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EnVerv PLC Ecosystem Starter Kit
Data Concentrator
Home Area Networks
MDM Web Software
Field Trials
Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Support for G3-PLC / PRIME / IEEE P1901.2
The Semtech EnVerv Ecosystem Starter Kit (ESK) is a complete
implementation of an end-to-end Advanced Metering Infrastructure
(AMI) for PLC metering comprised of meters, in-home displays (IHD),
data concentrators (DC), field evaluation kits (EVK), and more, plus
the requisite web-based meter data management (MDM) software.
It should be noted that all modem aspects of these AMI components
are based on EnVerv’s advanced PLC SoC solutions, namely
the EV8000, EV8100 and EV8200 devices. EnVerv provides its
customers and power utilities with a complete solution to a) offer
complete reference designs to customers and b) provide a vehicle
for customers and utility providers to quickly and efficiently deploy
field trials to ascertain the benefits and performance of EnVerv’s
Benefits to Device Manufacturers
Benefits to Utilities
Performance summary of EnVerv’s technology
All-in-one, turn-key package provided by EnVerv from
delivery of devices to MDM software to installation
Full sets of hardware and software reference
designs in all aspects of the AMI network
Fast and cost-effective implementation of field trials
to evaluate the latest PLC technology
Ability to evaluate the integration of products
into the smart grid and AMI networks
Ability to customize the field trial setup (number of meters,
concentrators, etc.) to better emulate networks
Availability of long term test data across
a variety of platforms and devices
Availability of all test data online
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EnVerv PLC Ecosystem Starter Kit
AMI Component
• Support for up to 1000+ meters
• PLC support for G3-PLC/PRIME
• EDGE/GPRS Uplink to IP Network
• DLMS/COSEM support
PLC Meter
• PLC support for G3-PLC/PRIME
• DLMS/COSEM support
• Available in ANSI and IEC form factors
• Specific customer meter can be used
Mesh Relay
• PLC support for G3-PLC/PRIME
• Meant to enhance PLC network coverage
• Single-port for power and signal
• Easy installation
Evaluation Kit
• PLC support for G3-PLC/PRIME
• USB and RS-232 interface to PC
• Modular PLC modem design
• Reference design files available
In-Home Display (IHD)
• PLC support for G3-PLC/PRIME
• Cost optimized single-chip SoC w/host u-controller
• Internal host processor
• Two-way communication
Data Acquisition and Control Module
• PLC support for G3-PLC/PRIME
• Multiple analog and digital I/O
• Ideal for lighting, control &measurement applications
• Compact design
iOS Metering and Lighting Installation App
• Support for installation of meters and DC
• Automatic network commissioning of network elements in
real time by uploading to data to MDM software
• Geo-location and bar code scanner for serial numbers
Meter Data Management (MDM) Web Software
• Cloud-based MDM software
• Ability to add projects and add/delete meters and DCs
• Full Google Maps integration
• Theft and loss detection
Availability and Other Information
The EnVerv Ecosystem Start Kit (ESK) is available today and ready to be deployed by customers and utilities worldwide. The lead time from order to begin of installation
is usually about 45 days and installation time, with the help of the client resources, is typically 2-3 weeks. Clients will receive credentials for the EnVerv MDM software
with which they can monitor and control their network from any location worldwide. For pricing and other information, please email PLC@semtech.com.
Visit our website to locate the most current product specifications, datasheets and contact information for your local Semtech Field Applications Engineer. Semtech and the Semtech logo, are registered
marks of Semtech Corporation. All other registered marks utilized in this document are the sole property of their respective owners. Semtech reserves the right to make changes to, or discontinue any
products described in this document without further notice. Semtech makes no warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied, regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose.
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