LED effect lighting USER

LED effect lighting  USER
LED effect lighting
Please read this user manual carefully and follow the instructions to avoid danger or damage to
the unit due to mishandling.
A. Thank you for purchasing our LED effect lighting, We guarantee your
satisfaction in having acquired this lighting product.
B. Safety Introductions
Please keep this User Manual for future consultation. If you sell the unit to another user, be
sure that they also receive this instruction booklet.
Unpack and check carefully there is no transportation damage before using the unit.
Before operating, ensure that the voltage and frequency of power supply match the power
requirements of the unit.
It’s important to ground the yellow/green conductor to earth in order to avoid electric shock.
The unit must be installed in a location with adequate ventilation, at least 50cm from adjacent
surfaces. Be sure that no ventilation slots are blocked.
Disconnect mains power before replacement or servicing.
Replace only with the same type.
Make sure there are not flammable materials close to the unit while operating, as it is fire
Use safety cable when fixes this unit.
In the event of serious operating problem, stop using the unit immediately. Never try to repair
the unit by yourself. Repair carried out by unskilled people can lead to damage or malfunction.
Please contact the nearest authorized technical assistance center and always use the same
type spare parts.
Do not touch any wire during operation as high voltage might be causing electric shock.
C. Installation
You can install the unit on the truss or ceiling, Use clamps to fix the unit to truss. Always ensure
that the unit is firmly fixed to avoid vibration and slipping while operating. Always ensure that the
structure to which you are attaching the unit is secure. Also always use a safety cable that can
hold 10 times of the weight of the unit when installing the fixture.
D. Troubleshooting
Following are a few common problems that may occur during operation. Here are some
suggestions for easy troubleshooting:
A. The fixture does not work, no light and the fan does not work
1. Check the connection of power and main fuse.
2. Measure the mains voltage on the main connector.
B. No response to the sound
1. Make sure the fixture does not receive DMX signal.
2. Check microphone to see if it is good by tapping the microphone.
E. Warnings:
1. Always remember to unplug the unit from the main power before any service is done.
2. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
3. Qualified personnel should do Service only.
4. Do not touch any wires during operation.
5. Do not touch the unit barehanded during operation.
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