Komplet katalog for AKAPP fjederkabeltromle serie 0951

Komplet katalog for AKAPP fjederkabeltromle serie 0951
Spring driven cable reels, series 0951
Member of the Fandstan Electric Group
Flexible with energy!
The ideal industrial cable reels for perfect automatic
winding of cables in practically every application, as
well indoors as outdoors.
The unique construction has been designed in view
of :
• safety: electrical as well as mecanical
• convenience: easy installation and maintenance
• reliability: built of components on which high
demands can be made.
Some important characteristics:
Mainspring: Self-contained; made from special
alloy spring steel in a controlled manufacturing
process, which meets extremely high requirements.
Through this, optimal repeatability and long spring
life are assured. The spring is packed in a metal
cassette, which enables a quick, safe and easy
Collector rings: The collector rings are made of
eminent brass. The carbon brushes have a large
surface which ensures a perfect contact with the
collector rings. Each brush is mounted in a nonconductive holder. The modular construction of the
collector rings makes easy expansion and service
Cable guide: The application of the fully adjustable guide arm with roller guide prevents deformation
of the cable, e.g. bending. This increases the service
life of the cable.
Advantages of the guide arm are:
• numerous settings over a maximum arc
• fast, easy adjustment
• optimal location with respect to the cable drum
• secure positioning
• non-contoured guide rollers, which prevent torsion of the cable
Ratchet: This can be activated for use without
traction force with e.g. hand tools. Location is fixed
with respect to the cable connection, ensuring that
the reel can never be “locked out” when the cable
is totally unwinded.
The electrical heart of the cable reel is
a modular collector ring, designed to accomodate overloads and provide
for long service life.
A large junction box features a weathertight
seal to assure safe, consistent protection
from the elements.
Construction: Weathertight construction, manufactured from aluminium die cast components.
Provided with a corrosion resistant powder polyester
coating in a striking yellow colour. The design minimizes the number of components, allows for easy
replacement to reduce maintenance costs.
Additional features
• cable capacity max. 15 m
(ø16 mm / 0,37 kg/m, e.g. 5x2,5 mm² H07RNF)
• standard fitted with 4, 5, 8 or 12 collector rings
• large connection box for quick and safe cable mounting
• collector capacity 30A / 600V
• Protection degree according to NEMA 4
R 246
4 x ø12,5
1" N.P.T.
244 *
275 **
328 ***
(Dimensions in mm)
*max. 5 sliprings
**max. 8 sliprings
***max. 12 sliprings
Some important mounting directions
The reel should be mounted with the main shaft level, and with the spool in-line with the cable termination.
This allows the cable to pay out and rewind without coming in contact with the frame. The cable guide feeds
the cable to the center of the spool. This should never be used as a sheave or to turn cable in a direction
other then in-line with the spool. The position of the guide arm with the roller guide must be adapted to
the winding direction. This can be done easily.
The reel needs a number of pre-tensioning turns to properly load the spring so that, when the cable is
winded, there is still a small tension: the pre-tension.
The adjustment of this pre-tension is very important, because it assures the best performance of the reel
and maximum spring life.
The number of pre-tensioning turns depends on the cable to be winded.
Technical changes under proviso.
• Conductor bar systems
• Festoon systems
• Reeling drums
• Sliprings
• Drag chain systems
• Special cables
Member of the Fandstan Electric Group
Nijverheidsweg 14
P.O. Box No. 54
NL-3770 AB Barneveld
Tel. : (+31)342 403900
Fax : (+31)342 403912
E-mail: info@akapp.com
Web : www.akapp.com
For free advise and further information
about AKAPP spring driven reels or other
mobile power feed systems, please contact
our Head Office or visit our website.
We will be pleased to send you detailed
catalogues about our products.
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