RHDM Series High-Definition Reference monitors

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RHDM series
High-Definition reference monitors
For broadcast and post-production professionals who are performing color-critical
work on a daily basis, Barco has developed the RHDM series High-Definition
reference monitors. Available in a 17” and 23” version, the RHDM has been designed
to suit the needs of all aspects of today’s professional broadcasting - including
camera shading, field productions, mixing and master control, color correction, postproduction and editing. As true Grade-1 LCD displays, Barco’s RHDM series bring
amazing color accuracy, image stability and motion handling.
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High-Definition reference monitors
Barco’s RHDM-1701 and RHDM-2301 bring LCD technology of the highest professional
standards, including a true 10-bit, 120Hz flat panel, scanning RGB-LED backlight technology, embedded calibration and stabilization technology, and unique 48-bit color
processing. All these features ensure a color performance and image quality level that
is unseen in broadcast and post-production environments. Be it for camera or lighting
professionals, editors, colorists or post-production staff, anyone who is highly
demanding about colors will value Barco’s RHDM series as indispensable references.
Colors that last
While traditional reference monitors need to be recalibrated at least weekly, the
RHDM-family will keep their colors lasting for months on end. Barco's reference monitors feature advanced calibration and stabilization technology, integrated into the
display’s electronics, which tracks color performance in real time and corrects for any
changes related to temperature and aging.
Excellent motion handling
With Barco’s RHDM series displays, you can do full justice to the action scenes you
produce. Thanks to the high-speed 120 Hz panel, proprietary LCD speed-up algorithms and scanning RGB-LED backligh technology, the RHDM series prevent
motion blur and judder. Additionally, a black line-insertion algorithm presents native
interlaced images without any de-interlacing artifacts. This results in excellent motion
handling and lifelike motion scenes with a CRT-like quality.
Color accuracy
At Barco, we understand the complexity of color. And just like many other color-critical professionals, we understand that judging color is an every-day challenge. The
RHDM-1701 and RHDM-2301 combine Barco’s long-standing expertise in the field of
color accuracy with the most recent and cutting-edge technology around, such as the
RHDM series’ native 10-bit panel (22-bit with proprietary dithering), calibrated RGBLED backlights, unique 48-bit processing and embedded 3D-LUT cross-talk
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The reference for broadcast professionals
RHDM-B series
RHDM-1701B and RHDM-2301B are reliable references for master control
rooms, camera control, camera shading, signal quality checks, technical
rooms etc, both in TV studios as well as
OB vans.
Camera control/shading
At the time of shooting, Barco’s RHDM-B series are the reliable references for program
directors, colorists and camera and lighting staff. During real-time color judging, the
RHDM-B series provide continuous color stability, perfect representation of grayscales,
deep darks and correct pastel tones. The split-screen functionality helps compare and
adjust two cameras or other sources side by side on the same monitor with the highest picture quality. The monitors also support In-Monitor Display functionality and two
tally lights on the actual LCD, hereby saving valuable rack space.
Field productions
In OB vans and ingest & transmission monitoring environments, RHDM-1701B and
RHDM-2301B users benefit from the display’s robustness and system stability. The
RHDM-B series can easily withstand temperature cycling conditions, so that frequent
calibration is not necessary. They also feature various modes for video handling and
motion blur reduction, which allows to correctly judge fast moving scenes.
Mixing and master control
In preview and master control environments, the RHDM-B series are the most reliable
and stable reference for source quality validation and for program and output monitoring. The monitors also support In-Monitor Display functionality and two tally lights
on the actual LCD.
Barco’s RHDM-B series provide the most reliable colors and CRT-like image speed. The
monitor latency is always presented on the on-screen display, allowing sound editors
to work more efficiently.
Technical room
For delivery and ingest monitoring, Barco’s RHDM-B series offer a stable reference for
color grading and speed judgments across different workflows.
Technology highlights:
• Supports all standard SD and
HD-SDI signal
• Optional Dual Link
• Optional 3Gb/s HD-SDI
• Supports TSL 3.1 and 4.0 serial
tally/UMD protocols
Transport formats
The RHDM-B series are ideal display solutions for checking HD to SD conversions and
decompression artifacts. The displays offer a de-interlace and native interlaced handling option, which allows validating multiple application formats.
Tally & UMD control
Dynamic Under Monitor Display (UMD) control with the TSL protocol and tally lights
show valuable indications to anyone working in a television studio, being it in front of
or behind the camera. Barco’s RHDM series support both, either on spare areas onscreen (RHDM-2301), or in overlay mode over the picture (RHDM-1701).
