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Cinema Loudspeaker Systems User Manual
LF-4315 Low Frequency Loudspeaker
The LF-4315 15” (381mm) low frequency enclosure is designed specifically for cinema applications. Meeting cinema requirements for extended low frequency response differentiates
the LF-4315 from more conventional “rock-and-roll” woofer systems. The LF-4315 covers the
frequency range from 30 Hertz to 500 Hertz, depending upon the high frequency system
The three custom 400 watt, 15” transducers were developed specifically for cinema use.
They feature 4” (100mm) voice coils, 120 oz.(3.4kg) ceramic magnets, and multi-vented pole
pieces to ensure cool operation. Cooler temperatures increase transducer lifespan and
decrease power compression at high power levels. Undercut pole pieces ensure the voice
coils operate in symmetrical magnetic gaps, reducing second order harmonic distortion. The
suspension and voice coils of the transducers have been designed to provide low distortion
and high impact bass at high power.
The enclosure is constructed of high quality medium density fiberboard panels with stiffening braces on all panels. Both internal and external port openings are fully radiused ensuring
smooth air flow at higher power levels, preventing audible port turbulence.
Mounting points for
high or mid-high
Bass ports are symmetrically spaced on each side of the transducers, making internal pressure more uniform across the back surface of the transducers. This prevents the cones from
being displaced to one side or another by unbalanced forces, reducing the chance of driving
the voice coils out of the center of the gaps at high power.
Three T-nuts in the top of the enclosure provide easy mounting of QSC’s HF-75 high frequency system, or MH-1075 mid-high system.
Enclosure is not designed to be suspended, flown, or rigged. Do not suspend, fly, or rig this enclosure.
This product is capable of producing sound pressure levels that can permanently damage human hearing. Always keep sound pressure levels in the
listening area below levels that can damage human hearing.
Install in accordance with QSC Audio Product’s instructions and a
licensed, professional engineer. Only use attachments, mounts, accessories, or brackets specified by QSC Audio Products, Inc. Refer all servicing
to qualified personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been
damaged in any way.
WARNING! Before placing, installing, rigging, or suspending any speaker
product, inspect all hardware, suspension, cabinets, transducers, brackets
and associated equipment for damage. Any missing, corroded, deformed or
non-load rated component could significantly reduce the strength of the
installation, placement, or array. Any such condition severely reduces the
safety of the installation and should be immediately corrected. Use only
hardware which is rated for the loading conditions of the installation and
any possible short-term unexpected overloading. Never exceed the rating
of the hardware or equipment. Consult a licensed, professional engineer
when any doubt or questions arise regarding a physical equipment installation.
TD-000177-00 rev.B
© Copyright 2004, QSC Audio Products, Inc.
QSC® is a registered trademark of QSC Audio Products, Inc.
“QSC” and the QSC logo are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Normal Connection Example:
Amplifier capable of
driving 5.5 ohm loads
Normal Connection
The LF-4315 has barrier strip screw terminals for connection. The terminals accept
up to #10 AWG (5.3mm2) stranded loudspeaker wiring. Use the largest wire size
and shortest wire length possible for a
given installation. Observe the polarity
markings and keep polarity consistent
throughout the system for best performance.
Parallel Connection of Second LF-4315
The terminals marked OUTPUT may be
used to connect another LF-4315 in parallel. Connect the wires as shown in the illustration, at right.
Parallel Connection Example:
Amplifier capable of
driving 2.75 ohm loads
LF-4315 Specifications (subject to change without notice)
Frequency Range:
32 - 1200 Hertz (-6dB)
28 - 2800 Hertz useable range (-10dB)
Nominal Coverage:
125° horizontal X 60° vertical at 315 Hertz
Maximum Output:
136.0dB SPL calculated peak, 1 meter, half space, at rated rms power with 6 dB crest factor pink noise input, 35 - 1000 Hertz.
130.0dBA SPL calculated maximum continuous, 1 meter. The dBA scale is typically used to identify sound sources
which can cause permanent hearing loss.
5.5 ohms nominal
4.5 ohms minimum, 150 Hertz
30 ohms maximum, 22 Hertz
Maximum Input Power:
1200 watts rms (8 hours of 6dB crest factor pink noise, 40 - 400 Hertz)
1500 watts rms (2 hours of 6dB crest factor pink noise, 40 - 400 Hertz)
recommended amplifier power capability- 2400 watts rms maximum into 4 ohms (per LF-4315)
99.0dB half space, 98.0dB full space, 35 - 1000 Hertz, 1 watt, 1 meter
Recommended Processing:
Subsonic filter below 25 Hertz, >18 dB per octave, maximum recommended crossover frequency is 500 Hertz. QSC DSP
configurations are available at www.qscaudio.com. Parameters for alternative processing hardware are available upon
Barrier strip screw terminals accept up to #10 AWG (5.3mm2) stranded wire. Four terminals: (two INPUT and two parallel OUTPUT).
Three 15” (381mm) high efficiency low frequency transducer featuring vented 4” (100mm) copper voice coil on Kapton® formers. High excursion/low distortion design, with extremely high power handling, and low thermal compression.
Quasi B4 alignment, ported enclosure with fully flared ports, low turbulence symmetrical port design, tuned to 34
Hertz, constructed of medium density fiberboard and heavily braced. Features vandal resistant woofer mounting bolts.
30” wide X 53” high X 20” deep (762mm X 1321mm X 508mm)
290 lbs. shipping, 260 lbs. net (132/118 kg.)
SPL and Impedance vs. Frequency, LF-4315
Impedance (ohms)
SPL (dB)
SPL 2pi
SPL 4pi
Frequency (Hertz)
Warranty (USA only; other countries, see your dealer or distributor)
QSC Audio Products, Inc. is not liable for any damage to amplifiers, or any other equipment that is caused by negligence or
improper installation and/or use of this loudspeaker product.
QSC Audio Products 3 Year Limited Warranty
QSC Audio Products, Inc. (“QSC”) guarantees its products to be free from defective material and / or workmanship for a period
of three (3) years from date of sale, and will replace defective parts and repair malfunctioning products under this warranty
when the defect occurs under normal installation and use - provided the unit is returned to our factory or one of our authorized
service stations via pre-paid transportation with a copy of proof of purchase (i.e., sales receipt). This warranty provides that
the examination of the return product must indicate, in our judgment, a manufacturing defect. This warranty does not extend
to any product which has been subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation, or where the date code has been
removed or defaced. QSC shall not be liable for incidental and/or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific
legal rights. This limited warranty is freely transferable during the term of the warranty period.
Customer may have additional rights, which vary from state to state.
In the event that this product was manufactured for export and sale outside of the United States or its territories, then this limited warranty shall not apply. Removal of the serial number on this product, or purchase of this product from an unauthorized
dealer, will void this limited warranty. Periodically, this warranty is updated. To obtain the most recent version of QSC’s warranty statement, please visit www.qscaudio.com. Contact us at 800-854-4079 or visit our website at www.qscaudio.com.
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