Allworx 9200 VOIP
Allworx VoIP Premier Phones
Award-winning phone systems for small and medium businesses
What do you want from a phone … the ability to make calls over the
Internet or a standard phone line? Flexible performance as a PBX
or Key system unit? Portability between home, office and remote
sites? Whatever you need, Allworx VoIP phones are listening
The phone is the part of your communication
system that directly impacts your employees
every day — it needs to be flexible, easy to
use and productive.
Allworx provides small and medium businesses with the ability
to communicate and collaborate like a large corporation.
VoIP that travels
Multi-site calling
Presence management
Remote locations. With an Allworx VoIP phone
and an Ethernet connection, you can:
• Be a virtual “extension” of the office.
• Talk to any office site with an Allworx system
— incur NO long distance charges.
• Use your personal settings from any location.
Multi-site. With Allworx phones and an Allworx
system in each of your office locations, you can:
• Incur NO long distance charges between sites.
• Merge multiple sites with one system. Transfer
calls between sites — the caller will never notice.
Follow-me calling at your fingertips. You can
change your call routing “presence” instantly, using:
• Your phone
• Your voicemail
• Your PC
Imagine the increased productivity!
Imagine the immediate cost savings!
Imagine the ease and convenience!
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Allworx® VoIP phones. The phones that listen.
These sleek new phones don’t just look good — they meet your needs
for today and prepare you for tomorrow. With Allworx phones, you
hear the future.
Allworx 9212 VoIP phone
Hi-Fidelity Voice
Soft keys
Allworx 9202 VoIP phone
Graphical LCD screen
Graphical LCD screen
Scroll and Select keys
Visual ring
Handset with cord
expandable up to
nine feet
• 802.3af PoE
• 24V DC adapter
Function Keys
Soft keys
Scroll and Select keys
Hi-Fidelity Voice
• 24V DC adapter
Handset with cord
expandable up to
nine feet
Eight Function
Function Keys
Ten Function Keys
RJ-11 headset
Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports
Multiple position tilt base
(also wall mountable)
Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports
Single position base
(also wall mountable)
Is it a PBX or Key System?
Allworx phones truly emulate both Key and PBX behavior. Set your
Allworx phones to either one or mix both — it’s your choice!
Key system behavior
PBX system behavior
•Push a button for a specific outside line;
incoming calls illuminate that line’s button.
•Calls are routed to an extension by a phone
system (e.g. 6x, 10x or 24x) in your office.
•One incoming call can go to many people.
•One person can handle many incoming calls.
Features commonly found in small business phone systems
Features commonly found in large company phone systems
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A llwor x Ph o n es
Model 9212
The Allworx 9212 is a sophisticated and
flexible top-of-the-line phone — perfect for
executives, office managers, and active
employees who make and receive
a high volume of calls.
• 12 Programmable Function Keys
• Supports up to 12 line appearances
• Large and easy-to-read 192 × 64 display
• Gives you the power to customize the phone to your
specific communication style
• Hi-Fidelity Voice Handset
Model 9202
If you want the power and cost efficiencies
of VoIP but don’t have a high call volume or
need for call line appearances, the Allworx
9202 is just right for you. It has a sleek,
compact design and is extremely easy to
use. Just plug it in and start saving!
• Two Programmable Function Keys
• Supports up to two line appearances
• Large and easy-to-read 128 × 64 display
• Compact size fits neatly on your desk
The Allworx systems supercharge your phones
The Allworx VoIP phones were created
by the same engineers who created the
Allworx systems.
Allworx phones work seamlessly with
the Allworx systems to provide a fully
integrated communications solution.
No matter what Allworx system you
select, you get all the same great phone
features and functionality.
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Allworx — The best features for small and medium businesses
Call Appearance (PBX behavior)
Direct Station Selection (DSS)
On PBX systems, incoming calls are directed to specific
extensions. Using Allworx Programmable Function Keys, you
can assign keys to extensions, such as Sales, Accounting and
yourself. Each key lights up as calls come in, allowing you to
correctly identify and answer the calls. Call Appearance is the
best choice when one person is answering many extensions.
Automatically opens an intercom connection to any other
Allworx phone. Use this feature for people you need
immediate access to or for those you call often.
