09-13-06 Proposed Agenda2

09-13-06 Proposed Agenda2
Grand River Dam Authority
Administration Headquarters
226 West Dwain Willis Avenue
Vinita, Oklahoma
September 13, 2006 – 10:00 a.m.
Call to Order and Determination of Quorum: Stephen R. Spears, Chairman
Introduction of Guests
Election of Officers:
a. Nominations for Chairman-Elect
b. Election of Chairman-Elect (Will Serve as Vice-Chairman)
Consent Agenda
Regular Board Minutes of July 12, 2006.
► 2. July Claims, $26,969,304.83; August Claims, $32,527,604.52.
4. a. Resolution of Commendation for H. Clay Korthals: Chairman Spears
b. Resolution of Commendation for Johnny M. Phipps: Chairman Spears
c. Declare Surplus and Not Necessary to the Business of the District: Easley
(1) Approximately 1,500 Tons of Scrap Steel and 1979 Caterpillar 225
(2) 2001 Dodge 4x4 Extended Cab Pickup (P5N)
(3) Hasting and FRAM Air Filters
(4) Dust Mop Heads
(5) Dirt Devil Vision Upright Vacuum
(6) 1500 KVA Transformer
(7) IBM Typewriter
5. b. Purchase Order Report: Easley
c. Work Order Report: Easley
Regular Agenda
3. Unfinished Business
a. Progress Reports: Easley
Proposed Agenda
GRDA Board of Directors
September 13, 2006
Page 2
(1) Current Operations Reports:
(a) Monthly Video Update
• Transmission Department Uses of FLIR Infrared Camera
• Channel 6 News Clip of Pensacola Tours
(b) Marketing/Financial Report
• Year-to-Date Financial Update
(c) Thermal Generation Report
• Report on Restoration of Unit 1 after Motor Failures
(d) FERC Requirements/Engineer Progress Report
(e) Transmission and Engineering Reports
b. Assets Committee Recommendations: Director Frasier
(1) Commercial Fees for New Commercial Dock Applications.
(2) Request by J & D Realty LLC (Joe Neill) for Waiver of the One-Third-of-theCove Rule for Installation of a Private Dock on Monkey Island on Grand
4. New Business
d. Assets Committee Recommendations: Director Frasier
(1) Opening of Public Comment Period, Public Notice, and Discussion of
Request by Shangri-La Marina Group, LLC, to Install Commercial Docks and
Cove Dredging Project on Monkey Island on Grand Lake. Final Review
Scheduled for October Board Meeting.
(2) Request by Rick and Terry Woodling for a 30-Year License to Encroach on
Lake Hudson at 195 Northeast 439 Road, Spavinaw, OK 74366.
e. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Statement of 2006 Annual Charges for
Hydro Projects: Sullivan
Bid Award Recommendation for Contract S-160 (ENGR-2006-3), Transmission
Line Construction Services, Grove Area Transmission Lines: Herron
g. Assessment and Selection of Independent Auditors for Annual Auditing Services
Pursuant to Request for Proposal A-10253: Dougherty
h. Bid Award Recommendation for Contract CFC-2006-17, Water Filtration
Upgrades: Barney
Payment of Operating Permit Fees in the Amount of $214,000 to Oklahoma
Department of Environmental Quality for the Coal-Fired Complex: Barney
Work Authorization Number 13 to Alstom Power, Inc., for IP Turbine Inner Casing
Modifications on Unit 2: Barney
k. Work Authorization Number 14 to Alstom Power, Inc., for Upgrade of Control
System on Unit 2 Turbine Generator: Barney
Proposed Extension of Coal Purchase Contract with Peabody COALSALES
Company: Barney
m. Work Authorization Number 10 to Siemens Power Corporation, Inc., for
Restoration of Turbine for CFC Unit 2A Feed Pump: Barney
Grand River Dam Authority, P.O. Box 409, Vinita, OK 74301-0409
Proposed Agenda
GRDA Board of Directors
September 13, 2006
Page 3
n. Presentation on Duck Creek Waterfowl Refuge and Educational Complex:
o. Other New Business, if Any, Which Has Arisen Since the Posting of the Agenda
and Could Not Have Been Anticipated Prior to the Time of Posting (25 O.S. §
a. Board of Directors Committee Reports:
Assets Committee: Director Frasier
Audit Committee: Director LaGere
Coal Committee: Director Chernicky
Marketing Committee: Director Frost
Policies and Procedures Committee: Director Cantrell
Long-Range Planning Committee: Director Gay
GRDA/OMPA Coordinating Committee: Director Spears
Proposed Executive Session to Discuss the Purchase or Appraisal of Real Property
(25 O.S. § 307 (B)(3)).
Proposed Executive Session to Discuss Pending Litigation, Investigations, Claims or
Actions, the Disclosure of Which, in the Opinion of Counsel, Would Seriously Impair
the Ability of the Board of Directors to Proceed Thereon (25 O.S. § 307(B)(4)).
a. Thomas A. Best v. Oklahoma Merit Protection Commission and Grand River
Dam Authority, in the Court of Civil Appeals of the State of Oklahoma, Supreme
Court 99,829, District Court CJ-2000-119.
Action on Executive Session Items.
Dates to Remember and Notes
Next Regular Monthly Meeting – October 11, 2006 – 10:00 a.m.
GRDA Administration Headquarters, Vinita, Oklahoma
► Indicates no material included in regular mailing.
To view or print a current board meeting agenda, meeting schedule, or board
meeting minutes, visit our Web site at http://www.grda.com/AboutGRDA/board.html.
We will attempt to have the regular board meeting agenda posted on the Web site no
later than the Monday prior to the board meeting and the approved board meeting
minutes no later than the Monday following the meeting at which they are approved.
For changes of address or contact names, or to receive agenda by E-mail, please
contact Donna Jones at the address below; at 918-256-5545, extension 4466; or at
Grand River Dam Authority, P.O. Box 409, Vinita, OK 74301-0409
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