stáhnout: Popis tiskárny CLP521/621/631 v PDF , velikost: 1919.46 kB

stáhnout: Popis tiskárny CLP521/621/631 v PDF , velikost: 1919.46 kB
Desktop Size
Industrial Performance
Featuring the
CLP 521, CLP 621 and CLP 631
CLP 521Z, CLP 621Z and CLP 631Z
Available in white and dark grey cases
© Copyright Citizen Systems Europe GmbH
Engineering Excellence
Extreme Ease of Use
Engineering Excellence
We “design in” reliability and engineering excellence from the very
beginning. It all comes from our history of watch production where
precision and quality is of the highest importance.
Our products have all-metal mechanisms, giving them industrial strength
and reliability but in a desktop package - and at a desktop price!
The power supply is built inside the printer for reliability meaning
no external black boxes that can be damaged, broken or accidentally
unplugged saving vital time.
Simplicity Itself
All Citizen printers
are designed with ease
of use in mind. Our
industry-leading Hi-Lift™
mechanism makes media
loading as simple as
laying the media on the
printer and closing the
print head.
Ribbon changing on the thermal transfer printers takes just seconds
with detachable ribbon holders for easy loading. The ARCP™ system
automatically tensions the ribbon throughout the length of the media
removing any wrinkles.
Ease-of-use continues with simple but powerful control panel systems and
colour-coded user adjustments.
Superior Connectivity
Citizen knows that connectivity is key so the printers have three high performance internal
interfaces as standard: a high-speed parallel interface (called an “IEEE1284”), a fast
USB interface and an RS232C serial interface operating up to 115,000 bps.
For networked connectivity, you can quickly and easily install in internal Ethernet
card or an internal wireless LAN card. Internal interfaces are very important for
reliability and are far less likely to get damaged in a rough environment.
Low Cost Of Ownership
Value for Money
Low Cost Of Ownership
Citizen makes sure that all the consumables - especially the print
heads for our label printers - are priced sensibly making our printers
economical to run.
If you need to clean or service our printers, their clever and innovative
design means they are quick and easy to service reducing your on-going
support costs still further. Print heads and platens can be replaced in
less than a minute with the minimum of tools.
Flexibility - Options And Extras
The easily-installed cutter is ideal for ticketing applications or other
places where card tags and continuous media must be cut in to
particular lengths.
The peeler includes a sensor to check
when a label has been removed
before printing the next one. This
is perfect for post rooms, shipping
desks or even production lines
where easy label application is
For specialist applications, the CLP 631 prints at 300 dpi making it ideal
for small labels and rating plates featuring logos and graphics.
Value For Money - Peace Of Mind
All of Citizen's barcode printers have a manufacturer's two-year
warranty on the printer and mechanism.
All though we don't expect that you need it, we like to give you
the peace of mind that your printer is covered in case of any
So, you can buy a Citizen printer confident in the knowledge that it is extremely
reliable, highly flexible and not going to cost you the earth to run and operate.
Two Year Warranty
Citizen: Better. Believe It©
Citizen Printers - Better. Believe It.©
Tech Specs
Peeler Tech Specs
CLP 521, 621, 631 + Z models
S-bend dual roller
Roller Type
Silicone rubber
Liner Thickness
0.0027 inches, 0.07mm (max)
Label Thickness
0.0067 inches, 0.17mm (max)
Liner Width
1 inch, 25.4mm (min)
Liner Width
4.65 inches, 118mm (max)
Label Length
1 inch, 25.4mm (min)
Label Length
4.72 inches, 120mm (max)
Label width
To be narrower than liner
Number of
100 Km or 1 million peeled labels
(when using specified media)
Present Sensor
Infrared reflection diode
Size (WxDxH)
145 x 37 x 39 (uninstalled)
0.26 Kg (approx)
CLP 521
CLP 521Z
Direct Thermal
CLP 521, 621, 631 + Z models
Media Thickness
0.0024 inches, 0.06mm (min)
Media Thickness
0.01 inches, 0.25mm (max)
Cut Length
Minimum: 1.00 inch, 25.4 mm
Maximum: determined by software
Media thickness
Type of Media
300,000 cuts
100,000 cuts
Card or ticket media, Adhesive labels
Fanfold or Roll media.
Cut tolerance
± 1 mm horizontal + vertical
Size (WxDxH)
149 x 51 x 76 (uninstalled)
0.49 Kg (approx)
Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal
300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
4 inches / sec, 100 mm / sec
Max Print Width
4.10 inches, 104.1 mm
Max Media Width
4.65 inches, 118.1 mm
Min Media Width
1.00 inches, 25.4 mm
Max Roll Size
5 inches, 125 mm outside diameter (internal)
8 inches, 200 mm outside diameter (external option)
Min Core Size
1.0 inch, 25 mm core
Media Sensor
Fully adjustable
Media Thickness
0.0025 - 0.01 inches, 0.635 - 0.254 mm
Ribbon Size (OD)
2.9 inches, 74 mm
Ribbon Length
Nominally 360m length
Not applicable direct thermal only
Ink side in or out, switch selectable
Ribbon Type
Wax, Wax/Resin or Resin Type
Ribbon System
ARCP™ automatic ribbon tension adjustment
Standard Interfaces
Parallel (IEEE-1284), Serial (RS-232C), USB
Optional Interfaces
Ethernet (10/100 BaseT), Wireless LAN (802.11b)
Case Type
Hi-Open™ plastic case
Mechanism Type
Hi-Lift™ metal mechanism
Control Panel
4 buttons and 4 LEDs
RAM Memory
8.0 Mb total, 0.5 Mb available for user
Flash (NV) Memory
2.0 Mb total, 0.5 Mb available for user
CLP 521, 621, 631: Datamax® I-Class™, DMX400™, Prodigy Plus®
CLP 521Z, CLP 621Z, CLP 631Z: Zebra® ZPL-II®
(Cut quantity may not be guaranteed with adhesives)
(Roll media should be on a minimum 50mm core.)
CLP 631
CLP 631Z
Max Print Speed
Ribbon Winding
Cutter Tech Specs
CLP 621
CLP 621Z
Windows® drivers
Free-of-charge on CD with printer
Label Design Software
Including support for Windows® Vista™
Size (W x D x H)
231 x 289 x 183mm
231 x 289 x 270 mm
Weight (approx)
7.9lbs, 3.6 kg
9.9lbs, 4.5 kg
Printer Warranty
Print Head Warranty
2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
30 Kms or 6 months
50 Kms or 6 months
Contact Information
Citizen Systems Europe GmbH
Mettinger Strasse 11,
D-73728 Esslingen, Germany
Tel: +49 711 3906 420
Fax: +49 711 3906 405
Supplier Information
Supplier details
Park House, 643-651 Staines Rd,
Feltham. TW14 8PA, UK
Tel: +44 20 8893 1900
Fax: +44 20 8893 0080
Part: 1200341. Version: 0507-Eng
Zebra, ZPL-II are trademarks of ZIH Corp. Datamax, Prodigy Plus, DMX400 are trademarks of Datamax Barcode Products Corp. Windows and Vista are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
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