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The reference for film and post-production professionals
RHDM-P series
Film acquisition
The RHDM-P series are the perfect reference monitors for Directors of Photography
(DoP) on set during film acquisition, as well as for dailies processing. The Grade-1
color accuracy and stability means that two RHDM-P series monitors will show identical pictures even on two distant sets. The support of 3D-LUTs allows a better preview,
pre-post and faster creative decision making on set.
Barco's RHDM-1701P and RHDM-2301P
Film scanning and telecine
Film scanners and telecine specialists will benefit from the RHDM-P series’ high contrast range, black detail and stabilized wide color gamut capabilities.
ning and restoration, various digital
are ideal references for a wide range of
film and post-production applications:
on-set and dailies viewing, film scan-
intermediate (DI) processes such as
color grading, visual effects (VFX), com-
Color grading
The RHDM-1701P and RHDM-2301P offer color grading specialists a high contrast and
excellent black detail, a smooth picture without banding artifacts and accurate, CRTlike colors. With the RHDM-P series, the film grain and other dark details are shown
just as they are – not hidden or extremely accentuated. The support of a custom 3DLUT allows accurate print-film emulation.
puter generated images (CGI) and
digital film mastering, as well as postproduction of trailers, commercials,
music etc.
Visual effects
Scanning RGB-LED backlight technology, a 120Hz LCD panel and native interlace mode
make the RHDM-P series an excellent reference for motion handling.
DVD and Blu-ray mastering
The RHDM-P series are reliable references to validate a digital intermediate and its
derivatives (DVD, Blu-ray, digital cinema masters etc.)
3D-LUT support
Reference monitors used in post-production of feature films need to visualize how a
final film print will look like. In order to simulate this, a 3D-LUT must be applied to the
input signal, either in an external processor, or internally in the monitor. Barco's
RHDM-P version is able to handle custom 3D-LUTs. Formats from Filmlight, Cinespace
and Autodesk are now supported as a standard feature.
Technology highlights:
• Supports Dual Link HD-SDI
• Supports 3Gb/s SDI
• Custom RGB primaries in (x,y)
• Supports custom 3D-LUTs
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making a difference
Wide color gamut
Barco's RHDM-family has RGB-LED backlights with separate red, green and blue
LEDs. This results in a wide color gamut (wider than required for Rec.709). This color
gamut is then transformed to the required display gamut (e.g. Rec.709, SMPTE, EBU).
Wide color gamut
Worry-free auto-calibration
To counteract the effects of ambient temperature and backlight aging, the RHDM
series have integrated calibration and stabilization technology, including a spectrometer, various color sensors and temperature sensors. This means that the
displays’ colors and white point are constantly monitored and corrected in real time in
case of imperfections. What’s more, there is no need to recalibrate the monitors for at
least a one-year period.
Via an easy user interface, the embedded spectrometer enables manual control of the
display white point in actual (x,y) coordinates. In the RHDM-P versions, also the primaries can be adjusted so that film post-production users can benefit from the large
LED gamut. The white point balancing is directly performed on the backlight. Unlike
typical R-G-B gain controls in traditional monitors, the contrast is preserved and no
display levels are discarded. Manual calibration is as simple as typing in the required
white-point color coordinates, for example those measured on a CRT.
Motion blur prevention
Traditional LCD monitors present blur artifacts as a result of the deinterlacing mode,
which typically builds up the image in a line by line drawing process. Barco's RHDM
series counteract this by reducing the ‘hold’ effect created by LCDs. First of all, the
monitors have a fast 120Hz panel. In addition, the RHDM series’ scanning backlight
system makes sure that only the stable LCD information is illuminated.
Scanning backlight system
Stable pixels, latest frame
Still switching
Latest scanned row
Pixel information from previous frame
Finally, to avoid the typical de-interlacing artifacts, the RHDM-family also allows for
black line insertion for native interlaced representation. In practice, this means
that each field of interlaced video (odd and even) is displayed separately and the corresponding second fields are blanked with black lines.
