Brochure Nera Networks v 8.12

Brochure Nera Networks v 8.12
The Nera Evolution Series combined with Nera’s long experience in the microwave radio field makes an unbeatable
combination. Nera’s unique competence on site selections, radio path engineering and field surveys, combined
with other support services such as I&C, training and after sales support, ensures a trouble free implementation
and operation of the microwave network. All targeted in optimising and ensuring secured revenues from the
network, because we understand networks better.
upgrade to 3g?
3g is here to stay, but then again for how long? The technology is now at a point where it’s well proven and
deployed commercially. The network versions are quickly evolving, but it’s not necessary to sit and wait for
the next breakthrough. By the expandable future proof design and selection of transmission technology, the
Evolution Series makes sure that your infrastructure is ready for any mobile network generation.
planning new infrastructure?
What is planning? It’s the ability to prepare your network for all eventualities. But how do you do that? By
choosing a system that is flexible and expandable enough to meet your market’s evolving needs. With the new
Evolution Series your infrastructure can easily adapt to future demands, and you only pay for what you need,
when you need it – you pay as you grow.
the end of leased infrastructure?
Many mobile operators have chosen to lease transmission by wirelines. Increased traffic volume results directly
in an increased burden on the operational cost. By investing in your own infrastructure new services can be
introduced and traffic demands can be handled without any significant increase in cost. As your subscribers
increase the network usage you can effortlessly expand your system by reconfiguring the capacity by software.
The new Evolution Series makes it easier for you to deploy your own backhaul network and accelerates the return
on investment.
unleashing broadband networks ?
3g, wimax or wired Broadband, Nera’s backhaul solutions fit all. Backhaul of wimax and other proprietary ptmp
systems can often be a headache. Likewise for wired Broadband (adsl and xdsl), the existing infrastructure may
not be dimensioned for the new services. In many cases it is not the cost of deploying the dslam or fwa networks,
which makes a business case fly or crash, rather it is the cost of establishing backhaul infrastructure. With the
Evolution Series you can pay as you grow, with easily increase of capacity as the traffic demand increases.
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Introducing Nera Evolution Series, the common platform microwave
radio system that scales with your growing ambitions. Effortlessly.
Traditionally, microwave radios have been designed to operate at very specific capacities and frequencies, and the
process of changing these two parameters has involved high switching costs requiring additional investment.
With the deployment of next-generation networks such as 3G, UMTS and WiMax on the increase, it’s imperative
that these networks are based on equipment versatile enough to handle not only today’s communication
technology, but also equipment that is future-proof. Ready for what you need – when you need it. Can this be
done without breaking the budget – today, and without major and expensive replacements in the future?
The answer is yes! By using Nera’s new Evolution Series.
lower costs – now and in the future
Significant saving in network deployment and operation are achieved by the use of
one common hardware platform across the whole network. Furthermore, planning
and installation activities are simplified due to mainstream mechanical design and
configuration, and costs for inventory and maintenance are minimized.
Increased reliability - the total life-cycle cost for the Evolution series is minimised by
use of high-level integration and a simplified architecture; as a result, high Mean Time
Between Failure (mtbf) as well as reduction in potential revenue loss due to outages and
lower opex can be achieved.
Increased flexibility - Transmission is scalable in multiple directions from a single radio
node which allows the operator to explore various network topologies such as ring,
chain/star and mesh - all with the same, universal type of equipment. User selectable
modulation rates from qpsk to 128 state / multi-dimensional and provide the operator
with a choice between system gain and lower licencing fees. Seamless integration
between pdh and sdh enables site selectable configuration from 4e1/t1 to 3+1 stm-1/
OC-3 – you pay as you grow.
freedom – software def ined scalability
The new Evolution Series offers operators the freedom to change established backhaul
bandwidth/capacity, quickly and easily under software control. No physical replacements
are necessary. Upgrades can be done instantly, and remotely – you can redefine the
configuration by simply upgrading the licence by means of software – you pay as you
These features allow the operator to minimise licencing cost and the resources spent
on ensuring mobile network performance. They also enable the operator to focus more
on business issues such as attracting additional customers and revenue rather than
operational barriers to growth.
control – optimum monitoring
Configure. Manage. Monitor. NetMaster is the network management system that keeps
it all at your fingertips. This powerful multiplatform application features an intuitive
and user friendly gui. It provides automatic network discovery and configuration, fault
management with alarm correlation, trouble ticketing and performance management;
all by the same licence principle as the rest of the Evolution Series - you pay as you
The impact of Nera Evolution Series is simply remarkable. It’s a true revolution in radio systems – yet we’re modest
enough to name it Evolution. The biggest advantage of the new Evolution Series is its ability to effortlessly scale
according to the user’s needs. Either you choose the ip, xpand or metro configuration as your starting point,
you can redefine their configuration by simply upgrading their licence by software as your network grows, and
traffic increases. The Evolution Series also offers future proofing in terms of transmission solutions/protocols. It
handles scalable pdh e1/t1, sdh/sonet and Ethernet all in the same platform. A change of network transmission
protocols is merely a change of interface modules in the Evolution Series.
