Hemisphere GNSS Debuts AtlasLink™ – Industry-Transforming Bundled GNSS Global Corrections Solution

Hemisphere GNSS Debuts AtlasLink™ – Industry-Transforming Bundled GNSS Global Corrections Solution
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Hemisphere GNSS Debuts AtlasLink™ – Industry-­‐Transforming Bundled GNSS Global Corrections Solution
AtlasLink delivers aggressively priced, global corrections services to ANY GNSS RECEIVER via the industry’s most powerful multi-­‐purpose GNSS smart antenna.
SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA – June 15, 2015 – Hemisphere GNSS announces the release of AtlasLink,
their all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency smart antenna preconfigured to receive corrections from
Hemisphere’s just-announced Atlas™ global corrections service. Built around the industry’s most powerful
multi-purpose GNSS smart antenna, the bundled solution provides users worldwide with the easiest way
to utilize Atlas corrections - either directly from AtlasLink, or on their existing receivers via innovative new
technologies built into AtlasLink.
“AtlasLink is a game changer” declared Chuck Joseph, Hemisphere GNSS CEO & President. “On its own
it is a fantastic smart antenna with industry-leading RTK, connectivity and management capabilities.
However, when you add in the ability to deliver Atlas GNSS corrections to equipment you already own,
from any vendor, you have a real powerhouse that will change the industry.”
Global Corrections for EVERYONE
AtlasLink debuts two world first capabilities that change the rules of global augmentation services:
-­‐ SmartLink™ – Enables a user to directly connect AtlasLink as an extension to any existing system
that has industry standard connectivity options.
-­‐ BaseLink™ – Automatically sets AtlasLink up as a permanent reference station – delivering
corrections to any other GNSS receiver being used for positioning.
Previously, to use high fidelity corrections, users were tied to the single provider supported by their
equipment manufacturer, and had to purchase licenses for every device that may need access to those
corrections. From today, whether users would like to utilize Atlas corrections data on equipment that
doesn’t have the ability to receive L-Band signals, or would like to use Atlas corrections on systems that
currently receive L-Band corrections from another source, they now have the freedom to do so. The
combined capabilities of SmartLink and BaseLink enable users to utilize Atlas corrections on any receiver
from any vendor that supports industry standard correction formats.
Industry Leading Technology
AtlasLink was designed from the ground up to excel in challenging environments and is ideal for use in a
variety of applications including precision agriculture, machine control, construction, mining, and marine.
“When we designed this product we targeted the highest level user experience in terms of performance
and flexibility,” says Rodrigo Leandro, Hemisphere Director of Engineering. “We also looked into other
areas such as connectivity and customer service experience. The result is the most advanced and
intelligent way of enabling customers to use high-accuracy GNSS in different markets.”
Designed to easily be private-labeled, AtlasLink is a versatile smart antenna with a number of first-class
-­‐ Athena RTK engine
-­‐ Atlas support over L-Band corrections
-­‐ Powerful web UI accessed via Wi-Fi
-­‐ Internal memory for data logging, download, and upload
Environment-proven enclosure for the most aggressive user scenarios
Hemisphere’s Atlas web portal empowers AtlasLink users to manage their Atlas-ready devices and
enable functionality, including Atlas subscriptions for accuracies from meter to sub-decimeter level.
AtlasLink can be ordered now and will be available to ship before the end of the month. Private label OEM
availability relationships will be announced in the next 30 to 60 days.
For more information about Atlas, the AtlasLink smart antenna, and Atlas SmartLink, please call +1 (844)
217-2845 (within Canada / USA only) or +1 (480) 291-6766, or email atlas@hgnss.com.
About Hemisphere GNSS, Inc.
Hemisphere GNSS designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GNSS products for precise positioning,
heading, and navigation applications for marine, survey, construction, mapping, OEM, and other markets. The
Company has developed a significant portfolio of intellectual property, with patents granted and pending on a range
of technologies utilized in its leading product brands, including Athena , Atlas , Crescent , Eclipse , and Vector .
Hemisphere GNSS has its business headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA with a product development, sales,
and marketing facilities in both Scottsdale and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hemisphere GNSS is part of UniStrong
Science & Technology Co., Beijing, China. For more information about Hemisphere GNSS, please go to
For more information, please contact:
Lauren Romancho or Mark Hampton
Hemisphere GNSS
Phone: +1 (480) 348-6380
E-mail: Press@HGNSS.com
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