Line Appearance (Key behavior)
In Key systems, an outside line connects directly to a phone.
This approach works very well for small businesses with
employees who pick up calls from any phone (e.g. “Bob,
there’s a call for you on Line Three”). Line Appearance gives
direct access to each line independently and immediately, and
is the best choice when many people handle the same call
across multiple phones.
SIP (Session Internet Protocol) Appearance
Having the ability to show SIP appearance is important
when using VoIP lines. With Allworx, we can distinguish
specific “phone” lines used over the Internet. It behaves just
like a Line Appearance – the only difference is it’s a phone
line connected to the Internet. Allworx makes using VoIP
technology transparent to your business.
Remote Phone Capability
The Allworx phones are designed to “instantly” work as
a remote phone. No technical experience is required. The
Allworx phone will negotiate communications through existing
firewalls and “phone home” to the appropriate Allworx server.
Once connected, the remote phone behaves just like it would
if located at the main office. Remote users have all the same
great features – line appearances, call appearances, BLF, DSS,
call queues, intercom, etc.
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
From your phone, you can monitor the status of another
phone, extension or user. Imagine having the ability to quickly
see who is on the phone and who isn’t. Using the 9212, you
can have up to 12 different BLFs.
Hi-Fidelity Voice Handset
The 9212 and 9202 phones also include a Hi-Fidelity Voice
Handset that makes your phone calls sound like the person
you’re speaking with is in the same room. Thanks to a greatly
improved handset with exceptional static and interference
eliminating capabilities, the 9200 Series phones bring voice
conversations to life.
Call Queuing2
Answer incoming calls from various company queues (e.g.
customer support, account payables) using the same Allworx
phone for your everyday calling. The system automatically
recognizes which phones are assigned and available to each
queue – even remote phones!
Call Assistant2
Use Allworx phones in conjunction with this software tool
that helps manage and distribute incoming calls. Ideal for live
answer position or receptionists.
Access key information from the phone display:
– Personal preferences (e.g. personal speed dials, audible dialing)
– Silent incoming calls
– Call history
– Caller ID
– Company directory
– Redial
Feature comparison
Adjustable stand — wall mount
Call history / Missed calls
Caller ID
Call waiting — displays caller information on LCD
Check messages button
Conference call button — up to three callers
Distinctive ring types — distinguishes different types of calls
Do Not Disturb button — eliminates interruptions
Hi-Fidelity Voice Handset
Hold button
Info button — accesses on-screen help
Intercom button — connects to other extensions
Maximum number of call appearances per phone
Mute button
One Touch Day & Night Mode
Programmable Function Keys
Release button — relinquishes line without hanging up
RJ-11 headset port
Speakerphone — Full-duplex
Speakerphone button — activates microphone and speaker
TAPI suppor t — integrates phone and computer 2
Transfer call button
Visual ring indicator
Multiple voicemail indicators
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Allworx Phones —
Allworx phones are the most feature-rich, flexible, easy-to-use
phones on the market. We’re not just making broad claims —
there truly are some key differences between Allworx phones
and other competitive offers that provide significant benefits
to small and medium businesses.
Phones that lower your costs
Lower purchase cost
The Allworx phones save you money compared
to other VoIP phones that have less features.
No increased cost for remote phones
There are no additional equipment charges
required to set up a phone remotely.
No long distance charges
With an Allworx VoIP phone and an Ethernet
connection, you can make calls and incur NO long distance charges.
No site-to-site long distance charges
With Allworx phones and an Allworx system in each of your office locations, you can incur
NO long distance charges between sites.2
Reduced wiring and installation costs
Our built-in switch even lets you use your PC’s
existing Internet connection for your phone,
reducing wiring costs and installation time.
Get the features you have …
plus more
Three way conferencing
Many phones provide this feature; however, the
Allworx phones allow you to conference active calls
without even dialing an extension.
Broadcast paging
The Allworx phones provide broadcast paging
within specified zones or to the entire company.
Intercom auto answer
Many phones have intercom capability, but no one
offers an auto answer feature that allows you to
answer an intercom without having to pick up the phone.
State-of-the-art echo canceling
Voice quality is critical with phones. Allworx has
engineered technology into our phones that enable
superior voice quality that have the experts in the
industry in awe.
