PD550 Single Inverter for Motor Control
PD550 Single Inverter
for Motor Control
High-power inverter integrated with brake chopper output.
Ideal for high power drive system applications.
John Deere Electronic Solutions has created the JDES family of
inverters, designed to provide advanced control for AC motor
applications. The JDES product line covers a wide range of power
levels (up to 300 kVA) and utilizes common motor control
software for efficient control of IPM or induction motors.
The PD550 single inverter is based on high performance DSP
real-time embedded software to support advanced features such
as field-oriented control. The high-voltage, high-power modules
are designed to work at maximum efficiency with complete
monitoring capabilities to ensure control under all conditions.
The thermal management system is liquid-cooled for robust and
reliable performance over the life of the system.
485 mm
Compact and extremely rugged high-power AC
motor inverters provide speed, torque, and
voltage control
Models rated from 80 to 300 kVA
Used in wide range of high-voltage DC bus
systems (180 to 750 V DC systems)
Sealed enclosure (IP67), liquid-cooled power
Tested to strict off-road vehicle standards for
extreme environments including CISPR25 class
3 and SAE J1113-41 for EMC
Meets applicable IEC 62477-1 component
External bus interface for system control
Dual high-speed CAN
Space vector and discontinuous PWM output
voltage control
High-performance AC field-oriented control
Efficient control of induction or IPM machines
495 mm
Preliminary Specifications
Output Power
300 kVA (700 V)
35 kg (dry, no coolant)
Current Rating
– 480 arms peak for 60 seconds (2.0 kHz PWM, 70°C cooling, 12 lpm)
(assumes 320 arms operation for 240 second period, 20% duty
– 400 arms continuous (2.0 kHz PWM, 70°C cooling, 12 lpm)
(assumes no peak current operation above 400 arms)
High-Voltage Bus
180 V to 750 VDC (wide range of operation)
Output Voltage
Space vector modulated PWM
Parasitic Current
Off-state low-voltage battery drain < 900 uA
Over-current, under-voltage, over-voltage, brake chopper with variable
voltage set point, short-circuit, reverse-polarity (battery), overtemperature (motor and inverter), over-speed
PWM Frequency
1 kHz to 9 kHz
Bus Interface
CAN (two ports)
Hardware Interface
Digital/analog motor position, sensor supply (5V or 12V) output, motor
temp sensor, eight digital spare inputs, two analog spare inputs, two
digital spare outputs, four analog spare outputs, wake up, controlled
Low-Voltage Power
12V or 24V DC systems (wide range of operation 9V to 32V)
Position Sensor
Control Modes
Torque, speed, voltage
Operating Temperature
Coolant -40°C to 70°C, ambient -40°C to 70°C
Block Diagram
Motor / Generator 1
High-Voltage DC
Motor / Generator 2
Unswitched Battery
Spare Digital Output
Switched Battery
Motor Temperature
Position Sensor
Spare Digital Inputs
Spare Analog Inputs
Spare Analog Output
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