Troubleshooting Tips Handout
It’s Not Working…Now What Do I Do?!?!?!?!
December 5, 2008
Janean Fode
Shandell Sims
Larry LaShell
Computer doesn’t work correctly? Restart. Shut down. Shut down, pull
power and hold in power button for 10 seconds.
How to reset your laptop? Restart. Shut down. Shut down, remove battery
or batteries, pull power and hold in power button for 10 seconds.
How to check your battery to see if it’s charging? Start, Control Panel,
Power Options, Or lower right hand corner by time.
How to add printers? Start, Printers and Faxes, Add a Printer, Next, A
network printer etc, Next, In location field type first letter(s) of your
location, find now, double click on the printer to add.
What to do if you can’t print? Open printer go to properties and clear jobs
with errors.
How to set default printer? Open printers and right click on the printer you
want then pick set as default
How to change screen properties? Right Click on desktop, properties,
desktop. Or screensaver. Or settings.
Changing First Class Password? Login to First Class, Collaborate and change
password type old once and new twice.
Changing Windows password? Ctrl+alt+del, change password, old once new
Open attachments in First Class are read only? Save as!
Making windows shortcuts on desktop? Right Click + drag then create
Rebooting problems? Check for cd in drive or thumb drive.
Monitor funny color? Check Connections. Adjust color or size. Reset
monitor to default
What to wipe down mouse and keyboard with? Diluted 409 or similar then
wipe of with rag and clean water.
What to clean LCD screen with? Same as above. Or lens cleaner and a
glasses cloth.
Saving to N:\ drive? Save as! Navigate to n:\ or llashell_on_gimli…etc.
Shortcut to N:\ Drive? Start, My Computer, Network Drives..Right Click and
drag, make shortcut.
Password security? Don’t write it where anyone else can find it. Don’t tell
anyone your password, etc.
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