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Installation and User Guide
Part Number: 998-9100-200
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Manual 342-0187 Rev. A
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
The Vaddio 12” DomeVIEW HD Series Dome
Enclosures for the ClearVIEW HD-20, HD-19 or HD-18
PTZ cameras are attractive and robust integrated HD
security solutions for indoor and light-duty outdoor
applications. The DomeVIEW HD Series offers three
distinctly different products. In all cases, the cameras
are not included. This manual covers the 12” Indoor
Pendant Mount Dome Enclosure.
Each Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Enclosure includes a
clear 12” optical-grade polycarbonate dome, metal back
can, UV protected grey plastic shroud and mounting
hardware (see parts explosion on next page).
The 1.5” NPT pipe adapter attached to the top of the
dome and is anchored through the plastic shroud, metal
back can with a gasket for a strong and tight top seal.
Accessories include a Wall Mount Kit, a Wall Mount with
Pole Mount Kit (for poles 3” to 10” / 76.2mm to 254mm)
and a Structure Mounting Box Kit which uses a 1.5” NPT
thread adapter.
The DomeVIEW HD Series Domes are an excellent way
to securely mount the HD-20, HD-19 or HD-18 PTZ
cameras for a wide range of HD video applications.
12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome (with Clear
Optical-Grade Dome (shown with 1.5” NPT Pipe
and HD-18 Camera - Not Included)
Intended Use:
Before operating the device, please read the entire manual thoroughly. The system was designed, built and
tested for use indoors, and with the provided power supply and cabling. The use of a power supply other than the
one provided or outdoor operation has not been tested and could damage the device and/or create a potentially
unsafe operating condition.
Important Safeguards:
Read and understand all instructions before using. Do not operate any device if it has been dropped or damaged.
In this case, a Vaddio technician must examine the product before operating. To reduce the risk of electric shock,
do not immerse in water or other liquids and avoid extremely humid conditions.
Use only the power supply provided with the system. Use of any
unauthorized power supply will void any and all warranties.
Please do not use “pass-thru” type RJ-45 connectors. These pass-thru type connectors do not
work well for professional installations and can be the cause of intermittent connections which
can result in the RS-232 control line failing and locking up, and/or compromising the HSDS™
signals. For best results please use standard RJ-45 connectors and test all cables for proper
pin-outs prior to use and connection to Vaddio product.
Save These Instructions:
The information contained in this manual will help you install and operate your product. If these instructions are
misplaced, Vaddio keeps copies of Specifications, Installation and User Guides and most pertinent product
drawings for the Vaddio product line on the Vaddio website. These documents can be downloaded from free of charge.
DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Manual 342-0187 Rev. A
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
Anatomy of the 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
The DomeVIEW HD Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Enclosure will come partially assembled.
1.5” NPT Pipe Flange: Fits 1.5” NPT pipe or wall
mount kit with 1.5” NPT male threads*
Rubber gasket to seal between pipe flange
and plastic shroud*
Three (3) 10-32 x .5” pan head screws attach
through back of metal back can to the 2.5”
Sealed metal back can with weather
stripping sealer around flange*
Four (4) ¼’-20 Keps Nuts secure the 1.5” NPT
pipe flange to the enclosure*
Three (3) 2.5” long 10-32 threaded F to F .5” Hex
stand-offs support the camera platform*
UV protected plastic
shroud with drip edge*
Three (3) .75” long 10-32 threaded
M to F .5” Hex stand-off extensions
Use with HD-20 Camera Only
Two ¼”-20 x 5/8” screws attach HD-18 camera to platform
Two ¼”-20 x 3/8” screws attach HD-20 camera to platform
Not Assembled
Universal Camera Platform
Three (3) 10-32 x .5” Pan Head Screws
attach through the camera platform to the
2.5” stand-offs*
Vaddio HD-20 or HD-18 PTZ Camera
Not Assembled
12” Smoke tinted dome with three (3)
stainless steel screws attached
*These parts are pre-assembled.
