Next Generation Pipette Management (RFID)

Next Generation Pipette Management (RFID)
Lab Asset Management
Next Generation Pipette Management
Now, Every Pipette Has a Story to Tell
RFID technology is revolutionizing how laboratories track equipment and
Rainin is the first pipette manufacturer to offer a comprehensive pipette
management solution: RFID-embedded pipettes, RFID scanner and pipette
management software.
RFID is “Radio Frequency IDentification” and
with nothing more than Rainin’s RFID reader
and LabX™ Direct Pipette-Scan™ software,
you can enhance how your lab manages pipettes. Rainin’s pipette management solution
is easy to use and highly adaptable to your
• Scan a pipette’s stored data (calibration
and service, for example) by placing the
pipette on the RFID reader
• Create custom profiles for each pipette
and transfer that data directly to the pipette’s RFID tag
• Integrate your LabX data with third-party
asset- and calibration-management
applications (LabX data exports easily
as Microsoft® Excel®, Word® or text files)
Lab Asset Management
RFID Reader and LabX™ Software
Pipette Management Simplified
When was this pipette calibrated?
Is it due for service?
Who does it belong to?
What application is it being used for?
Transform your workflow with
Rainin’s Pipet-Lite® XLS family of
RFID-equipped pipettes. In seconds,
everything you want to know about
a pipette can be displayed on a PC
screen. With seemingly endless
possibilities, Rainin’s RFID reader
and LabX™ Direct Pipette-Scan™
software are all you need to communicate with any Pipet-Lite XLS.
With its speed and ease, Rainin’s
RFID solution to better asset management will complement your
workflow and instill confidence in
your lab’s compliance with SOPs
and Regulatory Agencies.
Your entire LabX database is ex­­
port­able to Microsoft Word, Excel
or text format. With such flexibil­ity,
LabX data is accessible for spreadsheet and reports, and can be in-­­­
te­grated with most any asset management system.
Scan your pipette
LabX uses the RFID reader to access the pipette’s data. Once scan­
ned, LabX displays the pipette’s
complete profile, including its serial
number, manufacture and calibration due date, and any unique attri­
butes assigned.
Create custom profiles
Assign unique attributes (user,
lab, inventory number, etc.) using
LabX’s 12 customizable data fields.
Fast access to each pipette’s calibration and service data reduces
the possibility of performance and/
or compliance-related rework.
Export your data
LabX data easily exports to Microsoft Word and Excel, or as text for
easy integration with other asset
management applications.
Another Rainin innovation
In addition to delivering consistent,
accurate results, RFID tags on the
Pipet-Lite XLS help you manage
calibration data and workflow to
optimize your efficiency. A first in
a pipette!
Highly flexible, yet easy to use
• Factory Data – Model Number, Serial Number and Date (Last
Service) – is secure and cannot be changed.
• User Data is customizable. The first two fields – Next Calibration
and Next Quick Check – are standard, but all others are not.
• Custom Data Fields can all be renamed.
Ordering Information
Cat. No.
Part No.
Rainin RFID Kit includes RFID Reader and
LabX Direct Pipette-Scan software
Rainin RFID Reader
LabX Direct Pipette-Scan Software
LabX data exports easily as Microsoft Excel, Word or a text file.
Transform your workflow
• Quickly check your RFID-equipped pipette for:
– Calibration date, service date, model and serial numbers
– Any custom data you choose
• 12 customizable fields provide maximum flexibility
• Default “Read only” mode prevents pipette data from being
• Service calibration data is always protected
• Export data to Microsoft Excel and Word, or as a text file
• Upload data to third party calibration/asset management
Technical Specifications
RFID Reader Read/Write
Operating Range
Operating Temperature
Up to 5 cm from Pipette’s RFID tag
PC Only (Windows Native USB)
-10° to 55° C
8 cm x 8 cm
Other features
•Supported languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, English,
French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
•Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
Quality certificate ISO9001
Environment certificate ISO14001
Subject to technical changes
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