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NHX Nurse Center
Master Station
The NHX-50M Master Station is the central point
of the CommuniCare system, able to receive
two levels of calls and communicate with up to
50 room stations. The optional 30-call add-on
selector allows expansion up to 80 stations. The
membrane-style control panel is simple to use,
has tactile switches, and is mar-resistant and
moisture-resistant, resisting damage from spills.
The master station includes a handset for voice
actuated communication, with a magnetic
hookswitch (no moving parts). Controls include
TALK button for “push-to-talk” communication,
TONE OFF button to silence call tone, and OFF
button to conclude communication. Easily
adjustable voice and tone volume controls are
located on the side, with all other volume
controls located on the bottom of the unit.
Routine calls are annunciated with a slow
flashing LED and an intermittent call tone. Calls
from a bath station annunciate a faster flashing
LED and faster tone. Bedside cord pulled out
of patient station sounds rapid tone and activates
fast flashing LED. Pick up the handset or press
TALK to answer, and the highest priority call will
be automatically connected. Hang up handset
or press OFF to conclude. To initiate a call,
press the room station selector button and TALK
button, or pick up handset. Bathroom calls have
priority over routine calls, and will be answered
first. Otherwise, calls will be answered in the
order received.
• Microprocessor Controlled
• Compact slimline design
• Routine Call and Bathroom Call annunciated
by slow or fast flashing LED and tone
• Alert tones for -- Callcord pulled out of patient station
- Wires disconnected at patient station
- Handset left off-hook for 90 seconds
• Auto-connect to next call in priority
• Handset or Push-to-Talk Communication
• Tone Off button
• Desk or Wall Mount
Station Directory
Station Selector
LED Indicator
TONE OFF button
TALK button
OFF button
Power LED
DISTRIBUTED BY: Toll-Free: 800-231-1414
Nurse master station shall be Aiphone model NHX50M, constructed of high-impact ABS fire-retardant
plastic, with handset, OFF, TALK, and TONE OFF
controls. Power LED indicator shall be visible at all
Channel selectors and call LEDs shall be displayed
on master console in vertical rows of 10 stations.
Membrane-style control panel shall be constructed
of a mar-resistant and moisture-resistant material
over tactile select switches. Control and selector
points shall be slightly raised for easy tactile
Master station shall produce two distinct audible alert
tones, indicating a routine or bathroom call. A third
alert tone shall indicate cord-out status. A warning
tone shall indicate a room station disconnected from
the system. If the handset is left off-hook for more
than 90 seconds, a warning tone shall be heard. If
a call is not answered within 90 seconds, the call
tone volume shall go to its highest level, regardless
of setting.
Power source:
Provided by NHX-80X
Power Consumption:
80mA (standby); 500mA Max.
100mW @ 20 ohms
Press-to-talk, release-to-listen at
master station, or Handset (VOX)
50 stations
More than 30dB (Transmit & Receive)
Frequency Response:
300Hz ~ 3.4KHz
Total Harmonic
Less than 3% (Transmit & Receive)
A 30-call add-on selector, model NHX-30G, shall be
available to expand the system capacity to 80 room
stations. No additional wiring to the master station
shall be required.
5 twisted pair shielded low capacitance
cable (12 pF/Ft) from NHX-80X
Aiphone #862210
Wiring Distance:
65’ w/22AWG
High impact ABS fire-retardant plastic
Wiring to Central Control Unit shall be 5 twisted pair
low capacitance cable with an overall shield. Cable
size greater than 22AWG shall not be acceptable.
(H x W x D):
3-1/4” x 11” x 8-1/4”
Physical size of the 50-call master station shall not
exceed 3-1/4” x 11” x 8-1/4”.
Equipment shall be UL 1069 listed, and system
components shall be provided by a manufacturer
having ISO 9001 certification for quality standards.
• TALK button for simplex communication
• OFF button to cancel a call after simplex operation
• TONE OFF button to silence incoming call tone.
• LED indicators display call location and status
• Station selector buttons, pressed only when a call
is initiated to a patient station
• Directory panel, with room numbers/locations
indicated (by end-user)
• TONE volume for adjusting call tone volume
• RECEIVE volume for adjusting incoming
communication volume
• PRETONE: Adjusts pre-announce tone to subs
• TONE: Adjusts incoming call tone volume
• DUTY STATION: adjusts tone to duty station
• TRANSMIT: Adjusts outgoing communication
• RECEIVE: Adjusts incoming communication
NHX-50M + NHX-30G:
3-1/4” x 14-1/2” x 8-1/4”
UL 1069 Listed
C-UL Canadian Standard C22.2
Product specification subject to change without notice.
Health Care Systems
NHX-50M-SS 95364 0797
Printed in USA
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