#1687D & #1687L User's Guide
Lego Switches #1687D & 1687L
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Compact play area and a switch!
The slightest touch on this plate switch will activate any adapted device.
Children can build their own Lego scene on the compact (3x5) plate
play area with the included kit. Encourages your child to reach out and
activate the switch. Great for teaching cause and effect and for
encouraging active play. Size: 7"L x 5"W x 2"H. Weight: ½ lb.
PLEASE NOTE: Baseplate colors and play sets may vary.
Problem: The Lego Switch does not activate your toy/device.
Action #1: Make sure that the connection between the Lego Switch and
your toy/device is plugged in all the way. There should be no gaps.
This is a common error and an easy fix.
Action #2: Try a different switch with your toy/device to rule out the
toy/device as the source of the problem.
1. The Lego Switches do not require any batteries to operate.
Action #3: Try a different adapter (if applicable) to rule this out as the
source of the problem.
2. Plug the Lego Switch into the jack on your switch-adapted
4. If it is necessary for you to use an adapter, make sure that you use a
MONO adapter, not a STEREO adapter.
5. Make sure that the connection between the Lego Switch and your
toy/device is plugged in all the way. There should be no gaps.
6. Simply press anywhere on the Lego Switch’s colored top to activate
your toy/device.
7. The toy/device will only remain activated while the Lego Switch
continues to be actuated. Once you release the switch, the
toy/device will turn off.
Care of Unit:
The Lego Switch can be wiped clean with any household multi-purpose
cleaner and disinfectant. We recommend Simple Green, which is a non
toxic biodegradable all-purpose cleaner.
Do not submerge the unit, as it will damage the contents and the
electrical components.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface of the
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