HPG-20 Datasheet

HPG-20 Datasheet
2” Grommet
HPG-20B-GB (FG570-02B-GB) Gloss Black in Black Metal
HPG-20B-MB (FG570-02B-MB) Matte Black in Black Metal
HPG-20B-GS (FG570-02B-GS) Gloss Silver in Black Metal
HPG-20B-FG (FG570-02B-FG) Frosted in Black Metal
HPG-20S-GB (FG570-02S-GB) Gloss Black in Silver Metal
HPG-20S-MB (FG570-02S-MB) Matte Black in Silver Metal
HPG-20S-GS (FG570-02S-GS) Gloss Silver in Silver Metal
HPG-20S-FG (FG570-02S-FG) Frosted in Silver Metal
HPG-20-SL (FG570-02-SL) Matte Silver Plastic
The HPG-20 module provides an elegant cable management solution for smaller
tables or special locations on a table.
Max above mounting surface: 1” (25mm)
Max below mounting surface: 1.1” (28mm)
Mounting surface footprint: 2.76” (70mm) diameter
Min mounting surface thickness: 1/2” (13mm)
Max mounting surface thickness: 2” (51mm)
Table cutout dimensions: 2” (51mm) round hole
6 oz (.2 Kg)
Black plastic structure with a top cap made of plastic
or metal with an acrylic inlay
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