Minimate Pro6

Minimate Pro6
Series IV – Advanced Vibration, Overpressure and Sound Monitors
6 – Channel
data acquisition for the following range of
• Blast monitoring
for compliance
• Multi-point
• Remote
monitoring Auto Call HomeTM
• Blast analysis
• Near and Farfield blast analyis
• Pile driving
• Construction
• Demolition
• Structural
• Underwater
• Heavy
The Instantel® Minimate Pro6™ vibration, overpressure and sound monitors are
built on the success of the Minimate®
Series III monitoring systems.
The Minimate Pro6 offers 64MBs of
memory, improved ruggedness, including a
metal case and connectors, and water resistance.
Connect two standard ISEE or DIN Triaxial
Geophones to monitor vibration sources
from two different locations. Or, connect
one ISEE or DIN Triaxial Geophone and an
ISEE Linear Microphone or optional Sound
Microphone when air overpressure or sound
data is required.
Each compliance sensor’s calibration date,
serial number, and sample rate specification are determined by the Sensor Check
feature of the unit and stored in the setup
file. The sensor type, calibration date and
serial number are also recorded on the Event
Auto Call Home integrates with Vision, Instantel’s Cloudbased vibration monitoring data hosting application (optional).
With Vision, you can store monitoring data securely in the
Cloud and deliver the information your stakeholders need—
anytime, anywhere, instantly. Vision also lets you:
• View, sort, filter and print event data to identify trends
For those challenging monitoring applicabefore they become issues.
tions, such as tunneling, the Series IV units • Map your site—using technology from Google, you can
include EMI shielding and built-in noise and
place your monitoring units on a street or satellite map.
anti-aliasing filters; both the sensor and aux•
Upload photos for a record of the latest progress.
iliary channels are isolated.
With the optional Instantel Blastware®
Advanced Module perform VDV monitoring, Signature Hole Analysis, and real time
display of Histogram data.
View Peak Vibration and Zero Crossing
Frequencies immediately after each Event
occurs. Toggle between Peak Vibration and
Peak Overpressure with a simple push of a
button. Data highlights including Operator,
Trigger, Duration, and Maximum Vibration and Overpressure are also available for
review, right on the monitors display.
Remote Monitoring
For remote installations, the Instantel
Auto Call Home feature will automatically
transfer event files from field to office as
they are recorded using a variety of wireless
modems. From there, the Blastware Mail
feature of the Instantel Blastware software
automatically distributes files or summary
information to multiple e-mail addresses.
Easy to use
Even with all of these features, the Minimate Pro6 system is
still easy for anyone to use. A high-contrast LCD and ten-key
tactile keypad drives simple menu operations, while graphic
icons indicate battery and memory levels at a glance.
Key Features
• Dedicated function keys and intuitive menu-driven
operation enable quick and easy setup.
• Sample rates from 512 to 65,536 S/s per channel,
independent of record times.
• Continuous monitoring means zero dead time between
events, even while the unit is processing.
• Instantel Histogram Combo™ mode allows capturing
thousands of full waveform records while simultaneously
recording in histogram mode.
• The Auto Call Home feature automates remote monitoring
• Non-volatile memory with standard 7,100-plus event
storage capacity.
• Records full waveform events over two hours long.
• Match any channel with a variety of sensors; geophones,
accelerometers, hydrophones and a microphone channel.
• Optional Sound Microphone available for sound monitoring.
Combine an ISEE or DIN Triaxial Geophone with the
Sound Microphone to monitor two types of event data.
