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GE Evolution Switchboards
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Experience the future with the
next generation of GE switchboards
When you need more
from a switchboard
From a solid legacy
The Evolution™ Series Switchboard is just that— the logical evolution of
our highly regarded Spectra® Series Switchboard. With an installed base
of thousands of units worldwide, Spectra Series Switchboards set the
standard for functionality, flexibility, and rugged, durable construction.
Evolution Series Switchboards build on this legacy and provide the
foundation for power distribution systems wherever 24/7 reliability is
an absolute necessity.
130 Years
There are few companies in the world with as long or
as distinguished a record of innovation as GE. And while
we’re proud of our history, our success has always depended
on our ability to look ahead and anticipate the needs of our
customers. The Evolution Series Switchboard is squarely
in that tradition.
To the next step
Evolution takes switchboard design into the future, in the process
demonstrating that you can have both superior selectivity and
rigorous arc flash protection. The Evolution Series Switchboard
accommodates the latest technology for people and property
protection like Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI)
and Reduced Energy Let Through (RELT). In addition, the Evolution
Series Switchboard features a robust enclosure designed for space
efficiency and ease of installation.
GE is leading the future of
electrification by committing
to technologies that will help
create a cleaner, smarter,
and more efficient global
electrical infrastructure.
Prepare for the future– today
Features and Benefits
As our line of Evolution Series Switchboards expands,
the list of leading edge features and benefits will grow.
From the start, you can count on Evolution Series
Switchboards to deliver:
• Ease of installation
• Improved Arc Flash Mitigation
• Enhanced Selectivity
• Expanded Ratings
• Efficient Footprint
Enhanced Selectivity
Evolution Series Switchboards are compatible with
Record Plus®, Spectra and
EntelliGuard circuit breakers.
Ease of Installation
Front access neutral and
ground as well as splice
plates for easier connections make working on
Evolution Series Switchboards simpler, quicker,
and safer.
Improved Arc Flash Mitigation
Evolution accommodates the advanced
technology built into GE EntelliGuard®
circuit breakers and trip units:
• Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking
(I-ZSI) simultaneously provides arc fault
protection and instantaneous selectivity—
an industry first!
• Reduced Energy Let Through (RELT)
Instantaneous trip allows a circuit breaker
to be temporarily set to a more sensitive
pickup to provide better protection during
installation and maintenance, providing an
added margin of safety for personnel.
Interior hardware
layout of the new
Evolution Series
New horizontal split bus design
reduces the overall material and
weight while maintaining UL heat
rise standards.
Efficient Footprint
Expanded Ratings
The unique design of the front neutral
space in the Evolution Series provides
the clearance to accommodate
additional breakers in a more
efficient footprint.
The Evolution Series provides
expanded coverage for nearly
every switchboard application:
• 6000A rating
• 667A/ bus density
• 4000A 100% rated stationary
We’ve Built in
the Voice of
the Customer
Even before we began
work on the Evolution
Series Switchboard, we
sat down with customers
and contractors across
the United States to
understand their vision
for the ideal switchboard. Their insights are
Evolution can integrate a
variety of meters including
the new GE EPM9900 to
monitor, measure and
manage your energy
usage to maximize
building efficiencies.
reflected everywhere in
our design, for instance
confirming our decision
to provide front access
ground and neutrals and
inspiring us to find ways
to increase space for
cable bending.
Evolution Series Switchboards are
compatible with Spectra Series circuit
breakers, including the selective
Spectra microEntelliGuard™.
Now even more choices
Spectra Series Switchboard
Evolution Series Switchboard
Depending on your needs, the Evolution Series Switchboard may already offer features that
make it your best choice. It expands the GE switchboard product offering up to 6000A,
reduces the footprint on the 5000A, and meets a wider range of code requirements.
At the same time, the time-tested Spectra Series Switchboard feature set may already
adequately address your requirements.
GE Spectra
GE Evolution
Maximum Amperage
Front Connected
Neutral and Grounds
Patented Splice Plate
design for simplified
section connectivity
90 in. wide
60 in. deep
50 in. wide
50 in. deep
WavePro - MET
EntelliGuard - MET
800A/in. at 5000A
667A/in.2 at 6000A
45 in. wide
45 in. deep
WavePro main uses
30 cycle withstand, 200k
bus brace, sourced 1200A
EntelliGuard G, I-ZSI,
1200A selective MET,
Waveform recognition*
5000A Dimensions
I-ZSI Solution
Maximum Voltage
Maximum Copper Bus Rating
4000A 100% Rated
Stationary Dimensions
*An industry first!
Designed for 24/7 critical
power applications
Evolution Series Switchboards are the ideal solution for projects where downtime is not an option.
You can depend on them for 24/7 power, superior selectivity, and outstanding arc flash mitigation.
They provide the foundation for power distribution systems in such applications as:
• Health care centers
• Data centers
• Lodging/hospitality
• High rise and low rise
office buildings
• Educational institutions
• Stadiums
• Casinos
Explore Evolution Today
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or guarantee, express or implied, that such performance will be obtained under end-use conditions.
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