MT 3050
MT 3050
CDMA®2000 1X/GSM/GPRS Mobile Tracking Device
An innovative OBDII plug-and-play design with enhanced performance
utilizing an innovative antenna design and a disconnect alert feature.
Expanding the MT Series of products for application
service providers, system integrators, enterprises and
insurers in the global fleet management and usagebased insurance market verticals, the MT 3050 offers
an innovative OBD-II plug-and-play design, enhanced
performance utilizing innovative antenna design and
a disconnect alert feature using an in-device backup
battery, and is available in CDMA®2000 1X, GSM/GPRS,
Application flexibility
Novatel Wireless has assembled a complex device and
networking components required to build successful
and profitable UBI programs, supporting market
specific requirements and simplifying UBI program
creation and large scale deployments. The new MT
3050 is an innovative plug-and-play device with
internal antennas that supports all five vehicle engine
OBD-II protocols while still providing customizable
features including GPS location, ignition, geofencing,
trip reporting and events. Its built-in programmable
threshold events capture metrics critical to effective
fleet and insurance monitoring such as excessive
engine speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speed
violations, and excessive idling.
enhanced performance
The MT 3050 is a flexible telematics solution that is
well suited for a variety of other applications including
fleet management where managers are charged with
improving safety, increasing productivity and reducing
costs, as well as for insurance telematics for pay-asyou-drive/pay-how-you-drive programs, which give
the consumer, and even fleets, more control over their
insurance premiums through driver behavior reporting,
speed violation alerts, distance and duration traveled,
and time of day reporting.
Simple installation
The MT 3050 installs easily into the OBD-II port
of a vehicle. Installation does not require taking a
vehicle out of service and does not include the costs
associated with a more permanent wired fitment
to the vehicle. So no matter the application - fleet
management, Usage-Based Insurance (UBI), teen
tracking, or any other application - or the region of
the world, the MT 3050 is the option for customers
charged with lowering upfront telematics costs.
quick deployment & device management
All Novatel Wireless integrated devices are
designed for full compatibility with our Services
Enablement Services (SES) that includes the N4A™
Communications and Management Software (CMS)
and N4A™ Device Manager, which provide accelerated
device provisioning, deployment, shipping, monitoring,
and tracking worldwide.
Targeted verticals
Usaged-Based Insurance (UBI)
Fleet Management
Driver and Vehicle Profiling
Pay-As-You Drive, Pay-As-You-Go
MT 3050
CDMA®2000 1X/GSM/GPRS Mobile Tracking Device
• 1XRTT (CDMA®2000 1X): 800/1900 MHz
• GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• Low fuel alert
• FOTA enabled
• Circular & polygon geofencing
• 55mm L x 49mm W x 29mm D
• Rugged textured plastic enclosure UL94-Vo fire rated
• Operating:
Battery Version: -20°C to 60°C
No Battery Version: -30°C to 70°C
• Storage:
Battery Version: -20°C to 60°C
No Battery Version: -40°C to 85°C
• Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
• Vibration: In accordance with SAE J1211
communication interface
• Host Protocols: AT commands, UDP API, FOTA
• Internal Protocols: UDP API, TCP API
• API Control/Status: AT commands, UDP API, TCP API
• AT Commands Over SMS
ON-Board Diagnostics
• Engine Interface: J1962 compliant
• Protocols Supported: J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141-2, ISO-14230 KWP2000, and ISO-15765 CAN
• DC Voltage: 9-16 VDC
• GSM SMS: Text, PDU, MO/MT, Cell Broadcast
• Rechargeable lithium-ion
• Battery recharging range is 0 to +45ºC
(Internal BatteryTemperature)
SMS Functionality
• SIM Access: Internal (GSM products)
• Cellular/GPS antenna: Internal
• LEDs: OBD (Red), Cellular (Green), GPS (Blue)
Key Features
• Excessive engine speed (RPM)
• Vehicle speed/speed alert with OBDII/GPS data
• Virtual odometer/distance reporting
• Motion/tow alert with ignition & movement detection
• Embedded 3-axis accelerometer for driver behavior
monitoring (hard braking/acceleration/cornering) and
impact detection
• Vehicle diagnostics & low vehicle battery voltage
• Check engine light (MIL alert)
• FCC: Parts 15, 22, 24
• PTCRB: Version 5.6
• CE
• eMark
• Industry Canada: RSS-210, 132, 133
• RoHS Compliant
• Carrier Certifications (Pending): Verizon, Sprint
part numbers
• GSM2378-00 (WW)
• RTT2211-00 (North America)
starter kit
• 2 MT 3050 Devices
• Single Protocol OBD-II Simulator
• Wall Mount Power Supply
• Limited airtime and access to N4A™ Sandbox
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