The World’s Most Trusted Vibration Monitors
General Specifications
Minimate Pro6
Minimate Pro6 Channels
Channels 1-3, ISEE (or DIN) Triaxial Geophone, and
Channels 4-6, a second ISEE (or DIN) Triaxial Geophone, or an ISEE Linear Microphone
Vibration Monitoring
Response Standard
Accuracy (ISEE / DIN)
Transducer Density
Frequency Range (ISEE / DIN)
Maximum Cable Length (ISEE / DIN)
Up to 254 mm/s (10 in/s)
ISEE Seismograph Specification or DIN 45669-1
0.00788 mm/s (0.00031 in/s)
+/- 5% or 0.5 mm/s (0.02 in/s), whichever is larger, between 4 and 125 Hz / DIN 45669-1 standard
2.13 g/cc (133 lbs/ft3)
2 to 250 Hz, within zero to -3 dB of an ideal flat response / 1 to 315 Hz or 1 to 80 Hz
75 m (250 ft) / 1,000 m (3,280 ft)
Air Overpressure Monitoring
Weighting Scales
Response Standard
Linear Range
Linear Resolution
Linear Accuracy
Linear Frequency Response
Cable Length
ISEE Linear Microphone
ISEE Seismograph Specification
88 to 148 dB (500 Pa [0.072 psi] Peak)
0.0156 pa (2.2662×10-6 psi)
+/- 10% or +/- 1 dB, whichever is larger, between 4 and 125 Hz
2 to 250 Hz between -3 dB roll off points
75 m (250 ft)
Optional Advanced Sensors
Contact Instantel for more information
Sound Level Microphone, High Pressure Microphone, High Frequency Geophone, Uniaxial and Triaxial
Accelerometer, and Hydrophone
Waveform Recording
Record Modes
Seismic Trigger
Linear Acoustic Trigger
Sample Rate
Record Stop Mode
Record Time
AutoRecord Time
Cycle Time
Minimate Pro6 Storage Capacity
Full Waveform Events
Record Modes
Recording Interval
Histogram Storage Capacity
Histogram Combo Storage Capacity
Waveform, Waveform Manual
0.13 to 254 mm/s (0.005 to 10 in/s)
2.0 pa to 500 pa (100 dB to 148 dB)
512, 1,024, 2,048, 4,096, 8,192, 16,384, 32,768, 65,536 S/s per channel (independent of record time)
Fixed record time, Instantel AutoRecord™ record stop mode
1-9,000 seconds (1-30 seconds, then 30-second increments up to 150 minutes) plus a 0.25 second pre-trigger
Event is recorded until activity remains below trigger level for duration of auto window, or until available
memory is filled.
Recording uninterrupted by event processing, monitoring, or communication - no dead time below 65 KHz.
64 MBs. Optional 240 MBs.
7,100-plus 1 second events at 1,024 S/s sample rate with two geophones
Histogram and Instantel Histogram Combo™ (monitor captures triggered waveforms while
recording in Histogram mode)
1 to 30 seconds at 1 second intervals, and 30 seconds to 60 minutes at 30 second intervals
512,000 intervals, examples: 11.9 days at 2 second intervals, or 355 days at 1 minute
Example: 30 days of Histogram recording at 1 minute intervals, and over 6,500 1 second waveform events
Physical Specifications
Auxillary Inputs and Outputs
LCD Operating Temperature
Electronics Operating Temperature
Water Resistance
Remote Communications
Additional Features
Electrical Standards
25.4(l) x 11.75(w) x 10.80(h) cm (10.00 x 4.63 x 4.25 in); length dimension includes connectors and dust caps
2.27 kg (5 lbs)
10 Days
10 domed tactile with separate keys for common functions
7-line x 32-character, high-contrast, multi-color backlit LCD
Ethernet® cable, supplied, for PC to unit connection (Auto Call Home is not supported over Ethernet), or
RS-232 with an optional USB adapter
External Trigger and Remote Alarm
-20 to 45 °C (-4 to 113 °F)
-40 to 45 °C (-40 to 113 °F)
IP67 – submerse to 30 cm (1 ft.) for 24 hours
Instantel approved serial communication modems
Automatically transfers events when they occur through the Instantel Auto Call Home feature
Monitor start/stop timer
(Optional) Vision provides you and your stakeholders with secure, encrypted, Cloud-based access to the data they
need, providing instant sharing for time-sensitive projects.
CE Class B
Corporate Office:
309 Legget Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 3A3
US Office:
808 Commerce Park Drive,
Ogdensburg, New York 13669
Toll Free: (800) 267 9111
Telephone: (613) 592 4642
Facsimile: (613) 592 4296
© 2015 Xmark Corporation. Instantel, the Instantel logo, Auto Call Home, AutoRecord,
Blastmate, Blastware, Histogram Combo, InstaLink, and Minimate are trademarks of
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., or its affiliates.
The World’s Most Trusted Vibration Monitors
720B0002 Rev 08 - Product Specifications are Subject to Change
Unit Weight
User Interface
PC Interface
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