Unique remote phone capabilities
The Allworx phones are the only IP phones that
provide BLF, SIP appearance, line appearance and
more to remote users.
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Key Advantages
Easiest phone to use!
Engineered for ease of use
Even though they are feature-rich, the Allworx phones are specially engineered to be easy to use.
Specific features easier to use
Features such as conference calling or
voicemail are directly accessible through
dedicated buttons.
True Key System/PBX Behavior
Whether calls come through CO lines, T1/PRI or
the Internet, Allworx has advanced technology
that truly emulates key system line appearance.
Set phones to behave like a Key or PBX system,
or a mix of the two — it’s your choice.
No programming required
Allworx phones are truly plug-and-play.
No programming is necessary by the user.
Easy remote set up
If you take the phone to a remote location, all the functions and buttons stay the same — no reprogramming needed — it’s as if you
were in the office.
Side view of the Allworx 9212 phone.
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Call 1-866-ALLWORX
Allworx 9212 and 9202 Technical Specifications
• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone using SIP 2.0 protocol.
• Supports twelve telephone lines [Model 9212] or two
telephone lines [Model 9202].
• Phones designed to easily integrate with Allworx
servers and software options.
User configurable settings
Audible Dialing.
Auto on Hold.
Auto Retrieve Calls.
Call Time.
Clock mode.
Display contrast.
Force Auto Answer.
Hold button operation.
Hold reminder.
Intercom Auto Answer.
Missed Call Tracking.
Multiple voicemail indicators.
Off Hook answer mode.
Off Hook Ringing.
On Hook Dialing.
Parking Orbit Popups.
Redial/Call Back/Call History.
Sidetone disable.
Ten personal speed dials from keypad (in addition to
the option of assigning speed dials to the PFKs).
• Visual Message Waiting Indicator.
• Access to remote Allworx phones for reconfiguring
and resetting.
• Automatic software upgrades for phones.
• Automatically reassign user settings when replacing
• Customizable templates for quick installation and
• Dialing plans support international calling.
• Factory test and diagnostics support.
• Mix PBX and Key phone functionality per phone.
• Online installation instructions.
• Programmable dialing plans downloaded to phone.
• Restrict handsets to specific user groups & calling plans.
• Select any combination of SIP line and CO line
appearances for Allworx phones.
• Server commanded auto-reboot and manual reboot.
• Status logs.
• The Programmable Function Keys (PFKs) are configured
specific to each Allworx phone. The following features
are customizable based on end user needs:
Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
Call Appearance
Call Monitor
Centrex Flash
Day/Night Mode
Direct Station Selection (DSS)
Headset [9212]
Multiple Voicemail Indicators
Line Appearance
Parking Orbit
Queue Appearance
Speed Dial – Company Wide
Speed Dial – Personal
• Zone paging — make intercom announcements over
all Allworx phones in a specific zone .
• Music on hold — background music support. 1,3
• Call history.
• Call queuing — incoming calls are routed to specific
handsets, calls hear a special message and are answered in consecutive order. Phones support up to ten
• Centrex/CO/SIP Line flash.1
• Different ring types per phone.
• Directory Dialing — access all users’ extensions via
phone display and auto dial.1
• Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) handset (meets
American Disabilities Act requirements) and HAC
compliance for magnetic coupling to approved HAC
hearing aids.
• High quality full duplex speakerphone [Model 9212 only].
• Missed calls record.
• Non-volatile user settings — will not lose settings if
power is lost.1
• Presence management — view and modify Allworx
presence settings from your phone, integrated with
Allworx software.1
• Speed dials — 1,050 programmable, company-wide
speed dials1 and ten personal speed dials per user.
• Visual ring indicator [Model 9212 only] — flashing
indicator is visible from all angles.
Remote user (SIP) capability
• Remote users are able to make/receive calls as if they
were in office.
• Simple “plug n play” setup for remote use via Internet
(Internet Call Access software option not required).
• Built in automatic authentication to Allworx server.
• Automatic NAT transversal negotiation with existing
firewall at remote and main location.
• No static IP address required for remote phone.
• Remote user has all functionality of local user (e.g.
Call, Line, and SIP Appearance).
