Evoke Studio Universal In-Ear Monitor
Short Description
The first in an all-new range of ACS products, the Evoke Universal gives you
our in-ear monitor sound quality in an off-the-shelf earphone.
The Evoke is a lightweight, single driver IEM that offers broad and detailed
sound. Combining a new transducer and new cable system with a new acrylic
shell and soft ‘memory foam’ ear tips to deliver a product that truly reflects on
the work that has gone into developing it.
The ACS Evoke Universal offers fantastic range and clarity of sound and a
comfortable fit with instant use and a wallet friendly price tag.
Full Description
The ACS Evoke Universal IEM utilises the same transducers and cable as our Custom model, combined with an
all-new acrylic shell and soft ‘memory-foam’ ear tips to bring you a truly universal in-ear monitor. Whether used for
listening to music, in the studio or on stage the Evoke Universal offers a convenient and affordable in-ear monitor
The latest technology ACS has worked alongside Knowles Electronics to introduce their new Hybrid transducer technology to our ACS
Evoke product. Knowles Electronics have combined elements of their existing balanced armature transducers with
those of a more traditional dynamic loudspeaker, giving you a dynamic high quality In-Ear Monitor. Many who have
listened to them do not believe such a broad and detailed sound is possible from a single driver IEM.
Not all cables are created equally –
ACS has been working with the Danish company Estron ® who have created the revolutionary Linum® cable series.
After trialling these great new products we are excited to now be able to introduce the new Linum® detachable cable
system to our Studio Series products. Weighing in at 2.7g and only 1.8mm in diameter the cable is near invisible
when worn and with being so light adds to the overall listening experience, there is nothing worse than having a huge
loop of stiff wire hanging above your ear or the sheer weight of a cable tugging on your ear lobes while listening to
your favourite tracks.
What really sets the Linum® cable apart from the crowd is the way they are constructed, each cable is made up of
6 litz wire conductors of 7 individual strands. Each strand is silver plated copper with enamel coating ensuring no
colouration of the sound and a reliable connection. As an added bonus unlike most of the cables other manufacturer’s
use it will not corrode or change colour through the lifecycle of the cable.
The Linum® cables have a market leading pull strength of 60N. The incredible size to strength ratio comes from the
aramid fibres which are woven in. The outer jacket is made from TPA which gives the cable a silky smooth feel and
ensures there is no microphonics to be heard if the cable brushes against clothing or skin. Talking of skin the cable is
even skin-friendly approved and UV stabilized, so it will not turn yellow if exposed to sunlight.
Quality, convenience and choice Combining our custom technology with the new acrylic shell and soft ear tips gives you the best of both worlds: an
in-ear monitor that provides high-end sound quality in an instantly wearable product. Simply take them out of the
box, plug them in, and go!
ACS, Unit 22-23 Beaumont Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 1TG - Tel : 01295 266665
Evoke Studio Universal In-Ear Monitor
Technical Specification
Number of drivers
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
Impedance @ 1KHz
50 Ohms
26 dB
1KHz Sensitivity
105.5dB @ 0.1 V
13g Net | Average weight will vary according to ear size
Build Material
Acrylic shell, Foam ear tips
Mould Type
Universal fit
Standard Colour
Range of colour options available
Included Accessories
Carry Pouch, Selection of tips, Instruction Leaflet
Detachable Linum BaX cable, 1.1m length, low profile 3.5mm plug
ACS, Unit 22-23 Beaumont Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 1TG - Tel : 01295 266665
Evoke Studio Universal In-Ear Monitor
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ACS, Unit 22-23 Beaumont Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX16 1TG - Tel : 01295 266665
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