datasheet for EP8112 by QLogic

datasheet for EP8112 by QLogic
Dual Port 10Gbps FC over Ethernet
(FCoE) to PCI Express Controller
High Performance
• 10Gbps per port maximum throughput for high
bandwidth storage (SAN) and networking (LAN)
• Full hardware offload for FCoE protocol processing
• 250,000 IOPS per port deliver high I/O transfer
rates for storage applications
• Full support for TCP/IP and Ethernet performance
enhancements such as priority based flow control
(802.1Qbb), jumbo frames, checksum offloads, and
segmentation offloads.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
• Reduced hardware, cabling, power, cooling, and
management costs through convergence of data
and storage networking
• Preservation of familiar data and storage concepts
resulting in lower training and administrative costs
Investment Protection
• Works seamlessly with existing Fibre Channel (FC)
• Communicates via Ethernet, the most common
networking technology in the world
• Shares a common API with QLogic 2500 Series
8Gb FC host bus adapers, simplifying the porting of
existing 8Gb initiator and target mode drivers
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Technology. FCoE provides an opportunity
to reduce data center costs by converging data and storage networking.
Standard TCP/IP and Fibre Channel traffic can both run on the same high speed
10Gbps Ethernet wire, resulting in cost savings through reduced adapter,
switch, cabling, power, cooling, and management requirements. FCoE has
gained rapid market traction because it delivers excellent performance,
reduces data center TCO, and protects current data center investment.
iSCSI. The EP8112 even supports iSCSI storage protocol using iSCSI software
initiators, which are available with all major operating systems.
High Performance. The EP8112 boosts system performance with 10Gbps
speed and full hardware offload for FCoE protocol processing. Cutting edge
10Gbps bandwidth eliminates performance bottlenecks in the I/O path with
a 10X data rate improvement versus existing 1Gbps Ethernet solutions.
Additionally, full hardware offload for FCoE protocol processing reduces
system CPU utilization for I/O operations, which leads to faster application
performance and higher levels of consolidation in virtualized systems.
Lower TCO. The EP8112 reduces data center costs through convergence.
Now, one ASIC can do the work of both Fibre Channel and Ethernet controllers.
This convergence also means fewer cables, fewer switches, less power
consumption, reduced cooling, and easier management. The EP8112 also
preserves familiar FC concepts such as WWNs, FC-IDs, LUN masking, and
zoning, thereby eliminating training costs that are usually required for a new
storage technology.
Investment Protection. The EP8112 and FCoE are designed to preserve
existing investment in Fibre Channel storage and core Ethernet switches
and routers for data networking. The EP8112 also shares a common API
with QLogic’s 2500 Series 8Gb FC host bus adapters, making it possible to
highly leverage existing initiator and target mode drivers when developing
similar drivers for the EP8112.
Unmatched Expertise. QLogic has an unparalleled advantage in delivering
this new FCoE technology. QLogic is the undisputed leader in both FC and
iSCSI controllers, with years of experience providing FC and Ethernet based
products. While some competitors have expertise in either networking
or storage, no other I/O provider can match QLogic’s expertise in FC and
Ethernet hardware and software solutions.
EP8112 Dual Port 10Gbps FC over Ethernet (FCoE) to PCI Express Controller
Host Bus Interface Specifications
Bus interface
• PCI Express Gen1 x8 or PCI Express Gen2 x4
PCI functions
• Two NIC functions and two FCoE functions
Advanced Interrupts
• MSI and MSI-X
• PCI Express Base Specification, rev. 2.0, PCI
Bus Power Management Interface Specification,
rev. 1.2
Ethernet Specifications
• IEEE: 802.3ae (10Gb Ethernet) 802.1q (VLAN),
802.3ad (Link Aggregation), 802.1p (Priority
Encoding), 802.3x (Flow Control), 802.3ap (KX/
KX4), 802.3ak (CX4), IEEE 1149.6 (JTAG), IPv4
Specification (RFC 791), IPv6 Specification (RFC
2460), TCP/UDP Specification (RFC 793/768), ARP
Specification (RFC 826)
• 110° C maximum junction temperature
• 10Gbps full duplex line rate per port
• 1500 byte or 9000 byte (Jumbo Frame)
Stateless offload
• IP, TCP, and UDP checksum offloads
• Large and Giant Send Offload (LSO, GSO)
• Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
• Header-Data split
• Interrupt coalescing
• 3.0 Watts (nominal conditions, PCIe Gen2 x4, XFI,
dual ports active)
RoHS compliance
• RoHS 6
• 250,000 IOPS per port
• 29mm x 29mm
• Support for 2048 concurrent logins and
2048 active exchanges per port
• 783-ball (FCBGA)
• Ball pitch 1.0 mm
Class of service
Ordering Information
Ethernet Frame
Power consumption
• -45 to 125°C
• Class 3
• Any 10Gb Ethernet Network
• System-design dependent
Storage Temperature
Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
• EP8112
• SCSI-3 Fibre Channel Protocol (SCSI-FCP) Fibre
Channel Tape (FC-TAPE) profile, SCSI Fibre
Channel Protocol-2 (FCP-2), Second Generation
FC Generic Services (FC-GS-2), Third Generation
FC Generic Services (FC-GS-3)
– Ships with minimum order quantity of
144 devices (36 devices per tray × 4 trays);
increments in multiples of 36 (1 tray)
Controller Specifications
• NetQueue
BMC Support
• Dual XAUI/CX4/KX4 or XFI/KR
• SMBus and RMII (NC-SI)
Enhanced Ethernet
• Priority-based flow control (802.1Qbb rev. 0)
• Integrated 1MB per port SSRAM
• Enhanced transmission selection (802.1Qaz
rev. 0)
Input voltages
• DCBX protocol (802.1Qaz rev. 0)
• 10GbE SERDES: 1.2V, 2.5V
• Core: 1.0V
• PCIe SERDES: 1.5V, 2.5V
• I/O: 3.3V
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