• No additional software required.
• Remote phones are able to answer call queues, call
monitors, parking orbits, SIP Appearance, and Call or
Line Appearances from main office.
• System administrator can change settings & reboot remote Allworx phones without being at remote location.
Phone buttons
• Conference — Supports 3-way conference calling.
Note: Conference center software option provides
additional conference calling capabilities (Allworx
24x – four 8-way conference bridges, Allworx 6x – one
8-way conference bridge) 2 • Do Not Disturb (DND) — Phone will receive no calls
(calls follow current presence routing). Also, pressing
DND for 3 or more seconds allows user to switch their
• Hold — Puts active caller on hold at handset location
• Info [Model 9212 has Info Button, Model 9202
accesses Info using Programmable Function Key].
— Displays context sensitive information about all
buttons on the phone, including Programmable Function
Key settings and personal speed dial information.
• Intercom (station to station intercom) — Initiate a
call to another Allworx handset.
• Messages — Used for fast access to the message
center; this button is illuminated RED if new voicemail
messages have arrived.
• Mute — Turns off the microphone of the
speakerphone, handset, and headset.
• Park — Dedicated park button allows active callers to
be placed in a parking orbit.
• Programmable Function Keys — 12 illuminated
PFKs [Model 9212] or two illuminated PFKs [Model
9202]. Used for any combination of Call Appearance,
Line Appearance, SIP Appearance, call queuing, call
monitors, Centrex flash, parking orbits, headset, speed
dials (personal and company), direct station selection,
busy lamp field, redial, and info.
• Release — Ends call or disconnects call leg or cancels
current operation.
• Transfer — Allows for both attended and unattended
(blind) transfers.
• Volume — Volume control for full duplex
speakerphone, handset, headset and ringer.
• 4 soft keys on the 9212 and 3 soft keys on the 9202
which have different functionality based on operation
selected via display.
– Two arrow buttons: used for scrolling up and down
the menu via display
– Enter button: used for selecting options or settings
via display
• PFK labels for easy reference [Model 9212 only].
Display and design
• Caller ID — shows name and phone number of
incoming caller (as available).
• Case is sturdy textured black ABS plastic.
• Date/Time display.
• Displays multiple simultaneous calls — scroll between
calls on hold.
• Handset cord expandable up to nine feet.
• Large graphical LCD screen provides scrollable
– Resolution: 192 × 64 pixels [Model 9212]
128 × 64 pixels [Model 9202]
– Dimensions: 3.4" × 1.4" [Model 9212] 2.24" × 1.25" [Model 9202]
– Font size: 8 pt and 12 pt
– Number of lines: up to eight lines of text
• Phones only available in black.
• Four dynamic soft keys on the Allworx 9212 and three
soft keys on the 9202 allow users to scroll up/down
and make selections throughout the user menus.
• Two clocks — Call Timer and Time of Day.
Technical specifications
Built-in headset jack: RJ-11 [9212].
Download firmware updates from any Allworx system.
G.711 and G.729a audio compression.
IP address assignment — DHCP client or statically
Quality of Service (QoS) – supports VLAN capability,
Call Admission Control (CAC), DiffServ, and priority
Supports PoE 802.3af [Model 9212 only].
Two integrated 10/100 auto crossover Ethernet
switched ports.
Wall mountable or adjustable tilt base for 9212 phone.
Wall mountable or one-position base for 9202 phone
Electrical and regulatory information
• Power options:
– 24V DC adapter, supplied locally at the desktop
using the included AC to DC power supply.
– Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3af [Model 9212 only].
• UL listed. FCC Class B.
Height and weight
• Model 9212 dimensions: 9" H × 9" W × 7.5" D (22.9 ×
22.9 × 19.1 cm).
• Model 9202 dimensions: 8" H × 7.5" W × 6" D (20.3 ×
19 × 15.2 cm).
• Model 9212 weight: 2.3 lb (1.04 kg).
• Model 9202 weight: 1.7 lb (0.77 kg).
• Headset [Model 9212 only].
• One year limited warranty from date of reseller purchase.
1. When used with an Allworx system.
2. Sold as an option.
3. Sold as a third-party add-on. Third-party products may be purchased separately.
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