Not Assembled
DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Manual 342-0187 Rev. A
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
Unpack and identify the following parts for 999-9100-200
DomeVIEW HD - Light-Duty Weather-Resistant 12” Outdoor Pendant Mount Dome Enclosure Package includes:
• One (1) Dome Enclosure Assembly with the following parts:
o One (1) 1.5” NPT Pipe Flange
o One (1) Rubber Gasket (to seal between pipe flange and plastic shroud)
o One(1) UV Protected Plastic Enclosure Shroud
o Three (3) 10-32 x .5” Pan Head Screws (attach through metal back can to the 2.5” stand-offs)
o One(1) Sealed Metal Back Can (with weather stripping sealer around flange)
o Four (4) ¼’-20 Keps Nuts (secures the 1.5” NPT pipe flange to the enclosure)
o Three (3) 2.5” Long 10-32 Threaded F to F .5” Hex Stand-offs (supports the camera platform)
o One (1) Universal Camera Platform
o Three (3) 10-32 x .5” Pan Head Screws (attach the camera platform to the 2.5” stand-offs)
• Three (3) .75” Long 10-32 Threaded M to F .5” Hex Stand-off Extensions - Use with HD-20 Camera Only
• Two ¼”-20 x 5/8” Screws (attach HD-18 and HD-19 camera to platform)
• Two ¼”-20 x .3/8” Screws (attach HD-20 camera to platform) - do not use 5/8” Screws on HD-20
• 12” Optical-Grade Clear Dome with Three (3) Stainless Steel Screws Attached
o Note: The 12” Smoke Tinted Dome can be purchased as an accessory for use indoors.
Other things that are needed for system completion:
• One (1) Vaddio HD-20, HD-19 or HD-18 PTZ Camera Package.
• 1.5” NPT Wall Mount/Pipe Mount/Structure Mount or 1.5” NPT Threaded Pipe (see Accessories - sold
Conveniently Located Accessory Section:
998-9000-210: 12” (304.5mm) Clear Dome Accessory
• Includes Clear Dome with Stainless Steel Screws
998-9000-220: 12” (304.5mm) Smoke Tinted Dome Accessory
• Includes Smoke Tinted Dome with Stainless Steel Screws
998-9300-000: Wall Mount Kit for Pendant Mount Domes
• Heavy duty aluminum cast construction
• 1.5” NPT threads easily onto domes
998-9300-001: Wall Mount with Pole Mount Kit for Pendant Domes
• Heavy duty aluminum cast construction
• 1.5” NPT threads easily onto domes
• Accommodates 3” (7.62cm) to 10” (25.4cm) poles
998-9300-002: Structure Mounting Box Kit for Pendant Domes
• Mounting box with heavy duty 1.5” NPT thread adapter
• Requires 1.5” NPT pipe (not supplied)
DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Manual 342-0187 Rev. A
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
• Before starting the installation of the DomeVIEW HD 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Enclosure, please read
this manual. There are several things to consider before mounting a dome.
When locating the dome, consider camera and subject matter viewing angles, lighting conditions, possible
line of site obstructions and check for construction challenges where the camera is to be mounted. Pick a
mounting location to optimize the performance of the camera. Avoid locating lighting elements or direct
Vaddio HD-20, HD-19 and HD-18 PTZ cameras use Cat-5e cable for video power and control. When
terminating the Cat-5e cabling, please make sure that each cable is marked and tested for proper termination
of all ends with a continuity tester. Please do not use the “pass -thru” type RJ-45 connectors.
All work must conform to local building codes and should be performed by qualified
personnel. For the most obvious reasons, a ladder is required to install the
DomeVIEW HD Enclosure. Safety comes first, so please use safe tools, ladders and
installation practices.
Always measure twice, and check your work, then cut once.
STEP-BY-STEP Installation Instructions:
Step 1:
It is easiest to mount the dome on the 1.5” NPT pipe mount or wall mount and then install the contents of the
dome to avoid cabling problems as the dome is spun onto the pipe mount. Rotate the dome counter-clock wise
until threads are fully engaged.
Note: The camera and contents can also be installed on the ground, but extra care must be taken with the cables
when the dome is spun onto the 1.5” NPT pipe threads - Installer’s preference.
Step 2:
Loosen the two (2) 10-32 x .375” screws on the Universal Platform that are key-holed and fully remove one (1) 1032 x .375” screw from the camera platform. Slide the two loosened screws through the keyholes and remove the
Step 4:
Pull the camera’s Cat-5e cabling through the 1.5” NPT pipe at this time.
Step 5:
Using the provided ¼”-20 x 5/8 screws, attach the HD-18 or HD-19 camera to the camera platform.