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Technical specifications
RHDM-2301 display:
• Active area RHDM-2301: 22.5’’ (57 cm)
• Resolution RHDM-2301: 1920x1200
• Contrast RHDM-2301: typical 800:1
• Panel drive: 96-120Hz, 10 bit native,
22 bit dithered
• Modular input configuration: 4 slots
• Standard delivered with 1 SDI module
• Space for additional:
- 1 x SDI module
- 2 x DVI input modules
RHDM-1701 display:
• Active area RHDM-1701: 16.53’’ (42 cm)
• Resolution RHDM-1701: 1920x1080
• Contrast RHDM-1701: typical 1000:1
• Panel drive: 96-120Hz, 10 bit native,
22 bit dithered
SDI module:
• Input/output card supporting 2x SDSDI or 2x HD-SDI
• 3Gb/s and Dual Link inputs are standard on RHDM-P series and optional
on RHDM-B series.
• Wide gamut RGB-LED backlight
• Selectable white points: D55 – D65 –
D75 - D93 [default: D65]
• Selectable gamma 1.0 - 3.0
[default: 2.35 –EBU/SMPTE compliant]
• RHDM-P series also allows selecting
custom R, G and B primaries.
Supported signal standards:
• SD-SDI 576i/480i (ITU-R BT.601)
• HD-SDI 1080p/pSf at 30, 29.97, 25, 24
and 23.98 frame rate (SMPTE 274M)
• HD-SDI 1080i at 60, 59.94 and 50 Hz
field rate (SMPTE 274M)
• HD-SDI 720p at 60, 59.94, 50, 30, 29.97,
25, 24 and 23.98 frame rate (SMPTE
• 3Gb/s and Dual Link HD-SDI (SMPTE
372M, 425M) are standard on RHDM-P
and optional on RHDM-B
Calibration and stability:
• Compliant with EBU, SMPTEC and ITU
BT.709 primaries
• Deep level, 3D-LUT factory calibration
• Thermal sensor circuit for LED stabilization with temperature
• Embedded spectrometer for overall
color stabilization over time
• Embedded special sensors for LED uniformity and color stability over time
• Front sensor for real-time corrections
(RHDM-2301 only)
• 48 bit color processing (16 bit per
• 96-120 Hz native LCD driving (prevents
motion judder, genlocks to all inputs)
• Genlock and frame sync
• Slow or fast sync selection
• Color-stabilized scanning LED backlights for motion blur prevention
• Motion adaptive de-interlacing
• Interlaced driving (black-line insertion)
for CRT-like motion quality
• Quantified latency
(depending on scanning mode)
• Safe area and aspect ratio markers
• User selection of working color space
(color temperature, gamma, gamut)
• R-G-B-monochrome channel selection
• Extended aspect ratio and scaling factor selection
• Split-screen mode with zooming and
panning per displayed input (for multiple camera color correction)
• In-Monitor-Display (IMD) and 2 inmonitor tally lights controlled
remotely (TSL v.3.1 and 4.0)
• Detachable front control panel with
main functions (RHDM-2301 only)
• Ethernet interface with web server
and TCP/IP interface
• RS485 serial IMD and tally control
• RS485 parallel GPIO for tally control
• USB: for firmware and license upload
via mass-storage devices
Track ball for on-screen display, panning &
zooming, and split screen functionality
Front sensor for real-time corrections
(RHDM-2301 only)
Power & environmental:
• Power consumption: nominal 150W
• Input voltage: 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
• Operating temperature: 10-40 °C
(50-104 °F)
• Dust class: 8 according to ISO14644-1
(in operation).
Easy integration:
Barco’s RHDM series displays are optimized for easy integration into TV
studios and OB vans. Thanks to a wellstudied mechanical connection system,
the display can be easily built into racks
with easy access to the input connectors. The display’s reduced width and
depth also make it an ideal solution for
environments where space is limited.
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RHDM-2301 Front
561 mm | 22,09” (W1)
381 mm | 15” (H1)
84 mm | 3.31” (D1)
Width active screen
Height active screen
441 mm | 17.36” (W3) 561 mm | 22.09” (W1)
375 mm | 14.76” (H2) 381+44mm |15”+1.73”(H1+H3)
56 mm | 2.20” (D2)
140 mm | 5.51” (D1+D2)
483.84mm | 19.04” (W2)
302.4mm | 11.91” (H4)
20.5 kg | 45.2 lb
D2 D1
H1 H4
Width active screen
Height active screen
430 mm | 16.93” (W1)
310 mm | 12.2” (H1)
182.95 mm | 7.2” (D1)
365.9 mm | 14.41” (W2)
205.7 mm | 8.1” (H2)
14 kg | 30.86 lb
H2 H1
Ventilation area
Barco is an ISO 9001 registered company.
The information and data given are typical for the equipment described.
However any individual item is subject to change without any notice.
The latest version of this product sheet can be found on www.barco.com.
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