picture for low
output video components •Converts high-quality
S-video signals for viewing on channel three or four
•Mfr. #CA 200HP-RFSV•Suggested list $29.95
•Limited quantities
•Cuts wire •Strips 10~22 gauge wire •Crimps
insulated and non-insulated wire •Cuts bolts
•Suggested list $14.95 •Limited quantities
Screwdriver Tester
Order #
Order #
Multi/Crimp Strip Tool
Order #
Monster Video®
2 composite video
cables feature
patented 24K gold
contact turbine RCA
connectors. These connectors resist corrosion,
while optimizing the connection between components.
The split center pin increases contact pressure for
lower distortion and better signal transfer. All MV2
connectors are outfitted with a sturdy short body
metal shell so. Features: •Precision 24K gold
contact connectors •Interlink® 250 balanced
audio cable •Low-loss Monster Super Video 2
•Mfr. #SV2AV25-1.5M •Suggested list $44.95
•Limited quantities
•High-density double-shielding for maximum
rejection of RFI and EMI •Dual-balanced conductors
for more lifelike sonic reproduction •Mfr. #HT22900
•Suggested list $29.95 •Limited quantities
•RCA compact RF modulator
for your video needs •Allows
connection of A/V components
such as a DVD player or
camcorder to a TV without an A/V jack
•Auto-switching automatically detects
the incoming video source •Mfr. #CRF-907
•Suggested list $24.95 •Limited quantities
Pistol Grip
with Ratchet
and Bits
Video® 2
Interlink® 250
1.5m S-Video
A/V Connection
6' Composite
Video Cable
Stereo RF Modulator
•Precision SAE
and metric rules on wrench head
•6 point hex openings for additional
functionality •SAE box ends in handles:
⁄16", 1⁄2", and 5⁄8" •Ergonomic soft cushion grips
•Machine finish polish and drop forged
•Suggested list $14.95 •Limited quantities
12" Cushion Adjustable
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Special Buys
VOIP USB Travel Phone
Limited quantities
•Save money with free PC to PC calls or
inexpensive PC to landline calls •Designed
to work seamlessly with Skype or any VoIP
•Scroll through Skype contact list using
the phone’s control buttons •Lightweight
and portable •Connects to any USB
port •No additional power is required
•External microphone and speaker jacks
Includes: •PCIP06 USB phone •USB
cable •Quick start guide •Warranty card
•Mfr. #PCIP06 •Windows 2000/XP only
•Suggested list $29.99
•Limited quantities
7' Category 5e
Snagless Patch Cable
Black 11-Bay ATX
Case w/P4-Rated
300W Power Supply
This stylish black 11-bay case has
plenty of room for micro or fullATX motherboards, and all the
drives most people would want in
their computer. The power supply
in this case is rated at 300W,
more than enough for most
Pentium 4 systems (not
recommended for Athlon or Duron
processors). Also includes two
USB ports in the front of the case.
This case comes packaged in a plain box. Features:
•Available drive bays: Four externally available 5.25"
drive bays, two externally available 3.5" drive bays,
five internally available 3.5" drive bays •Seven punchout expansion slots •Stylish black exterior •Includes
300W ATX 100V~230V switchable power supply with
fan •ATX motherboard power connector includes an
ATX aux power connector, ATX 12V connector, four
large drive connectors, one small drive connector
•Case includes room for four 3" x 3" front mounted
cooling fans, room for two 3" x 3" rear-mounted cooling
fans, two front mounted USB ports (USB 1.1 rated
only), power switch, reset switch, power LED, HDD
access LED, premounted PC piezo speaker and
both exterior side panels are removable for easy
installation •Dimensions: approximately 8" (W) x
16.5" (H) x 18.5" (D) •Supported motherboard form
factors: ATX, MicroATX, MiniATX, BabyATX, BabyAT
(if it has an ATX power connector) Includes: •Black
case •Power cord •300W power supply (pre-installed)
•Screw pack •Venus back plate (pre-installed)
•Suggested list $60.00 •Limited quantities
Order #
480 Watt ATX
Power Supply
Give your computer the
power it needs! This 480W
ATX power supply will
provide years of reliable
operation! Features:
480W total •One 12" 20
+ 4 pin ATX power connector, one 12" 12V P4 power
connector, four large power connectors and one
small (floppy) power connector •Power specifications:
115V, 230V switchable power supply, +3.3V - 28A,
+5V - 34A, +12V - 14A, 12V - 0.8A, -5V - 0.5A and
√±5Vsb - 2.0A •Regulatory approvals: FCC and CE
•Unit dimensions: 3.25" (H) x 6" (W) x 5.5" (D)