NOTE: If using the HD-20 camera, take the thee (3) .75” long 10-32 threaded M to F .5” Hex stand-off extensions
and attach them to the Three (3) 2.5” long 10-32 threaded F to F .5” Hex stand-offs in the bottom of the can.
Tighten the hex stand-offs firmly with a socket or nut driver. Attach the HD-20 camera with the provided ¼”-20 x
3/8” screws to the Universal Camera Platform. The HD-20 is about ¾” shorter than the HD-18 and HD-19 and
needs this small boost.
Step 6
Set the camera dip and rotary switches (functions and video resolutions prior to installing it in the dome). Re-install
the Universal Mounting Platform inside the dome with the camera attached. Slip the keyholes over the screws in
the stand-offs and tighten down all three platform screws Connect the Cat-5e cables according to the manual
that was included with the camera package purchased, making sure the cables are tucked up behind the
mounting plate to avoid interference with the PTZ camera movement.
Step 7:
Once the camera is installed in the dome, pull the cable slack back through the pendant extension pipe or curved
wall mount. .
DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Manual 342-0187 Rev. A
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
Step 8:
Attach the 12” polycarbonate dome to the enclosure with the three (3) attached stainless steel screws.
Step 9:
Connect the camera at the head end according to the camera manual.
NOTE: Check all the marked Cat-5e cables for continuity in advance of the final connection.
Plugging the Cat-5e cables into the wrong RJ-45 jack may cause damage to the camera
system and void the warranty.
Warranty Information (See Vaddio’s Warranty Policies posted on for complete details):
Hardware* Warranty: One year limited warranty on all parts. Vaddio warrants this product against defects in
materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the day of purchase from Vaddio. If Vaddio receives
notice of such defects during the warranty period, they will, at their option, repair or replace products that prove to
be defective. Please see Vaddio’s Warranty and Service Terms and Conditions at for specific details
and policies.
Exclusions: The above warranty shall not apply to defects resulting from: improper or inadequate maintenance
by the customer, customer applied software or interfacing, unauthorized modifications or misuse, operation
outside the normal environmental specifications for the product, use of the incorrect power supply, improper
extension of the power supply cable or improper site operation and maintenance.
Vaddio Customer Service: Vaddio will test, repair, or replace the product or products without charge if the unit
is under warranty and is found to be defective. If the product is out of warranty, Vaddio will test then repair the
product or products. The cost of parts and labor charge will be estimated by a technician and confirmed by the
customer prior to repair. All components must be returned for testing as a complete unit. Vaddio will not accept
responsibility for shipment after it has left the premises.
Vaddio Technical Support: Vaddio technicians will determine and discuss with the customer the criteria for
repair costs and/or replacement. Vaddio Technical Support can be contacted through one of the following
resources: e-mail support at or online at
Return Material Authorization (RMA) Number: Before returning a product for repair or replacement, request an
RMA from Vaddio’s technical support. Provide a technician with a return phone number, e-mail address, shipping
address, and product serial numbers and describe the reason for repairs or returns as well as the date of
purchase and proof of purchase. Include your assigned RMA number in all correspondence with Vaddio. Write
your assigned RMA number on the outside of the box when returning the product. All products returned for credit
are subject to a restocking charge without exception.
Voided Warranty: The warranty does not apply if the original serial number has been removed or if the product
has been disassembled or damaged through misuse, accident, modifications, or unauthorized repair. Cutting the
power supply cable on the secondary side (low voltage side) to extend the power to the device (camera or
controller) voids the warranty for that device.
Shipping and Handling: Vaddio will not pay for inbound shipping transportation or insurance charges or accept
any responsibility for laws and ordinances from inbound transit. Vaddio will pay for outbound shipping,
transportation, and insurance charges for all items under warranty but will not assume responsibility for loss
and/or damage by the outbound freight carrier.
• If the return shipment appears damaged, retain the original boxes and packing material for inspection by the
carrier. Contact your carrier immediately.
Products Not Under Warranty: Payment arrangements are required before outbound shipment for all out of
warranty products.
*Vaddio manufactures its hardware products from parts and components that are new or equivalent to new in accordance with industry
standard practices.
DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome Manual 342-0187 Rev. A
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DomeVIEW HD - 12” Indoor Pendant Mount Dome
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