MIE pDR-1000AN specs
Product Specifications
Passive, real-time, personal
aerosol monitor/datalogger
Thermo Scientific
personal DataRAM
pDR-1000AN Monitor
Key Features
• Measure airborne particulate
concentration in real-time
• Highest measurement range of any
real-time personal particulate monitor
• Simple zeroing and calibration
• No moving parts, silent operation
• Compact, durable, and self-contained
The Thermo Scientific personal DataRAM
pDR-1000AN Monitor is a passive
sampling, light-scattering nephelometer
that measures real-time mass
concentrations of dust, smoke, mists, and
fumes in industrial as well as other indoor
and outdoor environments.
Nephelometry, a light-scattering
technology, is highly sensitive and
incorporates a pulsed, high output, nearinfrared light emitting diode source, as
well as a silicon detector/hybrid
preamplifier, collimating optics and a
source reference feedback PIN silicon
The pDR-1000AN monitor features a high
measurement range of 0.001 to 400 mg/m3
(auto-ranging), a 400,000-fold span. An
optical feedback and stabilized sensing
system, sets the standard for sensitivity,
long-term stability and reliability.
Simple zeroing, with particle-free air, is
quick using the included zeroing kit.
The internal firmware controls an
automatic calibration check. A gravimetric
calibration can be performed by weighing a
separate filter sample and programming in
the calibration constant to provide the
same reading.
The pDR-1000AN monitor is an ultracompact, durable and self-contained
instrument designed for hand-held or beltworn unattended operation. There are no
moving parts which provides for silent,
dependable operation.
Selectable alarm levels with built-in
audible signal and switched output, a
RS-232 communications port, and a
programmable analog concentration output
are all part of this versatile instrument.
Product Specifications
To maintain optimal product performance, you need immediate access to experts worldwide, as well as priority status when your air quality
equipment needs repair or replacement. We offer comprehensive, flexible support solutions for all phases of the product life cycle. Through
predictable, fixed-cost pricing, our services help protect the return on investment and total cost of ownership of your Thermo Scientific air quality
Thermo Scientific personal DataRAM pDR-1000AN Monitor
Concentration Measurement Range
Scattered Coefficient Range
Precision/Repeatability Over 30 Days
Particle Size Range of Max. Response
Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range
Concentration Display Updating Interval
Concentration Display Averaging Time2
Data Logging Averaging Periods3
Total # of Data Points Logged in Memory
Number of Data Tags
Logged Data
Readout Display
Serial Interface
Computer Requirements
Analog Output
Physical Dimensions
0.001 to 400 mg/m3 range (auto ranging)1
1.5 x 10-6 to 0.6m-1 (approx.) @ lambda= 880nm (not displayed)
±0.5 of reading or ± 0.015 mg/m3, whichever is larger, for 1 second averaging time
±0.5 of reading or ± 0.015 mg/m3, whichever is larger for 10 second averaging time
±0.2% of reading or ± 0.005 mg/m3, whichever is larger for 60 second averaging time
±5% of reading ± precision (traceable to SAE Fine Test Dust)
0.1% of reading or 0.001 mg/m3, whichever is larger
0.1 to 10μm
10μm nominal
1 second
1 to 60 seconds (user selectable)
1 second to 1 hour
99 (maximum)
Average concentration, time/date, and data point number
LCD 16 characters (4 mm height) x 2 lines
RS-232 / 4,800 baud
IBM-PC compatible, 486 or higher, Windows 95® or higher, ≥ 8 MB memory,
Hard disc drive 3.5" floppy, VGA or higher resolution monitor
0 - 5V and 4-20mA
6" (153mm) H x 3.6" (92mm) W x 2.5" (63mm) D
18oz. (0.5kg)
Instrument Accessories
The following accessories are available for the
personal DataRAM pDR-1000AN Monitor:
Standard Accessories:
• Soft shell carrying case
• Digital communications cable
• Z-Pouch zeroing kit
• Belt clip kit
• AC power supply and charger
• Analog signal output cable
Optional Accessories:
• Rechargeable (NiMH) battery pack
• Remote alarm unit
• Active sampling kit
• Portable pump unit
• Should strap
• Wall mounting bracket
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