approximate •Includes power cord •Suggested
list $49.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
•Premium Cat 5e patch cable
with RJ-45 male/male connectors
•Snagless molding protects
connection •Gold-plated connectors
ensure clean transmission •Black
•Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
•Suggested list $19.99
•Limited quantities
Order #
25' Category 6
Ethernet Patch Cable
•Cat 6 high performance 500MHz
bandwidth •5x bandwidth of standard
Cat 5 cable •Works with computer s/dsl/cable
modems/ethernet hubs/high speed data devices
•Suggested list $29.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Mfr. #
Black 108
•Entry level
office standard keyboard design •Includes sleep, wake,
and all F keys •Membrane switch with single rubber
dome •5' cord with a USB type A male connector
•Dimensions: 440mm (L) x 155mm (W) x 23mm (H)
•100% compatible with Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 and
Office 97/2000 •FCC, CE approved •Suggested list
$7.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Black USB
Two Button Mouse
•Two buttons •6' cord
with a USB type A
connector •Ball design
•Suggested list $7.99
•Limited quantities
Order #
•3W RMS power
•240W PMPO •Front panel
controls for power, volume and tone •Front
headphone jack •Color coded wires and no power
needed •Requires USB port for power •Mfr. #UC-270
•Suggested list $14.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Seven in one Ipod®
International Power Plug
•Compatible with shuffle, nano,
mini, 3G, 4G, photo and 5G video
•Five interchangeable plugs allow
you to plug into most worldwide
power outlets •Charge and sync
your iPod® with dock connector
using the USB to 30 pin connector
cable •Charge your iPod® shuffle
by plugging directly into the USB female plug on the
adaptor •Power any device containing male 30 pin
connector •Blue LED indicates charging •Mfr. #P-22
•Suggested list $39.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Universal iPod™
Charging Dock
•Compatible with Nano, Mini, 3G,
4G, and 5G with video •Sync your
iPod™ using FireWire or USB cables
(USB cable not included) •Charge
your iPod™ using the included
international AC adaptor with three
interchangeable plugs (#110-220,
110-240 and 240) •Includes 3.5mm
audio output jack for use with
speakers or stereo systems •Mfr. #P-3 •Suggested
list $31.99 •Limited quantities
450 Watt
ATX Power Supply
Order #
Black USB Amplified
Computer Speakers
Give your computer the
power it needs! This
450W ATX power supply
will provide years of
reliable operation! Other
features include four large power
connectors and two small power
connectors. Features: •450W total •One 12" ATX
power connector, one 12" 12V ATX power connector,
four large power connectors and one small (floppy)
power connectors •Power specifications: 115V, 230V
switchable power supply, +3.3V - 28A, +5V - 34A,
+12V - 14A, 12V - 0.8A, -5V - 0.5A and ±5Vsb - 2.A
•Regulatory approvals: CE, CB, Femko, CCC •Unit
dimensions: 3.25" (H) x 6" (W) x 6" (D) (approximate)
•Suggested list $69.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
Wireless-G Notebook Adaptor with Rangeboost
The Wireless-G notebook adaptor with rangeboost
is the simple way to add or upgrade wireless
connectivity in your notebook computer. Just slide it
into your notebook’s PC card slot and enjoy high-speed
wireless network access while retaining true mobility.
•New rangeboost technology increases Wireless-G
performance by up to 35% •Also interoperates with
standard Wireless-G and Wireless-B networks
System requirements: •300MHz or faster processor,
128Mb of RAM, available PC card slot, CD-ROM
drive, Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP •Mfr.
#WPC54GS •Suggested list $79.99
•Limited quantities
Order #
Fax 1-800-765-6960
Order #
iPod™ Remote Control
•RF receiver offers wireless
freedom, improved range and better
mobility •Functions include play,
pause, forward/backward and
volume •Pass-through 30 pin
connector on receiver allows use
with other accessories and charging
docks Includes: •Remote control,
receiver unit; armband/steering
wheel strap; lanyard with safety
release clasp; four interchangeable
color plates; portable storage compartment •Requires
one CD2032 Lithium coin cell battery (not included)
•Suggested list $39.95 •Limited quantities
Order #
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