The private operators does
not want the SDH technology
as its known for high cost (in
Cisco gear). PDH is similarly not
wanted due to the association
with E1/T1 and E3/DS3 physical
interface ports. Most networks
are all-IP, i.e. no need for TDM
traffic. Operators are fibre
oriented, due to bandwidth.
Wireless are often associated
with WLAN - Nera needs to show
feasibility and advantages!
The mobile operators wants to
have flexible equipment and
to be able to upgrade capacity
without the need for replacing
equipment. Mainly E1/T1 oriented but growing awareness of
Ethernet. Large network deployments > 1000 links, leads to
savings and simplifications by
a common platform. Radio is a
well known technology.
Metro is a well know term in
transport networks, defining
the area between the last mile
access and the inner core area.
Typically this is a ring structured
SDH/Ethernet transport network in urban areas. Market
dominated by fibre solutions,
radio is in a challenger position.
Nera’s long leading position in high capacity microwave systems has given the necessary technology and
knowhow to implement innovative and reliable solutions. The new Nera Evolution Series Microwave radio sets
new standards in innovative microwave radio development. The Evolution Series is built around a software
defined core, enabling a wide range of radio applications being served based on one single product platform. The
high level of flexibility, both in payload capacity and in system configurations allows operations to re-think their
network deployment and operations. The New Evolution Series is based on an indoor interface unit (ifu) and an
outdoor radio unit, (odu).
interface unit (ifu)
The ifu is highly modular and all interfaces are
plug-in from the front. The high degree of flexibility
is enabled by the software defined core which can
be configured for pdh, sdh/sonet or Packet based
traffic. The interface modules are generic and can
be used in all applicable system configurations. This
way a truly seamless integration can be achieved
in the network. The basic ifu is 1ru high (44 mm)
and up to four ifus can be stacked to enable multi
direction traffic nodes or n+1 configurations enabling
substantial savings in the network deployment
The Evolution Series odu is a compact low power
consumption unit. The odu has common form
and fit for all frequencies, simplifying logistics for
deployment and antenna installation. The odu can
be mounted integrated on the antenna or on the
pole behind the antenna. The odu has wide tuning
range and all settings are performed from the
management system. The atpc function combined
with rtpc enables fine tuning of the transmit
power in dense networks reducing the interference
levels and resulting in a more optimised microwave
network. Nera unique high power versions in
frequencies up to 11 GHz ensure sufficient output
power to overcome difficult paths or enables saving
by use of smaller antennas.
The telecom networks are
quickly converging towards
all ip. Ethernet is a natural
carrier for ip based services and
the Nera Evolution Series is
designed with this in mind. The
Ethernet traffic can be carried
over all system architectures
and configurations such as
pdh, sdh/sonet and Proprietary
Ethernet only. The capacity can
be scaled in steps of 2 Mb/s or
1.5 Mb/s to 600 Mb/s
The Ethernet services can be
configured as Point to Point L1
with selectable MAC learning/
filtering or L2 with switched
VLAN multipoint to multipoint.
The strong QoS mode secures
and priorities the revenue
generating and mission critical
Virtual concatenation combined
with Link Capacity Adjustment
Scheme (lcas) is used to
enable dynamically scaling of
Ethernet capacity, as well as
soft protection resulting in an
increased network utilisation.
The optional 4 way dxc unit
enables significant savings in
access networks. The traffic
node concept results in less
cabling, no need for external
multiplexer/cross connect and
increased reliability. In sdh/
sonet networks the dxc enables
any network topology such as
ring, mesh, chain/star where
the traffic (e1, t1, e3, ds3 and
Ethernet) can be individually
protected by sncp. In pdh
mode the dxc function is an
embedded function in the ifu.
The link capacities are scalable
between 4e1 to 75e1 (4t1 to 64t1),
and the dxc function enables
aggregation of traffic without
the cabling between the link
The modem in the Nera
Evolution Series is an all digital
with dual error coding ensuring
reliable transmission of the
traffic under any conditions. The
use of direct@RF modulation,
combined with significant
simplification in architecture,
improvement in reliability.
The modem includes an
integrated digital xpic - enabling
ccdp mode configuration in multi
channel systems. Without need
for synchronisation between
the radio units simplifying the
installation of the odu part. The
ccdp mode enables transmission
of 311 Mb/s over 28/30/40 MHz
channels, and 620 Mb/s over
55/56 MHz channels.
The Nera Evolution Series has an embedded web
server simplifying the management and operation
of the system. The web based management enables
a platform independent and lct version independent
management and configuration operation. This
ensures that maintenance personnel always will
have the right tools and software upgrades does not
affect the local operation. The embedded web server
provides powerful wizards guiding the user through
the commissioning and configuration procedures.
The local alarm log provides access to historical
events without the need for access to the NMS.
Transmission performance is continuously monitored by the system and performance data is
presented on the web interface. Operation security
is ensured by user name and access level rights. All
configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory
which easily can be backed up on a PC, memory key
or the NMS.
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